UPma 01/01 Warning labels for record labels proposed in Delaware DOVER, Del. (UPI) -- A De

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UPma 01/01 Warning labels for record labels proposed in Delaware DOVER, Del. (UPI) -- A Delaware lawmaker has begun drafting legislation that would require warning labels about the contents of record albums and tapes by such artists as Madonna and the Rolling Stones that are sold in the state. Rep. George Carey, R-Milford, said the bill is in response to calls he has received from parents who are concerned about hidden satanic messages in the lyrics of rock songs. He hopes to introduce it into the House next month. Carey said his proposal would not censor the lyrics, but would only serve as a warning to parents about the content of the music. The Republican lawmaker contends that some lyrics in rock music could tempt teenagers to engage in devil worship, adultery -- and even murder. "Terrible things," said Carey about the lyrics. "You've never heard such things." Some of the artists Carey objects to include Prince, Madonna, the Rolling Stones and Twisted Sister. Carey said that if the label bill received approval, the labels would be brightly colored and eye catching to enable parents to "police" their children's record collection. Judy Mellen, executive director of the Delaware chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, suggests that the labels would have an effect opposite of what Carey hopes to achieve. "You have to get pretty far from your teenage years not to realize that this serves as a red alert that screams, `Buy me! Buy me!'," said Mellen. Mellen also said the group would object to the warning labels from a civil liberties standpoint. "It's one thing to find the material objectionable, but who's going to decide which is the awful stuff and which isn't?" she said. Carey does acknowlehat the responsibility for what a child is exposed to in the home falls on the parents. "Warning labels will not cure all our ills, but it would alert people to what's on those records," Carey said. But Mellen notes that parents may neven see such a label because "the kid can always remove the label." Carey said he has 15 House members willing to co-sponsor the legislation.


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