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discuss@menelaus: [1481] in "WorldWideWeb-Requests" [1481] in WorldWideWeb-Requests [ref001][ref002] [ref003][ref004] [ref005][ref006] [ref007][ref008] [ref009] [ref010] [ref011][ref012] [ref013][ref014] [ref015] [ref016] [ref017][ref018] Ron Newman and Scientology Information lisanti@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Thu Apr 20 11:25:49 1995 ) Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 11:12:17 -0500 To: lisanti@MIT.EDU From: lisanti@MIT.EDU (Suzana Lisanti) Cc: web-request, rnewman Subject: Scientology Dear Bob, I am responding to your e-mail message dated April 11, 1995 in which you expressed concern about Ron Newman's web page. You first ask if Ron Newman has the right to have an Athena account. Ron is an ex-employee; accounts for users having no current MIT affiliation are deactivated on a periodic basis. Ron's account will be handled accordingly. You also call into question the accuracy of the information on the Church of Scientology published on Ron Newman's page. I can sympathize with your dismay at having information you don't agree with published on the Web. However, it has always been MIT's policy not to interfere with an individual's legal right to exercise freedom of speech. Allowing members of the MIT community to publish their opinions on the Web does not constitute an endorsement by MIT of the views of any individual. Ron Newman complies with standard practice reminding readers he is expressing his own opinion. See the top of his web page at: http://web.mit.edu/rnewman/www/scientology/home.html I hope this answers your concerns. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Susana Lisanti _______________________________________________________________________ Suzana Lisanti phone: (617) 253-0101 CWIS Facilitator fax: (617) 258-8736 MIT E40-333 e-mail: lisanti@mit.edu Cambridge, MA 02139 url: http://web.mit.edu/lisanti/www/ [ref001] / [ref002] /i-d.gif [ref003] ?1481 [ref004] /i-back.gif [ref005] /help.html [ref006] /i-help.gif [ref007] 1 [ref008] /i-first.gif [ref009] /n-fref.gif [ref010] /n-pref.gif [ref011] 1478 [ref012] /i-prev.gif [ref013] 1482 [ref014] /i-next.gif [ref015] /n-nref.gif [ref016] /n-lref.gif [ref017] 1995 [ref018] /i-last.gif


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