Subject: Co$ v. Davidson: My TOTAL exoneration... Date: 1 Apr 1995 02:38:14 GMT March 31,

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From: (Daniel Davidson) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Co$ v. Davidson: My *TOTAL* exoneration... Date: 1 Apr 1995 02:38:14 GMT Organization: San Francisco State University Message-ID: <3lieam$> March 31, 1995 All charges dropped, and a letter stating that I have in no way violated San Francisco State University standards of Internet behavior. The major concern was to verify that I had not been deprived of Internet access, as a result of Kobrin's "complaint", a copy of which I obtained -- along with all other material in University hands pertaining to me and CoS, or so I was told. There is some new Kobrin spiel, which I'll post later. Right now I'm gonna chill, its Sat. night, right? :) I plan to debrief in detail in a post over the weekend. The only thing I'll do right now is follow up with a stern email to the single idiot who sent Mr. True a short (one line) abusive email. Grrrr... But actually, not bad. I got a copy of all the emails sent to the University on this matter, and only one inappropriate one out of about 30 is really very good. Heartening, even. Loging off, and looking forward to Sat. Night Live later. Happy happy, dd -- = Daniel Davidson = When seeing someone lying unconscious on a city street, it is considered appropriate to continue walking, essentially unaffected. ------------------- From: (Daniel Davidson) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Round-up of my Student Discipline meeting Date: 15 Apr 1995 19:32:47 GMT Organization: San Francisco State University Message-ID: <3mp70v$> My meeting with the Vice President/Discipline Officer was in a sense a University no-show. There was nothing to talk about, from the University's perspective, because they considered the charge baseless on its face. We agreed that the unsubstantiated email from Kobrin claiming copyright violations constituted "unsubstantiated charges of undemonstrated violations". I had, however, brought along a clear, well documented sheaf of indexed papers, laying out the history and actions of all parties involved. I included lots of neat background on Co$ -- not too much, just the right amount... and articles on academic perspectives on Internet policy, the Encheferized text so loved and cherished here, among others. And of course, the letters y'all took the time to write, presenting a really remarkable collection of people and ideas. The University was, however, very concerned that my Internet account had not been terminated due to Kobrin's unverified email, and without due process. As it turned out, I had noticed no unusual trouble, though there is always some trouble at this site :). They seemed to think I had been kicked off... Anyway, I got specific assurance that there would be 0, nil, none, zip, zero, nada trace of any sort in any way of anything connected with this event anywhere in my public or private record. I also obtained a complete copy of all documents in the case file. A few interesting things there... And, I was promised a letter stating that I was not charged with any wrong doing. I received this letter last week. Before it arrived, I sent the following letter to my sysop, Cc: to the whole chain of command above him. Mr. True has never responded to any of the three or four emails I have sent him. One last thing. Out of all the letters sent on my behalf, a single email missive was abusive. The account where this email originated was very soon terminated. If anyone ever sends abusive, obscene or harassing to anyone with reference to me, I will immediately proceed accordingly, under the law. Following is the email I sent to San Francisco State University. ______________________ begin email __________________ April 6, 1995 John True On 17 March, you notified me that you had filed charges against me for the violation of Student Conduct Code (Title 5, California Code of Regulations.) In an email message which I sent after reading your charge, I asked you upon what evidence did you base this charge. I presume you do not file Student Discipline Charges without substantive evidence of wrong doing. My personal and profesional standing have been put into question by your charge. The damage done to my reputation is, I feel, made tangible by your filing of Student Discipline Charges against me. As you did not respond to my request on 17 March, I am compelled to ask you once again: Upon what evidence did you file charges against me? It is in my interest to put this matter to rest. Having charges filed against me is not a matter I take lightly, as I'm sure you can understand. In addition to the question of what evidence you based your filing of Student Disciplinary Charges, I request, and feel I deserve, some statement of resolution from you or from San Francisco State University concerning these charges. If the charges you filed against me have been proved unfounded and untrue, I would appreciate receiving a statement, in writing, attesting to this. Thus, I request some statement from you or from the University that I did not in fact violate Title 5, California Code of Regulations, as you charged me with. With the receipt of such a statement detailing my vindication and the withdrawal of all Charges made against me, based on the facts, I will consider this matter closed. Sincerely, Daniel Davidson [end] ********************************************************************** "Permitting CSI [Church of Scientology International] to prosecute a libel claim on every occasion where any Scientology entity is discussed in a negative light would be too great an imposition on society's interest in ensuring an open forum for vigorous public debate." District Judge Leisure, United States District Court Nov. 23, 1992 S.D. New York, No. 92 Cov. 3024(PKL) ************************************************************************ -- = Daniel Davidson = Don't hit. Clean your mess.


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