SENT TO PRINT 8/9/91 2nd printing I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Pr

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SENT TO PRINT 8/9/91 2nd printing I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command; Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. You may call me "Hatonn". Let there be no misunderstanding of WHO I AM! I come in this portion as a fourth dimensional Project Commander in charge of Earth Transition. As this is most thoroughly explained in other recordings from myself and others, I shall not cover it in this document. This document contains truth which can be validated. It comes forth in dictated format from myself to one of my transreceivers (recorder). There is nothing of "channeling" about it--it is via actual radio-type short-wave directly from my source into a receiver terminal. No hocus pocus nor mystical hoopla. This recorder does exactly that--records. She is not privy to the information resources nor is she given to "interpretation" other than as any other reader would personally interpret. We of the lighted brotherhood of the Cosmic and Galactic participants are ready to make our presence upon your place. We travel and act in the direct service and under Command of Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda. Sananda is aboard my Command Craft from whence He will direct all evacuation and transition activities as regards the period you ones call the End Prophecies of Armageddon. He has organized placement for His peoples and will oversee all operations as regards His people. All Intergalactic Fleets are under His command, and for purposes of evacuation, those details are in most capable hands of one called, simply, Commander Ashtar. There will be more and more frequent contact with ones of human format by ones of our commands. You will ask any energy form contacting you, to identify. Demand that if the energy is not of the "light" of the Divine Source to remove itself. DO NOT ENTERTAIN ANY/AND ALL ENERGY FRAGMENTS WHO APPEAR TO YOU, FOR MORE AND MORE OF THE DARK ENERGY FORMS ARE MAKING CONTACT. EXTREME CAUTION: DO NOT RUN HOP ABOARD ANY SPACE CRAFT WHICH MIGHT LAND--CAUSE THE ENTITIES TO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES. INSTRUCTIONS FOR IDENTIFICATION OF THE INTERGALACTIC COMMANDS ARE BEING PRESENTED CURRENTLY AND WILL BE FORTHCOMING IN A MASSIVE WAY VERY SHORTLY. This document is for the purpose of awakening you to the horrendous lie that has been perpetrated against you ones. I am giving it to insure protection of those human ones who dared bring it into the open, and yet risk their lives having done so. I dedicate it to the ones who dared and have been mocked, ridiculed and persecuted for having dared to give you help to "save" yourselves from the lies. I go on record to my adversaries herewith and place them on formal notice: YE SHALL NOT HARM ONE HAIR OF MY WORKERS. YOU SHALL REAP BITTERNESS IF YOU BRING PHYSICAL HARM UNTO THEM. Now, I shall tell you who I am in my Higher Command. I AM ATON. Perhaps you might wish to look up that label for it might prove to be quite important to you. I shall see to it that these instructions are carried forth, so I suggest there be no toying with this as some game of sorts to be discounted, at your next little seminar gathering of the flying saucer clubs and crystal worshipers. Your time of playing at star readings, Ouija boards and Tarot, to seek your fortunes, is over. Earth is going to march right through evolution, transition, tribulation, new "birthing" and new "berthing" just as written. You need no psychic reader to tell you how it will be. You can hide your head in your sand bucket; it will change nothing. There are detailed and magnificent plans in operation to cause the transition to be quite survivable and workable for those of you who so choose to work with us and not in the enemy camp. The Evil Forces shall be met and stopped, but it will be a most unpleasant confrontation. The Master Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda is returned and awaits the appointed time. If you want information I suggest heartily that you contact America West Publishers for any and all information. We will be printing it in numerous volumes as fast as our scribes can receive. I dedicate this work to all who have taken a stand for Truth. And of course, my infinite love and appreciation to Dharma, who works hours each and every day in our service. This is but a tiny portion of her works. I so honor my small circle who are in the building of physical foundations and yet also see to it that these words are carried forth in truth and dispersement. Also to those who give such unselfish support in so many other ways, without which help we could not proceed. Blessings be yours, little ones, as ye are cherished beyond thy ability to comprehend. I request this book be brought to the public with all haste for the physical protection of some of thy brothers rests heavily upon its promptness. I PLACE MY SEAL UPON THESE WRITINGS OF TRUTH. YOU ONES MUST AWAKEN NOW FOR YOU HAVE SLEPT TOO LONG AND YOUR WORLD IS CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND THY FEET. YOU ARE IN THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. I AM ATON .c.CHAPTER 1 REC #2 HATONN FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1989 11:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 002 Commander Hatonn present. I see, Dharma, that your mind is scrambled and it annoys you. Leave it in my hands please. We are going to continue to separate spiritual matters as regards soul survival from things of state and human matters. This is, of course, as much as is possible. It only means that we will effort to keep the documents somewhat in that format of order. .c.:A NEW PUBLICATION These portions will be for a new publication, or two, or three. The number of segments and separate publications will depend on the amount of material. We desire to get it to the people as quickly as possible, so we may publish in segments that one batch of information can be circulating while we write the next. Let us just wait until it falls into order. Dharma is feeling overwhelmed and critically needs rest. It gets harder for her to accept the things coming forth and we must take time to allow her to handle it. I will please need the "Banking (Grey Men) audio tape" transcribed, but first, I think it is time we dealt with the "UFO" situation in some detail. This matter must be set to straight in that you must realize that what will be coming into your attention is not of the Lighted Brotherhood. I warned you in the early days of contact (in fact Grandfather warned you on the 19th of August, 1987) that the Lighted Space Brotherhood would be blamed for many, many things. It will thusly come about for all will be lumped into one binded grouping which is most erroneous. There is the group of small grey beings that are in total infiltration within your government, etc. They have been very clever, as is their trait, for they have the "big boy" leader himself, Satan, at helm and between your military, government and scientific community mingled with their misdirected lies and false information, you are in serious, serious trouble. Your government is fully aware and has been working steadily at self-survival of the top echelon "leaders" of your country since the early 1950's. I am going to name names and code operations and integrate these things for you. I will give valid input where lies prevail. This will be a lengthy document so, Dharma, we shall take it step by step and no, you will not "blow up" on me--you just type what I give you, little sister. .c.:CRASHED SPACECRAFT For many, many years rumors have persisted that the U.S. government has in its possession spaceships manufactured on other worlds, as well as the occupants of these interplanetary craft; some dead and some yet alive. In your late l940's and early '50's both Army and Air Force military units--on direct orders from the Pentagon--rushed to the site of several crashes in the Southwestern part of the United States and carried away the UNEARTHLY remains of both the craft and alien occupants. The wreckage and bodies were eventually put into "deep-freeze" storage (literally and figuratively) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. According to your own military sources who later went against orders and talked, the infamous Hangar 18 was used for this purpose. Rightly so, among much other covered up operations and information. Your own Barry Goldwater made several requests and efforts to be permitted to check the contents of the hangar and was never allowed within the installation. There are dozens of other top-ranking persons but I think you will all recognize the label of Barry Goldwater. Now, don't be confused by names and places for I will point out something right now--you cannot trust anyone in the government or military at this point. At one point there was actually a "tug-of-war" going on between various branches of the government as to who was to get final access to these space craft. Then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, said in a signed memo: "We must insist upon full access to the discs discovered." For instance, in the Louisiana case, the Army grabbed the discs and would not allow the FBI to have it for examination. Then, similarly, in l973, Henry Kissinger telexed your embassy in South Africa to attempt to recover a UFO that had gone into the jungle there. Note: That was a craft from Koldas, very friendly with the people in the area, for there are exchange bases there where Koldasians experience routine Earth missions--but somehow a crashed or disabled craft is up for grabs. But these ones proclaimed to wish to bring these bits of information and covered-up findings to the public. .c.:MJ-12 COMMITTEE I want to note right here, but will discuss substance later, that Henry Kissinger and J. Edgar Hoover were, and Mr. Kissinger is, a major player in the operation Majestic-12. The grandest and most horrendous cover-up known yet to man, for through that group and ones complementing it, your planet has been sold down the tubes. In l954, President Eisenhower, by secret Executive Memorandum, NSC 5401/l (these numbers become important as we go along, so pay attention) established a permanent committee (not ad hoc) to be known as Majority Twelve (MJ-12) to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question. (I certainly do speak of cosmic aliens and not thy brethren across your borders.) NSC 5410/1 was created to explain the purpose of questionable activities and clandestine, above top secret meetings which speculative contents were being leaked to the Congress and the Press. Majority Twelve was made up of (watch closely): Nelson Rockefeller; the Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Welsh Dulles; the Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles; the Secretary of Defense, Charles E. Wilson; the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Arthur W. Radford; the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover; and six men from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign Relations known as the "Wise Men". It was claimed these men were all members of a secret society of scholars that called themselves "The Jason Society", whose members in turn supposedly came from the prestigious societies of Harvard and Yale, the "Scroll and Key" and the "Skull and Bones". The "Wise Men" were key members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There were twelve members including the first six from government positions, thus "Majority Twelve". This group was made up over the years of the top officers and directors of the Council of Foreign Relations and later the Trilateral Commission. George Bush, Gordon Dean and Zbigniew Brezinski were prominent among them. The most important and influential of the "Wise Men" who served on MJ-12 were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and Dean Acheson. Their policies were to last well into the decade of the l970's. It is significant to mention here, that President Eisenhower as well as the first six members of MJ-12 were members from the Government and were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations. (I will come back to this momentarily, but I wish to introduce Mr. Kissinger at this point.) In November of 1955 NSC-5412/2 was issued establishing a study committee to explore "All factors which are involved in the making and implementing of foreign policy in the nuclear age" as a neatly laid out plan to camouflage the real point of the matter, the "alien" question and problem. By secret Executive Memorandum, NSC 5411 in 1954, President Eisenhower had commissioned the study group to "examine all the facts, evidence, lies, and deceptions and discover the truth of the "alien question". NSC 5412/2 (mentioned above) was a cover which was necessary when the press began inquiring as to the purpose of regular meetings of such important persons. These meetings were first dubbed the "Quantico" meetings which began in your 1954, and were held at Quantico Marine Base. .c.:THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS Plot thickens; thirty-five members were members of the Council on Foreign Relations who were members of the afore mentioned secret scholars' groups. Dr. Zbigniew Brezinski was the Study Director for the first eighteen months. Dr. Henry Kissinger was the group's Study Director for the second eighteen months, which would begin in the late fall of 1955. Nelson Rockefeller was often a participant and arranged facilities for such secret meetings on his property, which could not be reached other than by air. This was a bit later in the scenario after it became too public to meet at Quantico. The group roster is a literal who is who! Among them just for starters, Dr. Edward Teller, Maj. Gen. Richard C. Lindsay, Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin, Maj. Gen. James McCormack, Jr. and Gen. Walter Bedell Smith---Gordon Dean, was Chairman. .c.:KISSINGER'S EARLY ROLE By the time Dr. Kissinger took over as director in November, 1955 the meetings were still being held at the Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia and were then known as Quantico II. Then Mr. Rockefeller built the retreat in Maryland, which could only be reached by air, so the groups and MJ-12 could meet away from public scrutiny. This place bore the code name (your government children love code names), The Country Club. Rightfully so in this instance as there were elaborate living, dining, recreation, meeting and library facilities, built in, as well as state of the art communications systems (which were also monitored illicitly). I wonder what AT&T would know about that sort of thing? A "public" announcement was made that the "study group" was officially ended in 1956. This announcement was followed by Mr. Kissinger's "results" in 1957. His document was entitled "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" (by Henry A. Kissinger), Published for the Council on Foreign Relations by Harper and Brothers, New York. Funny thing here: Mr. Kissinger wrote the document, at least 85% of it, while he was at Harvard. Ah, plot thickens, Mr. Kissinger became totally different in his behavior as never before nor since. He would leave home very early each morning and return late each night without speaking to anyone or responding to anyone's queries. Obviously the "secret meetings" continued in great seriousness (an understatement of grossness). The presence and actions of "aliens" during this time was most certainly a "shocker" to Mr. Kissinger, who was dedicated under threat of death if he divulged information. His marriage did not survive this period of time. .c.:UFO STUDY RESULTS Now, let us write of the true findings of the group--which have also leaked into the public as knowledge. The major finding and decision was that "the public could not be told" as it was believed that "it would most certainly lead to economic collapse" (you will see later how they managed this facet through International Monetary Fund, Trilateral Commission, World Bank, Federal Reserve and countless others, which I fully plan to count for you). It was also stated that "it would surely cause a collapse of the religious structure" (yes, God and Jesus Christ, not to mention all those other indoctrinated clubs, could not survive such a truthful blow). Also, "knowledge in truth would cause national panic which would lead into anarchy, and thus at all costs and any expense (to the taxpayer of course) cover-up would be maintained." Now back to Mr. Kissinger's public appeal for information data to be brought forward, along with prior petition of J. Edgar Hoover for same. How does it look to you? Do you really believe he wanted to tell you neat taxpayers, all about spacemen and funny little airplanes? .c.:THE GOVERNMENT ROLE NOW FOR THE UNTHINKABLE AND HEAR ME WELL. I MEAN HEAR ME REALLY WELL FOR YOU ARE DEALING WITH ONES WHO WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO KEEP THE TRUTH FROM YOU. YOUR OWN MILITARY AND GOVERNMENT HAVE KILLED YOUR OWN CITIZENS, WHO PLANNED TO RELEASE INFORMATION, AND SET UP FALSE EVIDENCE ABOUT CRASHED CRAFT---DELIBERATE AND WITHOUT PROVOCATION---THEN PRODUCED FALSIFIED FINDINGS ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIALS, LIKE YOUR PRESIDENT, TO BE BURIED IN EVEN DEEPER SECRECY. WELL, IT IS ALL COMING PUBLIC, LITTLE ONES. Now here is what they reported officially, "A major finding was that the aliens were using humans and animals for a source of glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood and in horrible genetic experiments. The aliens explained these actions as necessary to their survival. They stated that their genetic structure had deteriorated and that they were no longer able to reproduce and also, their planet was unable to survive for a much longer period of time. They claimed that if they were unable to improve their genetic structure their race would soon cease to exist." WHAT A BUNCH OF YOU KNOW WHAT! IF YOU WERE IN SUCH TROUBLE WOULD YOU GO TO A PLACE WHERE THE PEOPLE AND THE PLANET ARE IN EVEN WORSE SHAPE? IF YOU HAVE TECHNOLOGY TO GET TO EARTH YOU COULD CERTAINLY GET TO ANY ONE OF BILLIONS OF OTHER INHABITED PLANETS WHERE TECHNOLOGY AND LIFE IS SUPERB BEYOND COMPREHENSION. Well, the group claimed to look upon these explanations with suspicion also, or so they presented on the documents. "Since our weapons are literally useless against the aliens (absolute truth), MJ-12 has decided to continue friendly diplomatic relations with them UNTIL SUCH TIME AS WE ARE ABLE TO DEVELOP A TECHNOLOGY WHICH WOULD THEN ENABLE US TO CHALLENGE THEM ON A MILITARY BASIS. Overtures would have to be made to the Soviet Union, and other nations, to join forces for the survival of humanity. (Ha--humanity is humanity's worst and only deadly enemy). In the meantime, we need to develop plans to research and construct weapon systems using conventional and nuclear technology which can hopefully bring us to parity." OK, the results of the research were Projects Joshua and Excalibur. Joshua was a weapon captured from the Germans which was capable of shattering four to six inch thick armor plate at a range of approximately two miles USING LOW AIMED LOW-FREQUENCY SOUND WAVES, and it was hoped that this weapon might be useful against the alien craft and beam weapons. Now Excalibur is a real dandy, also. It was a weapon carried by missile to some 30,000 feet AGL, not to deviate from designated target more than some fifty meters, would penetrate l,000 meters of tufa hard-packed soil such as that found in New Mexico (now why would anyone want to penetrate l,000 meters, over 3,000 feet, into New Mexico soil?), and would carry a one megaton warhead. Do you suppose it was intended to possibly destroy the aliens in their underground bases which your government built for them? So be it. Oh yes, I almost forgot, Joshua is tucked away, having been successfully tested awaiting better "other weapons" as mentioned above. Excalibur did not get well under way until recently and now there is an unprecedented effort to further perfect this weapon. Of course a weapon that misses its target by some fifty meters is not of great threat to any of us out here in the cosmos. Sorry about that! You also assume that you can get to our craft with such a foolish thrust system. It is your accidents that endanger us when we get called in to shut down your chain reactions. (Those scenarios are on audio tape and we shall publish them also as time permits.) Then you ones pick at and destroy some of the most wondrous of God's creations when you deliberately destroy the ones whose systems are chlorophyll based and process food into energy much the same as plants. This was the case with the live alien recovered from an "accidental crash landing" in Roswell, New Mexico and named EBE. (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). He was taken in 1949 and became ill and died in mid 1952. I shall talk about him also. But for now, let me tell you Earth Men something important. These aliens came directly upon request and directly to bases already operational by your military and the "little grey men". They hold the secret for survival in a "greenhouse" environment of high nitrogen and carbon dioxide atmosphere along with high temperature endurance. They could not, however, endure the high temperature that burned them to cinders. You ones have a lot of debts to pay your cosmic brethren, my friends. Dharma, take a break--I see you are going to pass-out and I don't need a sick secretary, little one. Go get thy balance back and we will continue. .c.CHAPTER 2 REC #3 HATONN FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1989 7:30 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 002 Hatonn present in Truth, let us continue. Most of the things which I will tell you are not pleasant. I bring forth these things only in truth that you, of mine friends, beprepared. We have no subversive intent toward any nation nor do we wish any type of civil uprising, in fact, I tell you here and now that I want no participation from any of you in any thing of that manner. We are here to help build a communications and business center, whereby those of you who wish to participate can live comfortably during a most difficult time. Ignorance is not bliss in this instance; you must know truth to understand non-truth and act wisely in all circumstances. That means you must know what has transpired up until this point so that you can anticipate how it will impact you as you move through this critical time of events. .c.:CRASH DETAILS Let us return to the beings of Aztec, New Mexico. The stories get more insane with each telling, it seems--how about a little truth to shed some light on the happenings. Between the first of your year 1947 and the end of your year 1952 (and here I shall use published figures--all erroneous) at least sixteen crashed or downed alien craft, sixty-five alien bodies, and one live alien were recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded and nothing was recovered from that incident. Of those incidents, thirteen are reported to have occurred within the borders of the United States not including the craft which disintegrated in the air. Of these thirteen, one was in Arizona, eleven were in New Mexico and one was in Nevada. Three occurred in foreign countries. Of those, one was in Norway, and the last two were in Mexico. Sightings of UFO's were so numerous that serious investigation and debunking of each report became impossible utilizing the existing intelligence assets. Let us look at these published figures a bit more closely. Does it not seem strange that only three of said sixteen crashes occurred in foreign countries and two of those in Mexico? Could it be that other countries are not quite so hostile to visitors? How do you think there would be eleven in New Mexico? Could it be the visitors were being lured into secret bases and then fired upon and downed? ON OCTOBER 29, 1987 YOUR GOVERNMENT FIRED A HEAT SEEKING MISSILE AT MY OWN SHIP ABOVE VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE IN CALIFORNIA--AFTER ATTEMPTING TO FIRE A NUCLEAR WARHEAD INTO "OUR" SPACE. On August l7, l987 five Pleiades craft were crash landed; one reported in Yucca Flats and later claimed to be a "stealth" crash--yet it was also claimed the "stealth" was still in prototype. One was crashed in Virginia and one in Texas. Both of the latter were reported and covered-up. The one in Texas, however, made it both to KPRC and KTRH and both Houston major papers. The remaining two have not been publicly reported and I shall avoid discussion of them. Of the craft that was crashed in Yucca Flats, there were five crew aboard. Three were apparently dead, two have body vital signs and are now in Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. This information has been verified by a group out of Edwards Air Force Base (no longer assigned in that area) and one officer from Nellis Field--pleading anonymity, verified same in New York. What is at Edwards Air Force Base would boggle the minds of the public. These were shuttle craft from MY COMMAND, therefore I have my facts correct, Ma'am. There was also a "crash" out of Bakersfield, California in 1986 which was also projected as a "stealth". Does it strike anyone as strange that you crash the first five of five stealth planes while they are still on the drawing board? What expense is one of your stealth bombers? Half a billion dollars? My, my--oh I see, perhaps "stealth" fighters. Why do you need Stealth bombers and fighter planes when the war is going to be fought with missiles and nuclear bombs from missiles? Could it be anything like your year 1957 when your Army was assigned the task of forming a super secret organization to furnish security for all alien tasked projects? The first of such organization became the National Reconnaissance Organization based at Fort Carson, Colorado. The specific teams trained to secure the projects were called Delta. A second project code named SNOWBIRD was promulgated to explain away any sightings of the REDLIGHT (alien) crafts as being Air Force experiments. The SNOWBIRD (as I said, your government loves cute code names) crafts were manufactured using conventional technology and were flown for the press on several occasions. Very "different" in appearance. Project SNOWBIRD was also used to debunk legitimate public sightings of alien craft (UFO's). Project SNOWBIRD was most successful and reports from the public declined steadily--that is, until recently and currently. Thus enters your "stealth" toys. What do you think "really" goes on at your Pine Gap, Australia installation? Have you ones slept a bit too long perhaps? Let me finish the story of New Mexico and the crash of our beloved brothers who are able to live in high concentrations of carbon dioxide. They came for two reasons. Firstly, they thought they might be of help in assisting you to meet needs in order for your species to survive as your "greenhouse" effect worsens. Secondly, if you could not survive, they could--beautifully. Therefore, a planet would not be wasted. But they came to you in peace and wondrous love. They were lured in, brought down and attacked. The beings were flamed to incineration with the exception of three in the second or third "crash" that were kept for informational hostages. More disrespectful was that the stories were then projected that there were body parts of humans stashed aboard, such as reproductive organs, anus, sex organs and other cute things that only would interest Earth humankind and strike terror into the hearts of the populace. A funny thing happened though. After removing all working equipment from the craft the interior was burned to a cinder to the point that it was claimed nothing could be salvaged. How so, then, could you produce these readily recognizable body parts such as a human anus after a fire which charred the alien bodies to their very skeletal system? Do you humans, as a group, ever open your eyes and question anything? Are you drugged beyond recovery? .c.:EBE Before I talk about recent and current events, I shall give you a rundown of sequence of events and those involved greatly from your l940's that you can give consideration. There are some very brave people who have brought forth this similar information. Honor them for they have risked their very lives, as well as their loved ones. All have flawed information, but some have presented as honestly as they could research it. I, Hatonn, have a great advantage in fact finding. I want to give honor to our cosmic brother who served well and died on your place without language, isolated and frightened. That is the one you dubbed EBE. It was a name given by Dr. Vannevar Bush. Flash: In November of 1950 a Canadian engineer by name of Wilbert Smith wrote a proposal for a study of the Earth's magnetic field as a possible energy source. He was with the Canadian Department of Transport and having learned of these alien craft, etc., thought it most practical. He found the following information: a. The matter was the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the "H"-bomb! b. Flying saucers do exist. c. Their modus operandi is unknown, but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush. and, d. