Scientology Front Groups Introduction Many, if not all, of the names of Scientology's fron

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Scientology Front Groups Introduction Many, if not all, of the names of Scientology's front groups are claimed as trademarks owned by Scientology organisations. They are used here without permission, and are hereby acknowledged as trademarks.ContentsIn order to attempt to exert influence in areas which would probably not generally be considered within the remit of a religion, Scientology has a considerable number of front groups, covering areas from psychiatry to the Internet. The cluster of corporations which make up the administrative core of Scientology are related in many complex ways. It is this "shell game" that enables Scientology representatives to say, with some small measure of truth, that such-and-such group is nothing to do with Scientology. Frequently, these groups share administrative offices with other Scientology entities, and familiar names are prone to pop up in all sorts of places. This is a list of those front groups, and a little about what they do. _ [ref001]Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) - CCHR is an organisation devoted to launching attacks on the psychiatric community under the guise of promoting social reform. Many claims of dubious merit have been made regarding the achievements of this organisation. [ref002]Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) - an umbrella front group that supports other Scientology- backed front groups (note that the use of ABLE allows Scientologists to use a measure of plausable deniability when attempting to distance these groups from Scientology itself). Groups sponsored by ABLE are: Applied Scholastics, Concerned Businessmen's Association, Criminon, Cry Out!, and perhaps best known of all, [ref003]Narconon. [ref004]Narconon - The Scientology-backed drugs-to-cult organisation. Essential reading for anyone involved in the care of drug abusers. [ref005]Criminon - similar to Narconon, but focusing on offenders. Criminon is an "outreach" programme that attempts to recruit Scientologists from the prison population. Concerned Businessmen's Association of America - the title of this group, in keeping with L Ron Hubbard's legendary misogyny, appears to exclude the possibility that such a thing as a "concerned businesswoman" might exist. The CBAA sponsors anti- drug campaigns in schools, another example of Scientology's unerring ability to target issues with wide public awareness in an attempt to gain respectability. [ref006]Applied Scholastics - the organisation that runs Scientology schools such as Greenfields School in East Grinstead, W. Sussex. Touts the "LRH Study Tech as a valid means of education. Cry Out! - the thud of yet another bandwagon being jumped onto is a familiar sound to seasoned Scientology-watchers. In this case it's the "green" cause that receives the dubious benefit of the Scientology spin-doctors. [ref007]World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) - grants licences to business to use material developed by L Ron Hubbard in business training programmes. Once again, the connection with Scientology is kept quiet. A major row has erupted in the US concerning one WISE company, Sterling Management, which has been accused of selling these extremely expensive courses to healthcare professionals as a means of recruiting them into Scientology. [ref008]Way to Happiness Foundation - (_source:_Time_Magazine_1991_) this group has distributed over 3½m copies of a booklet written by[ref009] L Ron Hubbard on morality to children in US state (public) schools. HealthMed - while not, strictly speaking, an official Scientology front group, HealthMed clinics are run by Scientologists, and use techniques similar to those used by [ref010] Narconon and claimed by L Ron Hubbard to purify the body. David Steinman, a journalist and ardent advocate of the chain, denies any link with Scientology. HealthMed concentrates much of its efforts in gaining contracts from public utilities and unions in the US. [ref011]The Task Force for Responsibility and Freedom on the Internet - (_source:_Time_Magazine_1991_) this group has distributed over 3½m copies of a booklet written by[ref012] L Ron Hubbard on morality to children in US state (public) schools._ There may be other front groups that aren't listed here: The Church of Scientology is like a quicksand, where everything is constantly shifting below the surface, and new entities are created as and when it suits the purposes of the organisation. All trademarks or registered trademarks are duly acknowledged Copyright © 1995 Steve. All rights reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited. This page may not be quoted except in full. [ref001] http:cchr.html [ref002] http:able.html [ref003] Narconon.htm#Contents [ref004] Narconon.html#Contents [ref005] http:able.html#Criminon [ref006] able.html#AppliedScholastics [ref007] http:wise.html [ref008] http:able.html#Way2Happiness [ref009] http:lrhmoral.html [ref010] http:narconon.html [ref011] http:trfn.html [ref012] http:lrhmoral.http


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