report from +quot;Daily Mirror+quot; Wednesday, June 27, 1990 by-lined Frank Corless RAID

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report from "Daily Mirror" Wednesday, June 27, 1990 by-lined Frank Corless RAID ON SATAN CULT SEX BEASTS POLICE launched dramatic dawn raids yesterday to smash an alleged devil-worshipping child sex ring. Eight children were taken into care after the secret six-month investigation code-named Operation Clementine. Seventeen men and women were being questioned about claims of sex abuse against boys and girls aged six to 16. Some abuse was said to have involved Satanism on church premises. Among those quizzed were company directors, a former university lecturer, a local authority exam paper marker, and preachers from breakaway churches. Nearly 100 police were involved in the 7am swoops at houses in Liverpool suburbs. Parents of the children taken into care were among those picked up. An incident room was set up at Liverpool's Farnworth Street police station in the Kensington district. Last night detectivs revealed that the gardens of some homes will be dug up in the hunt for clues. +ends jw+


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