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The ScarffRack Welcome to 'The ScarffRack' The Current ScarffRack count is 15 DISCLAIMER: To the best of our knowledge this page does not contain any copyrighted material. If you have undoubtable proof that this is otherwise, please contact us at the address at the end of the page with said proof. And if it is valid, we will of course remove said material. At the ScarffRack you can find a complete list of all the sites that have the Scarff testmony on-line. This is the court testimony (stated under oath) regarding certain practices by the Church of Scientology, also known as RTC. (Religious Training Center) The words 'Fair Game' get a wholly different meaning after you've read this testimony. You can also get hold of the [ref001]Fishman affidavit. Scarff's currently on the rack. [ref002] [ref003] [ref004] [ref005] [ref006] [ref007] [ref008] [ref009] [ref010] [ref011]$.html [ref012]$/scarff.txt [ref013] [ref014] [ref015] [ref016]$.htm Why not visit the [ref017]Catch Some Fish Man page as well. And for you clam lovers, a visit to the [ref018]ClamBed is always time well spent. Some Other Interesting Places [ref019] A very good scene-to-scene expose, with lots of pictures and text (English), about the raid by CoS on XS4ALL as covered on television (WEB, vpro) [ref020] For a nice teaser. Go fish, man, but beware of Jaws. [ref021] The $cientology Cartoon Page; cartoons by Waa [ref022] For the t-shirts we'll be wearing in court. [ref023] For the Fishman Randomizer: points you at random to one of the participating URL's, so that everybody gets their equal share of fame. [ref024] For a 1984 review by the Dutch government on cults: 'Rapport van de subcommissie sekten van de vaste Tweede Kamer Commissie voor de volksgezondheid', p.120-160. [ref025] For some background. Contains information on CoS's origins, development, courses, inner training etc. Also various articles and references to books. [ref026]$.htm Provides a link to the SCAMIZDAT-files. [ref027] Provides lots of background information, retrieved from Modemac's archive. [ref028] A zipped version of Paulette Coopers book: The Scandal of Scientology. [ref029] Have a look here for lots of other affidavits. [ref030] The Scientolgy related site of the computer magazine TelePC. [ref031] The Road To Xenu. An amazing book by Mergery Wakefield about the Co$. [ref032]#scientology This is the IRC (InterNet Relay Chat) channel dedicated to CoS discussion. About [ref033] people already visited these pages. This page created using HTML-Heaven. 1994 by Paul Kolenbrander ( [ref001] fishnet.html [ref002] [ref003] [ref004] [ref005] [ref006] [ref007] [ref008] [ref009] [ref010] [ref011]$.html [ref012]$/scarff.txt [ref013] [ref014] [ref015] [ref016]$.htm [ref017] index.html [ref018] [ref019] [ref020] [ref021] [ref022] [ref023] [ref024] [ref025] [ref026]$.htm [ref027] [ref028] [ref029] [ref030] [ref031] [ref032] [ref033] /cgi/IAEcount/width=4/fg=240,0,140/tr=192,192,192/paul-vis


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