EXTRATERRESTRIALS VIOLATE MAN'S CREATIVE FREEDOM Scientists who lived thousands of years a

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EXTRATERRESTRIALS VIOLATE MAN'S CREATIVE FREEDOM Scientists who lived thousands of years ago on that lost continent of which Plato wrote were far in advance of our presentday geneticists. Many people do not realize this, but it is true. More than twelve thousand years ago mutations were created in the laboratories of Atlantis that developed into grotesque formations-- half human, half animal. From the akashic records we read the history of mankind's self-ruination through their cooperation with the experiments of the Nephilim Gods and their birth Goddesses. And there was no end to the vile 'things' they created for their pleasure--- animated robots, slaves that did their bidding---- and then got out of hand. (The sorcerer's apprentice may yet be loose on planet earth! Which species do you think is most out of control---- most capable of wanton recklessness on a whimsy, or by the law of the jungle? What animal or creeping thing or microbe when let out of the zoo is most inimical to his own species?) It must not be forgot that, above all, they wanted control---- of Camelot and MORE. But neither it nor the Once and Future King, norhis chelas would be horsed or unhorsed against their will. It's true! The genetic engineering of the human race and lower creatures became their modus operandi of controlling God and Man and their relationship on earth. But not for long." Thus far and no farther!" The resounding fiat of Solar Logoiquivered the cocoon of the matter cosmos. And god saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man and beast and the creeping THING...." And this is something out of the midsts of planetary records, stored also in the collective unconscious of the race of mankind, that you ought to take time to think about. This is why god (through Elohim) HAD TO destroy the products of Nephilim experimentation--- for they stole the genes of the Man made by the Divine Us to imprison both God and his (sic) creation in monstrous creatures which were not only distortions of god's purposes and intent, but also a defilement of the Divine Image itself: The head and torso of male and female humans on the bodies of horses (these were the same sort of people we find today who did and still allow themselves to be horsed and unhorsed!) and all kinds of abominations, such as the mythological satyr- hideous goat men and other strange types too grotesque to even speak or think about. Such as these did the bidding of laggard scientists of the left-handed path (commonly called the seed of Satan) who had migrated in spacecraft from other planets, bringing with them their know-how, their assistants, and their laboratory specimens. According to the Edgar Cayce readings, these mutants were the result not only of genetic tampering but also the union of animals (Homo Sapiens?) with the "THINGS". The most renowned psychic reader of the century left us the following record on the Atlantean era: "There was not a labouring for the sustenance of life (as in the present), but rather individuals who were children of the Law of One--- and some who were the children of Belial (in the early experience)--- were served by automatons, or THINGS, that were retained by individuals or groups to do the labors of a household, or to cultivate the fields or the like, or to perform the activities of artisans." Interpreting his father's readings on Atlantis, Edgar Evans Cayce says the term "THINGS" refers to "the life form creations of the spiritual beings [we believe, the Nephilim] who had projected themselves into materiality....the earth was proceeding along anevolutionary pattern...which was interrupted by the projection into materiality of these thought forms. It sounds as if they, in many cases, mixed with animals, the results being sometimes quite bizarre." Based on his Cayce research, Brad Steiger in his book ATLANTIS RISING concludes that some of these creatures carried "physical deformities, such as feathered appendages, webbed feet, and other animal-like features". As an extra, insidious feature of Atlantean culture, the sons of Belial soon discovere cybernetic control of the human brain. They cracked the DNA code, enabling them to shape heredity. Such control resting in unethical hands could only result in the creation of more "THINGS". Well, it was precisely this violation of the RNA and DNA chains that interfered with and severly curtailed Man's relationship to god. "How could this be?" you say. You see,through the control of the brain waves and the neurological system with its delicate balance in the interchange of the life-force from Spiritual Man through the chakras to the organs and cells of genetic man, the sons of Belial, to use the Cayce term, altered humanity's genetic capacity for psychic (soul or 'solar') awareness. They interfered with the web of light (the antahkarana) that interconnects the etheric, astral and physical/mental vessels through which the intimations of the godhead are received in the spiritually evolved lifestream. By this genetic 'brainwashing' and then the control of the four lower bodies through the mass media and the programming of the