EARTH CHANGES 005-Time Schedule -Effective 9-13-94 File # CHAND4.TXT-This update file cont

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EARTH CHANGES 005--Time Schedule --Effective 9-13-94 File # CHAND4.TXT---This update file contains a listing of the prophesies of 28 voices regarding upcoming Earth Changes compiled by predicted date of event and by subject matter where no date was predicted. This update also includes more than 14 important new materials as well as more comments from the people and additional prophetic voices. Some of the many important new materials in this update file are detailed on Page 1. These are the following: 1. New prophetic voice for today--See 1980-2000--VOICE # 12. 2. Calif. quake predictions and observations--Sept 9 thru Sept 29- See Comments of the People 9-3 to 9-11-94--Section V. 3. Deep 9.0+ New Madrid Quake predicted for South-Central part of Country--See 1993-1997 in SECTION I from Voice # 1. 4. Water Inudations in U.S and Canada--See 1993-1997 in SECTION I 5. Geyser predictes quakes--See Comments of the People 9-3-94-- Section V. 6. Strained relationships of people fragment as a result of Jupiter comet collision--See 1994-1995 in Section I. 7. Quake predictions for New Madrid fault and for Australia by VOICE # 1--See 1993--1995 in Section I. 8. Six quakes (6.0 to 6.6) in Kuril Islands, connecting Japan with Russia between 8-14-94 and 8-30-94--See 1994 in Section I. 9. Pole shift causes eratic nature forces--See Axis/ Pole Shift, in Section III and Comments of the People 9-7-94--SECTION V. 10. A 40 mile-long fault discovered below ground in San Francisco. See EARTHQUAKES/VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 5 in Section III. 11. Mysterious Thumping Sound In Pacific--See Comments of the People 9-6-94--SECTION V. 12. Drought--See WATER in undated prophetic events--section III. 13. Early Earthquake Warning Signs--See new Section VII. 14. Quake Info. available via phone and computer--New Section VIII. This file is arranged in the following sections: I. DATED PROPHETIC EVENTS II. INDEX OF PROPHETIC VOICES LISTED ABOVE III. UNDATED PROPHETIC EVENTS IV. INDEX OF UNDATED PROPHETIC VOICES LISTED ABOVE V. COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE VI. INDEX OF BOOKS RELATED TO EARTH CHANGES VII. EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF EARTHQUAKES VIII. EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION AVAILABLE VIA PHONE AND COMPUTER These prophesies have been tabulated from the sources listed and we make no representaion as to the accuracy of the material predicted. For more information of the prophetic voice or the prophesy, the reader is encouraged to read the entire materials as referenced since only selected short portions of some of the complete prophesy have been given due to space limitations. These materials are being updated approximately every two weeks as information is developed. This file number is ChanD4.TXT on COMPUSERVE Encounters forum, Religion Forum and on the New Age Forum. This file is a update ofthe previous Earth Changes--Time Schedule 004, Chanel.C04 and contains all of the original uploaded materials as well as many, many additional materials. This material is submitted by the House of David, an End Time teaching group, Norvell E. Von Behren, Director, 7463 S. Marion Street, Littleton, CO 80122. We would like to thank Mark Jacobson, # 72237,1526, for working on a software program which will enable us to provide all of our teaching materials on computer disk, in the near future. We would also like to thank Mark Stinson, #72430,735, for watching the various BBS's and news sources and then providing us with that information for the updates. The readers comments and additional materials for inclusion in the next update of the time schedule are requested. Please contact Norvell through Compuserve 74471,3245, by mail at the above address or by telephone at (303) 794-9516. ***************************************************************** I. DATED PROPHETIC EVENTS PREDICTED PROPHETIC EVENT DATE TO OCCUR 1980-2000 * The world of man under the guidance of the solar government is the creator of the world man lives in. The mass consciousness of man will enter into a new phase of creation under the guidance of the solar government. The following changes will not occur in the precise or sequential order as listed below. Deviations will take place according to the behaviour and/or state of the world of mankind. The following changes will take place: 1. The world was and is in the third dimensional stage of its creative endeavour and this phase will be terminated in the near future. 2. Internal pressures from within the three dimensional system will bring about the necessity for change. An increase in communications from aware individuals will prepare mankind for the changes to come. Channels and mediums will provide information that there are more realities than the third dimensional reality. An intrusion into the third dimension of mankind from other realities. The UFO forces will be most evident and the adjacent planes (Astral Planes) will become semi or partly visible! More and more people will become psychic and this will be accepted as a normal development by the masses. There will be an increase of charismatic groups within the organized and well known religions. These people will become aware of different abilities of healing the sick. 3. A worldly external resistance will arise against the internal pressures and the following changes will become evident among mankind: (a.) An increase in bureaucracy and control for government and large companies (Takeovers). (b.) An increase in fundamental religions (mankind still looks for a Saviour-God for Protection). (c.) An increase in labor movements, strikes and solidarity to protect the unions and their members (Tribalism) (d.) science and the academic world organizations become more vocal for the status quo. (e.) A common world monetary network will bring about a more united world of mankind. 4. Doubts about the third dimensional state of mankind arises and a new knowledge about the nature of reality becomes apparent among the more advanced populations of the world. New Age groups arise and metaphysical societies increase in membership. More and more people become aware. Western and Eastern ideologies unite and more thinkers are engrossed in their studies of both religions and the different lifestyles. Growing awareness of the Western Indians and the roles of the white people within society are questioned. A greater participation and understanding of brotherhood appears. An acceptance of the planetary history comes about in contrast to the teachings of the orthodox sciences and religions. We have been here from the beginning. The interest in psychic phenomena and non-physical events increases among many peoples of the world. The entertainment scene of star-war movies and similar type of entertainment is accepted and becomes more evident. Following the separation of church and state in the last century, an awareness of a different God concept arises. 5. A "Zero-Energy-Level" on a planetary scale becomes evident. This is broken down into Death... Burial... and Resurrection. The first phase is the Death Phase. The economic, philosophical and religious systems are in the last stages of survival. A general doubt arises about everything! The present technology makes racial suicide possible. Many people become aware of the inadequacy of the present systems in society and culture. A feeling of Now What? The third dimensional energies become insufficient. The present race is in a slow process of dying. The death period has started and will continue into the next decade and century. An increase in physical catastrophies and more and more people will leave the physical body. A rise in suicides and death rates will increase. Dimensional pressures force people into leaving the body. 6. The Burial Phase. The trend that started in point #5 above will continue. It is a slow process of death and destruction that is caused by outside as well as inside forces. The mass consciousness will slip into shock. A rise of popularity of the old religions. This will be followed by a turning away from them. People cannot find the answers they are looking for. The rise in death rate will make funerals most unpopular because there are just too many of them. Many people will be buried by physical calamities. A sphere of shock and sorrow at the nature of events will be complicated by the difficult nature of physical life. There will be a peak in the early 1990's and a further peak towards the end of the century. 7. The Resurrection Phase. This peak will occur towards the end of the century but it is already beginning. A small number of people will have already passed the point of being subject to death and continue living! In this period (82-90) several people will be privately demonstrating the fourth dimensional freedoms and they will be an example of the freedom from death. In spite of the events mentioned in #5 and #6 above, there will be a growing awakening of spiritual life and many people will move into the new vitality of this life. By the end of the present decade there will be a public demonstration of the fourth dimensional abilities and the reality of it. Many people will be able to see it. The introduction of unlimited sources of power by people who have attained the Christ Consciousness. These powers will provide alternate energy resources for mankind. The presence of those in the Christ Consciousness will replace the leaders of mankind in the old dimension and they will function as the leaders of the world. The presence and intervention of the solar government. The light of the Christ will be seen around the world. 8. The resurrection is not the final phase. There are several more steps but they are all combined in this last step. The resurrection has to be assimilated by the race. There will be an increase in destruction of the third dimension culminating in the pole-shift just before the year 2000. Increasing distortions and upsets of the physical world due to the dimensional changes associated with the activation of the second and third order energies. The emergence of other planes and realities will become more evident. Especially the astral plane. In the last half of the next decade there will be an intense period of teaching and preparation of the population in order to survive the convulsions of the planet which will take place by the end of the century. By about 1997-1998 the race will be prepared for the necessary changes of the physical and spiritual natures of the planet. This will lessen the harmful effect of these changes. The change of the axis of the planet along with some other changes will take place. A final dimensional adjustment and a re-arrangement of some of the configurations of the planet and other celestial activities will take place. The rReturn of the Christ...! And the establishment of a planetary gGovernment in line with the solar government. The Christ presence will be recognized as well as the beginning of a new racial expression on the planet. New goals and purposes will be established for the race as well as a new educational system. The people of Earth will return to the life of the solar system. The above provides a framework of what can be expected in the near future. The personal changes will bring about the recognition of the mental reality of our race and the abilities to function in the etheric energies while still retaining the body as an anchor in the physical. In time the body will also respond and will be set free from the physical limitations. The activation of the second and third energies stimulates the mental or thought reality. This is where these energies are initially recognized and utilized. After that they are brought to bear on the external reality. VOICE # 12. 1984-2004 * In the next twenty to thirty years (from 1984), the race of man will change drastically. Many of us will understand who or what we really are and we will develop a personal 'knowing' of the God we are! The materialistic oriented individual living today most likely will succumb to the difficult times ahead due to unpreparedness in Spiritual matters. The race as a whole is advancing to a higher level of awareness leaving behind many of their unaware brothers. Churches are in their last days of existence and, after a short mass-popularity, will collapse. The man of the new age is aware of his own greatness in God, rendering churches obsolete! The earth will go through a period of cleansing that will change the face of the earth as well as its population greatly. Our brothers of the sky, in their 'flaming chariots' or UFO'S, most likely will intervene with the actions of mankind. A direct inter- relationship will develop with our sky brothers that will benefit mankind. Science will discover that time and space are aspects of consciousness. Scientists will find that time folds back upon itself and that space is the curviture formed by the pure geometric designs of matter force fields. Most likely the North and South poles of the Earth will relocate themselves causing great calamities. The Earth will see many floods and quakes. The planet Earth will enter into a slightly different orbit while additional planetary influences will affect the way of life greatly! The changes in store for mankind will end five thousand years of ignorance. In the future, man will know who he is! New common goals will be established. The changes in the near future are greater than many before and will advance the race of Man into the universal playroom where many brothers are waiting. The future of man is brilliant! Before this comes about however, chaos might be ahead! Many will leave the body! VOICE # 11. 1992-2009 * The United States will be the first country to go through geo- physical changes, and the first to recover giving aid and support to the rest of the planet. During this time of earth change, there will be very few lands that will be unaffected. Massive groups of people migrate to inland lands, only to suffer more devastating earth changes. It seems as though it will never stop. More meteors come, and the night skies are filled with them. These changes begin in the year 1992 and close by the end of the year 2009. After a period of restoration, the country rebuilds itself with the one third of its population that's left. In the year 2,200 AD, (or year 246 AF, age of spiritual freedom) a new chain of mountains form on the east side of the present day Rocky Mountains. VOICE # 4. * They are showing me that Central Oregon will sink as a result of an earthquake, but preceding this is a massive shower of meteorites, sending a teriffic ash cloud into the atmosphere. This ash cloud causes tremendous rains to fall, and the increased pressure on the planet from this continuous flow of rain, causes slippage of fault lines and massive earthquakes. They are indicating the first event occuring in the year 1992...and the final events are in 2,000. Then the skies will open and the rains will stop. The Golden Cities will manifest as the skys open up. The cleansing is given by the four elements. Fire, water, earth and the wind. The wind isn't going to hit this area (west?) but it will hit the east coast. The biggest fear in our area (west?) will be from fire and ash fallout. Also there will not be any sun for two years. Many people will try to heat their homes using wood, but there will be restrictions because of the extra smoke it puts into the air which will be very polluted. It is important that we look into alternative energy sources now. VOICE # 4. 1993-1995 * There will be earthquakes, even in the early stages (of Tribulation). And again, I'm identifying 'early stages' here as '93 through '95. Quakes in Australia at times will exceed 7. ECR 9-94. VOICE # 1. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A strong 5.6 quake northeast of Sydney, Australia damaged homes on 9-6-94 and blacked out power to much of the city and surrounding towns. Scientists warned it was only a matter of time before more quakes--aftershoocks and larger--would hit the area. ECR 9-94 * New Madrid Fault: Quakes to hit Missouri, Tennessee and/or Arkansas. Magnitudes will be in the 4-5 range and occur late this year. Eventually this fault will experience quakes in the 8+ range--'93--'95. The warning sign to indicate that a mega-quake will occur within twelve months is when a precursor quake, in the 6-6.5 range, hits Missouri. ECR 8/93 VOICE 1. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Two temblors in one day hit along the New Madrid faultline on 8-20-94, one in Arkansas (3.5) near Walnut Ridge and the Tennessee quake (2.7) near Drummonds. ECR, Sept, 1994 * I have predicted that a magnetic pole shift would occur between '93 and '95. VOICE # 1 1993-1997 * In the United States and Canada, there will not be a square inch of land that will not move during this decade. The greatest difficulity is in inundations from water. A few months ago (in 1993) the warning signs occurred for the Mississippi Basin and part of the Great Lakes. We began to see what happened to levees and dams. I see more than 50% of the dams in the U.S. damaged before '96. I see tributaries anywhere near oceans, lakes or dams as danger zones. As the North American Plate begins to buckle and the land mass begins to change, Kansas will experience temporary inundations. Dams will break, and there will be great difficulty with inundations from backwaters flushing up through tributaries. ECR 11-93 VOICE # 1. * The future may be upon us soon in the New Madrid zone. The recent deep earthquakes that we experienced around the world, particularily those in Bolivia and Japan and most recently in North Carolina, fit a pattern of deep quakes. I think we will see a deep quake soon in the south-central part of the United States, more than 100 miles deep. Once confirmed that it was a deep quake, it will be a warning sign for upheaval in the New Madrid area. It will be more than the New Madrid area, but an earthquake there will definitely be triggered. It will not be a conventional epicenter, but Missouri will be the center of the five-state area affected. The others will be Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky and Arkansas. I think it will be a vertical thrust quake. The magnitude will be greater than 9.0. The same quake will trigger unknown faults in Louisiana and Arkansas, causing quakes in those states. The time frame for these developments will be '94-'97, shortly after acknowledged deep quakes hit south-central part of the country. ECR 9-94 VOICE # 1. 1994 * I am seeing visions of major activity, greater than 7.0 occurring this summer (1994) and fall in Japan, Taiwan, South America, the Middle east, India, New Zealand and the U.S. VOICE # 1. FULFILLED--(1.) June 18, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, South Island, New Zealand was hit with a 7.1. The quake was felt throughout South Island and the southern part of North Island. (2.) July 21, a strong earthquake occurred deep in the Sea of japan near the coast of Russia. A spokesperson from the Japanese meteorological agency told Reuters the 348 mile deep quake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale. Lat month, another deep quake occurred in Columbia, South America. The 8.5, 370 mile deep quake was felt as far away as Canada. (3.) July 13, a 7.3 earthquake hit northern Vanuatu Islands in the South Pacific. According to U.S.G.S., the quake was strongly felt at Port-Villa. (4.) 7.2 quake in Calif, 90 miles waest of Eureka on 9-1-94 AP 9-1-94. (5.) Six quakes between 6.0 and 6.6 hit the Kuril Islands between 8-14-94 and 8-30-94 and three quakes between 4.2 and 5.1 hit the same area during this period. USGS. (6.) A 6.4 quake rocked Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido after a milder tremor of 4.2. AP 9-1-94 * The floods of '94 are coming--April through August! As in '93, I believe flooding will occur because volcanic activity in the Pacific ocean seabed. This shifts the Jet Stream and will bring ongoing rains. VOICE # 1. FULFILLED--(1.) At first the rain in the South was welcome, coming as it did in late June, on the heels of a dry spell. Then the storms, moving ahead of a northern cold front, turned violent, spawned over 3 dozen tornadoes as they rumbled across the mid-South from Kentucky to Georgia. Heavy rains triggered floods, caused heavy damage and left thousands of people without power. Before the South had time to recover they were hit again a few days later when Tropical Storm Alberto slammed into northern Florida with 60 to 70 mph winds. According to the U. S. Weekly Climate Bulletin, heavy rain drenched coastal areas of Florida and extended into Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The storm stalled over northwestern Georgia, causing heavy thunderstorms in eastern Alabama and Georgia. As mush as 16 to 24 inches of rain fell in some areas causing rivers in western Georgia, eastern Alabama and northwestern Florida to rise rapidly to some of the highest levels ever recorded. Before it was over, 28 people had lost their lives, 100,000 were without potable water, damage to crops and property was estimated to be $700 million and at least 34 Georgia and Florida counties were declared disaster areas by the Federal Government. (2.) Florida floods on 7-15- 94 produce an estimated $40 million in damage, 780 homes lost in 8 panhandle counties. ECR August 1994. (3.) Torrential rains fell in Florida and rain fell in Hawaii at a rate of 2 inches per hour on 8-12-94. AP 8-12-94. (4.) Thunderstorms dumped heavy rains from parts of Iowa across the Ohio Valley. In northeastern Ohio, up to 7" of rain fell. AP 8-13-94. (5.) Unusually strong rains sent a surge of water into the Koyukuk and Kobuk rivers in Alaska. The Koyukuk was at its highest level in 40 years. AP 9-1-94 (6.) Chattanooga, TN recorded 24.4 inches of rain this summer making it the second wettest summer on record there AP9-1-94. * The islands straits of northwest Washington State are going to be changing dramatically in the next few years, with many small islands sinking as water rises constantly. In August, expect some minor earthquakes as the fragile system of underwater formations begins to break apart. Shorelines will be shrinking and water will be invading sewer and water systems near the shores. It is a good time to think about moving inland if you live in these places. VOICE # 3. * Montana will experience some earthquakes as the fault systems that reach eastward from the coast continue to spread. We do see some damage in populated areas from quakes in the 5.0 zone around the middle of the month. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) quake 4.2 in Montana on 8-16-94 USGS Online 800# * August is going to be a hazardous month for Earth movements. At this point in time, we are seeing a very violent quake occurring between Los Angeles and a point 200 miles north. The quake will originate not more than one mile deep, so the effects will be felt for many miles around. The force could be as high as an 8.0, down to a minimum of 7.0. The movement has been working up to this for a long time. It could already have happened in July, or it could hold off another month, but it is a very strong probability in this time frame! VOICE # 3. FULFILLED--(1.) On 9-1-94, a strong 7.2 earthquake hit off the coast of Humbolt County with an epicenter about 90 miles west of Eureka and about 255 miles northwest of San Francisco. AP 9-1-94 * (In August) Earth movements will be felt in Tennessee, Missouri and, believe it or not, in Michigan. No heavy quakes, just shifting. VOICE # 3. FULFILLED--(1.) On 9-2-94 a 3.4 quake hit in Lower Peninsula of Michigan shaking buildings almost 100 miles away. AP 9-2-94. (2.) On 9-20-94 a 2.7 quake hit Memphis, about 25 miles north of Memphis. ECR Sept, 1994 * From the welcome warm temperatures in Maine to the intense heat and humidity in New York, heat will be the subject of conversation. The middle of August will give some relief as storm systems move in from the Atlantic, one after another. There is a possibility of a very intense storm about the third week in August which will extend almost from the Canadian border down to Virginia. A hurricane is possible also, moving in from the southeast about this same time or a week later. VOICE # 3. FULFILLED--(1.) Global temperatures averaged 3-6 degrees centigrade above normal across the Mid Atlantic, Northeast, Southern High Plains, Southwestern US. ECR August 1994. * Toward the end of the month (August), there is a good probability of a hurricane coming in from the northeast, swirling into the Gulf and hitting the Texas coast. This is not a definite statement, but we do see it as probable. VOICE # 3. * It would not be surprising to have some good-sized quakes this month in Brazil. Chile has also been affected by the deep quake of June, which jolted the deep undersea ridge and sent energy to its very depths. In the near future, quakes could send some very heavy tremors racing to the coastline and beyond. VOICE # 3. * (In August) Most of the northern countries (of Europe) will experience comfortable temperatures, but a great deal of rain. There is a huge low front forming, even as we speak, that will produce constant storms and rain for the first three weeks of the month. This will result in some flooding, of course. Temperatures will be higher in the southern countries, much higher. Rains will be welcomed, and the mix between the two weather conditions will be rather pleasant. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Heavy rains threaten to sweep away villages across France. ABC News 8-10-94. * (In August) Beware the Mediterranean, though. The pressures that have been building for so long under the "dormant" volcanoes is cooking on the big burner now, and we feel a very, very heavy explosion somewhere in that area in late July or August. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A powerful 5.6 quake ripped through northwest Algeria killing at least 150 people and collapsing thousands of mud-brick homes. At least 289 people were injured and 8000 to 10,000 were left homeless by the quake which struck in the Mascara region, 250 miles west of Algiers. AP 8-18-94 (2.) A moderate 4.1 quake hit the above Beni Chougrane mountains killing 171 people and leaving 10,000 homeless. AP 8-28-94 * There come forth also in the month of August government statements of involvement with extraterrestrials. Some of the statements are true, and some of the statements are partially true: some of the statements are not true at all. Yet that information comes forth more and more and more. And many of you who are resonating with these words are already aware of the interactions of different governments with those beings from beyond the Earth. VOICE # 7. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) On Memorial Day weekend (May 31, 1994), an event of enormous significance occurred near Sedona, AZ. It strongly suggests a crash or a major landing of a UFO. Two ranking senators had been seen in Sedona several days before Memorial Day weekend. Supposedly they were in Sedona for some high-level and secret governmental meeting. Shortly after that, all the rooms in a large local hotel were booked by FBI agents. Then on Sunday, May 29, seventeen Cobra and Apache helicopters were seen and counted on the ground in a remote area near House Mountain which is a few miles from Cornville, AZ. (Cornville is 10 miles southeast of Sedona.) VOICE # 10 (2.) A UFO landed and was seen covered up on a flat bed truck. I believe that it was something operated by your own military power, which could have accounted for the security precautions....You must remember that the entire Stealth fighter jet program is an elaborate cover--an expensive cover, but an elaborate cover for the true intent which is building, maintaining and operating a fleet of flying disks. I don't want to call them UFO's because the term doesn't apply. Flying disks are placed in the sky, I can't say really by the United States government because we're really talking about a private group that is utilizing the United States as a base and is utilizing technology obtained from the stars, but from my experience here, I would say this is some international group, what has been referred to as the shadow government....I will tell you that it was shot down by extraterrestrials. There has been a falling out in recent years between those who provided the technology to the shadow government from the extraterrestrial sources and the shadow government itself. So what you have here essentially is truly a Star War. VOICE # 2. * During the month of August from that in the north called Alaska and those surrounding territories, there come of course, as is natural in time, the great melting of great snow and ice masses, yet we say the melting will be greater than they have been in history before--greater, greater releasing of water. VOICE # 7. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) The Kanga Volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Islands is acting up again, throwing ash and steam into the air. The current erruptions began on August 22, 1994.ECR 9-94 * If we are to have significant quake activity this year (1994)--magnitude 7.0 and greater--it will most likely occur later this month (Jan 1994) VOICE #1 FULFILLED--6.6 quake, Northridge, CA, Jan 17, 1994 * As given, quake activity greater than 7.5 in the Sea of Japan or Indian Ocean should be seen as precursors to increased activity in that region as well as North and South America....Expect quakes in the 8 to 9 range to occur in this region in '93 to' 94. Voice # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 7.2 quake, town of Liva on Sumatra Island in Indonesia, Feb 16, 19941. (2.) 7.7 quake, East Jave in Indonesia, June 2, 1994. (3.) Mount Gamalama in eastern Indonesia spewed ash and dust. The 2360 ft. volcano had 5-20 minor explosions each day in recent days AP 8-14-94 (4.) A strong 6.5 quake hit the Kuril Islands 110 miles east of Kurilsk and 840 miles northeast of Toyko on 8-28-94. AP 8-28-94 * Massive California earthquake in 1994. VOICE # 6 FULFILLED--6.8 Quake, Northridge, CA, Jan, 17, 1994 * Third LA Quake, 8.3 Richter--March through Spring. If not fulfilled by 1994, this will occur by last quarter of 1995. VOICE # 1 * Arizona, normally dry in June, will have constant showers. VOICE # 3 * Washington State will continue to have frequent earthquakes of Richter 4+. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 4.0 Quake, Near Bremerton, Washington, June, 15, 1994 * Unusual weather to erupt during middle of June on the Western Slope of the Rockies. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Record June temps of 104 degrees, wild fires-Denver Post 6-29-94 story "The moisture content is so low that it's off the charts" * Hurricane will form that will sweep into the Gulf of Mexico in the latter part of June. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Hurricane Alberto hits Desitin, FLA on July 3, 1994 * Interest Rates go out of control. VOICE # 1 * Heavy rains in Texas and incredible heat (120 to 130 degrees)--Caused by magnetic pole shift which started in 1993. VOICE # 1 FULFILLED--(1.) Record temps of 110-128 degrees in Texas and Arizona in July, 1994 (2.) San Angelo, Texas- 110 degrees breaks 1948 record for June, 1994 ECR August 1994 * Meltdown of US nuclear plant within 3 years which will be worse than Chernobyl. VOICE # 1 * As of June 15, 1994, the teachers will begin to leave the planet at an increasing rate. VOICE # 2 * Strong possibility of very heavy quake off Mexican Coast around end of July. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 4.3 quake on 7-23-94 near coast of Chiapis, Mexico ECR 9-94. (2.) 4.6 quake on 7-27-94 off coast of Central Mexico ECR 9-94. (3.) 4.4 quake on 8-1-94 near coast of Oaxaca, Mexico ERC 9-94 (4.) 4.0 quake on 8-1-94 near coast of Michoacan. Mexico ECR 9-94 (5.) 4.4 quake on 8-2-94 off coast of Jalisco, Mexico ECR 9-94. (6.) 4.2 quake on 8-4-94 in Oaxaca, Mexico ECR 9-94. (7.) 4.7 quake on 8-6-94 in Oaxaca, Mexico ECR 9-94. * Possibility of a strong earthquake or volcanic eruption somewhere on the Asian continent in July. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 7.8 quake centered 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, centered 350 miles below the Sea of Japan, July, 1994. (2.) Mount Merapi, 500 miles East of Jakarta, central Java has increased activity, spewing hot lava and sending a cloud of black smoke up to 1000 meters above crowded Central Java province. 649 tectonic tremors were recorded last month, 25 times the number registered in May, 1994. 500 volcanos are located in the "belt of fire" in Indonesia, of which 128 are active. NEWSGRID 7-15-94. (3.) 5.1 quake near Gorgan, Iran--180 miles north of Tehran on July 23, 1994. (4.) 5.3 quake near Ilam, Iran on July 31, 1994. (5.) 5.9 quake centered under the Banda Sea, 90 miles northeast of Tual, about 1750 miles east of Jakarta on August 5, 1994. (6.) 5.3 quake in southwest Iranian providence of Ilam, 310 miles southwest of Tehran, Iran on July 31, 1994 * Very strong wind storm will race across the entire continent of Europe causing lots of damage about the middle of July. VOICE # 3 * Strong storm in Western States and Rocky Mountains in third week of July. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Las Vegas hit with 78 mile per hour winds, July 18, 1994 * Southern Arizona will wilt under heat in July. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED--Record temperatures throughout July ranging from 110-120's * Major earthquake activity (greater than 7.0) occurring this summer and fall in Japan, Taiwan, South America, the Middle East, India, New Zealand and USA. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 7.8 quake centered 350 miles below the Sea of Japan and about 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, July 22, 1994. 19 Minutes later a 6.3 quake hit the same area. (2.) 7.1 Quake, Vanuatu Island, South Pacific--July 13, 1994. (3.) 7.8 Quake, Northern Japan, 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, July 22, 1994 (4.) 7.2 quake in California 90 miles west of Eureka AP 9-1-94. * Breaking up of Michigan into two large islands. VOICE # 1 * The 21 Fragment Comet collision (Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet) will begin on July 16 with the last collision on July 22 and it will cause the following: 1. Bizarre dreams. Some of you will begun to have them. The odd dreams, the really weird ones are being caused by this asteroid because Jupiter's kind of letting go of her fears. Jupiter is alive...She is a being. 2. Women will feel like they are having their menstrual cycle and then it will go and it will come back and it will go. 3. Some may have feelings of almost morning sickness. 4. The weather will be effected eventually. There will be storms with strange, weird looking sunsets and with sparky things in the sky. They will probably tell people to stay inside at some point, not forever but for a while. 5. There will be days after the impact when people will feel heavy, big and heavy, like they can barely drag themselves out of bed. There will be other times when they will be feeling like they're jumping out of bed because the wave of gravity is just rushing past; then it will rush back. When the gravitational wave hits you, that's when you feel heavy. When it bounces off the Sun, then you feel light. This strange phenomenon will go on for awhile but it can't hurt you. 6. Men are likely to feel confused and are likely to get a little confused for a while. They will feel personally violated sometimes almost as if a complete stranger had walked up and touched them someplace they ought not to. This is a strange feeling for a man. 7. Your going to feel strange for a while, but it will pass. Within two or three weeks of the impact, it will pass. This is not a good time to pick a fight with people. This will be a good time to settle old emotional differences because it is possible to get through to people during these times. Emotionally it will bring people a little closer together. Emotionally, it will bring people a little closer together. It has that potential. 8. The impacts of the comet pieces on Jupiter will impact it's orbit and the way it turns on it's axis. If that happens to any of your planets, you know they're all affected. 9. Jupiter is very tied to you, biorythmically, so it affects the way you feel, the way your body runs, the way your blood runs around in your veins. You can't have this happen without being affected physically, emotionally, spiritually, instinctually, everything. Your going to be affected on all levels. VOICE # 2. 1994-1995 * As soon as this big quake begins to affect your California, that is when the government's going to step forward will I say? It will be a martial law because things are going to get rather crazy and it'll be needed to protect the citizenry. Watch October (1994) May of next year (1995). VOICE # 8. * Before December 1995, Los Angeles will have an earthquake greater then Richter 9. VOICE # 1 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by a whole number in '94-'95. VOICE # 1 * The 21 Fragment Comet collision (Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet) will cause the following events to occur through 1995 as a result of the collision, with some events beginning 24 hours after the first collision on July 16: 1. It will expand the positive and negative by exponential amounts. 2. Solar flares should occur and cause major aurora borealis. 3. Magnetic fields of Earth and Mars will begin to fluctuate. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) See COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE--9-6 and 7-94 Section V 4. Weather will become erratic at the sea and coastal regions. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) At least 710 people were killed when typhoon Fred hit coastal Zhejiang, China. More than 90,000 businesses in Wenzhou and nearby areas were shut down and 741,000 acres of farmland throughout Zhejiang province were damaged. AP 8-24-94 5. High winds will occur between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. BEING FULFILLED-- (1.) Hurricane John with sustained winds of 160 mph threatened Johnson Island 700 miles southwest of Honolulu. AP 8-24-94. (2.) Hurricane Lane in Pacific in Sept, 1994 with winds of 130 MPH. Weather Channel. 6. Watch the Pacific and Atlantic oceans for violent reactions within 24 hours of the collision of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter. Tectonic plates will be triggered. Expect deep quakes (100 miles or more) throughout the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. FULFILLED--(1.) Sunday, July 17 after 24 hours of relative calm, tens of thousands of Rwandan civilians streamed across the border to safety in Zaire. According to the washington Post, this day was the most violent since the Rwandan Hutus' mass exodus began on Thursday. (2.) Tuesday, July 19 tropical storm Yunya hit northern Philippines with torrential rains and high winds. According to a Reuters report, steaming mudflows created out of tons of volcanic ash left the slopes of Pinatubo after its eruption in 1991 damaged three dikes and closed five bridges. The raging flood waters also caused a huge explosion of ash as it poured into a pocket of hot volcanic debris. (3.) Wednesday, July 20 Hurricane Emilia, 350 miles north of the Hawaiian Islands, with sustained winds of 160 mph, and gusts to 195 mph, was according to USA Today, the most powerful central Pacific hurricane ever recorded. (4.) Thursday, July 21 two quakes occurred deep in the Sea of Japan near the southeast coast of Russia. According to Reuters, the 348 mile deep first quake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and the second quake was 6.3 on the Richter scale. The quake was too deep to trigger a tsunami, but it shook Tokyo and surrounding areas. (5.) Friday July torrential rains pounded Hong Kong and Macao, triggering flash floods and landslides. The United Press reported water levels in some areas reached as high as 10 feet. 7. Areas to watch: Sea of Japan, Indian Ocean, Pacific West Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Sargasso Sea. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 5.8 quake southern coast of Indonesia, 363 miles northwest of Jakarta. (2.) 5.9 quake centered under the Banda Sea, 980 miles northwest of Tual, 1750 miles east of Jakarta, on August 5, 1994. (3.) 5.2 quake shook northern Japan on Thursday 8-25-94. It was centered 44 miles below the surface of the ocean off Kushiro. AP 8-24-94. (4.) 7.2 quake in California, 90 miles west of Eureka. AP 9-1-94. (5.) A 4.2 quake rocked the northern island of Hokkaido Japan on 8-31-94. AP 8-31-94 (6.) A strong 6.4 quake shook the same island on 9-1-94 AP 9-1-94 (7.) A stong 7.2 quake on 9-1-94 hit Northern Calf. near Eureka USGS. 8. Already strained relationships of people will fragment. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Iranian- backed guerillas attacked outposts of Israeli-allied militiamen in south Lebanon on 8-25-94, provoking retaliatory artillery and tank fire AP 8-25-94. (2.) A dozen Asian youths surrounded a 15 yeard old in London and one attacker plunged a knife through his back and into his heart. Relations have never been this polarized before said the coordinator of a center in the area. AP 8-23-94. (3.) Palestinian police imposed a curfew on a Gaza town to quell riots and shootings that flared after a teen-ager was slain AP 8-21-94 (4.) A city bus driver was jailed for slashing the face of a deaf mute passenger. The passenger touched the driver's shoulder in an attempt to communicate and the driver pulled a knife and cut the passengers face from his forehead to his chin that required 50 stitches. AP 8-26-94. (5.) Iranian-backed guerrilas and Israel's militia allies clashed in dusk-to- dawn artillert duels in South Lebanon after a deadly guerrilla ambush AP 9-3-94. (6.) Suspected Muslim extremists shot and killed a policeman and a police guard in southern Egypt. On August 26, Muslim radicals fired on a tour bus in Southern Egypt, killing a 13 year old Spanish tourist and wounding three others. AP 9-2-94. (7.) Security forces in southeastern Turkey killed 404 Kurdish rebels in August. Security forces killed 11 rebels in seperate clashes in six southeastern provinces on 9-4-94 AP 9-4-94. (8.) Iraq accused Syria, Iran and Turkey of plotting with the United States and Kurdish separatists to fragment the country AP 9-4-94. (8.) An early evening shooting over a dice game, in Detroit at an illegal after-hours club, left 4 men dead and two injured police said. Detroit Police Commander Gerald Stewart said "Totally senseless. The prepetrators as well as the victims are becomming younger and younger each year." (9.) Police in Tempe Arizona arrested WBC junior flyweight champion Michael carajal on felony charges related to a shooting at a weekend party he was told to leave. Witnesses at the party told police that Carbajal fired at least a dozen shots into the air from the passenger side of his vehicle, which was driven by an unknown female. Twelve casings from a .380-caliber weapon were found on the street and were seized. AP 9-4-94 9. People will start to re-evaluate and alter their ethics, morals, values, philosophies and religious foundations. 10. Intuition will increase by a quantum leap, and millions will experience a spiritual awakening. 11. New and unknown diseases will emerge. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) The liner Viking Serenade steamed into port a day early after one man died and more then 400 others came down with a sudden intestinal illness. People were dropping like flies. AP 9-1-94 12. Military conflicts will increase in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.--Watch Turkey! VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Rwanda--200,000 people murdered Time 5-9-94. (2.) Goma, Zaire--5,000 protesters fight troops as town sinks into lawlessness AP 8-11-94. (3.) Logos, Nigeria-- Machete armed gangs enforce 5 week strike against military government AP 8-2-94. (4.) Nairobi, Kenya- Worsening shortages and fighting between rebels and government forces are threatening the lives of thousands of displaced people in South Sudan. Sudan's southern war has killed 500,000 people, displaced many more and sent tens of thousands into exile. Reuter 8-14-94. (5.) Logas, Nigeria--A group claimed responsibility for a gernade attack on a Cabinet minister's home. AP 8-16-94 (6.) Israeli troops opened fire on Palestinian rioters wounding 3 people on 8-26-94. AP 8-26-94. (7.) Police clashed with ethnic Albanians in western Macedonia injuring 4 policemen on 8-25-94 AP 8-25-94. * Massive solar flares and unprecedented explosion on Sun to signal the time of the coming magnetic pole shift by 6 degrees. The solar explosion will signal the pole shift in a couple of days which will change the weather dramatically. Magnetic shift will wipe out records storage on computer disks. VOICE # 1 * New Madrid fault eruption--Richter 12+--The Mississippi River will take on a new course in 1994. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Quake 3.5 in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on 8-20-94. ECR 9-94. (2.) Quake 2.7 near Drummonds, Tennessee on 8-20-94 ECR 9-94. * Eruption of Mount Rainer--Happens when quake of 7 or greater occurs in Oregon. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) May 1994, the National Research Council issued a report warning that Mount Rainier is seismically active. (2.) Carolyn Driedger, director of the U.S. Geological Survey's Cascade Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Wash, told Science News, the USGS now considers Rainer the most dangerous volcano in America. The report said: "A major volcanic eruption or debris flow could kill thousands of residents and cripple the economy of the Pacific Northwest. Despite the potential for such danger, Mount Rainer has received little study." (3.) A group of scientists from Washington and Oregon this spring (1994) issued the latest warning. The region, they said, is ripe for a giant jolt--a subduction earthquake--if the floor of the North Pacific thrusts itself under the North American continent." In the Earth Changes Report of August 1994, Issue No. 35, Gordon-Michael Scallion gives a complete summary of his Mount Rainer Predictions as to how it will happen, why it will happen, what will happen, early warning signs, when it will happen, contributing factors and recent updates as of that issue. (4.) 7.2 quake in Calif. 90 miles west of Eureka, CA AP * Africa will spread out causing crisis leading to WW III. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) See AFRICA in UNDATED PROPHESIES-- SECTION III * Volcanic activity in Iceland. VOICE # 1 * Water levels rise globally due to sinking and rising of land masses and the melting of the poles. People on the East Coast begin to migrate inland. VOICE # 1 FULFILLED--(1.) Denver Post 5-29-94 headline "The Destruction of America's Beaches"-- "Virtually all of the nations beaches are shrinking because of rising sea levels. About 90% of US beaches are presently eroding on all three coasts." (2.) AP 7-30-94 Some South Pacific islands could disappear under rising sea levels triggered by global warming from the industrialized worlds air pollution. (2.) Eight asian nations containing a quarter of the worlds population could force particular danger if threatened changes come to pass from worse monsoon flooding, coastal inundation from rising sea levels. The possibility of rising temperatures because of the greenhouse effect has been discussed for several years. Areas to be effected by rising temperatures and sea levels are (a.) Pakistan (b.) India (c.) Sri Lanka (d.) Bangladesh (e.) Malaysia, (f.) Vietnam and (g.) Philippine. AP 8-12-94 * Devastation in Europe. VOICE # 1 * Seepage of salt water will continue to creep inland in many areas around New York and a few new sink holes will be discovered. New York City will continue to pump out deep basements and shore up foundations of skyscrapers. In the next few years, earth movements on the East Coast will increase and buildings whose foundations have been undermined by seepage will be the first to fall. VOICE # 3 * In the Middle East, pressures continue to get stronger, deep in the Earth and upon the surface. Political unrest and hatreds whipped up by religious leaders are causing many to swing toward the new leader known to the world as the Beast of prophesy. Soon this leader will become known to the world. The conflagration foretold in the Bible for the end of this cycle of time is starting to produce the flames of discord that could flare up into that terrible war. VOICE # 3 * Within next few years, the following will occur: 1. Major nuclear disaster in Scandinavia or the North Seas. 2. Jordan ceasing to exist as a nation. 3. Egypt falls to the Fundamentalists. 4. A Russian leading a major worldwide environmental movement. VOICE # 5 1994-1998 * Quakes will be frequent from Vancouver to the Baja from this time forward (2/94), one after another. VOICE # 1. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 4.4 Quake, Fort St. John area of British Columbia, May 22, 1994. (2.) 3.8 Quake, Vancouver Island, June 2, 1994. (3.) 4.1 Quake, Bremerton, Washington, June 15, 1994. (4.) 4.3 Quake, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, June 18, 1994 (5.) 4.9 Quake, Eureka, CA, June 19, 1994 (6.) A swarm of more than 200 quakes in California during the last 2 weeks in July. This is the fourth swarm in the last 3 years to strike a 2 mile area southwest of Fontana, Calif, 50 miles East of Los Angeles. (7.) 4.8 quake 35 miles S.E. of Barstow, CA. on Aug 1, 1994. (8.) 3.5 quake in San Fernando, CA on Aug.3, 1994 (9.) Southern CA has been shaken by more than 121,000 earthquakes since 1987. Of these, about 2700 or roughly one a day were of a magnitude 3 or greater. NEWSGRID 8-2-94. (10.) 4.0 quake, Yucca Valley, CA on 8-7-94 AP. (11.) 3.6 quake, Holister, CA on 8-8-94 Weather Channel. (12.) 3.7 quake, Twenty Nine Palms, CA on 8-7-94 Weather Channel. (13.) 3.6 quake, Twenty Nine Palms on 8-8-94 Weather Channel. (14.) 2.5 quake, San Fernando, CA on 8-08-94 Weather Channel. (15.) Two 3.9 quakes, Eureka, CA on 8-10-94 Weather Channel. (16.) 2.8 quake, Barstow, CA on 8-10-94 Weather Channel. (17.) 2.9 quake , Palm Springs on 8-11-94 Weather Channel. (18.) 4.3 quake Mexicalli, Mexico on 8-11-94 Weather Channel. (19.) Two quakes 2.6 & 2.7 Northern CA on 8-11-94 Weather Channel. (20.) 2.6 quake Clear Lake, CA on 8-12-94 Weather Channel (21.) 2.8 quake Twenty Nine Palms and 3.7 quake at oceanside on 8-13-94 Weather Channel. (22.) Four quakes (3.0-3.3) in central and southern Calif. on 8-14-94 Weather Channel 8-14-94. (23.) Four quakes (2.6-3.8) in central and southern Calif on 8-15-94 Weather Channel 8-15-94. (24.) 2.9 quake in Holister, Calif. on 8-16-94 Weather Channel 8-16-94. 2.9 quake, Holister, Calif. on 8-17-94 Weather Chennel 8-17-94. (26.) 2.9 quake in Lone Pine, Calif. and 2.7 quake in Colinga, Calif on 8-18-94 Weather Chennel 8-18-94. (27.) 2.5 quake in Lone Pine, Calif on 8-19-94 (28.) three quakes between 2.5 and 3.6 in San Fernando, Calif 0n 8-19-94 Weather Channel (29.) 2.5 quake in San Fernando, Calif. on 8-20-94 Weather Channel (30.) quake 3-4 on Richter scale in Southern Calif. on 8-21-94 Weather Channel. (31.) 3.0 quake in Clear Lake, Calif on 8-24-94 Weather Channel. (32.) 2.9 quake in Clear Lake, Calif on 8-25-94 Weather Channel 8-25-94. (33.) Two quakes between 3 and 4 Richter in San Fernando, Calif on 8-27-94 Weather Channel 8-27-94. (34.) Two quakes (2.7 and 3.8) in Holister, Calif, 1 quake in Rascali, Calif and a 3.0 quake in Bakwer, Calif. on 8-28-94 Weather Channel 8-28-94. (35.) 2.8 quake in Palm Springs, Calif on 8-30-94 Weather Channel 8-30-94 (36.) 7.2 quake 90 miles west of Eureka, Calif on 9-1-94 AP 9-1-94. * Magnetic pole shift will become measurable on compass. These will be triggered by magnetic fields which produce frequencies that cause rock formations to react or oscillate. Magnetic and gravitational waves emanating from the sun, moon and stars are the prime triggers. Certain alignment of the planets occur in the heavens, comets enter our system, the sun or Mars changes it's polarity, a planet enters this sun system as part of a long orbit cycle. Any of these may act to affect magnetic fields and bring about a pole shift, as can misusing the forces of Nature by man. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) See COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE 9-6 to 9-7- 94 in SECTION V. 1995 * Completed Islands of California by Sept through December 1995. Quakes to reach Richter 15. VOICE # 1 * The man who the Bible calls the Beast is busy drawing people to his brand of false peace and prosperity and this will come to a head in 1995. VOICE # 3 1995-1996 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by 2 in '95-'96. VOICE # 1 * Emigrants from the US will be moving to Canada. This started in 1994 but by 1995 and 1996 it will become a very complex problem for the US government. It will be a start of the thinking about separate states or colonies, as parts of the country will become unlivable for about 50 years. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Californians continue to flee their state in large numbers Denver Post 8-19-94. (2.) Computer maker Pakard Bell has deceided to leave Southern Calif. ruling out relocation to Palmdale, at least partly because of fear of a risk of erthhquake damage. NEWSGRID 8-17-94 * US becomes 13 colonies with several states merging into a single colony. VOICE # 1 1995-1998 * WW III will begin between 1995 and 1998. Crisis will begin in Middle East as Turkey spreads out. Ten countries will be involved in nuclear war. Aid from nuclear fallout will come from tablets to prevent effects on body. Missiles will not fall on North America. However, the potential exists that a very small yield nuclear devices may be exploded by terrorists in the U.S. in New York City or washington, DC. VOICE # 1 1996 * Bermuda (Atlantis) will rise from the ocean. The last destruction of Atlantis was 12,499 years ago and was caused by the misuse of spiritual laws and physical laws. The sinking of Atlantis happened in a day and a night when the plate upon which it rested, shifted 7 degrees and the great continent disappeared under the sea. VOICE # 1 1997 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by 3 in '97-'98. VOICE # 1 * By August 15, 1997, all of the spiritual teachers will be retired or they will be gone. Some will die at their rightful times, at the end of their natural cycles. Many will be able to retire because many people will now embrace their own power. They will begin to lead not by demanding the allegiance of others but will lead by example of the benevolent path of their own life. VOICE # 2 1997-1998 * By about 1997-1998, the race will be prepared for the necessary changes of the physical and spiritual nature of the Planet. This will lessen the harmful effect of these changes. VOICE # 9. 1998 * By 1998, in the United States, an accident similar to Chernobyl will occur. It's location is not clear but appears to be east of the Rockies. It will not result from the Earth Changes but will be caused by failing structures from old age, equipment, and operator errors. A large area of 12 miles will be affected in it;s primary circle and many hundreds miles due to air currents and water contamination. After the accident, a national movement begins, rekindling the antinuclear movement. Reactors across the United States begin to shut down--the oldest first, followed by those in densely populated areas. VOICE # 1. 1999 2000 * An 11th planet called Nemesis is orbiting between the 10th and the 12th planets. The impact of the Shoemaker levy comet with Jupiter is not a part of the 11th planet but is like a signal flag or a sign. After the Shoemaker Levy comet collision happens, the breaking up of the 11th planet will begin. In about 6 years (from 1994), pieces of the 11th planet will begin to fragment and to come off and hurtle towards the Sun. Some of it will burn up but not all of it. It will act like an egg and the Sun will utilize that material to give birth to a different version of the solar system. The pieces are going to come hurtling off the 11th planet like a fragmentation device and they're going to go whizzing in towards the Sun and they're going to hit different planets. At least three (3) pieces have the potential of coming close enough to Earth to seriously affect you. One of them might even glance off of your North Pole. It might be hard to imagine that a piece going through your atmosphere and then impacting your North Pole could glance off, but it doesn't actually work the way it sounds. The poles extend well above your atmosphere, but if that piece glances off, say 20,000 miles above your North Pole, you will have a magnetic storm on Earth like you've never had before. VOICE # 2. 2001 * Five major cities, (Golden Cities) will be established in US. After their activation during the prophesied transition, these locations become qualified with individualized focused light rays and these cities manifest into third dimension (fourth?). Each Golden City is co-sponsored by an Ascended Master, Beloved Elohim or Archangel. These sponsors pledge to serve mankind in these ever present locations for twenty years, gently and peacefully guiding human thought and feeling into the millennium. The names and location as well as the climate in those cities will be: 1. SHALAH (Idaho/Montana area), Eastern Indian Climate; 2. GOBEAN (Arizona\New Mexico area, Arabic Hot Climate; 3. MALTON (Illinois/Indiana area), Nordic Cool Climate; 4. WAHANEE (Georgia/South Carolina area), African Hot Temperate Climate; 5. KLEHMA (Colorado/Kansas area), American Indian Mild Climate. Denver becomes the center of balance for our nations economy. After the tribulation, the people will be taught the twelve (12) foundational laws of the cosmos as follows: 1. HARMONY--"All energy, in order to be sustained for creation, must be maintained in balance. Balance is the continuous cycle of harmomy." (Sananda) 2. ABUNDANCE--"It is the job of the creator never to infringe upon the path of abundance of his brother or sister, never to take away his choice." (Sananda) 3. CLARITY--"Light has come forth for clarity. It has come forth not to judge or discern. It has come forth simply to be." (Sananda) 4. LOVE--"Love is the first action and energy to come forth in creation." (Sananda) 5. SERVICE--"Love, in service, breathes the breath for all." (Sanat Kumara) 6. ILLUMINATION--"Illumination, yes, is an action of your mind! Illumination is the use of your mind without fear and judgement." (Sananda) 7. COOPERATION--Femine principle--"Beauty sees the exquisite boundaries of each individual. Cooperation sees the form of divinity first, and then honors the function." (Lady Master Venus) COOPERATION--Masculine principle--"Carry the focus that cooperation is sustained. This allows the harmonics of creation to flow forward so that you and all are one. (Sanat Kumara) 8. CHARITY--"Charity is a distribution, and it is the equalizer when there is unjustice and inequity." (Sanat Kumara) 9. DESIRE--"Desire springs not only from the heart, it comes from the soul, the spark of creativity." (Sanat Kumara) 10. FAITH--"Faith is the agreement between the focus of your desire and the stilliness of creation." (Sananda) 11. STILLNESS--"Stillness is the space where energy is gathered and aligned to come forth in a manifestation." (Sanat Kumara) 12. CREATION--Part 1--"Creation! See it pulse with the sweetness of life! The joy of giving the law of love!" (Mary) CREATIVITY--Part 2--"Creation is one. Creativity is part of!" (Sanat Kumara) VOICE # 4 ***************************************************************** II. INDEX OF DATED PROPHETIC VOICES listed above 1. Gordon-Michael Scallion, Matrix Institute, P. O. Box 87, Westmoreland, NH 03467, 1-800-628-7493. ( See his complete prophesies from his past newsletters for more information of the exact date of the prophesy discussed. The newsletter is entitled "The Earth Changes Report" is issued monthly for $50/ year and the "Future Map of the United States: 1998- 2001 is available as a folded map for $12 plus s & h or as a laminated map for $18 plus s & h. ) 2. Zoosh (an endtime historian) through Robert Shapiro, Sedona Journal of Emergence, June, 1994, Page 2; July, 1994, Page 4; August, 1994, Page 19. Robert Shapiro may be reached at (602) 282-5883. 3. Peter and the Beings of Light through Ruth Ryden, Sedonia Journal of Emergence, June, 1994, Page 6; August, 1994, Page 14. Ruth Ryden's complete address is HCR Box 313, Wispering Pines, Payson, AZ 85541, (602) 474-3515. 4. Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, Kathumi and Sananda through Lori Adaile Toye, I AM AMERICA map, P. O. Box 2511, Payson, Arizona, 85547, (602) 265-8502. Lori's laminated "I AM AMERICA" map of Earth Changes is available in New Age bookstores or from her for $18 plus s & h. She also has other materials from the ascended masters which are available through the above address. 5. Dannion Brinkley, Encounters: The Hidden Truth--Prophets predictions for the new millennium, Fox TV, July 15, 1994 6. Victoria Bearden, Encounters: The Hidden Truth--Prophets predictions for the new millennium, Fox TV, July 15, 1994 7. Pretty Flower through Eileen Rota, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 6. Eileen may be contacted at 5590 Princess Place, Columbus, OH 43231, (614) 794-2078. 8. YHWH through Arthur Fanning, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 28. Arthur Fanning may be reached at P. O. Box 684, Cornville, AZ 86325, (602) 634-9285. 9. E. L. Harwood, 10235 Fulton Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6A 3&5. 10. Tom Dongo, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August 1994, Page 18. 11. Gerardus Tros, "Be Still... for "I" AM YOU...AND SPEAK", Page 103, Wisdom Publications, Box 66053, Heritage P.O., Edmonton AB Canada T6J 6T4. The teachings and prophesies of Gerardus Tros are available directly from Wisdom Publications and are also available for downloading to your computer from the New Age forum library on Compuserve. 12. E. L. Harwood, 10235 Fulton Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6A 3&5. ***************************************************************** III. UNDATED PROPHETIC EVENTS ASCENSION * Now what I need you to understand is that this (Ascension) can happen at any time. We don't know for sure that it will happen, but I want you to be prepared if it does. You might have the experience in a dream state, you may have it while you're walking, at work, doing whatever you're doing, sitting here, but you will notice the vibration and the quality of Light around you will shift dramatically and you will have a sense of feeling like you are in a trance or rapture. You might feel this. Hopefully, you will. You might feel fear. Hopefully, you will not. Be prepared to turn into blazing Light. You might see an opening that looks like a tunnel, an archway, a window, a door. You might see a figure beckoning you; you might see Sananda or myself or Michael or Gabriel calling you; Any, all or none of these things could happen. VOICE # L. AFRICA * Beware of Africa, for it will explode with violence and tribulations. For the fears of the Black Nations will become true and evident that the devil is strong. The devil will roam like a wild Lion trying to eat and devour anything and everything that moves, that's righteous, that is clean, that is pure, that is of God. Beware of the continent of Africa for the violence of that continent will spread like a wild fire from the North to the South, from the East to the West. Violence and terror that the World has never seen or heard of before. For the demonic forces are strong in Africa and they are on the loose, but the intensity of the demonic forces will increase as the hour of the Ark approaches. (Portions from Prophesy # 166) VOICE # F BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Rwanda--Mass Murder--The piles of bodies resembled Jonestown. But this wasn't hundreds of dead. As many as 200,000 people have been murdered, mutilated and dumped like garbage in the streets of Kigali, the capital, and in the verdant countryside of Rwanda during the savage tribal warfare. Time Magazine, May 9, 1994--The volcano Nyiragogo, near Goma, becomes active and erupts on 8-10-94. NEWSGRID--7-22-94, AP 8-10-94 Two active volcanoes are now threatening hundreds of thousands of Rwandan refugees as deadly carbon dioxide from the volcanoes have killed several animals and people in the low lying areas affected. This is nature's way to send an alet to the population. AP 8-24-94. (2.) Nigeria plunged deeper into chaos Friday when it's largest labor group threw it's weight to a wave of strikes that have crippled the nation but, so far, failed to topple the iron-fisted military regime. AP 7-29-94 (3.) Goma, Zaire--Infuriated by thieving soldiers preying on residents and refugees, more than 5,000 protesters pelted troops with rocks and blocked food convoys as the town sinks into lawlessness AP 8-11-94 (4.) Lagos, Nigeria--Machete-armed gangs set fires, smashed cars and battled with traders in Logos in an attempt to enforce a 5 week strike against the military government AP 8-2-94. (5.) In Ethiopia, many of the 58,000 people in Tigre province's Wamberta district have to walk nearly 20 miles for donated food and up to five hours for water.. More than 10,000 farm animals died for lack of grass. AP 8-20-94. (6.) Fearful, sick and hungry refugees are trudgingin from Burandi and Rwanda to camps near Ngara, Karagwe and Muleba. Dan Pruett, head of the Red Cross Fereration in Tanzania said"We're looking at 40,000 or more a month in new arrivals, causing a strain on water supplies and health services. AP 9-2-94 ANTI-CHRIST * There are going to be explosions in the Big Capitals, in the Big Cities, all over the World. There is going to be a Police Force that will have no law. Only the law of the Antichrist, which is the law of Satan. He is going to develop a Kingdom, a source of Power where he can control what People buy, what they sell, who is living in their house, who and where their family members are, what they do for a living, where they go to church, where they don't go to church. He's going to have that kind of control. Then he is going to implement the Seal which is going to be placed on the foreheads of his puppets; which He'll control and manipulate to do his bidding. If you value your Spiritual Life do not take the Seal of the Beast. For the Seal of the Beast will mean the end of the end for you. So beware of the Seal that will placed on your hand or on your forehead. It doesn't matter where, if you receive it you will never see the Kingdom of God, Jehovah, the Heaven, or the Mansion that I have prepared for you. Because My Son Died, for you for a reason, to bring the Flock home to Heaven. But the choice is yours. DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, the Creator, the Maker of the Universe. For I am bringing to a close a defiled Planet that has gone sour, which will be eliminated with everything else that is not Pure, Righteous, and in Line with My Word, Jehovah. (Portions of Prophesy # 90) VOICE # F AXIS/ POLE SHIFT # 1 * I see magma pushing a large land mass upwards...extends from hundreds of miles off the West Coast all the way to the Rockies. This upward movement is caused by the inner core of the Earth shifting its position. It is a prelude to a magnetic pole shift which I believe is already happening. VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Seismologist who have studied the waves of 15,722 earthquakes that passed through Earth's deep interior, have discovered an unexpected tilt in Earth's core. Science News, April 16, 1994 AXIS/ POLE SHIFT # 2 * For I am going to close this planet. For my eyes and my ears are tired of weeping, of hearing of all the evil that is on this planet. The day of reckoning, the day of judgment will befall this planet. The ice of the north will begin to move which will cause the water of the oceans to shift. The land that's near the water will be under water. For the waves that will hit the continent are going to be larger than the mountains you have on the planet. Look at the water! Look at the wonders and signs that are going to befall this planet. Look at the ice of the north. For it will begin to move as the axis of the Earth shifts. (Portions of Prophesy # 220) VOICE # F. AXIS/ POLE SHIFT # 3 * The changes of the axis of the planet along with some other changes will take place in the next few decades (from 1980). A final dimensional adjustment and a re-arrangement of some of the configurations of the planet and other celestial activities will take place. VOICE # K. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) See COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE--9-6 to 9-7-94 in SECTION V. AXIS/ POLE SHIFT # 4 * With the beginning of the shifting of the magnetic poles, the forces of nature react. Weather becomes erratic throught the world..ECR 1/93. VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Scientists are observing lightening related phenomenon of brilliantly-colored bursts of light, some shaped like blood-red jellyfish, others shaped like blue trumpets ECR 9-94. (2.) Scientists discovered energy bursts of a different order--about 100 pulses of energy some 100,000 times stronger than energy produced by normal lightning which resembles radio noise from nuclear blasts ECR 9-94. BANK COLLAPSE * You are right on the eve of the total collapse of the financial system through Tokyo which will affect the whole world market. You are right on the eve of that. Do not think it's a bad thing when everything goes; it's a good thing. But we'd advise you to get your money, if you have any, out of the bank. Do it, because it will happen very quickly. If you have any stocks and bonds, you need to sell them, because such things are not going to be worth anything. The second thing that will occur is that the voice of the people will be heard. The voice of the people is really what is being heard now. It's not the government officials. The grassroots consciousness has gained a brushfire momentum until it has become the prominent voice. You will start breaking away from the centralized government and the control by a few and you'll begin to form communities in which you are more or less under your own judiciary, almost like a tribal council situation. This will occur with the breaking down of your financial loggerhead and of your areas where there has been a certain amount of need to band into large metropolises to make a living. That's going to start breaking away. More and more people will leave these large metropolises and begin to form communities in which they work together, live together and decentralize, in many instances. This might be precipitated by the energy that came in through the trigger of the Jupiter Effect. VOICE L. BETWEEN WORLDS * You are no longer in the 1990s. You are not in the 1890s, you are not in 2090s. You are not where you were. You are between worlds. This is why everything is so confused, even your world situation. They are the opposite of what you have been led to believe. This is not only exposure of the truth, but rather it is reversal of the truth, the polarity of truth. You are all experiencing this fold in time, and as such, you are going in and out of past and future lives. VOICE # J. BIBLE * We love you, We want you to live with us, but there is another creature around you that you don't see. His name is Satan, and he wants you to live with him. You have a choice. You have always had a choice. So, there is going to be a day that you won't have a choice. For the day will be the day of Judgment, and the day of Judgment will be fulfilled, in the manner so described in the Bible. That's the Book that you never read that sits on the shelf, that it looks nice when people come over to visit. It's the Book that you see at funerals, sometimes at weddings, sometimes in those peculiar days that come around several times a year, you call them Holidays. And then that Book goes back on the shelf, until that next occasion, if you only knew the value of that Book. That Book that's on that Shelf, called the Bible, has the answers to an everlasting life, but I know that you're too smart to start to open it up, and read it. You got things to do, places to go. Tomorrow, tomorrow you say I will read it, but remember I'll be there tomorrow, and you won't. (Portions of Prophesy # 65) VOICE # F. BIRTHING * Dear hearts, at this time upon the Earth and planet, there is the possibility of some geophysical change. Please understand that these changes do not come with the intent of harming or hurting. They come with the intent of birthing. When the lady upon your planet opens her legs to give birth to a new being, there is, as you know, some pain and the shedding of blood and fluid. The time has come for a new birth to occur. The consciousness of Unana will live and breathe throughout the consciousness of Freedom Star. For this we call a birth change and this birth change, yes, will have some tearing and ripping, but you will choose how to perceive this. There may be what you perceive as physical death, but you know, dear ones, that there is no such thing as death. You are spiritual, immortal beings and this is where you live and breathe and have your being. VOICE # N. BIRTH PAINS * You have not seen the Power of God in the way you will see it in the end days. For the Power of God will bring Judgment on this Planet, on everything that is evil, everything that is filthy, everything that is not of God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. You have not sensed fear, you Christians, you Followers of My Son make yourselves strong, bring your family, your brothers, your sisters, and Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray until you can't talk. Have Communion. For the Peace and Tranquility of this Planet will be over very soon. For the Birth Pains of a new beginning will be just that. Pain. Travail. For the cleaning of the Body will begin, "When the Fig Tree changes its leaves," And the Roots are well watered. Brace yourselves My Christians, My Lambs, My Sheep. Bring the Body of Christ together. I will never leave you Orphans. I will never abandon you. (Portions of Prophesy # 220) VOICE # F CHRIST * The return of the Christ...! And the establishment of a planetary government in line with the solar government. The Christ presence will be recognized as well as the beginning of a new radical expression on the planet. New goals and purposes will be established for the race as well as a new educational system. The people of Earth will return to the life of the solar system. VOICE # K. CHURCHES * I want you to gather. I want you to stop fighting. I don't want you fighting in the churches. For all the churches have the words of man and they don't have the Word of God. I want you to change the way you think. I want you to look for my Son with the heart, with the mind, with all that you have. For the devil is loose and he is coming, with the hunger, with the teeth, with the tongue, wet for the blood of the sheep, of the seeds. (Portions of Prophesy # 252) VOICE # F. EARTH CHANGES * I am the earth! I am a living entity like you. I bear the life that forms your body. I am your host! But you, as my guests, are sickening me. For you have stolen and sold me. You have befouled and polluted me. You have scorched and burned me. You have layed me bare and raped me. Yet, I steadly turn, keep my face to the light and do not worry for I will survive! While you suffer the pain you are. For in the days to come, I will rumble and shake. I will rattle and spit. And finally, I will twist my poles to clean my face and wash you away! Then, I will prepare myself anew and again to give sustenance to the new age flowers that know and respect me for what I am! VOICE # P. * There are, as you understand, several reasons for what has come forth. Change is a continual process, and it is most important that humankind understand that change is the pathway whereby growth is achieved. This is, indeed, the seventh time that the earth will go through what you call a shift, a shift not only of the poles themselves but of the electromagnetic currents that run through her energy fields. This shift in energy will occur from her sixth to her seventh body, preparing humankind to enter into what is called the fourth dinension. You, as third dimensional beings, are being prepared to enter into fourth dimensional awareness. VOICE # N. EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 1 * The recent tremors on 7-28-94 in India were a preliminary to a "full-blown quake" which will soon cause a catastrophe "somewhere in the world." VOICE # M. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A powerful 5.6 earthquake ripped through northwest Algeria on 8-18-94 killing at least 289 people and collapsing thousands of mud-brick homes. An estimated 10,000 people were left homeless. AP 8-20-94 A moderate 4.1 quake hit the same area above Beni Chougrane mountains killing 171 people and leaving 10,000 homeless AP 8-28-94. EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 2 * Watch for these signs as precursors to the Big one: quake activity in south-southwest Oregon: geophysical activity in Sri Lanka: volcanic activity in Alaska, the Cascades, the Philippines, Martinique or Mt. Vesuvius in Italy. VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Mount Cleveland (Alaska's Aleutian chain) erupted May 25, 1994. 2. Gamalama, a 5600 foot volcano on a remote Indonesian Island erupted June 15, 1994 EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 3 * I see a 9.0 range quake, as well as volcanic activity [east} of Mexico City--Popocateptl VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Popocateptl is now belching sulfuric smoke and seismically flinching. (2.) Colima, Mexico, a 13,000 ft. volcano 440 miles West of Mexico City, near the Pacific, erupted July 22, 1994. (3.) See COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE on 9-6-94 in Section V. EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 4 * Watch for these signs as precursors to the Big One [L.A. mega quake]: Volcanic activity in ....the Philippines. VOICE # G BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Two volcanos ( Mt. Pinatubo and Taal volcano, 55 miles south of Manila) in the Philippines have been exhibiting signs of possible eruption. In a 24 hour period ending March 15, 1994, more than 400 volcanic quakes shook Taal while 258 quakes hit Pinatubo. EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 5 * New deadlier faults found after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco have pushed the chance of a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area by the year 2020 to near certain. A 90 % likelihood is probably not unreasonable. Some faults are slipping faster than originally suspected. Four years ago the same agency forecast a 67 % chance of a killer quake in the San Francisco Bay area by the year 2020. AP 6-8-94 Voice # H BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A 40 mile-long fault 9 miles below ground may account for the San Francisco Bay area's "earthquake machine" scientists said. The newly discovered superfault runs from San jose to Vallejo and connects the region's biggest fault lines--the San Andreas fault on the San Francisco side of the bay to the Hayward fault running through suburbs in the east Bay area. AP 9-3-94 EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 6 * A 20 % rise in the quake probability in San Francisco as forecast by Voice # H above probably "is not outrageous". VOICE # I also noted that the 1989 San Francisco quake was centered in the sparsely populated Santa Cruz Mountains, but the next quake's epicenter will probably hit in crowded areas." AP 6-8-94 VOICE # I EARTHQUAKES/ VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 7 * The earthquake that's going to hit California: it's going to frighten everyone for the force of it is going to destroy many things; houses, and businesses, and many will die. I am telling you what's going to happen before it happens. It mentions earthquakes in the Bible, and there is one that's going to hit California and many people are going to die. What a shame. What a shame. The day of my Son is very close. You have to hear me with your ears for here comes the time of the Quake. (Portions of Prophesy # 131) VOICE # F. EARTHQUAKES / VOLCANO ACTIVITY # 8 * The Earthquake is going to hit Southern California. It's going to hit Southern California because I am going to eat everything that is revolting in Southern California. The Earthquake is going to hit Northern California for everything in Northern California is dirty also. I am going to eat with bare teeth all that's Evil; All that's not Clean; All that's not Mine. I just want what's Clean and Straight. I know! The people of Southern and Northern California think a lot of themselves. They think more of the devil than in their God, that made everything. I am going to hit this State with My Hand, HARD AND STRAIGHT WITH A FORCE THAT'S GOING TO FRIGHTEN THE WORLD. I know that you don't believe Me, but place it on your calendar. For when My Hand Hits California you're going to know who is the God of Heaven, and of the World. I am telling you before it happens because I am just going to save those who love Me. Those who read the Bible. Those who obeyed My Son's Word when He was here with you years ago. But the People of this State don't read the Bible and if they do read the Bible, they read it with their eyes closed and if they open their eyes they change what the Bible says for they only want to read what they want to hear. I am tired of all that's Evil in Northern and Southern California. My Hand is going to HIT IT HARD, AND DIRECTLY at all that is evil. For there are the Wives sleeping with Men that are not their Husbands. There are Husbands sleeping with Women that are not their Wives; sleeping with Children and killing Children before they are born; as if they were god that they could kill someone just because they don't want them. I am going to hit California with My Hand HARD and to the point, to the South and to the North. For I am going to clean the State. If you live in California you won't be able to hide; for where can you hide from your God? The ground is going to eat you if you don't repent of your Sins. This is the truth. Did you hear Me or do you still have your head under the ground waiting for it to eat you? The Words are hard that I am telling you, but that's what I have to do. For you're not going to clean yourself up so I have to clean you and the State of California. For the ways of Man are evil and are from the devil. Here comes the Pit to California. Here comes the Pit to California. The churches of California are doing nothing. They are asleep and I, the God of Heaven, of the World, I am going to awaken them. (Portions of Prophesy # 158) Voice # F FOURTH DIMENSION * The world of Man as a mass consciousness will go through a predictable change from the third dimensional state of life to the fourth dimensional state of life in the next few decades. (From 1980) VOICE # K. FAMINE * There is going to be a time of famine on the Planet Earth. All the things that I said will come to be. The Cross of Heaven is coming down to Earth like I stated, watch, listen, and learn, Ray. The Cross of Heaven is coming to Earth, for what I said is going be. For you and your family are with Me, for I Protect My Prophets, Apostles and their families, for the coming of the Savior is close at hand. People must open their eyes and their ears and listen to the Prophets for the time of Tribulation is at hand. The Players have their Roles, the Stage has been set. And the time will occur, when the moon and the sun are in line with My Star, the Star of David. (Portions of Prophesy # 42) VOICE # F BEING FULFILLED--(1.) The number of people at risk of starvation in each of the 10 countries in the Horn of Africa are as follows: (a.) Djibouti--120,000 people (b.) Eriterea--1.5 million people (c.) Ethiopia--6.9 million people (d.) Kenya--1.4 million people (e.) Rwanda and Burundi--4.9 million in Rwanda and Zaire and 1.7 million in Burundi (f.) Somalia--410,000 people (g.) Sudan--4.9 million people (h.) Tanzania-- 888,000 people (i.) Uganda--540,000 people. AP 8-20-94 (2.) Fearful, sick and hungry refugees are trudging in from Burandi and Rwanda daily to the camps near Ngara, Karagwe and Muleba. Dan Pruett, head of the Red Cross Federation in Tanzania said "We're looking at 40,000 or more a month in new arrivals, causing a strain on water supplies and health services. AP 9-2-94 FOOD STORAGE * I want you to go and buy more food, and store it. For you are going to need it. For here comes the day you won't be able to buy food, or anything. For there won't be a thing to buy. I want you to buy food, and things to drink, and wait for the Hammer from Heaven, the Flames from Heaven. My hand from Heaven is going to put everything directly, and to the point in the Box, in the Box of the pit of the devil. (Portions of Prophesy # 337) VOICE # F GOLDEN AGE * With the dawning of this Golden Age, the first thing that happens is that your eye becomes single and your whole being becomes full of Light; you become illuminated. The photon belt, the Jupiter Effect, the Siran downloading you just had and the Wesak festival all have one common denominator: the illumination of the mind, of that mind which was in the Christ you call Jesus and which can also be known in your mind. So, if you are not having episodes of Light, I would be very surprised. You're going to be seeing Light in the periphery of your eyes, you're going to be seeing auras around people. You can go out tonight and you can look around the vortexes, the mountains and you can see big white masses of Light around them. You will see our ships dancing in the sky and twinkling, changing colors. You will begin to see us standing with you. VOICE # L. INNER FEELINGS * Many of you may be feeling as if you have been deserted and left alone. We have not gone away from you at all, and we know of your hardships and your physical pains. What is happening for you and the entire planet is a major shift in vibration and a momentous change in your consciousness. Life here on the planet does not look the same anymore, and it certainly does not feel the same. Do not desert your hopes and your faith, what you know to be true. Most of all, trust. Your needs are being met. They are being supplied from a place that is different from the one you have been used to. Be constant to yourselves, no matter what the situation. Stay in your centers and honor each moment of the process. You are bringers of a Golden Age such as has never been before. You are shifting out of the illusion that has always been your reality. You are moving into that glorious place of Home. It is the place where God lives inside each and everyone of you. We know how you may be feeling--that you don't know where you fit anymore, that even the day-to-day things seem without meaning. You may be feeling torn between wanting to do something so desperately and yet, not knowing what, and so you may feel helpless or lost. For many lifetimes, you have been doing everything outwardly to find God, to find meaning in your life and to prove yourselves worthy of God's love....There has been a simple but profound shift that has brought you to where you are today, perhaps feeling perplexed and confused and not knowing anything anymore. You are coming full circle, and now being is simply enough. The culmination point is almost upon us, and it is time for you to really remember who you are. It is time to let it be enough just to be. You are returning to the Light that you are, and so at this particular time, lifetimes of Earthly patterning are dropping away, and it may be scary. Your sustenance does not come entirely from the third dimension you see around you, but more now from the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions. Your identity is changing, and you are getting a feel for the bigness and the grandness of you." Voice # B LIGHT VIBRATIONS * Dear ones, Earth is becoming new now. There is no more "when?" Now is the time. All that has been prophesied is now taking place. You will see and hear of unprecedented events. New discoveries will be made about universes and galaxies. Never-before-seen presences and events are occurring on a daily basis all over your planet. All forms of life are radiating a vibration of unprecedented energies. Golden Light is radiating at an unprecedented speed. My dear ones, the golden octave has arrived. It is now occurring. Start your day in meditation. Walk through your day in acute awareness: listen, see, feel. And then, my beloved ones, dance the dance of pure joy and love. You choose to be present for this unprecedented moment in time. You, dear Lightbearers, are as golden anchors who secure this Light and love on Earth. All you have hoped for, yearned for, is come." VOICE # A LONDON * The hour will come when the monarch is assassinated in the streets of London. On the Day that will mark his Coronation. For the Beast has planned, and executed this assassination from the beginning. For the development of the foundation of his empire will spread from country to country until he will rule the world, with an iron hand. So beware of the Beast. Beware of the Star that will hammer your hand, and your forehead without mercy. For once you have this Star, you will never see My Kingdom in Heaven with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Star will be painless. It will not hurt. It will be implemented with a tool that will Hammer it in place. So beware of the Hammer with the Star. (Portions of Prophesy # 108) VOICE # F. NEW EARTH * There shall be rivers sparkling as diamonds in the Sun. There shall be music sweeter than the most exquisite tone you have yet heard. There shall be colors more vivid than the mind can imagine and more clear than you have yet known. There shall be beauty such as has not been upon the planet since its form came to be. My dear ones, what I am saying here is that while all around you may seem old and tired and chaotic, know that it is no more than the breaking of the outer shell which must fall away so that the center may be seen in all its glory. You have witnessed floods and storms and earthquakes and now you have seen the purifying fires. Do not let your heart be troubled, but know that each of these events and those yet to come are bearing lightbeams of new joy and awakening. Know that not one hair on your head, not one sound of your breath, not one instant of your being is without the presence of all of us who are participating in this moment of the bringing forth of Earth's new form. There is much that may appear to bring forth pain and suffering and that shall evoke feelings of sadness from your heart. There is much that will cause you to wonder at the manner in which the Source has planned this bringing forth of the new Earth." VOICE # D OIL # 1 * The Saber Tooth Tiger will be conquered but the Beast and the Boar will use a series of spies and counterspies to manipulate Governments. In such a manner that there is more corruption going on underneath the tables with these Political Officers who ran these Governments that you could ever have comprehended. When he gets control of the oil and the finances he will use this leverage and this blackmail. He will use anything that he can to get his way and he will get his way. But I am preparing a place for him. He thinks he is going to have the World in his Hands but all he will find is the Pit. The Antichrist is going to be one of the most fierce, the most dreaded tyrants the World has ever known. To you they are simple words that have no real meaning; outside of words. You have not experienced tyranny of such terror but that's how the end is going to come. (Portions of Prophesy # 90) VOICE # F OIL # 2 * Then the Lord said: "The beginning of the end will begin when the Oil stops." The hour of the day is upon you when the Beast will control the economy of the world with a forceful hand, with a heavy hand. He will rule the planet earth with the power of the air. (Portions of Prophesy # 207) VOICE # F. PARIS * I see a nuclear explosion go off in front of the Eiffel Tower and the Tower melted like a candle. (Portions of Prophesy # 256) VOICE # F PASTORS # 1 * The wind of the north is going to come with the force of the devil. The wind of the north is going to hit all the United States. When the wind comes it's going to push down everything with the force of the devil. Did you hear me , people of the United States? Here comes the wind with the force of the devil....For the church of the United States is dead, and it is dirty. They think a lot of themselves. They believe they are God, and I am going to hit them with my hand like I hit a fly.... I have given you many chances, pastors of the United States. The bigger you believe you are, the harder I am going to hit you..... Did you hear me, Pastors of the United States? Here comes the wind of the north, and when the wind passes, you are going to know. (Portions from Prophesy # 297), VOICE # F. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) On Palm Sunday, 1994 tornadoes slammed across the Southeast leaving dozens of dead and injured. A tornado crushed Goshen United Methodist Church in Piedmont, ALA. and then it hit the Union Grove Methodist Church, six miles away. In Ohatchee, AL a tornado damaged the Ten Island Baptist Church and injured some worshipers. In Ragland, ALA, the storm damaged a Baptist church. USA TODAY PASTORS # 2 * The Pastors are bad also. It hurts My Heart, the things that they are doing. Look! I am tired, because they think that they are gods too. With My Hands Straight, I am going to correct them rapidly. They are going to suffer more than the Saints because they did not seek them. They did not seek My Saints that need help because all they think about is themselves. My Hand is going to hit them as if I am going to hit a fly, it's going to be rapid. They think they have My Peace now. They think they have My Word now. They're going to be surprised because My Saints are living in the streets, without food, without clothes and they are not looking for them. They put Petty Words on their Lips, but they do nothing to help them. (Portions of Prophesy # 78) VOICE # F. PASTORS # 3 * You righteous Pastors, you righteous Theologians, you People who have your God in a box and can't see outside your box; in your rules and your regulations; who walk over the blind; and step on the deaf; you have no problem chasing the dollar, chasing that money. You use the Bible to feed your bellies. But do you reach out for My Saints in the street that are eating garbage, that are sleeping on the floor in the streets with no clothes, with nothing to eat? I am holding every Pastor, every Priest, every Officer that has an office in the Body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth responsible. When your turn comes, when your knee bows, you better have the right answer, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave specific orders for you. He told you what to do. And Me, the Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, I cannot see that you're doing what you were supposed to do. I see My Prophets, My Apostles being stomped on, being walked on, being kicked out of Churches, being tongue lashed, ridiculed, publicly exposed for speaking My Word. For the condition of the church of today, that My Christ, My Son established, is in a shambles because of you Theologians, you Pastors, and you Priests. Look at yourselves, you Self-righteous People that are so lost, with the Bible in one hand, and a foot in Hell in the other. How many times per week do you go visit the sick? How many times per week do you walk the streets helping My Saints? How many times a week do you feed the hungry? How many times a week do you clothe the Ones who don't have clothes? How many times do you collect that money per week to clothe yourself, to feed yourself, to take care of yourself and your needs? How many times per week do you stick your hand out, and HOW MANY TIMES PER WEEK DO YOU REALLY REACH OUT? Your time will be accounted for. Remember that! Your little meetings, your little organizations, how many souls have been lost because you have been too busy? At your luncheons, your dinners, your social events, how many people in the streets have died without being able to have their confessions heard? With Tears in My Eyes and Love in My Heart, I look at the bureaucracy of your Church. For as the Church gets smaller Satan gets bigger, but it's all coming to an end. You can stick your chest out. You act Self-righteous and Proud that you're a man of the Cloth. The next time you give that pretty speech about how you will be blessed if you give to the church, for every dollar, every cent that you collect, that you justify and rationalize, and doesn't go to My Sheep, you will have to pay back Seventy times; Seventy for every penny, every dollar that you misused. So stick that in your offering basket. (Portions of Prophesy # 85) VOICE # F. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Pastor winds up in jail for displaying Heaven license plates and carrying a Heaven- issued drivers license. For modest prices, the pastors flock can carry Heaven documents. Recently he began printing passports, complete with embossed gold lettering and a watermark from Heaven. AP 8-16-94 PASTORS # 4 * Did you hear Me, My Sheep, My Seeds? This is your Father. I am telling you clearly, and to the point. I know you have your heart pointed toward the Pastors, but they are not god. They are nothing. They are the word of man. No one is correct, just your God of Heaven, with the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You have to change the way you think. You have to bury all that is filthy, all that is of Man. For I am tired of hearing of all the fighting in the churches. The Pastors love the fighting. They like being correct, and they like telling others they are bad, and that they know it all. All that they know is to look for the Pit, for that's where I am going to send them. For they changed the Word of My Son for the money, for the seat, the chair over the Pit. For they believed, they are a god with the cars, with the women, with all that is of the devil. (Portions of Prophesy # 282) VOICE # F POLAR ICE CAPS * The ice of the north will begin to move which will cause the water of the oceans to shift. The land that's near the water will be under water. For the waves that will hit the continent are going to be larger than the mountains you have on the Planet. Look at the water! Look at the wonders and signs that are going to befall this Planet. Look at the ice of the north. For it will begin to move as the axis of the Earth shifts. You people believe you know it all. You people believe you're gods. I will show you who is God. I will show you what God can do. Prepare for the Day of the Water. For if you live near the water you will see the Force of God. Remember the ice of the North. Remember the Day of the North Come thee and hear the Word of Jehovah. Come thee and hear the Word of Jehovah if you want to save yourselves. For I am going to sweep this Planet with the Power of the Holy Spirit. For My Eyes and Ears are tired of evil. Remember the Fig Tree. "When the leaves of the Fig Tree change." Remember the Fig Tree. Summer will not be summer. Winter will not be winter. The day of Darkness will befall you. "When the Fig Tree changes its leaves." The Power of Jehovah will be revealed with the Force of the Holy Spirit. The Root of the Fig Tree, the Root of the Fig Tree will be Watered by Jesus. When the temperature of the Planet rises, the ice of the north will melt and will begin to move. Bury your head in the Bible. Bury your head in the Word of Jehovah. Study and learn, for the mountain of water is on its way. Listen to the Word of God. (Portions of Prophesy # 220) VOICE # F PRESIDENT CLINTON * Many people who are well-known politicians, celebrities and so on have been perceived by the public for something they were not known for--odd or strange behavior. President Clinton appears to have a total grasp of certain issues and then he is suddenly, unexpectedly, perceived as a person who cannot even run his own personal affairs, much less the country's affairs. This is, again, that fade in, fade out in which you perceive not the person of President Clinton fading in and fading out, but let's say that the country suddenly fades in to another position in the parallel universe where President Clinton is there a human being, not the president but just a man. And everyone wonders not only what this man is doing in the White House leading your country, but how come you don't see, how come you were so blind before when you voted for this man? How come you didn't see this other side of him? It's as if you suddenly woke up and said why did we do this, what happened? And then at a later time, again you look at him and say, there's a good man, how could we not have voted for him? Do you understand, it's as if you are going flipping and flopping back and forth and you feel like sometimes you are going crazy. You are seeing with the eyes of your parallel self and feeling with the feelings and acting with the acts of your parallel self. And then going back to the self that you know yourself to be. Equally, your parallel self is having the same experience and its world is just as chaotic. It has no explanation for it. VOICE # J. SAN FRANCISCO * Tell San Francisco to Repent. To Repent or Die. This is the Word of Jehovah. Repent or Die. This is the Word of God Jehovah, the Creator, the Maker, the Breaker of the Universe. For I will not spare, I will not save the City of San Francisco unless it "TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY REPENTS AND CLEANS ITS WAYS." "For it's abomination is disgusting, it's revolting, and I will vomit everything that is evil in San Francisco." For the Day of the Lord Jehovah has arrived and will clean the City. For those who Love their lives, their Children, their Families and Friends, leave the City. "LEAVE THE CITY TODAY!" For My Hand will fall on San Francisco with vengeance, without mercy. My Hand will hit San Francisco, as I hit a fly. For everything in San Francisco is dirty, is filthy, and is an abomination to Me. Take My Warning Serious. Repent and Correct your ways. For I will destroy San Francisco, the City by the Bay. The City of evil, at the appointed Day, at the appointed hour, My Hand will strike the City of San Francisco and all that is evil. For My Ears and My Eyes cannot stand what is filthy, what is evil in that City any longer. If you're Clean, if you're Righteous, separate yourselves from the City of San Francisco TODAY! This Minute! For when My Hand falls on the City you will not have the time to run and hide, so saith Jehovah with the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. (Portions of Prophesy # 185) VOICE # F SEVENTH SEAL * It is the beginning of the last of the seals, yes. (Revelation 8) It could imply destruction if what the civilizations and conscious people on Earth are doing is not accomplished, but on the other side, it implies that blessings are coming from the civilizations to planet Earth. Do you understand? VOICE # C * Right now, you are at the time of the opening of the seventh seal, and that's when the great earthquake rent the land and the sky became black as sackcloth and the Moon did not give forth it's Light-- you know, that part. But it was also the most esoteric of all the revelations and the prophesies, which meant that it hadn't been totally decided. Even at the onset there was a possibility that you would come. You were written into the script even before you came because remember, everything in God happens in the eternal now. I have to tell you that you have been successful. You have bypassed the possibility of any third world war and the possibility of an AIDS epidemic that wipes out three-fourths of the population, and you have overcome a tyrannical dictator who would come onto your shores here and try to take over your people. That's good news, isn't it? And California remains, yes, despite the very, very prominent prophets who were told of it's disruption. Now that is because when you sat in Council and looked at what was going to happen, you could not, absolutely could not stand the pain of massive destruction and loss of life, even though in theory it sounded great: Yeah, we'll have Earth changes, and then we'll get to beam up and go home. But when you looked at it in actuality and saw what it really looked like, you said no, no, not that way. VOICE L. STORMS * Storm. Storm. The storm is coming. Hurry right now! Get up and put down everything I tell you, for here comes the storm in the manner of God. For I am going to hit the United States with storms. Yes, I am going to hit them. For the things of the United States are the things of the devil. Yes, my son. The day of the storm is here. Point your nose toward Heaven and your eyes, and your ears. This is your Father, the God that made everything, the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch, all that is. I made it with my Son, with the Holy Spirit. Put down everything I tell you in the manner of God. (Portions of Prophesy # 361) VOICE # F. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Severe storms and tornadoes sweep across southern Kentucky to Georgia causing flooding and killing at least four people, 6/27/94 ECR August 1994 (2.) Severe storms sweep through southern Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Heavy rains, thunderstorms and winds gusting up to almost tornado strength wreck havoc across hundreds of miles 6/27/94 ECR August 1994 (3.) Tropical Storm Alberto sweeps ashore in Northern Florida, with driving rains and 60 mph winds 7/3/94 ECR August 1994 (4.) Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes hit southern and eastern Wisconsin, knocking out power lines, uprooting trees, and destroying buildings 7/4/94 ECR August 1994. (5.) Thunder and lightening storms wreck havoc in Michigan. Over 26 people struck by lightning in various areas of Michigan. High winds and severe thunderstorms also rip through Chicago's southwest suburbs, killing one, destroying buildings and trees, as well as knocking out power lines. 7/7/94 ECR August 1994 (6.) 10's of thousands of people evacuated, 10's of thousands of acres flooded as central and southern Georgia ravaged by storms and rains 7/12/94 ECR August 1994. TEN VIRGINS PARABLE * You have heard the parable of ten foolish virgins, yes? There are many foolish virgins who are going to be beating down your door, trying to find out what it is that you had said some time ago when they were to busy to listen to it. You're not going to have much time to do much except to tell them that God loves them, and God is with them, and they must turn their lives and their hearts over to God now. This is the time when God is bringing in the Golden Age and they are not to be afraid. Of course they're going to be afraid; they haven't done their homework. So it's important to realize that even now you are seeing the energy begin a very strong definition. Hysteria is now taking place. There will be lots of hysteria. There have been many, many calls from people who are as foolish virgins, too busy with everything else for all the "right" reasons, so they didn't do their homework. They didn't look at the signs of the times and they're going to be saying, "Give me oil for my lamps." The only place to get that oil is inside your own general store. That's where I got my oil, that's where you have to get yours as well. VOICE # L. TIME * Clocks on Earth still show twenty-four hours but the actual period of time (as compared to time as know upon the planet) is twenty-two hours. This has been prophesied as the End Times. What does this mean in actual fact? It means that time, as known on Earth, is running out, and is being compressed into shorter and shorter days to create a New Age in which time will cease to be of importance, and man will learn to live in the eternal now of existence. Man will learn to live and be in God Time--not one o' clock or two o' clock, but God Time all the time!" VOICE # E TRUE PROPHET * I am going to send you a man, and this man is going to show you the things of God, and the manners of God, with the Heart of God, with the Mind of God. I want you to hear him, but you are going to know that I sent him. For your heart, your spirit, is going to know. For this man knows things. He knows the things I want to show you. But the thing is, this man won't even know that he is showing you the manner of God. That's why I want you to open your eyes, and your ears. For the man is going to show you without knowing he is showing you. (Portions of Prophesy # 324) VOICE # F UFO's * It is important that all mankind keeps abreast of this most important moment in the life of planet Earth. At this time we are on schedule. The meeting will take place in the latter part of 1994 at a place central to those attending. We cannot reveal the date as it is of utmost importance that those opposed to this meeting are as surprised as those who are not prepared. The media will be told only that a program of stratigic importance to the affairs of the world is scheduled and all stations will be required to carry it...The public is more aware than ever they know, as they have been subjected to years of preconditioning by selected movies and books. VOICE # O. * An intrusion into the third dimension of mankind from other realities. The UFO forces will be most evident and the adjacent planes )(Astral Planes) will become semi or partly visible. VOICE # K. WAR * The War of the United States with the World has arrived with the Blood, with the determination that I told you earlier in the other Prophecies. Look, My Sons and Daughters, the Days that are coming are going to be very hard. The Days that are in front of your eyes, in front of your nose. There are going to be bodies, bodies of those which died. Bodies of Body of My Son. Bodies of the Children, bodies of all that is filthy, the bodies that the world is going to eat with the teeth of the devil. Look at your clock. Your clock is going to tell you. It's going to tell you that the time has arrived. (Portions of Prophesy # 262) VOICE # F. WATER * Open your faucet and it will be dry. Open your faucet and it will be dry. For there will be a day..., for when your rivers will dry up..., for when the valleys will be scorched. The ground will crack for the lack of water. Your throat will blister. Your lips will blister for the lack of water. For the blessing of the Lord will be removed from the wicked, from the prosperous....For I am sending my Word and you cover your ears and you cover your eyes and you bury your head under the sand. For the day will befall you. Will you cry out to your Jehovah? Will you cry out and ask for mercy? Only you will know. (Portions of Prophesy # 210) VOICE # F. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) AP 9-4-94--In Florida, the fish are gone from Patriot Lake as well as Big Fish Lake and Crews Lake. California's water woes are well-known. Not so well publicized are the problems of Florida. Thousands of acres of lakes and wetlands are drying up as the demand for water increases. Other lakes are polluted from pesticide runoff and factory chemicals. "We're facing an environmental catastrophe. Let's not wait until we turn on the spigot and nothing comes out" says Judy Williams, a member of a coalition of lakefront property owners. Near Central Florida, lake beds range from wet patches to lava-like fields of earth, parched and cracked under the blistering sun. An estimated 17,000 acres of wetlands are damaged. Marshes are arid and cypress trees are dead. The warning signs of a water crises abound. In northeast Florida, lakefront homes near Jacksonville have found themselves high and dry. Near Keystone Heights, the bridge has crossed dry land for several years. Docks are out of water hundreds of yards from the shoreline. Lake Brooklyn is 25 feet below normal. Lake Geneva is down 20 feet. In all, 29 lakes have severly reduced water levels or have dried up. On Central Florida's Gulf Coast, thousands of acres of lakes and wetlands have been depleted in Pasco and northern Hillsbourough counties. Private wells have gone dry also. (2.) Denver Post 9-5-94 "There is a drought in Japan. As the summer drags on, there is concern that factories won't have enough water to keep operations running at full tilt, just as consumption is reviving to pull the economy out of the doldrums. Some companies are talking about importing water". WIND * The wind of the north is going to come with the force of the devil. The wind of the north is going to hit all of the United States. When the wind comes it's going to push down everything with the force of the devil. Did you hear me, people of the United States? Here comes the wind with the force of the devil. (Portions of Prophesy # 297) VOICE # F. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Fires in 9 western states destroy over 150,000 acres of land 7/12/94 ECR August 1994 (2.) A fresh wave of lightening-sparked wildfires kept fire crews busy across the West. AP 7/26/94. (3.) Severe storms sweep through southern Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Heavy rains, thunderstorms and winds gusting up to almost tornado strength wreck havoc across hundreds of miles. 6/27/94 ECR August 1994 (4.) Tropical Storm Alberto sweeps ashore in Northern Florida, with driving rains and 60 mph winds 7/3/94 ECR August 1994. (5.) Across the West on 8-15-94, 23 major fires had burned more than 304,500 acres in Calif., Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Wash. AP 8-15-94. (6.) Tropical storm Beryl raked Florida's Gulf Coast with rain and wind up to 50 MPH. AP 8-15-94. (7.) A tornado slammed through Lexington, S.C. causing extreme damage and trapping people in a shopping center. It was one of a half dozen twisters that raked the state. AP 8-16-94. (8.) Throughout the west, 32 major fires remained out of control and had burned across nearly 467,000 acres in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Washington and California. AP 8-22-94 (9.) Wildfires continued to rage out of control in Calif., Oregon, Washington, Idaho AP 8-26-94. (10.) Four people were killed as tornadoes tore across Wisconsin ripping up small communities and farms AP 8-28-94. WRATH OF GOD * So remember what I said, you tall ones, you short ones, you fat ones, you skinny ones, you male and female. I am watching you very closely, every second of everyday My Eyes are there with Love and Compassion. But don't let the Eyes of Love and Compassion fool you, for if you remember, the Wrath of God is something you don't play with. Listen to the Prophets that say turn to Jesus, turn to Jehovah, turn to the Holy Spirit, they are the Prophets that I sent to inform you, the Truth and what is Righteous. (Portions of Prophesy # 68) VOICE # F ***************************************************************** IV. INDEX OF UNDATED PROPHETIC VOICES listed above A. Sananda through Linda Spires, Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 33 B. Sananda through Christine Bearse, Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 36 C. Tom of the Council of Nine through Phyllis V. Schlemmer, Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 76 D. Sananda through Linda Spires, Sedonia Journal of Emergence, July 1994, Page 56 E. Sananda through Jean Peterson, Sedona Journal of Emergence, June 1994, Page 79 F. Raymond Aguilera, P. O. Box 20517, El Sobrante, CA 94820-0517, Fax # 510-222-4969 (CompuServe #74547,3245). See the book entitled "Prophesies, Visions, Occurrences, and Dreams" published by Raymond Aguilera for his complete prophesies which are clearly recorded in his book. This is available for downloading from Compuserve Religion forum or the book can be purchased directly from Raymond. The cost of purchasing the book from Raymond is $20.85. The prophesies listed above are only short selected portions of some of his complete prophesies. G. Gordon-Michael Scallion, Matrix Institute, P. O. Box 87, Westmoreland, NH 03467, 1-800-628-7493 H. David Schwartz, seismologist for U. S. Geological Survey I. Ed Bortugno, senior geologist with the California State Office of Emergency Services. J. Speaks of Many Truths and Winona through Robert Shapiro, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 9. K. E. L. Harwood, 10235 Fulton Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6A 3&5. L. Lord Ashtar through SaiVahni (Ashtar-Athena). She may be reached at P. O. Box 1587, Sedona, AZ 86339 (602) 282-0602. M. N. K. Aggarual--Well known earthquake researcher in India--NEWSGRID, 7-31-94. N. Lori Adaile Toye--Sedona Journal of Emergence, page 68, August 1994 O. Theodoro/Ashtar Command through Yvonne Cole, Connecting Link Magazine, Issue 24, Page 8. Yvonne may be contacted by writing to her at P.O. 218, Scaly Mountain, N. C., 28775. P. Gerardus Tros--"GOSSIP OF GOD", Page 43, Wisdom Publications, Box 66053, Heritage P.O. Edmonton AB Canada T6J 6T4. Q. Library information from (1.) Geological disasters, Aylesworth, Thomas C. (2.) Earthquakes and volcanos, Franklin Watts, NY, 1979 (3.) Monsters in the Earth, The Story of Earthquakes, Mercer, Charles, G.P Putnams & Son, NY, 1978 (4.) Super-Quake, Ritchie, David, Crown Publishers, Inc.NY, 1988 (5.) Danger from Below: Earthquakes, Past, present & Future, Simon, Seymour, Four Winds Press, NY, 1979. From ECR 9-94. ***************************************************************** V. COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE The following messages are from various people that have been observing the events that are occurring around us and in their particular immediate areas. These have been submitted by various members and have been obtained from BBS's throughout the country like Prodogy and others. These messages seem to clearly show that what the above prophetic voices have been saying may be correct and is about to occur or, in some instances, has already begun to occur.We solicit the comments of other persons that have been following the upcoming Earth Changes for inclusion in future updates of the Earth Changes Time Schedule. 1. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE 6.0 TAHOE! FROM: JOANNE P. DATE: 9-13-94 In Orange County (Newport Beach), we had a lot of shaking today. I can't blame it on strong waves, because the ocean was calm. At about 3:30PM, the house shook gently for 7 or 8 seconds. About 20 minutes later, our electricity (all of neighborhood) was off for about a half hour. In the next two hours, we had several brief shakers, one with accompanying noise - not loud, but low and rumbling. Has anyone heard of the Tahoe quake (and aftershocks) being felt this far south? Made me VERY uncomfortable. 2. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE NEWS! FROM: RAY G., DATE: 9-13-94 The quakes seem to keep coming! The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: A light earthquake occurred in western Colorado about 20 miles (30 km) south-southwest of Montrose at 12:01 am, MDT, today, Sept. 13, 1994 (12:01 AM MDT in Colorado). The magnitude was computed at 4.6 on the Richter scale. This earthquake was felt strongly in the Telluride area and as far north as Grand Junction. There are some reports of minor damage in the epicentral area. UTC TIME LAT LONG DEP GS MAGS SD STA REGION AND COMMENTS HRMNSEC MB Msz USED SEP 12 062958 Q 30.8 S 71.5 W 50 5.7 0.6 76 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE 113015 Q 8.9 S 106.8 E 33N 6.0 1.0 36 SOUTH OF JAWA, INDONESIA 122342 Q 38.8 N 119.6 W 10G 1.1 78 CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER REGION. ML 6.0 (GS). 224346 Q 16.1 S 174.3 W 33N 5.7 0.9 43 TONGA ISLANDS 235708 Q 38.8 N 119.7 W 10G 0.9 114 CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER REGION ML 5.3 (GS). SEP 13 042801 Q 29.3 N 130.0 E 33N 5.7 0.9 77 RYUKYU ISLANDS 060123 Q 38.2 N 107.9 W 10G 1.5 40 COLORADO. ML 4.6 (GS). 3. SUBJECT: ANIMAL BEHAVIOR FROM: TINA O., DATE: 9-13-94 I remember that as soon as the Jan. quake ended, there was a pidgeon that clung on to my window ledge and would not move. Normally one can walk near these birds and they flew away. This one, I was inches away and it would not let go of my building ledge. * BTW, my fish in my tank, normal movement is now scaring them. They huddle near a rock formation and will only come out when I feed them. WHen this happens, one comes out, takes a bit of food and "shoots" back to the rock, swims around the others as if saying "it's safe" then all come out, eat so fast then back to hiding behind the rock. This started a few hours ago... 4. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATES FROM: JOHN B., DATE: 9-12-94 Earthquake Update #1064 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 9/9 4:05pm 2.1 29 miles NE Mammoth Lakes 9/10 8:01am 2.5 12 miles SW Carmel 9/10 11:14pm 2.6 8 miles NE Gilroy 9/11 7:12am 2.4 15 miles SE Mammoth Lakes 9/11 9:20am 2.2 15 miles NW Bishop 9/12 2:43am 2.4 13 miles SE Big Pine USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 9/11 5:16pm 3.5 1 miles NE Hemet USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 3 EQs 2.0+ 3 EQs 3.0+ 3 EQs 4.0+ 2 EQ 5.0+ 2 EQs 6.0+ 9/5 10:51pm 4.4 NW Territories, Canada 65 N 87 W 9/8 9:36am 4.6 Peru 15 S 70 W 9/9 8:06pm 3.4 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/9 8:43pm 2.6 Utah 29 N 111 W 9/10 6:33am 3.7 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/10 7:42am 2.8 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/10 7:43am 4.1 Enumclaw, Washington 47 N 122 W 9/10 9:23am 3.6 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/10 9:57am 2.6 Utah 29 N 111 W 9/11 2:52pm 5.1 Aleutian Islands 52 N 178 E 9/12 6:29am 5.7 Chile 31 S 71 W 9/12 11:30am 6.0 Jawa, Indonesia 9 S 107 E 9/12 12:23pm 6.3 Lake Tahoe, California 39 N 120 W note: The 4.1 EQ on 9/10 was located about 25 miles east of Tacoma and felt as far north as Everett. note: The 6.0 EQ on 9/12 was located about 130 miles north of Christmas Island. note: The 6.3 EQ on 9/12 was located about 7 miles north east of Markleeville or about 18 miles southeast of Lake Tahoe or about 25 miles south of Carson City, Nevada at 5:23am Pacific Time. Aftershocks continue. 5. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: PHYLLIS E. DATE: 9-12-94 Foot didn't bother today , tonight it is starting up again. 6. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE 6.0 TAHOE! FROM: JEFF W. DATE: 09-12-94 Seismic activity in the Tahoe region is more common that one may think, but a 6.0 event is relatively rare. Usually quakes in that region have a magnitude between 2 and 3. The region just to the south with frequent activity as many of you may know is the Mammoth Lakes and the Owens Valley region. There was an earthquake over a magnitude 6 on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe in 1966. 7. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE 6.0 TAHOE! FROM: JEFF W., DATE: 9-12-94 An aftershock just occurred at 5:01 pm. Its magnitude was close to 5.0 and was felt here in Turlock, 115 miles to the southwest. There was a very slight rolling motion and the chandeliers swayed. There wasn't much motion in my swimming pool, though. I'll inform you if there are any more aftershocks. 8. SUBJECT: STRANGE CLOUDS FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9-12-94 So KoKo isn't very happy today? Neither is my cat. He keeps getting on top of a table or up on the bathroom sink. He is acting very weird. Could be his upset stomach, but I am not so sure about that. Have you noticed the quakes are moving South? Remember the article in the L.A. Times last week about chain reaction quakes, that other faults can "feel" the movement from other earthquaakes? >>> I noticed the streaks in the sky the other day too. I think Vandenburg air force base has been sending off a lot of missles. 9. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: GAIL S., DATE 9-12-94 I forgot to tell you I will be listening to the PSN Net for sure tonight. I am very interested to hear what they have to say. I heard on the news a few days ago that there was another water main break in Redondo Beach. Sure seems to be a lot of those lately. 10. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTIN FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9-12-94 Before I move on on the BB, I don't think they should do the testing they plan because they are going to be blamed for causing the big one...if it hits as I believe it will. Will have to think about your question before responding. What I do know it this: LS (North coastal above San Franc.) is unfolding and matching my Sp.s. Now I imagine the aftershocks from this morning's 6.0 will take care of the TR Sp.s I've had over the last two weeks. That leaves RB unaccounted for and I got another Sp. in RB last night. On 9/9, I had a 2 min. Pr. there. So, with the Sp. last night, this could be it...or everthing will go quiet for another 3-4 weeks. Anyyone hearing the EMB tests in the LA area, please post date, time and station. Test 42 was followed by a 3.5 in Riverside in addition to the 6, which I don't believe the test was for. 11. SUBJECT: WHISPY CLOUD DREAM FROM: TINA O., DATE: 9-12-94 Gail, anything is possible. Remember when I said I had a dream a few short weeks ago and there were whispy full clouds? Well our part of LA is getting this in the mornings... 12. SUBJECT: FOOT ACHES PRIOR TO QUAKES FROM: PHYLLIS E., DATE: 9-11-94 HI All, Usually just read and skulk. I have to tell you all that , even though I do not live anywhere near you, not have for the last four years and have not felt any of the rocking and rolling that you have experienced, I do have something WEIRD going on. My feet get very sore and the bones hurt terribly constantly on my right foot two to three weeks before a big shaker anywhere in the world. My husband has even gotten to the point of asking how are your feet ? Have you checked the BBs to see how the rest of the folks and KOKO are doing ? And then when a BIG one hits he says well your feet were on target again. This has been going on for about two years now. MY feet are hurting on and off like wild fire lateley. The bones pop and hurt on and off and electric like pain shoot through them. Mabey what I need is a good podiatrist, bit ???????? who knows. Most of the time they give me no problem. I lived in Corpus Christi TX for the last 4 years and we have been transfered to Virginia, have been her for a month. I monitor you all the time, thought for once I would share my thoughts and experiences with you. 13. SUBJECT: CALTECH / EARTHQUKE TESTS FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9-11-94 Agree with Thea, no earthquake, but tomorrow may be a different story. My head gave me a rest yesterday and so far so good today. However, there was, catch this, Test 42 this morning on Ch. 9. Earthquakes have matched the last five tests in an interesting way. Much smaller earthquakes have followed and the flow of the tests made me deduce that CALTECH may be a bit worried because of the 7.2 up north. In the meanwhile, out of the area earthquakes continue to match with my Sp.s in LS, LB, RS and TR. I thought RS overlapped with RB, but I am beginning to think there is no real overlap. But instead, RB seems to point to Nr/S. Fran. EQs. as well as those in Landers, Yucca, etc. My data makes me think that the 5.3 in March was a separate EQ from NR as several survivers have stated. If this is so, then my RB can be much closer than I have thought and I still have the Pr. in RB to worry about. Another strange thing. On Thursday night, my compass returned to normal, but when I got up on Friday, it was back to 2 degrees east. It hasn't changed since. I, also, have observed that the 7.2 EQ has acted very strange. All those 3+ EQs for almost a week and then four 4+ in a day. Where are the 5+s? On 9/9, Oregon did have a 3.8 and yesterday Washington state had a 4.1. I still have several PR/LSs not yet accounted for, so folks north of San Francisco take care. In the meanwhile, people in RS, RB and TR stay alert. 14. SUBJECT: VOLCANO FEATURES FROM: RICK F., DATE 9-11-94 If my memory is correct it was at least two quakes located 10 to 15 miles north of St. Helens that gave the first indiciation that St. Helens was coming back to life. After that micoquakes under St, Helens, indicating magama movement, began occuring under the volcano. I am wondering about this because I saw a tv show some time ago were it was shown that all the Cascade volcano have a similar geological feature that runs north of the volcanos-some type of a depression in the ground that runs for many miles north of the volcanos, or maybe the volcanos sit in the middle of a north-south depression, I forget which it was. 15. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKES PRECEDING VOLCANO ERUPTIONS FROM: RICK F., DATE: 9-11-94 I live in Auburn, and I sure felt it! I am also wondering if Mt. Rainier is involved. I think the eruptions of St. Helens were preceded two months earlier by a series of earthquakes located 10 to 15 miles north of St. Helens. 16. SUBJECT: ANIMAL ACTIONS/ EARTHQUAKE CLOUDS/ PLANE CRASHES FROM: GAIL S. DATE: 9-9-94 I have noticed things myself. So here goes my observations. Yesterday morning about 8:00 a.m. the pigeons and doves in my neighborhood were flying all over the sky. I told my Husband "Look, they are flying crazy all over, there is going to be a quake". This morning and yesterday there were "earthquake clouds" in the sky, the whispy cotton candy kind. Charlotte King says this is a sign of a quake coming, not necessarily in your area though. One more thing Charlotte King pointed out. Plane crashes. In her flyer she said " Aircraft and helicopters tend to crash or lose power 12-24 hours prior to an earthquake or volcanic eruption. The quakes are always 5.0+. The larger the quake the more aircraft experience problems. They tend to crash just before landing or just after taking off. (Before Mt. St. Helen's major eruption of May 18, 1980, on May 16th three 727's made emergency landings in Portland within 8 hours due to engine problems.)" Yesterday's crash happened due to engine problems just before landing. One more thing, which may not mean a thing, but my 3 year old woke up this morning and the first thing he said was "Earthquake Mommy" Maybe I have a little psychic on my hands. 17. SUBJECT: OCCURENCES BEFORE QUAKES FROM: T.M., DATE 9-9-94 Weird day, huh? I was in garden at usual evening hours & noticed there were NO birds.......they usually come to eat dinner. It was very, very still. & yes, KoKo still en mode. Also, house creaking again & one concrete crack has lengthened 13 in. * I had a bout of vertigo today. 18. SUBJECT: PREDICTION OF 4 QUAKES FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9-7-94 Me again. I was going to post the last paragraph from Jim Berklands newsletter but I didn't. Just thought I would now because Ray Gallagher told be about a 4.1 quake in Modesto 19.this afternoon. It could relate to Jim Berklands prediction. Here is what Jim says: "During this September window (Sept. 5-12th) I am 75% confident that there will be (1) a quake of 3.5 - 6.0 M within 70 miles of San Jose, (2) a similar event within 140 miles of Los Angeles; (3) a similar event within 140 miles of Seattle, and (4) a major (7+M) quake within the Pacific Ring of Fire. For my Monthly Outright Seismic Speculation (MOSS), I will look for a Central America quake of at least 5.5M during the first half of September." So everyone, the Modesto quake today was about 40 miles from San Jose and that would be within the radius of 70 miles that Jim predicted. Now we will have to wait and see if his 3.5 - 6.0 quake within 140 miles of Los Angeles happens between Sept. 5th and 12th. 20. SUBJECT: MODESTO QUAKE FROM: RAY G., DATE: 9-7-94 Here is the latest from the National Earthquake Information Center. The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: A light earthquake occurred in central California about 15 miles (20 km) west-southwest of Modesto at 1:10 pm MDT today, Sept. 7, 1994 (12:10 pm PDT in California. The magnitude was computed at 4.1 on the Richter scale. This earthquake was felt in the Modesto area. There have been no reports of damage. 21. SUBJECT: QUAKE WINDOW--SEPT 9-10 FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9-7-94 I just thought I would post a bit from Jim Berkland's newsletter called "SYZYGY". He explains what will be going on on the 9th and 10th of Sept. : "The window is open between Sept. 5-12, 1994 and is associated with the New Moon of the 5th and the perigee of the 8th. The Synchroneity is 54 hours and the highest range in Golden Gate tides is 6.1 feet on both the 9th and 10th of September. These are the lowest maximum monthly ranges for the year, as far as local oceanic tides are concerned, but the solid earth tides are expected to reflect more accurately the increasing gravitational forces." I hope you understood that better than I did! Maybe you can see now a little what is going on with the heavens on those dates. 22. SUBJECT: COMPASS CHANGE / EQ PREDICTIONS FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9-7-94 Ya Gail, you are right. This is too important. I am still having Sp.s, one just an hour ago, so I am not worried for the moment. EQs. can begin within 12 hours of a Sp. My LSs, according to USGS, are matching with aftershocks from up north, but I am waiting for what is to happen here. My compass moved a degree east this afternoon and has not been normal for five days now. I really am worried this time, so if you haven't gotten ready, please do something about that AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It would be very wise to have First Aid gear. You may have to help others. 23. SUBJECT: MAGNETIC SHIFT FROM: BETH H., DATE 9-6-94 I'm very interested in this compass 2.5 degrees off --- One thing they announced the morning of the Landers/BigBear was that the compass was off by two degrees. I found an interesting article on NOVA BEYOND BELIEF LIBRARY 12/24/93 (I think that's the right date!) It stated that there are actually THREE NORTH POLES and that two of them wander around! 24. SUBJECT: VOLCANO -MEXICO FROM: SCOTT S., DATE: 9-6-94 Mexico City Volcano Showing Signs of Life MEXICO CITY (Reuter) - Scientists are stepping up their watch of the Popocatepetl Volcano on the southern outskirts of Mexico City, which has been spewing gases and vapors in an ominous sign of a possible eruption. Although most of the steam rising from fissures in the snow-capped 17,887-foot volcano known as ``Popo" is water vapor, scientists have also detected gases emitted by the magma -- the term for the lava churning inside a volcano. U.S. and Mexican scientists have found that sulfur dioxide emissions have doubled to 3,000 metric tons a day in the past year, signaling a worrisome change in the pressure of the magma. That raises the risk (of an eruption), but we can't quantify by how much. It certainly calls for more vigilance," said Servando de la Cruz Reyna, a vulcanologist at the Institute of Geophysics of the Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM). Dr. Stanley Williams of the Arizona State University said about 100 volcanoes around the world are currently emitting gases but ``only four or five in the world are releasing that much gas, and Popo has joined that club." ``The most probable outcome is a single explosion at the summit which would be of no danger to anyone -- except me if I'm in the crater -- but the situation needs to be monitored more thoroughly," Williams said. Scientists are now looking for the two other warning signs of an eruption -- deformations in the crust caused by pressure from the magma and tremors on the mountain that looms over the Mexico City valley populated by more than 20 million people. 25. SUBJECT: THUMPING SOUND HEARD IN PACIFIC! FROM: MATT F., DATE: 9-6-94 Here is the article I got in the Daily Oklahoman several days ago. THUMPING HEARD IN PACIFIC CARMEL, Calif - Mysterious thumping sounds in the Pacific ocean have attracted the attention of the U.S. Navy, and marine scientists and touched off a media frenzy in this small central California resort. For the past week, divers have reported hearing a deep, heartbeat like thumping in the Pacific Ocean off Point Lobos, a rocky outcrop just south of Carmel. The thumping has no obvious origin. They have discovered that it has a mechanically steady pulse but is intermittent, not continuous. But noone has yet been able to pinpoint the sourse of the noises. - end of article. I thought that this was really fascinating, but have heard nothing in the news since about it. Can anybody tell me what is going on? 26. SUBJECT: ERTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9-5-94 RB has almost always been east of Long Beach, out to Landers, but, of course, crosses the San Andreas. LS and RB are absolutely ties together this time around. I have now had 19 LS, 6TL, 14RB, 11 TR, 2 RS, 2B and 4Cs. As of 4:45pm yesterday, CALTECH has reported NO meaningful EQs. since the 3.1 in Yucca on 8/30. USGS reports few aftershocks from N. Calif., which is highly unusual for a 7.2 EQ. During this same time, my head has been very busy. I have not had this much activity since February when I had mostly Eastern hemisphere activity which was realized end of May into April. Based on my experience so far, I am predicting much greater activity for N. Calif., but this might extend up into Alaska. But first, we will get either a swarm of 3+s here or one great EQ with many moderate aftershocks. This has the feel of being very bad for us. I have been right far too many times for this to be false signals. My compass has, also, been 2 1/2 degrees off for the last four days. Yesterday, it even pointed one degree east for about four hours. I don't know the connection, if there is one, but something very big is going on and I am really afraid this time for L.A. As long as I continue to have pain, I know we are okay, (and I am having a LS Pr. right now), but when my head goes still and clear, I'm afraid all h... is going to break loose. So, please, please be prepared. Be mindful of what is around you and plan your escape routes as you move through your life. I've exceed my time this month on P, so just can't afford to post more. 27. SUBJECT: PET BEHAVIOR FROM: T. M. DATE: 9-5-94 I missed it in VN. KoKo has been on/off, but mostly stays clutching that cup these days. She has been so nasty and irritable we are ready to lock her up. Nothing satisfies, she just shrieks all the time. Her usual "imminent" eq behavior is panic whimpering, so I don't know what is causing this unless the earth is just feeling so unstable that she has finally freaked out. It's a pain! 28. SUBJECT: MICHIGAN QUAKE FROM: Mark S., DATE: 9-3-94 Did you see the quake in Michigan that happened yesterday?? From the August Sedonia Journal, that Peter and the Beings of Light channeler was pretty darned accurate in what she stated for August, just a couple days late on the Michigan quake. I noticed she was not in the September Journal. Should get my mail soon, see if I get Scallion's news. 29. SUBJECT: ROSH HASANAH FROM: MARK S., DATE 9-3-94 Regarding the Sept 9 date that one woman mentioned, Sept. 6, 1994 is the first day of the Jewish month of Tishri, it is also Rosh Hasanah. Regarding "Armegeddon, Appt. with Destiny" by Grant Jeffrey, that date is also the "Feast of Trumpets", also known as the Day of Judgement. He states that he sees that date (the Feast Day, not necessarily this year), as the date for the battle of Armegeddon. The tenth of Tishri, (Sept. 16, 1994) is the date for Yom Kippur. 30. SUBJECT: QUAKE PREDICTION--SEPT 9 through SEPT 29, 1994 FROM: M. E., DATE 9-3-94 Hello all...I have a prediction for you. I have a gift for dreaming about the future. All of the earthquakes so far have been clear in the form of symbolic "dream" lingo as I call it. Not only this topic but many others including my brush with death 9 years ago...anyone experiencing the same please write. NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT!!! Sept. 9 through the 29th is an extremely volatile planetary alignment. The 9th is my latest edition to the dreams of the immediate future. What is most convincing of this particular dream is that upon the 9th is exactly when it starts ...Sept 9 on a quasi looking calender was light up in yellow while the rest of the boxes and dates looked fadded grey on a black background. This dream is now 2.5 weeks old. I investigated the concern with a professional astrologer to ask what day was the most prone to natural disasters, and guess what...the 9th!!! It does however last through the latter part of the month. All of the quakes and affects of have entailed a dream so far. What is most peculiar is I am usually 6 months prior to the dream subject. THAT SCARES ME JUST A LITTLE! Anyway a psychic I know (top notch!) told me that if I was in Los Angeles in 1998, I would see the complete ruin of it...this does not mean our existance but mearly the complete water theory taking its final toll for another 150+ years. I would like to thank all of you participating for helping me coping with phantom quakes, which were real according to your correspondence with each other. Would it not be nice if the media was informing us of all the earthquake activities regardless of size instaed of the usual "marketable" events?? Please E-mail any Plate tech. info. PS--If you live on the coast especially Long Beach and other man-made substrate for ground--MOOOOVE!!! Would love to share more predictions and data collected pre and post NR! Once again thanks for being an active mind. 31. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE TV PROGRAMS FROM: E.R., Date: 9-2-94 Last night on MacNeil and Lehner, they had a long report on earthquakes. I guess the 7.2 caught their attention. Anyways they gave a lot of time to the subject. Also showed Little Lucy and she stated the earthquakes have increased since 1986 not only in amount but size. We are having larger events. Very serious program, perhaps you caught part of that show. 32. SUBJECT: FAIRFIELD, CALIF QUAKE FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 9-1-94 Hi, Yes I felt the earthquake in Fairfield, CA this a.m. 8:20. My fishpond water moved back and forth as did my swimming pool! There was no noise from it as it was far away in Eureka. Isn't that amazing! My friend and I were on the phone and she lives in Santa Rosa. She's been seeing all of these pelicans, sea gulls...she said I bet we'll have an earthquake out in the ocean, and sure enough! The geyser erruptions were at 2 1/2 hours apart! Normal erruption pattern is 1/2 hr. to 40 min. I'd called Olga at Old Faithful Geyser earlier this week and she was predicting an earthquake this week. You know that is within 200 miles of the geyser that relates to the geyser erruptions. Hope this was it. I just called the geyser and the erruption pattern is still holding at 2 1/2 hrs. That means it isn't over. 33. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATES FROM: JOHN B. DATE: 9-1-94 Earthquake Update #1060 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 8/29 7:08pm 2.1 7 miles W Atascadero 8/30 1:15am 2.0 6 miles E Mammoth Lakes 8/30 3:46pm 2.7 13 miles E San Jose 8/30 5:52pm 2.5 16 miles W Petrolia 8/31 12:03am 2.4 10 miles E San Jose USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 10 EQs 4.0+ 9 EQs 5.0+ 1 EQ 6.0+ 1 EQ 7.0+ 8/25 10:24am 4.2 Hokkaido, Japan 42 N 143 E 8/25 11:46pm 4.4 Honshu, Japan 30 N 139 E 8/26 12:23am 4.7 N. Mid-Atlantic Ridge 28 N 44 W 8/27 2:10am 4.4 Komandorsky Islands 54 N 168 E 8/27 6:21am 4.2 Kuril Islands 45 N 149 E 8/27 11:03pm 4.8 Chiapas, Mexico 17 N 94 W 8/28 7:42am 5.2 Tonga Islands 20 S 174 W 8/28 12:09pm 4.7 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 12:35pm 4.7 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 12:53pm 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 12:56pm 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 3:41pm 5.3 Mindanao, Philippines 6 N 126 E 8/28 8:51pm 5.0 Kuril Islands 44 N 151 E 8/29 1:45am 5.1 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/29 8:31am 5.2 Tonga Islands 22 S 175 W 8/29 9:31am 5.2 Tonga Islands 22 S 175 W 8/29 5:35pm 5.4 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 1 S 19 W 8/30 7:08am 5.4 Mindanao, Philippines 9 N 126 E 8/30 10:14am 5.4 Tonga Islands 15 S 174 W 8/31 9:07am 6.0 Hokkaido, Japan 44 N 146 E 9/1 3:15pm 7.2 Off coast N. California 40 N 126 W note: The 7.2 EQ on 9/1 was located about 90 miles west of Eureka/Petrolia, California, at 8:15am Pacific Time. It was located on the Mendocino Fracture Zone on the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the Gorda Plate, which is a subplate of the Juan de Fuca Plate. Felt from Fresno to Grants Pass, Oregon. A 7.1 EQ on April 25, 1992 in this area did major damage to the towns of Ferndale, Petrolia, Rio Dell, and Scotia. 34. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKES OVER 6.0 FROM: JOHN B., DATE 9-1-94 Worldwide Earthquakes over 6.0 since August 4, 1994 14 EQs 6.0+ 1 EQ 7.0+ 8/4 10:15pm 6.1 Tanimbar IS, Indonesia 6S 131 E 8/8 9:08pm 6.1 Myanmar, Burma 24N 95 E 8/14 12:46am 6.0 Kuril Islands 45N 150 E 8/14 1:31am 6.5 Kuril Islands 45N 150 E 8/18 12:45am *6.1 Lake Tanganyika 7S 31 E 8/18 1:13am 6.0 Algeria 35 N 1W 8/18 4:42am 6.6 Kuril Islands 44 N 150 E 8/19 10:02am 6.5 Argentina 27 S 63 W 8/20 4:38am *6.2 Kuril Islands 45 N 149 E 8/21 3:56pm *6.0 Lake Baykal, Russia 56 N 187 E 8/22 5:26pm *6.4 Santa Cruz Islands 11 S 166 E 8/28 6:37pm 6.6 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/30 6:13am 6.2 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/31 9:07am 6.0 Hokkaido, Japan 44 N 146 E 9/1 3:15pm 7.2 Northern California 40 N 126 W note: * shows upgraded magnitude from original EQ Update. From the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time) is used. To determine local time subtract these hours: East -4, Central -5. Mountain -6, Pacific -7, N/S is Latitude. E/W is Longitude. 35. SUBJECT: ROSH HASHANA FROM: T. M., DATE: 8-27-94 I heard a blurb on this Campings person also & it said he has misinterpreted parts of the scriptures, so maybe he has this one wrong, too. One thing, however, it is a shared feeling amongst many teachers that the Rapture could occur on one of the Rosh Hashana days, leaving 7 days till the Day of Atonement. RH is the Feast of Trumpets, a trumpet calls the believers up & out just before the Great Tribulation begins for a 7 year period, ending w/the Second Advent of Jesus Christ - "The Atonement". It's very interesting, & the numbers do work. The problem lies in knowing which year all of this will occur. P.S. Rosh Hashana is the "birthday" of creation. 36. SUBJECT: POPE FROM: MONIQUE H., Date: 8-25-94 From Conyers, GA (#2)..."Today I confirm for you that THIS IS THE POPE OF MY SECRET; the Pope about whom I spoke to the children during the apparitions; the Pope of my love and of my sorrow. With great courage and with superhuman strength, he goes about every part of the world, heedless of the fatigue and the many dangers, in order to confirm all in the faith and thus he carries out his apostolic ministry as successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ, universal pastor of the holy Catholic Church, founded on the rock of my Son, Jesus. The Pope gives to all the light of Christ, in these times of great darkness. With vigor, he confirms us in the truth of the faith, in these times of general apostasy. He invites us to walk along the road of love and of peace, in these times of violence, of hatred, of tumult and of war. My Immaculate Heart is wounded in seeing how, all about him, there is an expanding emptiness and indifference; contestation on the part of some of my poor children - bishops, priests, religious and faithful; haughty opposition to his Magisterium. For this reason, my Church is today wounded by a deep division; it is threatened with the loss of the true faith; it is pervaded with infidelity which is becoming greater and greater. When this Pope will have completed the task which Jesus has entrusted to him and I will come down from heaven to receive his sacrifice, all of you will be cloaked in a dense darkness of apostacy, which will then become general. There will remain faithful only that little remnant which, in these years, by accepting my motherly invitation, has let itself be enfolded in the secure refuge of my Immaculate Heart. And it will be this little faithful remnant, prepared and formed by me, that will have the task of receiving Christ, who will return to you in glory, bringing about in this way the beginning of the new era which awaits you." 37. SUBJECT: EARLY FALL FROM: MARK S., Date 8-24-94 Nobody has predicted how cool it would be this month in New England this August. I don't think it has gotten above 90 degrees at all this month here in western Massachusetts. Been the coolest August I can ever remember. Been down to the high forties on a couple nights and it has been in the seventies for most of the month in the daytime. My apples turned red on my tree a couple weeks ago and it seems like they are almost ready to pick. That should not happen for another month. A couple trees here and there have started to change color, a sign of fall and here it is not September even yet. I hope it doesn't mean an early and long winter! Starting to get concerned. 38. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTIONS FROM: GINNY A. Date: 8-24-94 There is an earthquake predictor James O. berkland who pre- dicts based on moon, tides etc.He is more involved in the bay area.He has a newsletter "Syzygy" 14927 East Hills Dr., San Jose, CA. 95127 (408) 258-1192 and a !QuakeLine 1-900-844 JOLT. ($1.49/min) Very interesting! I just called his "hot line" and he feels something is up for the bay area. Today my cat came into the house and jumped on my lap! This> is an "outdoor" cat. Last nite my hubby & I were talking in our living room & 2 of our cats were scratching at the win- dow! My animals aren't allowed in the house due to allergies of my children & the dog wanted to come in too! I live in Fairfield, CA. Anyone else out there other than Berkland feeling or saying something is due in Bay Area?? Stay safe! 39. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1057 FROM: JOHN B. Date: 8-23-94 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 8/21 1:47am 2.4 20 miles NE Red Bluff 8/22 2:04pm 2.4 5 miles NE Watsonville 8/22 8:24pm 2.5 13 miles SE Mammoth Lakes USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 12 EQs 2.0+ 3 EQs 3.0+ 8/19 12:47pm 2.6 4 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 3:46pm 2.9 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 3:50pm 2.8 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 3:58pm 2.6 4 miles W Canoga Park 8/19 4:15pm 2.5 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 4:31am 2.6 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/20 1:31am 2.6 7 miles NE Simi Valley 8/20 2:21am 2.6 1 mile NW Mecca 8/20 9:20am 2.9 37 miles SW Yuma 8/20 1:22pm 3.1 8 miles N Borrego Springs 8/21 5:52am 3.4 21 miles NE Lucerne Valley 8/21 3:54pm 2.6 18 miles SW Ocotillo Wells 8/22 2:13pm 2.9 15 miles N Azusa 8/22 2:34pm 3.5 34 miles SE Ensenada 8/22 3:27pm 2.8 3 miles NW Canoga Park USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 1 EQ 2.0+ 4 EQs 4.0+ 3 EQs 5.0+ 1 EQ 6.0+ 8/17 6:56am 4.1 Montana 47 N 116 W 8/19 10:02am 6.6 Argentina 26 S 63 W 8/19 9:02pm 5.7 Myanmar 18 N 96 E 8/20 2:21am 5.4 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/20 12:54pm 4.5 Aleutian Islands 52 N 179 W 8/21 1:05pm 4.1 Vancouver Island 51 N 130 W 8/22 5:26pm 5.9 Santa Cruz Islands 11 S 166 E 8/23 5:03am 2.2 Gunnison, Colorado 29 N 107 W 8/23 2:33pm 4.7 Southern Alaska 59 N 152 W 40. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE REPORTS FROM: Mark S. Date: 8-21-94 You know, it looks like the government out there in CA. knows more than it is letting on. According to some of these notes below, EBS tests preceed most if not all of the quakes, from 3.0 and up in magnitude. 41. SUBJECT: ARKANSAS REARTHQUAKE FROM: RAY G. Date: 8-20-94 Hi all! I copied this from the USGS information service.. the following is a release by the United States Gelogical Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: a minor earthquake occurred about 7 miles (10km) northwest of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas and 115 miles (180 km) northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas at 4:46 am MDT today, August 20, 1994 (5:46 am CDT in Arkansas). The magnitude was computed at 3.5 on the Richter Scale. Earthquake was felt in Walnut Ridge area of Northeast Arkansas. There have been no reports of damamge. Take care and stay safe! 42. SUBJECT: UPCOMING PREDICTIONS FOR CALIFORNIA FROM DIANNE P. Date: 8-20-94 Thought I would let everyone know that the NR aftershocks have opened a door to future EQ's. I have felt the following: 8/19 -sp. in C, 2sp. in RS, 2sp. in RB, 1 sp. in LB and 2 sp.s in TL. I am expecting more EQs for NR, coastal Landers, and the eastern Pacific. As noted earlier, there was an EBS Test on Ch. 4 at 4:00pm. This is test 32. Test 29 was followed by Landers 2.9, 30 by S. Clemente, 31 by Landers 3.8, 3 and NRs 3.1, 3.5. An Eq. has followed each test to date. So, the shaking is not over. Let me remind you, I am still expecting very large EQs in the direction of the San Andreas and along the Ingelwood-Newport fault line. I am, also, expecting much smaller EQs. somewhere near the coast and somewhere north east of Long Beach. Take care and be alert. 43. SUBJECT: ROCK BURST IN IDAHO MINE FROM: NANCY R. Date 8-19-94 From the Spokesman Review, Spokane, Washington near Mullin, ID: "The Lucky Friday mine's largest rock burst in years sent a truck driver to the hospital early Wednesday morning. At about midnight, rocks exploded in a mine tunnel that lies 5,570 feet below ground, said April Boughton, director of public relations for Hecla Mining Company. Hecla owns the silver mine 1 1/2 miles east of Mullan, ID. The miners working in that area were on their lunch break at the time and were not injured, Boughton said. But, the explosion sent dust flying and caused a truck driver in a nearby hauling tunnel, to crash into the tunnel wall. Steve Slusher was bruised and shaken by the crash and was taken to the Shoshone Medical Center where he was listed in stable condition. Broughton said the rock burst measured 4.1 on the seismograph and was the largest since 1988. She said such bursts are caused by rocks shifting deep in the earth. Miners spent Wednsday cleaning up the damage and Broughton said the company hopes to have the tunnel open in about five days." I don't know about all of you, but I had never heard of "rock bursts" until I read this article. I'm still not sure what makes them any different than earthquakes, but deceided to post the article, because the article states a seismograph reading. 44. SUBJECT: RECENT EARTHQUAKES FROM: GAIL S. Date: 8-19-94 Just to let you all know there have been 10 significant earthquakes as Cal-Tech puts it today. They only listed three of them, the 3.1 last night at 9:41 p.m., the 3.5 at 11:56 p.m. and todays 2.6 at 4:31 p.m.. I guess the others were under 2.5. Gosh, why all the activity lately? I wonder if these are all aftershocks. Hmmmmmmmm. 45. SUBJECT: RIPPLE EFFECT FROM JUPITER COMET IMPACT FROM: BETH H. Date : 8-20 Don't forget that these are the days that the earth, in its orbit, is going through the area activated by the comet's impact with Jupiter. The ripple effect. Or, as I describe it, we're hitting the "wake" of the event. 46. SUBJECT: STRANGE ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR FROM: MARY C. Daqte: 8-20-94 Noticed that the horse living behind us was pacing a lot last night...something she doesn't usually do. It was around 2am...also, an eerie lack of crickets. I wondered if something was brewing. I noticed our dogs were very "affectionate"..and wanted to be on our laps more than usual. Just reporting on unusual behaviour I am observing. 47. SUBJECT: RECENT NORTHRIDGE AFTERSHOOK From: JOANNE P., Date 8-19-94 Just heard on the Ch. 9 News that there are reports of a Northridge aftershock. Calls are coming in to the station. Did any of you in The Valley feel it? 48. SUBJECT: SAN FRANCISCO PREDICTION From: PAM R. Date 8-18-94 Jack Coles has received a "main" radio signal and is predicting an earthquake of at least 4-5 magnitude in the San Francisco bay area probably within the next 4 days. He is having some problems at the moment and was not more specific. He also mentioned some signals from northern CA and to the north, but my impression was these were not as big. Will post more if I find out anything else.-Pam 49. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1055 From: JOHN B., Date 8-18-94 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 8/9 1:04pm 3.2 8 miles NW Quincy 8/10 7:46pm 3.2 13 miles SE Yosemite Valley 8/10 10:47pm 2.4 12 miles NW Parkfield 8/15 2:15pm 2.3 22 miles NW Rohnert Park 8/17 3:06pm 2.1 10 miles N Morgan Hill 8/18 2:26am 2.3 23 miles E Coalinga USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 8/10 7:23pm 4.0 4 miles SE El Centro 8/14 5:27pm 3.1 6 miles NE Simi Valley 8/15 1:07am 3.8 7 miles N Indio USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 3 EQs 3.0+ 3 EQs 4.0+ 10 EQs 5.0+ 5 EQs 6.0+ 8/6 4:06am 3.5 Jordan/Syria 34 N 36 E 8/6 11:04am 5.4 Australia 33 S 151 E 8/8 1:50am 3.1 Spain 38 N 3 W 8/8 9:08pm 6.1 Myanmar 25 N 95 E 8/9 11:34pm 5.3 Andaman Islands, India 11 N 94 E 8/10 1:39am 5.5 Andaman Islands, India 10 N 94 E 8/10 2:57pm 5.5 Sandwich Islands 59 S 25 W 8/10 8:05pm 3.1 Spain 37 N 4 W 8/11 10:42pm 5.8 Tonga Islands 21 S 174 W 8/14 12:46am 6.1 Kuril Islands 44 N 150 E 8/14 1:31am 6.5 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/14 9:06am 5.2 Honshu, Japan 39 N 142 E 8/14 10:58am 5.4 Chile 30 S 71 W 8/15 6:15am 5.1 Leeward Islands 17 N 61 W 8/16 10:09am 5.7 Honshu, Japan 38 N 142 E 8/16 11:03am 4.2 Montana 49 N 111 W 8/16 11:57am 4.1 Guatemala 14 N 91 W 8/16 1:15pm 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 15 N 46 W 8/18 12:45am 5.9 Lake Tanganyika 7 S 32 E 8/18 1:13am 6.0 Algeria 35 N 0 W 8/18 4:42am 6.3 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E note: The 6.0 EQ on 8/18 killed at least 150 people in northern Algeria. 50. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE DREAMS From: BRETT A., Date 8-18-94 Hi Everyone: I heard an EBS test yesterday at 1:25PM on 93.1 FM. BTW, I had a dream a couple of months ago that I was in an office building looking out a window and saw a tornado headed for the downtown city area. It seems like it must have been a precognitive dream of the tornado that hit Lexington, South Carolina the other day. The downtown area. Also, I had a dream about an eq (didn't write it down though--so I can't tell you when except "recently"). I was holding the baby in my bedroom and the ground started to shake. It took me by surprise because it was light outside. Finally this observation. Remember what happened last December and January? All of America was completely distracted by the Tonya Harding escapade.THEN NORTHRIDGE. I say be careful when the OJ trial starts... I sense we may see something similar. 51. SUBJECT: RECENT PREDICTIONS From: GAIL S. Date 8-17-94 Hi: Maybe the vertigo is only related to certain types of quakes. The Landers and Northridge were different. Do you think you pick up quakes further away? Jack Coles is predicting a 4.0+ quake to hit in the San Francisco Bay area in the next 24 to 96 hours. I kind of lost faith in him lately since he has missed the last few. We will see what happens. 52. SUBJECT: ELYSIAN PARK FAULT From: BRETT A., Date 8-16-94 Hi All: Okay remember the woman "Peggy" whose prediction I posted a few weeks ago? Well she said 3rd weekend of September. Elysian Park Fault 7.0-7.5. Epicenter under Dodger stadium (The strike may be a lifesaver). Lots of damage and fires. Last time she was WRONG... but lets wait...) Personally, I am leaning towards NOVEMBER. BIG. 53. SUBJECT: LOST PET COUNT From: BETH H., Date 8-16-94 This week's count = 37 lost pets (cats, dogs, parrots) Two year average = 19. 54. SUBJECT: VIVID EARTHQUAKE DREAMS From: TINA O., Date 8-16-94 You may want to add this to the current research. I'm having my "vivid" EQ dreams again. So far they seem to be consistant. Overcast day, (daytime) either early morning or evening (and with this heat, I pray for an overcast and RAINING DAY!) Also the number 6 seems to be consistant in my latest dreams. Comments folks... 55. SUBJECT: SAN DIEGO WATER PROBLEM From: BETH H., Date 8-11-94 What is the single nutrient which must be furnished the body-or it will die within seven days? Water. I guess my frantic water notes on Prodigy may have done some good. Tonight's news was on the meeting of the San diego Water Authority to discuss plans for THE BIG ONE. Just as I stated, as the aqueduct system crosses the San Andreas three times, there will be no incoming water- nor will there be any for the foreseeable future should that happen. San Diego County has storage for 10% of its water needs and, with extremely strict rationing, that might be stretched to last for six months. The plans being laid out to meet the crisis of The Big One involve extending some of our old silted-full reservoirs into some sort of catch basins and pray for rain. The cost will be many billions of dollars. Projected year when project can be completed--2005!!!!!!! NOW WHAT? All those billions should be earmarked to take care of our crumbling sewer system. I noted on Prodogy an article on pollution with SAN DIEGO checked 700 serious violations of the total national violations of 2300. (And also the notation that San Diego did not check for pollution very often...well, we don't need to analyze water samples on our beaches--the whole raw sewage of Tijuana is pouring in on us! You don't need a microscope to see that!) 56. SUBJECT: U-HAUL BACKLOG IN CALIF. and DROP IN LITERACY RATE IN CALIF. From: BETH H., Date 8-11-94 HAS ANYONE HEARD THE MOST RECENT statistics on U-HAUL?? Is there still a three month waiting list to rent a means of getting one's stuff out of this state?? I note that the literacy rate of California has fallen to below 50% (lower than the lowest third world country). Sounds like anyone who can read has already left the state!! I actually started making plans to head back home early next spring. 57. SUBJECT: LIGHTNING STRIKE WARNING From: NANN M., Date 8-10-94 Here in the Midwest there have been more deaths by lightning than I have ever seen...there are at least one per month: and lately four or five in the local Indiana--Michigan area!! There was an article on "how many have lost their lives" because of it. My daughter (emt) told me that if I am ever outside and feel the hair on my arms, head, get that static feeling: that I should "immediately" drop to the ground and spread out like an angel. She said because while working on the emergency teams in all kinds of weather they were told that "once" the electricity has a "beam" on you that you can feel it for 2-3 seconds before it hits you, because it has targeted you, it has started...and if you use the angel position (and you do have time to get in it) that the burn is not as bad and doesn't run down the entire body causing "trouble" to vital organs (if you are lucky). It can even in some cases change the "strike" because it will take the course of least resistance. I never heard this before, but it sounded interesting. I was surprised I had never read about dropping into the angel position!!! 58. SUBJECT: BODY PAINS From: DIANE P. DATE: 08-10-94 As many of you know, I have been trying to match pains I get in my head, specific locations, with earthquakes in S. Calif. Several days ago, I posted experiencing a pressure in my B area which I believe to be west of where I live (Long Beach to make it easy.) I can't recall if I, also, said I had a 30 minute in my TR location, indicating fairly good size EQs in one to three four weeks. On 8/8, I had a following Sp. in TR, but didn't think much about it until tonight (9/9) when I had a Sp. in B and began looking over my data. Except for not having a much longer Pr. in either location months back, I am seeing the same pattern that I experienced the four days preceding Northridge. Add to this that there were TWO Emergency Broadcasting tests today and these were the normal warning about the weather, I think we could experience two 4.5+ earthquakes within the next few days. Since I am not certain of my head locations matching with points on the map out there, I would urge everyone in S. Calif. to be on guard. While I am not expecting large earthquakes, a 4.5+ in the wrong place could do some damage. So, take care and, oh, I forgot. I had another Sp. for Northridge late this afternoon. Shouldn't amount to much by itself, but if things combine, who knows. 