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance. All of this was happening at a time when Billy Eduard Meier was receiving regular visits from Semjase, Asket, etc., Commanders in shuttle craft, from my Command--Pleiades, to that place in Switzerland. Switzerland will come up again in this story as relates to your little select "big boy" groups. At any rate, Dr. Bush has been into about everything. Now, back to EBE. EBE had a tendency to "misunderstand" language and questions, and communication, if at all, was most difficult--he was also given to quite a bit of lie-telling if indicated and suitable. For over a year he would only give the "desired" answers to his interrogators. Any question which would have resulted in an undesirable answer went totally unanswered. It did not set overly well with your American Gestapo. Now here is where I really give honor to beloved EBE. At some point into the second year of captivity he began to respond, and the information derived from this wonderful alien was startling, to say the very least. It was so wondrous that is was compiled into a project called the "Yellow Book" (not to be confused, of course, with project Blue Book). There were photographs and records and all sorts of wondrous things which were viewed years later by investigators involved in "GRUDGE 13" (another cute code name). GRUDGE 13 evolved out of a pre-existing group called Project Sign. "Blue Teams" were put together to recover the crashed discs and dead or alive aliens. The Blue Teams were later to evolve into "Alpha Teams" under "Project Pounce". In late 1951 EBE became ill. Medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE's illness and had no background from which to draw. EBE's system was chlorophyll based and he processed food into energy much the same as plants. Waste material was excreted about the same way as plants. By the way--there are always lovely bathrooms available aboard their craft for their guests--they are beloved about the cosmos and often are "transporters" and do any and all things to allow guests comfort and convenience. Well anyway, EBE couldn't be adequately treated nor diagnosed by a medical physician so some brilliant doctor suggested a botanist. Therefore, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza was brought in to try and help him recover. Dr. Mendoza was gentle and loving and worked diligently with EBE, but EBE expired in mid 1952. Dr. Mendoza, however, now became THE expert on alien biology. These are the only aliens with this type of digestive system. That should tell you more than I am printing here. You did this same thing to a lot of them, didn't you? In a futile attempt to save EBE and to gain favor with a technologically superior alien race (now why would that matter?) the United States began broadcasting a call for help early in 1952 into the vast regions of space. The call went unanswered, but the project continued as an effort of good faith. How much good faith can you muster? Why would they ever in this Universe answer another call from you? .c.:THE FRIENDLY SKIES Now, I guess you think I am picking on the United States of America--well, that happens to be where I am on duty and, therefore, that is the geological location I shall discuss. We may, or may not, have time to cover the rest of the world--you have been the very worst hosts of all the planets. In your year 1988 a craft went down in China and living beings were recovered. In agreement with other major world powers to notify each other of these instances--the Chinese asked what they should do. Both the United States and the Russian spokesman said to "kill them". Now, just how friendly do you think the cosmic brethren should be to little old you? Well, they have compassion for your plight and know it is not the masses which do these things--they will be gentle and forfeit their own lives to assist you--that, friends, is what LOVE is--love of another being, love and honor of the Laws of Creation and love of God and His Laws. BUT YOU TREAD A VERY, VERY NARROW TIGHT ROPE! .c.:AN IMPOTENT GIANT Can you just imagine your President Truman, after having blown up Japan with the first despicable nuclear bombs to find himself virtually impotent in the situations that followed. The United States had regained the status of financial giant, the most advanced technology, the highest standard of living, had the most world-wide influence and suddenly your Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by insect-like beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had actually ended up in the desert of your New Mexico? Well, it wasn't like that--it was already known by the military ones and a great many high governmental officials. It was, however, when cosmic and galactic bells chimed--you foolish ones had actually done it--the stupid of stupid. You had now set yourselves up for the final destruction-----and oh my, it is coming--IT IS COMING RIGHT ON TIME AS THE PROPHECIES OF ALL TIMES HAVE LAID IT OUT. YOU ALSO JEOPARDIZE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM OF YOUR CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE; SPECIFICALLY AND MOST DEVASTATINGLY, YOUR SOLAR SYSTEM. AND WORSE, YOU DESIRE TO BRING THAT DEADLY TRASH OUT HERE WITH US--NO THANK YOU, FRIENDS--YOU MOST SURELY WILL NOT DO SO. During those years the United States Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency exercised complete control over the "Alien Secret". In fact, the CIA was formed by Presidential Executive Order first as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence. The National Security Act was later passed which established it as the Central Intelligence "Agency". Then The National Security Council was established to oversee the intelligence community and especially the alien endeavor. The CIA was then removed from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and gradually and surely legalized direct action in the form of covert activities at home and abroad, this through a whole series of National Security Council Memos and Executive Orders. .c.:INTELLIGENCE & COVER-UP In the next two portions I give honor to an Earth Brother for such compilation for it is too "intelligent" for me to decipher from all your "intelligent" operations. The Foreign and Military Intelligence, Book One, "Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities." United State Senate, 94th Congress, second Session, Report No. 94-755, April 26, 1976, p. 49 states: (whew) "This directive empowered the Secretary of State to coordinate overseas information activities designed to counter communism." A top secret annex to NSC-4, NSC-4A, instructed the Director of Central Intelligence to undertake covert psychological activities in pursuit of the aims set forth in NSC-4. The initial authority given the CIA for covert operations under NSC-4A did not establish formal procedures for either coordinating or approving these operations. It simply directed the DCI to "undertake covert operations and to ensure, through liaison with the State and Defense, that the resulting operations were consistent with American policy." Later NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were to supersede NSC-4 and NSC-4A and expand the covert abilities even further. The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was chartered to carry out an expanded program of covert activities. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 validated illegal and extra-legal practices and procedures as being agreeable to the National Security Leadership. The reaction was rapid. In the eyes of the Intelligence community "no holds were barred" (and if you can figure it out, I am relatively sure that statement is quite true). Under NSC-10/1 an Executive Coordination Group was established to review, but not approve, covert project proposals. The ECG was secretly tasked to coordinate the alien projects (really thought they had forgotten us aliens there for a minute). NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were interpreted to mean that no one at the top wanted to know about anything until it was over, wrapped up and successful (always successful without getting caught). These actions established a buffer between the President and the information--NOW, BELOVED ONES DON'T TELL ME YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS LITTLE TACTIC IN OPERATION--HOW ABOUT EVERY PRESIDENT SINCE THAT TIME? Watch closely at this sleight of hand: This was intended as a buffer and means for the President to deny knowledge if leaks divulged the true state of affairs. This very tactic has been used in all later years for the purpose of effectively isolating succeeding Presidents from any knowledge (or expressed thusly at any rate) of alien presence other than what the Secret Government (I'll most surely explain this term) and the intelligence community wanted them to know. Pretty effective, too, in the matter of aliens. You could fry just about any visitor--alien or friendly, or a plane full from Mexico if the big boys in the conspiracy wanted to so do and keep it a big dark secret from anyone who could stop them. NSC-10/2 next established a study panel which met secretly and was made up of the scientific minds of the day. The study panel was not called MJ-12 at that time. That required more memos and orders and secret Executive Orders to establish MJ-12. .c.:SILENCE AT ANY COST Now we get into not being nice to your own guys, guys. Your Secretary of Defense at that time, James Forrestal, began to object to all the secrecy. This was a fine, idealistic and religious man who believed that the public deserved to be told these things about aliens and "stuff". When he began to argue and talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem he was promptly asked to resign his appointment. He expressed his fears to a lot of people and rightfully believed that he was under surveillance. This was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts and passed off as a case of paranoia and a little schizophrenia. Forrestal, it was later said, had had a mental breakdown and was tucked into Bethesda Naval Hospital. It was feared that Mr. Forrestal would begin to gibber again and tell some secrets, and therefore it was made sure that he was isolated from such possibilities. In the early morning hours of May 22, 1949 agents of the CIA tied a sheet around his neck, fastened the other end to a fixture in his room and pushed him out the window. The sheet tore and he plummeted to his death. Lots and lots of "victims" since that day. Now, if you are a nice "victim" and take your knocks like Oliver North you get to go on and teach drug healing--even head up a committee for public service. Ah, times change--but don't count on it, my friends, keep your rear covered. .c.:N.S.A. GETS TO BE BOSS On to happier topics. The super-secret Secret National Security Agency by secret Executive Order was created by President Truman in November of 1952. Ah ha--here we go, it was created with a primary purpose of deciphering the alien communications and language and establish a dialog with the aliens. (Now, what about all those humongous radio telescopes and huge receivers Mr. Cosmos talks about, and Mr. Spielberg and thus and so?) All this is undoubtedly going to irritate Mr. Sagan--or, do you think maybe he knows too? Could it just be you good, taxpaying citizens who are excluded from the inside information? You just get to pay for it with your money and your lives. Well, project Sigma was quite successful. The National Security Agency (NSA) also maintains communications with the Luna base and other "Secret Space Programs". Here is another really good one: The NSA is exempt, by Executive Order, from ALL LAWS WHICH DO NOT SPECIFICALLY NAME THE NSA IN THE TEXT OF THE LAW AS BEING SUBJECT TO THAT PARTICULAR LAW. That means that if the agency is not spelled out in the text of any and every law passed by the Congress it is not subject to that or those laws. Well, the NSA now performs many other duties and in fact, is the premier agency within the intelligence community. Today the NSA receives 75% of the moneys allotted to the intelligence community. A lot of power goes along with a lot of money. The Department of Central Intelligence is now only a figurehead club maintained to fool the public. THE PRIMARY TASK OF THE NSA IS STILL ALIEN COMMUNICATIONS, BUT NOW INCLUDES OTHER ALIEN PROJECTS AS WELL. I do hope I do not bore you with political history, but it is quite time that someone does. It might as well be an alien Commander so that the facts can be a bit accurate--your leaders and wardens can't seem to get many of the facts straight and their memories fail them so often. So be it. Dharma, close this for tonight as I can see you have had enough CIA and NSA and DCI, etc. I wish to continue tomorrow on the Trilaterals, Unilaterals and other coops of chickens and I can see that you are almost asleep--speak of boring! Bless you, little one, I shall see that you rest well. Salu and good-night. Hatonn clearing frequency, out please. .c.CHAPTER 3 REC #1 HATONN SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1989 7:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 003 Hatonn present, let us continue please. I trust you are ready for a marathon of writing. Your family is here to visit during this special time so I urge that you attend meals, at least, with them. I am sorry that I must keep you away from the festivities but I feel these things must be made public in timely fashion. I also concern for your public visibility. There are hundreds and hundreds of very powerful people who do not want this information made public. At any rate, let us continue. .c.:WORLD POWERS INFORMED After the Roswell, New Mexico recoveries, your President Truman kept the allies as well as the Soviet Union (at present, in 1989, you and Russia are the closest of allies--another facade to confuse the masses of people) informed about the developing alien problem. This was done in the event the aliens turned out to be a threat to the human race. Plans of elaborate nature were formulated to defend the Earth in case of invasion. What do you dear ones think the "Star Wars" project is all about? Do you really think you need cosmic weapons to "defend" yourselves from Russia? How many of you heard your President Reagan, on television network, suggest a cooperative pact with Russia to "defend Earth from aliens?" Do any of you pay attention or is it that you are simply upset when news interferes with your soap operas and sports events? So be it. Well, Mr. Truman and top military and governmental personages began to formulate elaborate plans to defend the Earth in case of invasion. It was very difficult to maintain international secrecy with such a widespread effort afoot. So, it was decided that an outside group was necessary to coordinate and control international efforts in order to hide the secret, especially from other governments and the worst foe of all, the press and other media. .c.:THE BILDERBERGERS The results of this problem was in the formation of another "secret" society which became known as the "Bilderbergers". I mentioned this before and will again. This Bilderberger group headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderbergers evolved into a secret world government that now control EVERYTHING--AND, BROTHERS, I DO MEAN EVERYTHING. THERE IS ALSO A VERY GOOD REASON IT SETTLED IN SWITZERLAND OTHER THAN NEUTRAL BANKING SYSTEMS. THAT IS THE VERY PLACE THE SPACE COMMAND--MY SPACE COMMAND---WAS MAKING PUBLIC CONTACT AND BRINGING FORTH QUALIFIED AND DOCUMENTED INFORMATION. This, through one Billy Eduard Meier who was placed there to receive the data from our star people in personal contact. I will be speaking at great length about Billy Meier, but I want to finish setting the stage and list of characters presently. By 1953, at least ten additional crashed discs were recovered along with some twenty-five to thirty dead aliens and four live ones. (Keep in mind these are government statistics and are false, but it absolves me of argument, to use your own. Also, most of the "crashes" were shoot-downs--our craft are very vulnerable to interference of energy fields--and when manifested in visible format are vulnerable. Further, most surviving aliens do not survive very long in your hands--most are slain outright if deviant from your "little grey allies"). Well, the "found" stats read like: one in South Africa which caused the flap with Mr. Kissinger, one in Louisiana--also an FBI flap, two in Texas and four in Arizona. There was an additional one in Montana. (Again, we are basically speaking of the United States because you were the only ones actively shooting down the aliens.) At this time, 1953, you got a new President by the label of General Dwight D. Eisenhower of your Army, and Supreme Allied Commander during your World War II. Now, this man was structured to function by staff committee. He made major decisions, but only when his advisors were unable to come to a consensus of opinion. He would study several alternate approaches to any matter and choose one. His favorite comment which he utilized constantly to his staff, "Just do whatever it takes." He was an avid golfer and spent a lot of time on the golf course as his staff was accustomed to the decision making and information gathering. .c.:NELSON ROCKEFELLER'S ROLE Mr. Eisenhower found out, early on, that he could not handle the alien problem in this customary manner for it had to be kept a secret even from Congress. Now, lucky for Mr. Eisenhower that he had a very close, influential and wealthy personal friend, Mr. Nelson Rockefeller, who was also a fellow member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and requested help with the alien problem. Immediately these two began formulating the secret structure of alien task supervision which was to become a reality within about a year from onset. Thus MJ-12 was birthed. This affiliation was destined to be the biggest mistake Eisenhower made for the future of the United States and most probably for all humanity. It was most logical, however, for it was in fact, Nelson Rockefeller's uncle, Winthrop Aldrich, who had convinced Eisenhower to run for the Presidency. The entire of the Rockefeller family, and with them the Rockefeller empire, had solidly backed Eisenhower. Within one week of Eisenhower's election he had appointed Nelson Rockefeller to chairmanship of a Presidential Advisory Committee on Government Organization. Rockefeller was responsible for planning the reorganization of the government. President Roosevelt's New Deal programs went into one single Cabinet position called the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. When the Congress approved the new Cabinet position called the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Oveta Culp Hobby was appointed. Nelson was named to the post of Undersecretary--how handy. In 1953, coincidentally, Astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be Spaceships. Project Sigma intercepted alien radio communications (now why do you suppose no one can find any radio signals on your big honkers set up for that purpose?). We send signals constantly and we don't even need the set up. We cut in on communications lines to all your military and government frequencies as well. But you are told there is just "nobody out there". Ah so, when these objects reached Earth atmosphere they took up a very high orbit around the Equator. There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. (I hereby make it known; it was to keep you sweethearts from tilting your planet some thirteen degrees off orbit. Also, ships were placed at your North and South Poles because your planet had already begun its shifting. A cross belting of energy support and stabilizing beams were set up and the ships from the mid-section were not removed until 1988, when the Intergalactic Council demanded that the support be removed.) Project "Sigma" and then a new project named "Plato" then began to interact with alien radio communication. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race of space aliens. It was in this period of time that we of the Galactic Fleet contacted the U.S. Government and offered assistance. We informed them that nuclear ordinance must be banned, etc. Well, nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States--of course not, how else can you blow up an entire planet? At any rate, our overtures were rejected. .c.:EISENHOWER'S MEETING Now, the pattern fits with what I gave you on Wednesday. President Eisenhower, in l954, set a meeting at Holloman Air Force Base with a race of extraterrestrials described as "large nosed grey aliens". These aliens had been orbiting the Earth for some time it seems. In your disdain for lofty titles, as in the case with "His Omnipotent Highness, Krill", you dubbed him, "Original 'Hostage' Krill" Here enters the first alien insignia which was taken as a basis for naming your Trilateral Commission. That insignia is displayed on craft and worn on uniforms. Almost all space commands display some variation of that basic triangle-pyramid. Two encounters were arranged with your President. The first meeting, as before stated, was at Holloman Air Force Base. In this meeting a basic agreement was reached. The aliens identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which you label Betelgeuse. They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there. (Well, what can you expect from strange aliens? Again, with all the millions of inhabited planets why would His Omnipotent Highness Krlll choose one working diligently to blow itself away? Could it be your old ancient prophecies were beginning to take final formation?) .c.:U.S./ALIEN TREATY Next, there was a follow-up meeting to sign treaties between the Alien Nation and the United States. This was consummated at a meeting planned for Edwards Air Force Base. Two other extremely well known personages attended also; one was Bernard Baruch and a highly esteemed religious leader who has been named; I choose to not do so here at this time. Edwards was a front cover; I shall neither divulge the actual meeting location. There are also, friends, commitments which I have personally made to your leaders and I shall honor them. Both of these landings were documented and films were taken of both the aliens and the alien craft. The treaty was signed. Now, I shall tell you what has been brought forth as it was stated--only fudged on in seven or eight places. And, I mean in the writing of demands--all the actions have been falsified. Here is what the government wants you to believe now that MJ-12 and secret documents have been forced to public eyes through your Right to Information Act. The cover-up continues, but here is what is touted about your place. "The aliens would not interfere in your affairs (this is not allowed by Intergalactic Council and Hierarchy Council of the Cosmic Council--had nothing to do with you.) and you would not interfere in the aliens'. They would furnish you with advanced technology and would help you in your technological development. They would not make any treaty with any other Earth nation. (But you can't trust all the strange aliens who drop in on you--you could just be picking up a bunch of Satan's Omnipotent Angels.) Ah, they could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of your development with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans would have no memory of the event, and that the Alien nation would furnish MJ-12 with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis. It was agreed that each nation would receive the Ambassador of the other for as long as the treaty remained in force. (Which, of course, was for as long as the aliens desired it since you couldn't do anything about it anyway.-------------**** remember--We offered to assist you; we could have kept them in the high special heavens if you had only listened. But then, you would have postponed the prophesied Armageddon and spoiled the play. Human has free-will choice and yet, the brotherhood of the universe knows exactly what you will do--every time. You will always choose the devil in the sheep's clothes--greed and power always prevail in a human environment and they rule, by total fear, the masses.) .c.:ALIEN BASES IN THE U.S. it was further agreed that the Alien nation and the United States would exchange sixteen personnel each to the other with the purpose of cross learning, each from the other. Yours would go to Orion, etc., and theirs would come to Earth. This exchange would occur with change of personnel on a regularly scheduled basis. It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the Alien nation and that two bases would be constructed for the joint use of the Alien nation and the United States. These Alien bases would be constructed under Indian reservations (forget about asking your redman brothers) in the four corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona or thereabouts for starters. One would be constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4 located seven miles south of the western border of Area 51, (you look them up) and this one would be known as "Dreamland". (How sweet.) There is also a huge installation in New Mexico. We are talking BIG installations, all underground. Now enters an interesting situation, ALL ALIEN AREAS ARE UNDER COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY! All personnel who work in these complexes receive their paychecks from the Navy. How quaint, don't you think? Well, construction was slow in the beginning because how can a government funnel that much money aside in total secrecy? UNTIL--large amounts of money were made available in 1957 by some secret mode of funding which I will tell you about in a minute. Well, in keeping with the tradition, project "REDLIGHT" was formed and experimentation in test flying of alien craft was begun in real earnest. You were again hoodwinked for the technology given you was primitive for space flight. At any rate this birthed the Delta program (flying wing) and Snowbird. Funny thing, here at Dreamland, all personnel need above top security clearance, "Q" rating--as well as Executive (President) approval. Even more irony pops forth--the President does not have sufficient clearance to visit the site. Now the alien base and exchange of technology actually took place in the Area know as S-4. This area was code named "The Dark Side of the Moon". Pretty apropos as things turn out with later activities found already well established by the time you thought you got to the moon, friends. .c.:HIDING THE MONEY Along with all the other cute projects and secret commissions, a multimillion-dollar SECRET fund was organized and kept by the Military Office of the White House. This fund was used to build over seventy five deep underground facilities. (Some of these plans I will describe in detail later, such as "DOOMSDAY COG" (continuity of Government at Doomsday (Armageddon etc.)) We'll stick to alien intrigue at this paragraph. Now, if a President asked what the funds were for, he was told they were for building a deep underground shelter for the President, etc., in case of war. Only a few were actually built for the President, and yet the bookwork shows bunches--actually the same one was presented to each new President. Millions of dollars were funnelled through this office to MJ-12 and then out to the contractors and was used to build TOP SECRET alien bases, as well as TOP SECRET DUMB (good one--Deep Underground Military Bases), and the facilities promulgated by "Alternative 2", throughout the nation. Ah, but I have neglected to tell you about the alternatives--well, Dharma can only handle one subject at a time. Mr. Johnson really liked this fund; he thought it was for the President and security etc., so he built some roads, movie theater, and other improvements and comforts around his ranch in Texas. He was never told of its true purpose, and was thus allowed to use the funds without question to keep him from asking. The secret White House underground construction fund was set up in 1957 by President Eisenhower. The funding was obtained from Congress under the guise of "construction and maintenance of secret sites where the President could be taken in case of military attack: Presidential Emergency Sites." The sites are literally holes in the ground, deep enough to withstand a nuclear blast and are outfitted with state of the art communications equipment. Currently there are more than seventy-five, probably over a hundred, of these sites scattered all around your country. These were built using this fund money. Your Atomic Energy Commission has built at least an additional two dozen sites. The locations and everything to do with these sites remain as TOP SECRET. THE MONEY WAS, AND IS, IN CONTROL OF THE MILITARY OFFICE OF THE WHITE HOUSE, AND WAS, AND IS, LAUNDERED THROUGH A CIRCUITOUS WEB THAT EVEN THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE SPY OR ACCOUNTANT CAN NOT FOLLOW. Ah, but I can. Also interesting, as of current times, only a few at the start and end of this web know what the money is for. First on board was Representative George Mahon, of Texas, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and of its Defense Subcommittee; and Representative Robert Sikes, of Florida, chairman of the House Appropriations Military Construction Subcommittee. More currently, like up to a very few of your months ago, your House Speaker, Jim Wright, controlled the money in Congress. A tremendous power struggle came about and he was removed--yet to be replaced, in fact. At the other end are the President, who is just now included in the loop, MJ-12 and of course the director of the Military Office, and a commander at the Washington Navy Yard. The money was authorized by the Appropriations Committee (A-hummm) who in turn allocated it to the Department of Defense as a TOP SECRET item in the ARMY construction program. The Army, however, can not spend it and, in fact, did not even know what it was for. (Do you really wonder how Iran-gate, Water-gate and other cover-ups can be kept secret? It is the marvel that anyone ever finds out-including the ones involved.) Here is a better one--the money was then channeled to the Chesapeake Division of the Navy Engineers who had no idea what the money was for, either. However, authorization to spend the money was in reality given to the Navy--somebody arbitrarily decided--(probably Oliver North. Don't quote Hatonn on that one, it is a humorless joke.) Not even the Commanding Officer, who was an Admiral, knew what the fund was for. Only one man, a Navy Commander assigned to the Chesapeake Division, but in reality was responsible only to the Military Office of the White House, knew of the actual purpose, amount, and ultimate destination of the funds. Almost every trace of the funding could be made to vanish by the very few people who controlled it. How could there ever be an audit of such a fund--nobody would ever be able to find it! So be it. Let us have a respite, Dharma. SALU, Hatonn to stand-by. .c.CHAPTER 4 REC #2 HATONN SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1989 2:45 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 003 Thank you, Dharma, I am present to continue. .c.:ROCKEFELLER'S KEY ROLE We were speaking of the TOP SECRET fund handled by the Military Office of the White House. Large sums of money were transferred from this TOP SECRET fund to Palm Beach, Florida where there is a Coast Guard location called Peanut Island. The island is adjacent to property owned by Joseph Kennedy. The money was reported used for "beautification". Yes, Dharma, there is bad news afoot about the Kennedys also, and I shall speak of it later, but I wish to continue with the "pecking order" without distraction. During all this confusion, Nelson Rockefeller changed positions again. He was named Special Assistant for Cold War Strategy. The old name for the position was Special Assistant for Psychological Strategy (for those of you who are going to check all this data out; that position had been held by C.D. Jackson). This same position would evolve over the years into the position Henry Kissinger was ultimately to hold under President Nixon. He was, officially, to give, "Advice and assistance in the development of increased understanding and cooperation among all peoples." The description, given officially, was a camouflage for secretly he was the Presidential Coordinator for the Intelligence Community. In this new post Rockefeller reported directly, and only, to the President. He now was positioned to attend meetings of the Cabinet, the Council on Foreign Economic Policy, and the National Security Council which was the highest policy-making body in the government. Rockefeller was given, in addition, a second high level job as head of the secret unit called the Planning Coordination Group which was formed under NSC 5412/1 in the Spring of 1955. (March, for you searchers.) The group consisted of different ad hoc members depending on the subject on the agenda. The basic members were Rockefeller, a representative of the Department of Defense, a representative of the Department of State, and the Director of Central Intelligence. It was soon called the "3412 Committee" (must have run out of silly secret code names). Woops, no it was also called the "Special Group". NSC 5412/1 established the rule THAT COVERT OPERATIONS WERE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY AN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, WHEREAS IN THE PAST THESE OPERATIONS WERE INITIATED SOLELY ON THE AUTHORITY OF THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. So, and away we go: By SECRET Executive Memorandum, NSC 5410, Eisenhower had preceded NSC 5412/1 in 1954 to establish a permanent committee (not ad hoc) to be known as Majority Twelve (MJ-12). Now, Dharma, we have made the loop back to the writings of yesterday so ones can refer back if they so choose. .c.:PROPHECIES OF FATIMA CONFIRMED I will digress again to the alien factor. It was beginning to seep through some "Intelligence" minds that some things were happening which were most unusual and had been since the early part of the century. Some of these were brought under scrutiny. Let us consider the event at Fatima. An all out effort was begun by the Intelligence Community to find out the deep, dark secrets involving Fatima and they found out some interesting things. The U.S. used secret Vatican "moles" that were recruited and nurtured during World War II and obtained the entire Vatican