EARTH CHANGES 002-TIME SCHEDULE-Revised 7-31-94 CHANEL.A04 This file contains the prophesi

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EARTH CHANGES 002--TIME SCHEDULE--Revised 7-31-94 CHANEL.A04 This file contains the prophesies of 23 voices regarding upcoming Earth Changes. These are compiled by the predicted date of the event and by subject matter where no date was predicted. Where the prediction has been fulfilled, that is indicated with the source of the data. Included in this file are prophetic voices regarding recent government coverups on UFO's, information on the 11th planet due to break up around 2000 with portions possibly impacting our Earth and various religious prophesies. For more information of the prophetic voice or the prophesy, the reader is encouraged to read the entire materials referenced below. Only selected short portions of the complete prophesy have been given due to space limitations. These materials are being updated every two weeks as information is developed. This file number is Chanel.A04 on COMPUSERVE Religion Forum and also the New Age Forum. This file is a update of the previous Earth Changes--Time Schedule 001, Chanel.004 which was uploaded effective 7-13-94 and this file contains the original uploaded materials as well as many, many additional materials. ***************************************************************** I. DATED PROPHETIC EVENTS PREDICTED PROPHETIC EVENT DATE TO OCCUR 1993-1995 * I have predicted that a magnetic pole shift would occur between '93 and '95. VOICE # 1 1994 * The islands straits of northwest Washington State are going to be changing dramatically in the next few years, with many small islands sinking as water rises constantly. In August, expect some minor earthquakes as the fragile system of underwater formations begins to break apart. Shorelines will be shrinking and water will be invading sewer and water systems near the shores. It is a good time to think about moving inland if you live in these places. VOICE # 3. * Montana will experience some earthquakes as the fault systems that reach eastward from the coast continue to spread. We do see some damage in populated areas from quakes in the 5.0 zone around the middle of the month. VOICE # 3. * August is going to be a hazardous month for Earth movements. At this point in time, we are seeing a very violent quake occurring between Los Angeles and a point 200 miles north. The quake will originate not more than one mile deep, so the effects will be felt for many miles around. The force could be as high as an 8.0, down to a minimum of 7.0. The movement has been working up to this for a long time. It could already have happened in July, or it could hold off another month, but it is a very strong probability in this time frame! VOICE # 3. * (In August) Earth movements will be felt in Tennessee, Missouri and, believe it or not, in Michigan. No heavy quakes, just shifting. VOICE # 3. * From the welcome warm temperatures in Maine to the intense heat and humidity in New York, heat will be the subject of conversation. The middle of August will give some relief as storm systems move in from the Atlantic, one after another. There is a possibility of a very intense storm about the third week in August which will extend almost from the Canadian border down to Virginia. A hurricane is possible also, moving in from the southeast about this same time or a week later. VOICE # 3. * Toward the end of the month (August), there is a good probability of a hurricane coming in from the northeast, swirling into the Gulf and hitting the Texas coast. This is not a definite statement, but we do see it as probable. VOICE # 3. * It would not be surprising to have some good-sized quakes this month in Brazil. Chile has also been affected by the deep quake of June, which jolted the deep undersea ridge and sent energy to its very depths. In the near future, quakes could send some very heavy tremors racing to the coastline and beyond. VOICE # 3. * (In August) Most of the northern countries (of Europe) will experience comfortable temperatures, but a great deal of rain. There is a huge low front forming, even as we speak, that will produce constant storms and rain for the first three weeks of the month. This will result in some flooding, of course. Temperatures will be higher in the southern countries, much higher. Rains will be welcomed, and the mix between the two weather conditions will be rather pleasant. VOICE # 3. * (In August) Beware the Mediterranean, though. The pressures that have been building for so long under the "dormant" volcanoes is cooking on the big burner now, and we feel a very, very heavy explosion somewhere in that area in late July or August. VOICE # 3. * There come forth also in the month of August government statements of involvement with extraterrestrials. Some of the statements are true, and some of the statements are partially true: some of the statements are not true at all. Yet that information comes forth more and more and more. And many of you who are resonating with these words are already aware of the interactions of different governments with those beings from beyond the Earth. VOICE # 7. BEING FULFILLED--1. On Memorial Day weekend (May 31, 1994), an event of enormous significance occurred near Sedona, AZ. It strongly suggests a crash os a major landing of a UFO. Two ranking senators had been seen in Sedona several days before Memorial Day weekend. Supposedly they were in Sedona for some high-level and secret governmental meeting. Shortly after that, all the rooms in a large local hotel were booked by FBI agents. Then on Sunday, May 29, seventeen Cobra and Apache helicopters were seen and counted on the ground in a remote area near House Mountain which is a few miles from Cornville, AZ. (Cornville is 10 miles southeast of Sedona.) VOICE # 10 2. A UFO landed and was seen covered up on a flat bed truck. I believe that it was something operated by your own military power, which could have accounted for the security precautions....You must remember that the entire Stealth fighter jet program is an elaborate cover--an expensive cover, but an elaborate cover for the true intent which is building, maintaining and operating a fleet of flying disks. I don't want to call them UFO's because the term doesn't apply. Flying disks are placed in the sky, I can't say really by the United States government because we're really talking about a private group that is utilizing the