Date: Tue Mar 29 1994 00:17:00 To: All Subj: Big Beaver P_GEN - The following article appe

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Date: Tue Mar 29 1994 00:17:00 From: Bob Dunn To: All Subj: Big Beaver P_GEN ------------------------------- The following article appeared in the 3/27/94 edition of the Lincoln Journal and Star and is presented without comment: -=BEGIN TEXT=- BIG BEAVER TERRORIZES YACHT CLUB Moline, Ill. (AP) - The sightings, the rippled water, a blurred photograph. A beastly beaver terrorizing this Mississippi River city has all the makings of the Loch Ness monster legend. The 5-foot-long, 80-pound beaver is gnawing through marina docks and birch trees. But no one has been able to snap a clear photo and the beaver has eluded capture. Some have dubbed the elusive beaver "Nessie" after the Scottish legend. The beaver has expensive tastes: It has chewed $1000 in damage at Marquis Harbor Yacht Club since January. "It's pretty well-documented," said Brian Menage, assistant manager of Captain's Table restaurant at the marina. Encyclopedia Britannica said the aquatic rodents usually grow only up to 4 feet long and 60 pounds. Nessies reported heftiness makes some skeptical. "Yeah, right. The beaver that ate Moline," said visitor William Morris of Sterling. Marina owner Jim Sweet carries a Polaroid photograph in his pocket of the animal but acknowledged, "It's a little hard to discern it's a beaver." The picture shows a tiny black smudge surrounded by what appears to be ripples. "He's been living under the dock. He's huge ... almost looked like a bear," Sweet said. Tom Green, Moline's superintendent pf horticulture, said Nessies strength has allowed it to twice escape traps. The beaver would be taken to a pond about 15 miles east and released - if someone can catch it. -=END TEXT=-


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