INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND: The following transcript comes from a talk that Eric Pryor ga

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INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND: The following transcript comes from a talk that Eric Pryor gave at the Victory in Jesus Church in Denver, Colorado at 7:00 p.m. Sunday, February 24, 1991. There were about 200-250 people in attendance. The meeting was held in the old Federal movie theatre, which has definitely seen better days. Attendees were for the most part working class people with families. The audience was quite vocal and enthusiastic. Besides myself, there were 5 other pagans in the audience, scattered around. At least one of these also has a tape recording of the proceedings. Pastor Cordova "Larry Lea prayed, and because he prayed, the very general that attacked him is the very general that got saved." 1/ ("Hallelujah!" General praise and applause from the audience.) this brother, I call up the Reverend brother, come to devil, I mean come to Denver, and let's give the Devil a black eye. And he called me up and says, Brother, let's not only, let's not only give a black eye, let's, let's break a couple of legs already! Alright, Amen! (Applause and cheers from audience.) Yes! Give him a hand. Yes! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I want you to stand up and I want you to raise your hands (unintelligible) Father, in Jesus' name I pray that you anoint our brethren. That his words would be your words. His thoughts would be your thoughts, Father. That he would not pull any punches, Father. That he would be an oracle of yours, Father. Oh Father, you who can set him on fire for you, God, let his words be as fire, Father, and let the hearts of the people be as brass. Oh, GOD bring revival to our lives and we'll give you the PRAISE and we'll give you the glory. In Jesus' name. People, we don't want you to leave tonight if you have a need. If you're not filled with the Holy Spirit after this brother's through, we're gonna be down here. Some of us ministers are gonna be down here with Eric. We're gonna be laying hands on you. We're gonna be praying for you that God the Holy Spirit would set you on fire cause let me tell you something, time is short. It is short. Amen. Please welcome Eric. Pryor: There're so many microphones around here I don't know what to do with them. Harvesting souls or harvesting microphones here, I don't know? Well, I'm, I'm I'm glad, uh, to be here in Denver, and I'll tell you one thing though, the Strongman, uh, he didn't want me here. He didn't want me here because he knows that I know. He knows that I know that he is a stone cold liar. (That's right! comment from audience) Big time liar. What I'd like to do before we, before I get into my testimony, I, after that I've got a scripture I'd like to back it up with. I'd like for all of us to do something really special because this glorifies God, OK? And this is part of giving the Devil a black eye so if you'll just join in with me, if you dear ones would just stand up and join in with me, we're gonna work on giving the Devil a black eye, OK? (Audience stands up.) Father God, we stand here before you tonight, we stand here before you tonight because we love you, Father God. Father God, we know that you are the way, the truth, and the light. Only through you and your son Christ Jesus, through Christ Jesus can we have eternal life and that SATAN IS A LIAR! So we're gonna do some spiritual warfare here tonight for you, Father God, if it please you. SATAN! WE SERVE YOU NOTICE. WHERE THE LIGHT IS, THE DARKNESS SHALL NOT OVERCOME AND THAT SATAN, WE BIND YOU UP AND WE CAST YOU DOWN! ACCORDING TO MATTHEW 16:19 IT SAYS "WHATEVER IS BOUND HERE ON EARTH WILL BE BOUND IN HEAVEN and whatever seeds are sown here on earth will be sown in heaven," so, Satan, WE BIND YOU UP AND WE CAST YOU DOWN AND WE PUT YOU RIGHT UNDER OUT FOOT! WE SERVE YOU NOTICE, GET DOWN, SATAN, GET DOWN! Satan get thee behind us. Father, we sow the seeds of gospel, and we sow the seeds of love, and we sow the seeds of truth so that all the people to the corners of the world would know of your glory through your son Christ Jesus, THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, SATAN WE SERVE YOU NOTICE, YOU GET OUT OF DENVER! We have served you notice you have no legal right in here, Satan, you have absolutely no legal right to be here. Now, Dear ones, I want to hear something that's gonna glorify God. I don't care what you shout, but on the count of three, we're gonna shout to the Lord because in the Bible, all through the Bible it said that they shouted before the Lord. As a matter fact, when Jesus comes, comes back, he's gonna come back with a SHOUT! And he's probably gonna be saying I'M COMING! So I'm gonna tell you something, we're gonna shout before the Lord and we're gonna glorify the Lord with that shout, I don't care you yell Hallelujah, Satan be gone, whatever, but on the count of three we're gonna shout before the Lord and we're gonna shake the walls of this temple and we're gonna let Satan know that WE'RE HERE AND HE'S NOT WELCOME! One, two, three! (General shouting and cheering by the audience.) Yeah. That feels good. That feels good and that glorifies the Lord, I tell you, that glorifies the Lord. Sometimes it takes a shout to wake up the dead! Let's don't sleep! Don't let Satan get up behind you and stick a knife in your back! He did it to me! He was giving me black eyes all my life. So Satan's a liar and I'll tell you what - I'm here through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit running through me. I'm gonna kick him right back every time. That's why I wear snakeskin boots, cause it says "and you shall be walking on serpents heads!" Scorpions and snakes, right? That's all I have to say to Satan. Up your butt! (Applause and cheering from audience.) You can sit down. Aren't you glad I don't sing? I wouldn't know what to sing anyway, other than anointing come upon me and praise the Lord that's about all I know. And that's about all I want to know, is praise the Lord Jesus Christ for his goodness and his mercy that he hung on that tree and he bled for us. Think about that. Here was a man, OK, he was God, but he was temptations each one, uh, each and every one of us have, yet he was nailed to that tree. Railroad spikes, think of it, going through his wrists and through his feet AND HE WENT INTO THE VERY DEPTHS OF HELL AND TOOK THE KEYS OF POWER FROM SATAN AND GAVE THEM TO THE SAINTS, AND THAT MEANS YOU! AND YOU CAN USE USE KEYS! THAT'S THE HOLY SPIRIT! If you have the believer's authority, I want to tell you something, you put on the whole armor of God and the Holy Spirit runs through you, every time Satan sees you, boy he runs and he screams. He starts hiding up under every little rock just like the sneaky little snake he is. Maybe we ought to make a pair of snakeskin boots out of him tonight. So I'll tell you something about myself, OK? Whew! Boy I just, I just love shouting before the Lord and I just love giving the Devil a black eye because man he had me so deceived. When I was a little kid, I uh, grew up in a uh, really dysfunctional family and that's a very polite way of putting it. I was abused. Uh, I was beaten. Matter of fact, I wasn't beaten, uh, I was actually tortured. At a very early age I learned that uh, I had to depend on God for everything. Now I didn't know anything much about life. I didn't even really know too much about Jesus. And at 4 or 5 years old I can remember getting on my knees and crying and saying God, would you be my father. Now in later years I come to know that that word that Jesus Christ used was Abba, which is Arabic for Daddy. And he's all of our Daddy. And he loves each and every one of you, and that's for sure. That's for sure. So I grew up, you know, under a lot of oppressions. Matter of fact, even before I was born the doctor said to my mother, you know, uh, Mrs. Pryor. She'd spent six months in a uh, mental institution, my father actually uh, helped drive her crazy with a bit of help from Satan. And she said "Mrs. Pryor, don't have this kid." I already, she already had three other kids. She said "don't have this child. You should abort this child." She said "no, no, no, no, I'm gonna keep it and I don't care what my husband says I don't care what anybody says, I'm gonna keep this child." And she had me and, uh, I grew up in a bunch of forester(sic) homes for the first several years of my life. It's sketchy at best I'm researching my life right now for an autobiography. But a lot of people want to really know what happened on the inside. So any rate, uh, it's pretty (can't hear word) to find out that for the first several years of your life you really don't know where you are or nobody will tell you. So any rate, I grew up depending on the Lord for everything. But I didn't really see it