WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE UK???? Yes, the fundies are active in the UK too. The following is

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WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE UK???? Yes, the fundies are active in the UK too. The following is taken from the Times Newspaper of Tuesday 13 March 1990: NSPCC says ritual child abuse rife By Libby Jukes & Richard Duce Children as young as five are being forced to take part in bizarre sex and satanic rituals, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children said yesterday. Satanic rites involving drugs, animal sacrifices and the drinking of urine and blood are causing "great anxiety" to the NSPCC. It says there is widespread evidence of child pornography and sex rings. The charity is calling for the Government and police to act after seven investigating teams has reported ritualistic abuse. Mr Jim Harding, the NSPCC child care director, said that in many cases of ritual abuse "threats are made to the children to control them and to try to keep them silent about what has happened". He described a horrifying catalogue of reported ceremonies in which urine and blood were drunk while children aged only five and adults wore masks and costumes. "Sometimes animals are abused and killed. Sometimes there is sexual activity between adults in view of children. Drugs or alcohol are often used, and the children are made to drink the alcohol or administer the drugs." Ritualistic abuse "has connotations with some kind of supernatural symbolic behaviour," he said. The society and the Department of Health are wring together to tackle the problem and will hold a meeting in the next few weeks with police, social services departments and churches to "try to make some sort of early estimates about how common this behaviour is, and also consider how best to deal with the problems of organised abuse". A spokeswoman for the charity said: "There may well not be any evidence in terms of the police being able to make prosecutions - in such cases you frequently only have the childs' evidence and sometimes that child is too young to give evidence in court. "Children involved in organised abuse may be frightened and even under questioning find it difficult to express what has happened to them. "However, we are absolutely sure that we are dealing with a problem that's happening and that the children we are dealing with are telling us the truth." Seven NSPCC teams reported finding evidence of children being caught up in ritual abuse, while another seven expressed fears that they had found youngsters who could have been involved in similar activities. Scotland Yard says it has no firm evidence of satanic or ritualistic abuse, but concedes that young victims might be terrified into silence. The spokeswoman said police were working closely with the charity in the areas where the first seven teams operated. "We cannot identify those areas because to do so would endanger the lives of the children and the social workers involved." A survey of the 66 child protection teams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland found that 14 teams had received reports of ritual abuse from children and seven of them were working directly with children who had been ritually abused, sometimes in groups of 20. Presenting the society's annual report, Mr Christopher Brown, the director, said that the year ending September 1989, in which income rose 33 per cent to 26 million, had seen record activity for the society. About 54,000 children were helped, 12.5 per cent more than in the previous year. The society saw more than 5,000 cases of physical abuse, 4,500 of neglect and 3,600 of sexual abuse. **** END OF QUOTE **** Now, the above was more or less reflected in all the UK national newspapers. The SAFF (S.A. Legal Fighting Fund) rushed out the following press release in return: BIAS IN NSPCC ANNUAL REPORT PUTS FAMILIES AT RISK ================================================= The countries leading child welfare organisation has chosen to perpetuate fabricated scares from fundamentalists and use *disproved* allegations about Satanic linked Child Sex Abuse in the full knowledge that this could lead to a break up of good families who adhere to minority religious creeds. The NSPCC are fully aware that there is no proof whatsoever that Satanists are more likely to involve themselves in sexual abuse of children than anyone else and have been sent evidence which proves that a child is 30 times more likely to be abused by the Christian Clergy than by Satanists. Where then, we ask, is the NSPCC campaign against paedophile Vicars? FBI DOCUMENT IGNORED BY NSPCC? ============================== Furthermore the NSPCC are in possession of a definitive FBI document resulting from a two year nationwide research in Satanic Crime Scare which categorically states that Satanic Crime does not exist and is the result of scaremongering by extremist fundamentalist groups. The NSPCC has chosen to ignore this information in favour of medieval superstition derived from a handful of its inspectors whose comments and scaremongering reveal a dangerous subconscious bias in the administration of the NSPCC. The NSPCC was warned following their carefully worded press statement of July 17 1989 that ignorance of alternative religions by the popular press had ment that the genuine religious beliefs of Paganism/Witchcraft would be confused in any statements which refered to Satanism and that the growing number of good, honest and honourable young Pagan families were at risk from over generalisations and a misconception of the problem at hand. Yet despite offers to help differentiate and educate the NSPCC about these beliefs in continued corespondence with Kevin Barrett the policy information officer of the NSPCC the NSPCC went ahead in its annual report and irresponsibly covered the scare without ANY hard evidence to prove its conclusions and have thereby perpetuated the ignorance of the general populace and exacerbated the intolerance already growing within out society to minority religious beliefs. NSPCC LAST BASTION OF IMPERIAL COLONIALISM? =========================================== The NSPCC an dour Christian Culture has failed to move with the times and have acted emotionally without considering the effects of their arrogance on Sikhs; Moslems; Shintoists; Buddhists; Hindus; Jews; Pagans; and the myriad of philosophies and religions which now make up our pluralist society. Just because something is different does not mean that it is subversive or criminal and it is only by jetisoning the arrogance of colonial thinking an d implementing a learning process that we will come to terms with a truly multi-cultural society. The NSPCC is out of touch. White, married, middle-class