EARTH CHANGES 007C-Comments from the People-Effective 11-1-94 File # CHAC07.TXT-This is th

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EARTH CHANGES 007C--Comments from the People--Effective 11-1-94 File # CHAC07.TXT---This is the update for CHAC06.TXT. The section on COMMENTS contains observations and predictions from the people who are watching Earth Changes by observing various changes in their bodies, from animals, from the Old Faithful Geyser and from other sources. This update includes more comments dated from 9-30-94 to 10-29-94 and a new Section I. Some of the 15 new important materials in this update file are detailed on Pages 1-2. This update contains the following new information: 1. Details on signs used by sensitives to determine earthquakes.--See NEW SECTION I. 2. Quake prediction for November 2-9--See COMMENTS, 10/27/94 in Section II. 3. "QUAKE ALERT" From study of Northridge quake--See COMMENTS, 10-27-94 in Section II. 4. Dundalk Maryland Prophesy regarding November 15 and second prophesy on Fisherman passing away.--See COMMENTS, 10-25-94 in Section II. 5. Earthquake dream of magnitude 12 quake--See COMMENTS, 10/18/94 in Section II. 6. Our Lady of Hope predicted sign due on November 15--See COMMENTS, 9-27-94 in Section II. 7. October 4 predicted window of 6.0 quake for Northern California-- See COMMENTS, 10-2-94 in Section II. 8. Mother Mary's message for the United States from Hollywood, Florida--See COMMENTS, 10-6-94 in Section II. 9. Severe food crisis in Asian-Pacific region--See COMMENTS, 10-5-94 in Section II. 10. Research on quakes and geologic understructure.--See COMMENTS, 10-18-94 in Section II. 11. Urgent Global Warning message from Mother Mary and message from Conyers, GA on 10-13-94.--See COMMENTS, 10-13-94 in Section II. 12. Additional listing of books on Earth Changes--See INDEX OF BOOKS in Section III. 13. Recent California earthquake dreams--See COMMENTS, 10-6-94 in Section II. 14. Message from Our Lady of Hope on 10-11-94--See COMMENTS, 10-11-94 in Section II. 15. Increasing End Time signs--See COMMENTS, 10-5-94 in Section II. This file is arranged in the following sections: I. SIGNS USED BY SENSITIVES TO DETERMINE EARTHQUAKES II. COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE III. INDEX OF BOOKS RELATED TO EARTH CHANGES IV. EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF EARTHQUAKES V. EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION AVAILABLE VIA PHONE AND COMPUTER VI. WHAT TO DO BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER AN EARTHQUAKE The companion file CHAD07.TXT is arranged into the following sections: I. DATED PROPHETIC EVENTS II. INDEX OF PROPHETIC VOICES LISTED ABOVE The other companion file CHAU07.TXT is arranged into the following sections: I. UNDATED PROPHETIC EVENTS II. INDEX OF UNDATED PROPHETIC VOICES LISTED ABOVE These prophesies have been tabulated from the sources listed and we make no representation as to the accuracy of the material predicted. For more information of the prophetic voice or the prophesy, the reader is encouraged to read the entire materials as referenced since only selected short portions of some of the complete prophesy have been given due to space limitations. These materials are being updated approximately every month as information is developed. This file number is CHAC07.TXT on COMPUSERVE Encounters Forum, Religion Forum and in the New Age Forum. This file is a partial update as described above of the previous Earth Changes--Time Schedule 006C and contains all of the original uploaded materials from Sections I, II, III, IV, V as well as many additional materials. This material is submitted by the House of David, an End Time teaching group, Norvell E. Von Behren, Director, 7463 S. Marion Street, Littleton, CO 80122. We would like to thank Mark Jacobson, # 72237,1526, for working on a software program which will enable us to provide all of our teaching materials on computer disk, in the near future. We would also like to thank Mark Stinson, #72430,735, for watching the various BBS's and news sources and then providing us with that information for the updates. The readers comments and additional materials for inclusion in the next update of the time schedule are requested. Please contact Norvell through Compuserve 74471,3245, by mail at the above address or by telephone at (303) 794-9516. ***************************************************************** I. SIGNS USED BY SENSITIVES TO DETERMINE EARTHQUAKES Many people are sensitive to changes in earth movements such as earth quakes, storms, pressure changes, etc. These exterior changes can also manifest in the sensitive's body prior to the actual earth change event. How and why this works has been explained by the futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion as follows: "The body is naturally attuned to the earth...As the Earth rotates and moves through its solar cycle, frequencies are generated within the Earth, which in turn pass through all matter, on, above, and within the Earth. One such frequency--the Earthforce-- acts as a pilot frequency, setting up, through induction, resonance with the human body. It is this frequency which acts as the carrier for human, and some animal telepathic communications. Now, as the Earthforce enters the body, initially through the feet, and to some degree the hands, it passes up the limbs to the spinal column where it moves upward and exits through the crown of the head. This action is repeated 7 and 8 times each second. Since this signal is constantly flowing through the body, it can, at times, pick up other signals, carry them piggy-back style, and transmit them to the physical body. This would be similar to television broadcasts which transmit video and audio information. These other signals are created by solar, lunar and planetary forces, weather--especially barometric pressure changes--and plate tectonic movement to name but a few. All of these frequencies affect the body to a greater or lesser degree. Any portions of the body out of balance will be further stressed by these signals. Those systems of the body that will be affected by plate tectonic frequencies will be the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Symptoms that may be experienced as a result of these signals will be cramps in limbs, flu-like symptoms, migraines, and heart and chest palpitations. In this later condition, heart and chest palpitations, reaction will be felt almost instantly, as the chest and ventricle action of the heart are in resonance with the Earthforce." ECR, JULY 1993, Page 7. A good example of this is illustrated below in the communication by a sensitive regarding how her body reacts to various changes: "I get head pains I call either a spike or a pressure on the left side of my forehead. I recently had X-rays taken and there is a darker area on my skull from where I hit my head. The hit to my head must have made me sensitive to EQ signals. When I first associated EQs with my pains, the pain was always in the center of the left side of my forehead. Over time, the pains moved to specific spots and I began to associated these spots with locations out there in the world... Big EQs almost always send out a period of pressure and, as a general rule, the longer the pressure the bigger the EQ...I have a pressure and then 2/3/4 months later I get a spike and within 72 hours there is an EQ. But local EQs seem to have a different pattern and, for as many EQs as we have had, try as I may, I still have many questions and few answers. But one thing I do know, when I get a pressure or a spike, there is going to be an EQ somewhere. You should keep this in mind when I did post and say I am expecting an EQ here or there. A spike always precedes the EQ usually within 72 hours... I am the type who has questioned almost everything my whole life, so this has been difficult for me to except...than one can sense EQs. physically. But if I can, I figure CALTECH can and does. Four semesters of Statistics tells me 49 Emer. Brd. Sys. tests out of 49 preceding local EQs is more than chance. My cats have been mostly quiet for the last two days and they are pretty good at picking up on the immediate..." Dianne P.--COMMENTS 10- 21-94 in Section II. Below we have reproduced some of the signs that sensitives use to determine pending earthquakes and other earth changes such as volcano eruptions, weather changes, etc. These seem to vary all over the map according to which sensitive you listen to. Only by experimentation can you really determine which signs apply to your body if you feel you are sensitive. A. Common changes observed before the event happens 1. Nauseous, flu-like symptoms. 2. Pressure and ringing in the ears, tones in the ears. 3. Throbbing headaches, especially in the back of the head. 4. Depression and/or sense of impending doom. 5. Aching back. 6. Sleeplessness. 7. Fluttery feeling inside like quaking jello. 8. Pounding heart and/or an adrenalin rush. 9. Pains in different parts of the body. 10. Tingling feet and/or vibration in legs. 11. Dizzy and/or uneasy feeling, disorientation. 12. Irritability. 13. Light seems too bright. 14. Vertigo. 15. Hearing groans, rumbles, booms from the earth. 16. Feeling the earth shaking or rolling beneath the feet. 17. Feeling stupid. 18. Feeling the ground sloping downhill. 19. Seeing surfaces sloping downhill. 20. Pressure of organs. 21. Dreams are more vivid. As soon as earthquakes erupt or a volcano erupts, the symptoms stop according to most sensitives. Many sensitives started experiencing body changes after a life threatening event such as an extreme illness. Well known earthquake sensitive Chris Dodge, a math teacher in Fortuna, California believes that sensitives respond to geomagnetic factors in the Earth's crust and they don't detect the earthquake but the magma, based on the following: 1. Molten magma material probably contains ferrous material. 2. The ferrous material carries a magnetic or electromagnetic charge. 3. Days or weeks prior to an earthquake, magma apparently flows upwards through an earthquake fault. 4. Previous illness of sensitives seem to have made their nervous system hypersensitive to magnetic fields. Joseph L. Kirschvink, California Institute of Technology geobiologist says that tiny magnetic particles, identical to those found in animals, have been found in the human brain. Magnetite crystals occur in the brains of homing pigeons, salmon, tuna and whales and are believed to allow those animals to navigate in the Earth's magnetic field, providing an inborn sense of direction, such as the ability of salmon to find their way to their home stream to spawn. B. How does the Earth Changes affect us physically? When the Earth's magnetic field shifts, this throws our electromagnetic bodies off through a process called magnetic induction. As the plates in the Earth move, infra-sound waves are created prior to and during the quake. This sound is too low to be audible. The infra-sound waves couple to and harm our bodies in much the same way as loud music or noise affects our bodies. As the magma bubble increases it will push the plates upwards and the faults will react to this upward pressure. Once the pressure is high enough, the various land masses will break, tear and shift position, then settle down until the next wave hits. Each time this happens it will widen the fractures until they break free. Shortly before a fracture occurs, the build-up of tectonic plate tension will produce a low rumbling vibration sound (under 10 cycles per second)--too low to hear audibly. This ultra-low frequency sound will cause nausea and other flu-like symptoms several weeks before the fracture occurs. Early in the week before the fracture, people will feel pressure in the chest. Large magnitude quakes on the West Coast can cause sonic shocks going east across North America. The shock wave will vibrate or oscillate the sediment layers beneath the Siera Nevada and Rocky Mountain ranges, causing them to drop in altitude, with much damage there. Animals will also experience discomfort and will appear agitated. Many animals will run away, especially dogs. Frogs and snakes will be especially agitated. Eagles and hawks will display unusual patterns of migration. ECR, June 1, 1992, P.13; ECR, July 1, 1992, P.8; ECR, Jan, 1992, P.5; ECR, May, 1992, P.3. II. COMMENTS OF THE PEOPLE The following messages are from various sensitive people that have been observing the events that are occurring around us and in their particular immediate areas. These have been submitted by various members and have been obtained from BBS's throughout the country like Prodigy and others. These messages seem to clearly show that what various prophetic voices have been saying may be correct and is about to occur or, in some instances, has already begun to occur. We solicit the comments of other persons that have been following the upcoming Earth Changes for inclusion in future updates of the Earth Changes Time Schedule. 1. SUBJECT: USGS RELEASE--OREGON QUAKE FROM: Mark S., DATE: 10/29/94 The following is a release by the USGS: A moderate earthquake off the coast of Oregon about 160 miles west of Coos Bay, Oregon at 11:46 MDT, Oct 27, 1994 (10:46 AM PDT in Oregon). A preliminary magnitude of 5.9 was computed for this earthquake. The magnitude and location may change slightly as additional data are received from other seismograph stations. There have been no reports of damage. If you have any problems with the QED service, call NEIC at (303) 273- 8500. 2. SUBJECT: QUAKE PREDICTION FOR NOVEMBER 2-9 from SYZYGY FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 10/27/94 I just got my "Syzygy" from James Berkland and the earthquake window will be open Nov. 2-9 with a high probability of 85%. Reason: Maximum tidal range of 8.3 feet on Nov. 4th (highest since June at the Golden gate), total solar eclipse on Nov. 3rd and the close lunar perigee (same day). A Rare occurrence! (Ugh!) Prediction (1) Bay Area: 3.5-6.0 M within 70 miles of San Jose (2) Same for within 140 miles of L.A. (3) Within 140 miles of Seattle and of course (4) the usual major quake of 7+ M rattling the Ring of Fire around the Pacific, which includes Peru. He is also predicting a 3-4 M in the southeastern U.S. for November. I'll check the Geyser tomorrow. I'm afraid they've already closed for the day. 3. SUBJECT: "QUAKE ALERT" FROM STUDY OF NORTHRIDGE QUAKE FROM: JOANNE P., DATE: 10/27/94 Orange County register, Oct 27, 1994--QUAKE ALERT by Joe Foraker (regular column)--NORTHRIDGE SHAKER CALLED OMEN-- Egill Hauksson, a senior research associate in geophysics at the California Institute of Technology, has prepared a comprehensive summary of the Northridge earthquake. It predicts a continuing pattern of destructive earthquakes in greater L.A. Hauksson's geophysical examination of the Northridge earthquake appears in the summer 1994 issue of Engineering and Science, published by the school's alumni association. Most college libraries and all Caltech alumni receive this publication. Hauksson point out that even though the Nothridge and San Fernando earthquakes were similar in size and place, they were different. The San Fernando earthquake started at a depth of 7 to 9 miles and ruptured all the way to the surface. In contrast, the Northridge earthquake started at a depth of about 11 miles and ruptured up to a depth of 5 miles. The San Fernando earthquake was caused by movement on a surface-breaking, or superficial, fault. The Northridge earthquake occurred on a blind, or buried, fault. Both earthquakes were on reverse faults--in which one side of the fault thrusts itself up and over the other. The Northridge earthquake confirms that blind faults, first revealed by the Whittier Narrows earthquake in 1987, lie under much of greater L.A. The faults, widespread in the L.A. basin, are extremely dangerous. In 1971, when the San Fernando earthquake struck, seismic instrumentation through the area was sparse. Only 2 instruments registered strong shaking, and these unusual readings were explained away as probably site effects or quirks in the building where the instrument was located. The effects of the Northridge earthquake verify that ground shaking from a thrust earthquake is strong around the epicenter. For the first time, shaking was recorded on numerous accurate instruments. Santa Monica and Hollywood were hit hard, too, though far from the epicenter. The reason in that several locations in this area have soft ground. The Santa Monica (I- 10) Freeway collapsed at La Cienega Blvd.; La Cienega means "the swamp." If earthquakes in Southern California since 1900 are plotted as a function of time, there will be 2 clusters of activity. The first, from 1920-1942, included the Long Beach earthquake. The 2nd runs from 1970 to the present. Most earthquakes in the first cluster were south of downtown L.A. Nearly all the 2nd cluster have been along the northern edge of the L.A. Basin, along the front of the San Gabriel Mountains. Hauksson uses a simple forecasting method that works well for weather in the L.A. area. "The weather today is probably the weather we're going to have tomorrow. We've had a lot of earthquakes over the last five years, and we're likely to have some more over the next five years." He says the Northridge earthquake has driven home the point that we are in a period of increased seismicity. High-tech instruments reveal that energy is accumulating on the buried faults faster than it is being released. Seismologists believe that the size of the "earthquake deficit" indicates that we are missing five or six Northridge-size earthquakes, or one magnitude 7.2 or 7.3 earthquake. Seismology runs deep in the Hauksson family. Hauksson's wife Lucile Jones, a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Pasadena office, right across the street, from Caltech's Seismo Lab. 4. SUBJECT: DUNDALK MARYLAND PROPHESY REGARDING NOVEMBER 15 FROM: JOSEPH B., DATE: 10/25/94 My dear children, what I share with you is not meant to cause pain or to have you inherit a fearful heart. Continue to pray and prepare. For my son is to come into the world, reborn in the Holy Spirit. What I place in your heart and the events that follow will touch your lives but heed my words, have no part in these events. Cover yourself with the light of truth. Refrain from those things that keep you from the Father and the love that is the truth of my Son, Christ, Jesus. My dear ones, my faithful children, embrace the love of God and share your blessings. On November 15, the world will see the light of truth and hearts will seek the love and mercy of the son and will not find it. For you my little ones, you must practice the love, mercy and forgiveness of God, your Heavenly Father. Those that deny and abuse the truth that is my Son must see you my dear children as a reflection of that love, mercy and forgiveness. Pray with one another over this. The seal is broken. Prepare my little ones and pray. (Received October 25, 1994. A glowing white light came over the right of the altar in Chapel and then there was silence.) 5. SUBJECT: DUNDALK MARYLAND PROPHESY ON FISHERMAN PASSING AWAY FROM: JOSEPH B., DATE: 10/24/94 My children of faith and obedience, your focus is to be on the Son. For through him you are placed in union with the Father. I am here only to remind this family of faith to gather here and to pray each Tuesday for the spirit of faith which is to come. The Church shall morn a great loss. The Fisherman shall pass away and a new shepherd shall be placed in your hearts who will trumpet the return of my Son. All chaos shell be cast into the sea. Do not concern yourself to defend this truth. It is a defiant world that will be made new again. It shall come to pass that all will know that God is a just and loving Father. Pray and prepare, for these are the last days. Those that follow will be a time of great joy as the kingdom is made ready. Be as one and remain faithful to what is shared this day. Always know that I am here by your side to protect your heart from the pain of indifference and denial. Keep the love of my Son in your heart and the knowledge of the Father as your staff of truth. I warn you with all my heart to choose a path that is of the Father. Love and care for this family of faith. Give time to those in need. Stay here in prayer with those who need the gift of the Holy Spirit. Pray for my little ones. Pray to the Father for strength in what you are to share. Be humble of heart in your way. HIS way is your salvation." 6. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1078 FROM: JOHN B. DATE: 10/24/94 Earthquake Update # 1078 USGS, Menlo Park, California For Northern & Central California. Pacific time 10/17 11:14am 2.0 16 miles E. Calistoga 10/18 9:13pm 2.2 5 miles SE Watsonville 10/19 4:02pm 2.0 5 miles SE Mountain View 10/20 6:06am 3.4 18 miles SE Hollister 10/21 12:10pm 2.0 20 miles NE Calistoga 10/21 1:02pm 2.0 3 miles NE Rohnart Park 10/23 4:14am 2.1 8 miles SW San Francisco 10/23 1:34pm 3.1 6 miles NW San Juan Bautista 10/23 6:59pm 2.8 6 miles SE Oakland note: There was also 10 EQ's between 2.0 and 3.0 in the Mammoth Lakes area. USG, Caltech, Pasadena, California For Southern California. Pacific Time. 10/17 4:21am 2.5 24 miles NW Avalon, Catalina Island 10/18 5:49pm 4.3 12 miles SE Ridgecrest 10/18 8:34pm 3.7 12 miles SE Ridgecrest 10/19 7:37pm 2.9 13 miles NW Tehachapi 10/19 7:56pm 3.1 21 miles SW El Centro 10/21 4:42am 3.3 18 miles N Tejon Pass 10/23 7:52pm 3.5 29 miles E Trona 10/23 8:17pm 3.1 12 miles SE Ridgecrest 10/23 9:34pm 3.5 2 miles E Diamond Bear 10/24 9:17am 3.1 10 miles N Yucca Valley USGS, Online 800#, Goldin, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 4 EQs 4.0+ 7 EQs 5.0+ 10/16 12:31pm 5.0 South of Panama 6N 78W 10/16 7:47pm 4.7 Columbia 7N 73W 10/18 3:07am 5.2 El Salvador 13N 89W 10/18 4:46am 4.6 Guerrero, Mexico 19N 102W 10/18 11:25am 4.3 Chiapas, Mexico 16N 94W 10/18 3:13pm 5.2 Peru 11S 76W 10/18 5:12pm 5.7 Kuril Islands 43N 147E 10/20 1:15am 5.6 Argentina 39S 71W 10/20 4:05am 5.1 Tonga Islands 21S 175W 10/20 1:26pm 5.0 Chili/Bolivia 21S 68W 10/21 4:23pm 4.5 Vancouver Island 50N 130W 7.SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE SYMPTOMS FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 10/21/94 Hi All, Wish I could afford to answer each of you who sent me E-mail. I don't know what to make of the Ridgecrest EQs. As most of you know, I get head pains I call either a spike or a pressure on the left side of my forehead. I recently had X-rays taken and there is a darker area on my skull from where I hit my head. The hit to my head must have made me sensitive to EQ signals. When I first associated EQs with my pains, the pain was always in the center of the left side of my forehead. Over time, the pains moved to specific spots and I began to associated these spots with locations out there in the world. RB stands for right bottom and seems to correlate to Landers or east of me (Long Beach). Beginning on 1/27 and every once in awhile since then, I have had periods of pressure in RB. Big EQs almost always send out a period of pressure and, as a general rule, the longer the pressure the bigger the EQ. TL represents the eastern hemisphere and the pattern is clear there. I have a pressure and then 2/3/4 months later I get a spike and within 72 hours there is an EQ. But local EQs seem to have a different pattern and, for as many EQs as we have had, try as I may, I still have many questions and few answers. But one thing I do know, when I get a pressure or a spike, there is going to be an EQ somewhere. You should keep this in mind when I did post and say I am expecting an EQ here or there. A spike always precedes the EQ usually within 72 hours. Big EQ, such as Northridge, so far, put out a pressure, then all is quiet for a number of weeks/months. Then there is another pressure or two and this/these are followed by the spike. I have now had 21 periods of Pr. in RB since January. This is why I keep thinking the San Andreas is on-going and happening as we sit. I think the PR.s will be the main shock and then the large aftershocks. Because I see this event as being like no other, I post after I get a pressure and then again when I get the spike. This time around, I got a total of 5 SPs. and I wait. Ridgecrest may represent two of the spikes, Tehachapi and El Centrol two more and one remains. I have also observed that the longer it takes after the spike, the bigger the EQ. But I have no experience in truly large EQs., so I just don't know if one will behave the same (in general or not). I am inclined to think that I will get another RB Pr. and spikes before the BIG ONE because big EQs. are so much more complicated. I play it safe in any case and hope you will too when I post. Of course, I want to be wrong and, quite frankly, can't know why this is happening to me. I am the type who has questioned almost everything my whole life, so this has been difficult for me to except...than one can sense EQs. physically. But if I can, I figure CALTECH can and does. Four semesters of Statistics tells me 49 Emer. Brd. Sys. tests out of 49 preceding local EQs is more than chance. My cats have been mostly quiet for the last two days and they are pretty good at picking up on the immediate. So, we may be okay this go around. But there is that one SP. staring at me, so who knows? Gail, sorry to hear of your troubles. Life is so full of trouble today. It makes me so sad and sick when I think what we could have accomplished in this country had we not lost the path between simple right and wrong. Maybe, we on this net, should set a time each night and pray for our change of heart. Maybe that's all God wants. 8. SUBJECT: GEYSER UPDATE FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 10/20/94 I visited the Geyser today & the pattern is the same, but a little shorter 1 hr 10-15 min. then a small eruption after 15 min. I also met Olga, the owner of the Geyser, a very interesting,nice lady. She said she only calls the media when the Geyser predicts a LARGE EQ ie. eruptions 2+/3 hrs apart so she doesn't call now these will only be small ones. Remember we are having a FULL MOON now so your dogs are going to bark at the moon & that IS NORMAL. Also everyone is remembering the Loma Prieta EQ & there has been so much on the radio & TV I'm not surprised people are dreaming of EQs. Calm down folks, take a nice calming breath & try not to worry, it'll just make you sick, & we'll be visiting Gail's home clinic! Also these little EQ are good, they keep the pressure down, we can handle it Let's hope I'm right. I would prepare as it sure makes you feel you have some control of your life. 9. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: MARY C., DATE: 10/19/94 Our dogs started acting up this evening....been scrapping with each other a lot (unusual). friend at work who frequently has eq dreams came to me today and said....I had a terrible dream last night about a big one hitting. He has a fairly good track record, and when I saw Diane's note....I really started being concerned. mentioned it's quiet. I almost feel it's been too quiet around. I sure hope we are all wrong....but it never hurts to be prepared. I always try to be. Take care all 10. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 10/19/94 I am glad you got the mailing. When I have a chance to run to Sav-Ons I will copy you some more stuff. Ray, who sent me that stuff wrote me a note tonight and said he felt a quake and heard it was in the 4.0 range. Sure enough I called Cal-Tech and there were two of them. A 4.3 12 miles S.E. of Ridgecrest at 5:49 p.m. tonight and a 3.7 same location at 8:34 p.m. Precursers? Let's hope not. The only indicators I have now is how I feel. My house has been popping tonight and I am feeling uneasy. My dog has been barking for the last few days for no reason. Other than that I just have the jitters now. I am trying to hang in there but have other things going on right now. My Brother-In-Law had his appendix out today but had to be transferred to ICU tonight because his heart rate was way up and his blood pressure too. They said it was the medication they were giving him plus all the pain he was in could cause that. We just got a call a few minutes ago that he is better now and should be fine. My Father had to be rushed to emergency this morning because he fell down on his leg that has a big ulcer on it....he had half of it amputated a month ago. So you can see I have a lot of stress in my life right now, the last thing I need is a big earthquake! Take care and talk to you soon. 11. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE RESEARCH FROM: NANCY R., DATE: 10/18/94 "RESEARCH FINDS MORE QUAKES OCCUR WHERE ROCK BENEATH US IS THINNEST", From the Spokesman Review, Spokane, WA A new study of the rocks beneath the Northwest may help scientists understand the area's earthquake activity. A research team has discovered that the thickness of a geologic structure underlying the Northwest region and Western Washington may be a key factor in why the area's earthquake activity varies widely. The study shows that earthquakes are more common where the structure is thinnest and least common where it's the thickest. The block of oceanic type crust, called the Siletz Terrane, is the thickest beneath Oregon's Coast Range, where it's 15 to 20 miles deep. The block is thinner beneath the Puget Sound area and measures only 3 1/2 miles deep off Vancouver Island Scientists from OSU & the USGS, the GS of Canada and the U of Texas conducted the study, which was published Fri. in the Journal of Science. "We found there is a large variation in the structure of the Siletz Terrane,", said Ann Trehu, an Asst. Professor of oceanic and atmospheric sciences at OSU and the study's principal investigator. "That gives us a physical basis for understanding some of the variation in the seismicity within the North American Plate" she said. Trehu said the structure's architecture may have been a factor in the magnitude 5.6 earthquake that shook Scotts Mills in March 1993, but more research is needed to confirm that. The Siletz block changes thickness and intersects with the Gales Creek-Mount Angel Fault Zone in the Scotts Mills area, she said. The Siletz Terrane collided with the North American continent about 50 million years ago. Because the oceanic crust was too buoyant to be overridden by the North American Plate, the block was "accredit", or annexed onto the continent to form the Coast Range and Willamette Valley. "We're not sure why the seismicity seems to increase as the block gets thinner" Trehu said, "but the correlation is strong". The structure study was the result of thousands of small underground and underwater explosions set off in experiments in 1989 and 1991, and by recording seismic waves from global earthquakes in 1993. Next summer, researchers will examine the crustal structure under southwest Washington to test the correlation with earthquake activity, Trehu said. Seismometers will record seismic waves along a nearly 175 miles line between Grays Harbor and Yakima, Wash., she said. 12. SUBJECT: COMET JUPITER WAKE FROM: BETH H., DATE: 10/18/94 The earth will be passing through the second half of the "wake" formed when the comet hit Jupiter on the 24 - 26.....six to eight days. Is that within the time bracket of the signals you are getting? 13. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 10/18/94 Ok people, this may be it. At 9:06 this morning, a very strong spike hit me in my RB, at 12:05 another strong spike hit me in my TL and then at 2:32 this afternoon another milder spike hit me in RB. I am concerned enough that I called CALTECH and was told another woman has called in expecting something very large. She lives in Landers. If this is the San Andreas, then I may yet get another pressure followed by spikes because of the complexities of such a large land mass letting go. But, in the meanwhile, I will be taking no chances for the next 72/96 hours. Be alert, ready to duck and cover and may God watch over us all. Ginny, do check the geysers. Beth, I still don't know what kind of signals I pick up on, but I've been hitting too many to have this be chance. Gail, wish we had Shasta to warn us and Thea, what is KOKO doing? My cats are calm now, but this could be the calm. I, also, found a lost dog today and he was scared. We found his owner, but it's unusual for a dog to run away in this mobile home park where they are not allowed to run outside. Well, that's it. Take care and play it safe. 14. SUBJECT: GEYSER UPDATE FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 10/18/94 Hi Diane, Thanks for the warning, this is scary. One of my canaries is sitting on its perch for hours now. My Lab who isn't allowed in the house was sleeping UNDER a cabinet. When she has snuck into the house-she just slept right at the door entrance not UNDER the cabinet. The geyser is acting weird erupting 1 1/2 hrs then 2-3 times in 15 min. They've had small EQs right AT the geyser which explains the smaller eruptions. I'll call again tomorrow to see if eruptions are longer. I'm looking forward to getting Jim Berkland's Syzygy Newsletter. I just called QuakeLine to see if he's saying anything. He updated it today the anniversary of the Loma Prieta. He is giving an 85% chance of a 3.5+ within 150 miles of San Jose in the next "Window in November @ high tides" He's sure we'll have a 5+M in the Bay Area before the end of the year. He's also saying stuff about the "Ring of Fire" large EQ but it seems they're always happening..especially lately! Take Care! I'll let you know what the geyser says. 15. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE DREAM OF MAGNITUDE 12 QUAKE FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 10/18/94 Hi Ginny, Funny you should mention November as our next window. Lately all I've caught myself writing November when I'm not concentrating on the date. One of my friends asked why, the only thing I can think of is that something will happen in November. I'm hoping it's something positive for me and not a quake. The one thing that has me worried is that I've been having a lot of dreams about LARGE quakes. I'm talking in one dream I remember the comment that the quake was a magnitude of 12. I remember arguing that there wasn't any such magnitude and being told they had to "create" it since the quake was so large it was off any known scale. I'd love someone to be able to interpret that dream. Of course one of my friends said to play the LOTTO using 12 as one of the numbers (good thing I didn't as it didn't come up). Lets hope there won't be any shaking going on. Take care. 16. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 10/17/94 OK folks, here we go again. This morning (3:54), I was awakened by another very strong pressure in my RB area, which I strongly believe represents the San Andreas. This pressure met no resistance in my TL...meaning, I think the Kuril 8.2 is related to what is to happen here. Saturday, I had a very strong spike in my C (Inglewood-Newport fault area). I believe the two to be connected. One will set off the other, but I don't know which will occur first. Every EQ has been predicted by a spike, so I am waiting for the SP in RB to be in full alert. There was an Emg. Brdc. Sys. Test today on CH 4. This is test 49. Test 48 was followed by a 3.0 in Big Bear yesterday at 9:26am. This EQ is the largest one we have had in a long time from Landers and may mark the door is opening. My cats have been wild for the last two days. So, be ready and I'll post if I get the SP in RB or a PR in C. Then we'll have within 72 hours to wait out. 17. SUBJECT:EARTHQUAKE # 1077 FROM: JOHN B., DATE: 10/17/94 Earthquake # 1077 USGS, Menlo Park, California For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time 10/13 4:06pm 3.1 10 miles N Morro Bay 10/13 5:57pm 4.3 19 miles W Petrolia 10/13 9:32pm 2.1 4 miles W San Juan Bautista 10/15 5:56pm 2.6 10 miles SE Mammoth Lakes 10/16 6:35am 2.2 5 miles NW Watsonville USGS Caltech, Pasadena, California For Southern California. Pacific Time 10/16 9:29am 3.0 10 miles E Big Bear Lake Not previously listed. Universal Time. 9 EQs 2.0+ 4 EQs 3.0+ 6 EQs 4.0+ 4 EQs 5.0+ 2 EQs 6.0+ 10/8 12:26pm 2.0 Italy 44N 8E 10/8 6:03pm 2.0 Italy 44N 7E 10/9 6:09am 2.0 Switzerland 47N 7E 10/10 12:49am 2.1 France 45N 5E 10/10 2:43am 4.3 Windward Islands 12N 60W 10/10 10:38am 4.1 Siberia, Russia 70N 107E 10/10 11:59am 4.4 Dead Sea 31N 35E 10/10 5:50pm 2.5 Italy 45N 10E 10/10 5:59pm 3.3 Italy 45N 10E 10/10 6:10pm 2.7 Italy 45N 10E 10/11 12:33am 2.7 Italy 45N 10E 10/11 2:59am 4.6 Bolivia 20S 67W 10/11 5:25pm 3.0 Italy 44N 10E 10/11 8:31pm 4.8 Iran/Iraq 33N 46E 10/12 1:55am 5.2 Volcano Islands 23N 144E 10/12 4:01am 4.6 Mona Passage 18N 68W 10/14 12:43pm 3.5 West Virginia 38N 82W 10/14 6:56pm 2.9 Port Orchard, Washington 47N 123W 10/15 12:39am 6.1 New Guinea 4S 152E 10/15 3:24pm 5.0 Kuril Islands 44N 147E 10/15 9:44pm 2.2 New Madrid, MIssouri 36N 90W 10/16 12:06am 5.5 Peru 9S 76W 10/16 5:10am 6.3 Kuril Islands 46N 149E 10/17 1:46am 3.5 Idaho 43N 111W 10/17 7:25pm 5.5 Solomom Islands 6S 155E 18. SUBJECT: GLOBAL WARNING. FROM: ALBERT B., DATE: 10/13/94 A message given to Neil Harrington, Jr. on October 4, 1994 by our Blessed Mother. "I COME IN URGENCY WITH A GLOBAL WARNING" Glory to you, O God, for allowing me to come to my beautiful children. My dear children, blessed are you who journey here tonight in the sight of God. For God is present in your midst. Tonight, as you have prayed great honor has come from your hearts, giving glory to God in the Highest. O my dear children, tonight, I come in urgency with a global warning . Dear children, if the world does not adhere to the obedience of God in a short period my beloved Pope shall be taken to heaven and a new world wide chastisement shall fall upon the earth. This chastisement shall be like no other. Please, my children, it is urgent in this period in which you are living that you begin to pray in reparation for the world's sins. Dear children, invoke the Holy Spirit that burns inside you and remain strong and let the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit guide you in the light of righteousness. Please, my children, resist the temptations that our adversary shall tempt you with. For each one of you,my children present tonight, are my blessed children who are being called to the Almighty God's wedding feast. Please, my children, come forth to the wedding feast in proper attire. Please, My children, I promise you, you are called to be l disciples of my Divine Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. It is time my children to join me at the foot of my Son's cross and pray for the reparation of the world, for through your prayers my children, many things are possible. Dear children, in a short time as like it was spring there shall come a period in which a cloud shall come over the world. This cloud shall be as a time of comfort, where many of my children shall stop praying as if they had fallen asleep in light of God. This cloud will lead many astray. But when this time shall come you must remember my warning. My children who have ears to hear and sight to see do not be as the virgins who ran out of oil for their lamps. Please,my children, remain confident and ready at all times and remain consecrated to me,your ever loving Blessed Mother, and I will continue to lead you on the path to my Divine Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Dear children, through your beautiful prayers that you had prayed last week, three earthquakes had been lessened,sparing many who were not prepared to meet our Lord. Also, my dear children, there was a great powerful earthquake that could not be altered. For there are some events that cannot be altered. I do so thank you, my children for respectfully responding to my call for prayer and tonight I call to you for even more prayer, for I am calling a new devotion to go along with my holy Rosary. This devotion shall have great power to aid me to better help my poor in spirit children. This devotion shall be as the following: The first prayer shall be the Apostles Creed. Then 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary's, 1 Glory Be, A Fatima Prayer. And then I call to my beloved son, Neil, to place upon the walls the fifteen mysteries of my holy Rosary. In front of the first picture of the holy Rosary invoke the Holy Spirit. Then pray 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory Be and the Fatima Prayer. 