DECLARATION OF ANDREW R. WILSON I, ANDREW H. WILSON, declare an follows: 1.My name is Andr

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DECLARATION OF ANDREW R. WILSON I, ANDREW H. WILSON, declare an follows: 1.My name is Andrew H. Wilson, and I am an attorney at law licensed to practice before the Courts of the State of California and before this Court. I am an principal at the law firm of Wilson, Ryan & Campilongo, 115 Sansome Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, California 94104 ("WRC"). As one of the attorneys responsible for the representation of Plaintiff RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY, INC. and BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS, INC., I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below, except as to those matters set forth on information nd belief, and as to those matters I am informed and believe them o be true. If called as a witness, I can competently testify to c matters set forth herein. 2.On Friday, March 3, 1995, I had a telephone call with Richard Horning, counsel for Defendant Thomas Klemesrud in which we discussed the steps which Mr. Klemesrud had taken after being informed of the violation of the temporary restraining order issued n this action by reason of Erlich's posting of the copyright materials. 3.Mr. Horning told me that Mr. Klemesrud had deleted theses materials from Klemesrud's computer. I confirmed with Mr. Horning at what this meant was that the posting had been stored in the file server used by Klemesrud to operate his bulletin board service and that Klemesrud had then deleted it. 4.I declare under the penalty of perjury pursuant to the awe of the State of California that the foregoing in true and correct and that this Declaration was executed on March 6, 1995. /s/ Andrew M. WILSON


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