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:boot >.tocname [ contents ] >.margin [ top 1 bottom 1 left 8 ] >.title [ top left CATALOG ] >.title [ top right ^topic ] >.window [ ] >.next :"BPLAN" |BPLAN Virtuals Presents BPLAN Virtuals is an innovative publisher and distributor of material for the active reader and writer. All BPLAN Virtual books are professionally written and edited to bring you the highest quality of disk-based entertainment and information possible. If you have a book in progress or own the copyright to material that would make a good disk-based book please let us know: we're always looking for excellent material to publish or distribute on a royalty basis. Here is a short catalog of titles currently available through BPLAN Virtuals. Included are several "shareware" titles, which permit you to see and enjoy a title before you decide to register (for a small fee) and support the author and the publisher of the program. Other titles are published and distributed by BPLAN Virtuals as originals. Please read and enjoy. Order direct from BPLAN Virtuals, PO Box 338, Waterville, ME 04903-0338. |The Disk-Top Science Fantasy Reader #1 As seen in Analog, Science Fiction Review, and Keystrokes! A collection of stories you haven't seen before from some of the writer's you'll be seeing lots of in the near future! Stories include eluki bes shahar's haunting SF tale of a writer whose stories take on a computerized life of their own and W.D. Farrell's quiet fantasy about a man whose guardian angel becomes a mite too visible. You'll also find work by Steve Miller & Sharon Lee, Kyle Stuart, and a bonus in the instant classic for modemers --"Missing Link". There's nothing else like it! Send $5 plus $2 shipping and handling for Number 1, or $15 for the first three issues, postpaid! :"KINZEL" |THE NAMING OF KINZEL by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller The Naming of Kinzel is an expanded version of the popular wizard stories from FANTASY BOOK; the first edition was created for members of the Midnight BBS in Baltimore. Kinzel is an unlikely magician who encounters unicorns, angry fathers, sneaky apprentices, evil wizards, and larcenous crows as he grows from a pudgy little boy to a wizard who likes his cheese and ale a little better than he ought. Steve Miller and Sharon Lee write science fiction and fantasy professionally and have three novels in print from Del Rey Books as well as the computer-adventure virtual book GNOTHI-KAIRON. Kinzel is a good read and has gained them fans across the country. Join the fun today! $5. plus $2 shipping and handling, Maine residents add 5% sales tax :"From Parts Unknown" |From Parts Unknown Kiel Stuart uses the well-known "if this goes on" science fiction approach to bring you a fun read you'll be telling your friends about. If you enjoy slam-bang action, mystery, and a touch of romance you'll love the way this story pits a lowly packet-ship captain against both a band of rebels and a world-full of "wrasslin' maniacs". Fun for all ages, From Parts Unknown will make a great gift for anyone from 12 to 200! $5 plus $2 shipping and handling. Maine residents please add 5% sales tax! :"Ten" |Ten Science Fiction Short Stories by Thomas A. Easton Thomas A. Easton is a well-known science fiction critic for Analog magazine has been gaining respect as a short story writer and novelist in his own right. His novel SPARROWHAWK was serialized in Analog and is available as a paperback book by Ace. Tom writes fun fiction and his short stories have appeared in numerous magazines. Here is a collection of his innovative short stories, many with a touch of his own unique humour. A great introduction to a writer you'll be hearing a lot more of! $5. plus $2 shipping and handling, Maine residents add 5% sales tax. :"GnothiK" |GNOTHI-KAIRON by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee Origin Systems commissioned Steve Miller and Sharon Lee to create this exciting computer-oriented space adventure set in the Space Rogue universe. This fast-moving novella features Drew Faro, trying to become a Master of Information, and the unexpected Trikura Dai, a slightly furry member of a race whose culture is based on information gathering and trading. Drew's quest brings them face-to-face with soliders, pirates, wormholes in space, and the compelling Duchess Avenstar. The adventure of computing comes to the fore in this fun story. Booklist says Steve Miller and Sharon Lee's CARPE DIEM (Del Rey Books) is "classic space adventure" and that their "World building is outstanding..." Gnothi-Kairon shows why they have thousands of loyal fans. Order today! $5. plus $2 shipping and handling, Maine Residents add 5% sales tax. :Alien |ALIEN RESONANCE by Thomas A. Easton This is a delightful original production from BPLAN Virtuals, written by SF pro Thomas A. Easton. Starting with the science fictional question "What if?", Easton posits the sudden appearance of remarkable objects that can help people communicate far better than they usually do. A tug-of-war develops between the government -- which fears the changes in society such a development would bring -- and an unlikely "resistance movement" which battles the government's ever more strident efforts to destroy and denounce the objects. Despite the fun, Easton's story has a lot to say about how we, and those in power, see the world. Just $5, plus $2 shipping and handling. Maine residents add 5% sales tax. :"Attention!" |ATTENTION: Special Limited Offer Order any two of the above Virtual Books for $9.95 plus $2. shipping and handling and get our updated catalog quarterly. Order any three for $14 plus $2 shipping and handling. Also available from BPLAN Virtuals: Signed copies of these thrilling space adventures, all published by Del Rey Books, a division of Random House. In paperback: AGENT OF CHANGE, By Steve Miller and Sharon Lee This novel introduces Val Con yos'Phelium and Miri Robertson, an interstellar odd couple