19. SUBJECT: CONYERS, GEORGIA MESSAGE FROM MARY FROM: SUSAN G., DATE: 10-13-94 Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message--October 13, 1994 "My dear children, in the peace of my Son, Jesus, I greet you. "Peace [she paused], peace will not come upon the world unless you return to God. "I have come to deliver an urgent plea. The urgent call is for all of mankind to return to God now. Our hearts are grievously offended by the sins of ungrateful souls all over the world. I came to Fatima and I asked for reparation. Again I come and I seek willing souls to make reparation. Please dear children, you must stop offending God. I have warned you of wars, of natural disasters, famine, droughts, floods, epidemics and suffering of every kind and you fail to understand that God wants you to amend your ways. Pray as you have never prayed before. Pray children, pray." [She continued speaking but Nancy was not to repeat the words.] "My children, the further you walk from God, the more you become a slave. Your very freedom is being taken from you. Take to heart these words and return to God. "Thank you for your prayers and sacrifices. As you make the sign of the Cross, I will depart." The Blessed Mother then explained that she would bless everything that the pilgrims brought with them and that her hands will be outstretched over her children as graces fall. 20. SUBJECT: OUR LADY OF HOPE FROM: MARK S., DATE: 10/11/94 Think you will find this interesting. I am not sure what the Apparitions-CT. is. As far as I have heard, those stopped a couple of months ago. I will see if I can find out later from the responses. OUR LADY OF HOPE Received on 10/11/94 " My dear children, your walk with and through faith is known to your heavenly Father. Be not afraid of the loss of material wealth. Store up your riches in prayer and be faithful to the will of the Father. Soon now the world shall be tested in its faith of the Father. Stay as one and be not discouraged. The cloud shall appear and there will be a plague of fear that will cover the earth. I know your sorrows and your joys. Prepare and pray for those who know not the Father but depend on the world for its salvation. Purify your spirit and cover your heads in this Holy place as it was directed of you to do. My children, the Father shall answer the prayers of the faithful and those who serve His church. I am here my children and know how much you love my Son. Be in this place on each tuesday and pray the rosary for peace. The promise of the Father shall be fulfilled ". 21. SUBJECT: STRANGE TIMES FROM: MARK S., DATE: 10/9/94 Ring of Fire sure is cooking. Big quake in Indonesia and aftershock further north in the Kuriles. If you read today's paper, see if there is an article with a byline from the L.A. Times about the new Medfly crisis in CA. The author quotes someone who states that it is almost biblical, the medfly showing up first in a seminary orchard and the consequences if unchecked would be catastrophic. If you don't see it, I will try to copy some of it here to you. 22. SUBJECT: MT. RAINER-READY? FROM: JOHN H., DATE: 10/8/94 Yes, my next scheduled mailing is Tuesday. You will be first on that list!! I have been really busy returning phone calls concerning the topics I described in my newsletter..from all over the United States. It is amazing how much interest there is now in the events happening today. I am also preparing a professional quality audio-cassette tape on these subjects at the request of the local media...that should be interesting! I agree with your scenario concerning Mt. calls to my recorded message (509) 838-IDEA have stated that many strong seismic events will begin soon...followed by a catastrophic eruption along the Cascade Range from NoCal to BC! Anyone wanting to be placed on my mailing list for a FREE copy of Newsletter...Now is the Time! Blessings, Dr. John Jay Harper, American Delphi Academy, (509) 838-IDEA. 23. SUBJECT: MT. RAINER--READY? FROM: JOHN H., DATE: 10/7/94 I am collecting all inputs on predictions related to the West Coast U.S. but especially Seattle and Mt. Rainier with regards to date of detonation, quake events, etc. for the week October 10th-16th. I have had many callers state that they are strongly sensing a major event for this time period which after consulting with an astrologer realized that October 10 is the date of a large-scale alignment of planets, moons, etc. which many claim to be significant as to cataclysmic events around the globe. If you want your prediction to be used in my study, please call and listen to the recorded message, then leave any information you so desire. Thank you. Dr. John Jay Harper, Director, American Delphi Academy @ (509) 838-IDEA. PS--If there is a strong response from members, I will notify this BB. 24. SUBJECT: HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA APPARITIONS FROM: PATTI S., DATE: 10/06/94 OUR LOVING MOTHER'S MONTHLY MESSAGE FOR THE UNITED STATES--June 13, 1994 My little children,you don't know how happy I am to see you all united under my Glorious Mantle in the protection of My Loving Son. My little children,I am your Loving Mother. By the grace of my Loving Son, I come to visit you in this humble home. I want you to know that I am here, pouring my blessings; it is here where My Loving Son has given me this place to pour my blessings, and all the blessings that He has for those who love Him. My children, sorrowful moments are approaching the world. My Loving Son has sent me to different parts of the world, to bring together all of Our children, so that in a complete conversion, you will be united in the Holy Rosary, so that My Loving Son will not let His Arm fall;because the disobedience of my children continues to hurt my Son's Heart Everytime My Son brings down His arm, man attributes it to nature, but man has no idea that it is God, it is my Son. He cannot continue to bear the lack of love, the iniquities, the greed, the hate, and the lack of love for the Church, for the Eucharist, for the needy. My children, only through love will you reach my Son. My children, great misfortunes are in store for the Continent of the United States, mainly Florida, and all the small countries in the Caribbean. Central and South America will continue to be shaken by great avalanches. Pray, pray, pray, so this president will abolish the abortion law. I love you all and I bless you. Receive with all that you bring, my blessing and my Son's blessing. I am your loving Mother, the Virgin Mary. Amen. I love you. Pray, Pray, Pray. NOTE: The Virgin was dressed in a purple-red mantle, and the garment worn underneath was light beige. She wore a crown of brilliant lights and carried two rosaries in her hands one purple, the other brown. Our Loving Mother was crying, but they were tears of happiness and joy, because her children had come together to pray the Rosary. She told Rosa, the two Rosaries she carried were to remind Her children that the Rosary is to pray, not to be kept in our pockets or purses. Only through the Rosary, and holding fast to Her hand, will we reach Her Loving Son. The Virgin asked Rosa to say that is very important that we do not take the Holy Eucharist in our hands. Our hands are sinful and we are not worthy of touching the Body of Christ. She said that "Man may change the laws, but the Word of God is eternal." Taken from the Journal of Teachings and Messages of Our Lord and Our Loving Mother in Hollywood, Florida, USA June 1994 Rosa Lopez 1301 N. 66 Avenue Hollywood Florida (305)966-0896 25. SUBJECT: COMMENT ON MOTHER MARY"S MESSAGE FROM: MARK S., DATE: 10/6/94 I have NEVER seen a report like this, where Mary has specifically stated a STATE, like she did Florida. Also, her telling people not to take communion in ones own hand is in contradiction to what was said at the Conyers, GA apparition. I don't know whether or not this is an "approved" apparition site. I will see what the Prodigy people say. I don't know if you are aware of the Garabandal apparitions of the early sixties, but I was checking my files, and that is one place where Mary apparently stated that there would only be three popes after John XXIII. As I have written before, this is the pope's sixteenth year and he will die during his 16th year. I am trying to look up in the books I have where it talks about who the next pope will be. I have it somewhere, just have to find it. I think there is a file on Garabandal in the Religion area. You can look it up by KEY word. 26. SUBJECT: INCREASING END TIME SIGNS FROM: MARK S., DATE: 10/5/94 Just when you think it can't get any worse, more good/bad news around the world such as: 1) The Chinese just tested a nuke. 2) Russia is predicting their worst grain crop in a decade, (the US is going to have a record corn crop). 3) Iraq is supposed to be massing troops on the border with Kuwait. (This does make sense from an Iraqi point of view, with the food rationing, imminent starvation, unable to sell their oil on the world market and unable to import so much because of the UN embargo. What do they have to lose???). 4) Poverty in America increasing, the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer. 5) US/N. Korea talks not doing so well. 6) Just read the latest journal from Conyers. It should be posted soon on the Religion board here on C'Serve. It is the most dire journal that I have ever seen them post. 27. SUBJECT: ASIAN--PACIFIC FOOD CRISIS FROM: MARK S., DATE: 10/5/94 Over-Fishing, Forest Destruction MANILA--A senior United Nations official this week warned that a severe food crisis was building up in the booming Asia-Pacific region and could undermine its economic progress. The main threat lay in the unchecked destruction of agricultural systems--from over-exploited fisheries to denuded forests and diminished croplands, A.Z.M. Obaidullah Khan, of the Food and Agriculture Organization, said. These are all signs of a gathering storm, the UN body's chief regional representative told delegates from 35 countries in Manila for the 22nd FAO regional conference. Malaysia's Agriculture Minister Datuk Seri Sanusi Junid also warned of declining regional food resources. He said Asia's food output had stagnated since 1990 and blamed this on war in Afghanistan and Cambodia, floods in China and India and an earthquake in Iran. "These trends will further worsen the supply of food and agriculture production in 1995-96 if carryover stocks for 1995 are small and harvests for the 1994-995 season are adversely affected," Sanusi said. Obaidullah Khan said funds for agricultural research and development were being cut back while demand for food was projected to soar. He said by 2020 demand for rice would have risen from today's 520 million tons a year to 800 million as both populations and incomes rise. "We all seek to prevent a new food crisis erupting in the early 21st century," Obaidullah Khan said. "This could unravel all the hard-won gains of this region." FAO director-general Jacques Diouf expressed concern over declining external aid to agriculture investments. This fell from $12 billion in 1980 to $10 billion in 1990 while the world population grew by 20 %, he said. A major reason cited by financing institutions for the decline was the lack of bankable projects presented to them, he said. He said the Manila meeting would focus on food security because there were 800 million in the world who did not have enough to eat. 28. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE DREAMS FROM: BOB G., DATE: 10/05/94 Received the following from Nona W. and she asked I pass it along: "Over the weekend I had a very vivid dream about a big EQ in southern California sometime in the vicinity of the Academy Awards. I guess that happens in the spring. Anyhow, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass that info along to Jim and Thea. It may just be me struggling with personal issues but it could be a prediction. If it's the latter, I think it'll be near the water. I saw tall buildings right on the coast." Thought it interesting that I too just had an EQ dream within the past week, only mine was in San Francisco. Are these dreams related to current and/or future earth activity? Could it be we are all connected subconsciously to a far greater reality--beyond our wildest dreams? (whoops, ah, no pun intended...) Bob in El Paso 29. SUBJECT: VISION FROM: DWIGHT S., DATE: 10/05/94 I had a vision last night! Not a dream! I had a vision of an event happening in San Jose (Cartago) Costa Rica, I can only assume an EarthQuake! Something BIG. I just don't know? Its funny I would have this vision, since I don't know anything about the area or the name, Cartago. 09/05/1994 IKE 30. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE 10/4/94 Hi All, it's becoming a personal thing, me, RB and the San Andreas. Yesterday, I had a 30 minute PR which was followed some hours later by a strong SP. This is not the pattern I want to see because it seems to be the pattern for very large EQs. But I have been warned before and nothing has happened. All other SP.s are occurring as schedule except those in the local area are taking longer to happen. The following are yesterdays events and what I expect as a result: 2TL=2 5.5+ in the eastern hemisphere. PR/B followed by 2 SP.= 4.5 to 5 near the coast of Santa Monica/Malibu. 2LBs. SP.s = 2 further north 3.0 to 3.6 EQs. Todays Santa Barbara 3.5 is one. 1 TR = Tahoe 4.0 aftershock. I am expecting all of these within the next 48/72 hours. Thanks for posting the EMB Test data. Was expecting a test today because of RB. I have reason to believe CALTECH expects something big very soon although have not said anything that I know about. My boy also heard a test. This is test 45 since I have been keeping track and they are still running 100% (slower than usual, but...). I am downgrading my prediction for the LS area. Since nothing has happened up there, I believe now that the PR I got is the main signal for a large EQ within the next year. If I get a PR in LS followed by Sp., I will post. 31. SUBJECT: QUAKES EVERYWHERE? FROM: MARY C., DATE: 10/4/94 Columbia University operates the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory on the NY/NJ Border at Palisades, NY. They have lots of information for that region if people are interested. 32. SUBJECT: QUAKES EVERYWHERE? FROM: MARK S., DATE 10/4/94 Our Springfield paper had a big article on quakes, basically telling people that bigger ones have hit here. We get a big one every two hundred years or so and are overdue for one. "We Are the Earthquake Generation" I remember has a good map of the northeast/NYC faults. The editorial in the paper also told people they should pay more attention to quake preparation. Of course very few will get ready. Everyone here thinks it is only CA that gets quakes! 33. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1072 FROM: JOHN B., DATE 10/3/94 Earthquake Update # 1072 USGS, Menlo Park, California For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 10/1 11:40am 2.0 12 miles SE Mammoth Lakes 10/2 8:41am 2.1 18 miles NE San Ardo 10/2 11:34am 2.0 19 miles NE Morgan Hill 10/2 4:52pm 3.0 15 miles SW Eureka 10/2 10:35pm 2.2 2 miles E Mammoth Lakes 10/2 11:28pm 2.1 10 miles SE Mammoth Lakes 10/2 11:30pm 2.8 10 miles SE Mammoth Lakes USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 10/3 1:28am 3.5 miles NW Santa Barbara note: The 3.5 EQ on 10/3 was located about 20 miles southeast of Lompoc and felt in the Lompoc and Santa Barbara area. USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado Not previously listed. Universal Time. 1 EQ 2.0+ 6 EQ 4.0+ 7 EQ 5.0+ 9/25 1:22am 5.0 Argentina 31S 68W 9/25 5:59am 2.6 Pyrenees 43N 1W 9/26 6:23am 4.7 New Guinea 5S 147E 9/26 12:05pm 5.0 Taluad Islands, Indonesia 3N 125E 9/26 9:31pm 5.2 Seram, Indonesia 3S 127E 9/27 11:44am 4.0 Chili/Argentina 34S 70W 9/27 12:37pm 4.8 Aleutian Islands 51N 178E 9/27 4:59pm 5.1 Molucca Sea 2N 126E 9/27 8:17pm 4.0 Chili/Argentina 34S 70W 9/27 9:39pm 4.9 Kuril Islands 45N 148E 9/27 11:04pm 5.3 South of Panama 5N 79W 9/27 11:24pm 5.0 South of Panama 6N 79W 9/28 5:37am 5.3 Aleutian Islands 51N 178E 10/3 2:00pm 4.7 Calif./Baja California 32N 115W note: The 4.7 EQ on 10/3 was located in Sonora, Mexico. about 55 miles southwest of Yuma, Arizona, or about 55 miles southeast of Mexicali, Baja, California, Mexico, at 7:00am pacific time. Felt in Mexico, Arizona, and California. 34. SUBJECT: MOUNT MAYON VOLCANO, PHILIPPINES FROM: BARBARA D., DATE: 10/3/94 Just checking the *P news. The Filipinos has issued a standby for Mount Mayon Volcano after a series of Volcanic EQ's. 35. SUBJECT: QUAKES EVERYWHERE? FROM: BARBARA D., DATE: 10/3/94 Gail saw the post, things are getting more active. Did you see the second volcanic eruption in a week in Kamchatka. Astrologically we are in a high period for eruptions and quakes for the next couple of years. I found my information on Mass. You may be surprised to hear that Mass. has special provisions for buildings because of EQ's it is one of the few states East that do since 1975. In 1775 there was a 6.0 approx. mag. East of Cape Ann, Mass. New York state is active also, there have been many. In 1944 a 6.0 hit Messina County, NY causing $16 million in damages. It was felt in Canada, and Michigan. 90% of the chimneys in Messina were damaged. There have been quakes in Queens, NY, 5.3 some 4.0. I have a list of them. It says damaging quakes have occurred in NY State on average of once every 20 yrs. But reoccurrence time can vary. EQ's in NY State up to 6.0- 6.5 are possible anywhere in the state and EQ's of 7.0-7.5 are possible in the southeastern region and St. Lawrence River Valley. The difference in the Earth's crust between NY and Calif. are (1) a much smaller fault movement is required to produce a given size EQ than Calif. (2) An EQ of a given size here would be felt over a much greater area than Calif. The area of damage would be greater. (3) a much smaller EQ is required to produce a comparable level of damage here than in Calif. This is from the NY State Geological Survey. Mass. has a history of EQ's. The pilgrims felt them in 1638. In 1727 an EQ hit Newbury, Mass. which was felt from Maine to Delaware. An average of 5 EQ's are felt every year in New England and many smaller ones occur each year. There is a seismic network which operates in these areas by the Weston Observatory of Boston College and the Mass. Institute of Technology. Because of the population here we can see why it would be more devastating and no building codes. Now we can see why New Madrid was felt all the way to Boston. So I guess a smaller EQ here would be devastating. New York's 30th station has a fault right underneath it! Hope this helped. 36. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1071 FROM : JOHN B., DATE: 10-3-94 USGS, Menlo Park, California For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time 9/29 1:57am 2.2 9 miles N Avenal 9/29 7:12am 2.2 16 miles NE Lee Vining 10/1 11:40 2.9 12 miles SE Mammoth Lakes USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 9/29 1:05am 2.5 8 miles W San Fernando 9/30 10:22am 2.5 2 miles NE Granada Hills 9/30 3:54pm 2.6 11 miles NE Wrightwood 10/2 5:12am 2.6 15 miles NE Mecca USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed 1 EQ 2.0+ 9 EQs 3.0+ 4 EQs 4.0+ 2 EQs 5.0+ 1 EQ 6.0+ 9/23 2:11am 4.6 New Siberian Is. Russia 76N 145E 9/23 11:08am 5.2 Java, Indonesia 9S 113E 9/23 11:33pm 4.4 Puerto Rico 17N 66W 9/24 1:45am 3.0 Spain 39N 2W 9/24 4:18am 3.1 France 44N 7E 9/24 6:17am 3.0 Switzerland 46N 7E 9/24 5:55pm 5.0 Balearic Islands 41N 5E 9/25 3:51am 3.8 W. Mediterranean Sea 43N 8E 9/25 2:07pm 3.0 W. Mediterranean Sea 43N 8E 9/25 5:02pm 4.2 Guerrero, Mexico 18N 101W 9/26 3:45am 2.6 Austria 47N 15E 9/26 4:30am 4.5 Revilla Gigedo Islands 19N 109W 9/26 5:38am 3.6 Spain 41N 3E 9/27 7:09pm 3.3 West Virginia 38N 81W 9/28 11:21am 3.0 Arizona 35N 112W 10/1 5:46pm 6.3 Vanuatu Islands 17S 167E 10/2 11:17am 3.6 Massachusetts 42N 72W note: The 3.6 EQ on 10/2 was located about 60 miles west of Boston or about 20 miles southeast of Gardner. Felt in Boston and Springfield, Massachusetts, and in Nashua, New hampshire, at 7:27 am eastern time. 37. SUBJECT: MASSACHUSETTS QUAKE FROM: RAY G., DATE: 10-2-94 Here is a special message from the USGS (NEIC) SPECIAL MESSAGES If you have any problems with the QED service, call NEIC at (303) 273-8500. The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information center: A minor earthquake occurred in central Massachusetts about 60 miles (100km) west of Boston or 20 miles (30km) southwest of Gardner at 5:27 AM MDT today, Oct 2, 1994 (7:27am EDT in Massachusetts). The magnitude was computed at 3.6 on the Richter scale. The earthquake was felt in the Boston and Springfield areas and in Nashua, New Hampshire areas. There have been no reports of damage. 38. SUBJECT: OCTOBER 4th QUAKE PREDICTION FOR N. CALIF. FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 10/2/94 Just called the Geyser and they are having eruptions 1 1/2 hrs apart. I checked the paper and last week the geyser area had a whole bunch of little EQ's 1-2 magnitude & one 2.3 magnitude. I figured that explains the erratic eruption pattern last week...makes sense...However, they said "October 4th is the predicted window and someone is saying a 6.0 quake for N. Calif." I'm not sure who it was--if someone else knows let us know. 39. SUBJECT: OCTOBER 8th QUAKE PREDICTION FOR OAKLAND BAY AREA FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 9/30/94 Talked to the folks at the GEYSER and they're baffled. They don't like this: the Geyser is erupting very erratically 35 min to 1 hour 15 min. two days now. Then the BIG NEWS: James Berkland called the folks at the Geyser and says OCTOBER 8th he is predicting an EQ in the Oakland Bay Area. The tides are very high during that time and it is OCTOBER THE EQ month of the year. Will wait and see..get prepared! 40. SUBJECT: GEYSER ACTING UP FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9/30/94 I called the geyser this morning. They were very nice like you told me. The gal I spoke to was named Tyra. She said it was still acting up this morning, at 1 hour 15 min, then 1 hour 20 min., then 1 hour 30 min., but it has been jumping up and down. I then asked her what it was acting like before the Northridge quake and she said just like it is now! She said she is going to have the owner call me, probably on Monday to talk to me about it. I also thought that was very nice of her. Tyra said the owner calls the news media when she thinks something is up and called channel 4 before the Humbolt 7.2 quake and channel 4 went out there to report on it. So, there seems to be something here. Just one more thing to stay on top of. 41. SUBJECT: ACHING FOOT EQ PREDICTION FROM: Phyllis E., DATE 9/30/94 Hi all, Well for what it is worth, the silly foot is hurting again, started hurting around 8pm East Coast time. It isn't getting any better even after taking 800mg. of Motrin. Sooooooooo...Who knows, maybe someone is in for it big time within the next few days. I feel silly writing this, but I was asked to let you all know it hurt. 42. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATES # 1070 FROM: JOHN B., DATE 9/29/94 USGS Menlo Park, California For Northern & Central California, Pacific time 9/25 3:40pm 2.7 1 mile SE Mammoth Lakes 9/25 4:04pm 2.4 11 miles N Morgan Hill 9/25 5:03pm 2.0 14 miles NW San Simeon 9/26 9:06am 2.3 3 miles SE Concord 9/27 11:18am 2.0 4 miles SW Mountain View 9/27 2:22pm 3.0 9 miles NW Los Banos 9/27 4:19pm 3.1 29 miles SW Santa Maria 9/28 5:57pm *3.0 11 miles S Santa Barbara 9/28 6:11pm 3.1 9 miles SE San Luis Obispo note: * is upgraded magnitude. USGS, Online 800 #, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 1EQ 2.0+ 1 EQ 3.0+ 8 EQs 4.0+ 3 EQs 5.0+ 9/20 8:45am 5.4 Mindanao, Philippines 7N 127E 9/20 9:19am 4.5 Windward Islands 13N 60W 9/21 6:40pm 3.2 Strait of Gibraltar 37N 4W 9/22 4:53am 4.3 Panama 7N 80W 9/22 7:21am 4.5 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 23N 45W 9/22 12:51am 4.1 Revilla Gigedo Islands 20N 109W 9/22 10:19pm 2.9 Washington/ Oregon 46N 120W 9/23 2:52am 4.6 Leeward Islands 18N 61W 9/24 10:50am 4.7 Strait of Gibralter 37N 8W 9/24 11:48pm 4.5 Santa Cruz Islands 11S 164E 9/27 6:13am 4.5 Sea of Okhotsk 50N 148E 9/28 4:39pm 5.7 Java Sea 5S 110E 9/28 5:33pm 5.4 Java Sea 5S 110E 43. SUBJECT: OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER PREDICTIONS FROM: GINNY A., DATE 9/28/94 Hi you all: Just got my earthquake Newsletter from James O. Berkland & he is giving Donald "Jack" Coles address: #9431895 8B-42, 885 N. San Pedro St., San Jose, CA 95110-1772 (in jail). James published his letter from Jim from his Santa Clara County Jail. News from the geyser: Just called & they don't know what to make of it but the geyser is erupting sporadically anywhere from 35 mins to 1 hr 30 min. The phone number is (707) 942-6463 and they are really nice. Old faithful geyser predictions from Berkland: Seismic Window Oct 4-11: (1.) an EQ of 3.5-6.0 within 70 miles of San Jose. (2.) Similar quake within 140 miles of Los Angeles. (3.) Similar quake 140 miles of Seattle. (4.) Major quake of at least 7.0 somewhere in the world within the Pacific Ring of Fire. Looks like October is going to be a shocker. To get his newsletter call (408) 258-1192. His QUAKELINE 1-900-844-JOLT ($1.49/Min.). It always is interesting to read. Take Care! 44. SUBJECT: OUR LADY OF HOPE FROM: JOSEPH B., DATE 9/27/94 "My dearest, my little ones, why do you weep? Be not afraid. I am with you. Have faith in the truth that is my Son, Savior and friend to the world. Be not afraid of what you hear or see. Prepare and be as one. Did not the wisdom of the Father show you this truth?"....My children, innocent are you who keep the faith of the church. Be not afraid. Have I not been with you since you were Peter's son? Did not the wisdom of the Father bring you to this church of faith and make it one? I am here with you. Know that I and my son are in this place where faith in the spirit of God is. My children, I am here to prepare you for the birth of the spirit. In this the truth of my Son shall be known to all my little ones. Share in this birth of the spirit of faith. Be not afraid though some may not understand what you share in truth and spirit. My children, of faith and innocence, it is not what you did in my Son's name that will affect the spirit of faith but what you do not do. Meditate and say the rosary for his guidance. Have faith in what you do and pray for in the Father's name and for the love of my Son. On November 15, my little one's, there is to be a sign of the spirit. Share this truth in faith with one another. Prepare in faith and pray for those who deceive the world with a mask of peace. There is danger in the world still. This is the reason the Son is to be born again into the world. Prepare little ones and pray." 45. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1069 FROM: JOHN B., DATE: 9/27/94 USGS, Menlo Park, California For Northern & Central California, Pacific Time 9/19 10:18pm 3.6 41 miles NE Santa Maria 9/20 7:09pm 4.3 21 miles NW Petrolia 9/21 4:35am 2.5 6 miles NE Gilroy 9/21 6:29am 2.1 7 miles NE Livermore 9/22 7:04pm 3.2 15 miles E Redding 9/23 7:14am 2.1 2 miles NW Santa Rosa 9/27 4:25am 3.3 11 miles SE Eureka USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California For Southern California, Pacific Time 9/26 1:58am 3.3 40 miles SW Baker 9/27 5:57pm 2.9 11miles S Santa Barbara USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado Not previously listed. Universal Time. 2EQs 3.0+ 4EQs 4.0+ 6Eqs 5.0+ 1EQ 6.0+ 9/16 3:18am 4.2 Dead Sea 32N 36E 9/17 2:24am 5.2 Turkey 38N 41E 9/20 5:51am 5.2 Iran 33N 49E 9/20 6:14am 4.8 Oaxaca, Mexico 16N 95W 9/22 1:17am 4.7 El Salvador 13N 88W 9/22 1:56am 5.0 Hokkaido, Japan 42N 148E 9/22 2:24pm 5.5 Chile 32S 72W 9/23 2:37am 5.0 Honshu, Japan 37N 142E 9/23 7:59am 6.2 Bismarch Sea/ New Guinea 3S 148E 9/23 7:15pm 5.2 Qinghai, China 36N 100E 9/24 3:04pm 3.8 Yellowstone, Wyoming 45N 110W 9/25 12:53am 4.1 Gaspe Peninsula, Canada 48N 70W 9/26 2:23pm 3.6 Kentucky/ Illinois 37N 89W note: The 3.6 EQ on 9/26 was located about 20 miles south west of Paducah, kentucky, and felt in that general area and in Mound City, Illinois, area. 46. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9/26/94 This has been a rough day for me. That Pr. in LS lasted 5 hours. Then between 4 and 6 tonight, I had 1 TR, 1 RS and 6 RBs. spikes. Then the pressure started up at the back of my head and it remains. All RB Sps. were strong. I don't know what they mean. But something is up. To those who E-mailed me, I will get to each of you, but it will take awhile as I'll be out of town tomorrow. Gail, I am so sorry to hear about Shasta. The geyser going back to normal sounds like good news for Northern Cal., but maybe bad for Washington state. Keep the animal abnormalities coming folks. They could be feeling the pressure I have been feeling. Has anyone else felt this pressure? It feels like a belt around the back base of the head? 47. SUBJECT: INCREASED VOLCANIC ACTIVITY FROM: DIANNE P., DATE: 9/25/94 Hi all, especially those in Washington state. C. King has told me that volcanic activity causes a pressure at the back of one's head. If this is true, then I am very concern for those around Mt. Rainier. I awoke with pressure at the back of my head which wraps around to the left side of my head and sits solid in my LS area. It is now 10:35am PDT, so this pressure has been going on since 8:15am and I keep thinking about past things written about Mt. Rainier. Last night, I had a strong Sp. in RS, so, perhaps, things are about to start up again. I really don't know what is going on. EQs are not following my Sp.s as they usually do and it has been very quiet here in S. Cal. Keep in mind that I had NO head activity for six weeks preceding the Northridge EQ. Then on 1/9, I had two Sp.s which preceded the Santa Monica EQs. and then other Prs./Sps. started up again. Since nothing has happened since my last RB activity, I am inclined to believe we are now in the often time quiet before the large EQ. If so, I should get a Pr. or Sp. two/three days before as the final warning. Of course, I will post this. In the meanwhile, I did have a C Sp. night before last, so I haven't relaxed since I am sitting on C and continue to see the splitting of cracks, new ones appearing over night and the animals around here continuing to act abnormal. Heard Sand Pipers last night and I am nine/ten miles from the sea. Also, saw an Egret (Spelling?) go over last Wednesday. This is a first. Also, one of my neighbors went nuts Thursday and attacked a mobile home for no real reason. Strange, strange strange. So, stay on your toes and be prepared. I wish I could be more specific, but I am stilling learning as we go and I have never experienced a mother of all EQs. before. I am convinced that no large EQ happens over-night. They build and build and warn and warn. WE just have to learn how to read their signals. 48. SUBJECT: OLD FAITHFUL UPDATE FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 9/25/94 OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER NEWS: GOOD NEWS! The geyser is back to a more "normal mode" erupting every 40 min to 1 hr, with shorter eruptions. This is good news for all of us in the 200 mile radius of the geyser near Calistoga. All of my little animals (chickens, rabbits, canaries, dogs, cats, & fish) are acting normal. I've been calling the geyser every day or other day & it's slowly returned down to this normal mode...sigh of relief! I'll try to let you know if there are any significant changes. The geyser went up to 2 hrs 10 min. prior to the Eureka & Tahoe eq & I was really sweating it! I hope this helps, I still take my flashlight to the movie theaters, but I don't feel as jumpy when I know the geyser is acting normal. Will let you all know ...the rest of the it continues. 49. SUBJECT: PECULIAR STILL WEATHER FROM: T. M., DATE: 9/23/94 How on earth is he listening to signals from jail?? I had the chuckle about that. The weather is son even commented on the stillness, but when I explained a "cut off low" it seemed to satisfy him. But when I went outside and spent some time "in the air", well, I felt it too. I know this kind of weather, have dreamt it many times and feel it portends something (for me, at least). I think I have spoken of this particular future deja vu to this kind of weather before. I wish I knew whether to get sad or glad. 50. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: BRETT A., DATE: 9/23/94 I've gotten two calls from people acting as messengers from Jack Coles. Jack is in jail, but from there is apparently listening for signals and now believes there are two quakes imminent. One north of San Francisco and one north of Los Angeles. Saturday is the day to be concerned, according to be prepared. 51. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE SHORTHAND LANGUAGE FROM: CAROLYN V., DATE: 9/22/94 Hi Diane, I got your letter in the mail today. I'm going to try and list where your initials correspond to. Hope I got them all correct. Here is a list from Diane of locations, etc. PR = Pressure Sp = Spikes RS = Northridge, Calif. and North (seems to overlap RB sometimes) RB = East of Long Beach, Calif. and I think is pointing to the San Andreas fault. Northeast (Yucca, Landers, etc.) B = West of S. Calif. LB = North of S. Calif. up the Coast TL = East and South (possibly Japan, etc) TC = S. America, Central America, S. Mexico TR = Tahoe possibly. Not sure where it is but may overlap RS and indicate Northeast. LS = Left side of forehead and matches with Northern Calif and north. May be a continuation of LB, reaching to Alaska. C = South Bay area of Los Angeles. Well Diane, I hope I had these correct. Thanks for mailing everything. 52. SUBJECT: STRANGE WEATHER FEELING FROM: DIANE. P., DATE: 9/22/94 I've had no spikes in three days now, so stand by. When my head goes quiet, the shaking usually starts soon after. This weather moving in is very strange feeling, don't you think? 53. SUBJECT: ANTS BEHAVIOR FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9/22/94 I don't know if you consider ants as animals, but I was over at my mother's house this morning and she was sweeping her porch and she said "It is so strange, we had so many ants, and now they are all gone... not one ant." It is true, because I was over her house last week and she had tons of them. Charlotte King says the ants disappear just before a quake. We have thunderstorms moving in right now off the coast. I turned on the weather channel and sure enough there is a big mass of thunderstorms coming in. It is going to pour any minute. Strange weather. 54. SUBJECT: NATIVE AMERICAN PROPHESY--WHITE BUFFALO FROM: MARY C., DATE: 9/18/94 According to the news I saw, the birth of a female white buffalo, to the native Americans, is akin to the birth of Jesus in the Christian faith. It signifies great changes about to occur, from the strife of mankind, to peace between all races. The last known white buffalo to be born, was, I believe, in 1937, but it was a male (not as great signifi- cance to the Native Americans, as a female. This birth was foretold in their spirit philosophy, and many made a pilgrimage to visit this animal. They left many tokens on the fence surrounding the new calf, such as dreamcatchers, fetishes, etc., to protect her spirit. The news piece left me really feeling something about this story. I feel very strongly about the philosophy of the Native Americans. This, to me, is just one more sign of the things that I feel are coming to this world. I believe, the calf was born in Wisconsin. Hope I didn't get any info wrong. 55. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: BRETT A., DATE: 9/18/94 A friend faxed me the L.A. Weekly's September 16-22 astrological forecast by Rockie Gardiner-- I couldn't resist sharing it with everyone here: GENERAL FORECAST: See it, feel it, shake it. There's a whole lot going on this week, but nothing will move you quite as fast as another earthquake prediction. Sorry, folks , but the nast planetary aspect (Mars conjuct Uranus) that accompanied the January 17 Northridge quake is making another appearance, this time as an equally nasty Mars-Uranus opposition. (In the past nine months, Mars has gone halfway around the zodiac.) The opposition is exact on Wednesday the 21st at 7:52am, but we know from experience that Mars is impatient and erupts prematurely. (The conjunction wasn't exact until January 18.) So anytime after 7:30pm on Monday, when the moon enters the troublesome cardinal sign of Aries (where it was on January 17)--about six hours after it is exactly full in Pisces at 1 pm.--expect to rattle and roll A disruptive Mercury-Uranus square on Tuesday doesn't help; neither does the delusional Mars-Neptune opposition on Sunday. The only stability we see is a conservative Venus-Saturn trine on Saturday, which is good for buying stuff to secure water heaters, etc. The autumnal equinox arrives Thursday at 11:19pm ; celebrate whatever equilibrium remains. There you have it... I don't understand most of it but I'm sure Beth will fill us in. Take care and stay safe. 56. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9/18/94 Heads up folks. I am now expecting around a 4.0 for Northridge within the next 24/48 hours and something south of me. My RB Sp.s are driving me nuts because they keep on coming; this morning being the last one, but, so far nothing. LSs and TRs are matching N. Cal Sea and Tahoe Eq's., so where are the RB's? This is where I expect the mother of all EQs, so be prepared. If we get through the next week without it, then it will be awhile longer. But it could hit tomorrow or the next. So, take care. Think safety first and may God protect you all. 57. SUBJECT: OLD FAITHFUL UPDATE FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 9/18/94 I live in No. Calif! I just spoke to the folks at the Old Faithful Geyser & something is cooking. The eruptions went from 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs and they just had an EQ somewhere & the eruptions are back to 1 1/2 hrs. But they are anticipating it to go back up to 2 hrs.. Interesting. Could you please give out what RB and Sp.s, Ls.s, Trs etc mean. I've been reading P* for months now and I am getting frustrated as I don't know what it all means. I'm sure others out there would appreciate it very much also! Many, many thanks! 58. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE SHORTHAND LANGUAGE FROM: DIANE P., DATE 9/18/94 Ginny, LS means left side of my forehead and matches with Northern Calif, and north. A review of my LS.s this morning indicates another 6+ up there somewhere, to be followed by some good size aftershocks. So be careful and thanks for posting your information. RB is east of my location in Long Beach and I think is pointing to the San Andreas. I think I posted all locations back in July. Sorry, I can;t afford to post them again. 59. SUBJECT: STRANGE THINGS OCCURRING FROM: TINA O., DATE: 9/17/94 Nothing lately felt in Brentwood area, but I have been sensing two things lately (1) My fish in my tank usually want to eat all the time. They can eat all the flaked food I give them but this morning, when I put the food in the tank, they ran to a corner of the tank and hid behind some of the plants. They finally ate the food but after it floated to the floor. (2) As I have mentioned, I have round faceted crystal balls hanging from my ceiling near the windows to catch the morning sun (rainbows and Geomancy/Feng SHui) and I have been noticing for the past few days, them swaying ever so slightly and I have checked the time. They seem to move when you have mentioned earth movements on this BB. BTW, my earthquake dreams are starting again... 