United States as a base and is utilizing technology obtained from the stars, but from my experience here, I would say this is some international group, what has been referred to as the shadow government....I will tell you that it was shot down by extraterrestrials. There has been a falling out in recent years between those who provided the technology to the shadow government from the extraterrestrial sources and the shadow government itself. So what you have here essentially is truly a Star War. VOICE # 2. * During the month of August from that in the north called Alaska and those surrounding territories, there come of course, as is natural in time, the great melting of great snow and ice masses, yet we say the melting will be greater than they have been in history before--greater, greater releasing of water. VOICE # 7. * If we are to have significant quake activity this year (1994)--magnitude 7.0 and greater--it will most likely occur later this month (Jan 1994) VOICE #1 FULFILLED--6.6 quake, Northridge, CA, Jan 17, 1994 * As given, quake activity greater than 7.5 in the Sea of Japan or Indian Ocean should be seen as precursors to increased activity in that region as well as North and South America....Expect quakes in the 8 to 9 range to occur in this region in '93 to' 94. Voice # 1 BEING FULFILLED--1. 7.2 quake, town of Liva on Sumatra Island in Indonesia, Feb 16, 19941. 2. 7.7 quake, East Jave in Indonesia, June 2, 1994 * Massive California earthquake in 1994. VOICE # 6 FULFILLED--6.8 Quake, Northridge, CA, Jan, 17, 1994 * Third LA Quake, 8.3 Richter--March through Spring. If not fulfilled by 1994, this will occur by last quarter of 1995. VOICE # 1 * Arizona, normally dry in June, will have constant showers. VOICE # 3 * Washington State will continue to have frequent earthquakes of Richter 4+. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED-- 4.0 Quake, Near Bremerton, Washington, June, 15, 1994 * Unusual weather to erupt during middle of June on the Western Slope of the Rockies. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Record June temps of 104 degrees, wild fires-Denver Post 6-29-94 story "The moisture content is so low that it's off the charts" * Hurricane will form that will sweep into the Gulf of Mexico in the latter part of June. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Hurricane Alberto hits Desitin, FLA on July 3, 1994 * Interest Rates go out of control. VOICE # 1 * Heavy rains in Texas and incredible heat (120 to 130 degrees)--Caused by magnetic pole shift which started in 1993. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--Record temps of 110-128 degrees in Texas and Arizona in July, 1994 * Meltdown of US nuclear plant within 3 years which will be worse than Chyrnoble. VOICE # 1 * As of June 15, 1994, the teachers will begin to leave the planet at an increasing rate. VOICE # 2 * Strong possibility of very heavy quake off Mexican Coast around end of July. VOICE # 3 * Possibility of a strong earthquake or volcanic eruption somewhere on the Asian continent in July. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--1. 7.8 quake centered 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, centered 350 miles below the Sea of Japan, July, 1994. 2. Mount Merapi, 500 miles East of Jakarta, central Java has increased activity, spewing hot lava and sending a cloud of black smoke up to 1000 meters above crowded Central Java province. 649 tectonic tremors were recorded last month, 25 times the number registered in May, 1994. 500 volcanos are located in the "belt of fire" in Indonesia, of which 128 are active. NEWSGRID 7-15-94. 3. 5.1 quake near Gorgan, Iran--180 miles north of Tehran on July 23, 1994. 4. 5.3 quake near Ilam, Iran on July 31, 1994. * Very strong wind storm will race across the entire continent of Europe causing lots of damage about the middle of July. VOICE # 3 * Strong storm in Western States and Rocky Mountains in third week of July. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED--1. Las Vegas hit with 78 mile per hour winds, July 18, 1994 * Southern Arizona will wilt under heat in July. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED--Record temperatures throughout July ranging from 110-120's * Major earthquake activity (greater than 7.0) occurring this summer and fall in Japan, Taiwan, South America, the Middle East, India, New Zealand and USA. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--1. 7.8 quake centered 350 miles below the Sea of Japan and about 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, July 22, 1994. 19 Minutes later a 6.3 quake hit the same area. 2. 7.1 Quake, Vanuatu Island, South Pacific--July 13, 1994. 3. 7.8 Quake, Northern Japan, 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, July 22, 1994 * Breaking up of Michigan into two large islands. VOICE # 1 * The 21 Fragment Comet collision (Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet) will begin on July 16 with the last collision on July 22 and it will cause the following: 1. Bizarre dreams. Some of you will begun to have them. The odd dreams, the really weird ones are being caused by this asteroid because Jupiter's kind of letting go of her fears. Jupiter is alive...She is a being. 2. Women will feel like they are having their menstrual cycle and then it will go and it will come back and it will go. 3. Some may have feelings of almost morning sickness. 4. The weather will be effected eventually. There will be storms with strange, weird looking sunsets and with sparky things in the sky. They will probably tell people to stay inside at some point, not forever but for a while. 5. There will be days after the impact when people will feel heavy, big and heavy, like they can barely drag themselves out of bed. There will be other times when they will be feeling like they're jumping out of bed because the wave of gravity is just rushing past; then it will rush back. When the gravitational wave hits you, that's when you feel heavy. When it bounces off the Sun, then you feel light. This strange phenomenon will go on for awhile but it can't hurt you. 6. Men are likely to feel confused and are likely to get a little confused for a while. They will feel personally violated sometimes almost as if a complete stranger had walked up and touched them someplace they ought not to. This is a strange feeling for a man. 7. Your going to feel strange for a while, but it will pass. Within two or three weeks of the impact, it will pass. This is not a good time to pick a fight with people. This will be a good time to settle old emotional differences because it is possible to get through to people during these times. Emotionally it will bring people a little closer together. Emotionally, it will bring people a little closer together. It has that potential. 