as salvation or anything it was just naturally praying for the Lord to come and help me. And he did. He answered those prayers. He knew I wasn't born again. And, uh, since I had no control over my life, you know, I was getting abused. My parents would do things like hide food on me. I'd go to school, one time I went to school with a broken foot. One time I had my skull fractured and I passed out in the school and woke up semi-con, uh, came out of a coma in a hospital. Didn't even know what happened to me. Why I had passed out, 'cause night before I was beaten all night and had my skull split. It was a, it was, a rough upbring,uh, up upbringing and I call it uh, uh, Larry Lea, God bless him, he's uh, he's one of my uh, spiritual fathers and he calls them prayer warriors and I call them GLADIATORS! FRONT LINE MEN! They see some big time combat with the sword of the spirit. You always associate gladiators with that sword. Boy, I'll tell you, this is our sword right here. (Holding Bible aloft. amen, etc. from audience.) And how many of you know that this is a mighty sword. Big time mighty. (applause) So, what happened was, is I grew up, I sought power and I sought it in all the wrong places. Control. So that I wouldn't have to put up with the beatings, so that I could eat, so that I could just live a normal life like any other kid. I had all these problems. I just wanted to live a normal life. So I sought power. And around the age of, well actually at 8 years old I was already reading Tarot cards. But around 10 years old is when I really started to intelligently seek power and I'd always been taught that God was a judgmental God. I was taught that "GOD WILL STRIKE YOU DEAD if you do this. GOD WILL STRIKE YOU DEAD if you do that." Some of you older timers might know something about the manipulation of the hand and the body and how God will strike you dead, if you know what I'm saying, you know. Well I'll tell you, everything was God will strike you dead. And I started thinking "what's going on here? What kind of God is this?" But I was taught that Satan would give you, would give you power, he would give you money, he would give you the girls that you want. He'll give you, he'll give you everything. So I got a really wrong picture of Satan. That was a deception. And I was taught that deception, believe it or not, by people who were teaching other people about God. Preachers. So I sought out, I actively sought out, the occult sciences so that I might study to show myself approved as it were. And I studied just about every occult science there was. It started out, candy coated enough with Witchcraft. I'm a white Witch. I'm not, I'm not out there to hurt anybody, I'm just gonna you know heal everybody and love on trees and love on the Goddess and worship nature. Well why worship nature when you can worship THAT WHICH CREATED NATURE? (audience applause and comment.) WHY BE SO OPPRESSED WITH SATAN WHEN GOD CREATED LUCIFER WHO FELL AND BECAME SATAN? GOD IS SO MUCH MORE AMAZING! It's amazing that I'm here today. It is amazing that I'm alive! I have half the Pagan nation cursing me! Do I look dead to you? No. It's but by the grace of God that I'm here. Because of his love and his mercy that I'm here. So what happened, I got involved in the occult and I really steeped in it. And I studied. Then one day, I tried to get things right with my family. I, by that time I was 15 years old, I'd already been an ordained High Priest. People were already starting to name BABIES after me! I was like a Mozart of the occult community, the prodigal child! I lived in a temple! I lived in an occult temple 24 hours a day! I could get up, I had books all over the place and anything that I wanted to know. I had some of the finest occult teachers that the world could offer. I'm talking about the big guns. And they all came and they trained me, mano y mano. They discipled me just like I'm being discipled by Pastor Dick Bernal over at Jubilee Christian Center. Just like I'm being uh, discipled by, uh, uh, uh, Pastor Kennedy and Larry Lea, people like that. I was discipled by the greats in the occult now I'm being discipled by the greats in the Lord! (audience applause.) So, I tried to get things right with my family, and one day I, I had quit school. I was selling my body in New York City. I was in between New Jersey and New York as a male prostitute and I was going into covendoms in New York City. I was doing all kinds of crazy things. I was living in a temple and kinda coming back into Jersey and sniffing around and seeing what was up. I was doing drugs boy you name it, I would eat it. If I thought it would get you high, I would eat it. And I did. I, I, I had more occult books, I had, as a matter of fact, my library at one time was big enough to fill at least one wall from the floor to the ceiling high of some of the finest occult books that you could get and the people that wrote those books were the people that were teaching me. So at any rate, I decided I'd try to get things right with my father. For some reason I was like a dog that had been kicked and wanted to come back to his master with his tail between his legs. So I tried to get things right with my family, but, uh, of course it didn't work out. And one day I went to the high school that I used to go, used to go to school at, and I sat in the assembly and Word of Life Singers from Scroon Lake, New York, Jack Wurtz and Word of Life Singers came in. They had a crusade. And boy, I'll tell you, those, those, those singers just amazed me. Now I was very impressed that day and I don't know how I came across this woman, I don't remember, uh, I had a syringe filled up with battery acid in my locker and I was thinking, well after this crusade I'm just gonna go into the bathroom, I'm gonna take that syringe, big 16 gauge needle, and just take it IV and painful or not, I didn't care, I was just going to do my life in. And, uh, one young lady just said she had a burden for me. She was going to sing but she came up to me and she said look, and gave me this little tract and told me a little bit about the Lord. And I FELT something from her. I felt LOVE come from this woman by impartation with the love of the Holy Spirit. And I went back and I asked my father, I said, "Dad, I want to go to this this, this crusade." My father over his, uh, Jack Daniels and Schmitz Beer is like, "Ah, you can't go." So I went anyway. And I walked from Bergenfield, New Jersey to Hackensack New Jersey and I was the first one there. And I sat in an empty auditorium and watched these people set everything up and I was just amazed by the whole thing. Well, they got to singing (unintelligible) and they evangelized and they spoke about the Lord, and they had an altar call. And it hit me. And I'll tell you I came down for that altar call. When I came down for that altar call I believe that I had a real genuine experience with the Lord at that time. I mean I was blasted with something. And I later was uh, baptized. I was submerged in a baptismal tank. And, uh, the small occult book collection that I had was nothing compared to the collection you'll see on the video tape that I burnt up, but it burnt up. But the interesting thing about these people were that they were legalistic. They taught me how to rattle off scripture like a machine gun. They taught me all the "thou shalt nots." They told me you MUST cut your hair. You MUST do this, you MUST do that. You CAN'T do this, you CAN'T do that. "I'VE been a Christian longer than you, I know." Notice they didn't say anything about the Lord says. They said I say and YOU must. They were judgmental. They were clear with me. And then they sent me up to, uh, a Bible Institute. And there I was a wrangler and I worked with the youth, and I had plenty of scripture in me. And I knew Jesus Christ was Lord, I just didn't like the life I was living. It was just plain old too rigid. I was still, I still had garbage pail mouth. My mind hadn't been renewed. And that's where Satan goes, right into the mind. That's where he does his warfare. Because when Jesus is in your heart, he can't get in there, but he can get in your mind alright. And he can tell you what you can't do. He can kinda tell you what you should do. So I went up there and we got into an argument over something really stupid. Believe it or not, it was a buck knife. Now as a wrangler, it was part of my job if I had to snap some leather to save a child's life, or my life or a horse's life or something, I needed that knife to snap some leather. And they couldn't deal, these are, these are Christian brothers and sisters, they could not deal with this. they said, "It presents a bad image of God to carry that knife in front of those young children." I said "well, don't you think it would present a worse image if one of those children got trampled to death? I need that knife to snap leather." And he just went on about this knife and I'm thinking "what's going on here?" Finally I said, "you want the knife so bad?" I took the knife out and I stuck it in his desk and I said, "that's it" and I left. I said well, you know I mean, it was something after Jesus, I knew there was some kind of power there. I knew there was power there, but I just couldn't believe that cause I didn't know anything about a personal relationship with Abba Father. I knew nothing of that. So I left, and boy, the Strongman was right behind me going, hehehe, "we got him now. Oh we got this guy now. Not only is he already a high priest, but he knows where to go." And I did. I went right back to New York City. Right back to those temples and I started studying even more fervently, trying to find a way to get back to God. That's all I wanted to do. It was candy-coated at first. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong at first. And I started to digress into the darkness. I mean farther and farther. There were points where I blatantly didn't care. And I hexed and I cursed, and let me tell you something, I've heard people say that uh, Satanists are taught not to curse Christians because, uh, Christians know the Lord. Let me tell you something, Satanists will curse God himself. They'll curse anything. They'll curse anything that moves including THEMSELVES and they don't even know it! But they don't care. So I got involved in Voodoo, Santeria, Macumba, Ceremonial Magick, Witchcraft, you name it, I was into it. Ouija boards - I had a collection of em. Tarot cards - I had one of the largest private collections of Tarot cards in the United States. I was into it all. All of it. And I'll tell you, as time progressed I got farther and farther into the darkness and I tried to get involved with the powers of the secular world and keep my occult practices which I believed to be spiritual practices at the time, off to the side, just get involved in pursuing my artwork. And I, I was gettin pretty good with it for awhile. I was making some money. I wound up getting married, had two kids, we started to buy a plane, started to put money down on my first town house, uh, I had two cars and I was really, really, really being impressed by the Strongman. And I was drinking, I was drugging, I was doing all kinds of things. I was shot four times, no actually I was shot five times, and was stabbed four times. I've still got the bullet holes in my body to prove it. One time I actually went through a third story window and had my neck fractured and my lower back fractured, but by the grace of God I survived. And actually got up and walked away. But any rate, no, I wound up in the hospital though nonetheless. But any rate, I got steeped in darkness and uh, one day in 1987 my wife and I really we just weren't hitting it off my first wife and I, I started to really seek after help with my problems with alcohol, my depression and all this other stuff. And I was practicing dark stuff and I just didn't put two and two together. I didn't know that that was the SOURCE of my OPPRESSIONS! I didn't know that. That's how deceived I was! AND I KNEW WHO SATAN WAS! I HELPED HIM WRITE SOME OF THE BATTLE PLANS! So, my wife and I split up. And I left in 1987 for a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Came out here to the west coast. And boy, I'll tell you, what happened then, that was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life. And I'll praise and worship the Lord any way you want me to standing on my HEAD if he wants me to! (Comments from audience "Yes! Yes! Hallelujah!) I founded New Earth Temple. And I used to go out and do all these works like help the homeless, feed the homeless. I used to try to clothe the homeless. I even lived with them. I had a business out here for a while. I even lived with them. I gave up the business to live with them. I worked with the Red Cross during the earthquake. I did everything trying to be a humanitarian, figuring, well, you know God's got a weigh that this is good. I never really thought about the Lord, although, it's funny, or not funny depending on kinda how you look at it, alot of times I'd hold Circles, which is like a service, with the covendom, and while they were all chanting he he, in Enochian, under my breath I was saying Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I was a hypocrite! Jesus Christ was my ace up my sleeve. Now I can't explain any of this. I don't know how to explain any of this. But I do know one thing, God is not a loving god, he IS love! He is love! (amens from the audience.) PURE, UNADULTERATED LOVE! AND HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT NONE OF US SHOULD PERISH, BUT LIVE AN EVERLASTING LIFE WITH HIM! And I can think of no better place to be than with God, who can take Satan and just go like that and trash him in a moment. Satan knows that the war has been won. But he's gonna take down as many people as he can. I know he tried to take me down but I, I'm wise to him now. And not only that, but I got his battle plans and I'm gonna expose him to the saints ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!! ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!! (Applause from audience.) AND THAT INCLUDES (unintelligible) Christians are not wimps. Brother I know that we're not wimps. (audience response - yea) WE'RE THE MIGHTY SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE ONE LIVING GOD! WE ARE A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD! WE ARE KINGS AND QUEENS, HEIRS TO TRONES IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! AND WE WILL BE UP THERE WITH JESUS CHRIST AND WE will have angels to judge. WE WILL RULE! WE ARE RULERS! We're better than this. We are better than this what's happening out here in the world. GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD! DON'T YOU EVER FORGET IT! (Applause and cheers from audience) AND REMEMBER, IT'S NOT YOU, BUT IT'S HIM, ABBA FATHER, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT FLOWS THROUGH YOU! THROUGH THE AUTHORITY INVESTED IN YOU IN JESUS CHRIST'S NAME THAT YOU CAN KICK SATAN RIGHT IN THE TAIL EVERY TIME AND WIN! Put the whole armor of God on! (Applause and cheers.) God alone. I didn't mean to get off track there, but every now and then the Holy Spirit goes, "Hey, Eric, say this." The Holy Ghost! (Laughter and applause from audience.) Any rate, I used to, I used to call, uh, since I had a bad experience with legalism and all this other stuff, uh, churchianic stuff, you know, you're going to church and be like, boy if you, in some churches if you get up and you say PRAISE THE LORD! and you really feel it, they go ssshhhh! Now wait a second! You're supposed to worship the Lord with a SHOUT! THAT'S THE WAY THEY DID IT IN THE BIBLE! IT'S ALL OVER THE BIBLE! It even says Jesus is coming back with a shout! IT TELLS YOU HOW TO WORSHIP THE LORD WITH A SHOUT IN HIS HOUSE. SO LET THE WALLS OF THE TEMPLES SHAKE TO LET SATAN KNOW THAT YOU'RE THERE! DON'T GIVE HIM AN INCH, SAINTS, DON'T GIVE HIM AN INCH. Cause you give him an inch he'll take your life. He'll take your life. That's a fact. So I used to monitor what I used to call these right wing fundamentalist preachers. These, these preachers who'd deny us our rights. These free- flowing Pagans to worship the Mother Goddess ... and the God and to hug on trees. You know, man, when I look back I, I'm surprised I didn't go into a health food store and say, "Uh, yeah, dude, uh, I'll order a bowl of dirt and a side to tree bark, man." And it was really wild. I was twisted! But I was teaching a lot of people. A lot of people. I sowed a lot bad seed and I pray for a crop failure, oh, Father, I pray for a crop failure! Cause what you sow so shall you reap. So I pray for that every day. I'll get on my knees till they bleed if I have to. I'll, I'll drop any time the Lord tells me to. So, any rate, I monitored all these preachers and one day I'm sittin in my office and I'm looking over all these radio show offers, I'm looking over the book offers, and believe me, I had a lot of book offers. A lot of people wanted to know what I had to say about the realm of the occult, about the realm of the darkness. I was (unintelligible) riding a dark horse. I JUST DIDN'T KNOW THAT THE WHITE HORSE WAS A BETTER RIDE! A MUCH MORE POWERFUL RIDE! (Cheers from audience.) And isn't that quite a coincidence that our Lord Jesus Christ is comin in on a white horse? With a sword, I might add. And I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end, I'm tellin you that much. So any rate, my wife comes in, he he, she comes running into the temple and she's got this article and she knows I used to give fire and brimstone ceremonies to the Pagans (unintelligible.) I'm tellin ya, I was so messed up it was unreal. I wish I had some of the tapes but we burnt up the temple. Oh well. But she comes running into the office as white as a ghost cause she knew this would get me