60. SUBJECT: EMERGENCY WATER MAIN BREAK FROM: MARK S. DATE: 9/14/94 Boston had a water main break yesterday, as reported here on C'Serve. Big on local news this morning is the 36" water main break across the river in Springfield this morning. About 300,000 people affected. Parts of downtown Springfield are flooded. Thank God that here in W. Springfield we have our own water supply, from wells in a nearby town and our own reservoir in town. Probably just age. We still have some of the water mains made of wood, which they are quickly replacing. Springfield is over 300 years old, though a lot of the mains aren't quite that old!! (Editor's note--This is a good reason to store water for your family.) 61. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE EFFECTS ON BODY FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9/13/94 I think you are right about the magnetic field. The birds sensors get thrown off. I think that is what my cat is picking up on too. I have a terrible headache today. The back of my head and neck are sore. How is KoKo? Something seems to be just right around the corner. 62. SUBJECT: FULL MOON EFFECT FROM: KAREN S., DATE: 9/13/94 I would not be surprised if we had something on the 19th of September! That is when there is a full moon! I also have been told by a friend that something would happen between September 5th and September 20th! Now my friend is not always right, but on January 15th she told me that some- thing BIG would happen over the weekend--and we all know what happened on January 17th!!!! Just a fair warning! 63. SUBJECT: FULL MOON EFFECT FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9/13/94 Thanks for the warning. I have heard from a lot of people to watch out the last few weeks of September. If she was right for the Jan. 17th quake, then we better be prepared! 64. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATES FROM: JOHN B., DATE: 9/13/94 Earthquake Update #1065 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 9/11 12:12am 3.1 87 miles W Petrolia 9/11 2:54pm 2.1 21 miles N King City 9/13 2:45am 3.2 69 miles W Petrolia USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 9/12 5:42am 2.5 33 miles NE Visalia 9/12 5:58am 2.7 30 miles NE Visalia 9/12 8:03am 2.9 36 miles NE Visalia 9/12 5:13pm 2.5 28 miles NE Visalia 9/12 11:17pm 2.5 19 miles NW Tehachapi USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. Information continues to be updated for the past 7 days from the United States Geological Survey . Universal Time is used. To determine local time subtract these hours: East -4, Central -5, Mountain -6, Pacific -7. N/S is Latitude. E/W is Longitude. 4 EQs 3.0+ 4 EQs 4.0+ 7 EQs 5.0+ 9/6 2:00am 3.7 Strait of Gibraltar 37 N 5 W 9/6 5:46pm 3.0 Strait of Gibraltar 37 N 5 W 9/6 8:11pm 3.8 Romania 45 N 27 E 9/7 2:41am 3.3 Strait of Gibraltar 36 N 3 W 9/7 1:56pm 4.8 China 38 N 90 E 9/7 7:45pm 5.0 Kuril Islands 45 N 151 E 9/9 8:56am 4.2 Guatemala 14 N 91 W 9/11 12:01pm 5.3 Vanuatu Islands 16 S 167 E 9/11 3:45pm 4.1 Guerrero, Mexico 17 N 101 W 9/12 10:43pm 5.7 Tonga Islands 16 S 174 W 9/12 11:57pm 5.3 Lake Tahoe, California 39 N 120 W 9/13 4:28am 5.7 Ryukyu Islands 29 N 130 E 9/13 6:01am 4.6 Telluride, Colorado 38 N 108 W 9/13 10:01am 5.7 Colombia 7 N 77 W 9/13 12:22pm 5.5 Vanuatu Islands 22 S 174 E note: The 5.3 EQ on 9/12 was an aftershock of the 6.3 EQ at 5:23am and was also felt as far as San Francisco. note: The 4.6 EQ on 9/13 was located about 20 miles north west of Telluride and felt as far as Grand Junction at 12:01am MDT. 65. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE, EBS TEST FROM: MARY C., DATE 9/13/94 Just to let you know, an EBS was broadcast today at 2:35pm on KBBY, in Ventura. I have heard several others on KBIG 104 as well. I believe there is at least 1 a day, but I have not kept good records. I will try to do better! 66. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE 6.0 TAHOE! FROM: JOANNE P. DATE: 9/13/94 In Orange County (Newport Beach), we had a lot of shaking today. I can't blame it on strong waves, because the ocean was calm. At about 3:30PM, the house shook gently for 7 or 8 seconds. About 20 minutes later, our electricity (all of neighborhood) was off for about a half hour. In the next two hours, we had several brief shakers, one with accompanying noise - not loud, but low and rumbling. Has anyone heard of the Tahoe quake (and aftershocks) being felt this far south? Made me VERY uncomfortable. 67. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE NEWS! FROM: RAY G., DATE: 9/13/94 The quakes seem to keep coming! The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: A light earthquake occurred in western Colorado about 20 miles (30 km) south-southwest of Montrose at 12:01 am, MDT, today, Sept. 13, 1994 (12:01 AM MDT in Colorado). The magnitude was computed at 4.6 on the Richter scale. This earthquake was felt strongly in the Telluride area and as far north as Grand Junction. There are some reports of minor damage in the epicentral area. UTC TIME LAT LONG DEP GS MAGS SD STA REGION AND COMMENTS HRMNSEC MB Msz USED SEP 12 062958 Q 30.8 S 71.5 W 50 5.7 0.6 76 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE 113015 Q 8.9 S 106.8 E 33N 6.0 1.0 36 SOUTH OF JAWA, INDONESIA 122342 Q 38.8 N 119.6 W 10G 1.1 78 CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER REGION. ML 6.0 (GS). 224346 Q 16.1 S 174.3 W 33N 5.7 0.9 43 TONGA ISLANDS 235708 Q 38.8 N 119.7 W 10G 0.9 114 CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER REGION ML 5.3 (GS). SEP 13 042801 Q 29.3 N 130.0 E 33N 5.7 0.9 77 RYUKYU ISLANDS 060123 Q 38.2 N 107.9 W 10G 1.5 40 COLORADO. ML 4.6 (GS). 68. SUBJECT: ANIMAL BEHAVIOR FROM: TINA O., DATE: 9/13/94 I remember that as soon as the Jan. quake ended, there was a pigeon that clung on to my window ledge and would not move. Normally one can walk near these birds and they flew away. This one, I was inches away and it would not let go of my building ledge. * BTW, my fish in my tank, normal movement is now scaring them. They huddle near a rock formation and will only come out when I feed them. When this happens, one comes out, takes a bit of food and "shoots" back to the rock, swims around the others as if saying "it's safe" then all come out, eat so fast then back to hiding behind the rock. This started a few hours ago... 69. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATES FROM: JOHN B., DATE: 9/12/94 Earthquake Update #1064 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 9/9 4:05pm 2.1 29 miles NE Mammoth Lakes 9/10 8:01am 2.5 12 miles SW Carmel 9/10 11:14pm 2.6 8 miles NE Gilroy 9/11 7:12am 2.4 15 miles SE Mammoth Lakes 9/11 9:20am 2.2 15 miles NW Bishop 9/12 2:43am 2.4 13 miles SE Big Pine USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 9/11 5:16pm 3.5 1 miles NE Hemet USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 3 EQs 2.0+ 3 EQs 3.0+ 3 EQs 4.0+ 2 EQ 5.0+ 2 EQs 6.0+ 9/5 10:51pm 4.4 NW Territories, Canada 65 N 87 W 9/8 9:36am 4.6 Peru 15 S 70 W 9/9 8:06pm 3.4 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/9 8:43pm 2.6 Utah 29 N 111 W 9/10 6:33am 3.7 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/10 7:42am 2.8 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/10 7:43am 4.1 Enumclaw, Washington 47 N 122 W 9/10 9:23am 3.6 Utah 39 N 111 W 9/10 9:57am 2.6 Utah 29 N 111 W 9/11 2:52pm 5.1 Aleutian Islands 52 N 178 E 9/12 6:29am 5.7 Chile 31 S 71 W 9/12 11:30am 6.0 Jawa, Indonesia 9 S 107 E 9/12 12:23pm 6.3 Lake Tahoe, California 39 N 120 W note: The 4.1 EQ on 9/10 was located about 25 miles east of Tacoma and felt as far north as Everett. note: The 6.0 EQ on 9/12 was located about 130 miles north of Christmas Island. note: The 6.3 EQ on 9/12 was located about 7 miles north east of Markleeville or about 18 miles southeast of Lake Tahoe or about 25 miles south of Carson City, Nevada at 5:23am Pacific Time. Aftershocks continue. 70. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: PHYLLIS E. DATE: 9/12/94 Foot didn't bother today , tonight it is starting up again. 71. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE 6.0 TAHOE! FROM: JEFF W. DATE: 09/12/94 Seismic activity in the Tahoe region is more common that one may think, but a 6.0 event is relatively rare. Usually quakes in that region have a magnitude between 2 and 3. The region just to the south with frequent activity as many of you may know is the Mammoth Lakes and the Owens Valley region. There was an earthquake over a magnitude 6 on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe in 1966. 72. SUBJECT: E-QUAKE 6.0 TAHOE! FROM: JEFF W., DATE: 9/12/94 An aftershock just occurred at 5:01 pm. Its magnitude was close to 5.0 and was felt here in Turlock, 115 miles to the southwest. There was a very slight rolling motion and the chandeliers swayed. There wasn't much motion in my swimming pool, though. I'll inform you if there are any more aftershocks. 73. SUBJECT: STRANGE CLOUDS FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9/12/94 So KoKo isn't very happy today? Neither is my cat. He keeps getting on top of a table or up on the bathroom sink. He is acting very weird. Could be his upset stomach, but I am not so sure about that. Have you noticed the quakes are moving South? Remember the article in the L.A. Times last week about chain reaction quakes, that other faults can "feel" the movement from other earthquakes? >>> I noticed the streaks in the sky the other day too. I think Vandenburg air force base has been sending off a lot of missiles. 74. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: GAIL S., DATE 9/12/94 I forgot to tell you I will be listening to the PSN Net for sure tonight. I am very interested to hear what they have to say. I heard on the news a few days ago that there was another water main break in Redondo Beach. Sure seems to be a lot of those lately. 75. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9/12/94 Before I move on the BB, I don't think they should do the testing they plan because they are going to be blamed for causing the big one...if it hits as I believe it will. Will have to think about your question before responding. What I do know it this: LS (North coastal above San Franc.) is unfolding and matching my Sp.s. Now I imagine the aftershocks from this morning's 6.0 will take care of the TR Sp.s I've had over the last two weeks. That leaves RB unaccounted for and I got another Sp. in RB last night. On 9/9, I had a 2 min. Pr. there. So, with the Sp. last night, this could be it...or everything will go quiet for another 3-4 weeks. Any one hearing the EMB tests in the LA area, please post date, time and station. Test 42 was followed by a 3.5 in Riverside in addition to the 6, which I don't believe the test was for. 76. SUBJECT: WISPY CLOUD DREAM FROM: TINA O., DATE: 9/12/94 Gail, anything is possible. Remember when I said I had a dream a few short weeks ago and there were wispy full clouds? Well our part of LA is getting this in the mornings... 77. SUBJECT: FOOT ACHES PRIOR TO QUAKES FROM: PHYLLIS E., DATE: 9/11/94 HI All, Usually just read and skulk. I have to tell you all that , even though I do not live anywhere near you, not have for the last four years and have not felt any of the rocking and rolling that you have experienced, I do have something WEIRD going on. My feet get very sore and the bones hurt terribly constantly on my right foot two to three weeks before a big shaker anywhere in the world. My husband has even gotten to the point of asking how are your feet ? Have you checked the BBs to see how the rest of the folks and KOKO are doing ? And then when a BIG one hits he says well your feet were on target again. This has been going on for about two years now. MY feet are hurting on and off like wild fire lately. The bones pop and hurt on and off and electric like pain shoot through them. Maybe what I need is a good podiatrist, bit ???????? who knows. Most of the time they give me no problem. I lived in Corpus Christi TX for the last 4 years and we have been transferred to Virginia, have been her for a month. I monitor you all the time, thought for once I would share my thoughts and experiences with you. 78. SUBJECT: CALTECH / EARTHQUAKE TESTS FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9/11/94 Agree with Thea, no earthquake, but tomorrow may be a different story. My head gave me a rest yesterday and so far so good today. However, there was, catch this, Test 42 this morning on Ch. 9. Earthquakes have matched the last five tests in an interesting way. Much smaller earthquakes have followed and the flow of the tests made me deduce that CALTECH may be a bit worried because of the 7.2 up north. In the meanwhile, out of the area earthquakes continue to match with my Sp.s in LS, LB, RS and TR. I thought RS overlapped with RB, but I am beginning to think there is no real overlap. But instead, RB seems to point to Nr/S. Fran. EQs. as well as those in Landers, Yucca, etc. My data makes me think that the 5.3 in March was a separate EQ from NR as several survivors have stated. If this is so, then my RB can be much closer than I have thought and I still have the Pr. in RB to worry about. Another strange thing. On Thursday night, my compass returned to normal, but when I got up on Friday, it was back to 2 degrees east. It hasn't changed since. I, also, have observed that the 7.2 EQ has acted very strange. All those 3+ EQs for almost a week and then four 4+ in a day. Where are the 5+s? On 9/9, Oregon did have a 3.8 and yesterday Washington state had a 4.1. I still have several PR/LSs not yet accounted for, so folks north of San Francisco take care. In the meanwhile, people in RS, RB and TR stay alert. 79. SUBJECT: VOLCANO FEATURES FROM: RICK F., DATE 9/11/94 If my memory is correct it was at least two quakes located 10 to 15 miles north of St. Helens that gave the first indication that St. Helens was coming back to life. After that micoquakes under St, Helens, indicating magma movement, began occurring under the volcano. I am wondering about this because I saw a tv show some time ago were it was shown that all the Cascade volcano have a similar geological feature that runs north of the volcanos-some type of a depression in the ground that runs for many miles north of the volcanos, or maybe the volcanos sit in the middle of a north-south depression, I forget which it was. 80. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKES PRECEDING VOLCANO ERUPTIONS FROM: RICK F., DATE: 9/11/94 I live in Auburn, and I sure felt it! I am also wondering if Mt. Rainier is involved. I think the eruptions of St. Helens were preceded two months earlier by a series of earthquakes located 10 to 15 miles north of St. Helens. 81. SUBJECT: ANIMAL ACTIONS/ EARTHQUAKE CLOUDS/ PLANE CRASHES FROM: GAIL S. DATE: 9/9/94 I have noticed things myself. So here goes my observations. Yesterday morning about 8:00 a.m. the pigeons and doves in my neighborhood were flying all over the sky. I told my Husband "Look, they are flying crazy all over, there is going to be a quake". This morning and yesterday there were "earthquake clouds" in the sky, the wispy cotton candy kind. Charlotte King says this is a sign of a quake coming, not necessarily in your area though. One more thing Charlotte King pointed out. Plane crashes. In her flyer she said " Aircraft and helicopters tend to crash or lose power 12-24 hours prior to an earthquake or volcanic eruption. The quakes are always 5.0+. The larger the quake the more aircraft experience problems. They tend to crash just before landing or just after taking off. (Before Mt. St. Helen's major eruption of May 18, 1980, on May 16th three 727's made emergency landings in Portland within 8 hours due to engine problems.)" Yesterday's crash happened due to engine problems just before landing. One more thing, which may not mean a thing, but my 3 year old woke up this morning and the first thing he said was "Earthquake Mommy" Maybe I have a little psychic on my hands. 82. SUBJECT: OCCURRENCES BEFORE QUAKES FROM: T.M., DATE 9/9/94 Weird day, huh? I was in garden at usual evening hours & noticed there were NO birds.......they usually come to eat dinner. It was very, very still. & yes, KoKo still in mode. Also, house creaking again & one concrete crack has lengthened 13 in. * I had a bout of vertigo today. 83. SUBJECT: PREDICTION OF 4 QUAKES FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9/7/94 Me again. I was going to post the last paragraph from Jim Berklands newsletter but I didn't. Just thought I would now because Ray Gallagher told be about a 4.1 quake in Modesto a)this afternoon. It could relate to Jim Berklands prediction. Here is what Jim says: "During this September window (Sept. 5-12th) I am 75% confident that there will be (1) a quake of 3.5 - 6.0 M within 70 miles of San Jose, FULFILLED (4.1 quake Modesto, CA 9-9-94) (2) a similar event within 140 miles of Los Angeles; FULFILLED 3.1 San Fernando, CA 9-9-94 (3) a similar event within 140 miles of Seattle FULFILLED (4.1 quake Tacoma, WASH 9-10-94), and (4) a major (7+M) quake within the Pacific Ring of Fire. For my Monthly Outright Seismic Speculation (MOSS), I will look for a Central America quake of at least 5.5M during the first half of September." So everyone, the Modesto quake today was about 40 miles from San Jose and that would be within the radius of 70 miles that Jim predicted. Now we will have to wait and see if his 3.5 - 6.0 quake within 140 miles of Los Angeles happens between Sept. 5th and 12th. 84. SUBJECT: MODESTO QUAKE FROM: RAY G., DATE: 9/7/94 Here is the latest from the National Earthquake Information Center. The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: A light earthquake occurred in central California about 15 miles (20 km) west-southwest of Modesto at 1:10 pm MDT today, Sept. 7, 1994 (12:10 pm PDT in California. The magnitude was computed at 4.1 on the Richter scale. This earthquake was felt in the Modesto area. There have been no reports of damage. 85. SUBJECT: QUAKE WINDOW--SEPT 9-10 FROM: GAIL S., DATE: 9/7/94 I just thought I would post a bit from Jim Berkland's newsletter called "SYZYGY". He explains what will be going on the 9th and 10th of Sept. "The window is open between Sept. 5-12, 1994 and is associated with the New Moon of the 5th and the perigee of the 8th. The Synchroneity is 54 hours and the highest range in Golden Gate tides is 6.1 feet on both the 9th and 10th of September. These are the lowest maximum monthly ranges for the year, as far as local oceanic tides are concerned, but the solid earth tides are expected to reflect more accurately the increasing gravitational forces." I hope you understood that better than I did! Maybe you can see now a little what is going on with the heavens on those dates. 86. SUBJECT: COMPASS CHANGE / EQ PREDICTIONS FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9/7/94 Ya Gail, you are right. This is too important. I am still having Sp.s, one just an hour ago, so I am not worried for the moment. EQs. can begin within 12 hours of a Sp. My LSs, according to USGS, are matching with aftershocks from up north, but I am waiting for what is to happen here. My compass moved a degree east this afternoon and has not been normal for five days now. I really am worried this time, so if you haven't gotten ready, please do something about that AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It would be very wise to have First Aid gear. You may have to help others. 87. SUBJECT: MAGNETIC SHIFT FROM: BETH H., DATE 9/6/94 I'm very interested in this compass 2.5 degrees off ---One thing they announced the morning of the Landers/BigBear was that the compass was off by two degrees. I found an interesting article on NOVA BEYOND BELIEF LIBRARY 12/24/93 (I think that's the right date!) It stated that there are actually THREE NORTH POLES and that two of them wander around! 