Christ in suburbia is now a MINORITY phenomenon within our population. As our society develops into a truly multi-racial and multi-cultural melting pot the people will grow increasingly weary with that kind of self-righteousness which measures all right and wrong by a restricted set of values which do not take into account the dignity and aspirations of different beliefs. In short the NSPCC have made just about the most terrible mistake that a self-appointed childrens' charity can make. Child abuse is a universal and terrible crime which is perpetrated by criminals regardless of creed and culture. To suggest that all who adhere to one particular belief are more likely to abuse children than anyone else is intellectually constipated and misleading as insisting that all blacks have a tendency towards crime or that all muslims are fanatical terrorists. Our society has made great inroads into realising the effect of subconscious racism and sexual discrimination and it is about time that our people set themselves free of pundits and experts who are culturally prejudiced against allowing others to follow their freedom of belief. The restriction of such inalienable human rights is a despicable action whether consciously or unconsciously done. It might comfort the ignorant and the insecure within our society to project inhuman crimes onto a scapegoat but that will not cure the problem of child sexual abuse. It is an act of belligerent ignorance to blame such things upon a minority group because no other answer to the problem seems available. Curing the problem is what the NSPCC sets itself up to do yet this annual report of theirs finds excuses not solutions. The inability of some NSPCC inspectors to remain unbiased and the organisations reluctance to enter into a meaningful dialogue with minority beliefs (who have just as much an interest in seeing society freed from the crime of child abuse as they have) is indicative of intolerance and expediency. Whether those minority beliefs are Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, or even Satanic is immaterial. The satanic/occult child abuse scare has been proven a total fabrication. If the NSPCC has been spending resources investigating an illusion born of prejudice and bigotry, even in the face of factual and documentary evidence to prove otherwise, how many REAL child molesters have been allowed to operate whilst the spotlight was elsewhere? The NSPCC has been unwilling to retract or elaborate upon its July 17 statement. The body has been unwilling to enter into dialogue about the genuine aspects of the religious belief of Paganism and Witchcraft with the official representatives of those religions. The NSPCC has failed to support the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which SPECIFICALLY protects individual freedom of belief and imposes a moral responsibility upon agencies of member states (including the UK) to be aware of the articles in the declaration and to uphold them. The NSPCC has even refused to make a corporate statement about its official view of such beliefs. The NSPCC is a well respected body. It should put up or shut up. So far it has produced a lot of wind AND NO EVIDENCE. The fact is that its leaders have been mislead. Never before in the history of the NSPCC has the society addressed the allegations of Satanic Child Sexual Abuse; Satanism as a recorded belief is hundreds of years old. Are we to assume that the NSPCC has only just been able to enquire on this subject? How do they identify a Satanist anyhow? What reasoning have the NSPCC put forward for Satanists acting in the way the society has alleged? Why is a Satanist supposed to be more disposed to commit child sexual abuse than anyone else? Simple questions but without these answers NSPCC opinion adds up only to prejudice. And is this the thin end of the wedge? Will Jews be criticised next for mutilating their babies when performing circumcision soon after birth? Will the NSPCC dictate that Yoruba boys must not undergo facial scarring in their puberty initiations and rule that Sikh boys must not have their hair shorn when reaching manhood because it is psychologically damaging? This country must wake up and decide whether it is willing to allow well-ment ignorance to impose itself upon ethnic traditions or whether it is willing to bestow dignity upon these who make up our society, however "different" they may seem. If leaders of these various ethnic and cultural groups, having undergone these ceremonies themselves as children, still value and see the need for such things who is to tell them otherwise? Certainly not the NSPCC. Perpetrators of child sexual abuse are criminals and the crime should carry its appropriate punishment; however as a society we must ensure that we do not confuse subconscious prejudice and bigotry and ignorance with out intent to protect children and go so overboard that we actually devalue the society we bequest to them. If the NSPCC wishes to be taken seriously and is doing its job properly and their allegations about organised satanic conspiracies to abuse children is a reality then THEY WILL NOT ONLY BE ABLE TO PRODUCE PROOF INCONTROVERTIBLE BUT THEY WILL, SURELY, HAVE BEEN ABLE TO BRING MANY PROSECUTIONS. But the NSPCC has not been able to bring any such prosecutions which categorically and incontrovertibly link Satanism with child sex abuse. The NSPCC has a long deserved good reputation for the protection of children. It has mistakenly entered an arena with which it is ill equipped to deal. The society has no need to traffic with hysteria and sensationalism in order to further its ends. Those in charge of the NSPCC need to look at the results of their actions very clearly indeed and admit that they were mislead and in error in their conclusions; for that is the truth of the matter and it now a historical and dishonourable fact that rather than enlighten and improve out society on this subject those who lead the NSPCC have simply added to the sum total of human ignorance. THE CHALLENGE ============= As representatives of the estimated 250,000 genuine and law abiding occultists and Pagans throughout the UK, we invite the NSPCC to join with us in getting at the truth of the matter. We offer the expertise and knowledge of our members in the complex area of Alternative and New Age beliefs to avoid the police, the social services, and the NSPCC itself squandering resources on a wild goose chase. More than that, we invite the NSPCC to investigate thoroughly and then publically announce the error in their past statements so that they can return to their proper job of protecting children at risk instead of being used by one religious belief as a hammer to suppress another.


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