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Article 4352 Path:!!deccrl!bloom-beacon!!apple sun-barr!newstop!exodus!athena.Eng.Sun.COM!williamt From: williamt@athena.Eng.Sun.COM (William A. Turnbow) Newsgroups: alt.pagan Subject: Eric Pryor Follow-up Message-ID: <4205@exodus.Eng.Sun.COM> Date: 8 Dec 90 20:28:24 GMT Sender: news@exodus.Eng.Sun.COM Reply-To: (William A. Turnbow) Lines: 30 Some of you may remember Eric Pryor who was the one of the pagans leading the protest against Larry Lea and his prayer warriors. The following was sent to me for reposting here: ===================================================================== PAGANS' PROTEST LEADER JOINS BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN CHURCH By Don Lattin, [SF] Chronicle Religion Writer [This appeared one or two days after Thanksgiving] Eric Pryor, the self-proclaimed witch who led a pagan protest last month against televangelist Larry Lea, now says he has become a born-again Christian. "This is a mystery to me, but I am denouncing my former practices", said Pryor, who opened a small emporium of witchcraft called New Earth Temple inside his Geary Street apartment in September. Leading local pagans greeted Pryor's conversion with skepticism, noting that he only became known in Bay Area pagan and "wicca" circles after Lea announced his Halloween "prayer army" crusade against the Bay Area's "territorial spirits" of witchcraft and moral perversion. "Nobody ever heard of him or knew where he came from", said Starhawk, San Francisco's best known witch. "He is not tied to any respectable pagan groups. He seemed very eager for media attention." During Sunday services last week, Pryor joined the altar call at Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, a large charismatic church led by the Rev. Dick Bernal, a close associate of Lea. ======================================================================= Some interesting speculation could be put in here about people like Johhny Todd et al. --- * Origin: MAY MI LADY GRANT YOUR REQUEST 128/50 (1:128/50)


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