_Denver Post_ 7/12/92 page 2E. By Peter Pegnam: Three people in Scottsdale, Ariz, are used

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_Denver Post_ 7/12/92 page 2E. By Peter Pegnam: Three people in Scottsdale, Ariz, are used to being considered bizzare. After, all, the message they carry is that people need not die but can live forever here on earth. [Goes on to describe the fact that the group "CBJ" (Charles Brown, Berna Dean, and James Strole) has 15,000-20,000 people on their mailing list worldwide.] The three readily admit that there is no scientific proff that human beings can live without death. On the other hand, "There is no scientific proof that human beings have to die," says Berna Deane, another member. [I know, "10 billion people can't be all wrong," *I* didn't say it.] "I personally feel that death does not happen naturally" says James Russell Strole, another member. [the next couple of paragraphs tell how doctors "who believe strongly in the power of positive thinking say believeing in physical immortality is unrealistic and potentially dangerous." After that it tells how "CBJ" got their name (Charles, Berna, James), and the group's early history.] "There is a support system for death, and most people don't realize that," strole says. [more of the same.] This is how CBJ describes the alternative, physical immortality: "Those who experience and live physical immortality do not accept the death-oriented culture and belive that the physical, mental and emotional `death programs' which have been geneticaly and culturally encoded within the human body can be eliminated through an `awakening' process involving cellular regeneration and a synergistic movement between people focused together. "The reality of physical immortality is that the spirit of man and the physical body, the spirit and body, are one. "Through cellular awakening, the spirt is unleashed, the death program is eliminated, and a new quality of life emerges." Brown explained what he meant by "cellular awakening." "A new intelligence begins to be released from within the body itself, begins to send signals to the briand, developing a new consciousness, a new awareness, fron that chemical action and reaction. "It's not something where you have to go into a trance or a meditation to accomplish. "It becomes innate, it beocme bioligical. It becomes who you are naturally, rather than you having to work at it." Physical immortatlity takes a group effot, they say. [ the rest is a mythological justification, a statement worth quoting. "Strole says CBJ is no trying to create a new religion or philosophy." and a recruitment pitch. End of article] Big Al. All speling erors are min, sorry about that, he spelled great.


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