Message #8830 - CULT_WATCH Date : 29-Oct-90 19:26 From : Madoc To : All Subject : Weirdnet

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Message #8830 - CULT_WATCH Date : 29-Oct-90 19:26 From : Madoc To : All Subject : Weirdnet weirdness Replies : #8503 <--> #8869 This message is in response to the query by Harvey Smith regarding the recent stories in the news regarding Weirdbase and an alleged investigation of child pornography, luring of children, sheltering runaways, and so forth: Today, on 10/29/90, at 2:30 p.m. MST, I called the St Ann, Mo Police Department in an effort to get to the root of this story. I spoke with a city employee named "Mary" who refused to give me her last name, as a matter of policy. She informed me what has been going on. First, the policeman's name is Sergeant Mantle, not Huddle, as stated by Harvey. Second, the report that he gave to the news was of an advisory nature only! There is no criminal investigation going on at this time, and none is anticipated. There is no violation of law that the police in St Ann are aware of concerning Weirdbase or any other bbs. What Sergeant Mantle DID say is that parents should be aware that many local (to Missouri) bulletin boards are available to children, and that many of them offer "adult entertainment and information." He also cited Weirdbase and "Pagan-Net" (?) as examples of cult-oriented bulletin boards that parents should be aware of. He further stated that there have been bulletin boards which have been busted for sheltering runaways, enticing minors, and etc. His specific citation was NMBLA, the National Man-Boy Love Association, a group of pedophiles who are known to operate an underground computer network to exchange specific information on how to lure children, how to photograph children incognito, how to teach children to enjoy sex, and so on. He did NOT state that Weirdbase was involved with NMBLA in *ANY* way (it isn't). Finally, he told parents to be aware that some bulletin boards charge money or exhort users to send donations in, which parents might not be aware of Junior using Daddy's credit card to sign up online. The phone number for the St Ann Police Department is 314-427-8000. Sergeant Mantle was unavailable for comment when I called, but Mary told me that he would return calls from any interested party. Since I did not get this information straight from Sergeant Mantle, I suggest that anyone who wants the skinny call him and ask. As an aside: Rowan, do you have any information on Sergeant Mantle? It certainly sounds as if he is anti-Wiccan, and using his position of authority to spread anti-Wiccan rhetoric of one kind or another. He has been seriously misquoted, but it sounded, talking to Mary, like they are pretty anti-pagan. Might bear further investigation. One last comment: I've seen a lot of information being bandied about on this subject: Christians gloating (we finally got one of 'em!) and Wiccans knee-jerking (NO! Brad Hicks would NEVER do those things, and besides, he isn't even a Wiccan!) all of which looks bad to everyone concerned and proves nothing. I know that some of us are on limited funds, but how much does it cost to find out the truth before either denouncing or denying anything? I spent 50 cents to call long-distance information, and maybe two bucks to talk for 5 minutes to Mary. This is somehow difficult? Oi, vey! Pax to all and to all a Good Night! Madoc


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