Subject: Dancing with Eugene Ingram Date: 28 Mar 1995 01:20:42 GMT Eugene Ingram, private

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From: (Jeff Jacobsen) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Dancing with Eugene Ingram Date: 28 Mar 1995 01:20:42 GMT Organization: Primenet Message-ID: <3l7o9a$> Eugene Ingram, private investigator for the Church of Scientology, visited my place of work Friday night (2/24/95). I dj at singles dances on Friday nights, and Eugene curiously attended even though he's married. He'll be kicked out next time. I noticed a guy early in the evening and thought "that looks like a young Eugene Ingram," but he looked lighter, younger, and wore glasses. I had just seen him at the CAN convention last November. When we were about to do the Electric Slide (a line dance) there was Eugene in front of me taking flash pictures of me. I said "are you Eugene Ingram?" and he said "hi Jeff." I said "do you have a warrant for your arrest?" and he said "not anymore." I said "have you registered with the state to work here?" and he said "no, I'm just here as a paying customer at your dance." Then I had to get back to work playing the music, and he disappeared. Coincidentally, that same day I had been trying to verify with the Tampa police whether the warrant for Eugene was still outstanding, but never got a call back. It is still valid. Eugene then went to my sister's house Saturday night with a small clone following him. He said he was investigating me and wanted to know how much money I'd made the night before. My sister basically said to get off her property, and he and his shadow left. Eugene has a warrant for his arrest in Tampa Florida for impersonating a police officer. He has a Private Investigator's license in California and here in Arizona. From what I've heard California law requires a PI to be convicted of something before they begin a long process to remove his license. Arizona law, on the other hand, makes holding a PI license and having an outstanding warrant incompatible. Hard to believe, but Arizona law seems better than California law in this case. So, Eugene will probably be moving on somewhere else soon. There's a gif photo of him at my ftp site if you're curious. Hey, you might get to see a photo of me soon in some DA pack or Freedom magazine! Stay tuned! ------------------- From: (Jeff Jacobsen) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: More on Eugene Ingram Date: 30 Mar 1995 04:19:01 GMT Organization: Primenet Message-ID: <3ldbfl$> Looks like Eugene is still around, this time in my own neighborhood. He was driving around and around so much the neighbors got suspcious and wrote his license plate number down. Eugene waited for some of my neighbors to go inside, then went up to their young son and showed a picture of me and asked if the boy knew me. He said yeah, he lives over there. Do you know about him, Eugene asked. No, said the boy. The suspicious neighbors called the police. Turns out Eugene showed the boy a card that said he was a detective. This is a lie. He is a private detective, or private investigator, which is different according to my Webster's dictionary. Interestingly, Eugene is wanted in Tampa Florida for impersonating a police officer. Now why would Eugene not just come to my house? He knows where I live. Why would he ask a 13 year old kid about me instead of my adult neighbors? Is he a afraid of grownups? Eugene has been driving through my neighborhood off and on. I guess he has to do something to earn those dollars you Scientologists pay for services. Is this the way a church should spend its money, on private investigators harassing church critics? Is this the way a tax-exempt church is supposed to act? Should they be using someone who has a warrant for his arrest for impersonating a police officer? Why would a church need a full-time private investigator anyway? Do any other legitimate churchs do this, or just cults? ------------ Jeff Jacobsen PO Box 3541 Scottsdale AZo 85271 For Info on Scientology anonymous /users/c/cultxpt OR OR


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