study, which included the prophecy of Fatima. This prophecy stated that if man did not turn from evil and place himself at the feet of Christ, the planet would selfdestruct and the events described in the book of Revelations would indeed come to pass. It further stated that a child would be born who would unite the world with a plan for world peace and a false religion beginning in 1992. By 1995 the people would discern that he was evil and indeed the Anti-Christ of biblical prophecy. World War III would begin in the Middle East in 1995 with an invasion of Israel by a United Arab nation using conventional weapons which would culminate in a nuclear holocaust in the year 1999. Between 1999 and 2003 most of the life on this planet would suffer horribly and die as a result. The return of Christ would occur in the year 2011. (I, Hatonn, hereby request that at least one of my writings dealing with end time or, better yet, Esu Jesus' lessons, be included in the addendum to this document.) .c.:TIME TRAVEL When the aliens were confronted with this finding they confirmed that it was true. The aliens explained that the human race had been created by hybridization and had been manipulated through religion, satanism, witchcraft, magic, and the occult. They further explained that they were capable of time travel and the events would indeed come to pass. Later exploitation of alien technology by the United States and the Soviet Union utilizing time travel confirmed the prophecy. The aliens showed a hologram which they claimed was the actual Crucifixion of Christ--your government filmed it. There is always the next question thrust at me, "Were they using our GENUINE religions to manipulate us? Or, perhaps they were indeed the source of your religions with which they had been manipulating you all along? Or, was this the beginning scenario of the Genuine End Times and the Return of Christ which had been predicted in the Bible?" No one seemed to come up with an answer. I HEREBY REQUEST AND STRONGLY SUGGEST ALL ONES OBTAIN A VOLUME CALLED AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL * * * I AM SANANDA, WHICH CAN BE OBTAINED THROUGH America West Publishers WHOSE ADDRESS IS INCLUDED IN THIS DOCUMENT. SO BE IT AND BLESSINGS ON THE TRUTH OF THESE WORDS. A symposium was held in 1957 which was attended by some of the great scientific minds then living. They reached the conclusion that by, or shortly after, the year 2,000 the planet would SELFDESTRUCT due to increased population and man's exploitation of the environment WITH NO HELP THERETO FROM GOD OR THE ALIENS. BETTER GIVE SOME CAREFUL THOUGHT TO THIS STATEMENT, FRIENDS. By the way, I am not a "little gray man". I am from Pleiades, from the planet of Hatonn--I am one in the same as Aton and I am some nine-and-a-half feet in height. Sorry, I don't qualify as one of the "bad guys". I most surely am among their most feared adversaries, however. .c.:THE JASON SOCIETY'S ALTERNATIVES Now we will get into the "Alternatives" as I promised: By another SECRET Executive Order of President Eisenhower, the Jason Scholars were ordered to study this scenario and make recommendations for action from their findings. The Society confirmed the scientific findings and made three brilliant recommendations called "Alternatives 1, 2 and 3" Alternative l: Blast holes in the Stratosphere, with nuclear devices, from which the heat and pollution could escape into space. Change the human cultures from that of exploitation into cultures of environmental protection. Note: of the three this was decided as the least likely to be accepted and succeed due to the inherent nature of human; and by the way, there might be additional damage due to the Nuclear explosions themselves. Alternative 2: Build a vast network of underground cities and tunnels in which a select representation of all cultures and occupations would survive and carry on the human race. The rest of humanity would be left to fend for themselves on the surface of the planet. (For your information, China can house her population underground in this manner. Also, Switzerland has massive underground facilities, and thus do many other countries--yours just deals with the "big wig" V.I.P. population--called politicians, etc.) Alternative 3: Exploit the alien and conventional technology in order for a select few to leave the planet and establish colonies in outer space away from the mess. The U.S. would then select from "volunteers" in Batch Groups or "consignments" to do the manual labor. These would not be called "slaves" but that would be the passport requirement. Let's see now, locations--first would be considered "ADAM", code for the Moon, and then followed by the planet Mars, code named "Eve". (And you ones thought these places uninhabitable, sic sic.) As interim tactics for delay action, all three alternatives included the following: Enforced birth control, enforced sterilization, and the INTRODUCTION OF DEADLY MICROBES to slow or control the growth of Earth population. (My beloved ones, your AIDS is only ONE visible and already active plan.) There are others which include low frequency beams that cause mass depression, and the worst and most deadly is an effort to addict the population to all manner of drugs. It was decided since the population must be reduced and controlled that it would be in the best interest of the human race to rid yourselves of the "undesirable elements" of your societies. (Hey, don't blame Hatonn--I didn't say it!) The JOINT U.S. and Soviet leadership dismissed Alternative 1, but ordered work to begin immediately on Alternatives 2 and 3 simultaneously. By 1959 the Rand Corporation hosted a "Deep Underground Construction Symposium". In the report thereof, machines were demonstrated which could bore a tunnel some forty five feet in diameter--at the rate of five feet per hour. It also produced pictures of huge tunnels and underground vaults containing complex facilities and even what could be called, cities. Five years of all out underground secret construction had produced significant progress. Perhaps it proves that secret workers work better than visible public workers--or perhaps the workers are assured a place to park their weary heads during nuclear disaster??? .c.:FUNDING VIA ILLEGAL DRUGS Oh, and here comes one that really will produce some ouchies: The ruling powers decided that one means of funding the alien connection and the other "BLACK PROJECTS" (I didn't say that either, but, beloved friends, the Satanic forces without your planet are referred to as the "Black Forces" or the "Dark Brotherhood" or the "Dark Robes"--So be it.) was to CORNER THE ILLEGAL DRUG MARKET. SO--A YOUNG AMBITIOUS MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS WAS APPROACHED--HIS NAME--GEORGE BUSH! He was, at that time, President and CEO of Zapata Oil Co., based in Texas. Zapata Oil was experimenting with the new technology of offshore drilling. It was correctly thought that the drugs could be shipped from South America to the offshore platforms by fishing boats where it would then be taken to shore by the normal transportation used for supplies and personnel. By this method no customs or law enforcement agency subjected the cargo to search. George Bush agreed to help and organized the operation in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency--ring any bells? The plan worked even better than anyone had hoped and has since expanded worldwide, and there are now many other methods sanctioned as ways of bringing the illegal drugs into the country. Heaven help you if you work outside the Cartel, however. THE CIA NOW CONTROLS ALL THE WORLD'S ILLEGAL DRUG MARKETS. Just remember when you get on Mr. Bush's bandwagon to fight the "War on Drugs" and "War on Poverty"--MR. GEORGE BUSH BEGAN SALE OF DRUGS TO YOUR CHILDREN. THERE JUST ISN'T ANY PRETTY WAY TO SAY IT, SO LET US SAY IT AS IT IS. I, COMMANDER GYEORGOS HATONN, HEREBY WANT IT KNOWN TO ANYONE READING THIS DOCUMENT--IT WILL COME FORTH FROM SEVEN SEPARATE SOURCES IN ALMOST IDENTICAL FORMAT--IT IS USELESS TO TOUCH THIS AUTHOR FOR SHE IS DEVOID OF ANY INFORMATION OTHER THAN WHAT I GIVE HER THROUGH RADIO SIGNAL. I DICTATE; SHE WRITES--THEN SHE GOES ASIDE AND THROWS UP. THERE WILL BE ALLOWED NO MORE MARTYRS IN THE SERVICE OF THE MASTER ESU JESUS SANANDA WHO IS RETURNING IN THE QUITE NEAR FUTURE TO RECLAIM THIS PLANET FOR YOUR CREATOR SOURCE. YOU CAN CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WISH--ARMAGEDDON IS QUITE SUITABLE. .c.:KENNEDY ULTIMATUM Enter President John F. Kennedy. The "official" Space Program was really boosted by President Kennedy in his inaugural address when he mandated that the United States put a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. Although apparently innocent in its conception, this mandate enabled those in charge to funnel vast supplies of money into "Black Projects" and conceal the REAL space program from the American people. A very similar program was in active workings within the Soviet Union and served the same purpose. In fact, a joint Alien, United States, and Soviet Union base already existed on the Moon at the very moment Kennedy spoke the words at the address. On May 22, 1962 a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life. Not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars was begun in real earnest. Today, friends, cities exist on Mars which are populated by specially selected people from different cultures and occupations taken from all over the Earth (sound familiar?). A PUBLIC CHARADE OF ANTAGONISM BETWEEN THE SOVIET UNION AND THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN MAINTAINED OVER ALL OF THESE YEARS IN ORDER TO FUND PROJECTS IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL DEFENSE WHEN, IN FACT, YOU ARE THE CLOSEST OF ALLIES. HOW ELSE COULD YOU SECRETLY FUNNEL SUCH IMMENSE OUTLAYS OF FUNDS? Woops, right along in here President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens. He issued an ultimatum in 1963 to MJ-12. He assured them that if they did not clean up the drug problem he most certainly would do it for them and heads would roll. He informed MJ-12 that he intended to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year and ordered a plan developed to implement his decision. President John Kennedy was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and knew nothing of "Alternative 2" or "Alternative 3". Internationally the Operations were supervised by an Executive Committee known as the "Policy Committee". In the United States they were supervised by MJ-12, and in the Soviet Union by its sister organization. President Kennedy's decision struck fear into the hearts of those in charge. HIS ASSASSINATION WAS ORDERED BY THE "POLICY COMMITTEE" AND THE ORDER WAS CARRIED OUT BY AGENTS OF MJ-12 IN DALLAS, TEXAS. YES, DEAR ONES, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY WAS MURDERED BY THE SECRET SERVICE AGENT WHO DROVE HIS CAR IN THE MOTORCADE. The act is plainly visible in the films of the murder taken at the scene that day. All of the witnesses who were close enough to the car to see William Greer shoot Kennedy were, themselves, all murdered within two years of the event. Mrs. Kennedy has been spared only through intimidation and fear and the assumption that she was so shocked that she mistook Greer as shooting at a suspect. The "Warren Commission" was a farce and the Council on Foreign Relations members made up the majority of its panel. They succeeded in snowing the American people. Many other patriots who attempted to reveal the alien secret have also been murdered throughout the intervening years. .c.:MOON BASE LUNA Let us speak about the Moon. During the era of the United States initial space exploration and the actual "Moon Landings" every launch was accompanied by alien craft. I even accompanied some of those trips. A Moon Base dubbed Luna was sighted and filmed by the Apollo Astronauts. Domes, spires, tall round structures which look like silos, huge "T" shaped mining vehicles which leave stitch-like tracks in the Lunar surface, and extremely large, as well as small, alien craft readily appear in the photographs. It is a joint United States, Russian, and Alien base. The U.S. Space Program is a farce and an unbelievable waste of money. Alternative 3 is a reality and is not at all science fiction as you might have believed. The Apollo Astronauts were severely traumatized by this experience and their lives and subsequent statements reflect the depth of the revelation, as well as the effect of the muzzle order which followed immediately. YE SHALL NOT SPEAK OF IT! They were ordered to remain silent or suffer the extreme penalty, DEATH, which was termed an "expediency". One astronaut did actually talk to the British producers of the TV expose "Alternative 003" confirming many of the allegations. In the book "Alternative 003" the pseudonym "Bob Grodin" was used in place of the astronaut's true identity. It was also stated that he COMMITTED SUICIDE IN 1978. Well, many of the "facts" in the book are truly placed within for disinformation purposes. The disinformation was thrust upon the authors intentionally in an effort to nullify the effect of the British TV expose. Brothers, the headquarters of the International Conspiracy is in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND. The ruling body is made up of Representatives of the Governments involved as well as the Executive members of the group known as "THE BILDERBERGERS". Meetings are held by the "Policy Committee", when necessary, on a Nuclear submarine beneath the Polar ice cap. The secrecy is such that this was the only method which would insure that the meetings could not be "bugged". Well, the book is 75% truth so well worth the reading and protects these authors of this information--please rush out and buy it. That is ALTERNATIVE 003. The disinformation is purposeful and can be easily spotted. There are other documents which are false and should be hereby noted: one is, "The Eisenhower Briefing Document" which was released in the United States under the contingency plan "Majestic Twelve". Through the aliens you have been presented with some pretty good technology with nuclear thrust systems. No alien would be foolish enough to give you the REAL secrets--you are too dangerous and they don't trust you one iota. You do, however, have craft which are capable of space journeys and do, quite regularly, make trips into space. One lovely craft is named Aurora and is berthed in Area 51 in Nevada. It is a one-stage ship called a trans atmospheric vehicle (TAV) and it can go into a very high orbit from a seven mile long runway. It can then return on its own power and land on the same runway. You also currently have and fly atomic powered alien type craft at Area S-4 in Nevada. Your pilots have made interplanetary voyages in these craft and have been to the Moon, Mars, and other planets in your system, aboard the ships. You have been grossly lied to about the true nature of the moon, the planet Mars, Venus, etc., and have backed it up with "lunar probe" pictures which everyone gets all excited about. There is a word I usually like to use in these instances, but my local audience thinks a space cadet should not use such language. My dear friends, there are places on the moon where there is even plant life. It also has a few man-made lakes and ponds upon its surface and clouds have been frequently observed and filmed. It possesses a gravitational field and man can walk easily upon its surface without space suits and breathing only requires some assistance with exertion, from an oxygen bottle--following decompression, of course. Dharma, I wish to speak of trouble in underground Mecca so let us take a break that you can refresh. Salu, Hatonn to stand-by. .c.CHAPTER 5 REC #3 HATONN SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1989 6:45 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 003 Hatonn returned, let us continue please. .c.:CONFRONTATION--NO CONTEST In 1969 the early romance had worn thin in the underground world of alien and scientists. A confrontation took place between the human scientists and the aliens at the "Dulce" underground laboratories. The aliens took many of your scientists hostage (never trust the devil). Delta forces were sent in to free them, but were no match against the alien weapons. Sixty-six of your people were killed during the action. As a result you withdrew from all "joint" projects for a couple of years (don't think that slowed up the "little gray men" as they were glad to be rid of you). In time, however, with a lot of pseudo promises on both sides, a reconciliation took place and once again you began to interact. THAT ALLIANCE STILL CONTINUES TO THIS CURRENT DAY. .c.:FIRST U.S. MILITARY COUP Then Mr. Nixon met his Waterloo at Watergate. When the scandal broke, President Nixon had intended to just ride out the storm, confident that he could not be impeached. MJ-12 HAD A DIFFERENT AGENDA. The intelligence community rightfully concluded that an impeachment trial would open up the files and bare the awful secrets to the public. Nixon was thereby ordered to resign. He refused and so the first military coup took place in the United States. The Joint Chiefs of Staff sent a TOP SECRET message to the Commanders of all the U.S. armed forces throughout the world. It stated, "Upon receipt of this message you will no longer carry out any orders from the White House. Acknowledge receipt." This message was sent a full five days prior to Nixon's acquiescence and he publicly announced that he would be resigning. .c.:COVERING UP During all the years that this was happening, the Congress and the American people seemed to sense instinctively that something was wrong. When the Watergate scandal broke they jumped on the wagon and everyone thought that the agencies would be cleaned-out. President Ford organized the Rockefeller Commission (speak of foxes in the henhouse), to do the job of clean out. Of course, his real mission was to see to it the cover-up veil was not pierced. Nelson Rockefeller, who headed the commission investigating the intelligence community, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was the one who helped Eisenhower build the MJ-12 power structure, so surely he was not going to hang himself. He allowed just enough information to slip through to keep the dogs at bay. He threw out a few bones and the cover-up kept its cover securely in place. Poor Senator Church would later conduct the famous Church hearings. Now, he also was a prominent member of the Council on Foreign Relations and he only repeated the Rockefeller act thereby insuring acceptance of Rockefeller's efforts as "look how hard we tried". Again the cover-up prevailed without a flaw. When Iran-Contra came along it was thought that "this time" it had to come gushing out all over you masses of blind children. Again--wrong! Despite piles and piles of documents that pointed directly to drug dealings, smuggling and other monsters too large to hide, the cover-up sailed through and your Oliver North was even hailed as a hero. Could your Congress be among the ones who are selected to head for the Mars colony when the Earth Big Bang comes down? Could it be that they know the whole thing and aren't willing to touch it with thy proverbial "ten foot pole"? .c.:FINANCIAL EMPIRE I have already presented the summary of the financial empire controlled by the CIA, the NSA, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, The International Monetary Fund, the Bilderbergers, etc., etc., etc. Therefore, I request that that audio tape be transcribed and added to this portion--in full. Thank you. (PLEASE SEE APPENDIX I--THE GREY MEN) This group, especially the CIA, the NSA and the Council on Foreign Relations controls and launders the money from drugs and other intelligence community proprietary ventures, but I shall add one or two things here, in addition to information on my information document of last year. The amount of money is beyond your wildest imaginings (no matter how big is your imagination), and is hidden in a vast network of banks and holding companies. You might enjoy looking at the J. Henry Shroder Banking Corporation, The Shroder Trust Company, Shroders Limited (in London), Helbert Wagg Holdings Limited, J. Henry Shroder/Wagg & Co. Ltd., Schroder Gerbruder and Co. (in Germany), Schroder Munchmeyer Hengst and Co., Castle Band and its Holding Companies, the Asian Development Bank, and the Nugan Han banks and holding companies. These are but a few--also how about Chase Manhattan, Federal Reserve, Chemical, etc.? .c.:THE "MAJESTIC" COVER-UP Now comes the value of knowing how Executive Orders are written and numbered to give you a few more exclusives. A contingency plan was formulated by "Majority-12" to throw anyone off the trail should truth begin to rear its ugly head. It was known as Majestic Twelve. It was implemented with the release of a completely fraudulent document entitled "Eisenhower Briefing Document". This was released by Moore, Shandera and Friedman. This document lists the Executive Order as number 092447. This is a number which could not even exist for a long time into your future. Executive orders are issued in consecutive numbers, no matter who might occupy the White House. This is for reasons of continuity, record keeping, and to prevent confusion (Heaven help anyone who creates confusion). Mr. Truman wrote in the 9,000 series, Eisenhower wrote in the 10,000 range, Ford in the 11,000 range, and Mr. Reagan got only into the 12,000 bracket. How so could you have one numbered 092447?? The number of the Executive Order is only one of many fatal flaws contained within the document. The plan so far has thrown the entire research community off the trail for several years and has resulted in the wasted expenditure of millions of dollars seeking documents which do not exist. Now enters Dr. Stanton Freidman--self proclaimed UFO Research Expert! Dr. Friedman landed a grant of $16,000 to research the information--he wasted it all, or so he claims. .c.:PREPARING FOR ALIEN CONTACT Another contingency plan is in force and is working upon you today. It is the plan to PREPARE THE PUBLIC FOR EVENTUAL CONFRONTATION WITH AN ALIEN RACE--THEY KNOW IT'S COMING MOMENTARILY. The public is being bombarded with movies, radio, advertising, and TV depicting almost every possible aspect of extraterrestrial presence. This, of course, includes the awful, insanely awful and plain putrid though sometimes, even nice portrayals. LOOK AROUND AND PAY ATTENTION--WE, AND OUR ADVERSARIES, PLAN TO MAKE OUR PRESENCE KNOWN AT ANY TIME HENCEFORTH FROM NOW--THIS IS ONE WAY OF PREPARING YOU FOR OUR TEAM. The government is preparing you for the landing and contact but they are fostering fear and terror but keeping the edge off so you, the public, do not completely panic. .c.:MARTIAL LAW PLANNED FOR Now, precious ones, for the hardest fact and contingency plan and it is under full sail this very day. Hold to your safety belts. For many years "they" have been importing drugs and selling them to the people and mainly the poor and the minorities, as well as the young people who want to explore the world and what the so-called adults are doing. Social Welfare programs were put into place to create a dependent non-working element of your society. Then they began to remove the social welfare programs (i.e.: this week: if anyone on welfare is caught with crack cocaine they are immediately removed from welfare--at least that is what is offered; look for it to happen). Now what would happen with no subsistence?--C-R-I-M-E! So now you have a "studied" plan for increasing the criminal element that did not even exist in the 50's and 60's when you began the major drug experimentation. "They" encouraged the manufacture and importation of deadly military firearms for the criminal element to use. This was intended to foster a feeling of insecurity which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. (Is it working so far? Are you with me so far?) Incidents would even be staged in order to speed up the process, as if you couldn't get into enough trouble all by yourself. By using drugs and hypnosis (what a sad, sick use of a marvelous medical-emotional tool), on mental patients (called of all things coincidental--ORION), the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on school yards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. (Those are your babies, beautiful ones.) Now, Hatonn asks you--is it working superbly or not? ARE YOU GOING TO ALLOW THE PLAN TO SUCCEED? OF COURSE YOU ARE! YOU, AS PEOPLE, ARE NOT GEARED TO THINK IN SUCH ABSOLUTE HORROR. YOU WILL DO IT WILLINGLY AND ASK FOR MORE LAWS AND REGULATIONS WHICH WILL LEAVE YOU TOTALLY DEFENSELESS. Due to the wave of crime sweeping the nation they will convince you the people, that a state of anarchy exists within the major cities. They are now building their case almost nightly on TV and daily in the media and newspapers. When public opinion has been won over to this idea they intend to state that a terrorist group, armed with nuclear weapons, has entered the United States and that they plan to detonate these devices in one of your cities. The government will then suspend the Constitution and declare Martial Law. The secret alien army of implanted humans and all dissidents, which translated means "anyone they choose", will be rounded up and will be placed in concentration camps which already exist, my friends, throughout the country. Who knows, maybe these interns are destined to be the slave labor in the Space Colonies. The media, newspapers, and computer networks will be nationalized and seized. Anyone who resists will be taken or killed. This entire operation was rehearsed by the government and military in 1984 and went off without one flub. When these events have transpired the SECRET GOVERNMENT and/or ALIEN takeover will be complete. YOUR FREEDOM WILL NEVER BE RETURNED AND YOU WILL LIVE IN SLAVERY FOR THE REMAINDER OF YOUR LIFE--SHORT, AND MOST UNPLEASANT. AS I HAVE SAID A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE THIS: WAKE UP, AND YOU HAD BETTER BE DOING IT RIGHT NOW! .c.:UFO ORGANIZATIONS INFILTRATED Among your UFO experts, etc. are Jaimie Shandera, Bill Moore and one Stanton Friedman. There is also a respected person by the label Bruce Macabee who is unwittingly involved. The others are dangerous beyond belief to you unsuspecting ones. I MEAN--DANGEROUS! Stanton Friedman claims to have "helped develop a nuclear reactor, to power an aircraft, that was the size of a basketball, was clean, turned out hydrogen, and worked like a dream". Direct quote. The only fuel which could go into such an engine and produce hydrogen as a by-product is water and that is precisely what, at least, one alien craft runs on, nuclear energy and water. THE ONLY PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE, AT THAT TIME, TO OBTAIN SUCH TECHNOLOGY WAS FROM ALIENS OF SPACE ORIGIN. Friedman was a member of the Moore, Shandera, and Friedman research team and it was they who implemented the Majestic Twelve contingency plan. BEWARE OF DOGS BEARING FALSE BONES! All UFO research organizations, and even the ones just playing, are targeted for infiltration and control by the Secret Government just as the NICAP was infiltrated and controlled. Even this sweet little circle of mine own, has been bombarded by intruders and spies; we just happen to do nothing worth the effort. I will never jeopardize my people and friends by producing anything that has not been published somewhere-sometime. We are simply here to assist in building and evacuation, if requested. We know of the surveillance of these ones in this place and I, again, put my adversaries on formal notice--these ones are off limits; leave them alone for you are coming directly up against the Christos and God. No quarter given and take note! I want you innocent ones who think you get knowledge and information from the UFO Journals--forget it, it is planted and the publications completely controlled as to content. Your organizations are headed UP TOP by infiltrators and fear mongers who deliberately dupe you as to intent of aliens and the need for doo-dads to find balance and truth. Serious business you play with, like your very life existence and you go like little lambs wagging your cute little tails behind you. You sit and meditate to something or other in your ridiculous costumes and chant to crystals and God alone knows what else--VERY HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH AND ETERNAL LIFE EXISTENCE. HEED THE WARNING! LOOK THESE THINGS UP--RESEARCH THEM AND LISTEN TO THE TRUTH TRYING TO REACH THROUGH FROM YOUR INNER KNOWLEDGE INTO YOUR BRAINS. .c.:THE SECRET GOVERNMENT MJ-12 is fully operational today. It is constructed of the same structure, six from the same positions in government, and six from the Executive members of the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Commission. The Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence is publicly known as The Senior Interagency Group (SIG). Please, be intelligent enough to recognize these things or at least, go look them up--I plead for you ones to research and prove these things to yourselves. It is most important to understand that the Council on Foreign Relations and its offshoot, the Trilateral Commission, not only control but O-W-N your country of the United States of America--actually, the world but you are expected to deal with massive information one dribble at a time. Since your World War II they were instrumental in deciding policy for the United States Government. Since World War II they have been the ONLY source of policy for the United States Government. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and their foreign counterparts report to the Bilderbergers. Almost every high level government and military official of any consequence since World War II, including Presidents, have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Commission--just as is Mr. Bush--a major participant and has been for a long, long time. Every American member of the Trilateral Commission has either been, or is a current member, of the Council on Foreign Relations. Each foreign nation of any importance has its own offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations and the members of each country interact with those of other countries through the Bilderbergers to further their common goals. The foreign members of the Trilateral Commission belong to their respective organizations. Even a cursory investigation by the most inexperienced researcher will show that the members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral commission control the major foundations, all of the major media and publishing interests, the largest banks, all the major corporations, the upper echelons of the government, and many other VITAL interests. Their members are elected and appointed because they have all the money and special interests behind them. All, that is, except the peoples of the countries--the citizens. They are not democratic and do not in any way represent the majority of the people. HOWEVER, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WILL DECIDE WHO SURVIVES THE COMING HOLOCAUST AND WHO DOES NOT!*!