young from earliest years, the sons of Belial reinforced the blunting of the thought receptors to the higher frequencies of Spiritual Man attuned to the Universal Mind. In other words, the sons of Belial waged war against the seed of the Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara) by engineering a mortal man, subject to their genetic formulas of built-in limitation--- and planned obsolescence. They purposed to stunt the soul facilities of the Lightbearers by tampering with the physical instrument, the earth bodies they would wear, the vehicle through which the soul was intended to recall and re-create not only the divin egnosis from the causal body but also the knowledge gathered in other lifetimes on other systems of worlds. And this is the story, in part, of the conspiracy by which god "died" on Atlantis or shall we say, was effectively eliminated, by premeditated murder, from generic man's conscioussoul-awareness. You see, where the Spirit of the lord is not free to be, to move, to evolve and to reveal himself in Man, in Woman, as the twin flames he created out of the white fire core of his Being, then we say god is 'dead' because his (sic) reason for being has been aborted--- in manifestation. People don't consciously know this, because they've blocked it out. So when they hear about it, the shock factor makes them deny it by reflex. In their panic to preserve their sense of reason and sanity, they suppress what they know subconsciously but really don't want to know. Even in our day the conspiracy theory of history is ridiculed. They say there's no evidence of a connection between the historical events of evil and war, population management and planetary takeover. Well, it's an inner tie, you see--- and intergalactic. It's the astral connection. These ties are tied by wavelengths of the mass consciousness and the collective unconscious of the false hierarchy who are very well connected indeed. The higher-ups are aware of their connection, if not in their outer minds, then definately on the inner through their sympathetic vibrations. Many who are involved with the forces of Anti-Light in the planetary conspiracy of Darkness don't know it on the outer; nevertheless, they respond on command or to preprogramming, and suddenly you find friends or people in high places you believed in coming out on the wrong side of Right--- our Divine Right. And you just can't understand why they suddenly switched and voted for the enemy and not to give MEANINGFUL aid to the freedom fighters holding up the canopy of world freedom with their bare hands-or REALLY save our children or to wipe out drugs, drug pushers, pornography and other foul things that debase the human spirit. We're telling you about the "Watchers" so you won't be fooled anymore and so you'll call upon the LORD'S angel for protection---- so you'll befriend that great prince Archangel Michael and ask him to bind the descendants of the fallen angels he long ago cast out of the heaven world---- before they completely destroy this earth. Let those who don't want to know (or don't want you to know they know) laugh if they will when you tell them about this conspiracy of the fallen angels working through the ICCC- that's the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy- which this seed of the wicked have contrived and propped up in their so-called Order and ordering of 'things' in our universe: Because it's an uneasy laugh and it's a cover-up whether conscious or unconscious. People of America, mankind of earth: you cannot forever escape your collective unconscious, which retains every detail of this traumatic race memory. The askashic are there for all to see, and they do not lie. Jesus wants you to know this. The Ascended Masters have shown us that the Atlantean records of genetic horror and cataclysm which remain in the subconscious of everyone alive today on planet earth as an indelible race memory are the real cause behind modern- day anxiety, insomnia, hysteria, psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders and so many karmic ailments outcropping in the flesh. Likewise, mankind's vulnerability to religious and political fanaticism---- seeking a saviour or a demagogue for deliverance from impending genetic manipulation, the nuclear nightmare, and ensuing cataclysm--- derives from their prior subjugation by the "giants in the earth" and the records of the nuclear annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Sumerian civilization; as well as those of the sinking of both Lemuria and Atlantis. These records which constantly crop up in psychic readings and predictions are cast upon the screen of the future by those who do not properly pace the "time-frames" in the perspective of the "then" and the "now". It is proverbial: history repeats itself because men do not transmute the records of their fears and transcend by Love those fearsome things wich otherwise will be forced upon them by the Law of Karmic Resolution and the Law of Compensation, her twin sister. To paraphrase the oft-quoted Santayana "Those who refuse to remember or to take corrective action concerning the past are condemned to repeat it." For the Law of Nature and Nature's God demands resolution in all planes of life, and until the Law is