88. SUBJECT: VOLCANO -MEXICO FROM: SCOTT S., DATE: 9/6/94 Mexico City Volcano Showing Signs of Life MEXICO CITY (Reuter) - Scientists are stepping up their watch of the Popocatepetl Volcano on the southern outskirts of Mexico City, which has been spewing gases and vapors in an ominous sign of a possible eruption. Although most of the steam rising from fissures in the snow-capped 17,887-foot volcano known as ``Popo" is water vapor, scientists have also detected gases emitted by the magma -- the term for the lava churning inside a volcano. U.S. and Mexican scientists have found that sulfur dioxide emissions have doubled to 3,000 metric tons a day in the past year, signaling a worrisome change in the pressure of the magma. That raises the risk (of an eruption), but we can't quantify by how much. It certainly calls for more vigilance," said Servando de la Cruz Reyna, a volcanologist at the Institute of Geophysics of the Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM). Dr. Stanley Williams of the Arizona State University said about 100 volcanoes around the world are currently emitting gases but ``only four or five in the world are releasing that much gas, and Popo has joined that club." ``The most probable outcome is a single explosion at the summit which would be of no danger to anyone -- except me if I'm in the crater -- but the situation needs to be monitored more thoroughly," Williams said. Scientists are now looking for the two other warning signs of an eruption -- deformations in the crust caused by pressure from the magma and tremors on the mountain that looms over the Mexico City valley populated by more than 20 million people. 89. SUBJECT: THUMPING SOUND HEARD IN PACIFIC! FROM: MATT F., DATE: 9/6/94 Here is the article I got in the Daily Oklahoman several days ago. THUMPING HEARD IN PACIFIC CARMEL, Calif - Mysterious thumping sounds in the Pacific ocean have attracted the attention of the U.S. Navy, and marine scientists and touched off a media frenzy in this small central California resort. For the past week, divers have reported hearing a deep, heartbeat like thumping in the Pacific Ocean off Point Lobos, a rocky outcrop just south of Carmel. The thumping has no obvious origin. They have discovered that it has a mechanically steady pulse but is intermittent, not continuous. But none has yet been able to pinpoint the source of the noises. - end of article. I thought that this was really fascinating, but have heard nothing in the news since about it. Can anybody tell me what is going on? 90. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION FROM: DIANE P., DATE: 9/5/94 RB has almost always been east of Long Beach, out to Landers, but, of course, crosses the San Andreas. LS and RB are absolutely ties together this time around. I have now had 19 LS, 6TL, 14RB, 11 TR, 2 RS, 2B and 4Cs. As of 4:45pm yesterday, CALTECH has reported NO meaningful EQs. since the 3.1 in Yucca on 8/30. USGS reports few aftershocks from N. Calif., which is highly unusual for a 7.2 EQ. During this same time, my head has been very busy. I have not had this much activity since February when I had mostly Eastern hemisphere activity which was realized end of May into April. Based on my experience so far, I am predicting much greater activity for N. Calif., but this might extend up into Alaska. But first, we will get either a swarm of 3+s here or one great EQ with many moderate aftershocks. This has the feel of being very bad for us. I have been right far too many times for this to be false signals. My compass has, also, been 2 1/2 degrees off for the last four days. Yesterday, it even pointed one degree east for about four hours. I don't know the connection, if there is one, but something very big is going on and I am really afraid this time for L.A. As long as I continue to have pain, I know we are okay, (and I am having a LS Pr. right now), but when my head goes still and clear, I'm afraid all h... is going to break loose. So, please, please be prepared. Be mindful of what is around you and plan your escape routes as you move through your life. I've exceed my time this month on P, so just can't afford to post more. 91. SUBJECT: PET BEHAVIOR FROM: T. M. DATE: 9/5/94 I missed it in VN. KoKo has been on/off, but mostly stays clutching that cup these days. She has been so nasty and irritable we are ready to lock her up. Nothing satisfies, she just shrieks all the time. Her usual "imminent" eq behavior is panic whimpering, so I don't know what is causing this unless the earth is just feeling so unstable that she has finally freaked out. It's a pain! 92. SUBJECT: MICHIGAN QUAKE FROM: Mark S., DATE: 9/3/94 Did you see the quake in Michigan that happened yesterday?? From the August Sedona Journal, that Peter and the Beings of Light channeler was pretty darned accurate in what she stated for August, just a couple days late on the Michigan quake. I noticed she was not in the September Journal. Should get my mail soon, see if I get Scallion's news. 93. SUBJECT: ROSH HOSANNAH FROM: MARK S., DATE 9/3/94 Regarding the Sept 9 date that one woman mentioned, Sept. 6, 1994 is the first day of the Jewish month of Tishri, it is also Rosh Hosannah. Regarding "Armageddon, Appt. with Destiny" by Grant Jeffrey, that date is also the "Feast of Trumpets", also known as the Day of Judgement. He states that he sees that date (the Feast Day, not necessarily this year), as the date for the battle of Armageddon. The tenth of Tishri, (Sept. 16, 1994) is the date for Yom Kippur. 94. SUBJECT: QUAKE PREDICTION--SEPT 9 through SEPT 29, 1994 FROM: M. E., DATE 9/3/94 Hello all...I have a prediction for you. I have a gift for dreaming about the future. All of the earthquakes so far have been clear in the form of symbolic "dream" lingo as I call it. Not only this topic but many others including my brush with death 9 years ago...anyone experiencing the same please write. NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT!!! Sept. 9 through the 29th is an extremely volatile planetary alignment. The 9th is my latest edition to the dreams of the immediate future. What is most convincing of this particular dream is that upon the 9th is exactly when it starts ...Sept 9 on a quasi looking calendar was light up in yellow while the rest of the boxes and dates looked faded grey on a black background. This dream is now 2.5 weeks old. I investigated the concern with a professional astrologer to ask what day was the most prone to natural disasters, and guess what...the 9th!!! It does however last through the latter part of the month. All of the quakes and affects of have entailed a dream so far. What is most peculiar is I am usually 6 months prior to the dream subject. THAT SCARES ME JUST A LITTLE! Anyway a psychic I know (top notch!) told me that if I was in Los Angeles in 1998, I would see the complete ruin of it...this does not mean our existance but mearly the complete water theory taking its final toll for another 150+ years. I would like to thank all of you participating for helping me coping with phantom quakes, which were real according to your correspondence with each other. Would it not be nice if the media was informing us of all the earthquake activities regardless of size instead of the usual "marketable" events?? Please E-mail any Plate tech. info. PS--If you live on the coast especially Long Beach and other man-made substrate for ground--MOOOOVE!!! Would love to share more predictions and data collected pre and post NR! Once again thanks for being an active mind. 95. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE TV PROGRAMS FROM: E.R., Date: 9/2/94 Last night on MacNeil and Lehner, they had a long report on earthquakes. I guess the 7.2 caught their attention. Anyway they gave a lot of time to the subject. Also showed Little Lucy and she stated the earthquakes have increased since 1986 not only in amount but size. We are having larger events. Very serious program, perhaps you caught part of that show. 96. SUBJECT: FAIRFIELD, CALIF QUAKE FROM: GINNY A., DATE: 9/1/94 Hi, Yes I felt the earthquake in Fairfield, CA this a.m. 8:20. My fishpond water moved back and forth as did my swimming pool! There was no noise from it as it was far away in Eureka. Isn't that amazing! My friend and I were on the phone and she lives in Santa Rosa. She's been seeing all of these pelicans, sea gulls...she said I bet we'll have an earthquake out in the ocean, and sure enough! The geyser eruptions were at 2 1/2 hours apart! Normal eruption pattern is 1/2 hr. to 40 min. I'd called Olga at Old Faithful Geyser earlier this week and she was predicting an earthquake this week. You know that is within 200 miles of the geyser that relates to the geyser eruptions. Hope this was it. I just called the geyser and the eruption pattern is still holding at 2 1/2 hrs. That means it isn't over. 97. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATES FROM: JOHN B. DATE: 9/1/94 Earthquake Update #1060 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 8/29 7:08pm 2.1 7 miles W Atascadero 8/30 1:15am 2.0 6 miles E Mammoth Lakes 8/30 3:46pm 2.7 13 miles E San Jose 8/30 5:52pm 2.5 16 miles W Petrolia 8/31 12:03am 2.4 10 miles E San Jose USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 10 EQs 4.0+ 9 EQs 5.0+ 1 EQ 6.0+ 1 EQ 7.0+ 8/25 10:24am 4.2 Hokkaido, Japan 42 N 143 E 8/25 11:46pm 4.4 Honshu, Japan 30 N 139 E 8/26 12:23am 4.7 N. Mid-Atlantic Ridge 28 N 44 W 8/27 2:10am 4.4 Komandorsky Islands 54 N 168 E 8/27 6:21am 4.2 Kuril Islands 45 N 149 E 8/27 11:03pm 4.8 Chiapas, Mexico 17 N 94 W 8/28 7:42am 5.2 Tonga Islands 20 S 174 W 8/28 12:09pm 4.7 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 12:35pm 4.7 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 12:53pm 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 12:56pm 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 9 N 39 W 8/28 3:41pm 5.3 Mindanao, Philippines 6 N 126 E 8/28 8:51pm 5.0 Kuril Islands 44 N 151 E 8/29 1:45am 5.1 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/29 8:31am 5.2 Tonga Islands 22 S 175 W 8/29 9:31am 5.2 Tonga Islands 22 S 175 W 8/29 5:35pm 5.4 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 1 S 19 W 8/30 7:08am 5.4 Mindanao, Philippines 9 N 126 E 8/30 10:14am 5.4 Tonga Islands 15 S 174 W 8/31 9:07am 6.0 Hokkaido, Japan 44 N 146 E 9/1 3:15pm 7.2 Off coast N. California 40 N 126 W note: The 7.2 EQ on 9/1 was located about 90 miles west of Eureka/Petrolia, California, at 8:15am Pacific Time. It was located on the Mendocino Fracture Zone on the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the Gorda Plate, which is a subplate of the Juan de Fuca Plate. Felt from Fresno to Grants Pass, Oregon. A 7.1 EQ on April 25, 1992 in this area did major damage to the towns of Ferndale, Petrolia, Rio Dell, and Scotia. 98. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKES OVER 6.0 FROM: JOHN B., DATE 9/1/94 Worldwide Earthquakes over 6.0 since August 4, 1994 14 EQs 6.0+ 1 EQ 7.0+ 8/4 10:15pm 6.1 Tanimbar IS, Indonesia 6S 131 E 8/8 9:08pm 6.1 Myanmar, Burma 24N 95 E 8/14 12:46am 6.0 Kuril Islands 45N 150 E 8/14 1:31am 6.5 Kuril Islands 45N 150 E 8/18 12:45am *6.1 Lake Tanganyika 7S 31 E 8/18 1:13am 6.0 Algeria 35N 1 W 8/18 4:42am 6.6 Kuril Islands 44 N 150 E 8/19 10:02am 6.5 Argentina 27 S 63 W 8/20 4:38am *6.2 Kuril Islands 45 N 149 E 8/21 3:56pm *6.0 Lake Baykal, Russia 56 N 187 E 8/22 5:26pm *6.4 Santa Cruz Islands 11 S 166 E 8/28 6:37pm 6.6 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/30 6:13am 6.2 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/31 9:07am 6.0 Hokkaido, Japan 44 N 146 E 9/1 3:15pm 7.2 Northern California 40 N 126 W note: * shows upgraded magnitude from original EQ Update. From the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time) is used. To determine local time subtract these hours: East -4, Central -5. Mountain -6, Pacific -7, N/S is Latitude. E/W is Longitude. 99. SUBJECT: ROSH HOSHHANA FROM: T. M., DATE: 8/27/94 I heard a blurb on this Camping person also & it said he has misinterpreted parts of the scriptures, so maybe he has this one wrong, too. One thing, however, it is a shared feeling amongst many teachers that the Rapture could occur on one of the Rosh Hashana days, leaving 7 days till the Day of Atonement. RH is the Feast of Trumpets, a trumpet calls the believers up & out just before the Great Tribulation begins for a 7 year period, ending w/the Second Advent of Jesus Christ - "The Atonement". It's very interesting, & the numbers do work. The problem lies in knowing which year all of this will occur. P.S. Rosh Hashana is the "birthday" of creation. 100. SUBJECT: POPE FROM: MONIQUE H., Date: 8/25/94 From Conyers, GA (#2)..."Today I confirm for you that THIS IS THE POPE OF MY SECRET; the Pope about whom I spoke to the children during the apparitions; the Pope of my love and of my sorrow. With great courage and with superhuman strength, he goes about every part of the world, heedless of the fatigue and the many dangers, in order to confirm all in the faith and thus he carries out his apostolic ministry as successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ, universal pastor of the holy Catholic Church, founded on the rock of my Son, Jesus. The Pope gives to all the light of Christ, in these times of great darkness. With vigor, he confirms us in the truth of the faith, in these times of general apostasy. He invites us to walk along the road of love and of peace, in these times of violence, of hatred, of tumult and of war. My Immaculate Heart is wounded in seeing how, all about him, there is an expanding emptiness and indifference; contestation on the part of some of my poor children - bishops, priests, religious and faithful; haughty opposition to his Magisterium. For this reason, my Church is today wounded by a deep division; it is threatened with the loss of the true faith; it is pervaded with infidelity which is becoming greater and greater. When this Pope will have completed the task which Jesus has entrusted to him and I will come down from heaven to receive his sacrifice, all of you will be cloaked in a dense darkness of apostasy, which will then become general. There will remain faithful only that little remnant which, in these years, by accepting my motherly invitation, has let itself be enfolded in the secure refuge of my Immaculate Heart. And it will be this little faithful remnant, prepared and formed by me, that will have the task of receiving Christ, who will return to you in glory, bringing about in this way the beginning of the new era which awaits you." 101. SUBJECT: EARLY FALL FROM: MARK S., Date 8/24/94 Nobody has predicted how cool it would be this month in New England this August. I don't think it has gotten above 90 degrees at all this month here in western Massachusetts. Been the coolest August I can ever remember. Been down to the high forties on a couple nights and it has been in the seventies for most of the month in the daytime. My apples turned red on my tree a couple weeks ago and it seems like they are almost ready to pick. That should not happen for another month. A couple trees here and there have started to change color, a sign of fall and here it is not September even yet. I hope it doesn't mean an early and long winter! Starting to get concerned. 102. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE PREDICTIONS FROM: GINNY A. Date: 8/24/94 There is an earthquake predictor James O. Berkland who pre- dicts based on moon, tides etc.He is more involved in the bay area.He has a newsletter "Syzygy" 14927 East Hills Dr., San Jose, CA. 95127 (408) 258-1192 and a !QuakeLine 1-900-844 JOLT. ($1.49/min) Very interesting! I just called his "hot line" and he feels something is up for the bay area. Today my cat came into the house and jumped on my lap! This> is an "outdoor" cat. Last night my hubby & I were talking in our living room & 2 of our cats were scratching at the win- dow! My animals aren't allowed in the house due to allergies of my children & the dog wanted to come in too! I live in Fairfield, CA. Anyone else out there other than Berkland feeling or saying something is due in Bay Area?? Stay safe! 103. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1057 FROM: JOHN B. Date: 8/23/94 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 8/21 1:47am 2.4 20 miles NE Red Bluff 8/22 2:04pm 2.4 5 miles NE Watsonville 8/22 8:24pm 2.5 13 miles SE Mammoth Lakes USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 12 EQs 2.0+ 3 EQs 3.0+ 8/19 12:47pm 2.6 4 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 3:46pm 2.9 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 3:50pm 2.8 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 3:58pm 2.6 4 miles W Canoga Park 8/19 4:15pm 2.5 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/19 4:31am 2.6 3 miles NW Canoga Park 8/20 1:31am 2.6 7 miles NE Simi Valley 8/20 2:21am 2.6 1 mile NW Mecca 8/20 9:20am 2.9 37 miles SW Yuma 8/20 1:22pm 3.1 8 miles N Borrego Springs 8/21 5:52am 3.4 21 miles NE Lucerne Valley 8/21 3:54pm 2.6 18 miles SW Ocotillo Wells 8/22 2:13pm 2.9 15 miles N Azusa 8/22 2:34pm 3.5 34 miles SE Ensenada 8/22 3:27pm 2.8 3 miles NW Canoga Park USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 1 EQ 2.0+ 4 EQs 4.0+ 3 EQs 5.0+ 1 EQ 6.0+ 8/17 6:56am 4.1 Montana 47 N 116 W 8/19 10:02am 6.6 Argentina 26 S 63 W 8/19 9:02pm 5.7 Myanmar 18 N 96 E 8/20 2:21am 5.4 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/20 12:54pm 4.5 Aleutian Islands 52 N 179 W 8/21 1:05pm 4.1 Vancouver Island 51 N 130 W 8/22 5:26pm 5.9 Santa Cruz Islands 11 S 166 E 8/23 5:03am 2.2 Gunnison, Colorado 29 N 107 W 8/23 2:33pm 4.7 Southern Alaska 59 N 152 W 104. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE REPORTS FROM: Mark S. Date: 8/21/94 You know, it looks like the government out there in CA. knows more than it is letting on. According to some of these notes below, EBS tests precede most if not all of the quakes, from 3.0 and up in magnitude. 105. SUBJECT: ARKANSAS EARTHQUAKE FROM: RAY G. Date: 8/20/94 Hi all! I copied this from the USGS information service.. the following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: a minor earthquake occurred about 7 miles (10km) northwest of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas and 115 miles (180 km) northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas at 4:46 am MDT today, August 20, 1994 (5:46 am CDT in Arkansas). The magnitude was computed at 3.5 on the Richter Scale. Earthquake was felt in Walnut Ridge area of Northeast Arkansas. There have been no reports of damage. Take care and stay safe! 106. SUBJECT: UPCOMING PREDICTIONS FOR CALIFORNIA FROM DIANNE P. Date: 8/20/94 Thought I would let everyone know that the NR aftershocks have opened a door to future EQ's. I have felt the following: 8/19 -sp. in C, 2sp. in RS, 2sp. in RB, 1 sp. in LB and 2 sp.s in TL. I am expecting more EQs for NR, coastal Landers, and the eastern Pacific. As noted earlier, there was an EBS Test on Ch. 4 at 4:00pm. This is test 32. Test 29 was followed by Landers 2.9, 30 by S. Clemente, 31 by Landers 3.8, 3 and NRs 3.1, 3.5. An Eq. has followed each test to date. So, the shaking is not over. Let me remind you, I am still expecting very large EQs in the direction of the San Andreas and along the Ingelwood-Newport fault line. I am, also, expecting much smaller EQs. somewhere near the coast and somewhere north east of Long Beach. Take care and be alert. 107. SUBJECT: ROCK BURST IN IDAHO MINE FROM: NANCY R. Date 8/19/94 From the Spokesman Review, Spokane, Washington near Mullin, ID: "The Lucky Friday mine's largest rock burst in years sent a truck driver to the hospital early Wednesday morning. At about midnight, rocks exploded in a mine tunnel that lies 5,570 feet below ground, said April Boughton, director of public relations for Hecla Mining Company. Hecla owns the silver mine 1 1/2 miles east of Mullan, ID. The miners working in that area were on their lunch break at the time and were not injured, Boughton said. But, the explosion sent dust flying and caused a truck driver in a nearby hauling tunnel, to crash into the tunnel wall. Steve Slusher was bruised and shaken by the crash and was taken to the Shoshone Medical Center where he was listed in stable condition. Broughton said the rock burst measured 4.1 on the seismograph and was the largest since 1988. She said such bursts are caused by rocks shifting deep in the earth. Miners spent Wednesday cleaning up the damage and Broughton said the company hopes to have the tunnel open in about five days." I don't know about all of you, but I had never heard of "rock bursts" until I read this article. I'm still not sure what makes them any different than earthquakes, but decided to post the article, because the article states a seismograph reading. 