Jim Mooney On reading the latest excellent work of sci-fi by A.A. Attonasio, I was struck

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Jim Mooney On reading the latest excellent work of sci-fi by A.A. Attonasio, I was struck by how many of the most advanced SF authors (who are often right, and often far ahead of the rest of us) postulate a coeval form of life on this planet that tends to influence or sometimes possess humans. The religious identify these as Angels or Demons, but the authors look on them as simply coevolved organisms, plasmoid in nature, which have completely alien aims, but which mask themselves as "good" or "evil" in order to play some involved game with us, such as starting religions. (although they usually turn and rend their beleivers at some point) This got me to thinking about virtual demons in the universal unconscious. One does not have to have any mystical beliefs to posit a universal unconscious that simply contains those general images and structures common to a group and influences their behaviour. Most Americans, for instance, see the redhaired clown when Ronald McDonald is mentioned. I suspect there is even some poor soul out there who is possessed by Ronald McDonald. At this point we can say that the spirit of Ronald McDonald has a virtual reality since it can be operationally observed. That is, we can do that most scientific of things, predict events based on its existence. One possessed by Ronald would have certain predictable traits, such as an affinity for hamburgers, fear of the Hamburglar, and a propensity for clownish jokes. He might also murder little children, but we are only talking about prediction of known traits. The police, indeed, being a practical lot, would try to figure out where the spirit of Ronald would go, and would stake out all the McDonalds in town. If you rotate a string fast enough, it becomes a virtual sheild and even a strong man cannot punch through it. Angels, Demons, and gods are also a strong operational and virtual reality in this world by this reasoning. The question is - was the Brady Bunch a real family or were they just actors? And if they were just actors, why did we spend so much time watching them, laughing at their completely fictitious predicaments? {Before anyone takes the wrong idea, this is a rhetorical question - I HATED the Brady Bunch - but then, How could I hate fictitious characters, anyway?}


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