Dianne Core's Speach from Rome Tribunal I wanted to be here. I am honored to be in the pre

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Dianne Core's Speach from Rome Tribunal ======================================= I wanted to be here. I am honored to be in the presence of so much wisdom and truth. Not a long time ago, I started looking after children who had been abused. For twenty years I am doing this work. Over the last two years I had to pick up the peaces after small children have been brought to me, because they have been subjected to Satanic abuse. Since we started, tracing where the Satanic abuse came from, we have been in all to danger. My workers have been beaten up, last week one of my workers house was nearly set on fire by a deliberate act of arson and I myself have been threatened many times. This will not deter us! I have had to listen to stories from children that have mainly feeled physically sick. Children that have been bugged at three years old, they have had to eat human excrement, they have had to drink urin, they have had being subjected to multi-rape. One three year old was tied to a tree in a forest at twelve o' clock at night and left there till five in the morning. When they returned for him, he was very grateful to see them and he was willing to be initiated into the occult! There are thousands of children like this in England. The English government will not recognize that there are thousands of children! There is a trial in Nottingham in Yorkshire at the moment where seventeen children were abused Satanically! There are eleven defendants and in April there will be an Old Bailey trial of a girl. Let me tell you about this girl, I know her well. She was satanically abused from being small to being fifteen years of age. When she became able to have babies, she was made pregnant on eight seperate occasions. When her pregnacy got to four months, she was aborted. The fetices where put in the freezer,then they were eaten at a Satanic 'Last Supper' and she had to take part. Since we have been watching these children and observing them, more and more parents are bringing their children to us and this is really what I have come to beleive. Quite a while ago, not many years ago, a group of very powerful Satanists in Europe gathered together and started an initiative that was to devestate the whole concept of family-life from then on. The decision was made to create a spiritual desert, a spiritual and cultural desert in our lives today, to infiltrate in all aspects of family-life. Satanists are frightened of the family. The family is the most powerful thing in our society. It is united in love and Christian harmony. Satanists don't like the family. So, their first objective is to alienate the childe from the family. So, the morality, they found, this alltogether would be undermined and that the young would be rendered defenseless against the forces of evil. There are many reasons why this happens. There is a beleif that young people should be recruted in large numbers. So has to increase the powers of Satan and some groups beleive that there is to be second coming of the Anti-Christ in the next twenty years. So they want as many disciples to be there to receive him. My beleive is, that this is a lot of rubbish. The whole objective of the exercise is to exploit the young sexually, emotionally and through their devious and calculated methods to even politically manipulate the minds of our young. The results which are already to a part are manifold. Children alienating themselves from loving and caring families, violant and deranged behaviour, m.p.d., which is multy- personality-disorders, alcoholism, drug-addiction, psychiatric illnesses. The children are brain-washed. These children are brain-washed in a military fashion. Somebody has told these Satanists to brain-wash children in a military fashion. We have to deprogram these children. The children are brain-washed, their minds and bodies are abused beyond comprehension and when the childe discloses, the person who sits and listenes is traumatized as well. Did that to which these people stoop in degredation, the inflicting of pain, and the enormity of the fear they are in still knows no bounds. We are at war! We are in the middle of spiritual warfare and the Satanic weapons are all pointed at our young! There all school-recruitement programs, where Satanists infiltrate into the educational system and get children involved in history lessons. They talk about paganism and wichcraft. The natural inquisitiveness of the young is very much capitalized on by the Satanists and there are many attemps to draw the youngsters into the Satanic trap. One thing it is very difficult to for the child to get out. They are kept in the group by threats of death against themselves, their families and Satan ist presented to their vulneralbe minds as the all-powerful master, who will destroy if his followers don't obey them. Pedophiles and perverts of all kinds love this environment of power and they thrive it using the fear and intimidation to sexually exploit children. We as a society have to fight Satan. Satanists are people of the dark. They hate the light, knowledge and awareness that's light to a Satanist. We must shed as much light on these evil people and their master and destroy them. There is a marketing fair feeding in a massive preoccupation with the occult and the supernatural that is selling to the young. There is a direct relationship in the way these children are brainwashed and recruited to Naziism. They are made into child-prostitutes and sold around the pedophile rings. They are subjected to subliminal pressure at all times from pop-music. Even the judiciary pollute! When Satanists are brought to trial the sentences they get are minimal. Muccini, in Trieste, this man, I have him on tape, in a film, what he says, he wants five year old little girls and ten year old little girls, to have sex with. He wants to kill them afterwards. This man got a year and is out now after ten weeks! What justice! What about these children! I also accuse the masonic the freemasonery groups. These men have sold themselves to the devil! That's why it is so difficult for us to get to the bottom of who abuses these children. If these men are freemasons they are protected by their very position in society. Let me read to you the last part of their initiation into this group: ,,Prove the inspector, who are you!" He replies:,,I am that I am." The password to the seventienth degree is jubilo and the sacred word Aberdon(?). In revelation nine, chapter eleven and chapter nine, verse eleven: the name of the angel of the bottomless pit is Aberdon. He is the king of the demons and workers of hell. Freemasons have sold their souls to the devil and many freemasons are corrupt and protected by the freemasonry and that's why the workers who try to protect these children, particularly from Satanism and any kind of pedophelia are constantly in danger. The masonic masters where also responsible for the founding of one of the Europe's largest occult societies: OTO. There is a worldwide network of undercover occultism. Charles Manson, his terrible Satanic murders. The son-of-Sam- killings, all connected to Satanism! The OTO founded by freemasonry has much to answer for in the last eighty years. This book, the secret rituals of OTO, tells about how they have ,brood mares', we know this is true, women, that are used to breed. Babies that can be sacrificed and used in wichcraft and Satanist ceremonies. Its rather like a recipe for you Sunday dinner. Take a suitable good woman, willing to aid thee in this work. Explain to her fully the precautions to be taken and the manner of life necessary. Let her horoscope be if possible suited to the nature of the homunculus. Arlies Baily (check the name!) talks about producing the perfect person. As to have an incarnate spirit of benevolence let Jupiter be rising in paises (?) with good aspects of Sol, Venus and Luna and with no notable contrary dispositions or so far as maybe possible. Take now a man. Let the man and woman copulate continuously, if it is astrologically favourable. Let the woman be withdrawn and carried away to a place preferred and this place should be a great desert for in such do rarely wonder any human souls seeing incarnation. This thrive for Satanic perfection! These children that are born and not registered and then there throats are cut and then they are sacrificed to increase the power of these Satanic people, who beleive that the young and innocent increase their powers beyond beleive! I condemn these people! In England three hundred children are canvassed late fourteen years of age! Eighty-seven per cent of those children have doubled in the occult! Five per cent of them use the occult in every day life! This is only three hundred children we are talking about. Children are drawn into the occult by unscrupulous Satanists, who are usually pedophiles. They are drugged by drugs, then they are sold to other Satanists, prostitutes, prostituting sexually exploited. Satanism is the biggest threat to mankind and the family that has ever be. They are going to undermine everything that is lovely, caring and sharing in our society. We must not give up this fight! Edmund Burke said, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good man do nothing. Take away the soul of a childe and you are loosing an individual that could grow up to be a good and productive leader. Interfere with their morals and you could create future dictators. Children are the world's best resource and our only help for the future. We have to beleive that or we have no future. Thank you! End of speech -- 30 --


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