really upset. And the article said this is about Larry Lea, the article said "God's Green Berets are comin in to San Francisco to exorcise it of demons, of the demons of prayer, uh, perversion, of witchcraft, of greed, and all these spirits, right?" I said how DARE this man blasphemy Halloween! A HOLY DAY! Holy smoke was I wrong! I was big time wrong! But I got angry. And don't you ever believe that Satan's troopers are not organized. Oh, we have doctors, we have lawyers. There are actually surgeons that are Satanists! We've got one in the military that's a lieutenant colonel. And they're out there. And they're operating on you! What happens if one of their talismans falls off into your gut? One of their medallions or something? Whew! Ugh! Ohh that gives me goosebumps just to think about it! So, I got really fired up and throughout the computer network I told all the different pagans, all the covens, which is a group and groves which is an even, a coven is 13, a grove is larger than 13. I founded New Earth Temple, uh, New Earth Fellowship of Mankind in '83 and it's so big I don't even know how many people there are in it anymore. I just, just, just disowned it. And I pray every day that they'll come to know the Lord Jesus Christ (Amens from audience.) And uh, I came out here and founded the New Earth Temple, which is like a little sister satellite. Put it under the same charter and, uh, I started sending out the battle cry. "Here was another Jim Jones coming into town. The witch trials were gonna start. Cotton Mathers revisited. I can see it now. Here it comes. They're gonna break out the witch burning stakes and they're gonna kill the homosexuals. They're gonna kill the poor, they're gonna kill the witches; they're gonna kill the wizards and the sorcerers and the warlocks. In the Bible it says suffer not a witch to live and all this stuff." And I said "Oh Lord!" And I didn't use quite that word, I said "Oh my God," and God was listening to me. He said, "yeah, Eric, I got a plan for you. Wait till you see this one!" But I didn't know it. I did not know it. So yeah, the battle cry. And I got a lot of response. And along with my temple, I got in touch with all the gay rights activists, the civil rights activists, cause it was a political issue at first. To me it was like, "how dare you come into San Francisco wearing combat fatigues talking about seizing it by force which is rightfully ours? I'm thinking what the... what's this guy talking on? This is my temple. You're not seizing my temple." You know? I didn't know what they were talking about, I was just reading the newspaper accounts. So, the day before I got everybody all fired up and news started coming out of the woodwork. We were on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, we were in the USA Today, CNN, every news station. I mean I saw the news printout. This went as far as Australia and Sweden. The printout would go back and forth against this, uh, uh, uh, across this room several times. I've got stacks of articles. The whole world knew about this. And I'm thinking, yeah, right. Alright, the Pagans are gonna finally uh, be able to voice what they have to voice, that they're an oppressed people. Little did I know that Christian are even more oppressed because of who they are. And the Strongman, we were doing the Strongman's work. And he's out there to do us down and dirty every time to each and every quarter that's what he's gonna try to do. So, I wound up doing a show called "People are Talking." I had spies in the Christian church. Since I had a temple I had to know what the Christians were up to. So I just had spies go into Pastor Dave Bernal's church and Jubilee Christian Center. And I was just trying to figure out the way that I could drop this man like Jimmy Swaggart, who I had occasion to meet Jimmy Swaggart. And I was seeing that happen. When I was doing "People Are Talking", they put all the makeup on me and stuff in the makeup chair. And I heard that Dick Bernal had just walked in. And I said, "well, this guy's gonna break out a witch burning stake and this is gonna be it. We're gonna go to blows." Well, I'm tellin you something, he was the sweetest, most loving transparent man I have ever met in my life. And he just loved on me. He talked to me. He talked to me. Man to man. I found out that we had a lot in common. And his wife, Carla, who's got that that, that that tenacity, that pit bull like tenacity kept after me about how much God loved me. And I'm like "Get away I've got a show to do - for the dark side. But I'm right and you're wrong. I don't know what you people are." That, that, that love was imparted on me. So, he said, uh, after the show, this was going to have some coffee. And he said "you, you're, you're going uh, to the uh, crusade?" And I said, "yeah, but I'm gonna have to go in disguise cause they published in the newspaper I was coming there to disrupt the crusade." He said "Why don't you be my honored guest?" I said "what in the? That's one good way of getting in." See, cause I had planned that if Larry Lea said one thing racist, elitist, bigoted, not a Christian - don't think I didn't know what Christianity was all about cause I even said on the news "If they truly are Christian, they'll welcome me with open arms" just like Jesus Christ welcomes each and every one of you with open arms. And Lord have mercy, they sure did. But, I took a gun with me. I had it in my boot and I figured, "if this preacher gets out of line and starts with the witch burnings, I'm gonna shoot this man. Even if I have to lose my life or whatever or go to jail, I'll shoot him." Because occultists believe just as strongly, a Satanist believes just as strongly, about what he's doing as a Christian does about their belief. Some of those really don't care. They even have some of them so deceived they don't even know. They don't know what to believe in, so they'll worship a desk. And there are people that do that. There are people that worship inanimate objects all the time. So, what happened, the day before the crusade we had a circle and it was supposed to be a circle, like a service, to bind up and cast down. Interestingly enough, we were using the same words, that's how you know when they say that the Devil will use palid half-truths that will sound almost right? Sounded almost right to me. It sounded right to me, actually. Actually, the circle in on the videotape. And we got these Pagans together and there was uh a little bit more than 75 it was more like a few hundred just at the day, the circle the day before. That didn't include the army we had for the next day. Ha ha. We had a surprise coming. We were gonna go to war. And I'll tell you what happened. We had our circle. It started out to be a binding. We figured if any negative energy that was gonna come along with this guy Larry Lea onto the people because we knew the power of prayer. We knew about the power of prayer. Now Witches have their own version of prayer. THERE IS POWER IN WORDS! THAT'S WHY THE LORD WANTS YOU TO SHOUT! And sometimes it takes shouting to wake up the dead! So. We had our circle. And things got out of hand, it just haha, whew boy did it get out of hand! Well, what happened was it started out to be a simple enough binding circle we'd keep the energy in there and nobody getting hurt and we could get (unintelligible.) In the news just your basic Pagan ritual in downtown San Francisco. Sounds a little bit like Soddom and Gomorrah to me, I don't know about you guys but's its an understatement for San Francisco. Unfortunately - you guys do a lot of praying for them there. By the way, let me tell you something, Colorado is a hornet's nest. You guys may or may not be aware of it. They're just not as blatant about it here. But they're there. They're watching me. They know I'm here. AND THAT'S WHY THEY'RE NOT IN HERE! Well great. Because every chance I get I'll pull down the devil's pants and kick him in the tail. (Applause from audience.) Well, what I was gonna say, we pulled up. We pulled up in the car and I got out. I was the first one out of the car. Pastor said, he said Eric you go out first he, he. They're your people and they're a real ugly looking crowd. Believe me they were an ugly looking crowd. There was thousands of them there. There was more like 5,000 of them there. And they were all dressed like Freddy Krueger. Some of them were wearing their whole Satanic garb. The Witches were wearing their white Witch garb. How many of you know there's no such thing between a white Witch and a black Witch? It's all the Satan. Some it's just a little bit sweeter tasting. A little bit more deceptive. It's all the same. So, I got out of the car first. When I got out of the car, they started to step out and the crowd just ROARED. They were so happy to see me. Cause they knew that the High Priest of New Earth Temple, a man who spearheaded and threw all this stuff together