PHYSICS EDUCATION NEWS (PEN) September 1994, No. 2 An electronic newsletter of the AIP Edu

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PHYSICS EDUCATION NEWS (PEN) September 1994, No. 2 An electronic newsletter of the AIP Education Division NIST OFFERS UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS Undergraduates and graduating college seniors in science and engineering are invited to apply for the 1995 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) program in physics at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Fellowships are awarded to about 20 students each summer for 10 to 12 weeks of research within the agency's Physics Laboratory. SURF students are paired with NIST scientists based on the student's background and interests. Each SURF fellowship includes a $3,600 stipend as well as housing and transportation. The program, supported in part by the Physics Division of the National Science Foundation through its Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, encourages partici- pation of minorities and women, but is open to all undergraduate US citizens interested in a career in physics. Students receive SURF awards through nominations from their college or university. Each school may nominate two candidates plus one alternate. Applicants must submit one signed original and two copies of their proposal along with the federal Grant Application Standard Form 424. Applications should be submitted to David King, B266 Physics Bldg., Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0001, by February 1, 1995. (For more information, contact King at: telephone: 301-975-2369; fax: 301-975-3038; email: ELEANOR ROOSEVELT TEACHER FELLOWSHIPS The American Association of University Women offers the 1995-96 Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships. The fellowship program gives female teachers the opportunity to learn techniques that will increase girls self-confidence and academic performance, especially in math and science. Approximately 13 teachers who have demonstrated a commitment to gender equity in the classroom will each receive stipends ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Female teachers are eligible to apply if they have taught full time in a K-12 public school for at least three consecutive years, and at least part of their teaching assignments have included math, science, or technology. (For more information, contact: AAUW Educational Foundation, Dept. 14, 2201 N. Dodge St., Iowa City, IA 52243-4030; telephone: 319- 337-1716, ext. 14) INFORMATION ABOUT THE NSF NOW AVAILABLE ON THE WORLD-WIDE-WEB Users of "Mosaic," "Lynx," or other World-Wide-Web programs can now access information about the National Science Foundation (NSF) by typing: to gain access to the information system. Users can get up-to-the-minute bulletins, search internal NSF directories, and browse through a vast database of research awards from the agency. APS INDUSTRIAL SUMMER INTERN PROGRAM Applications are now being accepted for the 1995 APS Industrial Summer Intern Program (ISIP). The program provides an opportunity for well-qualified physics students to spend time in an industrial environment during the summer months. Any graduating senior or first year graduate student in physics may apply. Those selected will spend the period of June through August participating in existing projects at the host laboratory. The stipend for interns will be about $2,000 per month, varying somewhat with each industrial company. Provisions for relocation expenses and fringe benefits will be made according to the practice of each host laboratory. Applicants should complete and return an application form and arrange to have two letter-of-reference forms, in addition to the department chairperson's endorsement form, sent to the Program Administrator. Copies of all forms are available in the office of the chairperson of your department or by writing directly to the address below. Transcripts may be included with the application form or sent to the Program Administrator by the school. Completed applications and supporting material must be received by October 28, 1994. (For further information, contact: Industrial Summer Intern Program Administrator, The American Physical Society, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3844; telephone: 301-209-3231) ***************************** PEN is being published on a trial basis through December 31, 1994. Please tell us your opinion of PEN. To subscribe, send an email message to . Leave the "Subject" line blank. In the body of the message, enter the following command: . American Institute of Physics Education Division Contact: Mr. Tracy Schwab 301-209-3008, *****************************


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