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===== NEW ARTICLE BEGINS HERE ===== Warnke Ministries Statement July 15, 1992 Recently, , a so-called "avante-garde Christian" publication from Chicago, Illinois, printed a 12-page, highly-critical article which essentially charged that my past life and testimony are total lies and my entire ministry is a fraud. While acknowledging that my work has helped people and that I am "efficient at winning souls," the author commented that "that doesn't negate the fact that he is not telling the truth about himself. And his life is not true." My normal policy is to ignore negative opinions and criticisms and simply concentrate on my work and ministry. However, since this malicious article has been picked up and widely reported by the secular media and the story has been handed out with a press release by the co-authors at a major Christian publishing convention in Dallas, Texas, numerous sincere and honest Christians have expressed their alarm at such a shocking attack and asked for my response. Because many of these people have believed in my work and some have even helped support our ministry, I feel I owe them an explanation and a chance to hear the truth. First of all, I stand by my testimony of being delivered and set free by the power of Jesus Christ after being a satanic high priest exactly as published in my book, . It is an unusual accusation to be charged with "Not being as bad as you claim." Sadly, I was deeply involved in the occult, including the conducting of grisly, evil, secret rituals, and the recruitment of new members, into satanic practices. My involvement definitely was no limited to dabbling with a Ouija board. My nationally-recoginized expertise on the occult, which has been utilized by police departments and national television shows such as "20/20" is base on my personal, first-hand experiences, my ministry contacts with hundreds of other people who have been involved with satanism, as well as extensive personal study. Co-author David Balsiger has issued a statement which recalls that after the first draft of was completed and he felt it was ready for the publisher, my wife Sue and I rejected the manuscript because of inaccuracies and problems with the details. It took nearly two additional months of working together to re-write the material to get events in proper sequence and every detail as factually correct as possible. Then some information was puposefully changed to protect the privacy of certain individuals and to prevent readers from using the book as a guide for occultic and satanic purposes. But, as we stated in the front of the book, "The events are absolutely as described." Second, I categorically deny that Warnke Ministries is a fraudulent operation in any sense of the word, despit misleading and inaccurate published statements attributed to a few disgruntled former employees of the ministry. In fact, most of their statements date to a time when we were struggling with our finances and attempting to develop good business practices. Practically all of the ministry income is from my ministry concert and related product sales. Warnke Mininstries is controlled and directed by an independent Board of Directors as prescribed by state statutes and U.S. Internal Revenue Service guidelines. Our financial records are maintained in accordance to standard accounting practices and are scrutinized by an independent outside firm of certified public accountants. All ministry operations are also reviewed by a taz attorney to insure that they conform with all applicable rules and regulations. Our claims of ministering to people and helping get them off drugs and out of satanism are documented by numerous public testimonies and correspondence, as well as the confirmation of pastors and clergymen acrossthe nation. Although claims to have conducted a full-blown, two-year investigation of me and my ministry, the writer did not contact me until a few days before the publication deadline. Both personally and through my agent-attorney, I conveyed that I was available for an interview, but was on a tightly-schedules concert tour, and asked for an alternate date about three weeks later, preferably at my headquarters office or at my attorney's office. Neither condition was acceptable to . They wanted no one but their representatives present at the interview, and they insisted on meeting immediately, in a venue more to their liking -- in their home town of O'Hare Airport. We explained to the reporter that because print journalism is so "scandal" oriented these days, we are a bit guarded in our relationship with writers. We asked for the chance to correct factual errors or unintentional mistakes in the article, while providing assurance that we would not attempt to exercise editorial supervision over the content. Apparently this was no acceptable to since the magazine went to press with its "expose" without further attempts to interview me or verify any portion of its story with the ministry. Neither did the magazine do an in-depth interview with the one person -- my ex-wife Sue Warnke -- who could have confirmed my life story. Sue lived and experienced about 60 percent of the account included in my book, , and has her own independent knowledge of my earlier involvement with satanism. In a newly-released notarized statement [which i'll post later], she says she was contacted by an employee of about a year and a half ago. He told her they were doing research into Mike Warnke in an attempt to disprove me and asked for her statement about , me personally, and the Warnke Ministry. Sue states: "I told him that was true, but other than that I had no comment. I told him that he should contact Mike personally." Since Sue apparently did not provide the answers they wanted to hear, the magazine looked elsewhere for its "facts." Much of the information subsequently used seems to have been provided by Carolyn Alberty, who was instrumental in the break-up of my marriage to Sue, and who used her skill as a cold-hearted and calculated temptress to involve me in an ill-fated second marriage. It was a bitter marriage, a bitter separation, and a very bitter divorce. The experiences left me emotionally shattered and destroyed any effectiveness I might have had as a minister at that time. Only time and the healing power of God could have restored me from this living death. I believe Carolyn's continuing bitterness motivated her to make deliberately hurtful and false statements to reporters and possibly to persuade others to join in her campaign of vicious lies. I also believe that honest, professional journalistic efforts would have questioned the veracity of these unfound charges and statements. For example, on of the article's co-authors, Jon Trott, is quoted as saying