TO: ROWAN MOONSTONE DATE: 03-14-91 I'm kinda puzzled. I'm looking at the Jan 1991 issue of

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FROM: ANTHONY ERICKSON TO: ROWAN MOONSTONE DATE: 03-14-91 I'm kinda puzzled. I'm looking at the Jan 1991 issue of _Saints Alive_ and I see that they are still offering Bill Sch's books. Where did you get your information that he was quits with SA? On the lighter side, Vol 3, number 2 of _Cult Watch Response_ has an article on pages 1 and 2 entitled "A Matter of Faith." The article and its author have some fans at _Cornerstone_ magazine. Jon Trott agreed with it wholeheartedly. So do I. Putting bugs in peoples ears is a quick way to manipulate a persons emotions and their finances. I'm sure this kind of tactic is done elsewhere. These bugs, once believed help reinforce strange professional hypotheses, and are used to help manipulate others for further profit, such as (place name of para-church ministry here.) Yes, Christianity is not immune to this type of manipulation by-its-own-"members," but then again, manipulation is not exclusively "Christian." Rowan, when you get the next issue of Cornerstone, look for the little blurb on the news page that talks about a new book for therapists helping children admit to Satanic ritual abuse. (Are you sitting down?) Lauren Stratford was a consultant for the book! Needless to say, it got real bad press. Everyone should know that this book is dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs. Huh? What was that? The name of the book? OH! Yes, yes. (Get out your barf-bag) _Don't Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A Child's Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse_, (Multnomah Press, 1991) Like I always say, fear sells. Too bad I have a conscience, I could be rich and popular! Oh well. FROM: ROWAN MOONSTONE TO: ANTHONY ERICKSON DATE: 03-18-91 Hmm.... I was told that SA wasn ' Let's try that again. Hmmm... I was told that SA WAsn't dealing with BS anymore. I don't subscribe to their stuff any more. Don't have the money to do so like I used to. Lauren Stratford!!! You gotta be kidding! Who published this piece of garbage and where can I get a copy of it? Thanks for the kind words about the article "A Matter of Faith." That is written by your's humbly. All compliments gratefully appreciated. See ya. BB Rowan


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