*! THE BILDERBERGERS, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION ARE THE SECRET GOVERNMENT AND RULE THIS NATION THROUGH MJ-12 AND THE STUDY GROUP KNOWN AS THE JASON SOCIETY AND THE TOP ECHELON OF THE GOVERNMENT WHICH CONSISTS MOSTLY OF THEIR MEMBERS. The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are basically in complete control of the alien technology from "the little gray men" and are also in complete control of the nation's economy which is set to self-destruct and collapse at any moment. That is, I repeat, at any moment. You are destined for a devastating depression and ultimate total collapse of the monetary system--then you will really be "had" for there are contingency plans to completely control you through that very fact. But that is for another lesson. .c.:IS THERE ANY HOPE? You dear ones are in a big pack of trouble. You cannot fight this monster alone. The only way you can even hope to hold even is to have adequate matching abilities--which your brothers of the Cosmos have available to offer you. You are going to march right through to Armageddon for that is the way it is. Master Esu Jesus Sananda will come and there will be a big bunch of disagreement and I can't think of anything nice to say about it--THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS WHAT A CONFRONTATION BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN AMOUNTS TO NO MATTER WHAT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO BELIEVE. So be it, Dharma, you are worn to a proverbial "frazzle". I am pushing you, dear heart, for we must get this information out in time to protect the other authors involved in public danger as targets for the Dark Forces. I believe it must be obvious by now WHY you ones will succeed with your projects--they are off limits to the adversaries and funding is going to be allowed to flow--it is a forearranged agreement. Leave this for today, however, as I want to speak in detail about the miserable play to discount beloved Billy Meier and I also want to cover your Government's silly Doomsday Plans. In great love and appreciation, I take my leave and move to stand-by. We are always tending of thy care, chela, so fear not; just take extreme caution in all circumstance and avoid public gatherings as much as possible for a bit longer. SALU, SALU, SALU, .c.CHAPTER 6 REC #1 HATONN SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 1989 6:45 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 004 Good morning, Hatonn here. Thank you for receiving me. Revel in the glorious day that Creator has granted you one more time. .c.:MIDDLE-EAST CONFRONTATION The thing that causes you to have more time upon Earth is actually not the goodness that prevails, it is that the major governments, military commands and the like, botch so many things that they dare not yet make a play for the "big one". However, you do have an interesting situation in the Middle East. Many of those countries are filled with leaders and people who are religious fanatics. They believe in transition to a better station, so death of physical--at least when in a state of mesmerization--means only glory. Of course the physical self is afraid of the death itself, but not enough to stop the terrorism, etc. Now, those ones are faced off against other ones just as fanatical but more intent on winning and prevailing with their own business of take-over than in salvaging lives. It appears to US of these realms, from the scanners, that this group will not wait as long as the top "big guys" desire. The Arab Republic is going to take a stand against Israel and they are going to do it relatively soon. Some of these countries have been badly used by the Trilateral Commission and the other money mongers who have stolen their resources, and control is going to be impossible. The house of cards will tumble down and the "big guys" will head for shelter. .c.:COG AND THE DOOMSDAY PROJECT As I speak of the "Continuity of Government" (COG) plans, actions and mishaps, please see beyond--here is an excellent testing for what you have learned from my previous dissertation. CHECK TO SEE WHAT YOU REALLY KNOW IS GOING ON IN EACH INSTANCE. I am going to be boringly thorough, but I want you to REALLY understand. The governments put forth these magnificent facades and silly plans--funnel money by the ton and the only accurate business is going on in TOP SECRET underground paths. Oh, they label the obvious TOP SECRET also, that it can be leaked and spilled and poured out onto you ones to blind you to facts. I am going to give credit where deserved; U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, Aug. 7, l989, "DOOMSDAY PROJECT". I am in great appreciation to them for providing me with such appropriate example. It also allows you readers to do a little proving to yourselves. It begins (I will add emphasis): "It is one of America's `deepest official secrets', a combination of `classified' escape plans, cleverly concealed bunkers and Space Age communications systems that, in the event of a surprise nuclear attack, would enable the government to regroup to provide critical services to a stricken citizenry and organize an effective military reprisal against its attacker". (I could spend days writing on that one paragraph. i.e., there will be no "surprise" nuclear attack--they will "know" and they will have their fannies out of there long before that missile strikes.) "COG is the government's ultimate insurance policy should Armageddon ever arrive, (which it will and it is not the big plan anyway) providing the program runs smoothly. (Does anything else in the government run smoothly, save the TOP SECRET true "get-out-of-here" dry runs?) .c.:GOOD GUYS IN SPACE Hatonn is going to deviate here and answer some personal questions. Why would a space cadet care about you? Well, you are going to destruct and when you do, it blows the cosmic system into shock wave chaos. THAT IS OUR TERRITORY OF WHICH WE NOW SPEAK--"SOMEWHERE OUT THERE". That, however, is not the main reason for we can seal you off in a plasma (energy) shield and contain your gaseous balloon after your chain reaction from your toys. Earth Human (the masses of little people), ask in the most humble as well as arrogant ways, God and Jesus Christ to help you in this time of desperation. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS, BELOVED ONES. IN ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS HE SENDS HIS OTHER CHILDREN OF THE COSMOS TO HELP YOU, WE WHO REMAIN IN THE PRACTICE OF THE LAWS OF CREATION AND GOD'S LAWS OF UNIVERSAL TRUTH. .c.:ARMAGEDDON: CHRIST vs SATAN IMMANUEL (JESUS CHRIST) HAS A VERY LARGE ADVERSARY, WHOSE NAME WAS LUCIFER (SATAN) WHO, IT WAS PROPHESIED, WOULD RULE THE EARTH FOR A PERIOD OF TIME BEFORE THE "END". SO BE IT? IMMANUEL, IN HIS OWN PAST TWO THOUSAND YEARS, HAS PASSED ALL HIS LESSONS AND HAS ACCEPTED HIS NEW AWARD. LET US CALL IT THE "MADE THE GRADE" AWARD--CALLED THE SANANDA CHAIR. EVEN YOUR ERROR FILLED HOLY GUIDEBOOK SAYS "HE SHALL BEAR A NEW NAME"--AH SO, IT IS "SANANDA", MY BELOVED FRIENDS. NOW, YOU ALL EXPECT SANANDA (JESUS) TO COME FETCH YOU UP TO THE CLOUDS. NOW HOW DO YOU EXPECT HIM TO PULL THAT OFF? DO YOU WANT TO JUST GO TO THE CLOUDS SOME 1500 FEET ABOVE YOUR SURFACE WITH A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST RAGING TO THE LIMITS OF YOUR EARTH ATMOSPHERE? I WOULD GUESS NOT, IF YOU GIVE THOUGHT TO IT--WHICH, WE NOTE, EARTH MAN IS NOT GIVEN TO DO--THAT IS, THINK! THE PLANET EARTH IS MAKING A DIMENSIONAL CHANGE INTO HER HIGHER BERTH, DEAR ONES. A GREAT AND MAGNIFICENT TRANSITION--THUSLY, YOU WILL NOTE I COUNT CALENDAR DIFFERENTLY THAN DO YOU. YOU OF EARTH ARE IN YEAR 3, DAY 004. THAT MEANS, BLUNTLY, THAT YOU ARE TO YOUR EARS IN THE FINAL PROPHECIES' ACTIVITIES. ESU JESUS IMMANUEL SANANDA IS COMING ON MY COMMAND SHIP TO ORGANIZE (WELL, WE ARE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY READY AND ORGANIZED) TO EVACUATE ANY AND ALL WHO WISH TO GO WITH US (HIM). NO SELL JOB, NO FORCE, NO COERCION--JUST PLAIN OLD "DO YOU WANT TO GO OR STAY?" IT IS THROUGH THIS CHRISTED ONE, WHO HAS NOW ACHIEVED HIS GODNESS, THAT YOU WILL GO OR STAY--THE CHRISTED PATH IS THE ONLY PATH THAT WILL GET YOU HOME TO GOD IN SAFETY. WE WILL NOT BRING ANY OF SATAN'S TROOPS WITH US, MY FRIENDS--NONE. .c.:YOUR FINAL LESSONS YOU ARE NOW BEING GIVEN YOUR FINAL LESSONS--CHANCES FOR REVERSING ARE ALL GONE--YOU ARE TO FINAL DECISION TIME. YOU WILL BE GIVEN WIDESPREAD INFORMATION AND OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW TRUTH AND THEN, BROTHERS, YOU BETTER START PRAYING. YOU HAD BETTER ALSO BE GETTING YOUR HANDS ON EVERYTHING THAT SPEAKS TRUTH. I SUGGEST YOU GET YOUR HANDS, EYES, EARS AND MINDS ON EVERYTHING COMING OUT OF America West Publishers. YOU BETTER ALSO GET ALL YOU CAN ON THE BASIC PATH OF LIFE BEING DIAGRAMED FOR YOU THROUGH ONE NATIVE INDIAN, LITTLE CROW OF GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA, FOR HE HAS THE ASSIGNMENT OF BRINGING FORTH THE ORAL TRADITIONS OF THE ANCIENT OF ANCIENTS AND MAKING THEM AVAILABLE UNTO YOU. (TRY THE AMERICAN INDIAN UNITY CHURCH, IN GARDEN GROVE). I CARE NOT WHETHER OR NOT YOU CHOOSE TO LEARN THESE THINGS OF TRUTH INSTEAD OF THE DRIVEL YOU HAVE BEEN FED FOR YOUR MANY GENERATIONS. IT IS ONLY THAT WE WILL EVACUATE THOSE OF TRUTH AND I AM TELLING YOU WHERE YOU CAN OBTAIN TRUTH. BELOVED ONES, THERE ARE ONLY TWO OR THREE PLACES WHERE YOU CAN GET THE TRUTH AND THEY ARE ATTACHED TO ONE ANOTHER. OH YES, WE HAVE MANY, MANY THINGS GOING ON ABOUT YOUR PLACE, RIGHT THROUGH THESE ONES--OF MAGNIFICENT SCALE AND PLANNING--BUT FOR NOW THIS ONE IS A SCRIBE AND THE OTHER ACTIVITIES ARE IN ANONYMOUS PROGRESS, JUST AS IS THIS AUTHOR. .c.:SCRIBES ARE PROTECTED I AM MOST SERIOUS IN MY PROJECTION; THIS ONE IS UNDER PROTECTION. HER LIFE HAS BEEN TAKEN ON THREE OCCASIONS, BUT HEAR ME WELL, SHE IS NOT MEANT TO "DIE" AND WE SHALL SEE TO IT. SHE IS UNDER CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE FROM THE ADVERSARY, CIA, GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY--HOW BRAVE WOULD YOU BE? WELL, SHE DOESN'T "FEEL" VERY BRAVE EITHER, BUT SHE HAS MADE A COMMITMENT AND WILL SEE IT TO ITS FINISH. THEREFORE, I REPEAT MY FORMAL WARNING--"HANDS OFF" OR YOU WHO INJURE MINE ONES SHALL REAP THE WINDS. ESU JESUS SANANDA WILL NO LONGER BE CAST INTO YOUR CORNERS TO BE PULLED OUT ON SUNDAY MORNING OR WHEN YOU WANT SELFISH HELP. HE IS COME TO RECLAIM THE FATHER'S KINGDOM AND YOU HAD BETTER FORGET THE PIOUS, EVER BEARING ENTITY OF GALILEE--HE IS COME WITH INTENT IN FULL COMMAND. SO BE IT, YOU TAKE THAT WHICH YOU WILL. YOU WHO SET YOURSELF UP AS SO WISE; YE ARE FOOLISH INDEED. THE PRICE OF FOOLISHNESS IS HIGH INDEED AND EVEN HIGHER, IS THE PRICE OF ONE WHO SETS HIMSELF UP AS TEACHER AND MASTER GUIDE AND CAUSES HIS BROTHER TO FALL. I TRUST THIS IS SUFFICIENT FOR THE MOMENT. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO CONFIRM WHAT I SAY AND WHO I AM! ASK YOUR PRESIDENT BUSH! IT PROBABLY IS "ABOVE TOP SECRET" (ATS), OF COURSE; UNDOUBTEDLY THERE ARE NUMEROUS EXECUTIVE ORDERS TO COVER THE "WHITE LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD". TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE SPENT TO KEEP YOU FROM KNOWING TRUTH. SO BE IT AND SELAH. .c.:TROUBLE WITH DOOMSDAY Back to "Doomsday Project". Let's see, I believe I was speaking (quoting) about running smoothly. "That may be the problem, U.S. News has learned that officials familiar with COG worry that parts of it are deeply flawed. Their concerns focus on the quality of the program's technology, the way the program is administered and some apparent contract irregularities. Inquiries by the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the House Armed Services Committee are under way, and a federal grand jury is hearing testimony on the program. The investigations are exploring the following complaints: "That state-of-the-art communications systems, which have cost billions of dollars, do not function properly. "That 'sole source' contracts, often required because of the 'secrecy' of the program, were awarded improperly, resulting in millions of dollars in program costs that may not be justified. "That security of some bunkers and supply depots, which contain massive amounts of food, drugs and chemicals, has been plagued by numerous breaches." HATONN CERTAINLY HOPES YOU ARE READING THIS WITH YOUR LESSONS REMEMBERED. "The origin of, and the need for, a plan to keep the U.S. government functioning after a nuclear attack are hardly surprising. After the Soviets successfully tested an atomic bomb in August, 1949, defense planners in Washington began preparing measures to counter the threat of nuclear attack. In 1951, President Harry Truman created the Civil Defense Administration, which drew up the first set of evacuation plans for the nations capital. One year later, the Army Corp of Engineers began carving an enormous bunker out of a mountain in the Virginia countryside not far from Washington. The place was called Mount Weather, and before it was completed, it would cost over $1 billion. Mount Weather became the nation's biggest and best fallout shelter, though its existence was not "officially" acknowledged until 1974, when a TWA jet crashed nearby. "Tensions have eased considerably since the height of the cold war, but even today, despite a moderating Soviet Union and Mikhail Gorbachev's apparent willingness to engage in serious conventional and nuclear-arms reductions, planning for doomsday continues. The latest thinking focuses more on high-tech communications than on hardened-concrete fallout shelter. Command, control and communications--'c-cubed' in the military argot--have become the new Trinity. `Computers, satellites and radars,' says defense analyst William Arkin, `share priority status with missiles, bombers and submarines.' "It was Ronald Reagan's belief, expressed early in his Presidency, that a nuclear war was "winnable", but only if the government in Washington could guarantee its own survival. A review of the COG program by Reagan administration officials found big trouble on that score. Despite the attention paid by prior administrations, much of the COG technology had not been updated since the 1950's and l960's. Improvements had to be made, and quickly. In 1982, a new secret agency was created. It was called the Defense Mobilization Planning Systems Agency, and its officials were instructed to report to then Vice President George Bush. Before Bush succeeded Reagan in the Oval Office, more than $3 billion had been spent upgrading command, control and communications links. .c.:THE CHAIN OF COMMAND "On paper, the results were impressive. The officials designated as the chain of command in the event the President was disabled are tracked on a daily basis. The White House Communications Agency, together with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Pentagon, keeps computerized itineraries for the officials. Let me list the key players in line of succession: Vice President Dan Quayle Speaker of the House Thomas Foley President Pro Tempore of the Senate Robert Byrd Secretary of State James Baker III Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney Atty. Gen. Dick Thornburgh Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan, Jr. Agriculture Secretary Clayton Yeutter Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole Secretary of Health and Human Services Louis Sullivan Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jack Kemp Transportation Secretary Samuel Skinner Energy Secretary James Watkins Education Secretary Lauro Cavazos Secretary of Veterans Affairs Edward Dewinski And do you really think the spouses, i.e. Mr. Dole and Mrs. Kemp and extended family members would be excluded? (Thank you for your indulgence--Hatonn.) "Standing orders provide that, at any given time, one of the seventeen designated successors will be away from Washington. But intelligence sources say there have been more than a dozen occasions during the past seven years when all of the officials have been within two miles of each other in the capital. "According to a key COG plan, known as "Treetop", in the event of a nuclear attack, special teams equipped with war plans, military codes and other essential data would accompany each designated presidential successor to secret command posts around the country. The President, himself, would be whisked from the Oval Office by the White House's Crown Helio, a high-tech helicopter command post, to a National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP, called "kneecap"), a specially reconfigured Boeing 747 (how can you feel more secure than with a Boeing 747 these days?) jammed with telecommunications gear. Actually, there are four "kneecaps." One is always kept airborne; another is parked at Andrews Air Force Base, less than ten minutes from the White House by helicopter. Dharma, let us have a break please. Hatonn to stand-by. SALU COMMANDER GYEORGOS CERES HATONN INTERGALACTIC FEDERATION PLEIADES COMMAND, SECTOR 7251-3 TO STAND-BY FREQUENCY, OUT. .c.CHAPTER 7 REC #2 HATONN SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 1989 10:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 004 .c.:WHO GETS SAVED "Besides the President and the other officials designated as successors, the Pentagon has developed COG plans for evacuating forty-six key officials at any time of the day or night. These forty-six, named in the Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan, or JEEP, would be moved by helicopter to bunkers and command posts. Each has been issued a JEEP-1 identification card. Most of the JEEP-1 cardholders are military officers who work for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. An additional 248 JEEP-2 cardholders--disaster relief specialists, senior Pentagon officials and others--would be airlifted to bunkers and command posts but only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. An attack after business hours would mean JEEP-2 cardholders would have to get in their cars and drive to their designated locations. In all, more than l,000 political and military officials have been deemed important enough to the continued operations of government to warrant evacuations. "So odd is the business of planning for doomsday that nothing may be taken for granted. Thus, COG planners have assumed that the coordinates for Mount Weather and Raven Rock have already been entered into the targeting devices of the Soviet Union's long-range missiles. Because of this, there are other secret civilian and military bunkers. Specialists from FEMA and the Pentagon have divided the country into 10 different regions, among which there may be as many as 50 different 'fallout resistant' command-post bunkers, each linked with the others by satellite, ground-wave and high-frequency transmissions. Any one of these facilities is equipped to function as an emergency White House, coordinating the functions of a new, reconstituted government. Theoretically, any secret command bunkers could be used by the President or his successor during or after a nuclear strike, allowing COG planners to play the ultimate high-stakes shell game. The attacker could never be certain which bunker was the "right" one. "Like 'command and control,' secrecy and deception would also become watch-words of the COG planners. In its essence, during the heavy expenditures of the Reagan years, COG, or Project 908, which is one of its official titles, was a crash program designed to manufacture mobile and secure communications systems, establish the regional centers to which a government under attack could safely be relocated and replicate the most important government services, including allocation of food and medicine and coordination of disaster relief. Because it was so sensitive, the Reagan administration decided to remove much of the program from congressional oversight. EVEN MANY SENIOR PENTAGON OFFICIALS WERE UNAWARE OF ITS EXISTENCE. "For all the planning and money that went into the COG program, there have been some embarrassments. One plan called for placing new communications gear capable of withstanding the electronic pulses created by nuclear explosions into specially configured 18-wheel tractor-trailers. The first two prototype trucks were complete in 1984, but when they were dispatched on a test run in rural Virginia that fall, disaster struck. IN ONE INSTANCE, A ROAD BUCKLED UNDER THE TRUCK, WHICH WAS FAR HEAVIER THAN ORDINARY ROADBEDS CAN ACCOMMODATE. THE TRUCK SANK INTO THE PAVEMENT, IMMOBILIZED. THE OTHER TRUCK GOT WEDGED BENEATH A HIGHWAY OVERPASS. EVIDENTLY, SOMEONE HAD NEGLECTED TO CHECK CLEARANCE HEIGHTS FOR BRIDGES." (Hatonn is too embarrassed to even comment that you might miss all this.) "Some of the communications gear itself caused problems. Officials say THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS OF DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT AGENCIES HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER PROPERLY. COLLECTIVELY, THE SYSTEMS COST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DESIGN, BUILD AND INSTALL. Three years ago, intelligence officials say, it was discovered that five such systems could not communicate with one another at all. To rectify the problem, new 'interface modems' were designed, but intelligence officials say the modems have interfered with the systems' ability to send and receive information, in some cases by as much as 75 percent. In one instance, a missile-launch protocol (a detailed series of data needed to arm, fuse and launch a missile) took several seconds to transmit; the transmission is supposed to be almost instantaneous. In selected reports to Congress, military officials say, COG planners misrepresented the results of tests on the system. 'Congress was treated to a successful demonstration,' says one source, 'except the results were rigged'. At one briefing, in December, 1985, congressmen were told that the communications systems were 'operational', even though they were not capable of functioning properly at the time. "Problems with COG, which might have come to light eventually, surfaced when someone blew a whistle. In 1983, then Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and the Joint Chiefs of Staff assigned the Army the job of devising and maintaining the COG communications system under Project 908. The Army, in turn, assigned the job to its Information Systems Command, based at Fort Huachuca, Arizona." .c.:WHO GETS PAID "For help on Project 908, the Information Systems Command turned to a company based in Arlington, Va., the Betac Corporation. A consulting firm composed of former intelligence and communications specialists from the Pentagon, Betac was awarded a 'sole source' contract to devise and maintain security systems for parts of the COG communications system. The 'main basis for selecting the Betac Corporation for this contract effort,' according to an Army contracting document, 'was because no other company has its unique experience, business status and role in C31 architecture.' Internal Army documents indicate the value of Betac's Army contract in 1983 at $316,672. By 1985, it had risen to nearly $3 million. By 1988, Betac had multiple COG contracts worth $22 million. "A civilian intelligence officer responsible for security at the Informations Systems Command was curious about Betac, according to Army and congressional sources. Thomas Golden wanted to know whether regular Army personnel could supply the services Betac was being paid to provide. Golden would not talk with a U.S. News reporter. But military and congressional sources say he became curious after learning that a number of Army officials who had worked with Betac at Fort Huachuca and elsewhere were retiring from the Army and being hired back, under the auspices of Betac. As paid consultants to the Army, some were earning up to $400 a day. Seldom had the Pentagon's revolving door spun more quickly. Golden also discovered that Eugene Renzi, a colonel who was deputy chief of staff for operations at the Information Systems Command, had been a key player in the award of the Betac contract. Golden learned that Renzi's son was now working for Betac. "Pointing fingers at COG was a risky business. Gicola Thorndike, a senior Army contracting officer at Fort Huachuca, says she was forced out of the Army after demanding repeatedly to review the Betac contract. But Golden had authority to review parts of the contract." (Now, friends, does this look just a bit strange?) "In July of 1987, when investigators from the Army inspector general's staff came to Fort Huachuca asking questions about Betac, Golden talked. Under an offer of confidentiality. Golden told of his concerns about the Betac contract. Within weeks, Golden's comments had leaked back to Fort Huachuca." (But of course, why else stage the scenario?) .c.:UNANSWERED QUESTIONS "It was a bad sign. The Army's inspector general has enjoyed a strong reputation for integrity, but the Golden affair shot a huge hole through it. The Army IG began another investigation to determine who had leaked Golden's comments. But word of the new investigation quickly leaked, and before the investigators even left for Fort Huachuca, officials at the Information Systems Command had begun destroying documents. When the Army investigators arrived at Fort Huachuca, they were told the documents had been destroyed in compliance with 'routine classified-documents disposal' procedures. According to a copy of their report, the Army investigators concluded that Renzi had retaliated against Golden. But they found no other improprieties and recommended that the investigation be closed. Renzi received a reprimand. The affair was over. Or so it seemed. "But others besides Golden had begun raising questions about the COG program. Fred Westerman had worked for more than 20 years as an Army counter-intelligence officer before retiring to open his own consulting firm, Systems Evaluation, Inc. Documents show that his company was awarded a contract to provide security for COG facilities around the country. According to Westerman's attorney, Francis Mroz, Westerman discovered that his part of the COG program was riddled with security problems, such as inadequate alarms, faulty locks and flimsy doors. Mroz also says his client became concerned about 'waste and abuse,' such as payments for work not properly done. After Westerman proposed tighter controls, he says, the Army declined to renew his contract. He has sued the Army and FEMA for what he says are unreimbursed costs. In court papers, he has alleged that unidentified government agents have conducted a campaign of secret surveillance, break-ins at his office and wiretaps. His lawyer was a witness to one episode in which an alleged government agent kept watch on Westerman's movements. When the agent's license plate was traced, it was found to belong to a couple in Delaware, who knew nothing about the vehicle. A Justice Department attorney has since launched an investigation" (Now we know about the justice system, don't we?) "of Westerman to determine whether he committed any fraud in the COG program. In an extraordinary move, the government has also sought to classify Westerman's civil suit. "Congressional investigators eventually became aware of some of the concerns about COG, having heard complaints informally through contact in the Pentagon. Representative Les Aspin (D-Wis.), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, was especially perturbed by the Army's initial investigation into the COG program. In a report, Aspin's investigators concluded that the Army's inspector-general system was compromised. And in a stinging letter to Army Secretary John Marsh dated Oct. 24, 1988, Aspin said he was 'concerned about the objectivity and competence of the investigation.' Aspin wrote that the 'confidentiality of the investigation was breached almost immediately by the head of the inspector-general inspection team.' Aspin's investigators concluded that the Army had failed to exercise adequate oversight over the COG program. They also found that the sole-source contract to Betac should not have been allowed. Betac officials say they know of no investigation of any of their contracts. They declined to discuss the COG program because of its classified nature." .c.:COVER-UPS AND FAT CONTRACTS "For the Congress, the first long look into the COG program was not a heartening one. In response to Aspin's letter, the Army has reopened its investigation of the Army's inspector general and the COG program. Those familiar with this latest inquiry, and with the ongoing congressional inquiry, say intelligence officials are disturbed by what they describe as attempted cover-ups of wrongdoing, possible fraud and woefully inadequate oversight of multimillion-dollar contracts. Investigators have been told of double billing by some COG contractors to separate agencies of the Government for the same work. It was also learned that other contracts, valued at millions of dollars, were increased, some by as much as 50 percent, without input by any contract-oversight office or without any demonstration of need. Pentagon sources say the COG program has awarded contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to former military officials who worked on COG while they were in the Pentagon. `The program,' says a key official, referring to a troubled multibillion-dollar antitank weapons system that was scrapped by Congress, 'is another DIVAD.' Says another: 'It is a real mess.' "Things could get messier still. Subpoenas have been issued, and a grand jury continues to hear evidence. Congress is set to hold hearings this fall on the lack of oversight of classified, or 'BLACK'" (You see, dear ones, you have it again in their own words: BLACK PROGRAMS) "Pentagon programs like COG. For one of the nation's most secret national-security programs, the glare of publicity is bound to be embarrassing. That one of the nation's most important national-security programs was jeopardized by the very people in charge of it would be the most wounding development of all." I wish to acknowledge the reporter of this well done article: Steven Emerson. Now I want to quote a shorter insert article by Merrill McLoughlin in the same journal. .c.:FROM `DUCK AND COVER' TO `RUN LIKE HELL' "Perhaps the seeds of optimism were sown way back after the great flood, when Noah and his passengers trooped off the ark onto Mount Ararat, two by two, eager to get on with being fruitful and multiplying. It was then that God promised never again to 'destroy every living creature.' And ever since human beings have maintained a stubborn hope that it is possible to survive the worst. "Nothing has changed in the Nuclear Age. The first great fad, after the Soviets detonated their first A-bomb, was blast shelters--windowless, thick-walled buildings that might protect inhabitants if they didn't happen to be located precisely at ground zero. But such buildings were far too expensive to build, so federal officials launched a multimedia educational campaign. KNOW THE BOMB'S TRUE DANGERS blared the films and pamphlets. To avoid them, simply 'duck and cover.' Millions of schoolchildren spent untold hours ducking under desks and covering their head to the tune of air-raid sirens. "The trouble was that even the experts didn't know the bomb's true dangers. And as it became clear that the most acrobatic ducker wouldn't survive a thermonuclear blast, officials changed their advice from 'duck and cover" to 'run like hell' and tried to design evacuation plans. In the mid-1950's, scientists realized that even if you ran, you couldn't hide. The real danger of the bomb was a silent, invisible and highly mobile by-product called "fallout". By 1962, and the Cuban missile crisis, fallout shelters were the order of the day. Families stocked backyard bunkers with food, water and weapons. "The early 1980's brought the last great burst of civil-defense enthusiasm. Although his advisers never figured out just where he got his information, Ronald Reagan was convinced that the Soviet Union had invested in 'a great civil-defense program' and called for a matching American effort. Building shelters for all Americans would cost a budget-shattering $70 billion" (well, still cheaper than the S & L bailout) "or more. So federal officials concentrated instead on 'crisis relocations planning.' Once again, the planners designed evacuation measures. The private sector, too, pitched in. AT&T set up shelter for key executives. And in LaVerkin, Utah, a developer built 240 underground condos complete with outdoor scenes painted on the 'windows.' "For those without access to such facilities, Reagan's deputy Under Secretary of Defense, T.K. Jones, had some advice. 