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EARTH CHANGES 006--Dated Prophesies--Effective 10-1-94 File # CHAD06.TXT---The update for Earth Changes 005 (CHAND4.TXT) has been broken into 3 files with this file containing updates for Sect. I & II of the CHAND4.TXT. This file contains prophesies of 16 people with approx. due date of occurrence during Earth Changes of the Tribulation time. This update includes more than ten new important materials and more fulfillments. The important new materials in this update file are detailed on Page 1. The update for Sect. III & IV of CHAND4.TXT, (a listing of undated prophetic voices has also been updated and is now filed in CHAU06.TXT and the update for Sections V-VIII of CHAND4.TXT, (Comments from the people) is filed in CHAC06.TXT. This update contains the following new information along with an ever increasing number of fulfillments of previous predictions being listed: 1. Abrupt Pole Shift by 1998--See 1998, VOICE # 13 in Section I. 2. Government chaos by 1998--See 1984-1998 VOICE # 14 in Section I. 3. Sign of New Beginning--See 2000, VOICE # 14 in Section I. 4. Coming spiritual regeneration--See 2000 VOICE # 14 in Section I. 5. Global destruction--See 1984-2000, VOICE # 14 in Section I. 6. New science direction by 2030--See 2000-2030, VOICE # 15 in Section I. 7. Edgar Cayce foresees the year 2100--See 2100, VOICE # 16 in Section I. 8. Predicted increasing number of West Coast earthquakes continue See 1994-1995, VOICE # 1 in Section # I. 9. Predicted massive world wide flooding continues--See 1994, VOICE # 1 in Section # I. 10. Predicted worldwide violence and crazy things continues--See 1994-1995, VOICE # 1 in Section # I. This file is arranged in the following sections: I. DATED PROPHETIC EVENTS II. INDEX OF PROPHETIC VOICES LISTED ABOVE The companion file CHAU06.TXT is now arranged into the following sections: I. UNDATED PROPHETIC EVENTS II. INDEX OF UNDATED PROPHETIC VOICES LISTED ABOVE The other companion file CHAC06.TXT is now arranged into the following sections: I. COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE II. INDEX OF BOOKS RELATED TO EARTH CHANGES III. EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF EARTHQUAKES IV. EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION AVAILABLE VIA PHONE AND COMPUTER These prophesies have been tabulated from the sources listed and we make no representation as to the accuracy of the material predicted. For more information of the prophetic voice or the prophesy, the reader is encouraged to read the entire materials as referenced since only selected short portions of some of the complete prophesy have been given due to space limitations. These materials are being updated approximately every two to three weeks as information is developed. This file number is CHAD06.TXT on COMPUSERVE Encounters forum, Religion Forum and on the New Age Forum. This file contains all of the original uploaded materials from Sections I & II of CHAND4.TXT as well as the new materials. This material is submitted by the House of David, an End Time teaching group, Norvell E. Von Behren, Director, 7463 S. Marion Street, Littleton, CO 80122. We would like to thank Mark Jacobson, # 72237,1526, for working on a software program which will enable us to provide all of our teaching materials on computer disk, in the near future. We would also like to thank Mark Stinson, #72430,735, for watching the various BBS's and news sources and then providing us with that information for the updates. The readers comments and additional materials for inclusion in the next update of the time schedule are requested. Please contact Norvell through Compuserve 74471,3245, by mail at the above address or by telephone at (303) 794-9516. ***************************************************************** I. DATED PROPHETIC EVENTS PREDICTED PROPHETIC EVENT DATE TO OCCUR 1980-2000 * The world of man under the guidance of the solar government is the creator of the world man lives in. The mass consciousness of man will enter into a new phase of creation under the guidance of the solar government. The following changes will not occur in the precise or sequential order as listed below. Deviations will take place according to the behavior and/or state of the world of mankind. The following changes will take place: 1. The world was and is in the third dimensional stage of its creative endeavor and this phase will be terminated in the near future. 2. Internal pressures from within the three dimensional system will bring about the necessity for change. An increase in communications from aware individuals will prepare mankind for the changes to come. Channels and mediums will provide information that there are more realities than the third dimensional reality. An intrusion into the third dimension of mankind from other realities. The UFO forces will be most evident and the adjacent planes (Astral Planes) will become semi or partly visible! More and more people will become psychic and this will be accepted as a normal development by the masses. There will be an increase of charismatic groups within the organized and well known religions. These people will become aware of different abilities of healing the sick. 3. A worldly external resistance will arise against the internal pressures and the following changes will become evident among mankind: (a.) An increase in bureaucracy and control for government and large companies (Takeovers). (b.) An increase in fundamental religions (mankind still looks for a Savior-God for Protection). (c.) An increase in labor movements, strikes and solidarity to protect the unions and their members (Tribalism) (d.) science and the academic world organizations become more vocal for the status quo. (e.) A common world monetary network will bring about a more united world of mankind. 4. Doubts about the third dimensional state of mankind arises and a new knowledge about the nature of reality becomes apparent among the more advanced populations of the world. New Age groups arise and metaphysical societies increase in membership. More and more people become aware. Western and Eastern ideologies unite and more thinkers are engrossed in their studies of both religions and the different lifestyles. Growing awareness of the Western Indians and the roles of the white people within society are questioned. A greater participation and understanding of brotherhood appears. An acceptance of the planetary history comes about in contrast to the teachings of the orthodox sciences and religions. We have been here from the beginning. The interest in psychic phenomena and non-physical events increases among many peoples of the world. The entertainment scene of star-war movies and similar type of entertainment is accepted and becomes more evident. Following the separation of church and state in the last century, an awareness of a different God concept arises. 5. A "Zero-Energy-Level" on a planetary scale becomes evident. This is broken down into Death... Burial... and Resurrection. The first phase is the Death Phase. The economic, philosophical and religious systems are in the last stages of survival. A general doubt arises about everything! The present technology makes racial suicide possible. Many people become aware of the inadequacy of the present systems in society and culture. A feeling of Now What? The third dimensional energies become insufficient. The present race is in a slow process of dying. The death period has started and will continue into the next decade and century. An increase in physical catastrophes and more and more people will leave the physical body. A rise in suicides and death rates will increase. Dimensional pressures force people into leaving the body. 6. The Burial Phase. The trend that started in point #5 above will continue. It is a slow process of death and destruction that is caused by outside as well as inside forces. The mass consciousness will slip into shock. A rise of popularity of the old religions. This will be followed by a turning away from them. People cannot find the answers they are looking for. The rise in death rate will make funerals most unpopular because there are just too many of them. Many people will be buried by physical calamities. A sphere of shock and sorrow at the nature of events will be complicated by the difficult nature of physical life. There will be a peak in the early 1990's and a further peak towards the end of the century. 7. The Resurrection Phase. This peak will occur towards the end of the century but it is already beginning. A small number of people will have already passed the point of being subject to death and continue living! In this period (82-90) several people will be privately demonstrating the fourth dimensional freedoms and they will be an example of the freedom from death. In spite of the events mentioned in #5 and #6 above, there will be a growing awakening of spiritual life and many people will move into the new vitality of this life. By the end of the present decade there will be a public demonstration of the fourth dimensional abilities and the reality of it. Many people will be able to see it. The introduction of unlimited sources of power by people who have attained the Christ Consciousness. These powers will provide alternate energy resources for mankind. The presence of those in the Christ Consciousness will replace the leaders of mankind in the old dimension and they will function as the leaders of the world. The presence and intervention of the solar government. The light of the Christ will be seen around the world. 