America's Resistance Movement: The Anti-Satanist Underground by Carol White ATLANTA, Oct.

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America's Resistance Movement: The Anti-Satanist Underground by Carol White ATLANTA, Oct. 7 (EIRNS)--Over 100 Christian leaders gathered this Friday and Saturday to arm themselves for the fight against the Satanic underground in America. The speakers were impressive, but there was an added level of intensity because of the hostile presence in the audience of FBI agent Jeffrey Holmes. Holmes appears to be part of the same network as FBI cult-spokesman Kenneth Lanning, who is on record stating that Christians have killed more people than have Satanists. Holmes bragged that he had taken down the license plate numbers of all those in attendance at the conference, and in private conversation he admitted to believing that the conference presentations were a hoax. - Protecting Child Abusers? - His presence at the meeting was primarily governed by the FBI deployment against one of the speakers, Fay Yager. She has been running safe houses for mothers and fathers who are attempting to protect their children from abuse by spouses. In the cases with which she deals, these parents have not only been unable to get protection for their children from the courts, but the courts have actively intervened on behalf of the abusing parent. The usual scenario is that the complaining parent is given primary custody of the child or children, but the abuser is allowed unsupervised visitation. Obviously such a situation is intolerable, because regular abuse can then continue unchecked. Some parents have been driven to take desparate measures, including fleeing from their family and friends to go underground. Mrs. Yager told of one case where a mother died because, in order to protect her anonymity, she refused needed medical care. In every one of the 400 cases with which Mrs. Yager is now involved, the FBI has refused to gather evidence to substantiate claims of abuse, and the growing number of instances of ritual satanic abuse involving criminal networks. Instead, the Bureau has deployed its full resources to track down these hapless parents. - The Washburn Case - On Sept. 10, for example, the FBI conducted a dawn raid using helicopters from which over a dozen heavily armed agents swooped down to apprehend Donna Washburn and her four children, ages five to ten. She had been staying in a cottage at a South Carolina resort since May 1988. According to Mrs. Washburn, the children's father had not only sexually molested them but forced them to participate in Satanic rituals. The Washburns are from Macon, Georgia, and had implicated prominent local citizens, including police officers and a local judge, in this organized ring. Before applying to Fay Yager, Mrs. Washburn had tried to get help from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The officer assigned to the case was identified by the children as one of their abusers. As is typical in these ritual abuse cases, the response to her attempts to seek protection was for the court to assign custody to her husband, Derrell Washburn. An FBI spokesman claimed that the unusual tactics were justified, because intelligence indicated that the Washburns' hosts were ``survivalist types'' who could be expected to resist police intrusion. No such thing happened, but the children were brutally seized and taken away from their mother. Agent Holmes has been involved in seizing children who have been safe- housed by Mrs. Yager, and he now appears to be deployed not only to intimidate her and her associates, but any individuals who want to actively oppose Satanists. Perhaps the fact that this was a meeting of Christians, held in a church, was further incitement to the FBI. - The Meeting - The seminar was sponsored by the LaVerne Campbell Ministries, Inc. and the Georgia Task Force on Teenagers and Satanism headed by Annette Tatum. Besides Fay Yager, featured speakers included Lauren Stratford, Dr. Sondra O'Neale, and Sheriff Riley Taylor. Ted Gunderson, who had been expected to attend, was unfortunately unable to come because of a back injury which he had suffered. LaVerne Campbell is a uniquely dedicated clergyman, who has ministered to young victims of the counterculture since the 1960s, when he was located in California. He told of one incident in which his grandchild was abused by a child-care worker. The child reported to her grandmother that she had ``tinkled'' and ``poohed'' on her mother. She also showed a cut on her forehead from which blood had been drawn for ceremonial purposes. It turned out that the child had actually been led to urinate and defecate on a photograph of her mother, and on a picture of Jesus. An expert on ritual abuse whom the Campbells consulted, concluded that the ceremony had been intended to dedicate the little girl as a future bride of Satan. At the conference, Reverend Campbell circulated a monthly newsletter which he publishes, in which he reported a recent occurrence, in which a drug- addicted young man to whom he offered shelter, held him hostage and stole his car and other belongings. The point of his account was to underscore that he well understood the commitment demanded of himself and his readers who were determined to persevere in the fight against Satanic evil. He wrote of the experience: ``While held hostage, I just couldn't believe that it was happening to me! This frightening and frustrating experience left me wondering what my reaction would be when the next person requested help. I don't know.... However, I did come to a dramatic and firm awareness of the importance of `things.' I am more than ever committed to what is of {real} value -- not `things,' but {children} whose `years of wonder' have been stolen." This hard-headed realism combined with compassion characterized the conference, in the face of reports so terrible that even to listen to them was painful. For example, there were several reports at the conference about children who drugged and even poisoned sheltering parents (and a psychiatrist) at the behest of their Satanic controllers. A video was shown of one child who cried bitterly about the crimes which he had been forced to commit by his father and the coven to which his father belonged. Yet this same child introduced poison into the food of his mother and the therapist who was treating him, and both now have suffered serious and perhaps fatal liver damage. One of the most bitter aspects of the FBI intervention in these cases--even where the children are held in protective custody, upon being seized from the parent who has hidden them, rather than being immediately released to the sexually offending parent--is that their fear that Satan is omnipotent is reinforced by the barbarism of their capture. More next week.


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