Subject: Escalation Date: Sat, 15 Apr 95 14:07:23 -0700 Faithful Reader (or new friend): I

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: Escalation Message-ID: <> Date: Sat, 15 Apr 95 14:07:23 -0700 Faithful Reader (or new friend): I am Dennis Erlich, that person who had his house raided and his computer ransacked by the "Church" of Scientology. Knowing the scienos as I do, I would expect them to escalate their dirty trick campaign against me ... and they have. Today I went to draw out $100 from my account. I was denied access to my money. I was going to buy some pickling cucumbers at the ranch market and had no cash. I raced over to my branch and was told that there was a levy on my account for $40,028.86. They had no further information to give me. By sheer persistance and a number of phone calls, I got the information faxed to me. My ex-wife, working in concert with the scientology program directed to silence me speaking out against the cult, had gotten a San Diego judge to issue the levy without ever notifying me. The Dan Diego Sheriff's Dept. had gotten the LA County sheriffs to serve my bank (Bank of America). The bank, without even the courtesy of a phone call (they have my number) locked my account for transfer on Monday. I had $1500. Gone. Oh, and by the way, my ex-wife's new husband is an ex-San Diego County Sheriff. While my wife may have a claim to some back payment, it should be perportional to the rights I have been denied as a father. In violation of our divorce, she has denied me *any* communication with my daughter, Holly (whom I love dearly) for the last 8 or 9 years. I need to know how to block the stripping of my megre assets without my side of the story being heard. Can they come and take my computer, my guitar, my tv? Is there now way to make the bank hold off til I can argue my side to the judge? If you can give me any advice, please e-mail me. I need good advice. +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) ------------- Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: Escalation Message-ID: <> Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 18:14:36 -0700 Faithful Readers, Thank you for the many kind responses, suggestions and offers to give me suppost during the most recent "sad and like weepy part of the story." Several things have developed today. I contacted my ex-wife's Century City lawyer [tm] and he agreed to send me some sort of accounting of how I could owe $40,000+ and gave me his word that he would take no action until I contacted him to make arrangements for dealing with whatever debt of back support I actually owe. I agreed in turn to begin sending regular payments. I asked him for my ex-wife's address which he confirmed. Notwithstanding his accusing me of molesting Holly (that's my youngest of 4 daughters) and saying that I therefore do not have the right to visit with her, he seemed a pleasant enough chap. I have no intention to hold back support now that I know where my daughter is. So onward and upward. No matter what the cost, it is worth it to me if it has even the remotest chance of putting me back in touch with my beloved daughter. Also today EFF (Shari Steel, to be specific) informed me of the Dennis Erlich, first annual, memorial legal defense fund being established. The information is below. Now all the people who've been trying to donate to the defense of my ministry will have a chance to do so - tax deductible - and we will see who put's their money where ... well you know what I mean. This $ will be used to pay the costs (actual expenses as opposed to lawyers' fees) of The Mighty MoFo (Morrison & Foerester), the law firm with SOUL! (they're working on rhythm) So all in all, not too bad a day ... considering. Once again, thanks for your support, prayers (those of you who do) and kind thoughts. You are lifesavers. +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) [ Begin external quotes... ] * Quote from SSTEELE@EFF.ORG to DENNIS L ERLICH dated 04-17-95. From: (Shari Steele) Subject: Corrected note: dennis erlich defense fund Hey there. As I just told you on the phone, EFF is (finally!) ready to take on the Dennis Erlich Defense Fund. You can tell people to send their contributions to: Electronic Frontier Foundation 1667 K Street, NW Suite 801 Washington, DC 20006 TELL PEOPLE TO MAKE SURE THEY LABEL THEIR CHECKS "DENNIS ERLICH DEFENSE FUND" OR THE MONEY WILL END UP IN THE GENERAL EFF FUND! Checks should be made out to Electronic Frontier Foundation so you can avoid tax liability on the donations. It is up to you (and Ron and Jon and anyone else) to advertise this. Let me know if you need the list of pledges Jon forwarded to me. I assume Jon still has the original list. Please note: Any donations to the Dennis Erlich Defense Fund will be used exclusively for that purpose. EFF will not be taking any money for administering the fund, and all withdrawals from the fund must be authorized by you. Talk to you soon. Shari -=-=-=-=-=-=-=[End Quote]=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [ ...End external