UPma 03/29 2221 Inquest testimony turns to devil worship By DAVID SINGLETON SCRANTON, Pa.

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UPma 03/29 2221 Inquest testimony turns to devil worship By DAVID SINGLETON SCRANTON, Pa. (UPI) -- An inquest into the death of a mentally retarded New Jersey woman who disappeared from a summer camp in the Pocono Mountains took an unexpected twist Thursday as testimony turned to devil worship and cults. An employee of Keystone Pocono Residence said workers at the camp in Lackawanna County talked about the possibility that Lourdes Iglesias may have fallen victim to "satanists." "I think that might have been one of the more bizarre possibilities that were suggested," Scott Mitchell, 38, Keystone's maintenance supervisor, said during the third day of the inquest at the Lackawanna County Courthouse. Coroner William Sweeny recessed the proceeding until next week. It was tentatively set to resume next Thursday. Sweeny ordered the inquest in an attempt to learn more about how Iglesias died. An autopsy failed to reveal either the cause or the manner of her death. Iglesias, who was 25 but had the mentality of a 3- to 6-year-old, disappeared from Keystone last Aug. 8, touching off a massive, five-day search of the camp and the surrounding countryside. Hunters finally found her decomposed body Nov. 20 in a swampy area within sight of the camp. District Attorney Michael Barrasse has said investigators believe Iglesias died somewhere other than where her body was discovered. Five days after Iglesias disappeared, Mitchell and two other Keystone employees found a teddy bear Iglesias often carried along Elmhurst Boulevard, a road more than 10 miles from the camp. Mitchell said he and the other workers, frustrated that the search around Keystone had turned up no sign of Iglesias, decided to check Elmhurst because of its reputation as an area "where weird things happen," including devil worship and other cult activities. The stuffed animal was lying along the side of the road, he said. "Satanic" symbols were painted on the pavement nearby. "We didn't know what to think," Mitchell said. Barrasse questioned Mitchell at length about several other employees at Keystone, including a worker who Mitchell said had shown an interest in demonism and had boasted about saving a woman he was seeing from a "satanic" cult. Iglesias had been a resident of Keystone City Residence in Scranton, which runs the summer camp, since 1985. Her family lives in North Bergen, N.J.


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