Sean McCullough on 1:128/64 Nihasa-- The reason that Nathan Velcroh and the pro-Scientolog

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Sean McCullough on 1:128/64 Nihasa-- The reason that Nathan Velcroh and the pro-Scientology faction hereabouts accuse you of hatemongering is simple: They can't tolerate the exposure of the nature of LRH's garbage brainwashing system to the public. They feel that anyone who opposes the system is hopelessly and irretrivably evil (typical of brainwashing victims). Of course, those of us who DO know you DO know better!! Problem is, most of THESE folks know better than to allow for ANY possible validity for ANHYTHING coming from LRH's alleged mind!! Hence, the idea that you are some sort of hatemonger.......! Once again, my eyes have the misfortune of seeing the advocates of Scientology/Dianetics unable to deal with the reality of what their system is all about. The comment you made, to the regards that no "psych" can "properly run" Scientology/Dianetics, IS in fact true. The reason it is true, however, has little to do with the validity of L.Ron Hubbard's system. You see, no one who ever QUESTIONS ANYTHING, or THINKS ON HIS OWN, can "properly run" LRH's brainwashing procedure. Only a "clear" (read TOTALLY brainwashed) can "run" the system properly. Why?? Because anyone who thinks independently and QUESTIONS things CAN AND WILL NOT -- EVER -- become compatible with the system. (S)he will never "get with the program", if you will. Most sources currently outside of the Scientology system, whether ex-involved persons or lifelong outsiders, support Nihasa's view of things pretty closely. It is well worth noting that there is NO outside documentation of the Dianetics/Scirntology system with ANYTHING good to say about it; reports from outside the organization are virtually UNANIMOUS in agreement that the Church of Scientology and it's procedures with members' minds are unequivocably harmful, malicious, and evil. Moreover, when these issues are brought up in an open forum, all Scientology's followers can do is cry "Prejudice, Prejudice"!! Pray tell, can either you or any of Scientology's other friends within the view of this message SHOW ME where ANY OUTSIDE OPINION exists that is less than hostile?? I DON'T THINK SO.


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