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From braintree!!!!netnews Thu Oct 5 10:52:33 1995 Path: braintree!!!!netnews From: (david petry) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Scientology lawyer wins $5 million lawsuit against CAN Date: 30 Sep 1995 22:13:45 GMT Organization: Netcom Lines: 40 Message-ID: <44kfep$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-NETCOM-Date: Sat Sep 30 3:13:45 PM PDT 1995 Here's some excerpts from an article in today's Seattle Times. There's also an article on this topic in clari.local.washington, but it doesn't mention the connection with Scientology. ************* Man wins %5 million in deprogramming suit by Jennifer Bjorhus Seattle Time Staff reporter A 23-year-old Seattle-area man was awarded nearly $5 million yesterday for civil-rights violations that occurred when religious "deprogrammers" took him from his home and tried to persuade him to leave the United Pentecostal Church. .. Jason Scott sued deprogrammer Rick Ross, Ross' associates and Cult Awareness Network (CAN) ... [...] One-third of the $4.8 million will go to his attorney, Kendrick Moxon, longtime legal counsel to the Church of Scientology. Moxon said he thought the decision and the large award for punitive damages set an important precedent and would deter other religious deprogrammers. [...] CAN leaders have said that the Scott lawsuit is part of a legal campaign backed by the Church of Scientology to harass the network organization and people involved in deprogramming cult members. ***********


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