The Venutian +quot;Zontar+quot; has just written (1) That with +quot;Cosmic Star Goat+quot

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The Venutian "Zontar" has just written (1) That with "Cosmic Star Goat" he is smitten. (2) So if that goat is YOU, Better high-tail it to Someplace safe, QUICK, before you are itten!!! (3) Footnotes: (1) "Zontar," my deity, is a winged creature from Venus (see "It Conquered the World" starring Peter Graves, and "Zontar, The Thing From Venus"). His/Its latest writings were received by me just this afternoon via interplanetary modem (available only to Zontarists). (2) When Zontar is smitten, he's not looking to "kiss," but to devour (with plenty of ketchup). (3) I strongly suggest a galaxy far, far away! _____ * Origin: Gary Posner, Founder, Tampa Bay Skeptics c/o Electro-Skeptic (1:377/33)


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