Subject: WITH COUNSEL TO COURT 1/2 Date: Wed, 15 Mar 95 17:45:17 -0800 Faithful Reader, I

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: Subject: WITH COUNSEL TO COURT 1/2 Date: Wed, 15 Mar 95 17:45:17 -0800 Faithful Reader, I suppose, now that I've got your attention, my obligation is to keep you informed of events in "the center of the storm", as one journalist put it. My newsfeed has been several days behind for the last week or so. And I haven't been inclined to write much, because I don't know what I could quote. Quoting Hubbard is essential to my ministry's preachings. To the scienos (according to the Hubbard Policy Letter of - they took my books - THE HIDDEN DATA LINE: "If it isn't written [by El Ron], it isn't true." This is from memory since my references are gone. In order to reach those on the fringes of the cult, who will discount anything not verbatim, I must quote the words of Hubbard. Anyway, bla, bla, bla ... so much for the constitution. Seems like a bit of lip-service to its principles. Probable cause for invading your domicile is only necessary if you're breaking the law. If you're writing bad satire, a misquote is enough. Ain't Amerka great? What a cone-tree! I got representation on Sunday in San Francisco. Meeting with attorneys (Harold MacElhinny and Carla Oakley) of the prestigious firm of Morrison and Foerester (MoFo affectionately) and reviewing the case that day I was sufficiently confident that this firm understood the constitutional issues and implications of the case and had sufficient resources to mount a strong defense and facilitate the eventual reclaiming of my civil rights and compensation. MoFo, I am told, is one of the top three largest firms in California, where there's a lawyer advertised on every bus bench. They have litigated successfully, pro bono, against the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (one of my customers) who was ripping of water from Mono Lake (a sacred Piute site) in the High Sierras. The litigation went on for 15 years, I am told. MoFo prevailed and saved one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Mono is a volcanic lake, and quite unique. So they were instantly my friends. My dad and I fish a number of the surrounding lakes. The case to date: Judge Whyte has put a hearing on the calendar for this Friday, 3/17/95 to rule on the scieno's motion to hold me in contempt for my 2/26/95 posting of contested material. I could attend by phone, but I think I'll attend in case I have to go to jail. No kidding, the scienos want to seize my computer and have me barred from internetting. 'Cause I'm a baddog . And they don't like me anymore. The hearing is at 9AM in the Federal courthouse in San Jose, day after tomorrow. Carla has asked for more time to study the 20+ pounds of paper the scienos have filed (and we ain't even decided if there's gonna be a case). Kobrin, of course, objected. So your got all these ex-parte motions being filed. They told me when I tried to change the world in the sixties, "Do it *through* the system." I guess that's what I'm now trying to do. I'm gonna be ground to power by the process. Oh well. But it's nice to have such backing as Morrison & Foerester. And your support, of course, too. Sorry I haven't been much of a participant on ars. I see the flood of spam-o-ganda being laid down by the OSA Project (Vera, Rick, you know the list). You folks are being baited and Whipboy is a ringer. He has too much inside data and he let a few things slip that only OSA could tell him. I was going to allow Shari Steele from the Electronic Frontier Foundation announce my representation, since EFF was responsible for finding them. But by some bureaucratic snafu the announcement got stalled. So Shari said for me to announce it. There's also gonna be some sort of legal defense fund set up. Details unclear. I (or preferably someone else) will let you know where to send your lunch-money to cover the "costs" of my defense (of the Constitution). It has been estimated such costs will easily exceed $50,000, US. So now you know. I'm getting to be an old hand at interviews and handling the press. This must be minute 3 of my 15 minutes of fame. Seems I've fallen out of touch with my net.friends on ars. Pope and I usually have a running commentary which sometimes has me ROFL. But then, I'm easy to amuse. An attempt by OSA to drag ars off into issues other than fascist (see I spelled it right) net-censorship, dead agent tactics, exorcism, Christianity as a 75 million year implant, RPF torture of staff, neglect of "Family Time" [sic] in the Sea Org, dirty tricks on journalists and judges, Hubbard's crack-pot droppings (everybody seems spooked even to quote a line now), avoidance and misuse of justice, internal, corporate, three-card monty with the responsibility, and of course ... our favorite topic ... the tiny little mutt with the ant-e-rog of sub-minions, our favorite asthmatic dwarf (affectionately known as Wheezy), the poodleboy hisself: Damian Miss Cabbage (DM for short, and he is). There doesn't seem to be much in the way of ongoing dialogue. Anyone want to talk about something? +---------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * that person (tm)


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