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Xref: alt.privacy.anon-server:2023 alt.anonymous:1493 alt.personals:126932 soc.culture.indian:222540 soc.culture.turkish:99916 alt.sexual.abuse.recovery:47170 soc.culture.pakistan:77160 alt.conspiracy:79535 soc.culture.china:177424 soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna:21551 soc.culture.yugoslavia:36452 soc.culture.croatia:17815 alt.recovery.aa:3047 alt.recovery.codependency:4797 soc.culture.malaysia:34494 soc.culture.arabic:36732 A crosspost: From: aakko@cc.Helsinki.FI (Pekka Aakko) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Date: 18 Feb 1995 20:42:23 +0200 Message-ID: <3i5f2f$h41@karhu.Helsinki.FI> After reading Julf's posting here, and after reading today's Helsingin Sanomat (biggest daily newspaper here in Finland), I felt pretty helpless. It seems it CAN happen... ah well, let m quote the article in HS, hopefully I won't be sued ;) Also, the translation is my own, and I apologize if there are "bad" errors, there shouldn't be thou: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helsingin Sanomat, 18 - Feb - 1995 Tuomo Pietilainen The investigators of Bureau of Investigations in Helsinki (police) have confiscated sender information from a link on the internet in Helsinki. The police took information last weeks wednesday from the server maintained by Penetic Inc., Finland, from which people could send anonymous messages and information throughout the world. The police acted upon a request of investigation made by the international church of scientology. The HQ of CoS claims that an unknown person has penetrated into the computer system of the church itself in the United States and has stolen a rapport that is classified as "business security" (*). According to the announcement made by the scientologists the illegal data has been spread on the internet 23rd of January. Helsinki server has been used to distribute the data. The server allows people to send material to the net, showing only a numerical id as a sender. Real place of origin is left to the server logs, with which the sender can be traced. The lawyer for the CoS in Finland, mr. Jussi Savonen, suspects in the announcement that the person whom hacked into the CoS computer system "is possibly the same person" who sent these mails through "At least the person who spread this information knows from where and from whom he/she has got the information", say Savonen. POLICE SUSPECTS UNAUTHORIZED USE The police grounded their search and information confiscation by the fact that the sender is suspected of "unauthorized use (of a computer)". The president of Penetic Inc, mr. Johan Helsingius, says that he hadn't any other possibility than to give the information requested to the police. "Otherwise the police would have confiscated the whole machine" says Helsingius. Police got a sample of so called loginformation, which was delivered to the police in Los Angeles via Interpol. Police stopped the investigations of this case last monday. According to the investigation no one has committed a crime at least in Finland. The investigator assigned to this case, mr Kaj Malmberg, says that the information gathered from the logs doesn't necessarily lead to real sender. "You can only see the infromation that the sender has given to himself. I suspect that the information gained from the server won't lead us anywhere" says Malmberg. Also the maintainer of the Anon server thinks that tracing the real sender is hard. "A technically skilled person can registrate with false name" says Helsingius. SCIENTOLOGISTS SILENCE THE CRITICS Helsingius thinks the actions taken by the police are principally remarkable. It is supposedly the first time the police broke the anonymity shield of any anonymous server on the internet. There are about 20 anon servers operating in the world, but the police hasn't been visiting them. The person hunted by the scientologists (CoS) has also delivered troublesome information (troublesome for the church) to the internet before. According to the information gained by Helsingius few anon servers have been silencing the scientology criticism after the church's lawyers have been pressuring the maintainers of the services with their letters. The CoS say the reasons have been the copyright violations. Helsingius wonders also, that according to his knowledge, the lawyer for the scientologists, mr Jussi Savonen, has gotten the information which the police confiscated. "Savonen called my lawyer and asked what the internet codes meant [referring to the log file]", says Helsingius. Helsingin Sanomat did not reach Jussi Savolainen for his comments. [The rest of the article, few lines, talks about the child pornography case that jumped up a week ago in Finland, where was suspected of being a gateway for the illegal picture exchange.] (*) This term is a bit hard for me to translate, but it talks about business security and some law stuff... maybe some other people who are more adept in finnsih->english can tell us what "yritys- ja asianajosalaisuus" is more exactly :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- But still, I likea reading the Thetan stories from the net, it is as much amusing as the science fiction I can buy from the local bookstore, but now I only have to pay the local phone bill :-) Anyways, let's see what will happen, when the Co$ goes hunting... -- Pekka "Pehu" Aakko Carrolssin tarjoukset on melko mauttomia ***END CROSSPOST*** -- "There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." <*,*> -- Bertrand Russell ~~~~~ Deviled Owl PGP public key available via WWW and via finger. -------------------


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