satisfied, there will be no escape: the returning planetary karma will come upon the people, and their untransmuted fears will beget- and they are already begetting- a terrified and terrifying inertia. Thus, just beneath the threshold of the conscious mind in the now superficially sophisticated Homo sapiens, we discern the source of the inescapable torment of twentieth-century man. Driven to surface levels of experience by the non- resolution of what lies just beneath, they seek escape in noise, an unceasing nervous agitation (addiction) of rock music, the fictions of TV and the fantasies of the sexual squandering of the life-force. And everywhere they are pounded by synthetic sounds satiating and further dulling their senses, already dulled by sugar, alcohol, drugs and chemical/astral alternatives to THE DIRECT APPREHENSION OF REALITY, frightening as it may be- and to conscious contact with the living God, demanding as it is bound to be. People have a desperate need (and Hollywood's Atlantean come back sgenerously oblige) to experience films on horror and disaster, murder and the macabre in order to neutralize what is underneath. They watch the movies all together in packed theaters as a group catharsis (like in ancient Atlantis when they huddled and cowered before god); they scream, cry, eat popcorn and it's over: "It was only a film, fascinating food for thought, a release of physical/emotional tension. Such things can't be real." So they tell each other. And they exit in a wave- back to surface thinking and feeling, the "surf-er"'/reefer/coke generation, comforted in their mutual head-in-the-sand, ostrichre inforcement. That's why so many follow the false gurus. They tell them they can do anything they want to and still have God consciousness. Beware of them. They are no true part of the Great White Brotherhood and the true Guru/chela relationship sponsored by Jesus Christ, Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters. Yes, the aliens are in the temples made with hands. Some are the false pastors of Christendom. In them the truth that "Jesus loves you" becomes a palliative and so they suffer their human creation instead of seeking and finding his Love through the fervent heat of alchemical transmutation and the fiery trial. And so people say "Jesus loves me just as I am. I don't have to change." But Jesus doesn't teach that. His path is one of change, daily change all the way Home. Then you see the false gurus of the Indian Black Brotherhood. They never exact THE price, nor do they pay THE price for your salvation- the balancing of your karma and the ennoblement of your soul. I know they're telling you they're doing both- but remember, God placed his immortal Spirit inside of you: You don't need a fallen angel disguised as Christ or Guru to impart to you what you already have. But if you do choose to fall FOR them and WITH them, oh yes, you will pay false sacrifices in the service of their human personality, but they won't teach you the true path of sacrifice, first of the THING, the human creation, and then of the spirit through the Work and the Word of the LORD. Their false teaching is that you can do it all by raising the Kundalini and chakra meditation. These are techniques which when lawfully practiced under a true Master (even an unascended Masterof the Himalayas) can afford balance and mastery; but salvation and the transmutation of karma by the Saviouress- service on behalf of the Mother's children and the violet flame- is another path entirely. Someone must pay the price. Jesus did. Someone- the true Gurumust bear your burdens until you are able. The true Guru will teach you how to pay the price-every jot and tittle- and this is the crux of Jesus' Lost Teaching, the missing ingredient without which your alchemical experiment in the laboratory of the soul will not succeed.There are false Christs in every world religion today as well as in the various sects. You must examine them and base your evaluation not on their outer personality or words and more words, but on this criterion alone: Do they have the capacity to get you where you want to go? Will they lay down their life for you? Are they able to pay the price and do they wear the true mantle of Jesus Christ, Saint Germain and all Saints who comprise the Great White Brotherhood? The saddest of all indictments of our society is that those who know better are still not curtailing the black magic of the fallen angels carried on in the name of science and in the name of religion. If the sons and daughters of god do nothing to stop them in the remaining hours of the twentieth-century but join them instead in their false religions and their pleasure and personality cults, seeking new thrills playing on and in their bodies in a rerun of old and vile experiments, then the cosmic forces of Nature will deliver their judgement as they always have- through wind and wave and "lightnings and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake and great hail"! And humanity will know firsthand and too late the karma of doing nothing (they have a momentum on it, don't they!) about the molestation of Life, precious Life, by the aliens in their midst. With one voice, on cue, we shall hear the anguished cry of the mankind, Homo