afraid of nothing -- except each other. Val Con is an "Agent of Change", a spy for an agency so secret that even his brother doesn't know who he works for. Miri Robertson is an ex-mercenary soldier on the run from a crime cartel she's crossed. In escaping from one trouble they end up trapped inside an alien spaceship likely to drive them both crazy. $3.95 plus $1.50 shipping and handling. Maine residents add 5% sales tax. CONFLICT OF HONORS, By Steve Miller and Sharon Lee When Priscilla delacroix Y Mendoza is abandoned after being knocked unconcious because she knows too much about a Liaden drugrunner, she swears revenge. Then she finds herself in the clutches of Master Trader Shan yos'Galan, Captain of the powerful trade ship "Dutiful Passage". His mysterious Liaden ways threaten her self-control and force her to see her true potential. Even that may not be enough when the evil Dagmar takes aim with her vibroknife. $3.95 plus 1.50 shipping and handling. Maine residents add 5% sales tax CARPE DIEM, By Steve Miller and Sharon Lee This exciting sequel to Agent of Change takes Val Con and Miri to a world where they can hide from the powerful Juntavas and even more powerful Department of the Interior. It isn't long, though, before they find enemies to face even here, especially when the Department of Interior unleashes a particularly nasty surprise aimed at Miri's street-wise past. LOCUS calls Carpe Diem "An entertaining SF adventure...fast moving and fun." $3.95 plus 1.50 shipping and handling. Maine residents add 5% sales tax. Special: ORDER all three signed Liaden novels for just $11 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. Makes a great gift for a friend -- or for you! |NEW! |A "Central Maine Bestseller" RANDOM RAMBLINGS, a poetry chapbook by Richard Blaisdell, now available in paper. Makes a great gift for those far from home! Poems for all ages, written in the clear, simple style of yesteryear. Topics include Christmas, patriotism, love, and surviving the death of a spouse. This handsome 72 page book is written by a three-time vet: Blaisdell served as a navy Corpsman in WW II and in the Army in both Korea, and Vietnam. Now retired from the service Blaisdell brings a gentle New England touch to all he writes about. Only $4; or order 3 for $10! Add $1.75 for shipping and handling. Maine residents please at 5% sales tax. :"ShareDebate" |By Special Arrangement ShareDebate International, a ShareWare diskette magazine, is a quarterly debate forum for PC users who are concerned about the present and the future. About it, Ben Bova, former editor of OMNI & ANALOG & author of 60+ books (lately CyberBooks), wrote: "Electronic publishing has arrived! ShareDebate International is a bold, exciting venture that deserves the attention & support of everyone who seeks to create a better tomorrow." This is a unique opportunity for writers who want to get in on the ground floor of an amazing idea. BPLAN Virtuals offers the first issue of this international opinion forum for just $4 plus $1.50 shipping and handling; Maine residents add 5% sales tax, please. Coming: |The Disk-Top Writer's Guidebook 1991 This April 1991 release will provide an overview of opportunities and techniques for writers, with a special emphasis on the expanding world of electronic publishing. This double-disk set is $12 prepaid. ORDER DIRECT FROM BPLAN VIRTUALS, PO BOX 338, WATERVILLE, MAINE 04901 ALSO AVAIALABLE FROM BPLAN Virtuals: USERWARE's line of books on disk are now available from BPLAN Virtuals THE Virtual Society The Virtual Society examines the development of the modern library -- from it's prehistoric roots to it's present form -- and a little bit further. The author, Harvey Wheeler, is director of the Virtual Academy, a modem-based educational extension of USC. Professor Wheeler is also co-author of Fail Safe, a gripping novel of nuclear suspense. Appropriately enough, this new edition of The Virtual Society is being released as a "virtual book," and includes a number of special CRT effects and hypertext reading aids. Although it will be some time before phosphor and pixel replace paper and ink, The Virtual Society is a good glimpse of what's to come. $7 plus $2 shipping and handling. THE HITCHIKERS GUIDE TO SCIENCE FICTION BY Husted and Rhodes Beam aboard, suspend your disbelief, and tour the multiverse! The Hitchhikers Guide to Science Fiction is a compendium of the many worlds and wonders found in award-winning science fiction. Over 200 encyclopedic entries have been carefully compiled, referenced, and indexed, each only a keystroke away. Since the Guide is published as a virtual book, there are as many ways to read it as there are readers: alphabetically, topically, by title and author, and every way in between. If you like science, or science fiction, or new ways of looking at things, the Guide is a "Must See." Weight your data retrieval program accordingly. $7.00 plus $2 shipping and handling. |Also from Userware.............. "Follow Me" by Levi Mathews "Follow Me is a harmonic narrative of the ministry of Jesus the Nazarene based on the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. The events described in Follow Me were recorded in at least three of the four Gospels. "Although contemporary grammar and punctuation have been used, this does not represent a re-translation. The object here was to create a brief, unified text which would serve to introduce the Gospels to the modern reader." Using "contemporary grammar and punctuation" is more effective than it sounds: Follow Me reads very well, but remains faithful to the original text. Note that Follow Me is based on a Greek Orthodox harmony, rather than the venerable King James. Just $5 plus $2 shipping and handling. |Ordering more than $25.00 worth of goods from this catalog? |We'll pay the postage -- just write "postpaid order" on |your letter! BPLAN Virtuals, PO Box 338, Waterville, ME 04903-0338


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