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PHYSICS EDUCATION NEWS (PEN) March 1994, No. 1 An electronic newsletter of the AIP Education Division NATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WEEK APPROACHES A host of activities are planned for the tenth annual National Science and Technology Week, to be held April 24-30, 1994. This year's theme, Discover the World of Science and Technology, aims at building public understanding and appreciation of science and technology in everyday life. As part of the celebration, parent- teacher groups will organize hands-on activities for children and adults. Local, as well as national science competitions for children will be held. In addition, libraries, museums, and shopping malls will host exhibits, distribute free literature, and hold science demonstrations; scientists in industry and education will open their doors to children and adults to answer questions about science concepts and career opportunities. (For a free info-packet, write to: DISCOVER, Room 814, American Chemical Society, 1155 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036) NAS FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR ASTRONOMY EDUCATION PROJECTS The V. M. Slipher committee of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) announces its 1994 funding program for the Improvement of Public Education in Astronomy. Preference will be given to proposals that require seed money for programs that will continue beyond the funding period, and provide programs and services to more than a single group. Most awards are expected to be $1,000 or less. Proposals should: 1) outline the project's objectives and procedures in concise terms; 2) include a budget which identifies how funds will be spent and notes other funds allocated to the project (both direct and in-kind); 3) be three pages or less, with an original and four copies submitted; 4) be postmarked by May 20, 1994. (Send applications to: Dennis Schatz, V. M. Slipher Committee, Pacific Science Center, 200 Second Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109) RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON SCIENCE TEACHING PUBLISHED The Handbook of Research on Science Teaching and Learning is a comprehensive, current survey of research in science education compiled by the most renowned researchers in the field. The 736 page Handbook, sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), considers controversial issues in science education, provides a historical look at the evolution of science education research, discusses the influence of current research on teaching, and serves as a springboard for science education into the 21st century. (For prices and ordering information, contact: David Patterson, Macmillan Publishing Co., 866 Third Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10022; 800-257-5755; ISBN number: 0-02-897005-5) WOMEN IN ASTRONOMY FEATURED IN ODYSSEY MAGAZINE The March 1994 issue of Odyssey magazine is devoted to Women in Astronomy. It includes articles on Maria Mitchell, the first woman astronomer in America, and Kathryn Thornton, who participated in spacewalks to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. An interview with Vera Rubin takes students "Spiraling Among the Stars," and a variety of space-related activities and features are incorporated. Odyssey is a magazine about space and astronomy for 8-14 year-olds published by Cobblestone Publishing. (For more information, call Cobblestone Publishing: 800-821-0115) NSF TO CREATE SCIENCE EDUCATION INSTITUTE The National Science Foundation (NSF) is calling for proposals from universities and other institutions to establish a national Institute for Science Education, where scholars from various fields could develop strategies to promote reform. Researchers would assess the effectiveness of current educational programs, examine what new activities need to be established, and explore new approaches to enhancing science education. Officials said the Institute would focus on topics such as "the systemic nature of educational reform," or how to develop a "national delivery system for newly developed ideas and materials." Prospective applicants should submit proposals of no more than six pages in length describing what they believe should be the central features of the Institute. Proposals are due April 15, 1994. (For more information or to submit a proposal, contact: Larry Suter, Division of Research, Evaluation, and Dissemination, Room 855, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22230) CAPITAL-AREA SPACE ORIENTATION WORKSHOP PLANNED The University of Alabama in Huntsville is offering a unique, on- site science education workshop and seminar for K-12 educators. Conducted in and around Washington, DC, Capital-Area Space Orientation (CASO) is a week-long, three-semester-hour graduate seminar that assists educators in the enhancement of their science, mathematics, and social studies curricula. Participants will meet with scientists, engineers, and policy-makers engaged in space studies and cutting-edge technological development. Scheduled for July 10-15, 1994, the workshop will offer sessions on space policy- making, science history, satellites, stars, planets, time, teaching science, and more. The registration deadline is June 1, 1994. (For registration forms and more information, call 800-448-4032) ***************************** PEN is being published on a trial basis through December 31, 1994. Please tell us your opinion of PEN. To subscribe, send your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and how you heard about PEN. American Institute of Physics Education Division Contact: Mr. Tracy Schwab 301-209-3007, *****************************


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