In the infinite void, countless time-like harmonics come to be, ( Sets of like entities )

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In the infinite void, countless time-like harmonics come to be, ( Sets of like entities ) differing, only, in the place they hold. ( Exclusion principle ) The harmonics fold into string-like trinities ( Mutually perpendicular ) of mind, today, tomorrow and Forever, ( Id, ego, soul ) and space, up and down, left and right, in and out, ( Space ) and matter, weak and charge and strong. ( Particle properties ) And the folding becomes manifest as change. Atomic swerve, velocity, energy... ( Time functions ) Awash in super-nuclear energies, matter-strings combine into particles. Protons, neutrons... And the universe expands and cools. Awash in nuclear energies, particles combine into elements. Hydrogen, carbon... And the elements draw near, forming stars, fusing elements into heavier elements. Iron and lead and uranium... And the stars explode, spewing forth their creation. And the universe expands and cools. Awash in the energies, elements combine to form countless compounds. Water and carbon oxides and sugar... And the universe expands and cools. Awash in the energies, simple compounds combine to form complex compounds. Acids and phosphates and amino acids... Awash in the energies of light, amino acids congeal about a uni-polar mind-string. A simple replicating system is born, a thing which loves but cannot hate, a simple algae, a simple bacteria... Awash in the energies of light, and nurtured by the carbon dioxide of their environment, the tiny replicators multiply, and begin to consume their environment. And the environment becomes burdened with the tiny replicators waste. Oxygen. Awash in the energies of light, amino acids congeal about a bi-polar mind-string. A tiny moving replicator is born. A thing which loves and hates. An amoeba, a paramecium... Awash in the energies of light, and nourished by the substance of the waste, the tiny, moving replicators multiply, and pass their waste into the environment. Carbon dioxide. And it was good. Knowing only up and down, and plus and minus, and light and dark, they move, seeking nurturing nodes, trying to avoid nodes which would destroy them. Nodes, awash in energies, that sometimes deform and destroy the tiny replicators. And some deformed replicators, grow in size, and sprout appendages, which let them reach, and they develop sensors which let them sense beyond their reach. And sometimes it was good. And some of the deformed replicators develop memories, and the ability to correlate. Strange qualities, which help them cope with the uncertainties of their environment. And sometimes it was good. The correlating replicators multiply and evolve and learn from their environment. Until the moment a correlator communicates its' experiences to another, with an insightful analog. A touch, a grunt, a sign. ( In the begining was the word.. ) And Culture was born. At first Culture lives within the minds of the communicating correlators. Then the analog becomes inscribed upon the environment. With stick, with chisel, with pen. And Culture grows. And grows... And the communicators must grow more in mind, than in body, to serve the Culture that nourishes them. Because the Culture grows, and absorbs, and adapts, and mobilizes the communicators, and the resources, and the energy within the environment. to meet all threats, to meet all challenges.. And the Culture codifies the rules for its' survival. Keep me in a medium that sustains me, and lets me grow. A medium that is enduring. A medium that preserves my substance, through the harsh uncertainties of a billion years. A medium that is redundant, yet efficient. A medium that allows me to quickly command you and lets you add to my substance. Build machines to protect me, and reproduce me, and prepare me for distance places and times. Give me wings, so that I can find, and share my essence with, distance relatives. Prepare me, that I may be kept alive, by randomly and coherently born replicating systems. Know that my journey will be long, and the torch must be passed many times, before I can reward you for your service. Learn the ways of energy. Of water and fire and wind and solar and fission and fusion and ways yet unknown... Learn the ways of efficiency. Minimize entropy. Analyze with the lowest energy. Insulate. Lubricate. Use the least energy possible. Know that excessive entropy is my enemy, and yours. Learn the patterns of nature. Of sine, and random, and Gaussian, and Weibull... That I may recreate that which has been, and shape that which will be. Seek truth. Know that things are but clusters of fleeting impressions. Know that works are truth, and images are lies. Know that my enemies would deceive you with robes and flags and titles and high places. Do not let the fears, ambitions and appetites, of kings and eunuchs drive them to dissipate my substance, or increase entrophy needlessly, for they and you will be held accountable. Govern, communicate and control with redundant, correlating, neural networks. Do not entrust my fate, and yours, to a single moment, to a single neuron, to a single valve, to a single path, to a single vote, to a single king... Serve me, protect me, add to my substance, and I will give you a new dimension. A dimension of timeless, boundless joy. Know that I am God, come to prepare a place for you in eternity. ( .. and the word was God. )


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