Article 60109 of alt.religion.scientology: Subject: Gee, I feel honored Date: Thu, 27 Apr

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Article 60109 of alt.religion.scientology: Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path:!!world!uunet!!!!dmapub!reibertg From: (Gary Reibert) Subject: Gee, I feel honored Organization: Dayton Microcomputer Association; Dayton OH Message-ID: Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:52:09 GMT Lines: 96 Well, it's happened. Most likely it will be 'defended' as the actions of "an over-zealous" member of the Co$. But however it's characterized, I've been paid attention to. On 17 April as I was running errands, I noticed a vehicle that 'just happened' to be behind me a lot. While I concentrated on determining if I was paranoid (after all, late-model light blue Chevrolets are a common site here in a GM town) or should be concerned, I missed a turn. Knowing the area well (I grew up around here) I knew I could cut through a church parking lot to get where I should have been. So I turned into the lot and went around the corner. And damned if the Chevy didn't just follow! Well the gate at the other side was closed, so I drove past the blue Chevy to the entrance of the lot. The Chevy parked. I went around the corner into the lot I _should_ have goe into initially. I took care of the errand (delivering refreshments for the local community council meeting, if anyone really wants to know) and started to leave. The driver of the Chevy sat up, started his car and started to follow, using the old 'complete view of subject by parallel route' tail. I lost him on purpose. 16 years of law enforcement experience and 24 years of reading mystery/espionage books do pay off. Next, on Friday, 23 April, at 1749 hours I received a telephone call from a male identifying himself as a representative of a company doing a local survey. It was, he said, about trying to locate veterans. When I attempted to politely decline to participate, the caller became abusive, telling me that '...not participating is not an option." I hung up on him. Between then (Friday) and today, I contacted (in this order): 1. The Dayton Better Business Bureau 2. All of the telemarketing and marketing survey companied listed in the Dayton yellow pages NONE of them had any information concerning the company. I then contacted the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, division of corporate affairs. They advised that there _is_ such a company (name withheld just in case it's real and _does_ do legitimate work) incorporated in Mansfield, Ohio. BUT I can find no information (address, phone number, etc.) on the company (and I checked with friends in the Mansfield law enforcement community). And the statutory agent (i.e. he who filed the paperwork for the incorporation on behalf of the corporation) has no phone number. Or office at the address listed in the state's records. Then yesterday, as I came home from the library, I found the local power utility had a crew searching my back yard for a damaged gas line shut off valve cover. Someone had called in a service report and given MY address and phone number as having hit the gas valve with a mower. (And yes, I made certain the men worked for the utility company. I've also been in touch with the head of their security department which is now running its own investigation.) Now, as a former law enforcement type, I realize that every group has its bad appples. (One of the saddest times of my life was having to assist in the investigation and arrest of a police officer I'd known since my teens.) But it just seems _too_ convenient that these things are happening to me now, since I publicly made 2 (count 'em!) posts critical of the Co$ and entered into email discussions with two of the 'pro Co$' members of a.r.s. (They know who they are.) I really _would_ like to considerthese events aret of a local loocannon lurker who supports the Co$. Especially since (I thought) I was on somewhat neutral terms with one of the Co$ correspondants and have followed the wishes of the other to sever direct communication (I "...don't want to have rational communication." because I asked too many rational questions?). I have informed the local authorities of the coincidences (and the license plate of the Chevy!). I've spoken with as many people as I can think of that of who may be called and advised them that they may get calls asking questions about me and advised how I would like those questions answered. I have spoken with the local neighborhood watch people. They're watching. I've put passwords on all my utilities accounts and made arrangements for flags to be put on all my financial records. Damned shame I have to go through all this just to be able to speak my mind ... All flames gratefully accepted: I learn new words this way!


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