59. SUBJECT: EMERGENCY BROADCAST From: NANN M. Date: 08-10-94 Remember the long quotes from the book on the 1812 New Madrid quake; it mentioned the electrical "show" and the storms afterwards. The "night lit up with lightning and no rain"; that was the gist of it. 60. SUBJECT: JUPITER COMET RIPPLES From: BETH H. Date 8-9-94 Toward the last of this month the earth will be traveling through one of the "ripples" thrown out by the comet/Jupiter collision. I believe around the 20th. Things may be very EQ active through the last ten days of the month. 61. SUBJECT: CALIFORNIA FAULT SYSTEM From: MARK S., Date: 8-8-94 For those interested, I just received a copy of EARTH magazine for SEPT. 1994. DR.Jones is in this major article. She states that we have one unbelievable fault system running from the salten sea to bakersfield and it is "very" possible that all of this will go at one time...if not, we are looking at 5 eq.s of 7.0+. I have read a lot on here lately and someone had implied that they felt that DR. Jones was holding back information. I surely don't see any of that. if anyone wants more info on this article, just let me know. I can post it here...I think it will fit? 62. SUBJECT: NORTH CAROLINA EARTHQUAKE From: RAY G. Date: 8-8-94 I just got this off the USGS Earthquake information system. SPECIAL MESSAGES >>>> The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: a minor earthquake occurred in North Carolina about 15 miles north-northeast of Havelock at 1:54 pm MDT saturday, Aug 6, 1994 (3:54 pm edt in North Carolina). The magnitude was computed at 3.6 on the richter scale. This earthquake was felt at New Bern, Newport and along the coast in the epicentral area. This appears to be the first earthquake instrumentally located in this area. There have been no reports of damage. 63. SUBJECT: CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKES From: Mark S. Date: 8-8-94 First of all, I've been following Gordon Michael Scallion for quite awhile. He has been calling for a one time break from Eureka to Bakersfield to Baja. He has been stating this since 1982. I'm just now starting to see the scientific community coming to support his statements. The article in Earth Magazine consists of 8 pages. so, I will give you the highlights here. The Wilshire fault (previously unrecognized) is a hazard to the most expensive real estate in the world. It's dangerous because it is a shallow fault..3 miles deep. There are too many faults in the L.A. basin to assess L.A.'s risk. Lucy Jones feels that we should consider the entire area as one big danger zone. "I think that everywhere from the San Andreas to Palos Verdes is one compressional zone" L.J. there are numerous thrust faults in a complex web. There may be a lot to worry about throughout the L.A. region. We are having a similar build up in southern California just like San Francisco in 1906 stated Lynn Sikes of Columbia University. I see the epicenter running throughout the L.A. basin and down to the Salton Sea. Jones stated that we are missing eq's and it will take 5 eq's 7.0 or greater or one large eq to catch up. (Scallion is calling for a 10 to 15) JONES TESTIFIED to this at a congressional meeting. (not the Scallion part) for sunny, shaky L.A. basin, miles beneath the beaches, movie studios, and amusement parks, thrust faults are stirring and there is nowhere to hide. Thrust faults pose a special threat to building/transportation. A vertical jolt can literally hurl objects into the air. This makes thrust quakes even more destructive then slip faults. They snap fwy like dry pasta. The frequency of "blind" thrust faults across the state has been increasing over recent years. Researchers say a 7.5 mag. quake would be easy. Two or more faults could move together and create much higher mag. 8+. evidence of another large web of "blind" thrust faults exist in Santa Clara valley area near San Francisco. Oat Mountain moved up 15 inches and northwest 8 inches during the Northridge 6 second quake. S.C.E.C states east-west-trending faults are lighting up. Thrust fault quakes include 6.7 Coalinga, 6.1 Kettleman, 5.9 Whittier, 5.8 Sierra Madre, 6.7 Northridge, and the "1971" SAN FERNANDO VALLEY QUAKE. I personally lived through that to expect when the big one his L.A. Earth Magazine finish...How badly would L.A. fare in the big one? According to Aprils Seismological Society meeting in Pasadena, it would wreak mayhem. Estimated rupture on Elysian Park fault could easily produce 7.0 e.q.. total movement 5 feet back/forth per second. Tall buildings collapse very fast. Expected damage: 2 modern 20 story bldgs gone, 30 reinforced bldg concrete 4 to 8 stories gone, 150 unreinforced bldgs gone, most remaining bldgs damaged so severely that they would "not" be functional. Kerry Sieh states "lack of quakes suggests a scary possibility that perhaps the really big quakes tend to come all at once. An entire thrusts system could rupture simultaneously. To fix all bldgs to hold up to these quakes would require "pyramids". To finish, Englekirk stated "I'm sure all of you-if you weren't scared to death-enjoyed the presentations this morning. given the frequency of eqs in the valley, I'm glad that I'm not young anymore". For those interested, every Wednesday, after 12 pm eastern time. Gordon-Michael Scallion gives his update at 1-900-903-2745. It costs $2 for the call. He is calling for a Palm Spings quake of 8.3, San Diego 7.0, San Francisco greater than 8.0, southwest Oregon greater 7.0, Mt. Rainer eruption and quakes of greater then 7.0.., Missouri/Arkansas New Madrid fault greater then 8.0, Mexico City greater then 9.0. He called the violent weather patterns that we have been seeing and several major hurricanes (even exact landing points and courses) prior to them occurring. He has a monthly news letter 1-800-628-7493. Also, I highly recommend that you get a copy of his "New" map of the U.S. I have one hanging on my wall and it's really hard to believe. By the way, I left California in May. There are just to many scientists, prophecies, and feelers for this all to be garbage. If you would like just good earth science..then get Earth Magazine. This is a high quality magazine that deals with things happening on this planet...not all bad news..just, actual news. Their number is 1-800-533-6644. Above not be prepared!!! Like my mom always says..she's been waiting for the big one since she was a little girl and it still hasn't come!!! We just have to live our daily lives and have things put in place..just in case it really does happen someday. 64. SUBJECT: CALIFORNIA Earthquake Update # 1054 From: JOHN B. Date: 8-8-94 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. Date Time Richter Location 8/2 3:40pm 3.2 8 miles NW Avenal 8/6 1:18pm 2.7 22 miles NW Coalinga 8/7 5:37pm 2.9 11 miles S Tres Pinos USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 8/3 5:39am 3.4 4 miles NW San Fernando 8/7 2:10pm 4.0 13 miles SE Yucca Valley 8/8 2:28am 2.5 3 miles SW Newhall USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 3 EQs 2.0+ 2 EQs 3.0+ 6 EQs 4.0+ 6 EQs 5.0+ 2 EQs 6.0+ 7/26 7:02pm 2.5 France 45 N 3 E 7/28 1:39am 4.5 Samoa Islands 16 S 173 W 7/28 7:53pm 6.2 Vanuatu Islands 17 S 168 E 7/31 5:15am 5.4 Iran 33 N 48 E 7/31 2:44pm 5.6 Sandwich Islands 61 S 25 W 7/31 5:00pm 4.3 Caribbean Sea 17 N 86 W 8/1 1:47am 4.1 Greece 39 N 21 E 8/1 4:17am 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 12 N 44 W 8/1 12:29pm 4.4 Oaxaca, Mexico 15 N 97 W 8/2 4:28am 4.8 Samoa Islands 16 S 172 W 8/2 4:17pm 3.1 Sicily 39 N 13 E 8/3 1:22am 5.4 Solomon Islands 6 S 155 E 8/3 2:25am 5.1 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 12 N 44 W 8/3 3:00pm 5.6 Myanmar 21 N 94 E 8/4 4:49pm 2.5 Salida, Colorado 39 N 106 W 8/4 7:45pm 2.6 Idaho 43 N 111 W 8/4 10:15pm 6.1 Tanimbar Is., Indonesia 6 S 131 E 8/6 7:44pm 5.0 El Salvador 13 N 90 W 8/6 7:54pm 3.6 North Carolina 35 N 77 W Note: The 3.6 EQ on 8/6 was located about 16 miles north east of Havelock. Also felt in New Bern and Newport. 65. SUBJECT: GAIA IS SPEAKING TO US From: LEE C. Date: 8-8-94 Hi All. Does anyone else get the feeling that Gaia is trying to tell us something? That maybe the human race should grow up and stop acting like spoiled brats? Look what has happened this summer alone. There has been two quakes, one in Bolivia and the other off the coast of Japan, that were centered 400+ miles below the surface. What's going on down there to create quakes that far deep? Could there be some kind of shifting of the core? Then, we have erratic weather patterns. Some northern states have Fall-like temperatures. I live in SC where our normal highs for this time of year are usually in the mid to upper 90s, sometimes in the 100s. The past few days our highs were in the mid to upper 80s. The southwest has unusually high temps and there are also the wildfires in the west. Through reading John Bright's earthquake updates I have noticed an increasing number of earthquakes in the Atlantic ocean. There are reports all over the world of erratic weather patterns. And lets not forget the flooding in Georgia. And a drought in Puerto Rico. Something's up! I'm not an "earthquake sensitive", but it doesn't take one to see that something big is brewing within the Earth. And I'm not necessarily talking about an earthquake either. But with all of the strange things happening lately, don't be surprised if there is a BIG, 8.0+, earthquake in California within a year. Even human behavior has become more erratic. Okay, more erratic than it usually is. Whatever is happening is not only affecting the Earth, but humans as well. Could we be experiencing another shift in the magnetic poles? Is Gaia about to unleash her judgement on us for the way we have abused her and constantly raped her, year after year, of her natural resources and polluted her with our waste? I feel that this is just a warning and Mother Earth is giving us one more chance to change our ways and learn to treat her with more respect and kindness. And to respect all life which she sustains. I'm not a psychic, although I don't deny having some psychic abilities, just like everyone else. I'm just very aware of what is going on around us and I do feel some degree of anxiety, as if something BIG is about to happen. We can't continue to destroy the very environment that sustains our life and the lives of millions of other species and get away with it. Mother Earth will see to that. We can't continue to destroy our home. Gaia is sending us a message. She is telling us to clean up our act and our planet or she will punish us. We have one more chance, let's not blow it. 66. SUBJECT: PERSEIDS METEOR SHOWER From: RAY G. Date: 8-8-94 Hi Everyone! I know this may not be earthquake related, but there again it might? The Perseids Meteor shower starts this week and the experts are predicting it might be a big show this year? Normally you can expect to see 50 to 60 meteors per hour, but this year we might be able to see intense bursts of up to 700 meteors per hour! I believe the comet Swift- Tuttle came close to the earth a couple of years ago and the dusty debris that causes the shower, should be high. The shower will start on the 11th through the 14th, with the peak being on the 12th. I watched last year and it was great and I hope everyone can watch! Take care & Stay safe! 67. SUBJECT: MAGNETIC FLUCTUATIONS From: CAROLYN G., Date: 8-7-94 Sus & I have been feeling great magnetic fluctuations. We've been experiencing vertigo with accompanying nausea. I think somebody calls it the "Seismic Flu." Something BIG has been started. Friday night, we felt a MAJOR magnetic shift, of some sort. We've been "antsy" & on pins and needles ever since. We took note of the time we began to experience the sensations. It was 8:27pm on Friday, Aug. 5. Don't know what it means, other than it IS something BIG! Sorry I haven't written, lately. I'm really bummed out because a very dear Friend is dying. I'm going to miss her awfully. Hope to hear from you, again, soon. ***************************************************************** VI. INDEX OF BOOKS RELATING TO EARTH CHANGES For those who desire more information on the upcoming Earth Changes, we list the following books that have been recommended by our readers: 1. "We are the Earthquake Generation" by Dr. Jeffrey Goodman, Ph.D., A Berkley Book, first published in 1978. This is a comprehensive study of future Earth Changes taken from various different studies. They missed the prophetic dates by about 10-15 years but the book is extremely detailed and it looks like the projected prophesies closely hit the mark as we are observing today. Should be available at a standard bookstore unless it is out of date. 2. "New World Atlas, Volume #1" by Lori Wilkins (Toye), copyright 1991. This is published by the Seventh Ray Publishing, Box 1958, Socorro, NM 87801 This book covers changes in America, Canada, Central America and also the fundamentals of the law that will be taught during the Millennium. Available from the listed publishers and may now be available from New Age bookstores. 3. "Freedom Star--Earth Change Prophesies to Heal our World" also by Lori Toye, copyright 1992. This is published by Lori Adaile Toye, I AM AMERICA, P.O. Box 2511, Payson, AZ 85547. This book details the Golden Cities to be formed around the world and where they will be located. Available directly from the above address and may now be in New Age bookstores. 4. "Rolling Thunder--The Coming Earth Changes" by J. R. Jochmans, Copyright 1992--16th printing. This book is available from Sun Books , Sun publishing Company, P.O. Box 5588, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87502-5588. This book lists, in the 14 page biography at the end, all of the extensive sources that the author consulted in writing the excellent book which is available from the publisher and probably at standard and New Age bookstores. 5. "Starseed--The Third Millennium" by Ken Carey, Copyright 1991. This book is published by Harper, San Francisco, a Division of Harper Collins Publishers. The author examines the spiritual and social forces underlying the shift to the next millennium and is available in standard bookstores as well as New Age bookstores. 6. "Herald of the New Age" by Ruth Montgomery, copyright 1986. This book is published by Fawcett Crest, New York. This writer is considered to be the world's leading psychic authority and this book details her story from her initial skepticism about psychic phenomena and her gradual conversion to the truths of this largely unexplored and mysterious realm. It includes the predictions for the sweeping changes ahead of us as the 21st century approaches. This book is available at standard bookstores and probably at New Age bookstores. 7. "Nostradamus Predicts the End of the World" by Rene Noorbergen, Copyright 1981. This book is published by Pinnacle Books, New York and relates, in a dated order, the unfilled prophesies of the mysterious French physician/psychic that are to occur before the year 2000. This book is available at standard bookstores. 8. "Atlantis--The Eighth Continent" by Charles Berlitz, copyright 1984. This book is published by Fawcett Crest Books, Ballantine Books and details the background of the continent of Atlantis which is supposed to surface in the near future in the Atlantic Ocean. This book is available from standard bookstores and in New Age bookstores. 9. "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis" by Edgar Cayce, Copyright 1968. This book is published by Warner Books, Inc., and details Edgar Cayce's readings regarding Atlantis. It is available in standard as well as New Age Bookstores. 10. "The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin, copyright 1976. This book is published by Avon Books and details antediluvian texts, sophisticated ancient cosmologies and newly discovered celestial maps of space flights to Earth to conclude that we are descendants of the Nefilim, a superior race from Marduk, the 12th planet. It is available is standard bookstores and probably in New Age bookstores. 11. "The Stairway to Heaven" by Zecharia Sitchin, copyright 1980. This book is published by Avon Books and details archaeological discoveries with ancient texts and artifacts and also details conclusions about the Great PyramidS, the Sphinx, the monolithic platform at Baalbek and other mysterious monuments whose true meaning has been lost for centuries. It is available at standard as well as New Age bookstores. 12. "Armageddon: Appointment with Destiny" by Grant R. Jeffrey, Publisher--Bantam Books. This book explains how much of future tribulation and past changes have taken place around important Jewish dates. It should be available at a large standard bookstore. 13. "Pole Shift" by John White, published by A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA. This book goes into the Bible, Indian lore and legends, psychics, ancient stories, etc. to show how a pole shift may be coming shortly and what it means. It should be available at larger standard bookstores as well as New Age bookstores or from A.R.E. Press. 14. "Black Dawn Bright Day" by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind (A Sun Bear book), published by Simon and Schuster. This is about HOPPI Indian prophesies for the millennium that reveal the fate of the earth. It should be available from a large standard bookstore as well as at a New Age bookstore. 15. "Daybreak, The Dawning Ember" by Mary Summer Rain, Hampton Roads Publishing Company (1-800-766-8009). Mary Summer Rain spent several years with an old Indian wise woman who had visions about the future. This book is available at larger standard bookstores like Barnes and Noble and also at New Age bookstores. 16. "Phoenix Rising" by Mary Summer Rain, Hampton Roads Publishing Company. This book gives her visions of changes to come and should be available at standard bookstores as well as at New Age bookstores. 17. "Living is Forever" by J. Edwin Carter, published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company. This book covers visions of the future, written in the form of a novel, that many people and psychics see as very good possibility of what life will be like very soon. It can be ordered from the publisher or from the Matrix Institute of Gordon-Michael Scallion at the address above. 18. "Mass Dreams of the Future" by Chet B. Snow, published by Deep Forest Press. Instead of past life regression, the author does a study of future life progression, both the near future and hundreds of years into the future. This book can be ordered from the Matrix Institute of Gordon-Michael Scallion at the above address. 19. "Mary's Message to the World" by Annie Kirkwood, published by Blue Dolphin Publishing, Nevada City, CA. This book gives prophesies given to Annie Kirkwood by Mary, the mother of Jesus. It may be ordered from the Matrix Institute of Gordon-Michael Scallion at the address above. ***************************************************************** SECTION VII--EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF EARTHQUAKES--VOICES # Q * Probable Early Warning Signs of Earthquakes A. Strange Animal Behavior 1. Occurs minutes, hours, or days before earthquakes possibly because many animals can hear higher sound frequencies than human. 2. Insects have come together in huge swarms near seashores. 3. Rats, mice, and other small animals have come out of underground homes. 4. Hibernating snakes have slithered out of their holes onto ice or ground. 5. Horses have refused to eat or enter the barn. 6. Birds didn't land in a tree or roost at sundown. 7. Cockroaches run around as if unable to decide which way to go. 8. Goldfish swam around frantically: fish jumped out of the water. 9. Deer and rabbits ran from epicenter hours before first tremor. 10. Snails come out of ground. 11. Dogs have become very excited, barked nonstop, and have refused to go into pens or cages. 12. Chickens flew into trees. 13. Deer jumped up and down. 14. Rabbits bumped their heads on objects. 15. Cows mooed wildly. 16. Cats ran off into the woods. 17. Zoo animals refused to go to their shelters. 18. Schoolchildren skating on frozen lakes noticed frogs and fish jumping through holes in the ice. B. Appearances before, during and after quakes 1. Streamers of light from horizon. 2. Beams and columns of light like giant searchlights. 3. Clouds lit up by a strange glow. 4. Lightning, Electric sparks, fireballs, or meteors. C. Water 1. Wells sudenly became muddy and bubbly. 2. Water level in wells may change. 3. Temperature in wells may change. D. Sounds heard 1. Rumbling, shotline, sudden boom, explosive noises. ***************************************************************** VIII. EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION AVAILABLE VIA PHONE AND COMPUTER This information is from John BRIGHT, UAYT17D Prodigy and was posted on 9-13-94 on Prodigy, Subject EQ INFO ONLINE 800#. Here are some phone numbers to access Earthquake Information via phone and also via computer modem from the United States Geological Survey . Voice recordings are 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. USGS for Northern & Central California. Menlo Park. 415-329-4025. Recording, updated daily. USGS for Southern California. Caltech, Pasadena. 818-395-6977. Recording, updated daily. University of California, Berkeley Seismograph Station. 510-642-2160. Recording, after an event occurs. USGS for Worldwide Earthquakes over 5.5 and those felt in the United States. Updated twice daily. 303-273-8516. Recording, Golden, Colorado. California Earthquake Safety Hotline. 1-800-286-7233. Information kits and brochures. USGS and FEMA Earthquake pamphlets. 1-800-TREMOR2. For all regions of the United States. CATALOGS and MAPS: 213-620-3560. Fault maps. California Dept Mines & Geology. 415-853-8300. Fault maps. USGS, Menlo Park, California. 1-800-USA-MAPS. Catalog and fault map info. Also locations of bookstores around the country that have maps. This is the main office for the USGS in Reston, VA. Free call. USGS ONLINE VIA COMPUTER MODEM: 18003582663 USGS *FREE* number. Communications Software Settings: N-8-1 Full Duplex. Terminal Emulation VT100 or VT102. Baud is 1200. No charge for online time or call. Often busy so set communications program to auto-redial. Upon connection hit . You will see a note about unauthorized use. This means that they don't want you to upload anything to them. It's ok to download. Type Q at the first menu to get the latest Earthquake information. They ask for your name and organization so type your name and SELF . Type in D to set the dates. Turn on printer or disk then type G to begin receiving the info. You'll be cutoff if there is no activity within a minute so the first time you logon capture all the information to disk or printer. Type ? for help with menu. Access information for the past 30 days. Data is constantly updated for the past 7 days. Exactl locations are given such as the location for Lake Tahoe EQ on 9/12/94: 38.8 N 119.6 W You can also search for Earthquakes in just a certain area by setting parameters for latitude and longitude, date, or magnitude. There are also lists of Historical Earthquakes. Also check to see where the magnatic pole is currently. ***************************************************************** END OF FILE


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