quotes ] ---------- Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: Little crucifictions Message-ID: <> Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 16:50:29 -0700 Faithful Reader, It's already been quite a day, and it's only 4:30. This morning I found out that I will be losing another major customer - Hughes Aircraft, Fullerton. They will be closing their photo lab and will no longer need the services of Photosonic Service Center. This is the second such loss in the last week. Also I got the accounting from my ex-wife's lawyer. $40,035.86 in back child support. Another stange occurrence was a message left on my machine by Kendrick (better known as Schmendrick) Moxen. [the scieno in-house lawyer] He said he was giving me notice that he was going into court at 1:30 today in Department 8, Superior Court, 1111 Hill St, Downtown LA, to file for a Temporary Restraining Order to make me cease my "continuing civil harassment of Robert Lippman (a person with whom I've never communicated or met). I should call him at his office if I had any questions. Like, "What the F*CK are you talking about, Schmendrick?" I have til Monday to work out a payment plan for the $40K. I guess if Rosa's lawyer doesn't like my deducting any time when I had no rights as a father to see, talk to or even correspond with my daughter, and time when I was unemployed or homeless, he's gonna come and take my computer, my car, my guitar and anything else of value they can find. Then I'll be unable to drive the bus. Martin, if you can break yourself away from Ricki back there and answer a question ... Do you still have a license? +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) ---------------------- Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: Answer to ex-wife Message-ID: <> Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 16:14:11 -0700 Faithful Reader, I sent this fax to my ex-wife's lawyer just now. My guess is that I will soon have someone knowcking at my door again with a seizure order. So much for "having a life". It was nice while it lasted. +--------------------------------+ April 24, 1995 Fred Silberberg By Telefax (310) 556-0450 - Fax Re: Case # D200432 Rosa (Medvitz Erlich) Munsey Dear Mr. Silberberg, I have had a chance to review your accounting. Since June 27, 1987 Rosa has denied my rights under the ruling in the above cited case, and prevented me from seeing, talking to or corresponding with my daughter. She has moved several times without providing me her address or any way to contact her or Holly. She secreted Holly away and relocated to Colorado, in violation of the 1985 San Diego Court ruling. It is my understanding from her last verbal communication, that if I ceased to communicate to Holly, Rosa would willingly forego child support payments. Since then she has not permitted me contact with my daughter or requested child support, despite the fact that she has always known how to contact me (through my parents). Now, after all these years, and concurrently with her giving a declaration on behalf of the cult of scientology in a case pending in Federal Court, Northern District of California, before Judge Ronald Whyte of the San Jose Division, she suddenly, and without abiding by her own obligations under the San Diego court's ruling, seeks to enforce a 10 year old judgement. Looking at your chart of payments, it seems that I would owe for any support prior to Rosa's vacating the order, a total of $6233.35 minus the $540.00 I did pay. That would amount to $5693.35. Since we spoke, and in no small measure resulting from the legal harassment by the cult of scientology (in which your client played a major role), and in this matter, I have been given notice of a lay-off from my job as of April 30, 1995. I will be filing for unemployment. Because you have seized my bank account, I will perhaps also be forced into the streets. In other words, your client has assisted in destroying my life and indeed her chances of collecting even on the valid part of this judgement any time in the future. Perhaps that was the intent. My guess is that it was. In any case, I will make her this offer: 1) I will borrow money and pay her the $5693.35 if she agrees that will bring my obligation up to date. 2) I will continue to arrange (without use of a checking account, thank you) to have $200 sent to Rosa monthly, and keep my part of the judgement up-to-date from this date forward, despite being unemployed. Please present my offer to your client and urge her to accept it. Under the circumstances, with the attacks from the cult of scientology to which I have been, and probably will be subjected, this may very well be the last time I will have my life together enough to assist her as above. As an additional note, the case (C-95-20091 - RTC v Netcom, Dennis Erlich, et al) involves an attempt on the part of the scientologists to seize my personal computer equipment. This was flatly prohibited by Judge Whyte, whose order still is in force. (Amended Temporary Restraining Order of 2/23/95) The computer equipment contains evidence in that case. Any attempt to seize that equipment and gain access to or destroy the data on that equipment would, I believe, be a violation of Judge Whyte's order. The only other assets I have would consist of: 1) A beat-up 1987 automobile (which I will be using in my future employment). 