Subject: Re: Cancelbunny #5 has arrived, from Date: 9 Mar 1995 02:35:02 GMT R

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From: (Neal L. Barry) Newsgroups:,alt.religion.scientology,news.admin.misc Subject: Re: Cancelbunny #5 has arrived, from Date: 9 Mar 1995 02:35:02 GMT Organization: DeltaNet Message-ID: <3jlpgm$ikc@alterdial.UU.NET> References: <> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: In article <>, (Ron Newman) says: > >The Cancelbunny has finally figured out that Netcom is no longer >a friendly home for net-abusers. (Cancelbunny #4, >"", lasted less than a day before Netcom >suspended her access.) > Forged Message Cancel to alt.religion.scientology We have identified the individual who was posting forged message cancels from to alt.religion.scientology. He and his compatriot's account has been terminated. There were actually two individuals, `thesaint' and `leevy', and they both signed-up together. In retrospect, our dealings with them were suspicious. They arrived at our offices at around 8:00PM and insisted in signing up right away as they had to attend to some `important' business. They paid in cash. They had driven over 2 hours to our offices to get this accomplished so we felt obliged to setup their accounts right away. We first received e-mail regarding forged message cancels coming from our site ( around the first of March. After much investigation and helpful suggestions by alt.religion.scientology participants as to the possible culprit, the offender was identified. One of the major clues was that `thesaint' had recently been making numerous posts to alt.religion.scientology and these were the first posts made to that group from We found undeniable incriminating materials in both individual's directories, including message cancel templates, numerous lengthy transcripts of court cases relating to scientology, and other items best not disclosed here. Because we are not certain if the names, addresses, or phone numbers that they gave are legitimate we will not disclose them in this post. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Neal L. Barry Delta Internet Services ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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