8. The impacts of the comet pieces on Jupiter will impact it's orbit and the way it turns on it's axis. If that happens to any of your planets, you know they're all affected. 9. Jupiter is very tied to you, biorythmically, so it affects the way you feel, the way your body runs, the way your blood runs around in your veins. You can't have this happen without being affected physically, emotionally, spiritually, instinctually, everything. Your going to be affected on all levels. VOICE # 2. 1994-1995 * As soon as this big quake begins to affect your California, that is when the government's going to step forward will I say? It will be a martial law because things are going to get rather crazy and it'll be needed to protect the citizenry. Watch October (1994) May of next year (1995). VOICE # 8. * Before December 1995, Los Angeles will have an earthquake greater then Richter 9. VOICE # 1 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by a whole number in '94-'95. VOICE # 1 * The 21 Fragment Comet collision (Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet) will cause the following events to occur through 1995 as a result of the collision, with some events beginning 24 hours after the first collision on July 16: 1. It will expand the positive and negative by exponential amounts. 2. Solar flares should occur and cause major aurora borealis. 3. Magnetic fields of Earth and Mars will begin to fluctuate. 4. Weather will become erratic at the sea and coastal regions. 5. High winds will occur between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. 6. Tectonic plates will be triggered. Expect deep quakes (100 miles or more) throughout the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. BEING FULFILLED--Two Quakes, 7.8 and 6.3, Northern Japan, 350 Miles below the Sea of Japan on July 22, 1994. 7. Areas to watch: Sea of Japan, Indian Ocean, Pacific West Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Sargasso Sea. BEING FULFILLED--1. 5.8 quake southern coast of Indonesia, 363 miles northwest of Jakarta. 8. Already strained relationships of people will fragment. 9. People will start to re-evaluate and alter their ethics, morals, values, philosophies and religious foundations. 10. Intuition will increase by a quantum leap, and millions will experience a spiritual awakening. 11. New and unknown diseases will emerge. 12. Military conflicts will increase in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.--Watch Turkey! VOICE # 1 * Massive solar flares and unprecedented explosion on Sun to signal the time of the coming magnetic pole shift by 6 degrees. The solar explosion will signal the pole shift in a couple of days which will change the weather dramatically. Magnetic shift will wipe out records storage on computer disks. VOICE # 1 * New Madrid fault eruption--Richter 12+--The Mississippi River will take on a new course in 1994. VOICE # 1 * Eruption of Mount Rainer--Happens when quake of 7 or greater occurs in Oregon. VOICE # 1 * Africa will spread out causing crisis leading to WW III. VOICE # 1 * Volcanic activity in Iceland. VOICE # 1 * Water levels rise globally due to sinking and rising of land masses and the melting of the poles. People on the East Coast begin to migrate inland. VOICE # 1 Fulfilled--1. Denver Post 5-29-94 headline "The Destruction of America's Beaches"-- "Virtually all of the nations beaches are shrinking because of rising sea levels. About 90% of US beaches are presently eroding on all three coasts." 2. AP 7-30-94 Some South Pacific islands could disappear under rising sea levels triggered by global warming from the industrialized worlds air pollution. 1994-1996 * Devastation in Europe. VOICE # 1 * Seepage of salt water will continue to creep inland in many areas around New York and a few new sink holes will be discovered. New York City will continue to pump out deep basements and shore up foundations of skyscrapers. In the next few years, earth movements on the East Coast will increase and buildings whose foundations have been undermined by seepage will be the first to fall. VOICE # 3 * In the Middle East, pressures continue to get stronger, deep in the Earth and upon the surface. Political unrest and hatreds whipped up by religious leaders are causing many to swing toward the new leader known to the world as the Beast of prophesy. Soon this leader will become known to the world. The conflagration foretold in the Bible for the end of this cycle of time is starting to produce the flames of discord that could flare up into that terrible war. VOICE # 3 * Within next few years, the following will occur: 1. Major nuclear disaster in Scandinavia or the North Seas. 2. Jordan ceasing to exist as a nation. 3. Egypt falls to the Fundamentalists. 4. A Russian leading a major worldwide environmental movement. VOICE # 5 1994-1998 * Quakes will be frequent from Vancouver to the Baja from this time forward (2/94), one after another. VOICE # 1. BEING FULFILLED--1. 4.4 Quake, Fort St. John area of British Columbia, May 22, 1994. 2. 3.8 Quake, Vancouver Island, June 2, 1994. 3. 4.1 Quake, Bremerton, Washington, June 15, 1994. 4. 4.3 Quake, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, June 18, 1994 5. 