sapiens: "The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me". And their betrayers will echo it. And the aliens whom they have lifted up to be their kings and priests in the earth, officiating between them and the LORD GOD-what of them? - and the great men and the rich men and the chief captains and the mighty men and every bondman (mechanization man and the false chela who serves and idolizes the false god) and every free man? Shall they all not hide themselves, according to prophecy, in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains? Shall they all not say to the mountains and rocks: "Fall on us and hide us from the face of the Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara) that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?" It happened before and it can happen again: Came the flood of Noah, the Great Duluge that wiped all this from the face of the earth, "for it repenteth me that I have made them..." And the cataclysm that ensued sank the entire continent of Atlantis- supposedly. Did you ever wonder how it is that, although everything upon earth was destroyed during the Flood, the evils of Atlantis are still with us? I used to, but I don't anymore. The answer is quite simple when you know it. You see, the god who commanded the skies and ruled the mankind of earth were not about to be overturned by the Deluge. Experienced karma-dodgers were they, accustomed to using the technology and the resources of the Divine Mother stolen from the Sons of Sanat Kumara to escape their fate. And that is exactly what they did in the midst of this planetary judgement unleashed through planetary forces by Solar Logoi. And so the answer is two-fold: (1) the god took off in their spacecraft, circled the earth till the devastation was spent, landed when land appeared, and took up once again their scheming and subjugation of the survivors, and (2) the rest of the Atlantean evolutions who fell into their camp reincarnated (their power severly curtailed by the Lords of Karma in the cutting back of the crystal cord); moreover, the laggard evolutions who had spawned a race of soulless flesh-and-blood robots carried with them- in the astral code of their genes, of course - their proclivity to do evil. Yet, the power of their overlords was also reduced- a fact which, to the present hour, they have gone to great lengths to conceal. And the fiat went forth from GOD (through Elohim) which trembled the web of light that passes throughout the universal substance: "Henceforth, let every seed bear after its kind." And, as in all cases of divine fiats uttered from the heart of the Solar Logoi, the seed, the DNA chain, obeyed; and human beings remained fixed to human beings, not to animals. Had Man not compromised his Light through his interchanges with fallen angels and their laggard scientists, who were tampering with the creation of GOD out of sheer fascination for the robots and THINGS of Atlantis, and through his unrestrained curiousity to cohabitate with them ("Let's see what it's like, let's do it, let's find out for ourselves!")- had the Man whom Elohim made remained his loving, obedient servant-Son, all blessings lawful unto his spiritual / intellectual / emotional growth and human / divine happiness would have been added unto him in due course. But he did not. He would not. And for the moment, the fallen angels had their way-lusting as they did after the creative powers (the Christic Light) of the Sons of God, taking them by force, torture and even in bloodletting rites performed in the "synagogues of Satan" upon the bodies of the holy innocents- and upon their prisoners of war on the battlefields of earth. Ultimately the betrayers among God's children who joined the god-scientists and false priests would pay dearly in the stultification of the spiritual / physical development of their own genetic life-stream. To the present, the lost spiritual faculty (gene) has not been fully restored, nor the negative genes removed. This is the real reason why Jesus said "Ye are not all clean" For the very reasonable karmic reason that the children of Israel have not fully forsaken their secret desire to be wed to the machine! And he prophesied also of the religions who fail to set before their flocks the goal of the alchemical marriage to the Universal Christ. Who needs a computerized mate, for the love of Christ, when you can access the Mind of God and be fused to it! While child-Man gropes with alternating allegiance to re-establish his personal relationship with God, the Nephilim-who have become more defiant BECAUSE of the LORD'S judgements, never humbled but only more cunning-continue their genetic experiments unchecked, to create superhumans, supermice, and asuperrace of god among us: Deus ex machina! All of this which we have only touched upon is so far forgotten, so deeply buried that many today who actually have a threefold flame-who, throughout this planetary dark night of the soul, have retained the divine spark- do not believe (having enjoined themselves to the lie of the laggard races) that they can enjoy a personal relationship with God, with Jesus, on their own. They have fallen for the multiple deceptions of the sons of Belial, who have inserted themselves between Man and