2) A cheap TV and stereo. 3) Some assorted musical equipment which I use in my trade as a (sometimes) musician working casual gigs. These items may very well be exempt from further seizures, and I have no other assets whatsoever. I strongly suggest that your client accept this offer. However, if she refuses it, please contact me immediately. I will put you in touch with the attorney who will be assisting me in this matter. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Dennis L. Erlich +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) -------------------- Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: Turning the heat up Message-ID: <> Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 17:05:50 -0700 Faithful Reader, Your friend and humble narrator has been served with yet more legal papers. Today I was served with papers tacking on 6% per month to the $40,000+ that I allegedly owe my ex-wife in back child support, interest and attorney fees. Additionally I was subpoena'd for a deposition in that case where I have to turn over all my financial records, inventory of assets, income tax returns, bank records, debts, living expenses, etc., since 1992. Anyone have $40+K to lend me until I sell the rights to my life story? +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) ------------------- Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: Newsfeed anyone? Message-ID: <> Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 07:37:03 -0700 Faithful Reader, I know there are probably many posts that I should answer, which are being left hanging. This is because my co-defendent, Netcom, has failed to provide me with newsfeed that is less than 6 days stale. Not that I'm criticizing them, mind you. I can't answer you if I never see your posts. If you want an answer, cc me in e-mail. BTW, the scieno PI, JJ Gaw, went to my landlord and tried to get dirt on me. Bad move. One more cause of action. So the update (for those who care): 1) No ruling on the scieno motion to shorten time in the contempt hearing because of the Armstrong Declaration. The Big Hearing is still scheduled for June 23, 1995 in San Jose. Bring the kids for a lesson in Constitutional Law. 2) Friday, April 28, is my last day at work. I'll have plenty of time to post to ars (if I have a newsfeed, a computer, a place to live). 3) No word from my ex-wife's lawyer yet if she'll accept my offer to bring my child support up-to-date. No further levys or seizures yet. 4) No word from Schmendrick Moxon about filings regarding Robert Lippmann (whom I've never met). S'about it. Any questions? E-mail me or I won't see them til Memorial Day. Thanks for contributing to my EFF defense fund. You are all wonderful to support it. Gratefully, +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) -------------- From: Subject: Netcom Message-ID: <> Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 18:31:40 -0700 (Bruce D. Scott) ... >I just want to point out here, for those who don't know, that there is more >to this scientology-Erlich dispute than a simple copyright decision which >is approachable in an academic way. The behaviour of the scientology >organisation vis-a-vis Erlich shows that their real purpose is simply to >remove him from the scene. In this case, the scene is the international >attention given the scientology track record via the Internet, and the >method of silencing is principally legal/financial. The scientology >organisation has dragged his mid-1980s divorce into it by using his ex to >press him for money until he is destitute, and has been working behind the >scenes with people such as Hughes Aircraft to divest the company Erlich >works for of customers. The result of this appeared a couple of days ago >-- Erlich gets laid off. He has a nonzero chance of being homeless in a >few weeks as a consequence. Look for posts by Dennis Erlich and Tom >Klemensrud to alt.religion.scientology over the last week: Erlich is >relaying the legal demands made against him (see especially articles ><> and <>), and >Klemensrud has discovered the link to Hughes Aircraft (in article ><>). >No, this is no simple copyright case. Doc, you are right about this last. However I would be hardpressed to find evidence of collusion within Hughes. Don't get me wrong, there have been other "strange" occurrences during the last several months of business. Such as 2 hit-and-run accidents while my employees were making deliveries, strange behavior of cancelling contracts suddenly by one of my customers who had So$ as their big customer, and others. The business has now been served with a subpoena for its financial records by my ex-wife's lawyer. Lucky for them that they laid me off. Dickhead Woody has been saying that I cause trouble for