Subject: FLASH! GENE INGRAM + GRADY WARD Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 22:57:05 GMT Gene Ingram sl

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,,alt.2600,alt.censorship From: (Grady Ward) Subject: FLASH! GENE INGRAM & GRADY WARD Message-ID: Organization: +1 707 826 7715 Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 22:57:05 GMT Gene Ingram slanders me to my publisher today, 8 May 95 at 4:30 CST (CST = UTC-6)! I got a call a few moments ago from my publisher in Texas (Austin Code Works) informing me that a man identifying himself as Gene Ingram had some questions about my relationship to the NSA, Apple, Computer, The NuPrometheus League, and my finances at ACW. He spoke for ten minutes, did not identify his employer (duh!), and made statements like: "Grady is the president of ACW, isn't he?" [No] "Did you know the FBI investigated Grady for his involvement with the NuPrometheus League [a group claiming responsibility for stealing and distributing Apple Computer Macintosh ROM code in June, 1989]." "The FBI knew he did it because Grady was the only one fired [a provable lie!] from Apple in 1989." He also said I had been investigated for distributing the NSA employee's security handbook. [Probably true; the criminal cult still thinks this is a *negative* thing. Hah!] Ingram then begin to pump for financial information, such as "Does he make more than $10,000 in royalties [per annum, presumably] from MobyCrypto? Moby Lexicons? No? How about $5,000?" [Hey Ingram: Tooooo bad I am self-employed and most of my income is totally untraceable. How do you intimidate my Japanese OEMs?] ACW to their credit began to get vague with their answers. Even the trusting Texas personality was beginning to get a whiff of pure Ingram by this time. The call ended 10 minutes into it. ACW called me immediately to report the slander and to give me details of the conversation. Time to order the cross-cut shredder...I've made the Official Criminal Cult Investigation List! Fuck you Ingram! This helps to demonstrate a pattern of harassment, too, you morons. The criminal culties and their hired lying attorneys and baboon PIs still haven't told me how you are going to stop SCAMIZDAT #5. You sent Jeff Quiros, Director of OSA, SF, to investigate. He came back empty handed, GIFed and Case Numbered at the police. Now you are using Ingram. But he won't find out shit. That's because they don't know how to. Weak, pathetic liars and baboons. Go back to cheating old ladies out of their homes as documented in TIME magazine. Leave us on the net alone. -- Grady Ward +1 707 826 7715 (voice / 24hr FAX)


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