Subject: Censorship of recordings DON'T PASS THE BUCK STOP CENSORSHIP Arizona Senate Bill

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From: the Bard Subject: Censorship of recordings DON'T PASS THE BUCK STOP CENSORSHIP Arizona Senate Bill 1481: A bill to sticker so-called "offensive" records. "No person may sell or offer to sell any audio recording phonograph record, magnetic tape, or compact disc which contains lyrics describing, advocating or encouraging sodomy, incest, beastiality, sadomasochism, or any other sexual conduct in a violent context, satanism, murder or morbid violence or which contain lyrics advocating or encouraging the use of illegal drugs or alcohol unless the cover of the recording contains a parental warning label." -S.B. 1481 Paragraph A REASONS TO OPPOSE THE BILL: Because parents and parents alone are the proper arbiters of a child's values. Parents, not record store owners or legislators, should be the judges of what is suitable music for their home. Because the legislation would impose an impossible burden on the retailer, who would be asked to listen to and assess every recording he carried in his store, and would face fines and imprisonment whenever his interpetation of a recording differed from the court's. There are approximately 25,000 new songs released yearly. Because the record industry already provides the consumer information SB 1481 is seeking in the form of voluntary labeling. The resources are in place, so that a parent may exercise discretion. Because it is unconstitutional. It is an abuse of the First Amendment freedoms of artists and their audiences. This legislation singles out recordings, even though a child has just as much access to books, movies, radio and television. VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION! Call or write your State Representative and/or Senator. Be cordial and have consideration for them as elected officials. Express your concerns. If you don't know who your Representative and/or Senator is, you may find out by calling the State Capitol at 542-4900. ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: (Your Senator) (Your Representative) State Capitol-Senate Wing State Capitol-House Wing 1700 W Washington St 1700 W Washington St Phoenix AZ 85007 Phoenix AZ 85007 (NOTE: For those of you outside Arizona who are reading this and thinking "Gawd! How Dumb!" I refer you to BILLBOARD magazine of 17 March 1990, where proposed legislation very similar to this, or worse, is mentioned as pending in several other yours one of them?)


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