The following is a CSICOP Press release scheduled for distribution to the media on 12/27/9

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The following is a CSICOP Press release scheduled for distribution to the media on 12/27/93. __ For more information contact: Barry Karr, CSICOP, 716-636-1425 BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON SEPARATE! MADONNA ARRESTED FOR SKIING NAKED! FERGIE POSES FOR PLAYBOY! TOILET PAPER SHORTAGE LEADS TO RIOTS! These are among the headlines predicted for 1993 by some of the world's best psychics, who made their forecasts in supermarket tabloids like the _National Enquirer_, _The Globe_, and the _Weekly World News_. You didn't miss these headlines. The predictions never came true. Gene Emery, a science writer at the _Providence Journal_, says the psychics scored as poorly in 1993 as they have each year since he began tracking such forecasts in the 1970s. "By saving these predictions for a year, it's easy for anyone to discover for themselves whether psychics have real powers or not," said Emery. "And each year, the results convince me once again that people who consult such self- proclaimed psychics are probably wasting their money." According to the psychics, 1993 was supposed to be the year that: "Fergie" posed naked for Playboy (as predicted by John Monti in the _National Enquirer_) Dolly Parton's left breast exploded during a nationally televised special (Peter Meers, _Weekly World News_) Bill and Hillary Clinton split up (Barbara Donchess, _National Enquirer_) Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, and Dan Rather were all replaced by younger anchormen (Maria Graciette, _National Enquirer_) Injuries forced the NFL to switch to two-hand touch football, and a shortage of toilet paper led to riots (Joseph Klar, _Weekly World News_) Princess Diana gave birth to a boy who was fathered by a U.S. Senator, and Queen Elizabeth abdicated her throne to enter a convent (Countess Serena Sabak, _Weekly World News_) Phil Donahue became an ambassador (Mystic Meg in _The Globe_) Jay Leno was replaced on The Tonight Show by Kathie Lee Gifford (Hevenly, _National Enquirer_) The Hubble space telescope discovered alien beings living on an asteroid (Shawn Robbins, _National Enquirer_) Emery said that, "Depending on the psychic you listened to, 1993 was supposed to be the year that: Madonna was arrested in Utah for skiing naked, she revealed that she was Jim Nabors' love child, or she remarried Sean Penn and cleaned up her image to become 'the new Julie Andrews of the film world.' " While some psychics predicted Mike Tyson's release from prison, psychic Peter Meers said it would be the year Tyson finds true love in prison with an inmate identified as "Big Bubba." Psychic Gerd Peters said that former Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa would be found alive; on the other hand, Countess Serena Sabak predicted that Hoffa's skull would be found inside a shark. "From what I saw, these psychics missed every major, unexpected news story of 1993, including Michael Jordan's retirement, the Midwest flooding, the World Trade Center bombing, the Israel-PLO peace treaty, and the Bobbit case," said Emery. "Instead," he continued, "we had psychics predicting that Michael Jackson would discover a drink that cures addiction to crack cocaine, or he would run a retreat for troubled children on a 300-acre compound in rural Nebraska." After decades of looking, scientists have not found convincing evidence that self-proclaimed psychics really have the ability to see the future, find missing people, or help solve crimes. When psychics are tested under conditions that eliminate luck or fraud, they typically fail. Some people argue that the forecasts in supermarket tabloids are so outrageous that nobody in their right minds would take them seriously, Emery said. "But if I told you a year ago that two cartoon characters named Beavis and Butthead would make national headlines, you would have been wrong to call me crazy," he explained. Emery said he is always looking for predictions from professional psychics who might be able to demonstrate real talent, as long as the forecasts deal with major, unexpected events that are guaranteed to make the headlines. Among the events the psychics have already forecast for 1994: an earthquake will turn Florida into an island, Michael Jackson will become an evangelist, and thousands will die in South Carolina when a teenager accidentally detonates a homemade nuclear bomb in his basement. "I predict," said Emery, "that it won't happen." (Gene Emery can be reached at 401-277-7361.)


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