was gonna go in there and disrupt the crusade. Then Dick Bernal gets out of the car. Then they were really confused. The roar just like instantly stopped and they looked like, huh? And so Dick Bernal, wearing his casual double-breasted suit, huh, (unintelligible) It was really funny. I'm a totally different person now. And when you see the tape you can see. You know, the Lord did this in just a couple of months time too. WHICH IS EVEN MORE AMAZING! GOD STILL WORKS MIRACLES! AND HE EVEN HAD THE SECULAR MEDIA THERE TO DOCUMENT IT AND HE HAD THE CHRISTIAN MEDIA THERE TO DOCUMENT IT AND THEY PUT IT ON THIS TAPE SO THAT HE COULD SAY "THE DEVIL IS A LIAR"! (Applause and cheers from audience) AND I'S ON TAPE! WE GOT IT ON TAPE! And we got it on tape. Devil you are a liar. We got you with your pants down now! And I'll tell you, he doesn't even want this tape out. Pastor, Pastor Cordova will tell you what we went through gettin these tapes here. Unbelievable. These tapes are so hard to keep in stock it's.... he doesn't want it. He doesn't want his pants pulled down. Maybe because there's no genitalia there or nothing. I don't know (laughter from audience). Who knows! But I'll tell you something, I walked through the crowd and as I walked through the crowd, I could feel. You know how you can just feel when someone doesn't like you? I'll tell you somethin, I, I felt hatred. I felt anger. Matter of fact, you'll see one young man on the tape saying "We're coming here to hate the Christians." Literally we're coming here to be hateful. I really didn't want to hate anybody, I just didn't want any of this, this, (unintelligible) stuff on me. That's all. That's all. Plus I wanted to hear the other side of the story. There's two sides to every coin. Ha.. There's the dark and there's the light. There's those that know Jesus, and those that don't. It's that simple. Ha. It's really that simple. So what happened was I walked into the auditorium and I felt behind my back I could feel like a...kinda like if you've ever been uh, uh, body surfing in the ocean you've got that rush that just pushes you along, kinda felt that rushing, pushing, hateful energy on my back. And I looked over my shoulder and I could see through the glass doors and the barriers and the riot police with all his combat gear on all these people and they looked so diseased and so sick. Half of them had AIDS. The other half was just totally had blown minds. All doped up, smoked up and choked up. They were out there and they were saying some of the most disgusting things I ever heard. And they were throwing ripe fruit at the Christians and eggs and they were being physically violent. As a matter of fact, I saw one young girl get kicked in the back. She couldn't have been any older than 8 or 9 years old. They ripped her coat off of her. And not one Christian, not one spirit-filled Christian took a Bible and threw it back at em. And how many of you know how heavy a Bible can be? It can be a pretty formidable weapon if you want to use it in a carnal way. BUT IT'S AN EVEN MORE POWERFUL WEAPON WHEN YOU USE IT AS A SWORD! (Applause from audience.) So, not one Christian, not one Christian threw a Bible. Not one Christian goaded anybody on. And they forged through in and when I looked over my shoulder and I saw all that, I immediately felt ... my heart broke. I looked over my shoulder and I said "My God, am I responsible for that? Yep you sure are, Brother. You're the one who ha ha got everybody crazy, yeah, you're responsible for that. If someone gets hurt or killed, it's on you, Brother. And I thought, whew, blah." But when I looked in the auditorium through the doors, I felt something else. I felt love coming out of there. But it wasn't, it, I, I, I didn't really , it didn't read across at first as love. It was just something different. Something that I wanted to run to. I was drawn to it. And when I went in there, people who I would normally find ugly and disgusting and aesthetically not pleasing to an eye, and I'm an artist, I made some good money in the art world, people that I would normally find ugly, people that I would walk up and say "did anybody ever tell you you are UGLY!" Well I'm telling you something, man I mean I was really a nasty person, too, sometimes, and , uh, but now I'm nasty for the Lord when it comes to Satan. So any rate, I, all these people looked beautiful. It was like they were glowing. Like, I don't know how to explain it. It was amazing. And so I went in there and then expected the typical "Gee Brother, God loves you. Here's a Bible tract." and walk on. "Have you heard the word of God lately." "Yeah, I'll send him a postcard. I'll call him." That was all I expected. I expected a bunch of crazed Christians to sing a bunch of songs, whoop and holler for a little while and tell me about how much God loved me, and that would be it. There was something special about these Christians. These Christians were filled with the Holy Ghost, and they had LOVE! AND GOD IS LOVE! THAT MEANT THEY HAD GOD IN THEIR HEARTS! AND THAT'S WHAT WON ME OVER! But it was a battle! Oh the Strongman worked hard! He worked overtime on me to keep me from coming back to the Father. Maybe I wasn't even in the kingdom, I don't know. BUT I KNOW NOW! And I'll tell you something, I see the twinkle in their eyes and you know when the music started they all swaying and getting into the spirit there, hands were going up and they're speaking in tongues and all this, and I said "What do you people do? Drop acid and drink and get high and then come to a prayer meeting? What is going on here?" So I did my best. "I am the High Priest of New Earth Temple, Reverend Dr. Eric J. Pryor. I will maintain at ALL times." And I'll tell you, I kept on feeling the Holy Ghost and I'm tell you that when they started singing "CALLING DOWN FIRE" man, they were singing that song bigtime, I'll never forget it. It's my theme song now, I love it I can't stop singing it. Cause I know what it means now! CALLING DOWN THE HOLY SPIRIT! And I'll tell you, my foot started going and I said "Nope!" Can't dance. No. I'm a High Priest, I'm a High Priest. Had my collar on, my pentacle and everything. All the Christians are looking at me like this, but they were loving on me. They were loving on me. And the music kept on going and my hand started. "Nope, Nope, Nope! Man if the media gets one shot of you, Brother, you're career is over. You have no more power. Those 20,000, 50,000 Pagans. Forget it!" So I maintained pretty much a parade rest like attitude. You can see that in the video. But I was fighting the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost was saying, "Hey, Eric, I want to love on you. I want to be inside you man. I want to work through you. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" And I didn't know that. And I stood there and I'm telling you something, it was a battle like I've never, ever felt in my heart. So, the first night, man, I'll tell you something, I, I, I walked out and I was. I was in a daze. I was in a trance. I, I, I thought maybe they had developed some kind of subliminal laser technology or brainwashing. Maybe I was being emotionally...... (Some lost due to turning the tape) ...and say "Be Healed"! In whose name was I healing 'em? Not the Lord's, he he, the Strongman had me deceived and the doctors deceived me too. So I loved it. Well, David Bremmer, Pastor Bernal and Carla and me, we slipped out through a side door. They threw tear gas grenades at us. We slipped out through the side door and everybody's choking on the tear gas and I've been in so many riots in San Francisco it's like, "Hey, oxygen, you know." So, I came out the side door, man and we went walking through the park. All... already there's a homeless dude in the park "Hey, Eric, what's up man? You coming to the park Monday?" "Yeah, I'll be there, no sweat." "Hey, good going. Yeah, you give those Christians hell." Huh. Satan was giving him hell, not the Christians. So what happened was while they walked in front of me, I furtively reached in my boot and I threw the automatic in the garbage pail and I said "Nah I don't want to hurt this man Larry Lea because everything that this man said I could agree with. So there was a blackout. The media blackout. The media was at my door all the time. They wanted to know what I thought about this. I went home and I was, I was changed already, but I didn't know that. And my wife, I'm laying down in the bed kinda like this (rigid posture). My wife said to me "Well how was it?" "Don't ask!" I went in that temple room and how many of you know that when there is really heavy duty demonic presence it's like a refrigerator? It's like a refrig, it's cold. Well the temple became cold. Everything, everything lost its glint, it's glitter, it's, it's, it's the fascination was all gone! It was a hollow place! I was practicing what they technically call the Olde Religion