8. The resurrection is not the final phase. There are several more steps but they are all combined in this last step. The resurrection has to be assimilated by the race. There will be an increase in destruction of the third dimension culminating in the pole-shift just before the year 2000. Increasing distortions and upsets of the physical world due to the dimensional changes associated with the activation of the second and third order energies. The emergence of other planes and realities will become more evident. Especially the astral plane. In the last half of the next decade there will be an intense period of teaching and preparation of the population in order to survive the convulsions of the planet which will take place by the end of the century. By about 1997-1998 the race will be prepared for the necessary changes of the physical and spiritual natures of the planet. This will lessen the harmful effect of these changes. The change of the axis of the planet along with some other changes will take place. A final dimensional adjustment and a re-arrangement of some of the configurations of the planet and other celestial activities will take place. The return of the Christ...! And the establishment of a planetary government in line with the solar government. The Christ presence will be recognized as well as the beginning of a new racial expression on the planet. New goals and purposes will be established for the race as well as a new educational system. The people of Earth will return to the life of the solar system. The above provides a framework of what can be expected in the near future. The personal changes will bring about the recognition of the mental reality of our race and the abilities to function in the etheric energies while still retaining the body as an anchor in the physical. In time the body will also respond and will be set free from the physical limitations. The activation of the second and third energies stimulates the mental or thought reality. This is where these energies are initially recognized and utilized. After that they are brought to bear on the external reality. VOICE # 12. 1984-1998 * Neptune will pass into Capricorn from 1984-1998, and this will bring chaos and upheaval in governments and economies on a world wide scale. Out of the suffering, those who are strong and Spirit- centered will learn spiritual responsibility and self-discipline. Towards the end of the period, with the world undone, these individuals will emerge to attain higher spiritual awareness, and help establish a new and better way of life. VOICE # 14. 1984-2000 * Pluto enters Scorpio, from 1984-2000, and this configuration foreshadows global destruction and conflict. Many astrologers foresee the same horrors described by visionary prophets and psychics, for this period: famine, disease, nuclear and germ warfare. The influence will be very potent, and mankind will be plunged into the depths of the most terrible period of death and chaos ever experienced. But hope will come eventually--and man will emerge to greet the New Age. VOICE # 14. 1984-2004 * In the next twenty to thirty years (from 1984), the race of man will change drastically. Many of us will understand who or what we really are and we will develop a personal 'knowing' of the God we are! The materialistic oriented individual living today most likely will succumb to the difficult times ahead due to unpreparedness in Spiritual matters. The race as a whole is advancing to a higher level of awareness leaving behind many of their unaware brothers. Churches are in their last days of existence and, after a short mass-popularity, will collapse. The man of the new age is aware of his own greatness in God, rendering churches obsolete! The earth will go through a period of cleansing that will change the face of the earth as well as its population greatly. Our brothers of the sky, in their 'flaming chariots' or UFO'S, most likely will intervene with the actions of mankind. A direct inter- relationship will develop with our sky brothers that will benefit mankind. Science will discover that time and space are aspects of consciousness. Scientists will find that time folds back upon itself and that space is the curvature formed by the pure geometric designs of matter force fields. Most likely the North and South poles of the Earth will relocate themselves causing great calamities. The Earth will see many floods and quakes. The planet Earth will enter into a slightly different orbit while additional planetary influences will affect the way of life greatly! The changes in store for mankind will end five thousand years of ignorance. In the future, man will know who he is! New common goals will be established. The changes in the near future are greater than many before and will advance the race of Man into the universal playroom where many brothers are waiting. The future of man is brilliant! Before this comes about however, chaos might be ahead! Many will leave the body! VOICE # 11. 1992-2009 * The United States will be the first country to go through geo- physical changes, and the first to recover giving aid and support to the rest of the planet. During this time of earth change, there will be very few lands that will be unaffected. Massive groups of people migrate to inland lands, only to suffer more devastating earth changes. It seems as though it will never stop. More meteors come, and the night skies are filled with them. These changes begin in the year 1992 and close by the end of the year 2009. After a period of restoration, the country rebuilds itself with the one third of its population that's left. In the year 2,200 AD, (or year 246 AF, age of spiritual freedom) a new chain of mountains form on the east side of the present day Rocky Mountains. VOICE # 4. * They are showing me that Central Oregon will sink as a result of an earthquake, but preceding this is a massive shower of meteorites, sending a terrific ash cloud into the atmosphere. This ash cloud causes tremendous rains to fall, and the increased pressure on the planet from this continuous flow of rain, causes slippage of fault lines and massive earthquakes. They are indicating the first event occurring in the year 1992...and the final events are in 2,000. Then the skies will open and the rains will stop. The Golden Cities will manifest as the skis open up. The cleansing is given by the four elements. Fire, water, earth and the wind. The wind isn't going to hit this area (west?) but it will hit the east coast. The biggest fear in our area (west?) will be from fire and ash fallout. Also there will not be any sun for two years. Many people will try to heat their homes using wood, but there will be restrictions because of the extra smoke it puts into the air which will be very polluted. It is important that we look into alternative energy sources now. VOICE # 4. 1993-1995 * There will be earthquakes, even in the early stages (of Tribulation). And again, I'm identifying 'early stages' here as '93 through '95. Quakes in Australia at times will exceed 7. ECR 9-94. VOICE # 1. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A strong 5.6 quake northeast of Sydney, Australia damaged homes on 9-6-94 and blacked out power to much of the city and surrounding towns. Scientists warned it was only a matter of time before more quakes--aftershocks and larger--would hit the area. ECR 9-94 * New Madrid Fault: Quakes to hit Missouri, Tennessee and/or Arkansas. Magnitudes will be in the 4-5 range and occur late this year. Eventually this fault will experience quakes in the 8+ range--'93--'95. The warning sign to indicate that a mega-quake will occur within twelve months is when a precursor quake, in the 6-6.5 range, hits Missouri. ECR 8/93 VOICE 1. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Two temblors in one day hit along the New Madrid faultline on 8-20-94, one in Arkansas (3.5) near Walnut Ridge and the Tennessee quake (2.7) near Drummonds. ECR, Sept, 1994. (2.) On 9-20-94 a 2.7 quake hit Memphis, about 25 miles north of Memphis. ECR Sept, 1994. (3.) A 3.6 quake hit in Western Kentucky in the New Madrid area. NPR 9-26-94 * I have predicted that a magnetic pole shift would occur between '93 and '95. VOICE # 1 1993-1997 * In the United States and Canada, there will not be a square inch of land that will not move during this decade. The greatest difficulty is in inundations from water. A few months ago (in 1993) the warning signs occurred for the Mississippi Basin and part of the Great Lakes. We began to see what happened to levees and dams. I see more than 50% of the dams in the U.S. damaged before '96. I see tributaries anywhere near oceans, lakes or dams as danger zones. As the North American Plate begins to buckle and the land mass begins to change, Kansas will experience temporary inundations. Dams will break, and there will be great difficulty with inundations from backwaters flushing up through tributaries. ECR 11-93 VOICE # 1. * The future may be upon us soon in the New Madrid zone. The recent deep earthquakes that we experienced around the world, particularly those in Bolivia and Japan and most recently in North Carolina, fit a pattern of deep quakes. I think we will see a deep quake soon in the south-central part of the United States, more than 100 miles deep. Once confirmed that it was a deep quake, it will be a warning sign for upheaval in the New Madrid area. It will be more than the New Madrid area, but an earthquake there will definitely be triggered. It will not be a conventional epicenter, but Missouri will be the center of the five-state area affected. The others will be Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky and Arkansas. I think it will be a vertical thrust quake. The magnitude will be greater than 9.0. The same quake will trigger unknown faults in Louisiana and Arkansas, causing quakes in those states. The time frame for these developments will be '94-'97, shortly after acknowledged deep quakes hit south-central part of the country. ECR 9-94 VOICE # 1. BEING FULFILLED----(1.) Two temblors in one day hit along the New Madrid faultline on 8-20-94, one in Arkansas (3.5) near Walnut Ridge and the Tennessee quake (2.7) near Drummonds. ECR, Sept, 1994. (2.) On 9-20-94 a 2.7 quake hit Memphis, about 25 miles north of Memphis. ECR Sept, 1994. (2.) A 3.6 quake hit in Western Kentucky in the New Madrid fault area twenty miles southwest of Paducah, KY. NPR 9-26-94 1994 * I am seeing visions of major activity, greater than 7.0 occurring this summer (1994) and fall in Japan, Taiwan, South America, the Middle east, India, New Zealand and the U.S. VOICE # 1. FULFILLED--(1.) June 18, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, South Island, New Zealand was hit with a 7.1. The quake was felt throughout South Island and the southern part of North Island. (2.) July 21, a strong earthquake occurred deep in the Sea of japan near the coast of Russia. A spokesperson from the Japanese meteorological agency told Reuters the 348 mile deep quake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale. Lat month, another deep quake occurred in Columbia, South America. The 8.5, 370 mile deep quake was felt as far away as Canada. (3.) July 13, a 7.3 earthquake hit northern Vanuatu Islands in the South Pacific. According to U.S.G.S., the quake was strongly felt at Port-Villa. (4.) 