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From!!!!!!gatech!!!!news Thu Sep 7 09:27:45 1995 Path:!!!!!!gatech!!!!news From: Bill de Carle <76170.3362@CompuServe.COM> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Are ALL "declares" this crazy? Date: 3 Sep 1995 01:40:05 GMT Organization: Not organized Lines: 93 Message-ID: <42b11m$bva$> In David D. Rogers wrote: , Kim Baker< wrote:<[list of Scientology's "enemies" deleted][[other stuff deleted]] >I've seen ads for a group called "The Church of Truth" in a local (Los>Angeles-area) new age paper, but I'll grant that it may be a different>group than the one with the same name in the list. For what it's worth, "The Church of Truth" was declared to be a suppressive group by Ethics order # 96, dated Nov 4th 1968, out of the San Francisco Org. Here is the EO, verbatim (except for my added [sic])...


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