Subject: OSA attacks my phone Date: 4 Apr 1995 23:08:48 GMT I got a call this afternoon fr

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From: (Jeff Jacobsen) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: OSA attacks my phone Date: 4 Apr 1995 23:08:48 GMT Organization: Primenet Message-ID: <3lsji0$> I got a call this afternoon from my phone company. A woman this morning called to get information off my phone bill. But I have a pass code on my bill account. When the woman was asked for the pass code, she hung up. Later, a man with a New England accent called saying he was Jeff Jacobsen and he lost the last page of his phone bill and needed information from it. When this man was asked for the pass code he said "wildcat" (nope, not even close). Then he was asked to give his social security number, and that wasn't mine either. The operator wouldn't give him any information so he hung up. Later, "Jeff" called saying his voice messaging wasn't working and could they get the messages from it. Again he was asked for the pass code and again he didn't know the pass code, so he hung up. Later, "Jeff" called the third time at 3:45pm and said my long distance service was not working. Now I am on line with "Judy" from US West who has connected me to MCI for some reason. I don't trust "Judy". Below is how to prevent others from hacking your phone bill in the US. Handling crank callers: 1) hang up on the crank caller/cultish jerk 2) pick up the phone again and dial *57 3) follow instructions This will cost you $1.50 each time you do it, but this also records what phone number the crank caller was calling from. This way the police (not you) can look at the phone logs and see who the crank caller is. Protecting your phone bill Your phone bill is in the computers at your phone company. An unscrupulous person/cultish jerk might call pretending to be you and ask about certain long distance calls, and thus get information about who you call. To prevent this; 1) call your local phone company 2) ask them to put a code on your phone bill. 3) think up and give the nice phone co. employee your code 4) keep your code in a *safe place*. Now if someone calls pretending to be you they will need your pass code to get information. The phone company will keep track of anyone trying this. Other handy tips Get caller ID if available. I think it's $6.95/mth here. Never assume a stranger on the phone is who they say they are. Have your phone bill sent to your post office box, not your home. If someone calls saying they are cleaning out the lines in your area, and to please keep your phone off the hook with a cloth around the mouthpiece, just hang up. If someone calls saying they are a reporter, ask which paper, then call that paper and ask for that person again. ------------ Jeff Jacobsen PO Box 3541 Scottsdale AZ 85271 For Info on Scientology anonymous /users/c/cultxpt OR OR ------------------- From: (Jeff Jacobsen) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: You too can be harassed for free! Date: 4 Apr 1995 23:53:04 GMT Organization: Primenet Message-ID: <3lsm50$> Here's how to get harassed by a cult known as Scientology; 1) learn about them 2) discover they are anti-societal thugs 3) begin to publicly criticize their thuggery 4) do it a bunch until they get pissed off at you 5) sit back and enjoy the harassment or 5a) get pissed off yourself and try to expose them even more Here's what's happened to me since we picketed March 13 (and I assume this was the straw that broke the camel's back); Eugene Ingram, crack Scientology private investigator (wanted in Tampa Florida for impersonating a police officer), comes to my place of business and takes flash pictures of me. The next night he goes to my sister's house saying he is investigating me and wants to know how much money I made the night before. My sister runs him off. A while later he hangs out in my neighborhood so much the neighbors become suspicious and take his license plate number down (Colorado plates). Eugene waits until the grownups go inside, then talks to a 13-year old neighbor kid about me, showing a picture he took of me at work. The neighbors call the police. Eugene disappears, but comes by again after the police leave. I am served a subpoena to give a deposition in a case I know nothing about. Moxon and Bartilson, Scientology attorneys, include a check for $40 as a "witness fee". My phone is attacked four times in one day (see previous post) to try to get phone numbers of those I call long distance. This does not succeed. So what's next I wonder? This wonderful, civic-minded, tax-exempt organization makes the above a regular practise against those it considers to be enemies of the church. Much worse than the above has been done to many people, but since the above is current, I thought you might like to read about it. And like huheyniaman said, there's much more to come... --------------


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