4.9 Quake, Eureka, CA, June 19, 1994 6. A swarm of more than 200 quakes in California during the last 2 weeks in July. This is the fourth swarm in the last 3 years to strike a 2 mile area southwest of Fontana, Calif, 50 miles East of Los Angeles. * Magnetic pole shift will become measurable on compass. These will be triggered by magnetic fields which produce frequencies that cause rock formations to react or oscillate. Magnetic and gravitational waves emanating from the sun, moon and stars are the prime triggers. Certain alignment of the planets occur in the heavens, comets enter our system, the sun or Mars changes it's polarity, a planet enters this sun system as part of a long orbit cycle. Any of these may act to affect magnetic fields and bring about a pole shift, as can misusing the forces of Nature by man. VOICE # 1 1995 * WW III will begin. Crisis will begin in Middle East as Turkey spreads out. Ten countries will be involved in nuclear war. Aid from nuclear fallout will come from tablets to prevent effects on body. VOICE # 1 * Completed Islands of California by Sept through December 1995. Quakes to reach Richter 15. VOICE # 1 * The man who the Bible calls the Beast is busy drawing people to his brand of false peace and prosperity and this will come to a head in 1995. VOICE # 3 1995-1996 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by 2 in '95-'96. VOICE # 1 * Emigrants from the US will be moving to Canada. This started in 1994 but by 1995 and 1996 it will become a very complex problem for the US government. It will be a start of the thinking about separate states or colonies, as parts of the country will become unlivable for about 50 years. VOICE # 3 * US becomes 13 colonies with several states merging into a single colony. VOICE # 1 1996 * Bermuda (Atlantis) will rise from the ocean. The last destruction of Atlantis was 12,499 years ago and was caused by the misuse of spiritual laws and physical laws. The sinking of Atlantis happened in a day and a night when the plate upon which it rested, shifted 7 degrees and the great continent disappeared under the sea. VOICE # 1 1997 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by 3 in '97-'98. VOICE # 1 * By August 15, 1997, all of the spiritual teachers will be retired or they will be gone. Some will die at their rightful times, at the end of their natural cycles. Many will be able to retire because many people will now embrace their own power. They will begin to lead not by demanding the allegiance of others but will lead by example of the benevolent path of their own life. VOICE # 2 1997-1998 * By about 1997-1998, the race will be prepared for the necessary changes of the physical and spiritual nature of the Planet. This will lessen the harmful effect of these changes. VOICE # 9. 1998 1999 2000 * An 11th planet called Nemesis is orbiting between the 10th and the 12th planets. The impact of the Shoemaker levy comet with Jupiter is not a part of the 11th planet but is like a signal flag or a sign. After the Shoemaker Levy comet collision happens, the breaking up of the 11th planet will begin. In about 6 years (from 1994), pieces of the 11th planet will begin to fragment and to come off and hurtle towards the Sun. Some of it will burn up but not all of it. It will act like an egg and the Sun will utilize that material to give birth to a different version of the solar system. The pieces are going to come hurtling off the 11th planet like a fragmentation device and they're going to go whizzing in towards the Sun and they're going to hit different planets. At least three (3) pieces have the potential of coming close enough to Earth to seriously affect you. One of them might even glance off of your North Pole. It might be hard to imagine that a piece going through your atmosphere and then impacting your North Pole could glance off, but it doesn't actually work the way it sounds. The poles extend well above your atmosphere, but if that piece glances off, say 20,000 miles above your North Pole, you will have a magnetic storm on Earth like you've never had before. VOICE # 2. 2001 * Five major cities, (Golden Cities) will be established in US. The names and location as well as the climate in those cities will be: 1. SHALAH (Idaho/Montana area), Eastern Indian Climate; 2. GOBEAN (Arizona\New Mexico area, Arabic Hot Climate; 3. MALTON (Illinois/Indiana area), Nordic Cool Climate; 4. WAHANEE (Georgia/South Carolina area), African Hot Temperate Climate; 5. KLEHMA (Colorado/Kansas area), American Indian Mild Climate. Denver becomes the center of balance for our nations economy. VOICE # 4 ***************************************************************** II. UNDATED PROPHETIC EVENTS ASCENSION * Now what I need you to understand is that this (Ascension) can happen at any time. We don't know for sure that it will happen, but I want you to be prepared if it does. You might have the experience in a dream state, you may have it while you're walking, at work, doing whatever you're doing, sitting here, but you will notice the vibration and the quality of Light around you will shift dramatically and you will have a sense of feeling like you are in a trance or rapture. You might feel this. Hopefully, you will. You might feel fear. Hopefully, you will not. Be prepared to turn into blazing Light. You might see an opening that looks like a tunnel, an archway, a window, a door. You might see a figure beckoning you; you might see Sananda or myself or Michael or Gabriel calling you; Any, all or none of these things could happen. VOICE # L. AFRICA * Beware of Africa, for it will explode with violence and tribulations. For the fears of the Black Nations will become true and evident that the devil is strong. The devil will roam like a wild Lion trying to eat and devour anything and everything that moves, that's righteous, that is clean, that is pure, that is of God. Beware of the continent of Africa for the violence of that continent will spread like a wild fire from the North to the South, from the East to the West. Violence and terror that the World has never seen or heard of before. For the demonic forces are strong in Africa and they are on the loose, but the intensity of the demonic forces will increase as the hour of the Ark approaches. (Portions from Prophesy # 166) VOICE # F BEING FULFILLED--1. Rwanda--Mass Murder--The piles of bodies resembled Jonestown. But this wasn't hundreds of dead. As many as 200,000 people have been murdered, mutilated and dumped like garbage in the streets of Kigali, the capital, and in the verdant countryside of Rwanda during the savage tribal warfare. Time Magazine, May 9, 1994--The volcano Nyiragogo, near Goma, becomes active and might erupt any day. NEWSGRID--7-22-94 2. Nigeria plunged deeper into chaos Friday when it's largest labor group threw it's weight to a wave of strikes that have crippled the nation but, so far, failed to topple the iron-fisted military regime. AP 7-29-94 AXIS/ POLE SHIFT * I see magma pushing a large land mass upwards...extends from hundreds of miles off the West Coast all the way to the Rockies. This upward movement is caused by the inner core of the Earth shifting its position. It is a prelude to a magnetic pole shift which I believe is already happening. VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--1. Seismologist who have studied the waves of 15,722 earthquakes that passed through Earth's