7.2 quake in Calif, 90 miles west of Eureka on 9-1-94 AP 9-1-94. (5.) Six quakes between 6.0 and 6.6 hit the Kuril Islands between 8-14-94 and 8-30-94 and three quakes between 4.2 and 5.1 hit the same area during this period. USGS. (6.) A 6.4 quake rocked Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido after a milder tremor of 4.2. AP 9-1-94. (7.) A 7.3 quake hit Taiwan Straits in Southern China on 9-17-94. AP. (8.) A strong 6.4 quake rocked northern Japan on 8-31-94. AP 8-31-94. * The floods of '94 are coming--April through August! As in '93, I believe flooding will occur because volcanic activity in the Pacific ocean seabed. This shifts the Jet Stream and will bring ongoing rains. VOICE # 1. FULFILLED--(1.) At first the rain in the South was welcome, coming as it did in late June, on the heels of a dry spell. Then the storms, moving ahead of a northern cold front, turned violent, spawned over 3 dozen tornadoes as they rumbled across the mid-South from Kentucky to Georgia. Heavy rains triggered floods, caused heavy damage and left thousands of people without power. Before the South had time to recover they were hit again a few days later when Tropical Storm Alberto slammed into northern Florida with 60 to 70 mph winds. According to the U. S. Weekly Climate Bulletin, heavy rain drenched coastal areas of Florida and extended into Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The storm stalled over northwestern Georgia, causing heavy thunderstorms in eastern Alabama and Georgia. As mush as 16 to 24 inches of rain fell in some areas causing rivers in western Georgia, eastern Alabama and northwestern Florida to rise rapidly to some of the highest levels ever recorded. Before it was over, 28 people had lost their lives, 100,000 were without potable water, damage to crops and property was estimated to be $700 million and at least 34 Georgia and Florida counties were declared disaster areas by the Federal Government. (2.) Florida floods on 7-15- 94 produce an estimated $40 million in damage, 780 homes lost in 8 panhandle counties. ECR August 1994. (3.) Torrential rains fell in Florida and rain fell in Hawaii at a rate of 2 inches per hour on 8-12-94. AP 8-12-94. (4.) Thunderstorms dumped heavy rains from parts of Iowa across the Ohio Valley. In northeastern Ohio, up to 7" of rain fell. AP 8-13-94. (5.) Unusually strong rains sent a surge of water into the Koyukuk and Kobuk rivers in Alaska. The Koyukuk was at its highest level in 40 years. AP 9-1-94 (6.) Chattanooga, TN recorded 24.4 inches of rain this summer making it the second wettest summer on record there AP 9-1-94. (7.) A typhoon killed more than 700 people in China on 8-23- 94. ECR Sept 94. (8.) Heavy rain flooded dozens of villages in Russia's Far East, killing at least 2 people and forcing thousands to seek shelter on their rooftops. AP 9-20-94. (9.) High winds and heavy rains have left 8 people dead and missing in northern Vietnam. AP 9-20-94. (10.) Volcanic rains near Mount Pinatubo sent an avalanche of volcanic debris cascading down its slopes, swamping 8 villages and a town and killing at least 4 people. AP 9-23-94. (11.) Fifteen people were killed and an unknown number were missing after a flash flood swept over a recreation park 56 miles northeast of Bangkok, Thailand. AP 9-25-94. (12.) Floods unleashed by torrential rain in the Russian Far East have killed 132 people and caused more than $290 million in damage. AP 9-26-94. (13.) Flash floods killed 50 people in a key grain-producing region along the Mekong River in Southern Vietnam and lightening killed 6 other people. AP 9-26-94. (14.) A little boy became the 18th victim of a flash flood that swept down a mountainside into a stream where swimmers frolicked in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand. AP 9-26-94. * The islands straits of northwest Washington State are going to be changing dramatically in the next few years, with many small islands sinking as water rises constantly. In August, expect some minor earthquakes as the fragile system of underwater formations begins to break apart. Shorelines will be shrinking and water will be invading sewer and water systems near the shores. It is a good time to think about moving inland if you live in these places. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 4.0 Quake, Near Bremerton, Washington, June, 15, 1994. (2.) 4.1 Quake near Tacoma, Washington AP 9-10-94. * Montana will experience some earthquakes as the fault systems that reach eastward from the coast continue to spread. We do see some damage in populated areas from quakes in the 5.0 zone around the middle of the month. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Quake 4.2 in Montana on 8-16-94 USGS Online 800# * August is going to be a hazardous month for Earth movements. At this point in time, we are seeing a very violent quake occurring between Los Angeles and a point 200 miles north. The quake will originate not more than one mile deep, so the effects will be felt for many miles around. The force could be as high as an 8.0, down to a minimum of 7.0. The movement has been working up to this for a long time. It could already have happened in July, or it could hold off another month, but it is a very strong probability in this time frame! VOICE # 3. FULFILLED--(1.) On 9-1-94, a strong 7.2 earthquake hit off the coast of Humbolt County with an epicenter about 90 miles west of Eureka and about 255 miles northwest of San Francisco. AP 9-1-94 * (In August) Earth movements will be felt in Tennessee, Missouri and, believe it or not, in Michigan. No heavy quakes, just shifting. VOICE # 3. FULFILLED--(1.) On 9-2-94 a 3.4 quake hit in Lower Peninsula of Michigan shaking buildings almost 100 miles away. AP 9-2-94. (2.) On 9-20-94 a 2.7 quake hit Memphis, about 25 miles north of Memphis. ECR Sept, 1994. (3.) On 9-26-94 a 3.6 quake hit in Tennessee 15 miles east of Cairo, ILL. USGS. * From the welcome warm temperatures in Maine to the intense heat and humidity in New York, heat will be the subject of conversation. The middle of August will give some relief as storm systems move in from the Atlantic, one after another. There is a possibility of a very intense storm about the third week in August which will extend almost from the Canadian border down to Virginia. A hurricane is possible also, moving in from the southeast about this same time or a week later. VOICE # 3. FULFILLED--(1.) Global temperatures averaged 3-6 degrees centigrade above normal across the Mid Atlantic, Northeast, Southern High Plains, Southwestern US. ECR August 1994. * Toward the end of the month (August), there is a good probability of a hurricane coming in from the northeast, swirling into the Gulf and hitting the Texas coast. This is not a definite statement, but we do see it as probable. VOICE # 3. * It would not be surprising to have some good-sized quakes this month in Brazil. Chile has also been affected by the deep quake of June, which jolted the deep undersea ridge and sent energy to its very depths. In the near future, quakes could send some very heavy tremors racing to the coastline and beyond. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A 5.9 quake struck northwest Columbia. 9-13-94 AP. (2.) A 5.5 quake struck central Chile near Valporazo. 9-22-94 USGS. * (In August) Most of the northern countries (of Europe) will experience comfortable temperatures, but a great deal of rain. There is a huge low front forming, even as we speak, that will produce constant storms and rain for the first three weeks of the month. This will result in some flooding, of course. Temperatures will be higher in the southern countries, much higher. Rains will be welcomed, and the mix between the two weather conditions will be rather pleasant. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Heavy rains threaten to sweep away villages across France. ABC News 8-10-94. * (In August) Beware the Mediterranean, though. The pressures that have been building for so long under the "dormant" volcanoes is cooking on the big burner now, and we feel a very, very heavy explosion somewhere in that area in late July or August. VOICE # 3. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A powerful 5.6 quake ripped through northwest Algeria killing at least 150 people and collapsing thousands of mud-brick homes. At least 289 people were injured and 8000 to 10,000 were left homeless by the quake which struck in the Mascara region, 250 miles west of Algiers. AP 8-18-94 (2.) A moderate 4.1 quake hit the above Beni Chougrane mountains killing 171 people and leaving 10,000 homeless. AP 8-28-94 * There come forth also in the month of August government statements of involvement with extraterrestrials. Some of the statements are true, and some of the statements are partially true: some of the statements are not true at all. Yet that information comes forth more and more and more. And many of you who are resonating with these words are already aware of the interactions of different governments with those beings from beyond the Earth. VOICE # 7. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) On Memorial Day weekend (May 31, 1994), an event of enormous significance occurred near Sedona, AZ. It strongly suggests a crash or a major landing of a UFO. Two ranking senators had been seen in Sedona several days before Memorial Day weekend. Supposedly they were in Sedona for some high-level and secret governmental meeting. Shortly after that, all the rooms in a large local hotel were booked by FBI agents. Then on Sunday, May 29, seventeen Cobra and Apache helicopters were seen and counted on the ground in a remote area near House Mountain which is a few miles from Cornville, AZ. (Cornville is 10 miles southeast of Sedona.) VOICE # 10 (2.) A UFO landed and was seen covered up on a flat bed truck. I believe that it was something operated by your own military power, which could have accounted for the security precautions....You must remember that the entire Stealth fighter jet program is an elaborate cover--an expensive cover, but an elaborate cover for the true intent which is building, maintaining and operating a fleet of flying disks. I don't want to call them UFO's because the term doesn't apply. Flying disks are placed in the sky, I can't say really by the United States government because we're really talking about a private group that is utilizing the United States as a base and is utilizing technology obtained from the stars, but from my experience here, I would say this is some international group, what has been referred to as the shadow government....I will tell you that it was shot down by extraterrestrials. There has been a falling out in recent years between those who provided the technology to the shadow government from the extraterrestrial sources and the shadow government itself. So what you have here essentially is truly a Star War. VOICE # 2. * During the month of August from that in the north called Alaska and those surrounding territories, there come of course, as is natural in time, the great melting of great snow and ice masses, yet we say the melting will be greater than they have been in history before--greater, greater releasing of water. VOICE # 7. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) The Kanga Volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Islands is acting up again, throwing ash and steam into the air. The current eruptions began on August 22, 1994.ECR 9-94 * If we are to have significant quake activity this year (1994)--magnitude 7.0 and greater--it will most likely occur later this month (Jan 1994) VOICE #1 FULFILLED--6.6 quake, Northridge, CA, Jan 17, 1994 * As given, quake activity greater than 7.5 in the Sea of Japan or Indian Ocean should be seen as precursors to increased activity in that region as well as North and South America....Expect quakes in the 8 to 9 range to occur in this region in '93 to' 94. Voice # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 7.2 quake, town of Liva on Sumatra Island in Indonesia, Feb 16, 19941. (2.) 7.7 quake, East Jave in Indonesia, June 2, 1994. (3.) Mount Gamalama in eastern Indonesia spewed ash and dust. The 2360 ft. volcano had 5-20 minor explosions each day in recent days AP 8-14-94 (4.) A strong 6.5 quake hit the Kuril Islands 110 miles east of Kurilsk and 840 miles northeast of Toyko on 8-28-94. AP 8-28-94 (5.) A 5.7 quake hit the Reiki Islands, Japan AP 9-12-94. (6.) A 5.6 quake shook eastern Japan, 100 miles northeast of Tokyo. AP 9-22-94 (7.) Twin volcanic eruptions have devastated the port of Rabaul in Papua, New Guinea with most of the city being covered with thick layers of volcanic ash and mud. The government estimated that 52,000 people were sheltering in makeshift camps away from the eruption zone. AP 9-23-94. (8.) Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano began actively erupting on 9-8-94 with lava descending the southwestern slope. NEWSGRID 9-12-94. * Massive California earthquake in 1994. VOICE # 6 FULFILLED--6.8 Quake, Northridge, CA, Jan, 17, 1994 * Third LA Quake, 8.3 Richter--March through Spring. If not fulfilled by 1994, this will occur by last quarter of 1995. VOICE # 1 * Arizona, normally dry in June, will have constant showers. VOICE # 3 * Washington State will continue to have frequent earthquakes of Richter 4+. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 4.0 Quake, Near Bremerton, Washington, June, 15, 1994. (2.) 4.1 Quake near Tacoma, Washington AP 9-10-94. * Unusual weather to erupt during middle of June on the Western Slope of the Rockies. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Record June temps of 104 degrees, wild fires-Denver Post 6-29-94 story "The moisture content is so low that it's off the charts" * Hurricane will form that will sweep into the Gulf of Mexico in the latter part of June. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Hurricane Alberto hits Desitin, FLA on July 3, 1994 * Interest Rates go out of control. VOICE # 1 * Heavy rains in Texas and incredible heat (120 to 130 degrees)--Caused by magnetic pole shift which started in 1993. VOICE # 1 FULFILLED--(1.) Record temps of 110-128 degrees in Texas and Arizona in July, 1994 (2.) San Angelo, Texas- 110 degrees breaks 1948 record for June, 1994 ECR August 1994 * Meltdown of US nuclear plant within 3 years which will be worse than Chernobyl. VOICE # 1 * As of June 15, 1994, the teachers will begin to leave the planet at an increasing rate. VOICE # 2 * Strong possibility of very heavy quake off Mexican Coast around end of July. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 4.3 quake on 7-23-94 near coast of Chiapis, Mexico ECR 9-94. (2.) 4.6 quake on 7-27-94 off coast of Central Mexico ECR 9-94. (3.) 4.4 quake on 8-1-94 near coast of Oaxaca, Mexico ERC 9-94 (4.) 4.0 quake on 8-1-94 near coast of Michoacan. Mexico ECR 9-94 (5.) 4.4 quake on 8-2-94 off coast of Jalisco, Mexico ECR 9-94. (6.) 4.2 quake on 8-4-94 in Oaxaca, Mexico ECR 9-94. (7.) 4.7 quake on 8-6-94 in Oaxaca, Mexico ECR 9-94. * Possibility of a strong earthquake or volcanic eruption somewhere on the Asian continent in July. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 7.8 quake centered 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, centered 350 miles below the Sea of Japan, July, 1994. (2.) Mount Merapi, 500 miles East of Jakarta, central Java has increased activity, spewing hot lava and sending a cloud of black smoke up to 1000 meters above crowded Central Java province. 649 tectonic tremors were recorded last month, 25 times the number registered in May, 1994. 500 volcanos are located in the "belt of fire" in Indonesia, of which 128 are active. NEWSGRID 7-15-94. (3.) 5.1 quake near Gorgan, Iran--180 miles north of Tehran on July 23, 1994. (4.) 5.3 quake near Ilam, Iran on July 31, 1994. (5.) 5.9 quake centered under the Banda Sea, 90 miles northeast of Tual, about 1750 miles east of Jakarta on August 5, 1994. (6.) 5.3 quake in southwest Iranian providence of Ilam, 310 miles southwest of Tehran, Iran on July 31, 1994 (7.) Twin volcanic eruptions have devastated the port of Rabaul in Papua, New Guinea with most of the city being covered with thick layers of volcanic ash and mud. The government estimated that 52,000 people were sheltering in makeshift camps away from the eruption zone. AP 9-23-94. (8.) Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano began actively erupting on 9-8-94 with lava descending the southwestern slope. NEWSGRID 9-12-94. * Very strong wind storm will race across the entire continent of Europe causing lots of damage about the middle of July. VOICE # 3 * Strong storm in Western States and Rocky Mountains in third week of July. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED-- Las Vegas hit with 78 mile per hour winds, July 18, 1994 * Southern Arizona will wilt under heat in July. VOICE # 3 FULFILLED--Record temperatures throughout July ranging from 110-120's * Major earthquake activity (greater than 7.0) occurring this summer and fall in Japan, Taiwan, South America, the Middle East, India, New Zealand and USA. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 7.8 quake centered 350 miles below the Sea of Japan and about 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, July 22, 1994. 19 Minutes later a 6.3 quake hit the same area. (2.) 7.1 Quake, Vanuatu Island, South Pacific--July 13, 1994. (3.) 7.8 Quake, Northern Japan, 125 miles SW of Vladivostok, Russia, July 22, 1994 (4.) 7.2 quake in California 90 miles west of Eureka AP 9-1-94. * Breaking up of Michigan into two large islands. VOICE # 1 * The 21 Fragment Comet collision (Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet) will begin on July 16 with the last collision on July 22 and it will cause the following: 1. Bizarre dreams. Some of you will begun to have them. The odd dreams, the really weird ones are being caused by this asteroid because Jupiter's kind of letting go of her fears. Jupiter is alive...She is a being. 2. Women will feel like they are having their menstrual cycle and then it will go and it will come back and it will go. 3. Some may have feelings of almost morning sickness. 4. The weather will be effected eventually. There will be storms with strange, weird looking sunsets and with sparky things in the sky. They will probably tell people to stay inside at some point, not forever but for a while. 5. There will be days after the impact when people will feel heavy, big and heavy, like they can barely drag themselves out of bed. There will be other times when they will be feeling like they're jumping out of bed because the wave of gravity is just rushing past; then it will rush back. When the gravitational wave hits you, that's when you feel heavy. When it bounces off the Sun, then you feel light. This strange phenomenon will go on for awhile but it can't hurt you. 6. Men are likely to feel confused and are likely to get a little confused for a while. They will feel personally violated sometimes almost as if a complete stranger had walked up and touched them someplace they ought not to. This is a strange feeling for a man. 7. Your going to feel strange for a while, but it will pass. Within two or three weeks of the impact, it will pass. This is not a good time to pick a fight with people. This will be a good time to settle old emotional differences because it is possible to get through to people during these times. Emotionally it will bring people a little closer together. Emotionally, it will bring people a little closer together. It has that potential. 8. The impacts of the comet pieces on Jupiter will impact it's orbit and the way it turns on it's axis. If that happens to any of your planets, you know they're all affected. 