'Dig a hole, cover it with a couple of doors and then throw 3 feet of dirt on top. It's the dirt that does it. If there are enough shovels to go around, everybody's going to make it." Now, let us turn briefly to the military scenario for coping with doomsday: .c.:FIGHTING BACK AFTER AN ATTACK "The U.S. military has its own scenario to cope with doomsday. In a nuclear attack, the Pentagon would certainly be targeted, so plans have been laid for the nation's military elite to wage war from other places. There are secret bomb shelters and airborne command posts. The most likely underground bunker is located five miles north of Camp David in the Maryland hills. Its official name is the Alternate National Military Command Center, but it is known more commonly as Raven Rock or, simply Site R." (Now, surely no one in the enemy camp could pin point that location for missile attack--it is so thoroughly SECRET in location.) "Raven Rock is said to be able to withstand everything but a direct hit." (Well, no need to worry about that as obviously no one would be able to pin point five miles north of Camp David in the Maryland hills.) "The nation's war planners could stay there a long time, too. According to military documents, Raven Rock has a medical clinic, a barber shop and a dining hall. There is also a chapel, a laundry (self-service only), a racquetball court and a place to cash checks. "The President and top military leaders could take to the air, if need be, boarding one of four specially equipped Boeing 747's called National Emergency Airborne Command Posts (NEACP's) kept at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington. The NEACP's can stay airborne for 12 hours and travel up to 6,000 miles without refueling. They carry tons of communications equipment linked to a satellite network, as well as commercial telephone systems. "If the Strategic Air Command is unable to carry out its mission from its underground headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base outside Omaha, it, too, can take to the air. SAC maintains several four-engine jet aircraft code-named 'Looking Glass,' each of which can carry a 28 person airborne command staff--including intelligence, weather, logistics and battle specialists. These craft can remain aloft for more than 8 hours. One of the jets is kept airborne at all times." Reporter: Douglas Pasternak Well, there you have it--since it will only take Earth about 250 million years to recover from radiation contamination--who knows if those 747's can stay airborne long enough--well, perhaps if the hydraulics don't fail and they don't need refueling. Rest well tonight, brothers, knowing that you are in capable hands! Another respite, Dharma, as I don't know how your brothers feel but you are turning green, chela. Someone is apt to guess you are one of those little green men from Mars with antennae and bug eyes. So be it, Hatonn to stand-by. SALU .c.CHAPTER 8 REC #3 HATONN SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 1989 6:00 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 004 Dharma, thank you for spending a bit more time with me this day. Hatonn present to continue. I will not keep you very long for the final session of this day. But, what I do have to share with you is most important. I have given you information of high security nature that you might realize on your place that you are in changing times, which have you locked into a path of non-revolution. I would hope that I have made some positive changes in attitude as to the presence of extraterrestrial visitors to your place and what the purpose of each is. .c.:SETTING SOME OF THE RECORD STRAIGHT I am going to take this opportunity to give some credit and set a few errors straight. The contacts from Pleiadian craft and commanders to Billy Eduard Meier in Switzerland are valid and you ones had better start paying attention. Earth man has a miserable nature and destroys anything he does not understand. Well, you are through destroying our people who are on your place to bring you Truth and some degree of knowledge. Billy Meier had nothing to gain and absolutely everything to lose to bring our contacts and lessons forth to the public. My Commanders of Pleiades came gently and willingly to your place to assist you and you harass and discount them. I believe that I have given you enough information of top secret material to prove to you that there has been a massive cover-up of space contacts. We have offered assistance to your planet and you have mocked and denied. The records shall be set to correct, little Earth brothers. We are going to begin with Billy Meier. He is an honorable man who was willing to share and you as a people have all but destroyed him. The rewards shall be reaped by those ones who perpetrate such pain and ridicule upon a brother. You shall wish you had listened. Now, therefore, I shall set a few more records to straight: William Moore, Jaimie Shandera, Stanton Friedman and Brad Stieger do not tell truth to you ones. All--without exception--"UFO" groups have been infiltrated and are cover-up, fear-spreading and worthless organizations. Other ones within the group community are equally as ill informed and foolish. Most are deliberate set-ups for the very purpose of debunking anything worth while. .c.:ANDRUS EXPOSED Mutual UFO Network director Walt Andrus wrote, in 1980, in the MUFON UFO Journal that the photo book produced by the Intercep group "is an outright fraud perpetrated upon the public for financial gain." He added: "A U.S. investigation had identified a balloon in several of the photographs that supports the model on a string while Billy Meier, with one arm operating his camera, moves through several different angles." Andrus lamented even mentioning the photo journal in his group's publication. "However," he wrote, "it is imperative that such opportunists be exposed." THANK YOU MR. ANDRUS--I HEREBY EXPOSE YOU AS AN ILL INFORMED, BOGUS, SELF IMPORTANT AND SELF-PROCLAIMED EXPERT WITH NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER! SO BE IT; I CONFRONT YOU AS A MAN WHO LIES. I, COMMANDER HATONN WAS PRESENT ON THE CRAFT PHOTOGRAPHED AND YOU ARE A BUFFOON OF THE EXPERT CLASS. YOU ARE AN OPPORTUNIST WHO TOUTS LIES FOR PROFIT AND ARE HEREBY EXPOSED. .c.:GEORGE EARLY DENOUNCED Mr. George Earley did a book review in Fate magazine in 1980 and concluded: "I think this book is nonsense--handsomely packaged, to be sure, but nonsense all the same." He later wrote in a spring 1981 edition of a UFO newsletter called Saucer Smear that what Stevens (Colonel Wendelle) offered as proof was "cheap twaddle." The book, by the way, is UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES, VOLUME I I, COMMANDER HATONN OF PLEIADES, DO HEREBY DENOUNCE YOU, George Earley, AS FILLED WITH NONSENSE, NOT SO HANDSOMELY PACKAGED AND COMPLETELY OVERFLOWING WITH CHEAP TWADDLE. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA OF THAT WHICH YOU SAY. YOU ARE ILL INFORMED AND HAVE BLUNDERED MOST SEVERELY. .c.:LORENZEN CONFUSED Jim Lorenzen, who has had great exposure to the evidence, told the audience in San Diego at UFO '79, at the APRO convention: "My present disposition is that the Meier case is a hoax." At least at that time he gave enough honor to grant that he just couldn't explain some of the evidence. Which side would you think him to be on currently? Well, he got worse in the APRO Bulletin. .c.:KORFF WILL EAT CROW Kal Korff, you have besmirched Mr. Meier in a most cruel and humiliating manner and I trust you like the flavor of "crow" for you are going to end up chewing a lot of it. You have called the Meier case "THE MOST INFAMOUS HOAX IN UFOLOGY." This same phrase has been sprinkled through journals, media documentaries, and from the stages of every UFO gathering since. You are among those who spread terror and false stories about your space brothers and it shall not be longer tolerated. All of you who lie will be exposed--very, very soon. Worse, all of you know not one twiddle about it. Not one single thing--you get up and spout false gibberish and know absolutely zero about it. No respectable space entity would touch you ones that I have just named, much less give you direct contact information. .c.:FRIEDMAN PART OF CONSPIRACY I SENT ONE OF MY PLEIADIAN CONTACTS TO A SO-CALLED SEMINAR WHERE MR. FRIEDMAN WAS A SPEAKER. AFTER THE "SHOW" MY CONTACT APPROACHED HIM AND ASKED HIM ABOUT BILLY EDUARD MEIER. MR. FRIEDMAN STATED IT WAS THE WORST HOAX EVER PERPETRATED UPON THE PEOPLE. SO BE IT--I NOTE THAT IN EVERY DOCUMENTARY PRESENTED ANYWHERE, ANY TIME--THEY ARE BILLY MEIER'S PICTURES YOU SCATTER ALL OVER YOUR SCREENS AND ACCEPT ACCOLADES FOR YOUR BRILLIANCE. I DENOUNCE YOU ONES AS MEMBERS OF THE LARGEST COVER-UP CONSPIRACY KNOWN TO MANKIND AND IT IS VERY COSTLY TO YOUR FELLOW MAN. You ones ask for proof, proof, proof--you get it spread all over you and you do not see. IT IS NOT FOR THE REASON OF THE UFO CONTENT THAT BILLY MEIER IS CURSED--THIS IS TO THE WORLD--IT IS BECAUSE HE HAD ACCESS AND DARED TO SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CREATION, GOD AND JMMANUEL--THE ONE YOU ERRONEOUSLY CALL JESUS. JESUS IS A GREEK WORD FOR THE ANOINTED ONE AND IMMANUEL WAS GIVEN THAT LABEL BY PAUL (SAUL OF TARSUS) LONG AFTER IMMANUEL WAS GONE. .c.:BILLY MEIER WILL BE HONORED MY PROMISE TO BELOVED BILLY EDUARD MEIER IS THAT JUST AS WITH JUDAS ISCARIOTH, YOUR NAME SHALL BE CLEARED AND WRITTEN IN HONOR ON THE BOOKS OF TRANSITION. SO BE IT. THE RETURNING IMMANUEL, NOW KNOWN IN HIS FULFILLED INHERITANCE AS SANANDA, TRAVELS WITH MYSELF, ATON OF LIGHT--(YOU ONES MIGHT DO WELL TO INVESTIGATE WHO THAT MIGHT BE). WE ARE MAKING FINAL PREPARATIONS FOR OUR APPEARANCE IN SUCH MANNER YE SHALL NOT BE OVERLOOKING OUR PRESENCE. THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME ONES OF YOU WHO WILL MOST SURELY WISH YOU HAD THROWN NO STONES. YOU ARE SELLING A SPECIES OF HUMANKIND DOWN THE TUBES IN YOUR LIES AND FALSE TEACHINGS. THE ONES FOR WHOM YOU WORK AND SERVE IN YOUR EGO FALSE ATTITUDES WILL CAST YOU ASIDE LIKE CHAFF IN THE WIND WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER OF VALUE--COUNT ON IT FOR THAT IS THE WAY THE DARK BROTHERHOOD WORKS. YE ONES WHO THINK YOURSELVES WISE ARE IN NO WISE WISE; YOU ARE FILLED WITH FOOLISHNESS. LET US CLOSE THIS SEGMENT, DHARMA, FOR IT IS LATE AND WE HAVE WORKED LONG. I CHERISH YOUR WILLINGNESS, CHELA, AND I WRAP YOU IN MY WINGS THAT YOU BE AT PEACE. YOU ONES OF TRUTH CARRY A VERY HEAVY EARTH LOAD BUT IT DOES NOT GO UNHEEDED FROM MINE REALMS. .c.:THE SEALS I PLACE MINE SEAL, AND THE SEAL OF SANANDA, UPON THESE WRITINGS OF TRUTH. THEY SHALL NOT BE CAST ASIDE. HEED MY WARNING CAREFULLY FOR THY TIME IS VERY SHORT UPON EARTH ORB. SO BE IT FOR AS I HAVE PRONOUNCED IT, SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS IN YOUR GENERATION UPON THIS PLANET. THY DAYS OF REVELATIONS OF THE PROPHECIES ARE UPON YOU. I AM THAT I AM--I AM ATON .c.APPENDIX I .c.:THE "GREY MEN" TAPE This is an edited transcription of a lecture taped April 23, 1988. The information is valid and, if anything, more easily recognized today--Hatonn. I will be utiliziing this information again when I speak of economics, but for now, I will modify from the audio tape to save time and repetition. Let us call the group which has elaborate, and successful, plans to rule your nation and your world, the Internationalists. When I refer to the Internationalists I am referring to a very elite group of about twelve to thirteen "families". These "families" hold your "purse strings"--the zipper and lock, to all the bags of money in your world. Sound impossible? Nay, it is not only possible, it is extremely easy to visualize after I have explained it to you. As I move along, I will give you some names and places whereby you can check it out on an individual basis. I wish never to place any human at risk, however, so in all instances I will only refer to those already having come forth with "public" statements or information. I will also have to explain a few terms used to have any sense of continuity. Therefore, as we move along, forgive me of any digression in attempt to give definition, i.e., "fractional banking". First, you must fully come into understanding that there truly ARE the elite few, with plans well foundationed and functioning, who control both the world financial markets and ultimately will control all peoples of the world. Do not err in your thoughts by thinking I am speaking of "someone else in the world", I speak more for the United States of America than I do of the remainder of your world. As I pull portions of the puzzle together for this document I shall again be referring to such groups as The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderbergers. Forgive me if I am repetitious. I may need to be repetitious in order to fit the pieces in proper perspective. You must know that there are certain families (literally) that control the hard currency. The countries wherein these families abide are known as hard currency countries. These thirteen families have control of the policy making and the decision making of the central banks of those countries. They are owners, these families, of the majority of the stock of the regional banks of the Federal Reserve System. "Federal Reserve" would indicate to the more uninformed, that this is a Federal Governmental Branch. This is untrue, the Federal Reserve System is NOT a branch of your federal government. Just as these families control the regional banks of the Federal Reserve System, they also control the currencies that are not allowed to fluctuate. Note here that the American dollar is the standard against which all other currency is measured. All other nations are affected according to the changing values of the dollar. Not only do these families control the currencies, but they likewise control the banks. This, friends, is in all the leading nations of your world. For ease of understanding, let us just consider the industrialized nations at this point. I will also need to explain fractional banking to you, because without understanding the lending system you cannot get the picture properly. All of the banks under control of these families practice fractional banking--and beyond--(sometimes there is no hard money present at all). But, let us explain by example on a personal level. This is actually referred to as fractional "reserve" banking. Lenders are allowed to loan a maximum of up to 20 to one. This is perfectly legal, practiced by every lending institution in America and elsewhere. Example: Mr. A goes to his friendly banker, Mr. B, and deposits one thousand dollars ($1,000) into Mr. B's bank. Mr. B's bank is a Savings and Loan so Mr. A puts the $1,000 into his own savings account. The Savings and Loan is required by your laws, to keep only 5% in reserve. They are allowed to loan out 95% of the money invested or 95% of that which is placed into savings accounts. This means of $1,000 there is $950 which is available to be loaned out. In turn the Savings and Loan takes the $950 and loans it to Mr. C to do some home repairs, let us say. This gentleman takes his borrowed $950 and goes to the local hardware/lumber company and purchases supplies, lumber, nails etc. The lumber company carries on regular banking and therefore, he goes to his bank with the $950 for deposit, to Bank D. Bank D is now required to keep 5% but can loan out 95% which would be $902.50. Bank D now loans that to Mr. X who in turn filters it back into the economy, let us suppose, through the grocery store and other business stores. He spends it and now we are going to have that money end up in the Bank Z. Bank Z is required to keep 5%. That means that Bank Z can loan out $857.37. It is again loaned and filterd back into the economy. This is continued right down to zero. With your $1,000 deposit those bankers using fractional reserve banking are now allowed to loan out $20,229.60. This is practiced by EVERY lending institution in America and elsewhere. The amounts above do not include "interest" on the money borrowed, only the principal amount. You must now keep it in mind that this results in an increase in the money supply through the Federal Reserve System. Your "big boys" simply turn up the speed of your money presses and run them a little faster and faster in order to pump more into the economy just to boost up the fractional reserve banking. Let me remind you to keep in mind that the thirteen families control all of the hard currencies of the world and are allowed to practice this fractional reserve banking--this will be important as we move along. We will now talk about something referred to, on your planet, as "System 2000", which is a Global Creditors Unilateral plan. This plan went into effect somewhere about the early 1970's. At that time a Pentagon official and several other officials visited Nigeria. They went to the Prime Minister and they paid him fifty million dollars ($50 million) to raise the price of his oil to more than double. Nigerian oil is "light crude" of quality such as it is almost pure enough to burn immediately, without distillation, in automobiles. This type of oil sets the price of oil for the entire world. The $50 million was cash across the board with no repayment requirements if Nigeria would double the price of light crude. We will refer to this as light oil. There are only two locations in the world that have this light oil and, of course, it is the most valuable oil in your world, therefore, it is the standard against which all other oil in the world is measured. So, whoever controlled the price of the light oil at that time controlled the price of all of the oil in the world. At this point, let us bring the Arabs into this scenario. This will also bring in the Trilateral Commission--that also includes Mr. Bush. It was now time to bring pressure and persuasion to OPEC. What most of you Americans do not remember is that the United States of America IS A MEMBER OF OPEC. It is kept most low profile. At that time a "deal was cut" with the Middle Eastern Oil Producers and this is how it went; all buyers were prepared to pay significantly higher prices for the oil--PROVIDED--all Middle Eastern nations supported the United States of America, BY INVESTING THE REVENUES INTO THE BIG BANKS IN AMERICA. To make this picture clear, you must remember that the Arabs, who are wealthy sheiks today, had been wandering around on camel-back in a very big desert. They were nomads and they were certainly most unsophisticated in business affairs. Years earlier when the international bankers found out there was oil in their countries, they went forth and persuaded the Arabs to allow them to produce the oil by financing the oil fields, drilling, rigging--all supplies including expertise. After the bankers financed the oil fields they then charged the Arabs usury fees for building the oil supply systems--along with refineries. The usury was quickly repaid because the Arabs became very rich, very quickly. (Way back then you were only paying about 30 cents per gallon in your gasoline stations). Let us now take it further, you go to Nigeria and pay them to double the price of light crude. Unbeknownst to the Arabs, those ones who had become wealthy overnight and didn't know zero about business, much less international finance; the camel nomads; you call them together and say, "We will take the price of crude just as high as you want it to go--IF--you will deposit an established portion of the funds that you get from this NEW PROFIT RISE IN 30-YEAR TIME CERTIFICATES IN CERTAIN MAJOR U.S. BANKS. Perhaps you ones can now understand the problems you experienced in your early 1970's. Remember the gas lines and the prices of oil skyrocketing? It was because the international bankers, who hold the purses of the world, knew that the increase in the price of oil that was going to the Arabs would come rushing right back to their bank in 30-year time certificates of deposit. Turn now to the 30-year time deposits and let us examine the banker's plans. Back in the late 70's and early 80's Sheik Ymani and his bunch had no idea that there was a connection between those banks, or that they were the same people that had the controlling interest of the major oil companies. Do you see what has been woven here? After all, how could the camel riding nomads realize the international bankers were "having them" hook, line and up to the fishing pole? How could they possibly know that what was happening through these oil companies, was that the monies were being cycled right back into the selected, no exceptions, banking system? They couldn't and they didn't! Going a long ways back now, in the 1870's the Rockefellers set up something called a Joint Stock Trust. Here I will add, this was just a brief period of time before the American Government declared these trusts illegal. BUT, YOU SEE, THESE ONES COULD FUNCTION FOREVER UNDER WHAT YOU CALL A "GRANDFATHER" CLAUSE. THAT, BROTHERS, IS THE ULTIMATE CONTROLLING FACTOR IN AMERICA OF THE PRIME BANKS AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. That "trust" is in the control of the Rockefeller Foundation, and in turn controls the Federal Reserve Bank and is the method whereby the Internationalists are able to gain control of the currency of the U.S.A. Does it begin to become reasonable that those New York banks are showing all-time record earnings? Yet, all around the rest of your country of the U.S., banks and Savings and Loans are going broke and failing. THAT, FRIENDS, MEANS YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED RIGHT ALONG WITH THE ARABS AND EQUALLY AS BLINDLY--WITH NO RECOURSE. Let us come back now, and speak of the deal which "was cut" (your ones in power love that term) with the Saudi Arabians and ones of the Middle East. These ones were required to put their money into the prime banks; keep in mind that they did not know that the prime banks were able to lend in amounts of twenty to one. (20 to 1 was quite a while ago, it is higher at present). All they were receiving was the interest on the money they had deposited. Worse for them, in some of these countries it is unacceptable to receive interest for religious reasons so they might wait thirty years to get any money from their certificates of deposit. In other words, they did not know that this fractional type of banking could be done, but through this, the bankers of the world were able to gain control of the money of the Arab world, and in turn, the Arab world only received back part of the interest from the money that they placed into the International Banking System---UNDER THESE 30 YEAR TIME DEPOSIT CERTIFICATES. Through the money gained from the Arabs through the manipulation of the price of oil, and taking the price of gasoline from, let us say, 30 cents a gallon to $1.25 a gallon--there is a lot of money being made. Now, with that money returning into the international banks at 20 to 1, I think you can see the staggering profits. Let us face facts, friends, that money originally came from YOU. Because the bankers had locked in the deposits they were then, in turn, able to make loans to third world nations. Think back fifteen or twenty years ago when the International Bankers started investing in third world country loans. Look very closely at the countries which are going bankrupt (completely broke) today. It was fully intended that those countries go broke and I will explain that in a little bit. You might wonder how I know so much. Well, I have the best computer system in the universe and all I have to do is key it up and it is spread out before me. My computers rarely reflect errors; only changes in "probabilities" and perturbations in human action and reactions. I am sorry, friends, your friendly bankers set it up deliberately so that the third world countries would go broke. You have to pay attention to history and look back to the time when those third world countries were beginning to gain independence and setting up independent governments. It was at such times that these bankers loaned the upstarts great sums of money which actually had come to them through the Arabs, basically. The international bankers not only wanted, but insured, that these borrowing countries would misuse the fundings. It was fully intended that those countries would go broke. It was prearranged that the funds could be mismanaged through greed and simply be squandered. You must remember that the leaders of these countries had never governed anything or anybody. They knew nothing about government. They had been colonies under the governorship of other larger countries. The international bankers knew that the leaders were bound to squander the funds. It was known they would have no way to know what to do with them (and they were massive) and so the cycle goes. They were actually squandering money taken from you through the Arabs through high oil prices, etc. Let us now follow it on through. I will hereby digress to a story from Dharma's Earth home state--Texas--most of you have heard of it. Let us go back some years (not too many) to jog some memories. Do you remember someone named John Connelly, who was governor of Texas? Do you recall that he was also in the vehicle and was injured during John Kennedy's assassination? Well, Mr. Connelly was also Under Secretary of the Treasury--he was a lot of things and titles. These ones with Mr. Connelly did a most fascinating thing--they planned to implement a new currency for the State of Texas. You see, Texas is a part of the Union only through a renewable "treaty". The treaty is automatically renewed every year, but it isn't necessary that it be renewed. That means, friends, that the U.S. only has a treaty with Texas to keep it in the union of states. It was not voted in as were your other states. Texas was at one time--I believe your term might be "filthy rich". The state was wealthy and there were many very, very wealthy individuals. Rich individuals such as the Hunt brothers, who actually had nothing originally, but became extremely wealthy, overnight, by OIL. That was all the way back when oil was first struck and became so very popular. I am truly going to tie all this together but you must bear with me for there are so many facets. I must make it clear what I am going to say. I will explain to you why, if you don't already know, it was so very important to ones of "the opposition", and why there was an assassination attempt against Mr. Connelly's life as well as Kennedy's. Why are those men "broken" today and in a state of severe financial trouble? It is because the Internationalists learned of what the Hunt brothers and Mr. Connelly were trying to do. Texas, a state by treaty, can legally secede from your union. The Hunt brothers and Mr. Connelly knew that Texas had the ability to set up their own country and have their own currency. That is why they could be solvent and not be under the dictates of the Federal Reserve System. Or, simply stated, under the control of the international bankers. At about the same time they were in the process of gaining a corner on the silver of the world. This was in order to finance a process whereby they could overcome the international bankers and it was at that point the Hunt brothers were smashed. John Connelly was almost killed, and Texas, which could have been the only state in the union to fulfill breaking out of the trap, has been punished with some extremely major problems. Today, portions of Dallas and Fort Worth, Houston and other wealthy, wealthy cities have gone on to resemble ghost towns in your Old West. Ones who had grown rich in the oil industry have been severely punished, the Hunts and Connelly are bankrupt. The Internationalists became so incensed, so angry, at what these Texans had done that they broke the back of the oil industry, and the major oil producers of Texas. It was a well designed plan and executed in perfection. When ones attempt to interfere with the plans of the international bankers, you can see what the results can be. The Hunt brothers were working directly with the Shah of Iran, on the above plan. Immediately thereafter one of the Texas bankers was killed, the Shah of Iran was deposed, and the Hunt brothers were forced into bankruptcy. There are many ways the international bankers can get revenge on ones who attempt interference with their overall plan; through murder, or you might well be placed into a mental institution and locked away permanently, or you can have trumped-up charges brought against you whereby you are locked away indefinitely in prison. This latter has also happened to numerous ones in the "UFO" investigation circles who find and bring forth truth. It is exactly what happened to Colonel Wendelle Stevens. Colonel Stevens probably has investigated more UFO incidents than any other one individual. Further, an assassination plot was arranged and attempted while Colonel Stevens was incarcerated. Strangely, the perpetrator, who dressed as a religious leader, was caught in the act, turned over to the FBI, and has never been heard from again. So be it. If you will recall, the Shah of Iran was in perfect health when he was deposed and departed Iran. He was only declared to be sick after he reached the United States. You were told he was being held in "protective" custody at a military base. There, you were also told, he was being treated for his illness---which was not present at the time of his arrival. He died anyway, didn't he? Face it--his death was planned and the murder executed. In your present months there is an international uproar over the use of chemical and germ warfare utilized by Iran and Iraq. Some of the viruses cannot be traced--nor, in such above instances, would anyone dare to pursue it. Who would question a man becoming ill, being treated and then expiring unexpectedly? Certainly no one in the United States would question it. It was uncomfortable enough just having the man in your country. Death can most effectively be brought about in any number of non-traceable ways; one of which is through micro-dots and variations of vibration frequencies, as well as through viruses. (This is exactly what happened to Dharma, in her own dwelling--causing cardiac arrest. We just happen to have her under constant monitoring for she is a receiver of several of us in this higher frequency dimension; therefore, we can catch these attempts and can counter them. Doesn't do much for the mental relaxation of the victim, however.) You can get verification of these little stories from Senator John Hansen of your own government. I am going to speak of Iran and your people who were taken hostage. I doubt many of you have heard the truth of the matter. Senator Hansen was in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. He knew what was happening in Iran and requested permission to go to Iran and investigate. Congress refused. Mr. Hansen then purchased his own private airline ticket and proceeded to Iran anyway. When Senator Hansen arrived, the one Khomeini proffered an audience. Guess what the Khomeini said? He said, "We don't want these hostages, certainly not any more than you want us to have them. As a matter of fact," Khomeini continued, "I'd like to give you these hostages, at least half of them anyway, and you can take them home with you tomorrow morning. That is, Mr. Hansen, if you will promise to begin an investigation into the relationship between the Shah of Iran, Chase Manhattan Bank, Mr. Henry Kissinger and your President Carter." At this point, Senator Hansen was most delighted. He rushed to call back to the U.S. to someone who could give authorization and said, "Hey, I can bring half of the hostages home tomorrow. How shall I arrange it?" The person on the other end of the line said, "Well, I will call you back tomorrow and let you know." Now please guess what happened on the following morning? When the call was placed back to Mr. Hansen, he was told the following, "Get yourself on the next airplane coming to America. Come home