God, mediating where only Christ can mediate, sitting in the seat of Guru that belongs to him alone. It is for this lie of the interlopers, and their perpetuation of the lie in their false "theology" in Church and State, that some do not believe that God exists at all. Furthermore, they have believed the lie that they must go through someone else with superhuman psychic powers to get to "reality". Having no self-identification in Christ and no apprehension of what is Real, they go after the sky-god who summarily seduce them in their chakras! Having taken up their karmic evolution side by side with earthlings- through intermarriage and other importunate alliances, all the better to disguise themselves from YOU- th esky- god maintain that certain disdainful presence which evokes worshipful admiration even while it projects revulsion, alienation and dire fear. Such as these comprise the false hierarchies of embodied fallen angels who operate in the religious and psuedo-psychic, cultish fields, who are seen prominently displayed as trend setters in the media and on the political scene, blunting movements of the people and spiritual revolutionaries or any poor Joe that should ever raise a cry or hand to demand an audit of their status quo of power-never to rise again. Watch out for them. They're in the banking houses and networks of international crime and drug trafficking, in the media and among the feigners of piety-and wherever there is the smell of money orhuman blood. And they've done a switcheroo: They sponsor mass movements that seem to successfully challenge their forces of control, when they themselves in fact are in control and always benefit from any social upheaval, war, economic crisis or sudden shift in the market. Just when you think you're on the Right side, you're on their side. No strangers to the lists of government are these: from sophistto socialist, pagan to communist to conservative right, these god over men have created their metaphysical speculations by specious reasoning-"isms" which have no practical bearing whatsoever on feeding the hungry, healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the genetic lepers and casting out devils from the economies of the nations, from the body politic and its collective world conscience. Their angle in money manipulation on an international scale is to amass wealth, huge wealth, for power-for control, of the people. And none of it-no matter what the window dressing-has any bearing whatsoever upon the realities of the ongoing War between those forces of Light and Darkness which have chosen sides: whether the cosmic solution of the Divine Mother or the anti-solution of the UFO's- the spiritual-suicide solution of the fallen angels beckoning mankind to "heaven" from their everywhere flashy, metallic, mechanization-concept spacecraft. In contrast to this Babylonian nightmare hovering like the moon and the moon people and the people of the shem and the plutocrats and plutonians, the un-assuming children of the Light understand that Christ is come to restore by the Holy Ghost that which was lost through genetic engineering and other genesis entanglements with the seed of the Wicked One. They know and know well (for they are partakers in his Communion) that only through the heavenly hierarchy of the Universal Christ can the relationship of Man and God be guaranteed. And they know him to be the One who was and is the Mind of God present in Christ Jesus and all Ascended Masters-and in the Higher Consciousness of every issue of the seed of God yet unascended. It is easy to see that many of the original plans of God have been distorted and that life is not as it should be on planet earth today. The powers that be-that were and still are among the alien god-literally monkeyed with RNA and DNA, and they produced whatever genetic results they wanted to without having the genetic knowledge or the integrity of the Holy Spirit that a scientist of this capacity ought to have. "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" was an utterance made quite a few years ago, and the truth of it is before us still. And spiritual power can come under this heading as well as economic power, social power, and even psychological power. We certainly should not consider the creation of so-called mannikins that walk and talk and the interference with humanity's genes to be apart from such abuses of power and say "Well, we're not concerned", because here we are talking about the power to create a kind of life in a test tube and to alter this synthetic life in a test tube. The pages of TIME magazine and others have portrayed the intentions of our modern-day geneticists who are of the opinion that individualized freedom, genetic freedom, is bad for people. The question is, bad for what kind of people? Theirs or ours? Are the Nephilim god, who have used humanity for aeons, attempting to establish ground rules for their created race come again or for the children of Light? This much we do know-they are yet determined to bottle and combine the genes of God's children (in their recombinant DNA experiments) with the synthetic genes of their synthesized half-animal, half-machine, half-human, half-god creations.


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