9. Jupiter is very tied to you, biorythmically, so it affects the way you feel, the way your body runs, the way your blood runs around in your veins. You can't have this happen without being affected physically, emotionally, spiritually, instinctually, everything. Your going to be affected on all levels. VOICE # 2. 1994-1995 * As soon as this big quake begins to affect your California, that is when the government's going to step forward will I say? It will be a martial law because things are going to get rather crazy and it'll be needed to protect the citizenry. Watch October (1994) May of next year (1995). VOICE # 8. * Before December 1995, Los Angeles will have an earthquake greater then Richter 9. VOICE # 1 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by a whole number in '94-'95. VOICE # 1 * The 21 Fragment Comet collision (Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet) will cause the following events to occur through 1995 as a result of the collision, with some events beginning 24 hours after the first collision on July 16: 1. It will expand the positive and negative by exponential amounts. 2. Solar flares should occur and cause major aurora borealis. 3. Magnetic fields of Earth and Mars will begin to fluctuate. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) See COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE--9-6 and 7-94 Section V 4. Weather will become erratic at the sea and coastal regions. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) At least 710 people were killed when typhoon Fred hit coastal Zhejiang, China. More than 90,000 businesses in Wenzhou and nearby areas were shut down and 741,000 acres of farmland throughout Zhejiang province were damaged. AP 8-24-94 5. High winds will occur between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. BEING FULFILLED-- (1.) Hurricane John with sustained winds of 160 mph threatened Johnson Island 700 miles southwest of Honolulu. AP 8-24-94. (2.) Hurricane Lane in Pacific in Sept, 1994 with winds of 130 MPH. Weather Channel. (2.) Hurricane Olivia with winds of 150 MPH in the Pacific Ocean. Weather Chanel 9-25-94. 6. Watch the Pacific and Atlantic oceans for violent reactions within 24 hours of the collision of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter. Tectonic plates will be triggered. Expect deep quakes (100 miles or more) throughout the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. FULFILLED--(1.) Sunday, July 17 after 24 hours of relative calm, tens of thousands of Rwandan civilians streamed across the border to safety in Zaire. According to the washington Post, this day was the most violent since the Rwandan Hutus' mass exodus began on Thursday. (2.) Tuesday, July 19 tropical storm Yunya hit northern Philippines with torrential rains and high winds. According to a Reuters report, steaming mudflows created out of tons of volcanic ash left the slopes of Pinatubo after its eruption in 1991 damaged three dikes and closed five bridges. The raging flood waters also caused a huge explosion of ash as it poured into a pocket of hot volcanic debris. (3.) Wednesday, July 20 Hurricane Emilia, 350 miles north of the Hawaiian Islands, with sustained winds of 160 mph, and gusts to 195 mph, was according to USA Today, the most powerful central Pacific hurricane ever recorded. (4.) Thursday, July 21 two quakes occurred deep in the Sea of Japan near the southeast coast of Russia. According to Reuters, the 348 mile deep first quake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and the second quake was 6.3 on the Richter scale. The quake was too deep to trigger a tsunami, but it shook Tokyo and surrounding areas. (5.) Friday July torrential rains pounded Hong Kong and Macao, triggering flash floods and landslides. The United Press reported water levels in some areas reached as high as 10 feet. 7. Areas to watch: Sea of Japan, Indian Ocean, Pacific West Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Sargasso Sea. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 5.8 quake southern coast of Indonesia, 363 miles northwest of Jakarta. (2.) 5.9 quake centered under the Banda Sea, 980 miles northwest of Tual, 1750 miles east of Jakarta, on August 5, 1994. (3.) 5.2 quake shook northern Japan on Thursday 8-25-94. It was centered 44 miles below the surface of the ocean off Kushiro. AP 8-24-94. (4.) 7.2 quake in California, 90 miles west of Eureka. AP 9-1-94. (5.) A 4.2 quake rocked the northern island of Hokkaido Japan on 8-31-94. AP 8-31-94 (6.) A strong 6.4 quake shook the same island on 9-1-94 AP 9-1-94 (7.) A strong 7.2 quake on 9-1-94 hit Northern Calf. near Eureka USGS. (8.) a 6.0 quake hit in the Bismark Sea near New Guina AP 9-23-94. (9.) A 5.5 quake in Mindenou, Phillipine Islands USGS 9-20-94. (10.) A 6.6 quake in Taiwan USGS 9-16-94. (11.) A 6.0 quake in Jawa, Indonesia USGS 9-12-94. (12.) A 5.7 quake in the Tonga Islands USGS 9-12-94. (13.) A 5.8 quake in Jakarta, Indonesia AP 9-9-94. (14.) A 5.6 quake rocked the southern Philippines AP 9-1--94. 8. Already strained relationships of people will fragment. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Iranian- backed guerrillas attacked outposts of Israeli-allied militiamen in south Lebanon on 8-25-94, provoking retaliatory artillery and tank fire AP 8-25-94. (2.) A dozen Asian youths surrounded a 15 year old in London and one attacker plunged a knife through his back and into his heart. Relations have never been this polarized before said the coordinator of a center in the area. AP 8-23-94. (3.) Palestinian police imposed a curfew on a Gaza town to quell riots and shootings that flared after a teenager was slain AP 8-21-94 (4.) A city bus driver was jailed for slashing the face of a deaf mute passenger. The passenger touched the driver's shoulder in an attempt to communicate and the driver pulled a knife and cut the passengers face from his forehead to his chin that required 50 stitches. AP 8-26-94. (5.) Iranian-backed guerrillas and Israel's militia allies clashed in dusk- to-dawn artillery duels in South Lebanon after a deadly guerrilla ambush AP 9-3-94. (6.) Suspected Muslim extremists shot and killed a policeman and a police guard in southern Egypt. On August 26, Muslim radicals fired on a tour bus in Southern Egypt, killing a 13 year old Spanish tourist and wounding three others. AP 9-2-94. (7.) Security forces in southeastern Turkey killed 404 Kurdish rebels in August. Security forces killed 11 rebels in separate clashes in six southeastern provinces on 9-4-94 AP 9-4-94. (8.) Iraq accused Syria, Iran and Turkey of plotting with the United States and Kurdish separatists to fragment the country AP 9-4-94. (8.) An early evening shooting over a dice game, in Detroit at an illegal after-hours club, left 4 men dead and two injured police said. Detroit Police Commander Gerald Stewart said "Totally senseless. The perpetrators as well as the victims are becoming younger and younger each year." (9.) Police in Tempe Arizona arrested WBC junior flyweight champion Michael Carajal on felony charges related to a shooting at a weekend party he was told to leave. Witnesses at the party told police that Carbajal fired at least a dozen shots into the air from the passenger side of his vehicle, which was driven by an unknown female. Twelve casings from a .380-caliber weapon were found on the street and were seized. AP 9-4-94 (10.) A armed gunman with an assault rifle gunned down an NBC stagehand, scattering crowds of tourists and rush hour commuters AP 9-2-94. (11.) A state legislator in Sydney, Australia who crusaded against violence among Asian immigrants in his suburban district was shot dead in front of his home as his fiancee looked on. AP 9-5-94 (12.) A colorful parade scene in New York became the scene of a suicide when a man threw himself beneath the wheels of a tractor-trailer pulling a float. AP 9-6-94. (13.) A man in Bangkok, Thailand interrupted a news conference by Commerce Minister Uthai Pinchaichon to hurl a bag full of excrement in his face. AP 9-7-94. (14.) Fifteen Muslim extremists were detained by Palestinian police in the Gaza Strip. AP 9-7-94. (15.) A man competing with two cats for his girlfriend's affections in Houston poisoned the animals and cooked them in a microwave. AP 9-7-94. (16.) A Ford worker opened fire with a .357 magnum as a union meeting was breaking up, killing two fellow workers and wounding two others. AP 9-10-94. (17.) Leftist guerrillas in Medellin, Columbia assassinated a congressman of the ruling Liberal Party. AP 9-19-94. (18.) An explosion next to a police bus carrying police officers and civilian employees killed one policeman and injured 10 other people in Athens, Greece AP 9-19-94. (18.) A man with a pistol fired several shots into the ceiling of a cafeteria at a major Japanese newspaper then fled. The shooting was the latest in a series of attacks directed at Japanese media. AP 9-22-94. (19.) An 83 year old man was found murdered in his hospital bed in New York. A fabric arm restraint had been twisted around his neck. (20.) A 24 year old American tourist was slain in the Rhine River city of Koblenz, Germany, Two children found her partially clothed body in a lower room of the medieval Ehrenbreitstein fortress. AP 9-26-94. (21.) Two gunman attacked a Canadian outside a Baha'i center in Umtata, South Africa killing the man and seriously injuring his wife before driving off in their car. AP 9- 26-94. (22.) A worker discovered a bomb in a garbage bag outside Free Democratic Party offices in Bremen, Germany a day after an office of the party's coalition partner was destroyed by fire. AP 9-26-94. (23.) American students in Moscow are shaken by the murder of a fellow student in his dormitory where he was strangled with a rope, then tossed off a 16th-story dormitory balcony. AP 9-26-94. (24.) A man in Racine, Minn. who secretly taped his wife's calls and learned she had accused him of molesting their two teen-age daughters shot and killed all three and himself. AP 9-26-94. (25.) "Girl slaughtered with screwdriver", "Witch-Grandmother burned alive" "Kills neighbor with pitchfork", Old woman kills child" are just a few of the grisly headlines filling local newspapers in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. "The increase in bizarre and sadistic murders is alarming and could be caused by accumulated stress" said a psychologist and expert in murder cases. AP 9-24-94. (26.) A black man was beaten up and set on fire in his crotch by two whites in London in what appeared to be a racial attack triggered by the victim's relationship with a whit girl. AP 9-23-94 (27.) A drunken Zairian soldier threw a grenade at a house in Goma, Zaire killing two civilians. Enraged local citizens then beat another soldier to death and injured a third soldier. AP 9-25-94. (28.) Gangs of neo-Nazi skinheads and immigrants brawled with each other and police in western Sweden leaving several officers and youths injured. AP 9-25-94. (29.) A bomb exploded on a train in Dublin, Ireland as it pulled into the station, slightly injuring two middle-aged passengers. AP 9-12-94. 