immediately. Do not bring hostages. Do not do any negotiating. You have no right to speak on the part of the Congress of the United States of America even if you are a congressman. Get home immediately with no further discourse." Here is what he found upon his return to Washington--that the incident was entered into the Congressional Record. Further, he found that President Carter knew the hostages were going to be taken and further--knew that they were there for a reason and he was not to interfere. Now, you ones get yourself ready for a bomb if you have not already had access to this expose'. The release of the hostages in Iran was negotiated by a negotiator of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, U.S.A. All outside overt and covert attempts to gain release was a facade. Ask any marine who was involved in the military efforts thereof. Is it really any wonder to you ones that Iran is all ticked off at you today? Those hostages, and America, were held in terror while bankers got the Shah's money safely into their banks before the Shah was killed and then, in turn, got much of the money belonging to Iran. A pretty wicked way to get Iran's money into the Chase Manhattan Bank so it could remain solvent and be one of the wealthiest institutions in the entire world. The international banks formed bank "holding companies" so that they could not be held responsible. The Chase Manhattan, Chemical Bank and J.P. Morgan's bank were the predominant banks for money deposited by the Arabs. The holding companies were formed in order to loan out money to the third world countries while knowing full well that the third world countries were going to go broke. After the Shah had been destroyed and the money was safely in the banks, there were massive amounts of money loaned to third world countries. These notes were shifted from the banks to the bank holding companies in anticipation of the eventual bankruptcy of the borrowing countries. One holding company was for the purpose of loaning money to the third world countries. The purpose of the second holding company was to borrow money from the international bank in order to purchase agricultural lands. That means your farms and also certain corporations in the United States. The farms and businesses will probably continue to make some money, but the third world countries are designated to go down. This is ongoing, dear ones, not a passing fancy. Here things began to happen rapidly and with sleight of hand. There have followed myriads of liquidations, foreclosures and bankruptcies which were effected by the FDIC and FSLIC, which are under the total control of the Federal Reserve Board. Literally dozens of banks all over America quickly were, and are, being bought up. But the big question is by whom? Who has the money in sufficient amounts to make such purchases? Further, where could such sums of money originate? The great sums come from the higher oil price money that goes to the Arabs, then deposited into the international bankers' banks. The banks being purchased are then intentionally closed. Some of those banks are still solvent. They are also buying up farm land throughout America through the farmers who are now being put into bankruptcy because of the high American dollar (in relationship to foreign currency). At least this is the way it was up to a year or so ago--it is fluctuating somewhat at the present time for other heinous things are under way which are the next step in the plan. I shall not go into those things in this document for I intend to do a document relative to your economies. First, let us consider what is happening now and has been, for your past few years--a lot of things are being done now through the Oriental communities. Ah so? We are going to now consider currency on a world basis. We will also point out why some of the monetary plans and money making formats are valid and viable. Let us speak a bit about Mr. Marcos, who was recently deposed from the Philippines. This is most typical, friends, so watch the hands closely. A representative of the international bankers' bank went to those ones and said, "Mr. Marcos, we will note all your loans and offer you alternatives. We will forgive all of your loans. You cannot pay them back; you cannot pay back the interest, you can't pay back the principle, but, we would like to make you a bargain. We will just forgive the loans." Digress time: remember, who did that money belong to that they loaned out to these third world places? It was not the bankers'. Well, of course, it was that Arab money, because of the higher prices that the people all over the world had paid. So, back to what the bankers say, "We'll just forgive your loans, the principal and the interest and you never have to pay it back--IF (ALWAYS THE IF!). The "if" goes about as follows: You have to do away with your national currency, whatever it is. The dollar will be your currency basis of value. You will be set up with a type of debit card system instead of the usual currency system. Then, too, you must give us perpetual rights to all of the natural resources in your country. Interestingly enough, it was right after that little gift gesture, that friendly little suggestion, that Mr. Marcos was deposed. Why do you suppose that happened? Well, Mr. Marcos was pretty fiesty and he told the international bankers where they could go right after they got immediately out of his country. He had no intention of giving them sovereignty over his country, and look what happened. Everyone in that country found that suddenly their social security number was synonymous with their credit number; further, their central bank was to act as a wholesaler for credit, which in turn, was extended to it by the new super bank which was announced by your Mr. Paul Volcker in the fall of 1985. That was ratified immediately by President Reagan. Just a fun aside for you who love to play with numbers and speculate about coincidence--the names and numbers, the digits, added up to six. Lots of things around Mr. Reagan add up to sixes--even his retirement home address. I take very little stock in these things, but many of you seem to like the game. Also, because a President is not re-elected does not mean he is vanquished from the fray. A further contingent condition of the benevolent gift, if you will, of the International Monetary Fund, was that in order to help the economy of those countries the IMF was going to nominate external, nondomestic corporations to properly engineer, exploit and excavate the minerals of those said countries who had just put those same mineral resources up as collateral. This would all, thereby, supposedly bring prosperity to those striving nations. Mr. Marcos was a bit sharper up front, however, and he pinpointed on the word PERPETUAL in the contract. He realized that quite obviously he would be signing away the sovereignty of his nation. I make no comment or judgment regarding Mr. Marcos as a person, nor do I make comment about any individual--those ones are of human format, not mine. I am just telling you the way it is and how some things happened. In the case of the Marcoses, it was only a matter of weeks before the bankers brought down the guillotine blade. Riots were financed by, and originated through, ones of the international bankers' groups. It is never humanly wise to cross these ones; you see, Mr. and Mrs. Marcos were exploiting the people well enough on their own and did not wish to share. Ah, let us not forget those holding companies of which I spoke. Remember holding companies one and holding companies two? The second group was receiving credit from the first group of holding companies to purchase assets and liabilities from the "prime" banks. The only liabilities they would purchase were liabilities represented by Certificates of Deposits of the Arab nations. The assets they were buying were loans made to the debtor nations. Remember, it was designed that third world countries would default on the loans which would bankrupt the holding companies which had purchased the Arab's CD's from the banks. At such a point, the international bankers say to the Arabs, "OK fellows, sorry, but all those billions of dollars in 30 year term deposits that you have been depositing all these years are gone. They were sold to a holding company, unattached to us, which loaned the money to third world countries which are bankrupt--broke--gone kaput. Sorry Mr. Arab, but as of today you are bankrupt. Just like that--all gone!" You might ask, "Is it possible for the Arab world to go bankrupt? Really now, the richest people in the world with all that oil?" It is a little bit shocking isn't it? Poor souls, they didn't even know those CD's had been "sold" to those holding companies. They had deposited the money right into the New York bank as required. How could they possibly know they were transferred out and into bankruptcy destined companies? How could they understand the inner manipulations of international financiers? They were nomads, they didn't know anything about business. One cannot even consider them foolish. How much of this intrigue do you know, much less understand? The Arabs could not know what they were up against. But now let us look at what has happened. Before the end of 1986 the Arab world became a bit aware of what was happening to them. The word went out that before May lst, 1987, millions and millions had to be transferred out of the Arab world into America, to start preparing for doomsday. Money was to be shifted into any kind of securities that were even half way decent. Why do you think this was so? It was so that when the Arab sheiks came to the point of bankruptcy they could be sure the people under them, those millions of people of the Arab countries who have literally been "kept" by give-away programs, could not get at them. They would have a place to run to and, hopefully, hide. Well, when this all comes down that these Arab countries have literally been sold out, innocently or knowingly, there will be uprisings, turmoil and literally, massacres abounding. It is going to happen, friends, right in the Arab nations. This is why they have purchased, and set in place, silkworm type missiles from China. Long range, nuclear capable, and they have the nuclear devices to arm them. Could it be they will be needed against their own peoples? The people are going to be quite irritated when they are no longer receiving anything from the oil revenues, that their own country is bankrupt and that further, they were sold out by their own leaders. At that point there will be mass migration of sheiks headed for America where they have already transferred the most of their assets. The Arabs were trying to make the big purchases by May of 1988; it is now a year and a half later. Do you not think things might be starting to come down pretty soon? Could it be relatively correlated in timing to Savings and Loan problems and private pension plan troubles and failing economy and--and -? I continue to see problems as I look upon my scanners. The probability of you making it into your 1990 before a major depression is not reflected there. I see no way for you to make it past your fall season. You only need a couple more countries to default and your monetary system will collapse. You sit on the target for several methods of pulling you down into collapse. Well, back to the original story. We are talking of holding companies in trouble. The international bankers have removed responsibility from themselves. They passed the notes, etc., on to the holding companies, who in turn made the bad loans. All that money belonging to the Arabs has been passed on into the holding companies. All the international bankers have to do is say to the Arabs, "You are broke. As of today--all gone!" When the Arabs demand payment of the 30 year term notes, the holding companies are insolvent--simple as that, no funds--broke. Do you see now, that this group "made" people some years back and now they can "break" them with equal speed and efficiency without being accountable? I fear, friends, it is not very different from what is being done unto you dear ones. * * * * * * * but, that is another story. What happens next after this point in insolvency and negotiations, is that the assets would have to be liquidated. The Arabs now have to liquidate. They bought farm land, for instance, all over America. Likewise, they bought stocks in a lot of corporations as well as a lot of bonds and some other kinds of real estate. In fact, they have controlled a large portion of the New York Stock Exchange. Keep in mind the Japanese control a large portion, also. Let us look at the morning following the notice of bankruptcy. The Arabs will dump their stocks onto the New York Stock Exchange and what is going to happen when billions of dollars worth of their stock comes on the market? I am talking billions and billions of dollars and, suddenly, there it all is to be sold! What happens to farm land that is already depressed? In 1987 prime farmland that had been worth $3,000 an acre was less than $700 per acre because of deflation and the inability to repay farm loans. Now you have added drought and all sorts of other bad dreams. By the way, this deflation was brought about by your Federal Reserve System. Well, the Arabs don't want that farmland, they have all the problems they can handle. What happens to the price of the farmland? It is going right to the floor, isn't it? Brothers, when that happens with the value, what does it mean? It means it has no collateral value any longer. With no collateral value, how can a farmer borrow money next year for his crops? In turn, what happens to the crops? Who is going to feed the people? What is going to happen in the grocery markets? The results, of course, equates to hunger and scarce supply. Sad, brothers, but it is a well laid out plan working to perfection. It all boils down to CONTROL and how do you ever recover. Further, let us look at your stock situation. What is going to happen when these multitudes of stocks are dumped on the stock market? Chaos. What will be the result of catastrophic chaos? IT HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO THROW THE AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGES, PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, PRIVATE BUSINESS, AMERICAN REAL ESTATE AND QUITE FRANKLY, THE PEOPLE IN GENERAL, INTO A STATE OF TOTAL CONFUSION. Let me finish the plan for you. At the time of total confusion and inability to function, those benevolent bankers are going to come through with a "save the world proposal". They are going to be prepared to eliminate cash because of its collapse. Secondarily, they must then stop drug trafficking. Then, they must also push to stop tax cheating. Now, what self respecting American citizen can possibly be against such noble efforts? They (the bankers) have set up and orchestrated all of these programs and now will pretend to stop them. What will the average American do when your television says, "Look at what those dirty Arabs have done to you?" What would you do? You are going to believe what they tell you, aren't you? You are going to be right up there in front saying, "Sure they did it to us. Those Arabs want to control the world." Pretty soon it will be, "Those Japanese want to control the whole world," and then, "The Chinese want to control the whole world." You will join the chant that says, "Look, they bought up all of this major part of America. Look at all the money we have given them, and see what they have done. They have collapsed our stock market , et cetera and so on". Ah ha, but here come your benevolent bankers and they are going to say to you, "You have got to have a new currency and then the next thing we will do is use that new currency to stop this dope trafficking. You know, that which is coming in from Central America and those other countries. Then, of course, we are also going to have to have a debit card to stop people from tax cheating because, after all, Mr. Public, if we don't do this we will never get ourselves back on our feet.--So, brothers, if you'll just turn everything over to us benevolent bankers we will take care of everything and straighten out the whole mess." You know what, brethren? You will hop on that bandwagon and agree to your imprisonment like babes to candy. You will not only agree to it, you will demand it. For you will forget to hear the big IF. "YOU WILL GET ALL THIS DONE FOR YOU IF YOU WILL JUST TAKE A DEBIT CARD FOR YOU INDIVIDUALLY WITH OUR LITTLE OLD NUMBER ON IT!" YOU WILL HAVE JUST FALLEN FOR THE OLD IDENTIFICATION CARD SCHEME. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO YOU? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TOLD THE TRUTH, FRIENDS, AND WILL YOU BELIEVE IT NOW AS I GIVE IT TO YOU? NO, MOST OF YOU WILL DISCOUNT ME AS A FIGMENT OF SOME NUT'S WILD IMAGINATION. SO BE IT FOR I AM GREATLY SADDENED FOR YOU AS A SPECIES. This has been a scenario about the Middle East. Where do you think you are today and what do you think you will be when you have this new currency? It will only devaluate the old "dollar" to zero. It is planned already and named already: the Phoenix. A little prior to this, there is a plan to bring forth an international credit card ID. Let us refer to it as a government ID card with your social security number on it which would be, and get this because the next is important, satellite linked through the Star Wars system. Does any of this sound familiar to you? This program of Star Wars is at least 60% geared towards this very purpose and only 40% for the claimed defense systems, etc. This major space linkup will facilitate the transmission of banking information throughout the world instantly. This would be a debit card with a number which would be required for you to do business, and friends, if you know anything at all about your Biblical prophecies, God has already told you it will be, it will take place. Further, it will be done in such a clever way that you "Christians" who say you will NEVER sign up nor participate will never see it hit you and you will have joined the program without even realizing it. How else are you going to survive? Let us not be foolish in our claims for you are dealing with most clever planners who have out-thought you completely up to this date. Now, I hope you will believe me when I tell you that the "Star Wars" program of satellite systems is in place. Satellites are up there, friends. We of other planets are allowed to stop nuclear warheads--we are not permitted to touch satellites which are not geared to some type of nuclear detonation. Well, all those wonder filled bits of technology called eyes in the sky and spy satellites "for your security" are really for the purpose of transfer of the very banking and income information which I have just been describing. It can set up immediate transfer of funds from all over the entire world, from the debit card, that the internationalists will see to it are established with every living person. You will be on the system whether you know it or not. In fact, you who are old enough to read these words--and every child--are already entered therein. All information will be entered into a central computer and from that place the world will come under instant financial control. So, dear Americans, you have just paid your hard earned money to finance that program to initiate the bankers' international credit card system and number system that will be implemented whether or not you choose of it. IT IS DONE, BROTHERS, IT IS IN PLACE--DONE! DON'T TELL ME YOU WILL NOT PARTICIPATE--YOU ARE ALREADY A PARTICIPANT, DEAR LITTLE ONES. Oh yes, what of your defense system? Doesn't look too good, does it? Well, we are not going to let those nuclear warheads out here in our space past one hundred fifty miles anyway. That is our prerogative and we stop them or dismantle them. Do you not see, brothers, that this is the way the prophecies are coming into your focus? It is happening all about you but you don't seem to know what it is you look for. Please, all I want you to do at present is HEAR ME. There is naught you can do about it to any great extent as it stands. You who will hear me and mine own groups, hear me. You must utilize all of the remaining time to its maximum efficiency for we will have to continue to work under the new systems. Our projects will never be less than excellent investments and they must, and will, be funded. It needs to be done rapidly, however, before we are caught up in total collapse of the monetary system. We can work through depression if we have fundings--monetary collapse shuts us down for all practical purposes, until the system can be put on track and functioning. It can work and will work, for in these confused, rushed and harassed days there is great madness to shift money and make money on money and etc. Countries such as China, Japan--all non-hard currency countries are desperate to convert to dollars. I will further tell you that your governments know we are here. They also know we are not here to interfere. We are here to walk our people through a transition and we plan nothing subversive. We do plan good business ventures and welcome all who wish to participate. We have no communes, all work for fair reward. We plan good business with total integrity and latest technology. We are here to help, not overthrow. We are here only to walk our brothers through, for it will all come down just as the prophecies are given. There will be some very bad times ahead most surely if plans are not made for those days of tribulation. Let me speak a bit more regarding "timing". I know that what I have said is truth. It was confirmed by top sources in Switzerland that by October of last year there were twelve debtor nations who had agreed to the proposal of debt forgiveness in exchange for perpetual consignment of natural resources. There only need to be one or two more that give enough leverage to announce the Arabs bankrupt. As of now, all the top leaders in the Arab world know the story and they are scared to death about it. They don't know what they are going to do about it; there is actually nothing they can do about it. They certainly do not know how to announce it to their populace. There doesn't seem to be any way to get the information out to the people. Further, no one knows how to announce all this to the American people. It has been attempted by some and fallen on deaf ears. I hope that by the time many of you have read this document, there will be recognition of our presence in your space. What I tell you is truth. I would like now, to sum up this scenario. Because the 20 to 1 debt to asset banking ratio also operates in reverse (that's how it is with leverage), it only takes about five percent of the third world countries to declare bankruptcy and when they do, and they accept the plan of the international bankers, then the bankers can declare the bank holding companies bankrupt. Because of the reverse leverage of the loans, only 5% of the third world countries could basically declare the world bankrupt and the ownership of all falls to the international bankers. When this program is initiated and in place, it will wind up with the international bankers owning all mortgages and all properties. What is that going to do to your country? What about the world? What control will they have when they initiate the debit card? It will be an automatic number which will be given and would be required because the country is devastated. It would then result that the international bankers, who are made up of all these secret and complex committees I have previously discussed, would now own the majority of the United States and most other countries (for all will fall in short order), would control the Arab world and therefore, by about a thirty year plan of manipulation, will have brought the peoples of the world under control. Two years ago, your Senator George Hansen said you had only about a year to get this under control, to get the information out and do something about it. Well, your year has passed into two and a half. How much have you heard about it? I doubt very much. Brothers, this is how men make slaves of their fellow men. It has however, been prophesied since the beginning of your world that these things would come to pass. This statement is not to give you negative feelings. This is to tell you that you are IN the time of the evolution of your planet where these things are now coming to be. I go through all this that you might recognize the signs which are all around you. The time, in your perception of time, is fleeting. The "time" we call sequence of events--is fleeting. We have much to do and we are here and available to assist you ones of God and the children of your planet called Earth Terra. You are a sister planet to us of Pleiades. Many of our ones walk among you. There are many duties and jobs that must now be finished. The story, the work, will go out for that is God's promise to man. His promise is to allow man to hear and to see, followed by proof. He will send these things through us of the space brotherhood. These things shall be documented and sent forth to man so that man can see what he wishes to do--what choices he wishes to make regarding his divinity. I am going to leave this portion now, that you ones can ponder these things. We come in love and we can see farther than you. We have access to all records, so we can see and know. We can give assistance if we are so petitioned. And you might ask, "Why would you ones do that?" Because Father God the Totality, the Light which is your Source and My Source loved you enough to send forth His Celestial Son, before us. We now serve that same "Son" who is our Commander and act in His service. Further, for you who are our brothers, we will not leave you stranded on that place. Ye who do not yet know me, will come to understanding of our presence. I leave mine seal and my blessings on this portion, which I fear is quite lengthy. Please ponder it several times until you have understanding for it is most important. Go Dharma, it has been such a terribly long session for you. Turn the papers over to the others that you may get some rest. Salu, Salu, Salu Hatonn moving to stand-by. .c.APPENDIX II REC #1 ESU JESUS SANANDA SUNDAY, MAY 28, 1989 6:00 A.M. YEAR 2, DAY 284 Jesus here in the glory of the new day. I greet you with blessings of Truth and clarity of thought. .c.:SIGNS First, I will speak of "signs", then as we move on I will speak of individual needs. Know that the plan is well laid and if you continue in thy works we shall, together, find the way. Many of you ones are finding maximum stress coming within thy lives. Illness of great severity will strike some in an effort of the Dark Brotherhood to bring thy works to a halt. Some will find more and more personal unrest in relationships, confusion, lack of direction and general upheavals in belief systems. You will again be torn into the direction of "searching"; being pulled into psychic predictions "to see if you have missed a thing". Take care, precious ones, take care for the more important ye are to the cause of transition, the more constant will be the bombardment. I am going to repeat something which Commander Hatonn has stated many times: "If thy life seems to be nonproductive, confused and filled with unrest; look carefully to see if perhaps ye are in the wrong place, moving in the wrong direction." Satan projects these self-imposed circumstances upon thy mind; ye weary of the "wait" or ye feel isolated and rejected, worthless and incompetent--completely confused as to thy path. The hardest blow is to thy ego in that he will cause you to be much less than ye are; then, he will promise "take my route which is the easy way, and I will restructure thy life in abundance and fulfillment." He just never gets around to doing so. Remember, he cannot create, he can only play to your own free-will choices. Ah so, ye lash out "Then get us the things we need to do 'your' projects and we will get on with it". Will you? Have you? What do you do with delays? Do you continue to wait impatiently while threatening to "leave" the projects? Or do thee work harder at bringing forth the abundance? Do you think this is not of the testing? Why do you question God as to "why" these things happen? Why do you not question Satan as to "why" he has pulled thee down further? Why have you let him in that he may do so? How many ones who act as Judas do thee need in thy projects? How long will thee stand when the going gets really tough? How long will you stay untempted when the going appears to bring incredible power and monetary abundance? But most of all, why do ye continue to "blame" the cosmic brothers and unseen guides? Why do you continue to "blame" God thy Father for thy abuses and hardly attend the wondrous gifts sent in disguise? Thy choices, at this time, can heal or destroy of self. If ye remain locked into your own tiny portion related to effect on self, ye are missing the lifeboat. Ye are playing into the hands of thy dark brothers who will encourage you night and day to "blame" Jesus and Father God for thy plight. Stop blaming God for getting thee into thy mess but DO ask God to get thee out of it, please. He will bless thee and lift thee safely unto the shore. But, YOU must cease of the self-vandalizing. "Well, when will we have these things we need?" ye ask. "I perceive they should have come forth long ago"--WRONG--IF YE PERCEIVED THEY SHOULD HAVE COME SOONER, THEY WOULD HAVE FOR YOU WOULD HAVE MADE SURE OF SAME. Please, may I impose upon Wally Gentleman, for his role is great. If money came from other than Tejas Shape', where would WG be? I have not stopped thy abundance; thy own silent mission intent has stopped fruition of thy conscious desires. Yet ye will punish yourself, in the waiting, for the dark inputs insist you do so. Ah Wally, ye are so blessed and beloved of me; I so pain at thy suffering for thy load is great. Ye will meet thy burden and have the strength to carry it. Thank you for not asking to be relieved of it, precious one. Take my hand, dear friend, and let me carry thee for a while. Let thy body rest in peace while it heals; ye need of respite. .c.:YOU ARE IN THE FUNNEL Ah, dear ones, ye want "times", "places", "who", "what", "where", but most of all, "when". I repeat and repeat, "look around thee". 'Tis all there, moving right down the mouth of the funnel. Even I am not given the exact moment--but ye ones are still waiting until ye are given the exact moment, to make up thy minds which will be thy action. Do not tell me otherwise for I have the gift of insight--the questions and doubts are like a blinding fog around most of you. If you cannot accept "until" or "prove it to me", ye might well wait unto thy own downfall; mine is not to "prove". Ye ones came forth upon that blessed place for a purpose of "thy" soul, not "my" soul. 