deep interior, have discovered an unexpected tilt in Earth's core. Science News, April 16, 1994 * For I am going to close this planet. For my eyes and my ears are tired of weeping, of hearing of all the evil that is on this planet. The day of reckoning, the day of judgment will befall this planet. The ice of the north will begin to move which will cause the water of the oceans to shift. The land that's near the water will be under water. For the waves that will hit the continent are going to be larger than the mountains you have on the planet. Look at the water! Look at the wonders and signs that are going to befall this planet. Look at the ice of the north. For it will begin to move as the axis of the Earth shifts. (Portions of Prophesy # 220) VOICE # F. * The changes of the axis of the planet along with some other changes will take place in the next few decades (from 1980). A final dimensional adjustment and a re-arrangement of some of the configurations of the planet and other celestial activities will take place. VOICE # K. BANK COLLAPSE * You are right on the eve of the total collapse of the financial system through Tokyo which will affect the whole world market. You are right on the eve of that. Do not think it's a bad thing when everything goes; it's a good thing. But we'd advise you to get your money, if you have any, out of the bank. Do it, because it will happen very quickly. If you have any stocks and bonds, you need to sell them, because such things are not going to be worth anything. The second thing that will occur is that the voice of the people will be heard. The voice of the people is really what is being heard now. It's not the government officials. The grassroots consciousness has gained a brushfire momentum until it has become the prominent voice. You will start breaking away from the centralized government and the control by a few and you'll begin to form communities in which you are more or less under your own judiciary, almost like a tribal council situation. This will occur with the breaking down of your financial loggerhead and of your areas where there has been a certain amount of need to band into large metropolises to make a living. That's going to start breaking away. More and more people will leave these large metropolises and begin to form communities in which they work together, live together and decentralize, in many instances. This might be precipitated by the energy that came in through the trigger of the Jupiter Effect. VOICE L. BETWEEN WORLDS * You are no longer in the 1990s. You are not in the 1890s, you are not in 2090s. You are not where you were. You are between worlds. This is why everything is so confused, even your world situation. They are the opposite of what you have been led to believe. This is not only exposure of the truth, but rather it is reversal of the truth, the polarity of truth. You are all experiencing this fold in time, and as such, you are going in and out of past and future lives. VOICE # J. CHRIST * The return of the Christ...! And the establishment of a planetary government in line with the solar government. The Christ presence will be recognized as well as the beginning of a new radical expression on the planet. New goals and purposes will be established for the race as well as a new educational system. The people of Earth will return to the life of the solar system. VOICE # K. CHURCHES * I want you to gather. I want you to stop fighting. I don't want you fighting in the churches. For all the churches have the words of man and they don't have the Word of God. I want you to change the way you think. I want you to look for my Son with the heart, with the mind, with all that you have. For the devil is loose and he is coming, with the hunger, with the teeth, with the tongue, wet for the blood of the sheep, of the seeds. (Portions of Prophesy # 252) VOICE # F. EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY * The recent tremors on 7-28-94 in India were a preliminary to a "full-blown quake" which will soon cause a catastrophe "somewhere in the world." VOICE # M. * Watch for these signs as precursors to the Big one: quake activity in south-southwest Oregon: geophysical activity in Sri Lanka: volcanic activity in Alaska, the Cascades, the Philippines, Martinique or Mt. Vesuvius in Italy. VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--1. Mount Cleveland (Alaska's Aleutian chain) erupted May 25, 1994. 2. Gamalama, a 5600 foot volcano on a remote Indonesian Island erupted June 15, 1994 * I see a 9.0 range quake, as well as volcanic activity [east} of Mexico City--Popocateptl VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--1. Popocateptl is now belching sulfuric smoke and seismically flinching. 2. Colima, Mexico, a 13,000 ft. volcano 440 miles West of Mexico City, near the Pacific, erupted July 22, 1994 * Watch for these signs as precursors to the Big One [L.A. mega quake]: Volcanic activity in ....the Philippines. VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--1. Two volcanos ( Mt. Pinatubo and Taal volcano, 55 miles south of Manila) in the Philippines have been exhibiting signs of possible eruption. In a 24 hour period ending March 15, 1994, more than 400 volcanic quakes shook Taal while 258 quakes hit Pinatubo. * New deadlier faults found after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco have pushed the chance of a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area by the year 2020 to near certain. A 90 % likelihood is probably not unreasonable. Some faults are slipping faster than originally suspected. Four years ago the same agency forecast a 67 % chance of a killer quake in the San Francisco Bay area by the year 2020. AP 6-8-94 Voice # H * A 20 % rise in the quake probability in San Francisco as forecast by Voice # H above probably "is not outrageous". VOICE # I also noted that the 1989 San Francisco quake was centered in the sparsely populated Santa Cruz Mountains, but the next quake's epicenter will probably hit in crowded areas." AP 6-8-94 VOICE # I * The earthquake that's going to hit California: it's going to frighten everyone for the force of it is going to destroy many things; houses, and businesses, and many will die. I am telling you what's going to happen before it happens. It mentions earthquakes in the Bible, and there is one that's going to hit California and many people are going to die. What a shame. What a shame. The day of my Son is very close. You have