108. SUBJECT: RECENT EARTHQUAKES FROM: GAIL S. Date: 8/19/94 Just to let you all know there have been 10 significant earthquakes as Cal-Tech puts it today. They only listed three of them, the 3.1 last night at 9:41 p.m., the 3.5 at 11:56 p.m. and todays 2.6 at 4:31 p.m.. I guess the others were under 2.5. Gosh, why all the activity lately? I wonder if these are all aftershocks. Hmmmmmmmm. 109. SUBJECT: RIPPLE EFFECT FROM JUPITER COMET IMPACT FROM: BETH H. Date : 8/20/94 Don't forget that these are the days that the earth, in its orbit, is going through the area activated by the comet's impact with Jupiter. The ripple effect. Or, as I describe it, we're hitting the "wake" of the event. 110. SUBJECT: STRANGE ANIMAL BEHAVIOR FROM: MARY C. Date: 8/20/94 Noticed that the horse living behind us was pacing a lot last night...something she doesn't usually do. It was around 2am...also, an eerie lack of crickets. I wondered if something was brewing. I noticed our dogs were very "affectionate"..and wanted to be on our laps more than usual. Just reporting on unusual behavior I am observing. 111. SUBJECT: RECENT NORTHRIDGE AFTERSHOCK From: JOANNE P., Date 8/19/94 Just heard on the Ch. 9 News that there are reports of a Northridge aftershock. Calls are coming in to the station. Did any of you in The Valley feel it? 112. SUBJECT: SAN FRANCISCO PREDICTION From: PAM R. Date 8/18/94 Jack Coles has received a "main" radio signal and is predicting an earthquake of at least 4-5 magnitude in the San Francisco bay area probably within the next 4 days. He is having some problems at the moment and was not more specific. He also mentioned some signals from northern CA and to the north, but my impression was these were not as big. Will post more if I find out anything else.-Pam 113. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE # 1055 From: JOHN B., Date 8/18/94 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. 8/9 1:04pm 3.2 8 miles NW Quincy 8/10 7:46pm 3.2 13 miles SE Yosemite Valley 8/10 10:47pm 2.4 12 miles NW Parkfield 8/15 2:15pm 2.3 22 miles NW Rohnert Park 8/17 3:06pm 2.1 10 miles N Morgan Hill 8/18 2:26am 2.3 23 miles E Coalinga USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 8/10 7:23pm 4.0 4 miles SE El Centro 8/14 5:27pm 3.1 6 miles NE Simi Valley 8/15 1:07am 3.8 7 miles N Indio USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 3 EQs 3.0+ 3 EQs 4.0+ 10 EQs 5.0+ 5 EQs 6.0+ 8/6 4:06am 3.5 Jordan/Syria 34 N 36 E 8/6 11:04am 5.4 Australia 33 S 151 E 8/8 1:50am 3.1 Spain 38 N 3 W 8/8 9:08pm 6.1 Myanmar 25 N 95 E 8/9 11:34pm 5.3 Andaman Islands, India 11 N 94 E 8/10 1:39am 5.5 Andaman Islands, India 10 N 94 E 8/10 2:57pm 5.5 Sandwich Islands 59 S 25 W 8/10 8:05pm 3.1 Spain 37 N 4 W 8/11 10:42pm 5.8 Tonga Islands 21 S 174 W 8/14 12:46am 6.1 Kuril Islands 44 N 150 E 8/14 1:31am 6.5 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E 8/14 9:06am 5.2 Honshu, Japan 39 N 142 E 8/14 10:58am 5.4 Chile 30 S 71 W 8/15 6:15am 5.1 Leeward Islands 17 N 61 W 8/16 10:09am 5.7 Honshu, Japan 38 N 142 E 8/16 11:03am 4.2 Montana 49 N 111 W 8/16 11:57am 4.1 Guatemala 14 N 91 W 8/16 1:15pm 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 15 N 46 W 8/18 12:45am 5.9 Lake Tanganyika 7 S 32 E 8/18 1:13am 6.0 Algeria 35 N 0 W 8/18 4:42am 6.3 Kuril Islands 45 N 150 E note: The 6.0 EQ on 8/18 killed at least 150 people in northern Algeria. 114. SUBJECT: EARTHQUAKE DREAMS From: BRETT A., Date 8/18/94 Hi Everyone: I heard an EBS test yesterday at 1:25PM on 93.1 FM. BTW, I had a dream a couple of months ago that I was in an office building looking out a window and saw a tornado headed for the downtown city area. It seems like it must have been a precognitive dream of the tornado that hit Lexington, South Carolina the other day. The downtown area. Also, I had a dream about an eq (didn't write it down though--so I can't tell you when except "recently"). I was holding the baby in my bedroom and the ground started to shake. It took me by surprise because it was light outside. Finally this observation. Remember what happened last December and January? All of America was completely distracted by the Tonya Harding escapade.THEN NORTHRIDGE. I say be careful when the OJ trial starts... I sense we may see something similar. 115. SUBJECT: RECENT PREDICTIONS From: GAIL S. Date 8/17/94 Hi: Maybe the vertigo is only related to certain types of quakes. The Landers and Northridge were different. Do you think you pick up quakes further away? Jack Coles is predicting a 4.0+ quake to hit in the San Francisco Bay area in the next 24 to 96 hours. I kind of lost faith in him lately since he has missed the last few. We will see what happens. 116. SUBJECT: ELYSIAN PARK FAULT From: BRETT A., Date 8/16/94 Hi All: Okay remember the woman "Peggy" whose prediction I posted a few weeks ago? Well she said 3rd weekend of September. Elysian Park Fault 7.0-7.5. Epicenter under Dodger stadium (The strike may be a lifesaver). Lots of damage and fires. Last time she was WRONG... but lets wait...) Personally, I am leaning towards NOVEMBER. BIG. 117. SUBJECT: LOST PET COUNT From: BETH H., Date 8/16/94 This week's count = 37 lost pets (cats, dogs, parrots) Two year average = 19. 118. SUBJECT: VIVID EARTHQUAKE DREAMS From: TINA O., Date 8/16/94 You may want to add this to the current research. I'm having my "vivid" EQ dreams again. So far they seem to be consistent. Overcast day, (daytime) either early morning or evening (and with this heat, I pray for an overcast and RAINING DAY!) Also the number 6 seems to be consistent in my latest dreams. Comments folks... 119. SUBJECT: SAN DIEGO WATER PROBLEM From: BETH H., Date 8/11/94 What is the single nutrient which must be furnished the body-or it will die within seven days? Water. I guess my frantic water notes on Prodigy may have done some good. Tonight's news was on the meeting of the San diego Water Authority to discuss plans for THE BIG ONE. Just as I stated, as the aqueduct system crosses the San Andreas three times, there will be no incoming water- nor will there be any for the foreseeable future should that happen. San Diego County has storage for 10% of its water needs and, with extremely strict rationing, that might be stretched to last for six months. The plans being laid out to meet the crisis of The Big One involve extending some of our old silted-full reservoirs into some sort of catch basins and pray for rain. The cost will be many billions of dollars. Projected year when project can be completed--2005!!!!!!! NOW WHAT? All those billions should be earmarked to take care of our crumbling sewer system. I noted on Prodigy an article on pollution with SAN DIEGO checked 700 serious violations of the total national violations of 2300. (And also the notation that San Diego did not check for pollution very often...well, we don't need to analyze water samples on our beaches--the whole raw sewage of Tijuana is pouring in on us! You don't need a microscope to see that!) 120. SUBJECT: U-HAUL BACKLOG IN CALIF. and DROP IN LITERACY RATE IN CALIF. From: BETH H., Date 8/11/94 HAS ANYONE HEARD THE MOST RECENT statistics on U-HAUL?? Is there still a three month waiting list to rent a means of getting one's stuff out of this state?? I note that the literacy rate of California has fallen to below 50% (lower than the lowest third world country). Sounds like anyone who can read has already left the state!! I actually started making plans to head back home early next spring. 121. SUBJECT: LIGHTNING STRIKE WARNING From: NANN M., Date 8/10/94 Here in the Midwest there have been more deaths by lightning than I have ever seen...there are at least one per month: and lately four or five in the local Indiana--Michigan area!! There was an article on "how many have lost their lives" because of it. My daughter (emt) told me that if I am ever outside and feel the hair on my arms, head, get that static feeling: that I should "immediately" drop to the ground and spread out like an angel. She said because while working on the emergency teams in all kinds of weather they were told that "once" the electricity has a "beam" on you that you can feel it for 2-3 seconds before it hits you, because it has targeted you, it has started...and if you use the angel position (and you do have time to get in it) that the burn is not as bad and doesn't run down the entire body causing "trouble" to vital organs (if you are lucky). It can even in some cases change the "strike" because it will take the course of least resistance. I never heard this before, but it sounded interesting. I was surprised I had never read about dropping into the angel position!!! 122. SUBJECT: BODY PAINS From: DIANE P. DATE: 8/10/94 As many of you know, I have been trying to match pains I get in my head, specific locations, with earthquakes in S. Calif. Several days ago, I posted experiencing a pressure in my B area which I believe to be west of where I live (Long Beach to make it easy.) I can't recall if I, also, said I had a 30 minute in my TR location, indicating fairly good size EQs in one to three four weeks. On 8/8, I had a following Sp. in TR, but didn't think much about it until tonight (9/9) when I had a Sp. in B and began looking over my data. Except for not having a much longer Pr. in either location months back, I am seeing the same pattern that I experienced the four days preceding Northridge. Add to this that there were TWO Emergency Broadcasting tests today and these were the normal warning about the weather, I think we could experience two 4.5+ earthquakes within the next few days. Since I am not certain of my head locations matching with points on the map out there, I would urge everyone in S. Calif. to be on guard. While I am not expecting large earthquakes, a 4.5+ in the wrong place could do some damage. So, take care and, oh, I forgot. I had another Sp. for Northridge late this afternoon. Shouldn't amount to much by itself, but if things combine, who knows. 123. SUBJECT: EMERGENCY BROADCAST From: NANN M. Date: 08/10/94 Remember the long quotes from the book on the 1812 New Madrid quake; it mentioned the electrical "show" and the storms afterwards. The "night lit up with lightning and no rain"; that was the gist of it. 124. SUBJECT: JUPITER COMET RIPPLES From: BETH H. Date: 8/9/94 Toward the last of this month the earth will be traveling through one of the "ripples" thrown out by the comet/Jupiter collision. I believe around the 20th. Things may be very EQ active through the last ten days of the month. 125. SUBJECT: CALIFORNIA FAULT SYSTEM From: MARK S., Date: 8/8/94 For those interested, I just received a copy of EARTH magazine for SEPT. 1994. DR.Jones is in this major article. She states that we have one unbelievable fault system running from the salten sea to bakersfield and it is "very" possible that all of this will go at one time...if not, we are looking at 5 eq.s of 7.0+. I have read a lot on here lately and someone had implied that they felt that DR. Jones was holding back information. I surely don't see any of that. if anyone wants more info on this article, just let me know. I can post it here...I think it will fit? 126. SUBJECT: NORTH CAROLINA EARTHQUAKE From: RAY G. Date: 8/8/94 I just got this off the USGS Earthquake information system. SPECIAL MESSAGES >>>> The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: a minor earthquake occurred in North Carolina about 15 miles north-northeast of Havelock at 1:54 pm MDT saturday, Aug 6, 1994 (3:54 pm edt in North Carolina). The magnitude was computed at 3.6 on the richter scale. This earthquake was felt at New Bern, Newport and along the coast in the epicentral area. This appears to be the first earthquake instrumentally located in this area. There have been no reports of damage. 127. SUBJECT: CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKES From: MARK S. Date: 8/8/94 First of all, I've been following Gordon Michael Scallion for quite awhile. He has been calling for a one time break from Eureka to Bakersfield to Baja. He has been stating this since 1982. I'm just now starting to see the scientific community coming to support his statements. The article in Earth Magazine consists of 8 pages. so, I will give you the highlights here. The Wilshire fault (previously unrecognized) is a hazard to the most expensive real estate in the world. It's dangerous because it is a shallow fault..3 miles deep. There are too many faults in the L.A. basin to assess L.A.'s risk. Lucy Jones feels that we should consider the entire area as one big danger zone. "I think that everywhere from the San Andreas to Palos Verdes is one compressional zone" L.J. there are numerous thrust faults in a complex web. There may be a lot to worry about throughout the L.A. region. We are having a similar build up in southern California just like San Francisco in 1906 stated Lynn Sikes of Columbia University. I see the epicenter running throughout the L.A. basin and down to the Salton Sea. Jones stated that we are missing eq's and it will take 5 eq's 7.0 or greater or one large eq to catch up. (Scallion is calling for a 10 to 15) JONES TESTIFIED to this at a congressional meeting. (not the Scallion part) for sunny, shaky L.A. basin, miles beneath the beaches, movie studios, and amusement parks, thrust faults are stirring and there is nowhere to hide. Thrust faults pose a special threat to building/transportation. A vertical jolt can literally hurl objects into the air. This makes thrust quakes even more destructive then slip faults. They snap fwy like dry pasta. The frequency of "blind" thrust faults across the state has been increasing over recent years. Researchers say a 7.5 mag. quake would be easy. Two or more faults could move together and create much higher mag. 8+. evidence of another large web of "blind" thrust faults exist in Santa Clara valley area near San Francisco. Oat Mountain moved up 15 inches and northwest 8 inches during the Northridge 6 second quake. S.C.E.C states east-west-trending faults are lighting up. Thrust fault quakes include 6.7 Coalinga, 6.1 Kettleman, 5.9 Whittier, 5.8 Sierra Madre, 6.7 Northridge, and the "1971" SAN FERNANDO VALLEY QUAKE. I personally lived through that to expect when the big one his L.A. Earth Magazine finish...How badly would L.A. fare in the big one? According to Aprils Seismological Society meeting in Pasadena, it would wreak mayhem. Estimated rupture on Elysian Park fault could easily produce 7.0 e.q.. total movement 5 feet back/forth per second. Tall buildings collapse very fast. Expected damage: 2 modern 20 story bldgs gone, 30 reinforced bldg concrete 4 to 8 stories gone, 150 unreinforced bldgs gone, most remaining bldgs damaged so severely that they would "not" be functional. Kerry Sieh states "lack of quakes suggests a scary possibility that perhaps the really big quakes tend to come all at once. An entire thrusts system could rupture simultaneously. To fix all bldgs to hold up to these quakes would require "pyramids". To finish, Englekirk stated "I'm sure all of you-if you weren't scared to death-enjoyed the presentations this morning. given the frequency of eqs in the valley, I'm glad that I'm not young anymore". For those interested, every Wednesday, after 12 pm eastern time. Gordon-Michael Scallion gives his update at 1-900-903-2745. It costs $2 for the call. He is calling for a Palm Spings quake of 8.3, San Diego 7.0, San Francisco greater than 8.0, southwest Oregon greater 7.0, Mt. Rainer eruption and quakes of greater then 7.0.., Missouri/Arkansas New Madrid fault greater then 8.0, Mexico City greater then 9.0. He called the violent weather patterns that we have been seeing and several major hurricanes (even exact landing points and courses) prior to them occurring. He has a monthly news letter 1-800-628-7493. Also, I highly recommend that you get a copy of his "New" map of the U.S. I have one hanging on my wall and it's really hard to believe. By the way, I left California in May. There are just to many scientists, prophecies, and feelers for this all to be garbage. If you would like just good earth science..then get Earth Magazine. This is a high quality magazine that deals with things happening on this planet...not all bad news..just, actual news. Their number is 1-800-533-6644. Above not be prepared!!! Like my mom always says..she's been waiting for the big one since she was a little girl and it still hasn't come!!! We just have to live our daily lives and have things put in place..just in case it really does happen someday. 128. SUBJECT: CALIFORNIA Earthquake Update # 1054 From: JOHN B. Date: 8/8/94 USGS, Menlo Park, California. For Northern & Central California. Pacific Time. Date Time Richter Location 8/2 3:40pm 3.2 8 miles NW Avenal 8/6 1:18pm 2.7 22 miles NW Coalinga 8/7 5:37pm 2.9 11 miles S Tres Pinos USGS, Caltech, Pasadena, California. For Southern California. Pacific Time. 8/3 5:39am 3.4 4 miles NW San Fernando 8/7 2:10pm 4.0 13 miles SE Yucca Valley 8/8 2:28am 2.5 3 miles SW Newhall USGS, Online 800#, Golden, Colorado. Not previously listed. Universal Time. 3 EQs 2.0+ 2 EQs 3.0+ 6 EQs 4.0+ 6 EQs 5.0+ 2 EQs 6.0+ 7/26 7:02pm 2.5 France 45 N 3 E 7/28 1:39am 4.5 Samoa Islands 16 S 173 W 7/28 7:53pm 6.2 Vanuatu Islands 17 S 168 E 7/31 5:15am 5.4 Iran 33 N 48 E 7/31 2:44pm 5.6 Sandwich Islands 61 S 25 W 7/31 5:00pm 4.3 Caribbean Sea 17 N 86 W 8/1 1:47am 4.1 Greece 39 N 21 E 8/1 4:17am 4.8 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 12 N 44 W 8/1 12:29pm 4.4 Oaxaca, Mexico 15 N 97 W 8/2 4:28am 4.8 Samoa Islands 16 S 172 W 8/2 4:17pm 3.1 Sicily 39 N 13 E 8/3 1:22am 5.4 Solomon Islands 6 S 155 E 8/3 2:25am 5.1 Mid-Atlantic Ridge 12 N 44 W 8/3 3:00pm 5.6 Myanmar 21 N 94 E 8/4 4:49pm 2.5 Salida, Colorado 39 N 106 W 8/4 7:45pm 2.6 Idaho 43 N 111 W 8/4 10:15pm 6.1 Tanimbar Is., Indonesia 6 S 131 E 8/6 7:44pm 5.0 El Salvador 13 N 90 W 8/6 7:54pm 3.6 North Carolina 35 N 77 W Note: The 3.6 EQ on 8/6 was located about 16 miles north east of Havelock. Also felt in New Bern and Newport. 