Subject: Psychic Clorine Re: Passing The Torch We see a pattern consisting of the rise and

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From: Lewis Cypher Subject: Psychic Clorine Re: Passing The Torch We see a pattern consisting of the rise and fall of religions that bring enlightenment and tyrany to Mankind throught history. There is evidence, Anthropological, that before the records we have, there were religions who also had their time. Corrupt religions, which act with the secular State to enslave and enpoverish a population, also suffer from internal corruption that finally leads to the power and acceptance of the religion falling out of favor and power. Many religions that start out as a benefit to their followers, deteriate over time into corruption. Such religions as Druid, Hindu, Christian sects like People's Temple, and Satanism all had their time of Truth and their time of corruption. Satan is the universe's garbage and waste desposal technition, as regards cristianity. His workload had increased lately, and thus we find His presence, both in the environment and its mirror, the media, more often. Indeed, Satan's name is a household word lately. Why the sudden popularity? Here is my version: I have a friend who lives in Southern California who's lifestyle involves having friends live with him as they come and go in his life. He has a big pool in his backyard, and when I lived there I heard him one day complaining about the hassle of clorinating the pool. He said:"I have more people living here and using the pool, so I get more dirt in the pool and I have to add clorine more often." Someone didn't understand, and so Paul finished with: "Let me put it like this, if I came out here every morning and took a shyt, in the pool, I would have to add more clorine." Christianity is, lately, peeing in all our pools, so Satan must add chlorine,poisonous but effective, to counteract christianity's more odeous events. With more demand upon Satan, he must visit us all more often, so you hear about, and in my case seee him more often, in our lives. May He protect us from the chunks of corruption that fall off this corps of a dead religion in the last stages of its final dissolution. Hail Satan!


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