to hear me with your ears for here comes the time of the Quake. (Portions of Prophesy # 131) VOICE # F. FOURTH DIMENSION * The world of Man as a mass consciousness will go through a predictable change from the third dimensional state of life to the fourth dimensional state of life in the next few decades. (From 1980) VOICE # K. FOOD STORAGE * I want you to go and buy more food, and store it. For you are going to need it. For here comes the day you won't be able to buy food, or anything. For there won't be a thing to buy. I want you to buy food, and things to drink, and wait for the Hammer from Heaven, the Flames from Heaven. My hand from Heaven is going to put everything directly, and to the point in the Box, in the Box of the pit of the devil. (Portions of Prophesy # 337) VOICE # F GOLDEN AGE * With the dawning of this Golden Age, the first thing that happens is that your eye becomes single and your whole being becomes full of Light; you become illuminated. The photon belt, the Jupiter Effect, the Siran downloading you just had and the Wesak festival all have one common denominator: the illumination of the mind, of that mind which was in the Christ you call Jesus and which can also be known in your mind. So, if you are not having episodes of Light, I would be very surprised. You're going to be seeing Light in the periphery of your eyes, you're going to be seeing auras around people. You can go out tonight and you can look around the vortexes, the mountains and you can see big white masses of Light around them. You will see our ships dancing in the sky and twinkling, changing colors. You will begin to see us standing with you. VOICE # L. INNER FEELINGS * Many of you may be feeling as if you have been deserted and left alone. We have not gone away from you at all, and we know of your hardships and your physical pains. What is happening for you and the entire planet is a major shift in vibration and a momentous change in your consciousness. Life here on the planet does not look the same anymore, and it certainly does not feel the same. Do not desert your hopes and your faith, what you know to be true. Most of all, trust. Your needs are being met. They are being supplied from a place that is different from the one you have been used to. Be constant to yourselves, no matter what the situation. Stay in your centers and honor each moment of the process. You are bringers of a Golden Age such as has never been before. You are shifting out of the illusion that has always been your reality. You are moving into that glorious place of Home. It is the place where God lives inside each and everyone of you. We know how you may be feeling--that you don't know where you fit anymore, that even the day-to-day things seem without meaning. You may be feeling torn between wanting to do something so desperately and yet, not knowing what, and so you may feel helpless or lost. For many lifetimes, you have been doing everything outwardly to find God, to find meaning in your life and to prove yourselves worthy of God's love....There has been a simple but profound shift that has brought you to where you are today, perhaps feeling perplexed and confused and not knowing anything anymore. You are coming full circle, and now being is simply enough. The culmination point is almost upon us, and it is time for you to really remember who you are. It is time to let it be enough just to be. You are returning to the Light that you are, and so at this particular time, lifetimes of Earthly patterning are dropping away, and it may be scary. Your sustenance does not come entirely from the third dimension you see around you, but more now from the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions. Your identity is changing, and you are getting a feel for the bigness and the grandness of you." Voice # B LIGHT VIBRATIONS * Dear ones, Earth is becoming new now. There is no more "when?" Now is the time. All that has been prophesied is now taking place. You will see and hear of unprecedented events. New discoveries will be made about universes and galaxies. Never-before-seen presences and events are occurring on a daily basis all over your planet. All forms of life are radiating a vibration of unprecedented energies. Golden Light is radiating at an unprecedented speed. My dear ones, the golden octave has arrived. It is now occurring. Start your day in meditation. Walk through your day in acute awareness: listen, see, feel. And then, my beloved ones, dance the dance of pure joy and love. You choose to be present for this unprecedented moment in time. You, dear Lightbearers, are as golden anchors who secure this Light and love on Earth. All you have hoped for, yearned for, is come." VOICE # A NEW EARTH * There shall be rivers sparkling as diamonds in the Sun. There shall be music sweeter than the most exquisite tone you have yet heard. There shall be colors more vivid than the mind can imagine and more clear than you have yet known. There shall be beauty such as has not been upon the planet since its form came to be. My dear ones, what I am saying here is that while all around you may seem old and tired and chaotic, know that it is no more than the breaking of the outer shell which must fall away so that the center may be seen in all its glory. You have witnessed floods and storms and earthquakes and now you have seen the purifying fires. Do not let your heart be troubled, but know that each of these events and those yet to come are bearing lightbeams of new joy and awakening. Know that not one hair on your head, not one sound of your breath, not one instant of your being is without the presence of all of us who are participating in this moment of the bringing forth of Earth's new form. There is much that may appear to bring forth pain and suffering and that shall evoke feelings of sadness from your heart. There is much that will cause you to wonder at the manner in which the Source has planned this bringing forth of the new Earth." VOICE # D OIL * Then the Lord said: "The beginning of the end will begin when the Oil stops." The hour of the day is upon you when the Beast will control the economy of the world with a forceful hand, with a heavy hand. He will rule the planet earth with the power of the air. (Portions of Prophesy # 207) VOICE # F. PASTORS * The wind of the north is going to come with the force of the devil. The wind of the north is going to hit all the United States. When the wind comes it's going to push down