others. This was a threat and a promise. The scienos have arranged to harass my former employer, through my ex-wife. +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) ---------------- Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: On another front Message-ID: <> Date: Mon, 01 May 95 14:31:22 -0700 Faithful Reader, I sent this letter to my ex-wife's lawyer today. Just thought you'd like to share in the fun. +--------------------------------+ May 1, 1995 Fred Silberberg 1801 Century Park East #24 Los Angeles, CA 90067 By Telefax and US Mail (310) 556-0450 - Fax Re: Case # D200432 Rosa (Medvitz Erlich) Munsey Dear Mr. Silberberg, I have received your Notice of Deposition and fully intend to comply. You have, however, given me insufficient notice to enable me to produce the extensive documentation you require. Locating some of these will require a search by myself and other individuals. Such documents would have to be sent to me. Some will have to be reconstructed from memory, and still others may be buried in closets, trunks and boxes. I am involved in another case in Federal Court also instigated by the scientology cult that requires my attention and time. I will need at least 30 days to comply with the notice. Additionally, I am in the process of selecting legal counsel to review my legal position, your filings, and recommend how to proceed. I will have selected such counsel and had them inform you of their representation by the end of next week (May 5, 1995). Please make arrangements with your client to facilitate my visiting with my daughter (as per the 1985 ruling) on one of the following dates (May 6, 7, 13, 14, 22, 1995). If you or your client refuse to allow such visitation, please state the legal reason, so that the matter can be addressed in the May 23, 1995 hearing. It also seems that your client has refused my settlement offer. That is just as well, as I have found through examining my correspondence, that your accounting is incorrect. I therefore withdraw that offer as some of the statements therein do not reflect the reality of my position. I expect a timely reply to this so that I can assess my position and comply with your notice properly. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Dennis L. Erlich +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) ------------------- Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: Where's the beef? Message-ID: <> Date: Fri, 05 May 95 16:58:11 -0700 Faithful Reader, I must truely apologize. I've gotten numerous requests for continuation of my more susbantive writing regarding the cult. I feel sorta bad that all I've been doing lately is reporting on developments in my current situation and answering other's posts. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) I've got a lot of things on my mind which call my attention away from a scholarly discourse on the internal workings of the cult. (I do plan a series on my specific history in the cult and something on how the cult breaks down critical thinking and makes for the suggestibility required to believe in demon possession and the rest of the garbage) and ... 2) The folks on ars now don't really let any balls make it into the outfield. A very sharp bunch, they are. So I don't need to answer things that have already been dealt with by the other busriders. If you have any specific questions though, I'll be happy to answer them. I got some more time in the child-support case today. Apparently Silberberg sent a lawyer all the way down from LA to San Diego to oppose the motion. She had a stack of papers which the judge didn't bother to read. Anyway I have more time to get representation and file an answer to this madness. A letter that my parents sent me was delivered, opened. The censorship case in San Jose seems to be chugging right along. MoFo is doing a superb job. All of my filings in that case would be posted to Internet if my lawyers could do it without me losing immunity from liable. So someone else will have to get the filings from the court or somewhere and put them on the net and at Newman's Web site. It's kinda wierd not going to work every morning. Gives me time to reflect on my situation, though. I'm moderately optimistic that I will survive this seige and emerge with a judgement which will secure free speech and further define "fair use" in this electronic medium we call cyberspace. If so, it will have all been worth it. Additionally I am gratified at the resopnse of those new to the subject of the cult. There is emerging a very clear and accurate picture of the operation for those unfamiliar with the cult's tactics to view in disbelief. No one would have believed me if I'd just said it. Now everyone can see the actions as they are in plain view. Whatever I go through to achieve this end will be well worth it. Hopefully I will save others the suffering that has been (and will be) arranged for me, by the cult. The good fight. +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm) -------------------


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