Subject: MY PHONE WAS ATTACKED Date: 7 Apr 1995 00:43:42 -0000 In article alerma (alerma@d

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From: homer@math.cornell.EDU (Homer Wilson Smith) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: MY PHONE WAS ATTACKED Date: 7 Apr 1995 00:43:42 -0000 Organization: I SPEAK ONLY FOR MYSELF Message-ID: <> In article alerma ( you wrote: >Shawn GB Tyler (76744.162@CompuServe.COM) wrote: >: Jeff Jacobsen is paranoid! He thinks people follow him, he thinks >: that people are after him and he posts this on the newsgroup. I >: could post anything, would you believe it?? Jeff has thoughts of >: paranoia in in his head would you call call this crazy? I would. >: Just think, he doesn't. Last month I got a call from my long distance phone company. It was a nice man asking if I was somehow displeased with my new long distance service. I said no, not at all, what made him ask. He mentioned that I had called very upset with them and he was just following up on the matter. I told him I had not called at all, and started to look into this further. Turns out some guy called the front desk, highly enturbulated, demanding to see his phone records. He threatened TO KILL the front desk lady if she didn't immediately pass him back to higher level people. When he got to where he was looking to be, he demanded that they get his phone bill, and read off every single call that had been made in the month of december long distance. He made them over in complete detail every number and every cost. He said he was dyslexic and couldn't read his own bill. All the while he was highly agitated and VERY abusive. This guy claimed to be me, Homer Smith, calling from another state because he (me) was out of town for the week. He was given the information he demanded, which means he got every number we called long distance in the month of december 1994. Our phone account has since been passworded, along with all other accounts of similar nature. I also apologized to the front line lady telling her the death threat was probably just a ploy to upset her and get her to send the guy back as fast as possible. Paranoia? I think anyone who claims that others are paranoid is probably out to get them. And that my friends goes for the Bashers as well as the Churchies. Now as for for Jeff, the same thing with the phone happened to him, and I know for a fact that he has been followed a number of times. I also know for a fact that people have tried to get the names and addresses of Chris Schafmeister another friend of mine, with a ploy about UPS packages needing to be delivered with unreadable addresses. I also know for a fact that neighbors of a friend of mine have been asked for the address of my friend on the pretext that there was an emergency need for a special blood type that only my friend had. His blood type was actually the most common one around. Calls to the named hospital and blood bank showed no such emergency or need for blood. I would watch out for people crying paranoia. They are almost ALWAYS out to get you. Homer


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