that the "most convincing evidence" he has is a April 1966 photograph of me with my fiancee. In the photo I have short hair, at a time when Trott says I claimed to be at my height in satanism. The problem with this "evidence" is that it is totally untrue. The girl in the picture was never my fiancee. While I may have dated her for a short peroid of time, she was never a serious girlfriend, and we certainly never were engaged. In fact, I have no recollection of the time frame when I might have gone out with her -- certainly it was not during the darkest days of my satanic involvement. I could have cleared up this blatant error had I been given the courtesy of responding to reporters before they printed their article. As to claims that former fellow students who knew me in high school and college deny that I had any sort of satanic involvement, I simply ask, "How would they know?" A veil of secrecy covers the activities of most satanists even now -- and this was especially true during my experiences during the 1960's. Although my penchant for wearing black, wearing my hair longer, and my strung out, dissipated appearance with an unhealthy pallor was apparent to close friends and associates, casual acquaintances well might not have noticed. On the other hand, David Balsiger has stated that during the course of working with me on , he met perhaps a half dozen individuals who did have personal knowledge of my stanic activities. He also points out that the activities described in the book which created such a sensation at the time it was published are "kids play" compared to occult-satanic ritual activities taking place today. Untold numbers of high schoolers, college students, and other individuals are now routinely involved in many of the activites I described -- but they are totally ignored by law enforcement unless a criminal act can be proven to have taken place during the course of the satanic activity. In addition to the statements provided by Mr. Balsiger and Susan Lee Warnke from which I have quoted, I also have important statements from numerous other respected Christian leaders who know me, my story, and my ministry. In the interest of accuracy and fairness, what they have said deserves to be heard. For example, Mr. Patrick Matrisciana, president of Jeremiah Films, Inc., tells of working on a film in 1972 which featured Hal Lindsey and contained interviews and rituals with prominent occultists from the Berkeley/San Francisco area. He said that when Mike Warnke's name was mentioned, on at least two occasions, satanists reacted with verbal abuse, accusing me of being a traitor to the cause of Satan. Matrisciana also tells of meeting the late Walter Martin, who told him that a former satanist had identified the top three people on the satanic hit list -- the targets of their magic spells and death curses. Those three individuals were Mike Warnke, Walter Martin, and Pat Matrisciana. Best-selling authoress [sic] Johanna Michaelsen has attended at least four of my concert appearances, and we have worked together on various radio and television programs. She writes: "I am grieved and horrified by this latest attack on Mike Warnke. I am not, however, surprised by it. In the last several years we have witnessed a systematic, concerted and well orgainized effory to utterly destroy and discredit the reputation of ministries and individuals who courageously maintain that there is indeed a problem with Satanism in America." She goes on to say, "I know of no one who has had a more positive impact in the lives of young people who have been caught up in satanism and the occult than Mike Warnke. He has a profound love and zeal for Jesus Christ, and inexhaustible desire to see young people come to know Him, and a deep-seated loathing of hypocrisy in the Church." Mr. Roland Lundy, president of Word, Inc., has stated: In response to recent allegations about the integrity of Mike Warnke's Ministry, Word, Inc. met with Mike and conducted follow-up on the areas in question. Information the company received reinforces our confidence in his ministry. We are pleased to be associated with Mike Warnke, recognizing the strength of his ministry, and that our partnership with him has opened up new avenues of reaching people for Christ." Bob Larson of Bob Larson Ministries writes: "My knowledge of Mike Warnke and the work of Warnke Ministries dates back approximately a dozen years. In that time, I have found Mike to be a credible spokesperson regarding the of the foremost leaders in educating the public on satanism. Bob Larson Ministires has worked with Warnke Ministries in outreach to victims of satanism. Mike and his staff have spent numerous hours behind the scenes cooperating with me and my staff to assure that victims received the support they desperately needed. I am grateful for Mike's friendship and his concern for those in bondage to the occult." These and several other statements attesting to the truth and integrity of my personal life and my ministry are available in their entirety to anyone who wishes to examine them. I am also quite sure this information would have been provided to any responsible journalist who sought it at any time. Recently, I celebrated 20 years of full time ministry. Reaching this milestone is a testimony to the mercy and grace of God. Certainly I have made many mistakes and have failed numerous times in my personal life and ministry. Any good that comes from my efforts truly is the product of the power of God and not the result of my efforts or talent. While I am the first to acknowledge my failures and shortcomings, I can also say with absolute conviction that I have never willfully lied to or deceived anybody, that my life and experiences and Christian testimony are completely true as reported, and that my ministry is operated totally open and honest before God. I have sought the spiritual counsel of men of God like Pastor Jim Kraft and Christian therapist John Joy of Lexington, KY. In addition to them, I have made myself accountable in my professional life to people like advisor-attorney Mike Conover, the Board of Directors of Warnke Ministries, and to Roland Lundy, Lynn Keesecker, and Tom Ramsey of Word, Inc., and to Lloyd Hildebrandt and Clift Richards of Victory House publishers. For the mistakes of the past, I have repented. For the mistakes of the future, I look to the grace of God and the lessons I have learned. I am not the person I was twenty-five, thirteen, or even two years ago. I intend to go on serving God with all my heart and strength and soul. I can say with the apostle Paul, Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brother, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12-14). Respectfully [sic], Mike Warnke


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