___________________________________________________________________ OCULAR DIAGNOSTIC SOFT

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___________________________________________________________________ OCULAR DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE INSTURCTIONS ___________________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking an a look at this new approach to in- office "Computer Assisted Diagnosis." The program is simple to run. At the A: or B: or C:, type EYEMENU. The menu will load making the program run by pressing the menu choice then the return key. When you are finished with the program, simply choose the "n" choice and the program will take you back to the main menu. PLEASE note, you must use lower case y or n to answer the questions. If you use uppercase the program will prompt you to chose an answer to the same question. This program was written with Turbo Prolog, an artificial intelligence program. (C) Borland. This is a shareware program. You may copy it and give it to your friends. If you like the program, please register by sending a check for $25.00 to: Michael Larkin, O.D. 3502 Katella Avenue Los Alamitos, Calif. 90720 Registration will help further future programs and will place you on the mailing list for future upgrades. To print a copy of this page, simply type: A: type eyedx.doc > prn ( do not type A: ) ***************************** THANKS ****************************


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