Article 73852 of alt.religion.scientology: ich Subject: Continued harassment References: +

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Article 73852 of alt.religion.scientology: Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path:!!!!!!!netcomsv!!netcomsv!!lavc!lavc!dennis.l.erlich From: Subject: Continued harassment Message-ID: <> References: <3q2lik$> Organization: L.A. Valley College Public BBS (818)985-7150 X-Mailer: TBBS/PIMP v3.35/PRIMP 1.56p Distribution: world Date: Sat, 03 Jun 95 10:09:56 -0700 Lines: 29 Faithful Reader, Just got off the phone with my landlord. Apparently the scienos are messing with him. After his visit from JJ Gaw (scieno PI) looking for dirt on Your Humble Narrator, someone calling from a Colorado cellular phone called the mortgage company to which my landlord makes house payments and requested some documents be faxed to another Colorado cellular phone. (both #'s are now disconnected) My landlord got a bill for the documenation and is protesting the charges. He said "I just wish I had a way to hassle them back." I told him I was certainly taking care of that. Another Big Win[tm] for the scienos. Two nights ago I noticed that the automatic lights in front of my house didn't turn on when I approached. Checking the bulbs, I found them to have been screwed out 2 turns. Three weeks ago somone came by and sanded the street # off the curb in front of the house. No other houses on the block got this treatment. +--------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * + "tar baby"


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