Title: Perot's Alien is Back! FYA (For Your Amusement) ... The Space Alien is back! The he

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Title: Perot's Alien is Back! FYA (For Your Amusement) ... The Space Alien is back! The headlines on the cover of the August 11, 1992 edition of the tabloid WEEKLY WORLD NEWS are: "Alien Backs Clinton! Space Visitor Tells Democrats How to Rebuild U.S. Economy! 'I'm happy he saw through Bush and Ross Perot' -- Gov. Bill Clinton" The cover "photo" shows Clinton smiling and shaking hands with the "alien." I note once again that Clinton is squinting in sunlight shining on his face, while the "alien" is lit from the opposite direction -- these Sun people don't even both to match up the shadows in their bogus pix. For those who are interested, the story follows. From the tabloid WEEKLY WORLD NEWS dated August 11, 1992: "Extraordinary summit -- at the Democratic National Convention!" "Space alien endorses Bill Clinton" By "Jack Alexander" Staff Writer A visiting space alien has made historic political news once again, publicly supporting Democratic Party candidate Bill Clinton in his bid to become the next president of the United States. "They had a 40-minute discussion about our serious economic problems and how to solve them," said a Clinton aide. "At the conclusion, the alien shook Gov. Clinton's hand and said, 'With my help, you are the only man who can cure this country's economic ills. I support you all the way.'" The historic meeting took place in a guarded room at New York's Madison Square Garden before Clinton was officially nominated as the party's can- didate. "I'm happy he saw through Bush and Ross Perot," Clinton said. The two men from different worlds also discussed the environment, health care, world peace and social issues, but the emphasis was on the economic situation. "It was an extremely amicable meeting," said UFO expert Nathaniel Dean, who is escorting the extraterrestrial across America and was present at the meeting with Clinton. "The alien is from a planet that has grown from tough economic beginnings to become the most successful planet in the universe," Dean said. "He told Clinton how they turned the economy around and created more jobs in a rela- tively short period of time. It was obvious they liked and respected each other. They shook hands warmly as Clinton thanked him for his support." The same alien met with President Bush at Camp David in April of 1991 and more recently with presidential dropout Ross Perot in Dallas, Tex. Both meetings were reported in the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS. [Note: In its May 14 edition, WWN reported the supposed alien meeting with Perot and also featured an article by its leading psychic saying Perot would win the election by a landslide. The August 11 issue didn't draw attention to this prediction, needless to say.] Dean, who was contacted by the alien, first stunned the world in September of 1990 with photos of the alien after he was captured in Virginia, and when he escaped from a CIA compound in Washington three weeks later. "I know for a fact our good friend from outer space came to the United States solely to discuss issues with the three men who want, or in the case of Perot, wanted, to lead our country," Dean said. [It is not explained how the alien knew in 1990 that three men would be running for President in 1992.] "With advanced space exploration proceeding rapidly, decisions made by a U.S. president could drastically affect other planets." Dean and a source close to Clinton, who asked to remain anonymous, said Clinton's security personnel tried to restrain the alien from talking to the Democratic standard-bearer. "But Clinton insisted on talking to the guy," the source said. "He smiled, shook the alien's hand and asked in his Arkansas drawl, "What's on your mind?" The alien thanked the Arkansas governor for taking time from his busy schedule to chat. He also congratulated Clinton for selecting Senator Albert Gore Jr. as his running mate. "Gore is a strong believer in saving the Earth's environment and apparently this extraterrestrial is, too," Dean said. Reliable sources revealed the creature also sought trade concessions that would benefit his home planet. "Clinton got many tips on how to solve the country's social problems, and provide health insurance coverage for millions of Americans who can't afford to get sick," Dean said. "And he seemed to be listening carefully to what the alien had to say." The history-making meetings between the alien and the three men raises [sic] the American political process to a new level, a political analyst observed. "Our space friend offered all the technology and support America will need in the years ahead to solve the difficult problems facing this country," Dean said. As expected, Clinton campaign aides denied that the meeting occurred. "If you will recall, Bush aides also denied he met at Camp David with the alien in 1991," Dean said. "Later, the President admitted on national TV that he met with the alien, but was surprised the incident was leaked to the press.' [Did you hear about this "admission"? I didn't. Must have missed the news that night. ...] Sources close to Perot revealed that the alien's endorsement of Clinton figured prominently in the billionaire's decision to drop out of the race. "The campaign was sputtering anyway," said one insider. "The endorsement was the straw that broke the camel's back."


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