Satan... . Why would a loving, true God allow suffering, murder, crime, and bad things to

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Satan... . Why would a loving, true God allow suffering, murder, crime, and bad things to take place? Is one of the questions that I often hear. The answer is quite simple; it's not God who is doing it, but the 'Lord of this Earth' right now. . I am speaking of Satan, the Devil, and from experience I know that he will try his hardest to corrupt your mind with doubts about your beliefs, and he is also responsible for other things; if you have noticed that the excitement you had first felt when you had first accepted Christ is now gone, it is most likely not gone, but clouded, and polluted with too many other pleasures of life. . For instance, if you're like me sometimes, and get to where you can't go without the computer at all, than you most likely need to loosen up. Too many other interests and activities that are not Christ - centered but seem to be just as filling are those of Satan. You see, Satan will try to cloud your mind with these things; the one thing that's good to know, though, is that you CAN be forgiven, and 'Go Back' to the other side, the good side, so to speak. . If you pray for forgiveness, and forgive your neighbor as well, you will most likely receive it. 'Ask and Ye shall find.. Seek and it shall be given unto you.' Satan will do anything he can to get your mind off of Jesus, because he knows that once it IS on Christ, and only Him, Satan can't touch you at all. Think about it; a shield of Love that the Lord has to offer, to shield you from Satan. And Satan himself knows that Jesus is Lord over him; so if you appeal to Jesus, the Devil, that old Serpent Satan, can't touch you. . Just pray for help during temptation and it will be given to you; for every temptation God gives, 'He also provides a means of escape.' Jesus was tempted Himself, He know what it is to be tempted. So don't turn your back on Jesus; if you are, you are turning face-forward to Satan. Computers for Christ - San Jose


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