129. SUBJECT: GAIA IS SPEAKING TO US From: LEE C. Date: 8/8/94 Hi All. Does anyone else get the feeling that Gaia is trying to tell us something? That maybe the human race should grow up and stop acting like spoiled brats? Look what has happened this summer alone. There has been two quakes, one in Bolivia and the other off the coast of Japan, that were centered 400+ miles below the surface. What's going on down there to create quakes that far deep? Could there be some kind of shifting of the core? Then, we have erratic weather patterns. Some northern states have Fall-like temperatures. I live in SC where our normal highs for this time of year are usually in the mid to upper 90s, sometimes in the 100s. The past few days our highs were in the mid to upper 80s. The southwest has unusually high temps and there are also the wildfires in the west. Through reading John Bright's earthquake updates I have noticed an increasing number of earthquakes in the Atlantic ocean. There are reports all over the world of erratic weather patterns. And lets not forget the flooding in Georgia. And a drought in Puerto Rico. Something's up! I'm not an "earthquake sensitive", but it doesn't take one to see that something big is brewing within the Earth. And I'm not necessarily talking about an earthquake either. But with all of the strange things happening lately, don't be surprised if there is a BIG, 8.0+, earthquake in California within a year. Even human behavior has become more erratic. Okay, more erratic than it usually is. Whatever is happening is not only affecting the Earth, but humans as well. Could we be experiencing another shift in the magnetic poles? Is Gaia about to unleash her judgement on us for the way we have abused her and constantly raped her, year after year, of her natural resources and polluted her with our waste? I feel that this is just a warning and Mother Earth is giving us one more chance to change our ways and learn to treat her with more respect and kindness. And to respect all life which she sustains. I'm not a psychic, although I don't deny having some psychic abilities, just like everyone else. I'm just very aware of what is going on around us and I do feel some degree of anxiety, as if something BIG is about to happen. We can't continue to destroy the very environment that sustains our life and the lives of millions of other species and get away with it. Mother Earth will see to that. We can't continue to destroy our home. Gaia is sending us a message. She is telling us to clean up our act and our planet or she will punish us. We have one more chance, let's not blow it. 130. SUBJECT: PERSEIDS METEOR SHOWER From: RAY G. Date: 8/8/94 Hi Everyone! I know this may not be earthquake related, but there again it might? The Perseids Meteor shower starts this week and the experts are predicting it might be a big show this year? Normally you can expect to see 50 to 60 meteors per hour, but this year we might be able to see intense bursts of up to 700 meteors per hour! I believe the comet Swift-Tuttle came close to the earth a couple of years ago and the dusty debris that causes the shower, should be high. The shower will start on the 11th through the 14th, with the peak being on the 12th. I watched last year and it was great and I hope everyone can watch! Take care & Stay safe! 131. SUBJECT: MAGNETIC FLUCTUATIONS From: CAROLYN G., DATE: 8/7/94 Sus & I have been feeling great magnetic fluctuations. We've been experiencing vertigo with accompanying nausea. I think somebody calls it the "Seismic Flu." Something BIG has been started. Friday night, we felt a MAJOR magnetic shift, of some sort. We've been "antsy" & on pins and needles ever since. We took note of the time we began to experience the sensations. It was 8:27pm on Friday, Aug. 5. Don't know what it means, other than it IS something BIG! Sorry I haven't written, lately. I'm really bummed out because a very dear Friend is dying. I'm going to miss her awfully. Hope to hear from you, again, soon. ***************************************************************** III. INDEX OF BOOKS RELATING TO EARTH CHANGES For those who desire more information on the upcoming Earth Changes, we list the following books that have been recommended by our readers: 1. "We are the Earthquake Generation" by Dr. Jeffrey Goodman, Ph.D., A Berkley Book, first published in 1978. This is a comprehensive study of future Earth Changes taken from various different studies. They missed the prophetic dates by about 10-15 years but the book is extremely detailed and it looks like the projected prophesies closely hit the mark as we are observing today. Should be available at a standard bookstore unless it is out of date. 2. "New World Atlas, Volume #1" by Lori Wilkins (Toye), copyright 1991. This is published by the Seventh Ray Publishing, Box 1958, Socorro, NM 87801 This book covers changes in America, Canada, Central America and also the fundamentals of the law that will be taught during the Millennium. Available from the listed publishers and may now be available from New Age bookstores. 3. "Freedom Star--Earth Change Prophesies to Heal our World" also by Lori Toye, copyright 1992. This is published by Lori Adaile Toye, I AM AMERICA, P.O. Box 2511, Payson, AZ 85547. This book details the Golden Cities to be formed around the world and where they will be located. Available directly from the above address and may now be in New Age bookstores. 4. "Rolling Thunder--The Coming Earth Changes" by J. R. Jochmans, Copyright 1992--16th printing. This book is available from Sun Books , Sun publishing Company, P.O. Box 5588, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87502-5588. This book lists, in the 14 page biography at the end, all of the extensive sources that the author consulted in writing the excellent book which is available from the publisher and probably at standard and New Age bookstores. 5. "Starseed--The Third Millennium" by Ken Carey, Copyright 1991. This book is published by Harper, San Francisco, a Division of Harper Collins Publishers. The author examines the spiritual and social forces underlying the shift to the next millennium and is available in standard bookstores as well as New Age bookstores. 6. "Herald of the New Age" by Ruth Montgomery, copyright 1986. This book is published by Fawcett Crest, New York. This writer is considered to be the world's leading psychic authority and this book details her story from her initial skepticism about psychic phenomena and her gradual conversion to the truths of this largely unexplored and mysterious realm. It includes the predictions for the sweeping changes ahead of us as the 21st century approaches. This book is available at standard bookstores and probably at New Age bookstores. 7. "Nostradamus Predicts the End of the World" by Rene Noorbergen, Copyright 1981. This book is published by Pinnacle Books, New York and relates, in a dated order, the unfilled prophesies of the mysterious French physician/psychic that are to occur before the year 2000. This book is available at standard bookstores. 8. "Atlantis--The Eighth Continent" by Charles Berlitz, copyright 1984. This book is published by Fawcett Crest Books, Ballantine Books and details the background of the continent of Atlantis which is supposed to surface in the near future in the Atlantic Ocean. This book is available from standard bookstores and in New Age bookstores. 9. "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis" by Edgar Cayce, Copyright 1968. This book is published by Warner Books, Inc., and details Edgar Cayce's readings regarding Atlantis. It is available in standard as well as New Age Bookstores. 10. "The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin, copyright 1976. This book is published by Avon Books and details antediluvian texts, sophisticated ancient cosmologies and newly discovered celestial maps of space flights to Earth to conclude that we are descendants of the Nefilim, a superior race from Marduk, the 12th planet. It is available is standard bookstores and probably in New Age bookstores. 11. "The Stairway to Heaven" by Zecharia Sitchin, copyright 1980. This book is published by Avon Books and details archaeological discoveries with ancient texts and artifacts and also details conclusions about the Great PyramidS, the Sphinx, the monolithic platform at Baalbek and other mysterious monuments whose true meaning has been lost for centuries. It is available at standard as well as New Age bookstores. 12. "Armageddon: Appointment with Destiny" by Grant R. Jeffrey, Publisher--Bantam Books. This book explains how much of future tribulation and past changes have taken place around important Jewish dates. It should be available at a large standard bookstore. 13. "Pole Shift" by John White, published by A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA. This book goes into the Bible, Indian lore and legends, psychics, ancient stories, etc. to show how a pole shift may be coming shortly and what it means. It should be available at larger standard bookstores as well as New Age bookstores or from A.R.E. Press. 14. "Black Dawn Bright Day" by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind (A Sun Bear book), published by Simon and Schuster. This is about HOPPI Indian prophesies for the millennium that reveal the fate of the earth. It should be available from a large standard bookstore as well as at a New Age bookstore. 15. "Daybreak, The Dawning Ember" by Mary Summer Rain, Hampton Roads Publishing Company (1-800-766-8009). Mary Summer Rain spent several years with an old Indian wise woman who had visions about the future. This book is available at larger standard bookstores like Barnes and Noble and also at New Age bookstores. 16. "Phoenix Rising" by Mary Summer Rain, Hampton Roads Publishing Company. This book gives her visions of changes to come and should be available at standard bookstores as well as at New Age bookstores. 17. "Living is Forever" by J. Edwin Carter, published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company. This book covers visions of the future, written in the form of a novel, that many people and psychics see as very good possibility of what life will be like very soon. It can be ordered from the publisher or from the Matrix Institute of Gordon-Michael Scallion at the address above. 18. "Mass Dreams of the Future" by Chet B. Snow, published by Deep Forest Press. Instead of past life regression, the author does a study of future life progression, both the near future and hundreds of years into the future. This book can be ordered from the Matrix Institute of Gordon-Michael Scallion at the above address. 19. "Mary's Message to the World" by Annie Kirkwood, published by Blue Dolphin Publishing, Nevada City, CA. This book gives prophesies given to Annie Kirkwood by Mary, the mother of Jesus. It may be ordered from the Matrix Institute of Gordon-Michael Scallion at the address above. 20. The following books on Earth Changes are available from Sun Books, P.O. Box 5588, Santa Fe, N.M. 87502-5588: a. "Coming World Changes" by H.A. and F.H. Curtiss b. "The Coming Star-Shift and Many Prophecies of Bible and Pyramid Fulfilled" by O. Gordon Pickett. c. "Earth Changes Now" by Page Bryant. d. "Prophesies of Great World Changes" compiled by George B. Brownell. e. "The Earth Changes Survival Handbook" by Page Bryant. g. "Nostradamus Now--Warnings of Upcoming Political and Economic Disasters" by Joseph Robert Jochmans. h. "Utopia II: An Investigation Into the Kingdom of God" by John Schmidt. i. "Cheiro's World Predictions" by Cheiro. j. "The Story of Prophesy" by Henry James Forman. 21. "Upcoming Changes by Joya Pope--A Michael Book", Copyright 1993, Emerald Wave Publishing Company, Box 969, Fayetteville, AR 72702. 22. "Earth Changes Update" by Hugh Lynn Cayce"Copyright 1980, A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, Virginia. 23. "The Millennium Book of Prophesy" by Kohn Hogue, Copyright 1994, Harper Collins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022. 24. "Earth Shock" by Andrew Robinson, Copyright 1993, Thames and Hudson Inc., 500 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10110. 25. "Volcano Watching" by Robert and Barbara Decker, Copyright 1984, Hawaii Natural History Association, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 26. "Pyramid Prophesies" by Max Toth, Copyright 1988, Destiny Books, One Park Street, Rochester, Vermont 05767. 27. "Atlantis--The Antediluvian World" by Ignatius Donnelly, Copyright 1985, Gramercy Publishing Company, Distributed by Crown Publishers, 225 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10003. 28. "Atlantis Illustrated" by H.R. Stahel, Copyright 1982, Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, New York. ***************************************************************** SECTION IV--EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF EARTHQUAKES--VOICES # Q * Probable Early Warning Signs of Earthquakes A. Strange Animal Behavior 1. Occurs minutes, hours, or days before earthquakes possibly because many animals can hear higher sound frequencies than human. 2. Insects have come together in huge swarms near seashores. 3. Rats, mice, and other small animals have come out of underground homes. 4. Hibernating snakes have slithered out of their holes onto ice or ground. 5. Horses have refused to eat or enter the barn. 6. Birds didn't land in a tree or roost at sundown. 7. Cockroaches run around as if unable to decide which way to go. 8. Goldfish swam around frantically: fish jumped out of the water. 9. Deer and rabbits ran from epicenter hours before first tremor. 10. Snails come out of ground. 11. Dogs have become very excited, barked nonstop, and have refused to go into pens or cages. 12. Chickens flew into trees. 13. Deer jumped up and down. 14. Rabbits bumped their heads on objects. 15. Cows mooed wildly. 16. Cats ran off into the woods. 17. Zoo animals refused to go to their shelters. 18. Schoolchildren skating on frozen lakes noticed frogs and fish jumping through holes in the ice. B. Appearances before, during and after quakes 1. Streamers of light from horizon. 2. Beams and columns of light like giant searchlights. 3. Clouds lit up by a strange glow. 4. Lightning, Electric sparks, fireballs, or meteors. C. Water 1. Wells suddenly became muddy and bubbly. 2. Water level in wells may change. 3. Temperature in wells may change. D. Sounds heard 1. Rumbling, shotline, sudden boom, explosive noises. ***************************************************************** V. EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION AVAILABLE VIA PHONE AND COMPUTER This information is from John BRIGHT, UAYT17D Prodigy and was posted on 9- 13-94 on Prodigy, Subject EQ INFO ONLINE 800#. Here are some phone numbers to access Earthquake Information via phone and also via computer modem from the United States Geological Survey . Voice recordings are 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. USGS for Northern & Central California. Menlo Park. 415-329-4025. Recording, updated daily. USGS for Southern California. Caltech, Pasadena. 818-395-6977. Recording, updated daily. University of California, Berkeley Seismograph Station. 510-642-2160. Recording, after an event occurs. USGS for Worldwide Earthquakes over 5.5 and those felt in the United States. Updated twice daily. 303-273-8516. Recording, Golden, Colorado. California Earthquake Safety Hotline. 1-800-286-7233. Information kits and brochures. USGS and FEMA Earthquake pamphlets. 1-800-TREMOR2. For all regions of the United States. CATALOGS and MAPS: 213-620-3560. Fault maps. California Dept Mines & Geology. 415-853-8300. Fault maps. USGS, Menlo Park, California. 1-800-USA-MAPS. Catalog and fault map info. Also locations of bookstores around the country that have maps. This is the main office for the USGS in Reston, VA. Free call. USGS ONLINE VIA COMPUTER MODEM: 18003582663 USGS *FREE* number. Communications Software Settings: N-8-1 Full Duplex. Terminal Emulation VT100 or VT102. Baud is 1200. No charge for online time or call. Often busy so set communications program to auto-redial. Upon connection hit . You will see a note about unauthorized use. This means that they don't want you to upload anything to them. It's ok to download. Type Q at the first menu to get the latest Earthquake information. They ask for your name and organization so type your name and SELF . Type in D to set the dates. Turn on printer or disk then type G to begin receiving the info. You'll be cutoff if there is no activity within a minute so the first time you logon capture all the information to disk or printer. Type ? for help with menu. Access information for the past 30 days. Data is constantly updated for the past 7 days. Exactly locations are given such as the location for Lake Tahoe EQ on 9/12/94: 38.8 N 119.6 W You can also search for Earthquakes in just a certain area by setting parameters for latitude and longitude, date, or magnitude. There are also lists of Historical Earthquakes. Also check to see where the magmatic pole is currently. ***************************************************************** VI. WHAT TO DO BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER AN EARTHQUAKE The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services operates a toll-free Earthquake Safety Hotline for Californians who want earthquake safety information. The number to call to have safety information sent to you is 1-800-286-SAFE (286-7233). For further information contact Tom Mullins, Kati Corsaut or Jaime Arteaga of the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, (916) 262-1843. The Office of Emergency Services also recently offered the important earthquake safety actions for persons to take BEFORE, DURING and AFTER an earthquake. While this information is especially important to Californians, it should be studied and followed in all areas of the country where earthquakes have occurred in the past and could occur in the future during the period of Earth Changes. The information is as follows: (A. BEFORE THE QUAKE (1. Decide how and where your family will reunite if separated. (2. Choose an out-of-state friend or relative that separated family members can call after the quake to report their whereabouts and condition. (3. Know the safe spots in each room: under sturdy tables, desks, or against inside walls. (4. Know the danger spots: windows, mirrors, hanging objects, fireplaces, and tall, unsecured furniture. (5. Conduct practice drills. Physically place yourself in safe locations. (6. Learn first aid and CPR from your local Red Cross chapter or other community organization. (7. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers. (8. Learn how to shut off gas, water, and electricity in case the lines are damaged. Only shut off gas lines if you smell gas or if you have reason to believe the lines are damaged. (Safety note: Do not attempt to relight gas pilot. Call the utility company.) (9. Check chimneys, roofs, walls, foundations for stability. Make sure the house is bolted to its foundation. (10. Secure water heater and appliances that could move enough to rupture utility lines. (11. Keep breakables and heavy objects on bottom shelves. (12. Secure heavy, tall furniture that can topple, such as bookcases, china cabinets, or wall units. (13. Secure hanging plants and heavy picture frames or mirrors (especially over beds). (14. Put latches on cabinet doors to keep them closed during shaking. (15. Keep flammable or hazardous liquids such as paint, pest sprays, or cleaning products in cabinets or secured on lower shelves. (16. Maintain emergency food, water, and other supplies, including a flashlight, a portable battery-operated radio, extra batteries, medicines, first aid kit, and clothing. (B. DURING THE QUAKE (1. If indoors, stay there. Get under a desk or table or stand in a corner. (2. If outdoors, get into an open area away from trees, buildings, walls, and power lines. (3. If in a high-rise building, stay away from windows and outside walls. Get under a table. Do not use elevators. (4. If driving, pull over to the side of the road and stop. Avoid underpasses and power lines. Stay inside until the shaking is over. (5. If in a crowded public place, do not rush for the doors. Move away from display shelves containing objects that could fall. (C. AFTER THE QUAKE (1. Check for injuries. Apply first aid. Do not move seriously injured individuals unless they are in immediate danger. (2. Do not use the telephone immediately unless there is a serious injury or fire. (3. Hunt for hazards. (4. Check for gas and water leaks, broken electrical wiring or sewage lines. If there is damage, turn utility off at the sources. (5. Check building for cracks and damage, including roof, chimneys, and foundation. (6. Check food and water supplies. Emergency water may be obtained from water heaters, melted ice cubes, toilet tanks and canned vegetables. (7. Turn on your portable radio for instructions and news reports. Cooperate fully with public safety officials. (8. Do not use your vehicle unless there is an emergency. Keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles. (9. Be prepared for aftershocks. (10. Stay calm and lend a hand to others. (11. If you evacuate, post a message inside your home telling family members where you can be found. ************************************************************************* END OF FILE


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