'Tis thy soul intent which must come into balance, not mine. I offer forth mine hand unto you; I will carry you if you ask, I will most surely bear thy burden when it is too heavy; but, I can not impose upon thee, my force of anything. Neither can thy brothers from the spaces beyond thy consciousness. Ye cannot make up of another's mindset. I, nor any other, can make of thy decisions--only thee! .c.:TIMING AND PROPHESIES Let us speak of "timing". Ye are well into the portion of time which has seen all the "prophecies" come into reality of experience. Most have been in place for well over a decade. Ye were told that you would know. Well, the fig tree is beyond the budding stage; the new leaves are set upon the branches. You too, when you see these things, all prophecies coming together, recognize that it is near, right at the door. I forewarned that the generation in place when these things all came to being, would be the generation which would see the transition come to pass. What were the major signs? Let me refresh thy minds. I would prefer, dear ones, that ye do your homework and study the Revelations. Why do ye ones hate of thy homework so badly? Thine way is not to be the way of ease and spoon feedings. Ye have increased activity in thy earth upheavals in more widespread manner than in all history of thy planet as ye know it. As the large quakes happen they will be more and more intense. Have I not said that one of the largest will split the earth from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean Sea? Many countries will be split into portions differing in landscape from what is now present. The earth is in constantly building pressures. Can the atmosphere, so polluted already, bear the burden of volcanic toxins poured forth? Famine? Is there not dead and dying in some of thy countries? Are there not hungry within thy own areas? Available food is not yet the major problem, but mankind who hoards for profit. It makes no difference to the dying children from whence does not come the bread. Are there not increasing and abounding homeless? Are there not more and more ones who call the gutters their home and await the passing of time that they might simply die and move on? What about pollution? Is it growing better with all thy "curbs"? Is it not even rotting away even thy statuary? What might this be doing to thy precious bodies? It is not localized unto any one place any longer--it is throughout thy world; from space, thee are a smudge-pot. Thy atmosphere is changed and beyond transposition. One of the major prophecies was that Israel would be again founded as a nation; is it not so? But it took a land portion which belonged to another people. That fragile existence is so explosive that it will break at any moment. More than that, the thrust of the Israel peoples themselves, is hardening and hostile. What do you think would happen to a messiah in that place today? So be it! Thy own country of America, birthed in freedom and glory, is faded. It is already beyond rebirthing; it is ready to fall to monetary collapse. Weep for thy loss, for it is beyond measure. It will, however, contribute unto the ultimate transition of thy world for it provides a "place" for our work to go forth. It is still a great shelter for thy works; it is so written that it would come to be this way. The Chinese peoples have between 4--5 hundred million persons available for military use, all ready with nuclear capability--in place. Thy guideline was two hundred million from a given sector. The before stated troops are from thy place labeled China, alone. Would you not agree that the Arab world along with the world's Moslems threaten a war that could destroy the nation of Israel? Is not the entire world at the point of mass warfare over the areas of the "Middle East". Could it be over oil, maybe? Is not the European "community of ten" becoming more and more powerful and considering less and less, the input of the United States? So be it? Is there not mass upheaval and reshifting in almost all sectors? Worst of all, is not the entire world in terror of nuclear holocaust? Does it not come closer each and every day? Did not you note just in thy current week; India launched long range missiles with nuclear capability? Do you not think Satan will provide the ones who will supply the warheads? .c.:SATAN ALIVE AND WELL YES, SATAN IS ALIVE AND DOING VERY WELL IN THY WORLD. VERY WELL INDEED. This is a subject which I will deal with at great length in the near future. "Why Satan has such reign." Hatonn told you ones, early on, thine is a "prison planet" of sorts. Ye have also been told, by ME, that Satan would have a period before the end, of total rule--look around thee very carefully before ye argue with me as to whether or not that may have already come to be. All these signs of which I speak, and many, many more, are visible all about thee. Ye ask, "How can this have come to be?" BECAUSE MAN HAS ESTRANGED HIMSELF FROM GOD. IN HIS GRASPING AT EARTH HUMAN FLESH GRATIFICATION AND EGO MONUMENTS UNTO SELF, HE HAS FALLEN PREY TO THE ENEMY--SATAN HAD NOT ONE BIT OF BATTLE TO GET THUS FAR. .c.:THE CHILD Yes, it has all been written that it would come to be this way. It is also written that I will again come to reclaim our Father's Kingdom and so I shall. But ye have another wondrous thing to await. There will also be born unto you a child who will appear to be born of man, but is born of God. This energy will never have walked this plane before, but he shall come unto you as God. Surprised? Well, so be it; so be it. Ye have many wondrous surprises yet awaiting thee. It has been long, Dharma, so let us leave the keyboard for a respite. In humble gratitude for thy service, I take my leave. I bless thee and leave thee in peace. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. BELIEVE AND REQUEST AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO THEE! SO BE IT AND SELAH, AHO, AMEN. IN REVERENCE UNTO OUR FATHER SOURCE, I STAND ASIDE AND AWAIT THY CALL. AU DAI PA DAI CUM SOLEN AUM SOLEN I AM! .c.APPENDIX III REC #1 CHRIST SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1989 6:00 A.M. YEAR 2, DAY 340 .c.:THE CHRISTOS LEADS! Do ye not think Noah was given personal attention? Do ye not think the writers and witnesses were given personal attention? Do ye dare to think we would make a world transition into higher kingdom function without personal attention to the ones who labor in the Earth vineyards? Ignore those who discount you, little chela, for they have no imagining of that which they do. I AM ESU JESUS SANANDA; IISA, IMMANUEL, JMMANUEL, ESA, HESUS,--THE CHRIST, CHRISTOS, THE CHRISTOS JESUS--I AM THAT I AM, I AM ONE WITH THE FATHER ATON, GOD, SOLEN AUM SOLEN--THE UNIVERSAL TOTALITY OF LIGHT; THE SACRED CIRCLE OF INFINITY OF CHRIST, SON OF GOD, STANDING BEAR OF WAKAN TONKA. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU LITTLE BLIND ONES THAT YE REFUSE TO OPEN YOUR EYES? DO YOU THINK ME SO INEPT THAT I CAN NOT LOWER MY LIGHT BEAMS AND ENERGY TO GENTLY TOUCH OF THIS LITTLE ONE FROM YOUR SPECIES? YE INSULT ME AND INSULT MINE FATHER SOURCE--THINE FATHER SOURCE! RANOS, SEE TO IT THAT THIS GOES FORTH UNTO THE ONES ON THE LIST THAT I WILL GIVE UNTO YOU SEPARATELY THAT THE NAMES BE SECURE. HOWEVER, LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THE NAMES ARE WRITTEN IN "MY" LISTING BOOK AND YE HAD BETTER WAKE UP AND SEE THAT WHICH YOU DO. WHILE YE PLAY AT GAMES OF PRETENSE AND "ALLOWING" THESE ONES TO GIVE UNTO YE THE QUIRKS OF THEIR "IMAGININGS", YE ARE DOOMED UNTO THE VOID OF THE FALLEN ANGELS IF YE HEED NOT MY WORDS COME FORTH FROM SISTER THEDRA, DHARMA AND MINE GREAT "RED EAGLE". THESE ARE MINE PERSONAL SCRIBES FOR THIS ENDING CYCLE OF LIFE AS YOU CAN KNOW IT. YE WHO RECEIVE OF THESE WORDS ARE BLESSED INDEED, AND YE CAN NOT SEEM TO REMEMBER YOUR JOBS ACCEPTED. ****IF THE "SHOE" PINCHES, YOU HAD BETTER "MAKE IT FIT"; THE SANDS OF THINE HOUR GLASSES ARE ALL BUT GONE!**** Ones are sent forth unto you in various forms, shapes and ages that you might have of the word and reassignment instructions. Do not lay of these papers aside and twiddle thine fingers thinking they are not for thee. THEY ARE FOR YOU! .c.:CAST THESE PEARLS IN FERTILE LAND Ye receiving should be prompted to get these messages into the hands of mine beloved lighted workers; not the Jimmy Swaggarts who defile mine Laws, but unto the ones as Copeland, Robison, Carlson--there are many and they have sat in the torment of their pride and evil and have grown above and teach the way. I tell thee not to cast the pearls upon the path of pigs--I tell you to take them where the land is fertile and allow them to decipher the portions intended for them that they be allowed to fill their portions. Ye hold back in prejudgment of those things ye perceive to be proper--so be it, for ye will lose thy intended reward in glory. Better check about thee to see WHO is urging you to not receive and clear yours, and theirs, thought patterns. Don't worry thy heads about UFO's vs. no UFO's--what a bunch of drivel. Do ye not think thine Father can turn even YOU into a space craft if he so chooses? Of course there are space craft--look into thy night sky and what do you see? I WENT TO PREPARE A PLACE FOR THEE AND I DID; NOW I AM RETURNED TO TAKE YOU THERE! WELL, LET ME ASSURE YOU IT IS NOT INTO OR UPON THY CLOUDS OF FIVE HUNDRED FEET ABOVE THY SURFACE WHERE YE WOULD BE DOOMED. STOP OF THY NONSENSE, USE THINE HEADS AND GET ON WITH THY WORK. All of you in the receiving of this are in the same troop--open thine eyes. Ye will be given into success and abundance just as soon as ye understand--until then it will be just out of thine reach. If you receive of abundance and use it not for thine agreed participation in mine work it will curse thee unto infinity--there is no such thing as death nor ceasing of growth--on any dimension. .c.:DO THY JOB! Some of you are here to write. Some are here to build with their actual hands. Some are here to garner the flow of funds for mine city and work. Some are here to spread the word throughout the lands and unto all people--YE ARE SENT FORTH TO DO THY JOB! DO NOT THINK TO HOLD FROM ME OR MINE WORKERS OUR SHARE. I WARN THEE, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF IT FOR I KNOW THINE THOUGHTS LIKE THE OPEN BOOK YE ARE. YE ARE MINE WORKERS AND YE HAD BETTER BE IN THE REMEMBERING OF IT. YE BETTER BE ON THY KNEES ASKING, WHOEVER YE PRAY TO, TO GIVE YOU INSIGHT--YE BETTER BE ASKING HEARING AND RECEIVING IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE SON, GRANDFATHER UNTO WAKAN TONKA, FATHER GOD OF THE UNIVERSAL CREATOR/CREATION. WHETHER YE LIKE OF IT OR NOT, THIS IS TRUTH AND THAT FOR WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN GROOMED. NOW, GET THY FOOLISH EYES OPEN AND GET ABOUT THY WORK AND STOP THE PICKING AND QUANDARIES. THIS IS IT, BRETHREN; THIS IS IT! ***I AM "HE" FOR WHOM YE WAIT!*** YE WILL EITHER MAKE A TRANSITION WITH ME OR YE WILL BE LOST TO DARKNESS WITH MY FALLEN BROTHER, SATAN AND HIS ANGELS. I THREATEN YE NOT--'TIS THY CHOICE IN FREE WILL; BUT PLAY NO GAMES WITH ME FOR MY CHILDREN STAND TO PERISH IF YE FAIL IN THY ACCEPTED TASK. DO NOT THINK YE WILL NOT ANSWER FOR THY FAILURES FOR YE ALREADY STAND AS NAKED BEFORE THE GATE AND I AM GIVEN TO "JUDGE" AND ALLOW OR DECLINE THY ENTRY--EXCEPT THROUGH ME NO MAN SHALL ENTER IN. *****YE BETTER NOT BE CHANCING THY JOURNEY ON THE OPINION OF ANY "OTHER" MAN WITH WHOM YE MAY CHOOSE TO CHATTER AND GIBBER THESE THINGS!***** .c.:LONG AGO SATAN CAPTURED THE CHURCHES If ye think it wise to take these words unto thy "ministers" and "preachers" let me warn you, be prepared for negative input--there are more evil, demon infested teachers of untruth than any other group upon thy place; think about it--IF YE WERE THE DEVIL, WHERE WOULD YOU BEGIN TO DISSUADE THE POPULACE? EXACTLY WHERE HE HAS GONE TO DISSUADE; INTO THE VERY TEACHERS WHO ARE UNSUSPECTING, OR OPENLY WORKERS OF HIS LIES. I CARE NOT WHAT YE THINK OF ME BUT I CARE WHAT THINE INNOCENT BROTHER THINKS OF HIS DIVINITY. THERE IS TRUTH IN ALL PREACHING; IT IS NOT USUALLY THE TRUTH OF GOD. ASK THY JAMES ROBISON, FOR INSTANCE, WHO HAS BEEN "BLINDED", AS WAS SAUL, AND REGAINED HIS VISION IN THE "ELECTRIC CHAIR". ***USE YOUR GOD GIVEN BRAINS AND REASON THAT WHICH YE DO. PULL AWAY THY SELF IMPOSED BLINDFOLDS AND SEE THY FOOLISHNESS. WHY DO YE NOT QUESTION THE RIDICULOUS DRIVEL WHICH IS FED UNTO YOU IN EVERY FACET OF THY LIFE?*** IN THIS PLACE YE ENCOUNTER NO OTHER COMMITTEES, NO MAN-MADE RULES OF CHURCH CLUBS--YE ARE EITHER MY BODY OR YE ARE NOT OF ME AT ALL--NO GRAY MAN AREAS. I HAVE GIVEN THEE PROOF AND YE HAVE FAILED TO SEE IT. MY BODY IS MY "CHURCH" FOR "CHURCH" MEANS 'NOT' A CLUB-HOUSE OF STICKS, STONES AND FAKE CROSSES. BETTER YE BE LISTENING TO GABRIEL, MICHAEL, MORONI, ETC. THAN TO THE WONDROUS CHURCH CLUB MUSICIAN. "CHURCH" MEANS "MY" "BODY" IN PHYSICAL FORMAT--YE ONES ARE MINE HANDS AND BODIES MADE MANIFEST! SO BE IT--I HAVE NAUGHT TO "SELL" BUT YE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HINDER MINE WORK NOR INJURE MINE TRUE WORKERS--I WEARY OF PERSECUTION AND MARTYRDOM OF MINE BELOVED ONES. NO MORE, NO MORE! YE SHALL NOT STICK OF ME IN A CORNER--I SAY: "I WILL NO LONGER ALLOW THEE TO STICK ME IN A CORNER"--I AM THY CORNER-STONE, THE ROCK UPON WHICH, IF YE STAND, YE CANNOT FALL. TAKE A CHANCE ON "ME"--WHAT HAVE THEE TO LOSE? **WHAT HAVE THEE TO GAIN? ETERNAL LIFE WHICH IS THE REWARD PROMISED BY THY FATHER GOD--NO MORE; NO LESS.** .c.:I AM COME TO TAKE THEE HOME ****I AM COME TO TAKE THEE HOME AND YE SEE ME NOT, SO BE IT!**** ARE YE SURE THIS IS NOT MY LAST CALL UNTO THEE? WHO PROMISES THEE THE NEXT MOMENT? I PROMISE THEE THE NEXT MOMENT, HERE OR THERE--IF IT BE "THERE", IT IS GLORY! I PLACE THE SEAL OF GOD OF INFINITY UPON THESE WORDS THAT YOU HAVE NO MANNER OF MISUNDERSTANDING--I WILL TRAVEL WITH THIS MESSAGE UNTO THINE EYES WITH MY PRESENCE; ASK AND I WILL GIVE YE VISION; SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND ME; KNOCK AND I WILL OPEN UNTO THEE FOR I AM. SELAH, AMEN, AHO! Ye can continue playing with your ancient mysteries and distant "avatars" but ye will not find of thy work purpose for theirs is a different purpose, little blind ones. Play if ye will, but ye who receive of this are in MY troop and ye will get "with it" or remove thyself from me! But check very, very closely for thy commitments were made WITH ME on a much higher plane than ye can imagine and if ye break of thy bond and covenant with me, ye are in dire trouble. No threat--thy choice of action. YE WHO HAVE THE MOST CRITICAL JOB WILL BE HIT THE HARDEST BY DARKNESS AND EVIL INTENT. KNOW IT, DEMAND THE EVIL LEAVE OF THEE IN MINE NAME--JUST IN CASE YE MISPERCEIVE AND "THEN" RE-READ THIS MESSAGE IN THE PURE LIGHT OF GOD. SET THY LUST, GREED, EGO AND PERCEPTIONS ASIDE FOR A MOMENT--AFTER DEMANDING WITHDRAWAL OF ANY POSSIBLE EVIL,IN MINE NAME, AND BEND THINE EYES AND EARS UNTO THIS WRITING. THE TIME IS IMMEDIATE! THAT FOR WHICH YE HAVE WAITED IS AT HAND! SO BE IT IN THE HOLY AND SACRED NAME OF MINE FATHER, SOLEN AUM SOLEN, IN WHOSE PRESENCE I BEGGAR MINESELF IN THINE BEHALF THAT YOU ARE GIVEN TO SEE IN TIME. YE HAVE NOT IMAGINATION ENOUGH TO SEE THAT TRIBULATION WHICH IS COMING FORTH, NOR OF THE GLORY OF MINE PATH. .c.:FALSE PROPHETS FALSE PROPHETS? MILLIONS! MILLIONS WILL COME FORTH! THIS IS NO PROPHET AT ALL; THIS IS A SIMPLE SCRIBE FOR WHOM I BEG PROTECTION THAT HER NAME NOT BE REVEALED CARELESSLY. SHE PLEADS WITH ME TO ALLOW THIS CUP TO PASS FROM HER, FOR SHE STANDS BEFORE THE CROSS OF PERSECUTION IN MINE NAME AND NONE SHALL PREVAIL AGAINST HER. "DHARMA"--DEFINITION? 'BRINGER OF LIFE TRUTH', RECORDER OF THE LAW! I CARE NOT ONE WHIT OR TITTLE WHETHER YE CARE FOR MY SCRIBE OR WHETHER YE DO NOT. I CHOOSE! FOR IT IS GIVEN UNTO ME TO CHOOSE FOR I HAVE RECEIVED MINE INHERITANCE AND I HAVE GROWN IN PERFECTION THAT I ACCEPT IT IN FULL. *****I CHOOSE!***** YE BETTER BE LOOKING WITHIN AT WHETHER OR NOT YE DO OF YOUR JOB INSTEAD OF PICKING AND PLUCKING AT MINE OTHER WORKERS AND THEIR JOBS--TEND OF THINE OWN FIELDS AND DOORSTEP. ALSO, LOOK TO THY IMPORTANT "OTHER"--IS THAT ONE ON YOUR SIDE OR ACTUALLY "AGAINST" THEE? ARE YE DOOMING BOTH YOU AND THAT OTHER ONE IN FOOLISHNESS? SO BE IT--FOOD FOR THY IDLE THOUGHTS WHICH PREVENT BOREDOM, I BELIEVE YE CALL OF IT. DO NOT GO UNTO THY STAR ARRANGERS (ASTROLOGERS) OR PSYCHICS FOR THEY ONLY TELL YOU IN REFLECTION EXACTLY THAT WHICH YOU WISH TO HEAR OR THAT WHICH THEY WISH TO FOIST OFF UPON THEE. IT WILL BE THAT VERY TYPE OF MYSTICISM WHICH WILL WASH OVER THINE WORLD AND DESTROY THEE. THERE IS NO "SAFETY" IN HOLDING ANY CRYSTAL, NO SAFETY IN BEING A SCORPIO VS. A PICES. I AM THY SAFETY I care not whether or not thy "chakras" are open or closed, whether or not ye can chant the mantras, I AM COME TO TAKE YE HOME! NO MORE, NO LESS; AND A CITY HAS TO BE BUILT AND FOUNDATIONS LAID FROM THE PHYSICAL PLANE FOR THE TRANSITION AND SURVIVAL OF A SPECIES--YOUR SPECIES! SO BE IT AND AMEN. .c.:HEAR ME; LET ME COME IN YE ARE BINDED IN MINE LOVE WHICH SHALL NEVER FAIL THEE; I ONLY URGE YE TO OPEN THINE EYES THAT YE MIGHT DO OF THY COMMITTED WORKS. HEAR ME, HEAR ME; HARKEN UNTO THESE WORDS UPON WHICH IS STAMPED MINE SEAL--FOR "I AM" "HE", WHO STANDS AT THINE DOOR KNOCKING--ONE LAST TIME! YE THINK YE HAVE ALREADY LET ME IN?????? NAY, YE PLAY AT GAMES THAT MERIT YE IN A PHYSICAL PLANE--LET "ME" REALLY COME IN! Dharma, I hold thee close, beloved one, for I see your "fear" and I have taught thee not to fear. It is time of confrontation for we must have no enemies in our army and there are ones in our midst. All must be urged to accept their task and run with us or remove into the outer realms that they not deter us. So be it, chelas, for this is the time of sorting. Ye all know how it will be and it is time to stop thy hiding from it that we might get on with the work at hand. Ye work in the midst of greed and lust; ye work in the very pits of evil but ye will prevail for it is given unto me to prevail. I HOLD OF THEE CLOSE THAT YE BE NOT FRIGHTENED. IF ONES MOVE AWAY FROM THEE, THEY WERE NOT OF THY FRIENDS ANYWAY AND YE WILL FIND THAT SOME MOST ATTENTIVE ARE ACTUALLY THINE DEADLY ENEMY AND EVEN "THEY" KNOW IT NOT! SO BE IT--I KNOW! I KNOW! .c.:PROOF Do ye not remember what ye were told? Ye will be given proof and credentials from the clouds--"silver" clouds as I recall. There would be no ability to doubt? PROOF AND CREDENTIALS--TRUST ME, CHELA, FOR WHEN I SPEAK, MY WORD BECOMES LAW! I BREAK NOT MY PROMISES! I BREAK NOT MY PROMISES! I would like it if ye could spend time in seclusion that we might retain balance. Ye have received thousands of hours of tapings and thousands of pages of writing and there are multiple thousands of pages yet to be scribed; ones must come to realize ye cannot be all unto everyone in thy midst--especially YOU must realize it. Things are being brought into order as the tight little circle realizes the truth of mine presence; ones of mine are being located in properness but some must come into their task acceptance and until such time as that is accomplished, the money will be targeted for it is the binding of bindings, this property of this magnificent crystal will remain in jeopardy and mine child will be unaccepted--ye ones of little faith and less fortitude. I SAID "MY" CHILD! I ALSO SAID THE NAME OF GINN SHALL BE STRICKEN FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE--TO DECIDE "AFTER" A BLOOD TEST IS TOO LATE! *** HOW MANY OF YOU WILL BE "TOO LATE"?*** HOW MANY TIMES WILL IT BE "ME" YE TURN FROM? AS YE DO UNTO THE LEAST OF MINE SO SHALL YE HAVE DONE IT UNTO ME!!! YE ALLOWED OF THE CASTING OUT OF ORDAINED PROPERTY, MINE CHILD COMING INTO BIRTHING! HOW MUCH MORE WILL YE ALLOW? SO BE IT AND SELAH. YE DON'T LIKE TO HEAR THESE THINGS? I CARE NOT WHETHER OR NOT YE LIKE OF THESE WORDS--WHEN YE ACCEPT THY RESPONSIBILITIES YE WILL HEAR NOT MORE OF THESE WORDS. YE HAVE A WORLD COMING TO AN ENDING AS YE HAVE KNOWN IT, YE HAVE THE TIME OF THE PROPHECIES COMING FULL FORCE ONTO THY HEADS--AND YE ALLOW OF MINE CHILD TO BE CAST OUT. THEREFORE, I KNOW YE DO NOT YET UNDERSTAND! IN THY EFFORTS AND FEAR OF "OFFENDING" THY FELLOW PHYSICAL HUMAN, YE ALLOW THINE OWN SELVES INTO THE PRESENCE OF EVIL AND EVIL TEACHINGS--BE YE INSANE? I DO OF MINE FATHER'S BIDDING, I CARE NOT IF MY TONE AND WORDS OFFEND THEE--FOR YE OFTEN OFFEND ME BEYOND THY IMAGINATION. I stand-by, little chela, for ye are pained and I give thee peace. I give the peace by the GRACE of our Father who grants all great and wondrous gifts. So be it and Amen. I AM "HE" WHOM YE AWAIT .c.APPENDIX IV .c.:LITTLE CROW SPEAKS "Standing atop Bear Butte my eyes gazed out over the lands far below my vantage point. The wind blew in from the North and all about me everything was in movement, along with my spirit. It was a very special time for me--for this was the time of my seventh vision quest. It had been a long and lonely journey this time for my Spirit and me for the pathway lay hidden; covered over by the tailings of all those who came this way in more recent times. But so few are aware of the proper reasons. The grandfathers sang on this night and the thunder of their drums rumbled across the darkened skies eventually fading away far off into the distant universe. Suddenly I was lifted---- "It sounds like the start of a wonderful story. A story about America's favorite pastime--American Indians. And in particular it sets the scene for what so many feel to be the ultimate experience--a vision quest--which somehow will bring knowledge. "I was born, Little Crow, in the year 1933, a Dakota/Lakota. I was returned to this Earth plane only to share an infinite message with all life forms at the proper time. Permission to do so came during the early morning hours of January 5, 1987. To set the stage for this event were twenty two strikes of lightning, ending at exactly 2:22 a.m.; my spiritual number is twenty two (22). "I share with you now the following information as it has been given for me to "only remember" over these many spans of time. I do not feel the need to support any of this information with any other written data or readings. For the source of this information is the same for everyone. THIS SOURCE, AS WE SHALL REFER TO IT, HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE. WITH NO BEGINNING AND NO END. IT EXTENDS OUT BEYOND ITSELF AND COMES BACK TO FORM THE SACRED CIRCLE; INFINITY! "We are travelers from unimagined regions of the universe with homelands in many places. This planet and the surrounding ones are the most recent stopping off places in this current form. Once more to act out the responsibilities of our selective realities, those being to accept who we are. No more! No less! "Our ability to travel is determined by our faith and nothing more. For all of the progress we have made on this plane we are still only able to move the physical properties of our being. It is sometimes hard to imagine our first journey unto this place, this Mother Earth. "And what of God? To the many peoples of this planet there have been offered hundreds of explanations of the who's, what's, where's, and the why's of God. Different religions have fought countless battles over whose truths should be accepted. Millions of souls have been forced into unnecessary vibrational changes in the name of God and conversions. Countries and lands have been stolen and destroyed in the name of God. "Leaders (as they call themselves) have ranted and raved throughout our brief history on this planet, forcing into our human mindset a system of fear and guilt. This guilt being so strong that humans had to devise various ways of escape, all self destructive and utterly confusing. "Separation from the concept of God became the reality of the human being. Removal from center of the Source of all things left mankind struggling and blinded by age old analogies concerning God. Many came among the people pulling them in separate groups, turning them one against the other, using the written word to convince them of their superiority of one over the other. Darkness reigned and reigns yet! "There are examples upon examples and we could go on forever, seeing on the passing screen all that has occurred and the effect that these things have had upon the entire and related universe. The answer has always been simple and within our grasp, if only we were willing to take the responsibilities of our creative spirits. "You are of God and God is of you! The existence of God is only possible by our own existence. The maximum power of God at any one time is only in direct ratio to the numbers who have accepted their responsibilities of living within this concept. There was no beginning and there is no end, WE, our God-self, have been and will be--forever. We as human kind will exist in this vibrational form only as long as it takes for us to realize our relationships and our ultimate powers. "Dimensions have only been a creation, in concept, of mankind, and a pretty confused one at that. What it has done is to serve as a fuel for the fires of ignorance, hatred, greed, destruction, and all of those wonderful things which we as human beings have continued to hold up for our children to emulate. This has forced them to run faster and faster, all in pursuit of golden idols; running from God instead of towards God. "We are all from the same Source, we are that Source; we are the God we seek. He even tells us He abides within. How can we not see the simplicity of this fact? We seek outside of ourselves what is within. "No `one'" is better or worse--we are the same, only in other forms. The time has now come to remove all of the stupid man made barriers to the pathways of acceptance and balance. There were no dimensions or separations of man from man created by God--only those we have created against ourselves. It is time to awaken. We are related to each and everything that ever has been or that will ever be. It is not only in the spiritual connection of which we speak, but it also refers to our physical connections as well. "This is to say that each and every thing that we do effects/affects everything else within the universe to the same degree that things which occur in the universe effects/affects our current vibrational forms. This in simplest terms means that we are RESPONSIBLE TO EVERYTHING ELSE for each and everything that we think or do. This is surely similar to the overall responsibility that we mistakenly attempt to put upon the shoulders of the mythical "man made" God that we have necessity in creating. "Everything is your relative and your responsibility. That is all and nothing more! (By the way, there are no greater rewards for anyone who comes to this conclusion, only discomfort and fitful nights of restless sleep.) So put aside all of the self indulging misconceptions that God created man to self indulgently "rule" over any thing or anyone. We must STOP PREACHING "DIVISION" and let us get on with the business at hand--our God responsibilities, to all of our relations. "We have brought the world and its relative, the entire universe, to the point of destruction: SELF DESTRUCTION! When the big bang goes down, it won't be because of the Russians, or the Arabs, or anyone else. It will be because of our own selves. Nothing more and nothing less!! "We have such a "dimension" perception that it has done nothing but keep us blinded and confused as to our real purpose. It has served to turn us outward against all things that don't act, think, look, or worship like we do. We have wasted so much time buried in fragmentation that we have totally lost sight of our spiritual reality. Is it any wonder that our prayers are not heard--we are too busy praying for ourselves to even be able to receive a response. We become selfish, rude, and worst of all, doubtful of our very beings. Is it any wonder that we haven't been able to remember anything of importance? "It is time for all of us to come together in the reality of our beings and return the Earth to the condition in which we found it. I give no consideration as to just when you got here, it remains your responsibility just as much as it is mine. It makes no difference who caused what. Please don't waste conversation on the "economics of everything" argument--it doesn't matter any more. What does make a difference is our ability to get ourselves together and correct what we have done; we perhaps could if we really wanted to! But, it would call for all of us to come together and work out this dilemma. "All colors of beings must accomplish this--it is the responsibility of all colors of beings. All mindsets of beings must come together and work together and all of us must come together--NOW! "We come from the same place and to that place we shall in time return, but only after we have met our commitments and responsibilities--not before; certainly not before anyone else because we have been a better Jew, Catholic, Christian, Pagan or anything else that we care to utilize in an attempt to try and "slide by". "As the vision said, God will only exist when mankind accepts the fact that the spark within them is indeed the God-self! Are we capable of seeing the reality of God? FOR ALL MY RELATIONS, AHO! LITTLE CROW Excerpt: "SIPAPU ODDYSEY" .c.APPENDIX V REC #1 ESU JESUS SANANDA THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1989 6:30 A.M. YEAR 2, DAY 345 .c.:WILL YE KNOW ME? Greetings in Radiance. Let it be known that the time of actual contact is most near. How is it man misses all the signs? Will ye ones ask to put your fingers into wounds of two thousand years ago--? What of the wounds of this day? Well, I shall put my hands upon thy wounds of these two thousand years and ye shall be healed for our circle will be sufficient unto all things. Will ye know Me? Yes, when the time is appropriate. I have been among you and ye did not know Me! Do not flinch and kick of thine selves, the time was not in appropriateness. Ye shall be touched by the Grandfather's hand and ye will know. It is only through the channels of the inner connection with the Great and Mighty Council that ones will be prepared for this, the Greater "Counsel". Men run about asking of "men"; they run to their church buildings and ask of ones trained already in doctrine from which he cannot deviate lest he be ex-communicated and defrocked. Man does not receive of "the greater" from other men, for men have not the power to open up the flood-gates of knowledge unto them. The greater comes not by word, neither the written pages. The greater can only come from Spirit which is connected to the All Knowing Spirit of Man which abides within and is counseled from Higher Realms of Truth. Not all the books which man can write or gather together can contain the knowledge, wisdom, and learning which can be conveyed in one instant in and by the manner in which WE reveal the secrets which are so mysterious. All one must do is seek in truth and not for personal gain or pompous intent that he have a "higher" placement than his brother. .c.:MAN KNOWS NOT HIS SOURCE Yet man does seek and ask--they ask, of whom? They look, but--where do they look? They say this and that, but what does it avail them? Not with all their mantras have they gained wisdom in order to be wise. Neither have their decrees cleansed them. For the most part they pray unto a false or unknown god. THEY KNOW NOT THEIR SOURCE! Rules are laid down and followed that ones can remain within a social grouping with no discomfort and then fall into sleep that no ripples arise upon the waters that he may wear out his days in dreary, boring and unhappy activities to pass time away until his departure. He works and toys at "having" rather than "being had" by fellow men. He loudly speaks his opinions (always of other ones he has studied), and debates (argues) in attempt to sway another to his own selfish truth--most often just to bring peace into a quarrelsome and discomforting circumstance. Thy biggest activity is to go and watch another man participate in some thing or other or to go unto someone else's kitchen and fill thy bellies with abundant food which ye need not. YE ONES HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED LIFE! YE ARE STUMBLING IN "DEATH"--YE HAVE DEADENED EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. The just and the prudent will now be in the receiving of the greater mysteries, for it is now come when they shall be revealed unto you. I say: Behold the Hand of God move. See it move, and know ye that it moves, for by the Hand of God shall these things be revealed unto thee. This is the day of revelation--the Revelation of Revelations, wherein you shall have understanding of all former REVELATIONS. Ye are blessed. .c.:HEAR YE, I AM COME For this, Dharma, I have put within your hand these things of former ages. Age after age there has been given revelation upon and following revelation, and yet, they are not understood. While I say unto you this day, there will now be understanding of the "former" revelations. So let there be understanding, patience and wisdom. The one