everything with the force of the devil. Did you hear me , people of the United States? Here comes the wind with the force of the devil....For the church of the United States is dead, and it is dirty. They think a lot of themselves. They believe they are God, and I am going to hit them with my hand like I hit a fly.... I have given you many chances, pastors of the United States. The bigger you believe you are, the harder I am going to hit you..... Did you hear me, Pastors of the United States? Here comes the wind of the north, and when the wind passes, you are going to know. (Portions from Prophesy # 297), VOICE # F. BEING FULFILLED--1. On Palm Sunday, 1994 tornadoes slammed across the Southeast leaving dozens of dead and injured. A tornado crushed Goshen United Methodist Church in Piedmont, ALA. and then it hit the Union Grove Methodist Church, six miles away. In Ohatchee, AL a tornado damaged the Ten Island Baptist Church and injured some worshipers. In Ragland, ALA, the storm damaged a Baptist church. USA TODAY PRESIDENT CLINTON * Many people who are well-known politicians, celebrities and so on have been perceived by the public for something they were not known for--odd or strange behavior. President Clinton appears to have a total grasp of certain issues and then he is suddenly, unexpectedly, perceived as a person who cannot even run his own personal affairs, much less the country's affairs. This is, again, that fade in, fade out in which you perceive not the person of President Clinton fading in and fading out, but let's say that the country suddenly fades in to another position in the parallel universe where President Clinton is there a human being, not the president but just a man. And everyone wonders not only what this man is doing in the White House leading your country, but how come you don't see, how come you were so blind before when you voted for this man? How come you didn't see this other side of him? It's as if you suddenly woke up and said why did we do this, what happened? And then at a later time, again you look at him and say, there's a good man, how could we not have voted for him? Do you understand, it's as if you are going flipping and flopping back and forth and you feel like sometimes you are going crazy. You are seeing with the eyes of your parallel self and feeling with the feelings and acting with the acts of your parallel self. And then going back to the self that you know yourself to be. Equally, your parallel self is having the same experience and its world is just as chaotic. It has no explanation for it. VOICE # J. SEVENTH SEAL * It is the beginning of the last of the seals, yes. (Revelation 8) It could imply destruction if what the civilizations and conscious people on Earth are doing is not accomplished, but on the other side, it implies that blessings are coming from the civilizations to planet Earth. Do you understand? VOICE # C * Right now, you are at the time of the opening of the seventh seal, and that's when the great earthquake rent the land and the sky became black as sackcloth and the Moon did not give forth it's Light-- you know, that part. But it was also the most esoteric of all the revelations and the prophesies, which meant that it hadn't been totally decided. Even at the onset there was a possibility that you would come. You were written into the script even before you came because remember, everything in God happens in the eternal now. I have to tell you that you have been successful. You have bypassed the possibility of any third world war and the possibility of an AIDS epidemic that wipes out three-fourths of the population, and you have overcome a tyrannical dictator who would come onto your shores here and try to take over your people. That's good news, isn't it? And California remains, yes, despite the very, very prominent prophets who were told of it's disruption. Now that is because when you sat in Council and looked at what was going to happen, you could not, absolutely could not stand the pain of massive destruction and loss of life, even though in theory it sounded great: Yeah, we'll have Earth changes, and then we'll get to beam up and go home. But when you looked at it in actuality and saw what it really looked like, you said no, no, not that way. VOICE L. STORMS * Storm. Storm. The storm is coming. Hurry right now! Get up and put down everything I tell you, for here comes the storm in the manner of God. For I am going to hit the United States with storms. Yes, I am going to hit them. For the things of the United States are the things of the devil. Yes, my son. The day of the storm is here. Point your nose toward Heaven and your eyes, and your ears. This is your Father, the God that made everything, the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch, all that is. I made it with my Son, with the Holy Spirit. Put down everything I tell you in the manner of God. (Portions of Prophesy # 361) VOICE # F. TEN VIRGINS PARABLE * You have heard the parable of ten foolish virgins, yes? There are many foolish virgins who are going to be beating down your door, trying to find out what it is that you had said some time ago when they were to busy to listen to it. You're not going to have much time to do much except to tell them that God loves them, and God is with them, and they must turn their lives and their hearts over to God now. This is the time when God is bringing in the Golden Age and they are not to be afraid. Of course they're going to be afraid; they haven't done their homework. So it's important to realize that even now you are seeing the energy begin a very strong definition. Hysteria is now taking place. There will be lots of hysteria. There have been many, many calls from people who are as foolish virgins, too busy with everything else for all the "right" reasons, so they didn't do their homework. They didn't look at the signs of the times and they're going to be saying, "Give me oil for my lamps." The only place to get that oil is inside your own general store. That's where I got my oil, that's where you have to get yours as well. VOICE # L. TIME * Clocks on Earth still show twenty-four hours but the actual period of time (as compared to time as know upon the planet) is twenty-two hours. This has been prophesied as the End Times. What does this mean in actual fact? It means that time, as known on Earth, is running out, and is being compressed into shorter and shorter days to create a New Age in which time