9. People will start to re-evaluate and alter their ethics, morals, values, philosophies and religious foundations. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) In Emmitsburg, MD. Gianna Talone- Sullivan sees weekly visions of the Virgin Mary which began in 1988 at St. Maria Goretti Roman Catholic parish in Scottsdale, Ariz. AP 9-24-94. 10. Intuition will increase by a quantum leap, and millions will experience a spiritual awakening. 11. New and unknown diseases will emerge. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) The liner Viking Serenade steamed into port a day early after one man died and more then 400 others came down with a sudden intestinal illness. People were dropping like flies. AP 9-1-94 (2.) Bubonic plague has hit an area of India devastated by an earthquake that killed 10,000 people. AP 9-21-94. (3.) Pneumonic plague has stricken Surat, India more than 700 miles away from the capital of New Delhi. Hundreds of private doctors fled Surat, where two million people live, when the plague broke out. Angry people ransacked the clinics of two doctors and burned some of the furniture in the streets. More than 100,000 people have fled Surat in panic. The plague outbreak is India's second in two months and may involve a deadlier strain than the one reported in August. AP 9-27-94. (4.) In neighboring Maharashtra state of India, another form of the illness--bubonic plague--has spread from villages where it broke out last month. AP 9-27-94. (5.) Something is killing the Laguna, Calif herd of goats. At least 20 in a herd of 800 goats have died this week. Veterinarians suspect a contagious disease. AP 9-23-94. (6.) In Brisbane, Australia, veterinarians continued tests hoping to discover the cause of a virus that has killed 11 horses, left a leading trainer seriously ill and forced the cancellation of all racing in the south of Queensland state. AP 9-24-94. 12. Military conflicts will increase in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.--Watch Turkey! VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Rwanda--200,000 people murdered Time 5-9-94. (2.) Goma, Zaire--5,000 protesters fight troops as town sinks into lawlessness AP 8-11-94. (3.) Logos, Nigeria-- Machete armed gangs enforce 5 week strike against military government AP 8-2-94. (4.) Nairobi, Kenya- Worsening shortages and fighting between rebels and government forces are threatening the lives of thousands of displaced people in South Sudan. Sudan's southern war has killed 500,000 people, displaced many more and sent tens of thousands into exile. Reuter 8-14-94. (5.) Logas, Nigeria--A group claimed responsibility for a grenade attack on a Cabinet minister's home. AP 8-16-94 (6.) Israeli troops opened fire on Palestinian rioters wounding 3 people on 8-26-94. AP 8-26-94. (7.) Police clashed with ethnic Albanians in western Macedonia injuring 4 policemen on 8-25-94 AP 8-25-94. (8.) Chechnya's main opposition group attacked troops loyal to the president of the separist Russian region and called once again for his overthrow. AP 9-2-94. (9.) Syria accelerated it's arms buildup and has 4,000 tanks, and 3,000 missile launchers as well as long range Scud missiles. AP 9-2-94. (10.) Scores of people have been killed and hundreds wounded in 4 days of bloody factional fighting in the shattered Afghan capital of Kabul. AP 9-18-94 (11.) A moderate Muslin party leader was shot and killed underlining the continuing violence in Algeria despite last week's release of jailed Muslin leaders. AP 9-17-94 (12.) Suspected Islamic militants killed 4 policemen and a UNICEF employee in a highway ambush in southern Egypt AP 9-17-94. (13.) Security forces say they killed 2 leaders of the radical Armed Islamic Group that has been attacking foreigners in its campaign to destabilize Algeria's government. AP 9-26-94. (14.) Government troops killed as many as 35 Tamil rebels in the deadliest clash this year. The soldiers ambushed the insurgents as they passed through a dense forest near an army base in northern Sri Lanka. AP 9-9-94. (15.) The president of the separatist Crimean Peninsula in Simferopol, Ukraine dissolved parliament and imposed emergency rule describing lawmakers as "unworthy of the people" AP 9-11-94. (16.) Iran will send a team to China investigate the killing of a diplomat in a shootout between a Chinese gunman and police. The number of people killed in the shooting rose to nine. AP 9-21-94. (17.) A grenade attack by an unknown assailant on a market killed five Rwandan refugees, setting off a riot among refugees who have become increasingly militant. AP 9-21-94. (18.) Scores of people were injured when police armed with clubs attacked Hindu nationalists who tried to hold a banned rally against a Muslim-owned slaughter house. AP 9-26-94. (19.) In Kabul, Afghanistan, 12 people were killed by rocket attacks in a western suburb of Kabul where rival Shite Muslims have been fighting nearly two weeks. AP 9-27-94. (20.) Hundreds of former soldiers seized the National Assembly building to demand money they were promised under a peace agreement. AP 9-27-94 (21.) In an unprecedented crackdown on Muslim fundamentalists, Saudi Arabia announced it had arrested 110 "agitators" accused of threatening state security and seeking to spread anarchy and sedition in conjunction with "suspect groups" abroad. AP 9-26-94. (22.) Security forces killed a Muslin extremist with a $70,000 price on his head, the leader of a faction that has claimed responsibility for slaying 60 foreigners in the last year. AP 9-26-94. (23.) The Estonian government collapsed after a vote of no confidence in reformist Prime Minister Mart Laar. AP 9-26-94. (24.) Iranian-backed guerrillas detonated a roadside bomb in Israe's self-designated "security zone"in Lebanon wounding three pro-life Israeli militiamen. AP 9-27-94 * Massive solar flares and unprecedented explosion on Sun to signal the time of the coming magnetic pole shift by 6 degrees. The solar explosion will signal the pole shift in a couple of days which will change the weather dramatically. Magnetic shift will wipe out records storage on computer disks. VOICE # 1 * New Madrid fault eruption--Richter 12+--The Mississippi River will take on a new course in 1994. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Quake 3.5 in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on 8-20-94. ECR 9-94. (2.) Quake 2.7 near Drummonds, Tennessee on 8-20-94 ECR 9-94. (3.) On 9-20-94 a 2.7 quake hit Memphis, about 25 miles north of Memphis. ECR Sept, 1994. (4.) A 3.6 quake hit in Western Kentucky in the New Madrid fault area twenty miles southwest of Paducah, KY. NPR 9-26-94 * Eruption of Mount Rainer--Happens when quake of 7 or greater occurs in Oregon. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) May 1994, the National Research Council issued a report warning that Mount Rainier is seismically active. (2.) Carolyn Driedger, director of the U.S. Geological Survey's Cascade Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Wash, told Science News, the USGS now considers Rainer the most dangerous volcano in America. The report said: "A major volcanic eruption or debris flow could kill thousands of residents and cripple the economy of the Pacific Northwest. Despite the potential for such danger, Mount Rainer has received little study." (3.) A group of scientists from Washington and Oregon this spring (1994) issued the latest warning. The region, they said, is ripe for a giant jolt--a subduction earthquake--if the floor of the North Pacific thrusts itself under the North American continent." In the Earth Changes Report of August 1994, Issue No. 35, Gordon-Michael Scallion gives a complete summary of his Mount Rainer Predictions as to how it will happen, why it will happen, what will happen, early warning signs, when it will happen, contributing factors and recent updates as of that issue. (4.) 7.2 quake in Calif. 90 miles west of Eureka, CA AP * Africa will spread out causing crisis leading to WW III. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) See AFRICA in UNDATED PROPHESIES-- SECTION III * Volcanic activity in Iceland. VOICE # 1 * Water levels rise globally due to sinking and rising of land masses and the melting of the poles. People on the East Coast begin to migrate inland. VOICE # 1 FULFILLED--(1.) Denver Post 5-29-94 headline "The Destruction of America's Beaches"-- "Virtually all of the nations beaches are shrinking because of rising sea levels. About 90% of US beaches are presently eroding on all three coasts." (2.) AP 7-30-94 Some South Pacific islands could disappear under rising sea levels triggered by global warming from the industrialized worlds air pollution. (2.) Eight asian nations containing a quarter of the worlds population could force particular danger if threatened changes come to pass from worse monsoon flooding, coastal inundation from rising sea levels. The possibility of rising temperatures because of the greenhouse effect has been discussed for several years. Areas to be effected by rising temperatures and sea levels are (a.) Pakistan (b.) India (c.) Sri Lanka (d.) Bangladesh (e.) Malaysia, (f.) Vietnam and (g.) Philippine. AP 8-12-94 * Devastation in Europe. VOICE # 1 * Seepage of salt water will continue to creep inland in many areas around New York and a few new sink holes will be discovered. New York City will continue to pump out deep basements and shore up foundations of skyscrapers. In the next few years, earth movements on the East Coast will increase and buildings whose foundations have been undermined by seepage will be the first to fall. VOICE # 3 * In the Middle East, pressures continue to get stronger, deep in the Earth and upon the surface. Political unrest and hatreds whipped up by religious leaders are causing many to swing toward the new leader known to the world as the Beast of prophesy. Soon this leader will become known to the world. The conflagration foretold in the Bible for the end of this cycle of time is starting to produce the flames of discord that could flare up into that terrible war. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) A small 4.1 earthquake centered north of Jericho shook the West Bank and Israel. AP 9-16-94. * Within next few years, the following will occur: 1. Major nuclear disaster in Scandinavia or the North Seas. 2. Jordan ceasing to exist as a nation. 3. Egypt falls to the Fundamentalists. 4. A Russian leading a major worldwide environmental movement. VOICE # 5 1994-1998 * Quakes will be frequent from Vancouver to the Baja from this time forward (2/94), one after another. VOICE # 1. BEING FULFILLED--(1.) 4.4 Quake, Fort St. John area of British Columbia, May 22, 1994. (2.) 3.8 Quake, Vancouver Island, June 2, 1994. (3.) 4.1 Quake, Bremerton, Washington, June 15, 1994. (4.) 4.3 Quake, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, June 18, 1994 (5.) 4.9 Quake, Eureka, CA, June 19, 1994 (6.) A swarm of more than 200 quakes in California during the last 2 weeks in July. This is the fourth swarm in the last 3 years to strike a 2 mile area southwest of Fontana, Calif, 50 miles East of Los Angeles. (7.) 4.8 quake 35 miles S.E. of Barstow, CA. on Aug 1, 1994. (8.) 3.5 quake in San Fernando, CA on Aug.3, 1994 (9.) Southern CA has been shaken by more than 121,000 earthquakes since 1987. Of these, about 2700 or roughly one a day were of a magnitude 3 or greater. NEWSGRID 8-2-94. (10.) 4.0 quake, Yucca Valley, CA on 8-7-94 AP. (11.) 3.6 quake, Holister, CA on 8-8-94 Weather Channel. (12.) 3.7 quake, Twenty Nine Palms, CA on 8-7-94 Weather Channel. (13.) 3.6 quake, Twenty Nine Palms on 8-8-94 Weather Channel. (14.) 2.5 quake, San Fernando, CA on 8-08-94 Weather Channel. (15.) Two 3.9 quakes, Eureka, CA on 8-10-94 Weather Channel. (16.) 2.8 quake, Barstow, CA on 8-10-94 Weather Channel. (17.) 2.9 quake , Palm Springs on 8-11-94 Weather Channel. (18.) 4.3 quake Mexicalli, Mexico on 8-11-94 Weather Channel. (19.) Two quakes 2.6 & 2.7 Northern CA on 8-11-94 Weather Channel. (20.) 2.6 quake Clear Lake, CA on 8-12-94 Weather Channel (21.) 2.8 quake Twenty Nine Palms and 3.7 quake at oceanside on 8-13-94 Weather Channel. (22.) Four quakes (3.0-3.3) in central and southern Calif. on 8-14-94 Weather Channel 8-14-94. (23.) Four quakes (2.6-3.8) in central and southern Calif on 8-15-94 Weather Channel 8-15-94. (24.) 2.9 quake in Holister, Calif. on 8-16-94 Weather Channel 8-16-94. 2.9 quake, Holister, Calif. on 8-17-94 Weather Channel 8-17-94. (26.) 2.9 quake in Lone Pine, Calif. and 2.7 quake in Colinga, Calif on 8-18-94 Weather Channel 8-18-94. (27.) 2.5 quake in Lone Pine, Calif on 8-19-94 (28.) three quakes between 2.5 and 3.6 in San Fernando, Calif 0n 8-19-94 Weather Channel (29.) 2.5 quake in San Fernando, Calif. on 8-20-94 Weather Channel (30.) quake 3-4 on Richter scale in Southern Calif. on 8-21-94 Weather Channel. (31.) 3.0 quake in Clear Lake, Calif on 8-24-94 Weather Channel. (32.) 2.9 quake in Clear Lake, Calif on 8-25-94 Weather Channel 8-25-94. (33.) Two quakes between 3 and 4 Richter in San Fernando, Calif on 8-27-94 Weather Channel 8-27-94. (34.) Two quakes (2.7 and 3.8) in Holister, Calif, 1 quake in Rascali, Calif and a 3.0 quake in Baker, Calif. on 8-28-94 Weather Channel 8-28-94. (35.) 2.8 quake in Palm Springs, Calif on 8-30-94 Weather Channel 8-30-94 (36.) 7.2 quake 90 miles west of Eureka, Calif on 9-1-94 AP 9-1-94. (37.) From 9-1-94 to 9- 11-94, fifteen quakes ranging from 2.7 to 4.1 Richter hit from Alaska through lower california. USGS. (38.) A 6.3 quake hit South Lake Tahoe, Calif. Thirty five aftershocks ranging from 3-4 on the Richter scale and a large 5.3 aftershock followed. Scientists are unsure of the fault line that the quake was on. AP 9-14-94. (39.) A 5.1 quake in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska on 9-12-94 followed by 3 more from 3.2 to 4.9 Richter hit the same area on 9-16-94 USCS. (40.) A 2.7 quake in Northridge on 9-18-94. USGS. (41.) A 5.2 quake in the Aleutian Islands on 9- 18-94. USGS. (42.) Four aftershocks in South Lake Tahoe on 9- 19-94 ranging from 3.7 to the largest of 5.3. USGS. (42.) A 5.3 quake in the Aleutian Islands on 9-19-94. USGS. (43.) A 4.6 quake in South Lake Tahoe on 9-20-94. USGS. (44.) Two aftershocks of 4.5 in South Lake Tahoe on 9-20-94. USGS. (45.) A 4.5 quake in Eureka, CA on 9-20-94. USGS. (46.) A 3.1 quake in Reading, Calif on 9-23-94 USGS. (47.) A 3.0 quake in southern Calif on 9-26-94 USGS. (48.) Two 3.0 quakes in South Lake Tahoe on 9-26-94 and 2 3.0 quakes in Southern calif on 9- 26-94 along with 2 3.0 quakes in Alaska on 9-26-94. Weather Channel.(49.) A 3.5 quake off the coast of Eureka, Calif on 9- 27-94. USGS. * Magnetic pole shift will become measurable on compass. These will be triggered by magnetic fields which produce frequencies that cause rock formations to react or oscillate. Magnetic and gravitational waves emanating from the sun, moon and stars are the prime triggers. Certain alignment of the planets occur in the heavens, comets enter our system, the sun or Mars changes it's polarity, a planet enters this sun system as part of a long orbit cycle. Any of these may act to affect magnetic fields and bring about a pole shift, as can misusing the forces of Nature by man. VOICE # 1 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) See COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE 9-6 to 9-7- 94 in SECTION V. 1995 * Completed Islands of California by Sept through December 1995. Quakes to reach Richter 15. VOICE # 1 * The man who the Bible calls the Beast is busy drawing people to his brand of false peace and prosperity and this will come to a head in 1995. VOICE # 3 1995-1996 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by 2 in '95-'96. VOICE # 1 * Emigrants from the US will be moving to Canada. This started in 1994 but by 1995 and 1996 it will become a very complex problem for the US government. It will be a start of the thinking about separate states or colonies, as parts of the country will become unlivable for about 50 years. VOICE # 3 BEING FULFILLED--(1.) Californians continue to flee their state in large numbers Denver Post 8-19-94. (2.) Computer maker Pakard Bell has decided to leave Southern Calif. ruling out relocation to Palmdale, at least partly because of fear of a risk of earthquake damage. NEWSGRID 8-17-94 (3.) Rocky Mountain News 9-4-94 "Californians flock to Colorado" In 1993, 31,712 Californians came to Colorado and as of July, 1994, an additional 15, 944 have done likewise. * US becomes 13 colonies with several states merging into a single colony. VOICE # 1 1995-1998 * WW III will begin between 1995 and 1998. Crisis will begin in Middle East as Turkey spreads out. Ten countries will be involved in nuclear war. Aid from nuclear fallout will come from tablets to prevent effects on body. Missiles will not fall on North America. However, the potential exists that a very small yield nuclear devices may be exploded by terrorists in the U.S. in New York City or washington, DC. VOICE # 1 1996 * Bermuda (Atlantis) will rise from the ocean. The last destruction of Atlantis was 12,499 years ago and was caused by the misuse of spiritual laws and physical laws. The sinking of Atlantis happened in a day and a night when the plate upon which it rested, shifted 7 degrees and the great continent disappeared under the sea. VOICE # 1 1997 * Earthquake magnitudes will increase on an average by 3 in '97-'98. VOICE # 1 * By August 15, 1997, all of the spiritual teachers will be retired or they will be gone. Some will die at their rightful times, at the end of their natural cycles. Many will be able to retire because many people will now embrace their own power. They will begin to lead not by demanding the allegiance of others but will lead by example of the benevolent path of their own life. VOICE # 2 1997-1998 * By about 1997-1998, the race will be prepared for the necessary changes of the physical and spiritual nature of the Planet. This will lessen the harmful effect of these changes. VOICE # 9. 1998 * The earth alterations to cripple America will only be part of a series to effect the globe as a whole. Japan will disappear, sections of the coast of China will likewise be submerged, as will portions of Arabia, India, Nova Scotia, and a large part of Scandinavia. These alterations will culminate in 1998, when the globe will undergo a pole shift, and a change in polarity. The shift will be very abrupt, taking place in a single 24 hour period, followed by three days of earth-shaking readjustments. But then will come a quieting and settling, and mankind will have a chance to rebuild again. VOICE # 13. * By 1998, in the United States, an accident similar to Chernobyl will occur. It's location is not clear but appears to be east of the Rockies. It will not result from the Earth Changes but will be caused by failing structures from old age, equipment, and operator errors. A large area of 12 miles will be affected in it;s primary circle and many hundreds miles due to air currents and water contamination. After the accident, a national movement begins, rekindling the antinuclear movement. Reactors across the United States begin to shut down--the oldest first, followed by those in densely populated areas. VOICE # 1. 