and what do you do to old things? You bury them. It's a dead religion. And that's exactly what it was was a religion it had nothing to do with God. It was man made. It was an Adamism. So, I lay in bed that night, I, I didn't get any sleep. Just like I haven't gotten any sleep since I got to Colorado. (Laughter from audience.) Well, now, I did get a little today. About 5 minutes. So any rate, well, running on the Holy Ghost, you know. A little coffee every now and then doesn't hurt either. So, uh, I laid there in bed all night and uh, my wife she, she, she slept pretty well, but she kinda felt funny too. And, and I said to her, this was the next day for the crusade and I was invited back. I had a VIP seat. Boy they really had me. The Christians are really tricky when they want to reel one in, especially the big fish. "Give em a VIP seat. Make im think he's important. Put his name on it. Yes, and call him doctor even though he's a befuddled Satanist. Yes, Dr. Pryor, here's your seat." Stoked my ego bigtime. How many of you know that Satan's got a bigtime ego and so do his soldiers? You know what I'm saying? So, you know, I took the bait. The Lord gave you just the bait to use. So I said the second day I said to my wife, "Look," well, she's now my wife. She wasn't my wife before but uh Pastor Dick Bernal married us by the way. I AM NOW A MARRIED MAN! IN THE EYES OF THE LORD! (applause from audience) She couldn't come on this trip, but when I come back, I'm gonna bring her. She's got an interesting story to tell too. As a matter of fact, she's in the tape too. And uh, so then, my wife's a scientist. Secular scientist. Very well educated. You know I'm kinda stupid compared to her. I said, "Look, Sondra, you're gonna have to come with me and help me figure this out because they think... they're doin somethin there, and you can feel it. Boy if you could bottle it and sell it, you'd get rich." How many of you recognize that story from somewhere in the Bible? Uh...lemme see now, if memory serves me correctly, it might have been one of my ancient ancestors by the name of Simon, when I was practicing. I'm no longer a practicing occultist. Simon tried to buy this and bottle it. And that's exactly what I thought I might be able to do, walk away with some of that. Restore the energy in here and use it. So I brought her with me the second day. And I said, "And whatever you do, do NOT become born again. If you come back here born again, you're out of here! You can't be THE Priestess of no New Earth Temple if you're a born again Christian!" hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite, cause I knew something about Jesus Christ. I just knew it was real. I just didn't know about the Holy Spirit. I didn't know that the Holy Spirit is that which not only uh, uh helps you do things that you can not only, can not only do, it helps you with preparation when you're reading the Word and all that other stuff, but that the Holy Spirit is what helps you walk a Christian walk, WHICH IS A VERY VERY NARROW WALK! BUT SATAN'S IS WIDE, REAL WIDE, and you can fall into the darkness so easy, so so easy. So any rate, I told her, I said, "Don't you come back born again on me." And this time, (unintelligible). Every now and then, you know, the music would be going and everybody'd by "calling down fire" and all these beautiful songs. First of all, I never really listened to much music except to Pagan drumming, or Pagan flute playing, or whatever, and, and I LIKED this music! And you know I started to notice something. Like, for instance, the Christian band looked like Motley Crue! Half of them were glowing and had long hair and stuff and I said "Wait a second. This is kinda messed up here. Aren't Christians supposed to have short hair?" Christians with EARRINGS in, wearing bizzarre -- don't they all wear, like black mortician's suits and have short hair and drive big cars and go to barbeques on Sunday and talk about "How great was your game of golf, George? "I shot three under par. What did you shoot? "Ah, I got a double eagle today." I played golf today. But I played it in the spirit! And I pray in tongues when I play golf. I'm not a bad golfer for someone who's only into golf for a couple of months. So any rate, I said to her, "Don't you come back born again." So we're listening to the music and everybody's swaying and Carla's getting drunk in the spirit again and everyone tried to figure out WHAT IS THIS! We felt it too, though. So I mean, we literally looked, you know, like at the fixtures to see if there was some kind of laser technology in there. Maybe there's something underneath the seats. One of the funny things that was happened is I never really eat candy. I'll have a little bit of coffee with my sugar and I'm sure Pastor Cordova and Pastor Bryan over here will bear witness to that, but I don't really eat candy. Just never really, lost the taste for it somewhere along the line. They had these body guards up there for me and this one body guard, Jerry Hill, boy God bless him, he was the head usher, he is the head usher at Jubilee, kept on going "here, you want some candy? want some candy?" And I'm thinking "These stupid Christians. They think they can buy me off with a lunch, a couple of cups of coffee, and candy? Ah how simple-minded they are! What a bunch of fools! I'm gonna take 'em for a ride!" What I didn't know is that it was sanctified candy. (laughter from audience) IT HAD BEEN PRAYED OVER. AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHY I WAS EATIN' SO MUCH OF IT. IT TASTED SO GOOD! SEE, IT TASTES THAT THE LORD IS GOOD! (Applause from audience.) And the Lord is good. So, Sondra and I are eating all this candy, and the music's going and I kept on going "Nope, can't dance." And I had to stomp on my wife's foot every now and then make sure she wouldn't dance. "Now Quit it!" you know? So, that night Pastor Bernal took us home and Pastor Bremmer, and he said "look, uh, you know, I'm, I'm leaving for Hawaii. I gotta be in Hawaii, but Pastor David Bremmer, my associate pastor, it comes to mind, I didn't like this guy I call him PRESTO PASTOR, cause he's so SPARKY! and the guy is just enjoying the Lord, man, this guy fasts 40 days every year. He's amazing, you know? And I really grew a love for these people. You know, I normally didn't , I NORMALLY never got close to anybody, but I loved these people cause they were loving ME! GOD WAS IN THEM! GOD WAS LOVING ON ME THROUGH THESE PEOPLE, just like you should be loving in the world out there, so that you can bring them in! That's the bait, LOVE! Cause God is Love! SO USE GOD AS THE BAIT Let it flow through you! So what happened. Pastor Dick went to Hawaii and I thought "Well, never see him again. It's been nice. Got a couple of free meals out of him, but I still don't know what's happening with these Christians. I agree with what they're saying, but I think it may be Silvia(sic) Mind Control. Maybe they ah, are in cahoots with Ron L. Hubbard or something, or EST or who knows?" But I still kept on feeling that feeling! IT WASN'T IN THE HEAD, IT WAS IN THE HEART! THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE! Satan works on the head. He can't get in the heart if there's light in there. And, boy, you could see it through the Christians, you could see Christians on fire for the Lord cause you can see it in their eyes. And, you know, they say that they eyes are the windows of the soul, or a mirror, or whatever. That's true, man, you can see God. A true, spirit-filled, full gospel Christian, you can see it. So, what happened? I went back the last night. This was the night of the test. The same thing happened all over again, calling down fire and "I am Doctor Eric J. Pryor, Reverend Minister, High Priest of New Earth Temple, I am in FULL control. I AM in full, full, full control. I am. Stop it! I am in full control." And that's what the last night was like. But, uh, what happened was, Sondra and I went home, well, what, before that, I said, "let's put there magick to the test." That's what we called it, getting slain in the spirit in the Holy Spirit and laying on hands. I called that magick. That's what occultists do. You see the same thing. I used to be able to go like that AND knock people down ten feet away. I used to go whew! like that and they'd go right down. Ha, I don't know what I was slayin' em in, but I was slayin' em in somethin'. Like mud, you know? So what happened? She had a headache that day, really bad. She suffers from migraine headaches and she had a runny nose. So, I said to her, each night they put out an altar call for healing. And I said, "OK, let's put this Christian magick to the test". So I said, "YOU go up and get healed. We'll use you as a guinea pig. I'll just go up, kinda behind you." Ha ha ha. They laid hands on her, but everybody went on me like this! And they were praying and they were praying and they were praying and I was going. I mean the Holy Ghost was going through me bigtime. They just kept on loving on me. And I'll tell you, I walked out of there knock-kneed; floating on who knows what? I know now, the Holy Ghost. Ha ha. By impartation. And I went home that night. Sondra and I were laying down in bed together and this time our house was like, I was expecting icicles to start you know, forming on the roof of the house, and, uh, she said, uh, "Do you feel it?" I said "Yeah". She said "Can you sleep?" I said "no". I said, "Can you sleep?" She said "no". So "Well, what are we going to do?" "I don't know". And we just laid there. We just laid there and they all went back to Jubilee. Our Christian friends we, well they said, "well, when we get back," Pastor said "when we get back, we'll invite you down to Jubilee." So, I called up Jubilee. It was, h, uh, I think it was on a Saturday and I got their answering machine. And I think well, uh, Saturday or Sunday. Yeah, it was a Sunday cause I thought they would answer the phone at church. I got their answering machine said "Welcome to the Jubilee Christian Center if you know the extension number push the button now." AND I FELT THE SPIRIT, THE HOLY GHOST OVER THE PHONE THROUGH AN ANSWERING MACHINE! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! AND I SAID WHOA! THIS IS GOOD! For a couple of weeks, until I got a chance to go back to Jubilee I used to just call up and listen to that voice, and I felt better. And I'd pass the phone back and forth to Sondra. We got a BIG phone bill! Who cares? It felt great! So they sent us up, they put us up. Actually, before that, I gotta tell you, I had a meeting with Larry Lea. Before the third night early in the morning. Larry Lea never talks to anybody during the crusades. He's always in prayer. This brother's a big time prayer. You know, he prays and he obeys. I do the same thing. Pray and obey. That's it! That's all there is to it. And I'll tell you somethin', Dick Bernal calls me up first thing in the morning last night of the crusade and says "Hey, Eric, Larry Lea wants to meet you. He's got a burden on his heart." And I'm saying, "OK, this is my warning. I know it. They got the witch burning stake in back of the room. They got a limo or a Rolls or something. Yeah, that's it, yeah. Those money-making Christians with witch burning stakes. Hypocrites!" Nah, nothing like that. They brought me over there, went into this little room and there was Larry. Kinda like that. And, uh, we sat in his makeup room and boy, I'll tell you, he was the most humble man I had ever met. And the twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes and that smile. And I, I used to, I, I couldn't even stand a Texan, Texas accent. But he, everybody in Texas accent I always wanted to punch for some reason, You know? And he had this Texas accent, and, and I loved it! And I'd (unintelligible) that things were working so great that I, ha, here I am, High Priest of New Earth Temple. I hadn't made my decision yet, but I knew that it was eventually coming. Something was comin' anyway. Pastor Dick Bernal was sitting next to me and, uh, uh, Larry said, "Do you mind if I, if I tape this?" And I looked up and I said "Pastor Dick, what do you think?" Little did I know, I'd be calling him "Pastor Dick" and sharing his office with him at Jubilee! It's incredible, I mean, things happen, right? So Larry says to me, he says "Eric, can we talk?" We shared about out backgrounds and he said "Eric, look." He said, "I can see in your heart that you're a man who's truly seeking the truth." And he said "Seek and ye shall find." and wrote Matthew 7:7 in my Prayer Warrior Bible, which I just recently gave away to a man who's a spirit filled Christian who's gone over to the Middle East, and I said "Look, I know Larry Lea sent 79,000 of those over there to the Middle East. You show them this Prayer Warrior Bible and you tell them it's from Eric Pryor a man who went from Pagan to Pentecost and I bear witness to Larry Lea and his ministry and what a wonderful thing he's doing. You go out there and you witness on the field. You just bring this Bible with you. Maybe it'll stop a bullet, I don't know." (applause from audience.) So what happened? Uh, he said to me, "Eric, I'm not here to make a convert out of you. Only the Holy Spirit can convict you." So what I did was I said to him, "Look, all I'm interested in is the truth and if the truth be a bucket of water, I'll drink it." He caught that on camera. The Lord documented all of this, it's amazing! He said "I want an air-tight witness so we can really kick Satan where it hurts." So what happened was, I went to Jubilee. They put me up in a hotel room for a couple of nights and gave me a chance to rest and the next day I went to Jubilee. Now I knew that alot of other people knew that I was palling around with Dick Bernal, and I knew that they'd know what was up and I wasn't talking to anybody because a battle was raging in my heart for weeks. Before Dick Bernal came back there was a lapse of time. And I went to Jubilee Christian Center and I listened to the Pastor speak. And once again I felt that feeling. I felt that love of God. They prayed, they yelled before the Lord, they sang songs of praises. I felt it in my heart once again and I could see it in all their eyes again and I said "I want that." And I could see alot of people from New Earth Temple and other temples I went to in that audience. I was pretty nervous. I was afraid of a bullet. How many of you know "no one who comes against you shall prosper?" I didn't travel up here with body guards this time. I do sometimes. And so any rate, they had an altar call. And he looked at me. He had me right in the front row once again, where all eyes were upon me, he, he, he. And he had an altar call. And I felt, I felt the Spirit of the Lord call me. He said, "Eric, come to me. I love you. I LOVE YOU!" Just like he LOVES each and every one of you. He even loves the sinner. He just wants that sinner to come to him. So I got up and I rededicated my life to the Lord and I repented. And I immediately, I had no(unintelligible) the Book of Acts, I didn't know about this, but I immediately in the back room said to the pastor, I said, "NEW EARTH TEMPLE MUST COME DOWN BY MY HAND!" I couldn't believe I said that, but I knew it. And we took hundreds of thousands, I mean the crystal collection alone was $60,000, other things were priceless museum quality pieces, we don't know how much value they were, and book contracts and everything and we just went into New Earth Temple and uh, we videotaped this. We've got this on the tape. Talk about poltergeist activity and the Exorcist, this was even worse. I mean Pastor Bremmer was choked. We thought he was gonna drop on us. The lights and the camera were on the same circuit. The camera kept on going but the lights kept on going on and off. Part of that footage they couldn't use because I didn't have a re-cleaned-up mouth at the time, so I was using some very carnal language. But we tore out the temple and we burnt it in front of Jubilee Christian Center in front of a several thousand people. And, uh, the day of the burning the Strongman actually tried to stop it. It started to rain a little. And we're having a hard time with rain in California. And it started to rain a little and we thought "Oh, we're not even going to be able to have our bonfire because of the rain." But it didn't rain. There was just dark clouds over Jubilee. And we burnt down New Earth Temple and it all went up. And the fire was so hot and you'll probable see things like this. One box in one of the uh, fire pits that we couldn't burn. It should go up like that. It's made out of rosewood. That cheap Indian stuff that should just go whoosh. It wouldn't burn because of the contents in it. I mean it was amazing. The dumpster melted. The dumpster. The steel dumpster melted. I mean that's how hot the fire was. So New Earth Temple was no more and I tell you, I felt, whoosh, whoosh, all the stuff coming out of me. I could not believe it. I was like. Get out of the way! It was just coming out of me. Just smashing everything up. And I felt like I didn't even have any weight. I felt like I was air. And after it was all over, all was said and done, and I'd rededicated my life to the Lord, and I said, "Lord, I have nothing to offer you back. Me, that's it, that's all I have. And I'll get rid of New Earth Temple and I will pray and I will obey and I will magnify you and I will glorify you all my days and I will try to impart the very love that you have shown me. I'll try to love on other people too, Lord. And Lord, if you give me the chance, I'll go around, ALL AROUND THE WORLD PULLING DOWN SATAN'S PANTS. I'LL DO IT!" So, as a result of watching Jubilee (unintelligible) a little bit of lunch. As everybody knows these prayer warriors need to ear. Man does not live on air alone. He lives on a little bit of the, you know this pastor can bear witness to that. Full Gospel. So what happened was, uh, as we were driving away, now this is really interesting, we had that dark black cloud covering, and Carla and I were sitting in the back of the car and we looked over our shoulders, over at Jubilee and there was still dark clouds excepting right over Jubilee there was a hole in the sky and there were brilliant, brilliant, brilliant sunlight shining on Jubilee. That year alone Jubilee grew 1,500 members. We're into '91 and it's growing like wildfire. And you know why? Because they're worshiping the Lord with shouts and there is no room for the spirit of religion. It's not all about "I've been a Christian longer than you, so I know more." It's all about JESUS CHRIST, THE LIVING SON OF GOD! (APPLAUSE FROM AUDIENCE) AND THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ALL THE PROPHETS. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT SITTING ON THOSE PEWS WARMING 'EM. IF I HAD A CHURCH, I'D TAKE THE PEWS OUT AND MAKE 'EM STAND! IT SAYS YOU SHALL SHOUT BEFORE THE LORD! AND THAT'S WHAT WE DO! THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS GETTING SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT WITH DIGNITY. WHEN YOU FALL YOU LOOK JUST AS STUPID AS EVERYBODY ELSE. WHETHER YOU ARE WEARING A $600 SUIT OR A PAIR OF HAND-ME-DOWN JEANS. WHEN YOU'RE SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT, YOU'RE SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT! WHEN THE LORD WANTS YOU TO DO DOWN, YOU GO DOWN. YOU PRAY AND YOU OBEY! And you be humble before the Lord. And I'll tell you what that Holy Spirit is moving through you and you got the whole armor of God upon you, let me tell you something, Brothers and Sisters, Dear ones, let me tell you something, you can do a mighty, mighty work! YOU DON'T MESS WITH NO CHILD OF GOD! (amens, etc. from audience.) SATAN SEES THAT HOLY SPIRIT AND HE FLEES. DEVIL GET OUT, AND HE MOVES! HE MOVES BIGTIME cause he knows that the war has been won through our Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus Christ died for us, and he said how heavy his heart must have been when he thought "Father, Father, why has't thou forsaken me?" Who in their right mind would not fall to their knees and go "oh, oh God, you gave your only begotten son so that I might have life everlasting!" I am the father of two beautiful young boys and I don't know if I could bear to see my kids nailed to a tree for people that I didn't even know, BUT GOD LOVES YOU THAT MUCH! SO TAKE THAT PRECIOUS GIFT AND RUN WITH IT! THERE ARE PROMISES AND PRIVILEGES FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD AND YOU TAKE THEM AND YOU RUN WITH THEM! A new church is being birthed here, people. A CHURCH THAT IS GOING TO HONOR THE LORD GOD AMLIGHTY IN A BIG WAY! AND IT'LL PRAISE HIM AND (unintelligible). He knows. He knows. You shall worship the Lord with a shout and be humble before the Lord and know that it's not you. It's God working through you. And that the Lord doesn't need you, he doesn't need you! But he calls you and he will allow you to work for him. My every need. I haven't had (unintelligible). I don't hold a secular job. I come out here on a wing and a prayer wondering whether or not I'll be shot. I don't know. Take the red-eye flight at 4:30 in the morning I get in here, a couple of hours sleep and I'll do whatever the Lord wants me to because Satan's a LIAR! AND I'M GONNA TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT! AND HE AIN'T GONNA STOP ME! Not so long as I have the power and the authority through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit running through me no way. No way. He cannot stop me. And I'll tell you, when I go I want to go with a shout of praise to the Lord. When I go from this world into the kingdom of heaven I want to be go ABBA! And he's gonna go WELL DONE, OH GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT! AND HE'S GONNA WIPE THE TEARS FROM MY EYES! AND I'M GONNA SIT ON A THRONE, AND I'M GONNA GET A CROWN! BECAUSE RIGHT NOW, I AM AN HEIR, I AM A PRINCE because of Jesus Christ! (amens, etc. from audience.) And I've got the most powerful weapon in the world. This (holding up a Bible) could make a nuclear device look silly. You can win a war with this. You can win a war with this. And I'm tellin' you somethin', dear ones, we are not on the defensive as Christians. We are on the offense. TO TAKE BACK WHAT'S RIGHTFULLY OURS! WE ARE TO GAIN GROUND. DON'T GIVE SATAN ONE INCH OR HE'LL TAKE A MILE, AND HE'LL TAKE YOU DOWN WITH HIM! And he will, he will. That brother upstairs blew his brains out and you should see what was on the kid's walls! Slayer! Van Halen! Drug paraphernalia! But, Praise God, his father's here tonight! (applause from audience!) I was at Bible Temple today, the Lord said, "Go out there and make disciples among men." He didn't say go out there and make converts, but first you have to be converts. First you have to accept the Lord. Then you gotta go to a place where you can be discipled and taught the things of God, like I'm being taught. And I'm so blessed. Thank you Father! Oh, I thank you Father for what you're doing to my life and what you're doing in all the saints' lives. Cause I've surely been blessed because I know some really serious people in the Lord. Well, I know this brother here and I'm watching a church be birthed and, and I know that I was here, and and and I was over at Pastor Bryan's church, Bible Temple, this morning. I'm so blessed. I really felt so blessed. You know, we went out and we had lunch and my motto is one a day for the Lord at least to keep my hand in the battle. We were sittin there and the Holy Ghost said to me, "Eric, that waitress needs the lord." Pastor Bryan, you want to come up here, Brother. Why don't you tell them what happened? Now this is the way the Holy, the Holy Spirit works. The Holy Spirit put it on me. Now we're gonna be casting out oppression. We're gonna be casting out demons and we're gonna have an altar call for those of you who are backslid. The Lord'll take you back. We're gonna have an altar call for all you who are oppressed. We're gonna have an altar call for all of you who are having children who have problems. We'll lay hands on the parents and by impartation you go home and you lay your hands on your kids. You watch over your children. You are stewards of your children. We'll have that altar call and be blessed by it. Don't miss that opportunity! Cause, I'll tell you something, I might walk right out the door and they'll be rapture and I'll be gone. He, he, he. I can't wait. I'm having a hard time dealing with these cars and snow and cold and clothes. But, Pastor Bryan, here he'll tell you. Tell you how the Lord works. The Lord puts it upon you real quick Here's Pastor Bryan from Bible Temple. Give this brother a big hand. (applause from audience.) We're gonna help bring the spirit of revival BACK TO WJERE IOT BELONGS RIGHT HERE IN DENVER SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE SATAN (UNINTELLIGIBLE) (APPLAUSE FROM AUDIENCE). Before we have our altar call, and that is, none of the proceeds of this tape go to me. All I'm interested in is sowing seed. And I don't want to leave Colorado with a tape, and I'll tell you why. You see, it's not only were they hard to get here, he, it was only by the grace of God that they got here, believe me, but, uh, this is probably going to be one of the most powerful tools that you'll ever have. Has anybody here seen this tape yet? Can anybody bear witness to what's on this tape? It's a mighty, mighty tape. I mean this was God's work. It's not my work, this is not Jubilee's work. This was God's work. And I don't want to go home back to Jubilee with one tape. I wanna know that you've got some more ammunition that you can show the youth. That you can show other people who are oppressed. Just show them the power of God's love, cause that's what I did. I came face to face with God's love. And you know something? The Lord turns all evil things to the good. He did. The secular media documented it as well. One right up your flap, Satan! And we got it all on tape, the whole thing. And hopefully, the Lord willing, if I can ever slow down for one second and get some sleep I'm gonna put the words. I'm penning the scribe right now. The autobiography "From Pagan to Pentecost" which is meatier and will give you a little bit more. And it'll also have some information in there as to how you can do certain things to help your brothers and sisters out who need to know the Lord. And with that, Dear Ones, I'm gonna hand you over to uh, a man who's who's fervent and mighty in this Spirit-filled church and this other brother here who's got a mighty mighty church in the Lord and these two brothers here, I'm telling you, are gonna be doing some mighty ...... tape ends


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