will cease to be of importance, and man will learn to live in the eternal now of existence. Man will learn to live and be in God Time--not one o' clock or two o' clock, but God Time all the time!" VOICE # E UFO's * An intrusion into the third dimension of mankind from other realities. The UFO forces will be most evident and the adjacent planes )(Astral Planes) will become semi or partly visible. VOICE # K. WAR * The War of the United States with the World has arrived with the Blood, with the determination that I told you earlier in the other Prophecies. Look, My Sons and Daughters, the Days that are coming are going to be very hard. The Days that are in front of your eyes, in front of your nose. There are going to be bodies, bodies of those which died. Bodies of Body of My Son. Bodies of the Children, bodies of all that is filthy, the bodies that the world is going to eat with the teeth of the devil. Look at your clock. Your clock is going to tell you. It's going to tell you that the time has arrived. (Portions of Prophesy # 262) VOICE # F. WATER * Open your faucet and it will be dry. Open your faucet and it will be dry. For there will be a day..., for when your rivers will dry up..., for when the valleys will be scorched. The ground will crack for the lack of water. Your throat will blister. Your lips will blister for the lack of water. For the blessing of the Lord will be removed from the wicked, from the prosperous....For I am sending my Word and you cover your ears and you cover your eyes and you bury your head under the sand. For the day will befall you. Will you cry out to your Jehovah? Will you cry out and ask for mercy? Only you will know. (Portions of Prophesy # 210) VOICE # F. WIND * The wind of the north is going to come with the force of the devil. The wind of the north is going to hit all of the United States. When the wind comes it's going to push down everything with the force of the devil. Did you hear me, people of the United States? Here comes the wind with the force of the devil. (Portions of Prophesy # 297) VOICE # F. BEING FULFILLED--1. A fresh wave of lightening-sparked wildfires kept fire crews busy across the West. AP 7/26/94. ***************************************************************** III. INDEX OF DATED PROPHETIC VOICES listed above 1. Gordon-Michael Scallion, Matrix Institute, P. O. Box 87, Westmoreland, NH 03467, 1-800-628-7493. ( See his complete prophesies from his past newsletters for more information of the exact date of the prophesy discussed. The newsletter is entitled "The Earth Changes Report" is issued monthly for $50/ year and the "Future Map of the United States: 1998- 2001 is available as a folded map for $12 plus s & h or as a laminated map for $18 plus s & h. ) 2. Zoosh (an endtime historian) through Robert Shapiro, Sedona Journal of Emergence, June, 1994, Page 2; July, 1994, Page 4; August, 1994, Page 19. Robert Shapiro may be reached at (602) 282-5883. 3. Peter and the Beings of Light through Ruth Ryden, Sedonia Journal of Emergence, June, 1994, Page 6; August, 1994, Page 14. Ruth Ryden's complete address is HCR Box 313, Wispering Pines, Payson, AZ 85541, (602) 474-3515. 4. Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, Kathumi and Sananda through Lori Adaile Toye, I AM AMERICA map, P. O. Box 2511, Payson, Arizona, 85547, (602) 474-1341. Lori's laminated "I AM AMERICA" map of Earth Changes is available for $18 plus s & h. She also has other materials from the ascended masters which are available through the above address. 5. Dannion Brinkley, Encounters: The Hidden Truth--Prophets predictions for the new millennium, Fox TV, July 15, 1994 6. Victoria Bearden, Encounters: The Hidden Truth--Prophets predictions for the new millennium, Fox TV, July 15, 1994 7. Pretty Flower through Eileen Rota, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 6. Eileen may be contacted at 5590 Princess Place, Columbus, OH 43231, (614) 794-2078. 8. YHWH through Arthur Fanning, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 28. Arthur Fanning may be reached at P. O. Box 684, Cornville, AZ 86325, (602) 634-9285. 9. E. L. Harwood, 10235 Fulton Road, Edmonton, Alberto, Canada, T6A 3&5. 10. Tom Dongo, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August 1994, Page 18. ***************************************************************** IV. INDEX OF UNDATED PROPHETIC VOICES listed above A. Sananda through Linda Spires, Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 33 B. Sananda through Christine Bearse, Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 36 C. Tom of the Council of Nine through Phyllis V. Schlemmer, Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 76 D. Sananda through Linda Spires, Sedonia Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 56 E. Sananda through Jean Peterson, Sedona Journal of Emergence, June 1994, Page 79 F. Raymond Aguilera, P. O. Box 20517, El Sobrante, CA 94820-0517, Fax # 510-222-4969 (CompuServe #74547,3245). See the book entitled "Prophesies, Visions, Occurances, and Dreams" published by Raymond Aguilera for his complete prophesies which are clearly recorded in his book. This is available for downloading from Compuserve Religion forum or the book can be purchased directly from Raymond. The cost of purchasing the book from Raymond is $20.85. The prophesies listed below are only short selected portions of some of his complete prophesies. G. Gordon-Michael Scallion, Matrix Institute, P. O. Box 87, Westmoreland, NH 03467, 1-800-628-7493 H. David Schwartz, seismologist for U. S. Geological Survey I. Ed Bortugno, senior geologist with the California State Office of Emergency Services. J. Speaks of Many Truths and Winona through Robert Shapiro, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 9. K. E. L. Harwood, 10235 Fulton Road, Edmonton, Alberto, Canada, T6A 3T5. L. Lord Ashtar through SaiVahni (Ashtar-Athena). She may be reached at P. O. Box 1587, Sedona, AZ 86339 (602) 282-0602. M. N. K. Aggarual--Well known earthquake researcher in India--NEWSGRID, 7-31-94. ***************************************************************** The above material is submitted by the House of David, an End Time teaching group, Norvell E. Von Behren, Director, 7463 S. Marion Street, Littleton, CO 80122. The readers comments and additional materials for the time schedule are requested. Please contact Norvell through Compuserve 74471,3245 or by mail.


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