1999 2000 * Like Uranus, Neptune will also enter Aquarius about the year 2000, as a sign of a new beginning. It will bring the founding of a new civilization based on enlightened humanitarianism, and knowledge will be used for only constructive purposes. The psychic abilities of people are also forecast to be heightened, as well as the growth of universal brotherhood among all mankind. The promise of a rebirth of Spiritual leaders at this time is also indicated. VOICE # 14. * Pluto passes into Sagittarius in 2000, marking an era of Spiritual regeneration, and the discernment of deeper Spiritual values. Man will learn to communicate with God through his intuition, and will be taught by many reincarnated Spiritual leaders in new interpretations of himself in relation to the universe about him. VOICE # 14. * An 11th planet called Nemesis is orbiting between the 10th and the 12th planets. The impact of the Shoemaker levy comet with Jupiter is not a part of the 11th planet but is like a signal flag or a sign. After the Shoemaker Levy comet collision happens, the breaking up of the 11th planet will begin. In about 6 years (from 1994), pieces of the 11th planet will begin to fragment and to come off and hurtle towards the Sun. Some of it will burn up but not all of it. It will act like an egg and the Sun will utilize that material to give birth to a different version of the solar system. The pieces are going to come hurtling off the 11th planet like a fragmentation device and they're going to go whizzing in towards the Sun and they're going to hit different planets. At least three (3) pieces have the potential of coming close enough to Earth to seriously affect you. One of them might even glance off of your North Pole. It might be hard to imagine that a piece going through your atmosphere and then impacting your North Pole could glance off, but it doesn't actually work the way it sounds. The poles extend well above your atmosphere, but if that piece glances off, say 20,000 miles above your North Pole, you will have a magnetic storm on Earth like you've never had before. VOICE # 2. 2000-2030 * As a result of the Earth's axis shift about the year 2000, most of the present day continents will change their shapes, with large portions submerged, while new continental masses will have risen in what are now the oceans...At this time, mankind--having learned what a disastrous course the rank social materialism of the twentieth century has led us--will devote themselves to a true spiritual renewal. Teachers will appear--from this and other dimensions--to aid in this reformation, to "lift the veil from men's minds," and offer new cultural directions. By the year 2030, new governments and economies will be established but their influences will be of a greatly reduced level, with their guiding emphasis being to promote personal development, and insure fair distribution of essentials. Science, too, will take a more creative direction: Instead of being used for exploitation and regulation, it will explore revolutionary new forms of energy and growth, while remaining in perfect harmony with the earth and its environment. Some of the scientific achievements the psychics forecast are: Using prayer for increasing agricultural yield and controlling weather; tapping the earth's and the sun's electromagnetic field as a universal power source; using color, light and crystals for healing; and finding the secret to limb regeneration. VOICE # 15. 2001 * Five major cities, (Golden Cities) will be established in US. After their activation during the prophesied transition, these locations become qualified with individualized focused light rays and these cities manifest into third dimension (fourth?). Each Golden City is co-sponsored by an Ascended Master, Beloved Elohim or Archangel. These sponsors pledge to serve mankind in these ever present locations for twenty years, gently and peacefully guiding human thought and feeling into the millennium. The names and location as well as the climate in those cities will be: 1. SHALAH (Idaho/Montana area), Eastern Indian Climate; 2. GOBEAN (Arizona\New Mexico area, Arabic Hot Climate; 3. MALTON (Illinois/Indiana area), Nordic Cool Climate; 4. WAHANEE (Georgia/South Carolina area), African Hot Temperate Climate; 5. KLEHMA (Colorado/Kansas area), American Indian Mild Climate. Denver becomes the center of balance for our nations economy. After the tribulation, the people will be taught the twelve (12) foundational laws of the cosmos as follows: 1. HARMONY--"All energy, in order to be sustained for creation, must be maintained in balance. Balance is the continuous cycle of harmony." (Sananda) 2. ABUNDANCE--"It is the job of the creator never to infringe upon the path of abundance of his brother or sister, never to take away his choice." (Sananda) 3. CLARITY--"Light has come forth for clarity. It has come forth not to judge or discern. It has come forth simply to be." (Sananda) 4. LOVE--"Love is the first action and energy to come forth in creation." (Sananda) 5. SERVICE--"Love, in service, breathes the breath for all." (Sanat Kumara) 6. ILLUMINATION--"Illumination, yes, is an action of your mind! Illumination is the use of your mind without fear and judgement." (Sananda) 7. COOPERATION--Feminine principle--"Beauty sees the exquisite boundaries of each individual. Cooperation sees the form of divinity first, and then honors the function." (Lady Master Venus) COOPERATION--Masculine principle--"Carry the focus that cooperation is sustained. This allows the harmonics of creation to flow forward so that you and all are one. (Sanat Kumara) 8. CHARITY--"Charity is a distribution, and it is the equalizer when there is injustice and inequity." (Sanat Kumara) 9. DESIRE--"Desire springs not only from the heart, it comes from the soul, the spark of creativity." (Sanat Kumara) 10. FAITH--"Faith is the agreement between the focus of your desire and the stillness of creation." (Sananda) 11. STILLNESS--"Stillness is the space where energy is gathered and aligned to come forth in a manifestation." (Sanat Kumara) 12. CREATION--Part 1--"Creation! See it pulse with the sweetness of life! The joy of giving the law of love!" (Mary) CREATIVITY--Part 2--"Creation is one. Creativity is part of!" (Sanat Kumara) VOICE # 4 2100 * In the year 2100, Edgar Cayce foresaw he would return to a new lifetime, in what is now Nebraska. Though today the place is near the center of the nation, in that century the Nebraskan city he will be born in will be on the Pacific coast--the entire western portion of America having disappeared...The houses of the 22nd century were mostly of glass. Industries were small, and scattered here and there--not concentrated in large cities. Indeed, most cities of our present age were gone--New York, he noted, had been destroyed by both war and earthquake, and only by that time was it safe enough for it's former inhabitants and their descendants to begin rebuilding. Water, he also foresaw, will cover most of Alabama. And what is now Norfolk, Virginia will become an immense seaport, filled with international traffic. VOICE # 16. ***************************************************************** II. INDEX OF DATED PROPHETIC VOICES listed above 1. Gordon-Michael Scallion, Matrix Institute, P. O. Box 87, Westmoreland, NH 03467, 1-800-628-7493. ( See his complete prophesies from his past newsletters for more information of the exact date of the prophesy discussed. The newsletter is entitled "The Earth Changes Report" is issued monthly for $50/ year and the "Future Map of the United States: 1998- 2001 is available as a folded map for $12 plus s & h or as a laminated map for $18 plus s & h. ) 2. Zoosh (an endtime historian) through Robert Shapiro, Sedona Journal of Emergence, June, 1994, Page 2; July, 1994, Page 4; August, 1994, Page 19. Robert Shapiro may be reached at (602) 282-5883. 3. Peter and the Beings of Light through Ruth Ryden, Sedonia Journal of Emergence, June, 1994, Page 6; August, 1994, Page 14. Ruth Ryden's complete address is HCR Box 313, Wispering Pines, Payson, AZ 85541, (602) 474-3515. 4. Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, Kathumi and Sananda through Lori Adaile Toye, I AM AMERICA map, P. O. Box 2511, Payson, Arizona, 85547, (602) 265-8502. Lori's laminated "I AM AMERICA" map of Earth Changes is available in New Age bookstores or from her for $18 plus s & h. She also has other materials from the ascended masters which are available through the above address. 5. Dannion Brinkley, Encounters: The Hidden Truth--Prophets predictions for the new millennium, Fox TV, July 15, 1994 6. Victoria Bearden, Encounters: The Hidden Truth--Prophets predictions for the new millennium, Fox TV, July 15, 1994 7. Pretty Flower through Eileen Rota, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 6. Eileen may be contacted at 5590 Princess Place, Columbus, OH 43231, (614) 794-2078. 8. YHWH through Arthur Fanning, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August, 1994, Page 28. Arthur Fanning may be reached at P. O. Box 684, Cornville, AZ 86325, (602) 634-9285. 9. E. L. Harwood, 10235 Fulton Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6A 3&5. 10. Tom Dongo, Sedona Journal of Emergence, August 1994, Page 18. 11. Gerardus Tros, "Be Still... for "I" AM YOU...AND SPEAK", Page 103, Wisdom Publications, Box 66053, Heritage P.O., Edmonton AB Canada T6J 6T4. The teachings and prophesies of Gerardus Tros are available directly from Wisdom Publications and are also available for downloading to your computer from the New Age forum library on Compuserve. 12. E. L. Harwood, 10235 Fulton Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6A 3&5. 13. Associations of the Light Morning, Virginia, Rolling Thunder--The Coming Earth Changes, J.R. Jochmans, 1992, Sun Books, Santa Fe, N. M., Page 21. 14. Rolling Thunder--The Coming Earth Changes, J.R. Jochmans, 1992, Sun Books, Santa Fe, N. M., Page 134. 15. Jeffrey Goodman, Psychic investigator--Rolling Thunder- The Coming Earth Changes, J.R. Jochmans, 1992, Sun Books, Santa Fe, N.M., Page 151. 16. Edgar Cayce--Rolling Thunder--The Coming Earth Changes, J.R. Jochmans, 1992, Sun Books, Santa Fe, N.M., Page 163. *****************************************************************


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