Salem Tricentennial SALEM, Mass. (AP) -- Arthur Miller, author of +quot;The Crucible,+quot

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Salem Tricentennial SALEM, Mass. (AP) -- Arthur Miller, author of "The Crucible," a play about the Salem witch trials, will join the city in its 300th anniversary observation of the witchcraft hysteria. Miller will attend the Nov. 14 unveiling of the winning design for a memorial to those executed during the 1692 trials, city officials said. The memorial conveys how tolerance eventually prevailed over fear and ignorance. Miller's "The Crucible," written in 1952, draws parallels between the trials and the anti-communist McCarthy hearings. "The Crucible focuses on the theme of intolerance, which is a primary issue in Salem's commemoration of the 1692 witch trials," said Ira Schlosser, vice president of the Essex Institute in Salem, where Miller did research. The city's Witch Trials Tricentenary committee is seeking $100,000 for construction of the memorial, to be dedicated June 10, 1992, beside the Charter Street cemetery.


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