who lives in the lie will kill his brother or his own mother, to keep of his lie hidden. The truth bringer is the one he kills first. Will thine brethren protect the gift? So be it, we shall see! Ye are ready again to throw her into the den of publicity so that ye need not commit thy worldly cache. So be it, ye ask for that which I can give more unto you and you give Me not that of which ye are not even in need. How is it, friends, that there are ones among you who know not that I AM COME? How is it that they not perceive of the cloud? How can it be they think there is not a cloud? Do I make of my point? Ye can put proof in thy midst and it is missed--they will wait until thy weather men conjure up a new name for a "type" of cloud which has not ever existed before! Indeed! Well, I say: I AM COME! EVEN IN THE "CLOUD"! AND THEY DO NOT SEE! EVEN THY MILITARY TOYS SCOUT THE PERIPHERIES AND PERIMETERS AND HARDLY A BEING TAKES NOTE THEREOF, THEN THE REPORTS ARE "MISPLACED". They see not for the cloud is dense and their eyes blinded. Yea, blind and deaf are they, for they simply cannot seem to see and neither do they hear. The Word is placed before them and still it is not comprehended. I am now speaking that they might have comprehension. I shall speak unto them in ways which are new and strange. I shall now write upon their heart that which they shall not forget. I shall do wondrous things, and I shall be as the Author and the Finisher of My Work. I shall give unto each of my ones a momentous experience that you might know--this has already been done in most instances and still, man calls it "luck"--"the way the cookie crumbles", etc. LISTEN CAREFULLY--NO MAN WILL ABORT THE PLAN OF WHICH I SPEAK! NO MAN SHALL ABORT THE PLAN OF WHICH I SPEAK! I AM THE HOST OF HOSTS, AND I BRING WITH ME MIGHTY WARRIORS, LONG TRAINED IN THE WAY OF THE JUST AND PRUDENT. I KNOW THEM TO BE WORTHY OF TRUST, AND THEY ARE MIGHTY, ENDOWED WITH POWER AND TOTAL WISDOM. .c.:ALL IS KNOWN, FOLLOW ME They have not taken up residence upon the Earth and are free of all bounds and bonds of Earth come to work with ye who are bounded by Earth. My ones are bound by no law save that of Creation and of "Love", which motivates their every act. They know the Earth--all the systems of Earth, man and animal, plants, yea--even unto the thoughts of each and every one. Above all those things which you cannot comprehend, are they filled with knowledge. Every living thing is known well. The composition of all things are known. I say, there are not any secrets for they have learned their part; they are learned in the schools far beyond man's ability to know. NO MAN SHALL PUT THEM TO SHAME AND NO MAN CAN PREVAIL AGAINST THEM FOR THEY COME AS ONES FROM WITHIN THE ONENESS OF CREATION/CREATOR. Precious little ones, I tell thee Truth. These ones are by far thy superiors. Think not that you are wise, man of Earth. You are lower than the "Angels". You have as yet not seen that which you shall become, for you are within a "low grade", and I say unto you: "Come forth", and you move not--you remain in apathy. I stand ready to assist you when you pick up your feet and reach out your hand that I might touch it--be not deceived in this--"TRY ME!" PICK UP YOUR FEET; SEEK ME OUT; LOOK UNTO ME; ASK OF ME--BE AS ONE SELFLESS, AND I SHALL WALK WITH YOU ALL THE WAY AND CARRY YOU IF NEED BE. I do not, however, give Myself unto the unjust and imprudent. I bow down unto the just and prudent who act and seek in selflessness. I heal those who seek and ask in truth and selflessness. I will not go into the den of the dragon; yet I will go down into the bottomless pit to find the just and the humble. I bow down unto the ones which give themself that others might be lifted up. I give not to the braggard nor the bigot, for they find their reward in the plaudits of men. They find their reward in man's flattery. I watch about your place and I see not that it has profited them. I say unto them: "You fools, what has it profited you?" I AM COME THAT YOU ARE NOT DECEIVED OF MEN, FOR THEIR FLATTERY IS LIKEN UNTO THE TACK IN YOUR SHOE WHICH WILL EAT AWAY AT YOUR FLESH UNTIL IT BECOMES INFECTED AND CRIPPLES YOU. AND YET, YOU ALL BEND BEFORE THE FLATTERY AND EVEN UNTO THE MOST SIMPLE HOMAGE. YE CANNOT SEEM TO BE SATISFIED WITH THE HOMAGE OF GOD OR MY BENDED KNEE UNTO YOU. SO BE IT. Blessed are they which shun man's flattery and find their reward in selfless service, asking naught of man. I say: Come follow Me and I shall show you many things which you have not seen nor even dreamed. I promise you not fortune nor fame for ye will have no need of such; I promise you freedom, even as I am free. Think ye that I am an impostor, asking of you favor? I say unto you: I bow down Myself that you be lifted up! So be it that you shall give unto Me credit for being that which I AM, and I shall show unto you that which you have not seen or known. I promise you no miracles; I promise you Eternal Freedom and this is what shall profit you for all else follows. .c.:TAKE MY HAND I SAY UNTO YOU AND BEST YOU HEED CAREFULLY MY WORDS: THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE, EVEN THOUGH HE HAS BEEN AS ONE MILD AND GENTLE IN TRUTH AND BEAUTY; SELFLESS AND GIVING, HE HAS NOT BEEN UNTO YOU THE "DELIVERER"; HE HAS NOT BEEN UNTO YOU "SAVIOR". I SAY: TO SAVE YOURSELF IS THE GREATER WISDOM! NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU--NOT GOD, NOT ME. GOD GIVES GRACE THAT YOU MIGHT KNOW THE TRUTH OF IT--YOU WILL DO IT YOURSELF OR YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED. I SIMPLY STAND AT THE DOOR TO MEASURE YOUR INTENT, FRIENDS, I CANNOT DO IT FOR YOU. A MAN GOES TO THE RESCUE OF A MAN DROWNING AND IF HE KNOWS NOT HOW TO SWIM, BOTH PERISH. FIRST, BROTHERS, PICK UP YOUR OWN FEET AND "THEY" SHALL BE SHOWN THE WAY TO WALK, FOR I HAVE OPENED UP THE WAY AND FOR THIS AM I THE WAYSHOWER. Place your hand in Mine and I shall lead you gently and you shall be dealt in justice. I know that which you need and I know your frailties; but you must come to recognize them also, that you can release them unto my tending. I am prepared to give unto you as you ask and are prepared to receive; no more and no less! Bear in mind, I AM HE which is sent to bear witness of My Father. Likewise do I send My Word out by My Servants, that they bear truthful witness of ME. Behold you ME, and I shall touch you and you shall be quickened and you shall know as I know. I am bound by My Word, and My Word is valid--there shall be no man to invalidate My Word. I am come that it be brought forth this day, the plan which is given unto Me--I SHALL DO OF MY PART. LET IT ALSO BE SAID THAT YOU HAVE DONE YOURS. SO BE IT AND SELAH. UPON THESE WORDS I PLACE OF MY SEAL. All ones had better be carefully interpreting the sequence of the script as written and be prepared. What you wait for is that which is the "final" trumpet blast in the peak of holocaust. Brothers, that is too late for thy mortal form. Will you hear Me? You have much to gain by hearing me and thy loss shall be great if ye plug of your ears much longer. My hand has written and having written, I move on. May you be able to understand that which is written by God, for thee! I bless you, little ones of mine, I hold you close and secure within my wings. To my scribe, I am well pleased. Great will be the honor unto the scribes of Truth for the entire of the world will be against them; but, the world will be proven incorrect in perception and thy gift unto thy fellow man is infinite. I await thy petitions for understanding that we can become attuned and that our understanding be explicit. I AM THAT I AM, SO BE IT .c.APPENDIX VI REC #1 ESU JESUS SANANDA TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1989 7:00 A.M. YEAR 2, DAY 350 .c.:TAKE HEED Let us speak today of practical things. Ye ones spend of your time pondering and predicting those things which remain only "speculation" to your minds. You wonder what the Christ meant here and what the Christ meant there, etc. The time has arrived, chelas, that if you ask Me, the Christ, "What meaning has this?" I shall be most happy to respond. Let us clear of a few matters firstly, however. The majority of ones on your dense placement who claim to be the "body" (church) of God and Christos are NOT. Further, there are great penalties which shall be meted forth to the shepherds of the "churches" which have misled and misdirected. Ye who have set yourselves up as "teachers" and teach wrongly bear great price upon thy heads. When one moves from teaching the pure LAWS OF THE CREATION into teaching of the PERCEIVED and MISPRONOUNCED LAWS OF VOTED-UPON LAWS OF SOME GOD OR OTHER, AS ESTABLISHED BY THE DOCTRINE OF `MAN', HE IS IN MOST DRASTIC CIRCUMSTANCE, FOR HE HAS PULLED BOTH HIMSELF AND HIS BRETHREN DOWN. THE LAWS OF CREATION ARE MOST SIMPLISTIC AND ANY DEVIATION THEREFROM IS "BREAKING" THE LAW. THE LAWS OF CREATION ARE NOT VOTED UPON BY COMMITTEE NOR AMENDMENTS UNTO THE CONSTITUTION. AND, BROTHERS, IT IS THROUGH THE ADHERENCE TO THE LAWS OF CREATION, NOT THE LAWS OF A CHURCH DOCTRINE, WHICH WILL GET YOU TO LIFT OFF. .c.:EVACUATION But, again, your presumption is incorrect. Dead or alive, you will be lifted off this orb, for this orb will be evacuated. It is the manner and placement which really interests you. The darkest son of Satan is going to be lifted off--`raptured' if you please, but he surely won't be in the liking and enjoyment thereof. Father God Wakan (Sacred), with The Creation, has prepared a place for the most fallen brethren and transitions (transportations) are already well under way of both Mine ones and Satan's church. Further, the Astral planes of your planet are all but empty except for the few souls who are caught in the inability of "living" ones to release of them for one reason or another. None are taken without free will choice of movement. This is why I most earnestly plead with you to release in thy hearts, those ones who have moved from the density of earth 'visible' format unto the invisible dimensions that they can be placed in the proper 'safe' location for their security. There is every probability that man will unleash nuclear confrontation; also, there will be spillage of radioactive materials from your foolish power stations in upheaval of earth fractionating. DEATH OF BODY BY NUCLEAR IMPACT DAMAGES THE VERY ESSENCE OF SOUL STRUCTURE. THEREFORE, SOULS WHO ARE CAUGHT IN YOUR ATMOSPHERE AT SUCH TIME STAND TO BE BADLY DAMAGED, AND REMEMBER, DEAR ONES, THESE INCARNATE ENERGIES HAVE NO CONTROL OF THEMSELVES AT PASSAGE FROM HUMAN FORMAT INTO ETHEREAL FREQUENCY, IF THEY CHANGE DIMENSION IN CONFUSION. YOU PRECIOUS CHILDREN HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN. Oh, you don't want to go? Well, so be it. You wish to "be counted out" for you have your "future" planned? I am speaking of your future. Upon this orb it is going to be a rather nasty "future", if at all. I sit high enough above thee that I can see both ends of the roadway. I also most surely reassure you that if you choose not to "lift-off" ye will be left to experience whatever comes down that roadway! SO BE IT! It is your future what we speak of here and of which I spoke of a blink of an eye ago--two thousand years, I believe you count of it. I said, "Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe in The Creation and also in Me. In My Father's house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also." So be it and Selah. I did Mine portion, did you do yours? To avoid confusion we will refer to the event when those who believe on Me will mysteriously "meet me" in the air somewhere. Let us call it the big "pick up"; well, I would wish it would be "big", but most will still be trying to figure out what it means and miss the ship--space ship! .c.:VIBRATIONAL TUNING I told you long ago, very important facts about the "pick up". THERE MUST BE CHANGES IN YOUR DENSE BODIES OF FLESH AND BLOOD IN ORDER TO WITHSTAND THE VIBRATIONAL CHANGES OF TRAVELING IN A BEAM OF LIGHT. SIMPLE PHYSICS, FRIENDS. SIMPLE PHYSICS. THEREFORE, WE WORK WITH YE ONES OF MINE CONSTANTLY; DAY AND NIGHT TO CHANGE AND UPGRADE THOSE FREQUENCIES. THOSE WHO DECIDE AT THE HOUR TWELVE AT POINT OF LIFT OFF TO GO WITH US, RUN GREAT RISK OF PHYSICAL DAMAGE, PROBABLY SEPARATION OF EARTH HUMAN FORMAT INTO ESSENCE. MINE EFFORT IS TO PULL YOU OFF INTACT. BUT FOR THAT, YOU MUST PREPARE YOURSELVES. For a year and a half I have been transporting Dharma back and forth in human format and it is still most hard on her. You pick up air bubbles in your audio system, pressure compression in your gastro-intestinal system and all sorts of things happen within your fuel lines (circulatory system). God is "unlimited", but you are most "limited". So be it and Selah. How do you get on the training program? You go within where God dwells and ask permission. If you are sincere He hands you over to My circuit and you get immediately placed on my "lift off" charter book and together we start training. You see, your God mind can do anything and all things--but it must know what it is it is supposed to be doing. Well, in this instance, it is supposed to be getting you vibrationally changed that you might make it nicely through a beam of light. One of the largest portions of that place which is prepared for you for transportation is a "hospital" unit and much help is standing by on both Earth and aboard to help the late comers mend their wounds. You ones want to make mystical hocus pocus of everything--nay, nay--soul essence is light, so it goes most naturally; the physical flesh and bone body has to be trained by the soul mind itself to respond on command. It is like this, dear hearts, you ones who turn away these writings in the name of "it cannot be", are throwing away your transition instruction sheet. Did you not believe you would be given your transition instruction? Who did you think would bring or disperse them? BETTER LOOK AGAIN--THAT OLD "I DON'T KNOW" WON'T CUT IT AT "PICK UP", I ASSURE YOU UNEQUIVOCALLY. FURTHER, IF IT WERE NOT COMING ALONG "SOON" YE WOULD NOT BE GETTING OF IT NOW. THIS ALSO MEANS, DEAR HEARTS, THAT SOME OF ME AND MINE WILL BE COMING ALONG THAT YOU MIGHT REASSURE YOURSELVES THAT WE ARE "REAL" AND CAN GET WITH THE PROGRAM. SO BE IT. DON'T BE CAUGHT DEAD (SLEEPING) WHEN WE SHOW UP, BELOVED ONES, BE ALIVE (AWAKE) AND ON THY TOES IN ALERTNESS, PLEASE. I WALK IN BEAUTY AND GLORY; COME WALK WITH ME, PLEASE, FOR I HAVE RESERVED A PLACE FOR YOU IF YOU WILL BUT ACCEPT OF THE TICKET--ESCROW IS ABOUT TO CLOSE! .c.:STAY AWAKE, THE TIME DRAWS NIGH The great "mystery" of all this is exactly what it says by definition: "mystery" means: something which has not been revealed before. Well, it is now being revealed, therefore, it will no longer be a mystery if you will stop preaching such nonsense as the devil angels wish to have you teach. No more mysteries--conscious, physical reality is going to fall all over you, if you reach out and take it--it will not be shoved down thy throats like a dose of medication. The trumpet blast? Oh yes, it will be and you are about ready for the "last" one. Gabriel is most attached to Me and to ye. More attached than any of you are willing to believe. Head Archangel with the timing clock awaiting the countdown of God when man has gone the last foolish mile and The Creation is ready to swing into full action. You better be staying awake for the "time" segment will be most tiny--no waiting at that point for you to be in indecision and pondering--fifteen minutes, by your clocks! Half an hour at the maximum. There will be more than one opportunity, but those on the first migration are the wisest, for they are the ones who will not scorch their toesies. Those of the last migration will have endured or fallen, in the tribulation and chaos. So be it, beloved of Me--check your watches and set thy timers. I suggest you get thy training programs under way. You will be given opportunity but you must accept it and stop of the denial. You will be given proof, but it will likewise be discounted, so you who await ME better check all things out very carefully. VERY CAREFULLY INDEED. THIS LITTLE SCRIBE HAS NAUGHT TO GAIN BY BRINGING THIS OUT AND JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING EARTHLY TO LOSE. SHE HAS BEEN AROUND YOUR PLACE FOR ALMOST SIXTY YEARS, SO SHE IS NOT A LITTLE CHILD PLAYING MIND GAMES. SO BE IT AND SELAH; LET HIM WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR--HEAR. AND HIM WHO HAS EYES TO SEE--SEE! ON THESE WORDS I PLACE MY SEAL. Let us close this portion, Dharma, as I am being summoned. Your place is in most critical physical circumstance. Your Middle Eastern Holy Lands are about to detonate. May God walk with you for such a time is ahead if you heed ME not. Mine very BEING weeps for Man and I plead with you to hear Me for I have thy place of safety if ye will but choose of it. IN REVERENCE AND ADORATION OF SOLEN AUM SOLEN; I AM. I AM THINE ELDER BROTHER COME TO TAKE YOU TO SAFETY AND BRING YOU HOME. SO BE IT FOR SO IT IS WRITTEN. AMEN, ADONAI, SALU--AHO. .c.APPENDIX VII REC #1 ESU JESUS SANANDA SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1989 7:00 A.M. YEAR 2, DAY 354 .c.:THINK! Spiritual? What exactly is spiritual? Is spiritual the connection to thy higher knowledge or does it relate only unto thy "affiliation with church creed"? Wherefrom has come the doctrines of thy churches incarnate? Since the very word incarnate designates "manifestation" and "church" is defined as "body of"--who have ye chosen? Was Martin Luther a voice from God or a man? What of John Calvin? What of Moses? Are (were) these ones of discarnate God substance or manifested incarnate man? Who was King James that he wrote a version of thy verses? Oh, I see, it was only King James (of where?) who had other men do of it. Oh, let us get this straight----some "man" told you that this or that book is the real scoop? Did any of you personally meet Joseph Smith? Could he have been a human in dense manifestation? Was he actually a holographic illusion? Who is Mormon? Who really is Moroni? Who is Gabriel? Who is Michael? Who is George Washington? Adolph Hitler?------------Well, I am ESU JESUS IMMANUEL SANANDA! AND FURTHER, WHO ARE YOU? Oh, I see, someone wrote of things which were put to scribing some 3--500 years after "JESUS" died. Things were copied from scrolls and hand-me-down oral sayings. What of gossip? Is the fourth time a story is told the same as the first, especially if it travels through four separate energies? Have you ever been written of in the news press only to find thy name misspelled and the facts distorted? Oh ye blind little ones of earth density. There are not such things as other planet inhabitants? No such things as space craft? Who told you thusly? Oh, yes, I forget--your government and your military communiques? Are these the same ones that said a stealth plane crashed in thy desert over two years ago and also said in thy press that they were still upon the "drawing board" within the same week? Would these informers by any chance be the same ones who had naught to do with Watergate? How about Iran-Contra Gate? Could it be you get thy information from thy neighbor who HAD AN EXPERIENCE? Did not thy Jim Jones preach from the same Holy Bible as does Mr. Falwell? How about Dr. Schuller--whose Bible does he use? Do ye think I TOLD THE CATHOLIC ONES IN THE VATICAN TO WEAR RED ROBES UPON THEIR BACKS AND CONTROL THE MASSES (NO PUN INTENDED) THROUGH IGNORANCE AND FEAR? I TEACH NO FEAR, STRIVE EVER FOR EXPERIENCE AND TRUTH THROUGH RESEARCH INTO KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. I TEACH PEACE AND FREEDOM AND THAT GOD IS WITHOUT "FORCE" IN THY FREE-WILL ACTIVITIES. DOES THAT MEAN THAT THERE ARE RULES FOR THE RULERS AND OTHER "LESS EQUAL" RULES FOR THE MASSES? SORRY, FRIENDS, YOU LIVE WITHIN NAUGHT BUT LIES. HAVE YE AS AN INDIVIDUAL MET ME PERSONALLY? NO, MOST OF YOU HAVE NOT. MOST OF YOU OF EARTH WOULDN'T KNOW ME IF I STOOD UPON THY HEAD AND POUNDED UPON IT. YE WOULD HAVE ME ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT AND BATTERY UPON THY MORTAL FORM. HOW DARE YE JUDGE! EACH OF MINE SCRIBES HAVE MET ME AND THEY HAVE MET GOD THE CREATOR. THEY HAVE LITERALLY MET ME IN MORTAL FORMAT; SHARED, LOVED AND COMMUNED WITH ME. SPACE BROTHERS? ARE THEY REALLY "OUT THERE"? YES, AND THESE ONES OF MINE STUDY ABOARD THE SHIPS EVERY NIGHT OF THEIR LIVING TIME. YE DO NOT HAVE OF ARMAGEDDON AND RAPTURE AND ALL THOSE THINGS OF WHICH YE TOUT FOR THE ENDING GREAT TRANSLATION AND TRANSITION OF HUMAN FORM WITHOUT HUMAN/GOD PLANNING AND ORCHESTRATION FOR THE INTERIM MONTHS THAT YE PERCEIVE AS "TIME". DO YE THINK IT IS A DAVID COPPERFIELD MAGIC SHOW? WHAT DO YE ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT IT? DO YE EVEN THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL? SO BE IT! .c.:YE WHO HAVE JUDGED Do ye chide these ones on this "crazy hill" that they are nuts and naught is going to happen? It takes too long! HOW LONG IS INFINITY? HOW LONG IS ETERNITY AND WHERE WILL YOU BE SPENDING IT? OH, IF THE "BROTHERS FROM SPACE" REALLY CARED ABOUT YOU, YOU WOULD BE GETTING FUNDING SHOWERED UPON YOU? DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT YOU? THE SPACE BRETHREN HAVE MADE THEIR TRANSITION--IT IS NOT THEIR PROJECT. THEY ARE WILLING TO HELP; THEY HAVE COME FORTH FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO SERVE ME AND THEE. VERY, VERY SOON NOW, YE ONES WHO HAVE CHATTERED FALSELY ABOUT THESE ONES ARE GOING TO BE, LET ME SEE, I THINK YE SAY "EATING CROW". I UNDERSTAND THE RAVEN IS VERY TOUGH TO CHEW. THESE VERY WORDS ARE BEING PENNED IN ADVANCE THAT YOU CANNOT GO BACK AND SAY "I KNEW IT ALL THE TIME AND THE WORDS WERE WRITTEN AFTER THE FACT". NO SUCH LUCK, BRETHREN, YE WHO HAVE THROWN WORDS AGAINST THESE ONES OF MINE WILL MOST SURELY BE WISE TO PRACTICE THY CHEWING EXERCISES RIGHT NOW. YE HAVE NOT THE VAGUEST IDEA OF HOW OR WHY THERE IS CREATION NOR WHO OR WHAT IS GOD. YE LIVE IN LITTLE CELLS OF IGNORANCE AND FOOLISHNESS. YE SET ABOUT MUTILATING AND HUMILIATING THOSE OF MINE WHO COME FORTH TO ASSIST YOU THAT THY PATH OF GREED NOT BE INTERRUPTED. THEN YE GO FORTH UNTO THY CHURCH BUILDING AND LET ANOTHER MAN SANCTION THAT WHICH YE HAVE DONE TO BE A GIFT UNTO MANKIND. SO BE IT; EXERCISE THY TEETH FOR YE ARE GOING TO BE QUITE SPEECHLESS--SOON! Ye ones are going about to party and experience great and wondrous words from AT&T? I suppose ye will celebrate the return unto the cave also? Fiberoptics? How do ye feel about transportation of matter through a light beam with no fiber or optics? Or, will ye discount that as negative for your military or government hasn't invented it yet? Do the Russians have the ability? How about the Orientals? How do ye know? Right on CAPITAL HILLS there will be failure unless ye open unto us and participate in fairness and cooperation. I promise ye that much--ye will go no farther than we allow you to go for this is a chosen place and a well laid forth plan. Celebrate thy gains and enjoy thy growth for that is what life is about and we honor and appreciate that which ye have accomplished, but keep thy head screwed on in the proper direction. And always keep of thine eyes unto the sky for that is from whence will come thy help. ALWAYS ALSO REMEMBER: PRIDE AND CONCEIT GO RIGHT BEFORE THE FALL INTO THE WETTED DIRT. SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE FIRST AND SECOND MOUTHFUL OF "CROW". DON'T YE OF MINE BE SMUG AND GRANDIOSE IN THY "I TOLD YOU SO" OR THY MOUTH WILL BE STUFFED WITH RAVEN FEATHERS ALSO. FOR YE ARE ALL OF "MINE" AND ONLY DIFFERING IN THY EXPERIENCE AND AWAKENING; NO MORE AND CERTAINLY NO LESS. Precious Dharma, ye are going to have to do a lot of scribing in these next brief days. There is much that must be put to paper prior to the mid-portion of this current month ye call August. Man must learn of his connections with his "space brethren" for ye know not of that which ye deny. All "space men" do not come in UFO's--in fact, to visit with you currently, very few come in any kind of primitive craft--those displays are for you ones. They are also illusions and mind seed planted, most frequently, by the dark forces who are your adversaries, so that you will discount and live in "fear". Blessed are those who live in "LIGHT" and cover yourselves with the safety net of Divine Father's feathered cloak. Ye were seeded from the stars and unto the stars will ye return--So be it and Amen. Thy prophets of thine Holy Books are about the only ones in thy entire system that are Truth. It has been left intact for no one could understand of it. Well, beloved ones, ye are going to get it explained unto you--right here. MORE THAN THAT; YE ARE GOING TO KNOW IT IS TRUTH, THAT WHICH WE BRING UNTO YOU. UNEQUIVOCALLY, INCONTROVERTIBLY, AND ABSOLUTELY!!**!! Dharma, this day I request that this machine be moved if others need of this space, but I desire the Ashtar and Obsherlin Sashu tapes be transcribed. I request you do of it for ye need the support of that knowledge. .c.:TRUTH WILL COME FORTH Commander Hatonn is the experiencing fragment of ATON, our Father Creator; ONE SOURCE, ONE LIGHT. YE HAVE THE HOSTS OF HEAVENS TO GIVE BACKING AND SUPPORT UNTO THEE, CHELA. KEEP THY COURAGE FOR THE WORDS ARE ALIEN (ALSO NO PUN INTENDED). YE WILL NOT BE PERSECUTED FOR THEIR HERESY FOR VERY LONG, PRECIOUS, FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND THAT MAN STOPS OF HIS DREARY NONSENSE AND TRUTH HAS TO BEGIN TO FLOW FROM SOME POINT IN PLACE AND TIME FORMAT. YOU HAVE HAD HUMBLE AND UNBENDING TRUTH BRINGERS PRIOR TO YOU AND YE ONES WHO WILL COMPILE OF THE BOOKS OF TRUTH KNOW WHO YE ARE. AND YE ARE BLESSED IN THE ARMS OF GOD AND WILL BE WITHIN THE HEARTS OF MAN AS THEY COME INTO UNDERSTANDING. SO BE IT FOR YE WILL BE PROTECTED BY THINE HEAVENLY LABEL EXCEPT FROM THINE FELLOW WORKERS OF WHOM ALL ABOUT THIS SMALL VILLAGE WILL BECOME. YE ONES SHALL PRODUCE THE LIGHTED EXAMPLE FOR IT IS SO ORDAINED. Go now, Dharma, for I will need of thee much this day. Thy earthly attitudes and activities must go on hold for we have much to do in these next short days. Oberli, please call of mine beloved Sister T and give welcome if she would get an urge to come in a couple of weeks or so. If unpredicted things arise with the dwelling, other plans can be fashioned. She is being nudged but she will not wish to impose. Make no projected speeches of certainty but make that one welcomed. Also call of Little Crow and offer likewise for then, they can do as they are prompted to do. So be it and Selah; I am in appreciation, Oberli, that you handle of these earth matters. In love and wondrous anticipation of more closely sharing within thy conscious format, I stand by. I AM ESU JESUS IMMANUEL (JMMANUEL) SANANDA OF GOD, OF LIGHT; SON OF THE CELESTIAL SON AND ONE WITHIN THE CREATION. AS I AM, SO TOO ARE YE. WHAT I DO, YE CAN ALSO DO FOR YE, TOO, ARE ONE WITH GOD. WAKE UP AND ACCEPT OF THY WONDROUS INHERITANCE AND BIRTHRIGHT FOR YE OF GOD ARE INTENDED TO RECEIVE GLORY AND THE ULTIMATE GIFTS OF THE CREATION ITSELF. DO NOT CAST OF IT ASIDE IN THY IGNORANCE. BE DISCERNING, BUT DO NOT REMAIN IN IGNORANCE THAT YE CAST OF IT ASIDE. SO BE IT AND AMEN, ADONAI, SALU AND AHO! I AM THAT I AM. FOREWORD 1 CHAPTER 1 4 A NEW PUBLICATION 4 CRASHED SPACECRAFT 6 MJ-12 COMMITTEE 6 THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS 8 KISSINGER'S EARLY ROLE 8 UFO STUDY RESULTS 9 THE GOVERNMENT ROLE 10 CHAPTER 2 12 CRASH DETAILS 12 EBE 14 THE FRIENDLY SKIES 16 AN IMPOTENT GIANT 17 INTELLIGENCE & COVER-UP 17 SILENCE AT ANY COST 19 N.S.A. GETS TO BE BOSS 19 CHAPTER 3 21 WORLD POWERS INFORMED 21 THE BILDERBERGERS 22 NELSON ROCKEFELLER'S ROLE 23 EISENHOWER'S MEETING 24 U.S./ALIEN TREATY 25 ALIEN BASES IN THE U.S. 26 HIDING THE MONEY 27 CHAPTER 4 30 ROCKEFELLER'S KEY ROLE 30 PROPHECIES OF FATIMA CONFIRMED 31 TIME TRAVEL 32 THE JASON SOCIETY'S ALTERNATIVES 32 FUNDING VIA ILLEGAL DRUGS 34 KENNEDY ULTIMATUM 35 MOON BASE LUNA 37 CHAPTER 5 39 CONFRONTATION--NO CONTEST 39 FIRST U.S. MILITARY COUP 39 COVERING UP 40 FINANCIAL EMPIRE 40 THE "MAJESTIC" COVER-UP 41 PREPARING FOR ALIEN CONTACT 42 MARTIAL LAW PLANNED FOR 43 UFO ORGANIZATIONS INFILTRATED 44 THE SECRET GOVERNMENT 45 IS THERE ANY HOPE? 47 CHAPTER 6 48 MIDDLE-EAST CONFRONTATION 48 COG AND THE DOOMSDAY PROJECT 48 GOOD GUYS IN SPACE 49 ARMAGEDDON CHRIST vs SATAN 50 YOUR FINAL LESSONS 51 SCRIBES ARE PROTECTED 51 TROUBLE WITH DOOMSDAY 53 THE CHAIN OF COMMAND 54 CHAPTER 7 56 WHO GETS SAVED 56 WHO GETS PAID 58 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS 59 COVER-UPS AND FAT CONTRACTS 60 FROM `DUCK AND COVER' TO `RUN LIKE HELL' 61 FIGHTING BACK AFTER AN ATTACK 62 CHAPTER 8 64 SETTING SOME OF THE RECORD STRAIGHT 64 ANDRUS EXPOSED 65 GEORGE EARLY DENOUNCED 65 LORENZEN CONFUSED 66 KORFF WILL EAT CROW 67 FRIEDMAN PART OF CONSPIRACY 67 BILLY MEIER WILL BE HONORED 68 THE SEALS 68 APPENDIX I 69 THE "GREY MEN" TAPE 69 APPENDIX II 89 SIGNS 89 YOU ARE IN THE FUNNEL 90 TIMING AND PROPHESIES 91 SATAN ALIVE AND WELL 93 THE CHILD 93 APPENDIX III 94 THE CHRISTOS LEADS! 94 CAST THESE PEARLS IN FERTILE LAND 96 DO THY JOB! 96 LONG AGO SATAN CAPTURED THE CHURCHES 97 I AM COME TO TAKE THEE HOME 98 FALSE PROPHETS 99 HEAR ME 100 PROOF 101 APPENDIX IV 103 LITTLE CROW SPEAKS 103 APPENDIX V 107 WILL YE KNOW ME? 107 MAN KNOWS NOT HIS SOURCE 107 HEAR YE, I AM COME 108 ALL IS KNOWN, FOLLOW ME 109 TAKE MY HAND 111 APPENDIX VI 113 TAKE HEED 113 EVACUATION 113 VIBRATIONAL TUNING 115 STAY AWAKE, THE TIME DRAWS NIGH 116 APPENDIX VII 118 THINK! 118 YE WHO HAVE JUDGED 119 TRUTH WILL COME FORTH 121 .End Table C. FOREWORD 1 CHAPTER 1 4 A NEW PUBLICATION 4 CRASHED SPACECRAFT 5 MJ-12 COMMITTEE 6 THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS 7 KISSINGER'S EARLY ROLE 8 UFO STUDY RESULTS 8 THE GOVERNMENT ROLE 9 CHAPTER 2 12 CRASH DETAILS 12 EBE 14 THE FRIENDLY SKIES 16 AN IMPOTENT GIANT 17 INTELLIGENCE & COVER-UP 18 SILENCE AT ANY COST 19 N.S.A. GETS TO BE BOSS 20 CHAPTER 3 22 WORLD POWERS INFORMED 22 THE BILDERBERGERS 23 NELSON ROCKEFELLER'S ROLE 24 EISENHOWER'S MEETING 25 U.S./ALIEN TREATY 26 ALIEN BASES IN THE U.S. 27 HIDING THE MONEY 28 CHAPTER 4 31 ROCKEFELLER'S KEY ROLE 31 PROPHECIES OF FATIMA CONFIRMED 32 TIME TRAVEL 33 THE JASON SOCIETY'S ALTERNATIVES 34 FUNDING VIA ILLEGAL DRUGS 35 KENNEDY ULTIMATUM 36 MOON BASE LUNA 38 CHAPTER 5 41 CONFRONTATION--NO CONTEST 41 FIRST U.S. MILITARY COUP 41 COVERING UP 42 FINANCIAL EMPIRE 42 THE "MAJESTIC" COVER-UP 43 PREPARING FOR ALIEN CONTACT 44 MARTIAL LAW PLANNED FOR 44 UFO ORGANIZATIONS INFILTRATED 46 THE SECRET GOVERNMENT 47 IS THERE ANY HOPE? 48 CHAPTER 6 50 MIDDLE-EAST CONFRONTATION 50 COG AND THE DOOMSDAY PROJECT 50 GOOD GUYS IN SPACE 51 ARMAGEDDON CHRIST vs SATAN 52 YOUR FINAL LESSONS 53 SCRIBES ARE PROTECTED 54 TROUBLE WITH DOOMSDAY 54 THE CHAIN OF COMMAND 56 CHAPTER 7 58 WHO GETS SAVED 58 WHO GETS PAID 60 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS 61 COVER-UPS AND FAT CONTRACTS 62 FROM `DUCK AND COVER' TO `RUN LIKE HELL' 63 FIGHTING BACK AFTER AN ATTACK 64 CHAPTER 8 66 SETTING SOME OF THE RECORD STRAIGHT 66 ANDRUS EXPOSED 67 GEORGE EARLY DENOUNCED 67 LORENZEN CONFUSED 68 KORFF WILL EAT CROW 68 FRIEDMAN PART OF CONSPIRACY 68 BILLY MEIER WILL BE HONORED 69 THE SEALS 70 APPENDIX I 71 THE "GREY MEN" TAPE 71 APPENDIX II 91 SIGNS 91 YOU ARE IN THE FUNNEL 92 TIMING AND PROPHESIES 93 SATAN ALIVE AND WELL 95 THE CHILD 95 APPENDIX III 97 THE CHRISTOS LEADS! 97 CAST THESE PEARLS IN FERTILE LAND 98 DO THY JOB! 99 LONG AGO SATAN CAPTURED THE CHURCHES 99 I AM COME TO TAKE THEE HOME 100 FALSE PROPHETS 101 HEAR ME 102 PROOF 103 APPENDIX IV 105 LITTLE CROW SPEAKS 105 APPENDIX V 109 WILL YE KNOW ME? 109 MAN KNOWS NOT HIS SOURCE 109 HEAR YE, I AM COME 110 ALL IS KNOWN, FOLLOW ME 111 TAKE MY HAND 113 APPENDIX VI 115 TAKE HEED 115 EVACUATION 115 VIBRATIONAL TUNING 117 STAY AWAKE, THE TIME DRAWS NIGH 118 APPENDIX VII 120 THINK! 120 YE WHO HAVE JUDGED 121 TRUTH WILL COME FORTH 123 BOOKLIST & ORDERING INFORMATION


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